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The Season Begins Tonight...(and Opening Night Game Thread)

The Season Begins Tonight...(and Opening Night Game Thread)
Tonight’s game prediction: Denver Broncos 27, Baltimore Ravens 13 I am re-running my ruminations/predictions column from August 27. This column will also serve as tonight’s opening game thread. I do it every year and have been 50% or better on predictions each year I’ve done em. This year I mix and match prediction with ruminations.... Read more »

Guest Reverend's Rant & Four Weekend Gambling Ideas

Guest Reverend's Rant & Four Weekend Gambling Ideas
Last weekend I took a shot with the Cincinnati Bengals and they let me down. All four games were covered by the favorites and all four games failed to hit the over. (Read: Vegas took a bath.) This weekend I present a bet for every game. One bet – prop or otherwise – to keep... Read more »

The 2011 Chicago Bears Schedule

The Games Week One: Sunday September 11 – Falcons Week Two: Sunday September 18 – @ New Orleans Week Three: Sunday September 25 – Packers Week Four: Sunday October 2 – Panthers Week Five: Monday October 10 – @ Detroit   Week Six: Sunday October 16 – Vikings (primetime) Week Seven: Sunday October 23 –... Read more »

Audibles From the Long Snapper: NFL Edition

So before we get to the Weekend of the Wild Card, I figured I’d weigh in on the happenings around the league over this past week. Leslie Frazier is a solid choice for the Minnesota Vikings but I wonder if they interviewed any non-minority candidates. The Raiders went undefeated in their division and finally looked... Read more »

Sunday Game Thread, or Go Pats!

Trying something new this week.  I’ll be commenting on all the day’s action at DaBearsBlog’s Twitter account and all those comments will be available right here on the site.  You can clink the above link and follow or just keep stopping by and see my running commentary. new TWTR.Widget({ version: 2, type: 'profile', rpp: 8,... Read more »

We Should All Root For Orton

Neil Hayes writes a column comparing the initial impact of the Jay Cutler trade on both the Chicago Bears and Denver Broncos, essentially ruling it a draw.  It’s not a draw but that’s not a debate worth having with Hayes – who actually debates/contradicts himself about thirty times in the article.  (Can neither of these... Read more »

"You're Messing With the Franchise"

Offense1. Jay Cutler is a special talent and I hope that stadium realized tonight what their organization has given away for Kyle Orton and unknown college guys.  For the past decade, third and longs meant punts.  Not anymore.  I’m sticking with Cris Collinsworth and Mr. Cutler’s nickname is now Franchise. 2. Orlando Pace and Chris... Read more »

First Quarter Summary

Quick points. 1, Orlando Pace is going to struggle against the speedy pass rushers.  I wonder if his pride will allow him to move to the right side at some point this season. 2. Tru McBride is pretty awful.  At everything. 3. Cutler is very good.  4. So is Matt Forte. 5. I’d like to... Read more »