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Some Ramblings & Five Packers To Watch

Editor’s Note: I’m still waiting on Fantasy Playoffs selections from ChiTownHustler, BigT, Sdwat52, Shady, Cormonster, MikeBrownhadaPosse, IrishSweetness and enderwiggin. (Email to jeff@dabearsblog.com) Editor’s Note 2: I’ll be re-joining my friend Trent Condon on ESPN Des Moines at 4:15 CST.   The media’s attention this week, in-and-around Chicago, has been bizarre when it comes to this... Read more »

Complete the Picture in Detroit

Now is not the time for the Chicago Bears to rest upon the laurels of an 8-3 start to the 2010 season.  Brad Biggs knows it.  David Haugh knows it.  It took the Bears only three plus hours on Sunday afternoon to convince a majority of the national football pundits that they are a legitimate... Read more »

Audibles From the Turkey Snapper

David Haugh Argues With HimselfDavid Haugh’s column in today’s Trib is titled “Now is no time to extend Smith’s contract”.  Wow, Dave, really?  Now is also not the time to purchase property in the Gaza Strip or have relations with a Palin daughter.  This is one of those ESPNy type articles that I hate, hate,... Read more »

The First Must-Win Game of 2010

I’d imagine the columns have already been written, saved under “Fire Lovie” on the laptop computers of David Haugh, Rick Telander and Steve Rosenbloom.  They contain the phrases that have filled beat pages and blog posts since 2004: poor clock management, wasted timeouts, poor talent recognition, little accountability, offensive incoherence…etc.  I’m sure a few of... Read more »

Audibles From the Long Snapper

Will Jay Cutler Play Sunday? David Haugh urges the Bears to rest Jay Cutler until he’s fully recovered from a concussion.  This is one of those articles I think sportswriters write to feel good about themselves.  Of course the Bears are not going to put their franchise on the field if he’s not fully recovered... Read more »

Two Weeks Til They Count

Two weeks from today the Chicago Bears will kickoff the 2010 campaign, having managed to lower expectations with three plodding, boring preseason outings.  For those of you who choose to ring the doomsday bell, remember that the 2006 Bears – the ones that went to the Super Bowl – were one of the worst preseason... Read more »

DaBlog and Training Camp

Since I won’t be in Bourbonnais this summer due to prior theatrical commitments, I’m going to let the site become a hub for the Twitter feeds of those who are actually there.  The guys we’ll be tracking are: Brad Biggs, Vaughn McClure and David Haugh of the Chicago Tribune. Sean Jensen and Neil Hayes of... Read more »

Audibles From the Long Snapper

The Case Against Jeremy Bates David Haugh makes the case that the Bears can not afford to put someone as unproven as Jeremy Bates in charge of the offense.  And while I understand it is a calculated risk, at some point every coach on earth becomes something for the first time.  Referring to him as... Read more »

Halas Hall Silence May Spell Doom for Lovie

David Haugh believes it is time now for the Chicago Bears, namely Virginia McCaskey, to address the status of head coach Lovie Smith.  And while he’s wrong – the time was three weeks ago – the point he raises is a valid one: Pressed at his news conference on the day after the biggest win... Read more »

Why Didn't Aromashodu Get a Shot?

From David Haugh’s biting column in the Tribune: Similarly, the better Devin Aromashodu looked catching his eight passes for 76 yards and a TD against the NFL’s best cornerback, the more it indicted Smith and the coaching staff for not playing him sooner. Is it fair, Lovie, to wonder why Aromashodu didn’t become a factor... Read more »