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Audibles from the Long Snapper: Cutler's 3 Years, Aromashodu & Sedrick Ellis' Cars

Audibles from the Long Snapper: Cutler's 3 Years, Aromashodu & Sedrick Ellis' Cars
JAY CUTLER SAYS IT TAKES THREE YEARS… …to develop a new offensive system. And he’s right. An offensive system, especially one as complicated as the one run by Marc Trestman, will take several years to reach its peak in the NFL. But this should not be perceived as excuse making from the franchise quarterback and... Read more »

Seahawks at Bears Game Preview

Last week my predictions were as good as they’ve been in a couple years, coming within 8 total points of the score.  I’m feeling it again today. YOUR TODD COLLINS-LESS 2010 CHICAGO BEARSoverSeattle Seahawks Why do I like the Chicago Bears this week? I always like the Chicago Bears. I expect taking a week off... Read more »

Thoughts on Beating the Packers

Raise your hand if last night reminded you of 2006.  There is one major difference.   Jay Cutler is 1,000,000 times the quarterback Rex Grossman ever was.  This might be the worst offensive line in football and Cutler created offense last night where there was none to be found. My mindless support of Greg Olsen... Read more »

Packers at Bears Game Preview

The Chicago Bears.  The Green Bay Packers.  Soldier Field.  Chicago, Illinois.  Monday night football.  Division on the line.  It just feels right. YOUR PRETTY DARN GOOD 2010 CHICAGO BEARSovercheese Why do I like the Chicago Bears this week? I always like the Chicago Bears. Let’s get the bad out of the way first.  Look for... Read more »

Urlacher Possessed, Lovie Lost, Martz On Fire...

Here are my catalogued thoughts on quite possibly the strangest Bears football game of my lifetime. I am grouping Aromashodu’s touchdown drop, the Olsen/Forte fumbles, Danieal Manning’s dropped pick six and Jay Cutler’s wildly inappropriate interception into one category: Amateur Hour.  These are the kinds of errors that could have easily cost the Bears a... Read more »

Things to Watch For Against Arizona

Mike Florio refers to the third preseason game as the “least unimportant” and that’s actually a more positive view than I hold.  None of it matters.  Not one quarter.  Not one play.  Not one substitution.  The trick is not getting hurt and possibly – just possibly – developing the kind of rapport that comes from... Read more »

Things To Look For Tomorrow Night

I’ll be watching the Bears take on the Raiders from the Redi Room, a small biker bar on Saratoga Avenue in San Jose, California.  The place will have about four people in it and three will be Raiders fans.  (It’s amazing out here.  Every tough person likes the Raiders.  All the nice people like the... Read more »

Audibles From the Long Snapper

Hey folks.  Trying to weigh in on issues when they’re of interest but May and June are essentially the only down months of the NFL season.   Mike Tice Likes J’Marcus Webb While it’s unlikely Webb will make much of an impact in 2010, Tice seems to believe Webb has a future as a starting... Read more »

Offensive Reasons For Optimism

Jeremy Bates wants to be the offensive coordinator of the Chicago Bears.  So does Charlie Weis.  So do Mike Martz and apparently every other out of work offensive mind in the football world (including Al “World’s Largest Playbook” Saunders).  There are going to be openings elsewhere – Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Kansas City – but the job... Read more »

About Last Night...

Quick thoughts because the hotel has a computer time limit and there’s a greasy kid behind me itching to update his Facebook status. Never been prouder to be a Bears fan than last night.  In what was essentially a meaningless game, played in frigid cold, the place was packed and loud.  People cared in that... Read more »