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Why You Should Watch '4th and Long'

The New York Times called 4th and Long, the exciting and football thirst-quenching new show hosted by Michael Irvin on Spike TV, “disingenuous”. Their rationale being that the program claims to offer a roster spot to one of the twelve budding professional ballplayers who, for reasons ranging from an agent screwjob to being from my... Read more »

A Weekend Rodeo

This time of the year is deceased when it comes to football information. Here’s a couple note-worthy things… Forget About Tommie Harris ESPN believes Tommie Harris is on the hot seat next season. I understand that ESPN makes its living by filling space (on the internet, on TV, in print) with mindless drivel but could... Read more »

The Run Game

Peter King ranks the Bears fourth in his pre-summer Power Rankings, stating that “If Cutler can lead an offense that puts up 400 points, only a point and a fraction more than a year ago, the Bears should win 12.” I love the idea of the club winning twelve games (and wouldn’t mind a Super... Read more »

Don't Eat Their Porridge

The story of the three possible Bears… Pisa Tinoisamoa The St. Louis Post-Dispatch details the reasons for his release from the Rams. Tino’s speed and versatility would make him a perfect fit for the Lovie Deuce but I’d just like to see them add some new blood to the unit. If the Bears enter the... Read more »

Cutler Learning Offense

I logged on DaSite this morning to the arousing headline, “New quarterback Cutler gaining firm grasp of Bears offense.”  This begs a second question: “What’s he going to do tomorrow?”   I’m going to make it easy on Captain Cutler by providing a series of instructions that should make the transition seamless.   1. On... Read more »

Finally Got Our Piece of the Pie

Let me say it without any art: DaBearsBlog is joining ChicagoNow, a local network of sites owned by the Chicago Tribune Media Group.   Now let me explain.  A month or so ago, in the wake of the Jay Cutler “tsunami”, Noah and I were contacted by a cool guy named Jimmy Greenfield at the... Read more »

A Weekend Rodeo

I’m Stalking Anquan Boldin Boldin showed up at Arizona’s mini-camp and is faking a hamstring injury. According to head coach Ken Whisenhunt, “Hey, we know what’s going on, so I’m really not going to have much to say about that.” With the Cardinals having only $6.5 million in cap room, the likelihood of an extension... Read more »

Yea, I'm Writing About It

The Tribune picked up a story from the Minneapolis Star-Tribune regarding your favorite retired quarterback’s possible return to the National Football League in his third laundry in three years. Normally I’d regard a report like this as simple media speculation, except for Favre’s comments: “Nothing has changed. At this time, I am retired and have... Read more »

How To Evaluate This Draft

1. It is a success if either Jarron Gilbert or Henry Melton is a productive part of the defensive line rotation when the Bears open the season in Green Bay. 2. It is a failure if Juaquin Iglesias spends a year learning all the positions and catching no passes. This kid, simply by being drafting... Read more »