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Audibles From the Long Snapper: NFL Edition

So before we get to the Weekend of the Wild Card, I figured I’d weigh in on the happenings around the league over this past week. Leslie Frazier is a solid choice for the Minnesota Vikings but I wonder if they interviewed any non-minority candidates. The Raiders went undefeated in their division and finally looked... Read more »

Studying the Remaining Schedules

There are some Chicago Bears fans that will start rooting for our opponents on Sundays because they are desperate to see turnover at the general manager and head coach positions.  In recent years I have castigated such behavior as at-best shameful and at-worst un-American.  Fans believe their championship answers rest in the roster decisions of... Read more »

Training Camp: Right Around the Corner

Well with my World Cup postpartum soon to be relinquished by a trip to Red Bull Arena to see visiting Spurs on Thursday July 22nd, I can now move on to the American version of this game called football.  Move on to a little underachieving ballclub in the heart of the Midwest.  Move on to... Read more »

Another Reason to Fire Lovie Smith

When the Dolphins were down, way down, they turned to Bill Parcells.  The Tuna, a Jersey guy who is inarguably the greatest evaluator of talent in the modern era, brought in his own general manager and dumped Cam Cameron after only one year.  (The Dolphins swallowed at least nine million dollars of Cameron’s contract.)  They... Read more »