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2010 Chicago Bears: Final Evaluation

2010 Chicago Bears: Final Evaluation
Evaluating the 2010 Chicago Bears was a difficult proposition.  There seemed to be a success ultimatum as we believed we were looking at the end of tenures for both Lovie Smith and GM Jerry Angelo.  Make the playoffs or else.  Win a playoff game or else.  The season brought two new coordinators and one of... Read more »

Coaching Continuity a Must This Offseason

Editor’s Note: If this were a non-fiction book, the full title would be Coaching Continuity a Must This Offseason, or The Stupidity of Steve Rosenbloom. I wake up this morning and check out the Tribune sports website and see that Steve Rosenbloom has decided Mike Martz needs to be fired as offensive coordinator of the... Read more »

2010 Bears Could Become 1984 Bears

Those of you yearning for the Bears to become a more consistent franchise, here’s a question: has any team in the NFC been consistently great over the last decade?  Consistently good, even?  The answer is simple.  No, unless you consider Andy Reid’s inevitable postseason failings each year good.  Peter King actually included an interesting tidbit... Read more »

Cutler & The Moronic Toughness Issue

Toughness, when it comes to football players, is non-negotiable.  These are hundreds upon hundreds of men who earn their living, far less than the other “major” sports, running the chimney stacks they call bodies at full speed into the brick shit houses of others.  Our quarterback is now being criticized by a bunch of couch-dwellers,... Read more »

Five Reasons The Bears Are Finished Playing

It is a game I’ll spend a few weeks thinking about, not sure quite how to wrap-up a performance so surreal and often downright bizarre.  But there were several key factors leading up to the Bears loss yesterday. Jay Cutler’s First-Half Inaccuracy.  Cutler missed an open Devin Hester on two throws early and both could... Read more »

A Wonderful Season, A Bizarre Ending

If someone told you in August that Jay Cutler, Todd Collins and Caleb Hanie would each take snaps in the NFC Championship Game against the Green Bay Packers…what would you have said?  I don’t know what my exact words would have been but they would have rhymed with “buck cough”.  We’ll have weeks to discuss... Read more »

A Time for the Bears to Kill

I had a few thoughts last night when asked by a bartender how good I think the Chicago Bears are.  I spooned some potato and leek soup into my mouth, sipped an ice cold club soda and tried to put into perspective this bizarre season.  Exciting start, terrible four-game stretch, bye, the emergence of an... Read more »

Bears at Panthers Game Preview

It’s hard to predict what the Chicago Bears offense will look like with 116 year-old Todd Collins at the quarterback position.  The Vegas odds are probably on “ugly”.  But sometimes a team needs to win a game ugly to remind themselves they can.  I think Sunday is one of those days when the 2010 Bears... Read more »

The (Injured) Long Snapper Hits the NFC North

THE CHICAGO BEARS SIGNED TODD COLLINS and it’s a wise move.  I’d like to see Collins log some serious minutes this weekend against the Cardinals as the Bears were essentially running out the clock after Cutler’s exit from the Raiders game.  Collins also sounds like a pretty confident guy, “It’s a hard offense to learn, especially... Read more »

Camp Audibles From the Long Snapper

No Backup on the Horizon The Bears have been approaching every backup quarterback within a hundred miles of the United States to join the roster and all have declined.  Why?  Because apparently Jerry and Lovie are refusing to commit a roster spot to Todd Collins or Kerry Collins or Josh McCown, players unwilling to battle... Read more »