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Five Quick Thoughts

(1) Lovie Smith has announced that Devin Hester will not be on kickoff returns.  And so we have the first awful coaching decision of the 2010 season.  Why any coach would self-neuter arguably the most exciting talent and explosive game-changer in the history of the organization is beyond me.  But it’s par for the course.... Read more »

Agenda #1: Who to Re-Sign?

Per Florio, the current crop of Bears free agents:Chicago Bears: (restricted) DE Mark Anderson, S Josh Bullocks, DT Dusty Dvoracek, S Danieal Manning, LB Nick Roach, LB Jamar Williams; (unrestricted) LB Darrell McClover, DE Adewale Ogunleye, RB Adrian Peterson, LB Pisa Tinoisamoa. So who does Jerry re-sign?  I think Pisa, Jamar and Roach should all... Read more »

The Process of 2010

The Chicago Bears didn’t play a terrible football game last night.  They committed too many penalties.  They missed too many open receivers.  They allowed the Philadelphia Eagles to convert way, way too many third-and-longs.  But those things are going to happen to mediocre teams and that’s what the Bears are.  They’re a mediocre team. The... Read more »

Five Things That Have To Change

The Chicago Bears can no longer employ Tommie Harris.  Today was Tank Johnson’s gun house and Cedric Benson’s boat ride.  I don’t care if he goes to another organization and leads the universe in sacks and tackles-for-loss.  I don’t want him anymore and I think if you polled fans, over 90% would agree with me.... Read more »

Four on Friday

Dan Pompei writes a column claiming that defensive scheming is the reason Greg Olsen’s been underwhelming this season.  It’s a ridiculous column.  If Greg Olsen is the elite-type player his ability suggests, he needs to beat nickel corners in man coverage.  If Greg Olsen is the elite-type player his ability suggests, Ron Turner needs to... Read more »

A Tuesday Rodeo

I’m fascinated by the number of post-weekend football columns written around the internet and reports on television with dumb, football-y type names.  Inside the Huddle, Monday Morning Quarterback, The Blitz,The Locker Room, Four Down Territory, Two-Minute Drill…etc.  It’s all very silly.  I was thinking about what I would use for my Tuesday bit and have... Read more »

Bears Win Second Half 27-3

I turned to my brother at halftime of yesterday’s ballgame and said, “If the Bears don’t win this game by three scores, I quit on Lovie Smith.”  They won by three scores.  I’m still sweet on ya, Lovie.  Here are my thoughts… Game balls to Dave Toub, Brad Maynard, Robbie Gould, Earl Bennett, Johnny Knox... Read more »

On Second Viewing

You’d be hard pressed to find a better-called game from Ron Turner during his tenure with the Chicago Bears.  He and Jay Cutler (the first time that relationship really feels like a unit) used short slants and flanker-type screens to try and keep the linebackers honest.  When it didn’t work, it seems they decided to... Read more »