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Audibles From the Long Snapper

So You Don’t Like Jerry Angelo? Say what you will about his inability to locate good offensive linemen in the NFL draft, it’s impossible not to appreciate Angelo’s lengthy comments about the CBA discord that is dominating the league’s news cycles. “This game is special. It brings people together. It galvanizes cities. And during the... Read more »

Packers at Bears NFC Championship Preview

I won’t sleep Saturday night and I might not sleep Friday night without the aid of my old friend Ethyl Alcohol.  If this were the Falcons on the opposing sideline, the Saints…who knows?  But it is the Green Bay Packers, the oldest rival of our beloved franchise, and I can’t stomach the notion of Aaron... Read more »

Bears at Dolphins Game Preview

The 6-3 Chicago Bears have had one of the strangest seasons in recent memory, losing when they should win and winning when they should lose.  Who are they?  Who knows.  But stringing together three straight wins heading into the Thanksgiving holiday would surely announce them as contenders not only for the NFC North but the... Read more »

Vikings at Bears Game Preview

With the season at the crossroads, the division within their grasp and the worst football player/human being in American history entering their home, Sunday is a big football game for the Chicago Bears. YOUR POSSIBLY RESURGENT 2010 CHICAGO BEARS OVER Brett Favre and some other guys Why do I like the Chicago Bears this week?... Read more »

Audibles From the Long Snapper

Garza Returns to Right Guard Brad Biggs is reporting that Roberto Garza will return to right guard position in Toronto, giving the Bears their 412th different offensive line alignment in 2010.  In replacing Edwin Williams, I think Garza-Webb gives the Bears their best chance on the right side.  (I don’t think Webb should move from... Read more »

The (Injured) Long Snapper Hits the NFC North

THE CHICAGO BEARS SIGNED TODD COLLINS and it’s a wise move.  I’d like to see Collins log some serious minutes this weekend against the Cardinals as the Bears were essentially running out the clock after Cutler’s exit from the Raiders game.  Collins also sounds like a pretty confident guy, “It’s a hard offense to learn, especially... Read more »

Second Preseason Game Recap

Second Preseason Game Recap
So watching the first half of tonight’s game, I ran the gamut of emotions.  But I’ll break down my thoughts.  First, special teams. No worries here, though it’d be nice if the Bears had a backup long snapper. Offense.  Clearly the pass-blocking is going to be the focal point of this performance, with Lance Louis being... Read more »

Camp Questions Begin

With camp starting at the end of next week, it’s time to start focusing our attention on what will actually be worth watching for the duration of the month of August.  And I’m not talking about the camp battles we’ve been analyzing for the past three months.  You can’t evaluate a pass rusher in camp.... Read more »

Training Camp: Right Around the Corner

Well with my World Cup postpartum soon to be relinquished by a trip to Red Bull Arena to see visiting Spurs on Thursday July 22nd, I can now move on to the American version of this game called football.  Move on to a little underachieving ballclub in the heart of the Midwest.  Move on to... Read more »

More Audibles From the Long Snapper

StarCaps Trail Over: Suspensions UnlikelyThe entire StarCaps situation, from start to finish, has been an utter disaster for the NFL.  They have all-but begged the legal world to punish the Williams sisters while the Vikings and Minnesota court system has laughed and gone about their business.  Now the jury-less trial is over and Florio at... Read more »