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Thursday Night Thread & Picks Contest Bonus

Thursday Night Thread & Picks Contest Bonus
Picks Contest Bonus Simple: Give me C.J. Spiller’s total yards from scrimmage (running + receiving + passing) for the Buffalo Bills. I think Spiller is one of the best and least utilized backs in football and I think he’ll have a breakout night at home against the Dolphins. My number: 188. Get it right and... Read more »

Vikings at Bears Game Preview

With the season at the crossroads, the division within their grasp and the worst football player/human being in American history entering their home, Sunday is a big football game for the Chicago Bears. YOUR POSSIBLY RESURGENT 2010 CHICAGO BEARS OVER Brett Favre and some other guys Why do I like the Chicago Bears this week?... Read more »

Many Thoughts on the Canadian Escape

This was exactly the game Cutler/Martz needed to have and they were aided by an improving offensive line (although we’ll learn how improved next Sunday).  Cutler was efficient and smart with the football, making a couple spectacular throw when he had a chance to set his feet and hurl it.  Those few extra seconds the... Read more »

Bears at Bills (in Toronto) Game Thread

Bears at Bills (in Toronto) Game Preview

I can’t remember, in my lifetime, a Bears team that had a winning record this late in the season and elicited so little excitement from fans.  They’ve now had two weeks to ponder their losing streak.  Two weeks to sit in the film room.  Two weeks to read media clippings and doomsday prognostications. YOUR WHAT... Read more »

The Hourglass Flipper

Sunday the Chicago Bears cross the border into the land of moose meat and shady prostitutes lingering outside check cashing establishments a mile from the Niagara Falls casinos.  (I may or may not have firsthand information on this.)  They face the winless but gutsy Buffalo Bills.  A team that has turned a corner in their... Read more »

Audibles From the Long Snapper

Garza Returns to Right Guard Brad Biggs is reporting that Roberto Garza will return to right guard position in Toronto, giving the Bears their 412th different offensive line alignment in 2010.  In replacing Edwin Williams, I think Garza-Webb gives the Bears their best chance on the right side.  (I don’t think Webb should move from... Read more »

Studying the Remaining Schedules

There are some Chicago Bears fans that will start rooting for our opponents on Sundays because they are desperate to see turnover at the general manager and head coach positions.  In recent years I have castigated such behavior as at-best shameful and at-worst un-American.  Fans believe their championship answers rest in the roster decisions of... Read more »

Winning Crap Division Shouldn't Save Lovie

The Bears are not very good.  I thought they were and then they weren’t.  If it’s not the offensive line, it’s fumbling in the red zone.  If it’s not fumbling in the red zone, it’s throwing mindless interceptions.  If it’s not throwing mindless interceptions, it’s the head coach having no idea how to utilize the... Read more »

Don't Forget the 3 in 3-1

I know how Bears fans work and I’ve never liked it.  An unarguably poor performance in the Meadowlands and suddenly half the roster needs to be traded and coaches need to be fired.  3-1 after four games isn’t not enough for Bears fans anymore.  The 3 never happened.  All they remember today is the 1.... Read more »