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Cutler & The Moronic Toughness Issue

Toughness, when it comes to football players, is non-negotiable.  These are hundreds upon hundreds of men who earn their living, far less than the other “major” sports, running the chimney stacks they call bodies at full speed into the brick shit houses of others.  Our quarterback is now being criticized by a bunch of couch-dwellers,... Read more »

Three Ways To Beat the Vikings

Prevent the Big AP Run I never believe in the statistics when it comes to the Bears rush defense, especially against AP.  Peterson has had a knack for playing possum throughout a first half and then breaking an 85 yarder and breaking open the football game.  For me, this responsibility falls squarely on the shoulders... Read more »

In Defense of Brian Urlacher

First, somehow I knew Brian Urlacher’s criticism of Gale Sayers’ comments would have legs and the national attention being paid is proof of just that.  Second, I am the last person on earth most expect to come to the defense of Urlacher – a player who has worn out his welcome with me since the... Read more »

Merry Christmas, Bears Fans

Mike Imrem, Column of the Year

Where oh where did Bears go? By Mike Imrem | Daily Herald Columnist Where are the Bears that a lot of us grew up with? Where are the Monsters of the Midway, win or lose? Where are the physical, aggressive, intense, tough and strong Bears? Where’s the blocking? Where’s the tackling? Where are the Bears... Read more »