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Audibles From the Long Snapper: Waiting...

This is the problem the NFL faced all along with this year’s draft.  They were going to spend three days reminded fans across the country how much we love all the minutiae of the league and then leave us with a few months of conversations that begin with the phrase, “Hey, is there football yet?” ... Read more »

Now To Free Agency We Go...

DaBearsBlog’s ‘Bear Jew’ t-shirt is now available for sale.  If you got a few extra bucks in your wallet, this is a great way to show your support for the site.  UPDATE: ALL ORDERS MUST BE IN BY TUESDAY IF YOU’D LIKE YOUR SHIRT SENT WITH THE FIRST SHIPMENT NEXT WEEK. Free agency will come... Read more »

2011 Chicago Bears Draft About Toughness

Here is the problem with the NFL Draft: it is televised.  Because it is televised (and for me one of the most singularly boring events in the history of the medium) fans have taken to rampaging against their organization’s lower round selections as means of flaming the torches and marching up the castle to kill... Read more »

Bears Third Round Selection: Chris Conte

I know almost nothing about this kid, a safety out of California.  Below are copy and pasted from elsewhere. Positives: (From SidelineScouting.com) Has a very good frame, above-average height and good bulk… Has a strong upper-body, put up 18 bench reps at the combine… Had a very good senior season, recorded 72 tackles, an interception and two... Read more »