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Audibles From the Long Snapper: Waiting...

This is the problem the NFL faced all along with this year’s draft.  They were going to spend three days reminded fans across the country how much we love all the minutiae of the league and then leave us with a few months of conversations that begin with the phrase, “Hey, is there football yet?” ... Read more »

Audibles From the Long Snapper

So You Don’t Like Jerry Angelo? Say what you will about his inability to locate good offensive linemen in the NFL draft, it’s impossible not to appreciate Angelo’s lengthy comments about the CBA discord that is dominating the league’s news cycles. “This game is special. It brings people together. It galvanizes cities. And during the... Read more »

Thoughts on Dave Duerson and more...

My entire experience with Dave Duerson is on DVD these days; a set of DVDs chronicling the 1985 Chicago Bears season the Reverend’s parents had made.  I can only say that when hard times hit members of the ’85 team, we all hurt a little deeper and the outpouring of emotion from his teammates is... Read more »