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The Three Potential Opponents: Volume Two

Fantasy Playoffs start this week with a chance to win a guest column this offseason.  For Rules & Regulations, check here.  You’ll be able to select your players starting Friday morning If the weekend goes as I think it’ll go, the Green Bay Packers will beat the Eagles in Philadelphia.  That would bring our old buddies... Read more »

Camp Thoughts From an Outsider

I’m basing the following impressions on smatterings of video, coach interviews, Tweets galore, first-hand accounts from friends and articles from everybody who has set foot in Bourbonnais. The Bears seem completely settled at the tackle positions, with Frank Omiyale set to start on the right side.  This immediately becomes the spot to watch for the... Read more »

Audibles From the Long Snapper

Lovie Smith Dines With Nate Allen Reports are out there that Lovie Smith shared breakfast (orders unknown) with South Florida’s flying-up-the-draft-board safety Nate Allen.  The continued focus of the Bears organization on locating a top quality safety reveals at the very least that they’ve realized the mistake of 2009 and vowed not to line up for... Read more »

Alex Brown Says Goodbye

According to PFT, Alex Brown said goodbye to the Chicago Bears on Twitter today.  That the previous sentence can exist is problem enough.  What it states is downright tragic.  From Brown: “I am extremely grateful for my time as a Chicago Bear and I wish the Bears the best,” Brown wrote.  “I am glad that... Read more »

Because Albert in Tuscon Said I Have To

I am now going to write a list of thoughts I am either having or forcing myself to have about the Chicago Bears. I’ve read a ton about the possibility of trading Alex Brown for Rob Sims but it just doesn’t hold water for me.  Rob Sims is a middle of the road interior lineman... Read more »

Trading Alex Brown a Horrid Mistake

According to NFL sources and the Tribune, the Bears are actively attempting to trade Alex Brown.  If they can’t trade Brown, there is a chance they’ll release him. Aside from being my favorite player on team, Brown has been (with Lance Briggs) the most consistent defensive performer of the last five years.  While his sack... Read more »

The Good Ship Lovie Smith

I wanted to write one of those “these are the areas of need” columns but they bore they hell out of me.  You all know what we need.  Two viable, professional safeties.  A solid pass rusher to line up opposite Alex Brown.  A flood of offensive linemen.  Healthy linebackers.  Possibly a number one receiver, though... Read more »

Chicago at Detroit Preview

I had a dream last night. (I have one every night, I think, but this one’s pertinent to the site.)  In the dream I was meeting some friends at a bar in Hoboken, New Jersey and when I looked at the television the Bears were playing the Lions.  I didn’t know the game was on. ... Read more »

More Audibles...

Mark Anderson?  Really?I’m not going to read any column that begins “If Mark Anderson wants to be a part of the Bears‘ future, he can make a strong case over the last two games.”  Mark Anderson has seen more than enough snaps over the past few seasons to make it very clear that he is... Read more »

Four on Friday

Dan Pompei writes a column claiming that defensive scheming is the reason Greg Olsen’s been underwhelming this season.  It’s a ridiculous column.  If Greg Olsen is the elite-type player his ability suggests, he needs to beat nickel corners in man coverage.  If Greg Olsen is the elite-type player his ability suggests, Ron Turner needs to... Read more »