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Bears & Packers: Final Notes

NFL Says Soldier Field Sod in Good Shape Read the article linked here.  Now if you believe the article you’ve just read, you are most likely one of the reported 60% of Americans who believe Noah’s Ark was an historical event.  I’m sincerely doubtful the Bears were working overtime to eradicate their most significant Soldier... Read more »

Audibles From the Long Snapper

To read about my predicted 27-16 victory for the Chicago Bears, click here. Pompei on the Williams MoveDan Pompei does a nice job in the Trib evaluating the Bears decision to move Chris Williams inside to the guard spot, leaving Frank Omiyale as the starting left tackle (and leaving the young right side alone). So... Read more »

When Things Seem Dark, Stars Must Emerge

2006 is quickly becoming the Diet 1985 of the Chicago Bears organization.  It is the year writers and fans now point to as that by which all championship-caliber teams must be measured.  Nobody, at least nobody with a working brain, believes the 2006 team could have stayed within double-digits of the Monsters.  (Could you imagine... Read more »

Thoughts on Beating the Packers

Raise your hand if last night reminded you of 2006.  There is one major difference.   Jay Cutler is 1,000,000 times the quarterback Rex Grossman ever was.  This might be the worst offensive line in football and Cutler created offense last night where there was none to be found. My mindless support of Greg Olsen... Read more »

Fourth Meaningless Game Notes

We’re not going to be waiting till the second half happens.  Not a single player on the field will mean anything to the 2010 Chicago Bears.  Here are my first-half notes:   The Bears have finally brought in a backup quarterback that is capable of winning football games.  Todd Collins looked poised and polished at... Read more »

Camp Audibles From the Long Snapper

Three days till the unofficial start of the 2010 Chicago Bears season and I can’t lie: I’m starting to buy the hype coming out of Bourbonnais.  A year ago I spent the summer trying to curb the enthusiasm of the fans, repeating my belief that the Bears would take until mid-season to find an offensive... Read more »

Injury Updates and THE PICKS!

Brad Biggs reports that Desmond Clark has made a terrific recovery and may play Sunday. I think he shouldn’t.  Take the extra two weeks to rehabilitate the ribs and come back flying in the wherever-the-Falcons-play. Hunter Hillenmeyer and Pisa Tinoisamoa are highly doubtful for the Lions.  This means the starting corps of Briggs-Urlacher-Tinoisamoa will be Briggs-Roach-Williams... Read more »