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Bears & Packers: Final Notes

NFL Says Soldier Field Sod in Good Shape Read the article linked here.  Now if you believe the article you’ve just read, you are most likely one of the reported 60% of Americans who believe Noah’s Ark was an historical event.  I’m sincerely doubtful the Bears were working overtime to eradicate their most significant Soldier... Read more »

Some Ramblings & Five Packers To Watch

Editor’s Note: I’m still waiting on Fantasy Playoffs selections from ChiTownHustler, BigT, Sdwat52, Shady, Cormonster, MikeBrownhadaPosse, IrishSweetness and enderwiggin. (Email to jeff@dabearsblog.com) Editor’s Note 2: I’ll be re-joining my friend Trent Condon on ESPN Des Moines at 4:15 CST.   The media’s attention this week, in-and-around Chicago, has been bizarre when it comes to this... Read more »

Breaking Down the Packers, Volume I

Took a look at the Packers vs. Bills game today and there’s very little to learn from it.  The Buffalo Bills are, without question, the worst team in the league.  There are levels of ineptitude in that organization that we rarely see in the NFL.  Looking at their schedule, I think Detroit beats them by... Read more »