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Audibles From the Long Snapper

Cedric Benson ArrestedReports are now circulating regarding Cedric Benson’s arrest at a Texas bar on May 30th.  Benson has always been and will always be a head case and a moron – a lethal combination in the world of professional sports.  The Bears did not cut the cord because they believed he was unable to... Read more »

Chicago at Cincinnati Preview

Your 3-2 2009 Chicago Bears over Cincinnati Why do I like the Chicago Bears this week?1. I always like the Chicago Bears. And now for something completely different… I like my football players angry.  Violent.  Dick Butkus.  Bill George.  Mike Singletary and the rest of the ’85 guys.  I don’t like linebackers that “excel in... Read more »

Bye Weekend Thoughts and THE PICKS!

Dan Pompei’s love letter to recent draft classes feels a little premature.  I’m a big fan of Jerry Angelo but let’s see more than four games before we start believing statements like, “Before camp started, the Bears didn’t know if they could count on Afalava, Bowman, [Kellen] Davis, Knox, Bennett and [Chris] Williams. Now they... Read more »

Three for Tuesday

Okay, guys, so it is done.  If you look at the right side of the screen (and scroll down a bit), you’ll see the constant updates from the writers covering camp, some players and correspondance to them from fans.  It’s actually pretty cool. Cedric Benson Still Hasn’t LearnedI don’t care if Cedric Benson believes the... Read more »