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Why We've Decided to Leave ChicagoNow

Why We've Decided to Leave ChicagoNow
I’ve always been honest with you, the readers of this site. Because although 97% of the content is provided by one individual (me), this place has always been and will always be about you guys. I build the city. You populate it and provide its often insane personality. At the end of December we’re leaving... Read more »

DaBearsBlog (ChicagoNow) is Moving

Hello My Loyal Friends, So I let you all know last week that we’ll be transitioning this site, with the remainder of ChicagoNow, in the coming few days.  The site will look much different, much sparer, kinda ugly, but we’ll be fixinfg things as we move forward.  Here is what you should know: The site will... Read more »

Audibles From the Bored Long Snapper

Unless you are a fan of TheOtherSports (shameless plug) I’m not sure what you’re doing with your weekends.  Taking the wife to the circus?  Watching the kids hit a ball off a tee?  Nonsense.  The U.S. Open is this weekend!  Four Gold Cup quarterfinal matches, including the United States meeting Jamaica at RFK Sunday at... Read more »

Finally Got Our Piece of the Pie

Let me say it without any art: DaBearsBlog is joining ChicagoNow, a local network of sites owned by the Chicago Tribune Media Group.   Now let me explain.  A month or so ago, in the wake of the Jay Cutler “tsunami”, Noah and I were contacted by a cool guy named Jimmy Greenfield at the... Read more »