Reverend's Rant: Is Trestman Worth Collapse on Defense, Specials?

Reverend's Rant: Is Trestman Worth Collapse on Defense, Specials?

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I disagree entirely with the Reverend's Rant this week. I believe if Marc Trestman can evolve the Chicago Bears into a perennially top five offensive unit, Bears fans should accept a decline in defensive and specials performances. The Bears are no longer a team driven by defense. Get over it. They need to be serviceable, turn the ball over and make a few stops in big fourth quarter situations.


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  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Does he care? I doubt it. It's not as clicking on my page detracts from his readers. I can see if I pulled up a taco truck in front of a restaurant.

    It's all Bears.


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  • Excellent piece, Butch. Especially the summary. We have to beat elite teams or else our record is fools gold again. Couldn't agree more.

  • gotta give emery time to build all phases and make the entire unit truly his.

    If the o steps forward by the end of the year and specials and D takes a step back, we have to expect that a little.

    If emery shits the bed patching the D and specials in FA/the Draft next year, then it's time to worry.

    To be honest, I'm more worried about kromer and decamillis. They seems to not be all that special thus far.

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    you mean Tucker right?

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  • In reply to MB30SD:

    We're HORRIBLE at D now. When you read my piece, it's not even like one area.

    We're bad at rushing the QB.
    Bad at avg yards per pass
    Bad at covering TEs (and we're not even playing a lot of Cover 2)
    Bad at taking out the opponent's top WR
    We were good against the run, then Bush came along.
    The safeties have looked pitiful
    The linebackers can't seem to tackle anymore

    The only thing our D is good at is causing turnovers (which is big, but c'mon!)

    An opportunistic defense is fine when you have a Brady, Peyton, Brees...and a system in place for a decade, but most other QBs need a lot of help from the D and Specials.

    Look at the so-so QBs who won a SB. Flacco, Eli and Ben all had solid Ds towards the end of the season, and rode them all the way to the playoffs.

    Our D is not looking solid at all.

    Hopefully they can turn it around, but it's probably not going to be this week.

  • Our D is suffering, that's for sure. I brought this up after the Bengal game(pink elephant?). I imagine part of what you may be witnessing is the absence of Lovie nurturing the squad and tucking them in at night. Hopefully we'll at least start stuffing the run. You gotta be able to take away something from opposing offenses. If Green Bay can run all over us, say goodbye to winning the Division.

  • I don't have the stat, but our red zone D has been pretty good. A lot of FG's not a lot of TD's. Unless the offense starts the drive on first and goal like they did last week.

  • None of the 3 phases are looking solid.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I don't think Emery is the kind of guy that shits the bed. He's been A+ since he got here.

    If the linebackers aren't tackling -other than Anderson who's a stud - then start Bostic and Greene to put a fire under the other two and see how they respond. Let's not pretend that this crew needs time to 'gell'.

    Piss, or get off the pot.

  • I want to like Emery. I think he's made a lot of solid moves. But my mind always wanders back to the fact that he made Shea McClellin his first ever draft pick.

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  • Thanks, Doc.

    I was a little worried at the end of the season that the 10 wins would save Lovie once more.

    Glad Emery saw through that shit.

    He looked at Lovie's winning pct vs good teams and gave him das boot.

    I seriously think he lost his job either against the Seahawks or the Vikes.

  • Solid piece. I do have a question for you. You said "I’m not sure Shea McClellin should play in this game outside of obvious passing downs". In today's league, are there any obvious passing downs other than 3rd and long? This is the problem with us allowing teams to hit their sweet spot on first downs. Situational pass rushers that aren't top tier talent have min. value. Chicken Dinner was never supposed to be a run stopper, nor will he ever be one as long as he's lining up at DE.

    This is a good read, Doc will be proud.

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    I stopped reading at this point :

    "In other words, what would you rather have, a 1st and 10 or 2nd and 7? What about 2nd and 6? 5?"



    Uh ..... Neutral zone infraction ? Offsides ... ?
    Damn, we have to go under the hood here .. officials to the sideline.

  • 2nd to say, if we can't convert on 3rd, then we just got to score on 2nd down all the time.

    Also, Fuckfest sounds like Burning Man's sleazy cousin, dirty Randy.

  • I haven't listened to the rant, but I will and I know what he's saying already. I admit that I'm a bit torn on this one.

    On one hand, one of the reasons I fell in love with the bears was their defensive pride. Teams throughout history, win or lose, knew they were going to leave a bears game beat up and sore. I love that. I love Butkus and Singletary and Urlacher. I love defense. It's part of why I love the bears.

    On the other hand, I'm starving for a championship. If having a stellar O and an avg to above avg D will get us one, I can't think of a logical reason why I'd object.

    Until we see our boys hoist the Lombardi though, I have to admit, it's a little weird and I'm inclined to agree with Rev.

  • Alright. I listened now. Great rant.

  • So for like the third time .. .how long do we keep Bostic on the sidelines? DJ isn't a factor in any of these games. The middle linebacker for the Bears cannot be making 3 or 4 tackles a game.

    What do we have to lose by putting Bostic out there?

  • He was definitely a factor in the Steelers game.

  • as long as the D isn't total dogshit, I'm ok with it.

    We have to evolve... and it's been WAAAAY too long since we've been relevant, more than just a historic figurine of past achievement.

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    some guys just can't deal with it when the dream is over. Also, they were day drinking which is kind of scummy. No one just has a drink during the have a bunch.

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    and then hangs out drunk with their 1 and 2 yr old.

    My god man, nice that one of them stayed sober just in case one of the kids had an emergency. SMMFH.

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    Without knowing anything about the case, I'd bet 10 to 1 odds he beat the the shit out of her more than a few times.

  • that was a bullshit rant. If you think for one minute the D is not performing because Rod Marinelli and Lovie are not the coaches you are a fucking retard.
    1. we don't have the same D as last year, we're missing Melton, Izzy, Okoye and Hayden. That's 2 fucking starting linemen einstein and a key rotational player in Okoye. Hayden sucks but he's not a fucking rookie 6th rd pick. Tillman has a knee sprain and a groin strain. Jesus, that has nothing to do with Rod fucking Marinelli nor does it have anything to do with Marc Trestman being the fucking coach.
    2. The bears players made the special teams, not the coach. Look at the guys that left the bears that were on specials, almost all of them ended up playing real minutes or were special teams aces for other teams. that's not Toub, that's the badassery that Toub was coaching.

    Dumb rant.

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    "I love anything with angry on it"

    ~ Evan

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    i'll be here all season, folks. don't forget to tip your waitress.

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    haha, no offense.

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  • In reply to MB30SD:

  • In reply to Waffle:

  • In reply to Waffle:

    Did you leave Urlacher out on purpose man? He was only the Bears icon for the last 13 years.

    Why haven't we signed Okoye yet?

  • Urlacher was left out because he retired. His current physical limitations also mean that DJ Williams is an upgrade.

    Okoye still hasn't recovered from a knee injury from last season.

    DJ Williams has been a factor Irish we just are missing 2 starting DL against the Lions in Melton and Izzy. That's the truth.

  • In reply to Waffle:

    But Bostic is young, he's got that speed and oomph, the highlight reel potential. DJ looks like just another LB. We're the Bears, we need an icon in there at Mike, not just some dude. Am I wrong?

    Paea has a toe issue, and with Peanut's problems our D will get opened up like Christmas presents come Sunday. Cutty would need a career day to get us out of this mess.

  • when you say stuff like this it makes the alien stuff sound normal mate.

    Honestly man. We all like bostic, but go on and look at DJ williams career numbers. The dude is a fucking machine... bostic is a rookie that's never played a single down of a real NFL game.

    Common man.

  • In reply to Waffle:

    I never saw them as 'rants' anyway, more like articles artificially spoken in a raised tone with forced cursing inserted for apparent effect.

  • In reply to Waffle:

    You make a somewhat solid point. My only problem with it is your , basically saying Melton, Izzy, Okoye, and Hayden were big reasons our defense flourished before. Now I may grant you Melton, and on an especially gracious day concede that Izzy was a good player, but that bunch of players is not what made our D great. I'd be more willing to admit that losing our leader in the middle and our coaches have more to do with the downturn than those players you mentioned, save maybe Melton.

    That being said, we've still been generating turnovers and scoring on D. We've still been very good in our redzone D. And let's face it, our defense has always given up yards. The player that had the most success on our D was AJ Green and he's a bonafide bad ass. We held C Johnson to 44 yards! with a sore Peanut!

    I guess my point is, our D has fallen off a bit, but I'm not sure it's as bad as the stats make it seem. I'd say the biggest problem is our pass rush. And there's no way you can say that Hot Rod's absence isn't at least a partial reason for that. He's renowned for D-line genius!

    I love ya Waffle, but your venom is misguided.

  • In reply to Waffle:

    Johnny I've seen you apologize for Cutler ten million times but now you're apologizing for Emery, Tucker and esp Decamillis. Our D is not getting it done. The front four is doing next to nothing. Okoye was playing behind Collins, who wasn't a starter. Hayden sucks moose wang. Izzy was a fave and I don't understand why he wasn't re-signed (that's on Emery). Losing Henry has been big. Lance looks slower but Anderson was an upgrade from Roach. The jury is out on DJ. The back 4 look worse. Peanut is gimpy but still getting it done. Jennings is inconsistent but he was last year in a few games. Wright and Conte look worse this year. For some reason the D has forgot how to tackle. I'd say that and the safeties taking a step back is on Tucker. Decamillis is dreadful. Other than Devin's record setting game, we've been awful. How is that not on the coach? There hasn't been that much turnover on ST's.

    I agree it was time to move on from Lovie but that also meant moving on from Old Sauce and Toub. Tucker and Decamillis (esp Decamillis) have been a huge disappointment. It's still early in the season and all this could change but right now I'm looking at an 8-8 team at best.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Canada, you damn sneaky Canadian, I'm not giving anyone a pass or making excuses. I was simply pointing out that this current D with the same coaches, same personnel and same injuries would be the same and bringing on Trestman has nothing to do with it.

    Okoye was in front of Collins last year and Izzy was TOUGH against the run and brought heat in the pass rush game. That combined with the loss of Melton and Pep having a rough start to the season can pretty much account for the troubles on the D line. Paea is a slicer dicer but gets mauled in the run game.

    We're still going to the super bowl.

  • Some of youse guys are way to quick to jump all over the defense this year.

    After 3 games, the NET points allowed by the defense was about 13 points per game, which is pretty incredible in the modern NFL. My stat is based on points allowed by the defense minus points scored by the D.

    The Bears lost to the Lions not because of the D, but turnovers and special teams. The Lions gained 227 yards total on their 4 field goal drives. On their 4 touchdowns, the Lions had a combined 75 yards. A defensive TD, and drives of 2, 22, and 51 yards.

    Total yards don't mean shit except in FF. The Bears lost because of Jay's turnovers and special teams.

    Waffle, don't jump down my throat. I'm a Cutler fan.

  • In reply to Cormonster:

    good point corm.

    ...but we have all seen what we're not used to seeing happen this year... a non-super human bears d. Kind of like seeing a real bears O. and a turrible bears specials.

    Times they are a changin.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Meh, they have been bordering on bending too much for a couple years now. Part of what you see happening are rule changes that favor the offense and the fact that teams know they have to play more aggressively against us because our O is no longer anemic like it used to be.

  • In reply to Cormonster:

    you're actually dead on. It felt awful getting Bush raped but the short fields and momentum cock block that Jay and Trestman put on in the 2nd and 3rd quarters was the killer.

    If you don't move the chains with short passes to your super studs to stop the bleeding then you deserve what you get which could have been a season ending knee injury on that one Suh tackle.

    Brandon was pissed after that game because he was not utilized in the 2nd and 3rd quarters when just a couple of schoolyard pitch and catch plays would have knocked the Lions off of the bullet train of momentum they were on.

  • In reply to Cormonster:

    We played some shitty teams though Cor. Cincy aren't that good, neither are Pittsburgh. I haven't made my mind up about Minny since they've only beaten shitty teams.

    We're playing a good offense and defense on Sunday, undeniably good. When Brees rips us a new one you'll all be clamoring for Bostic (and maybe Greene), new safeties, the lot - you wait and see.

    Reggie Bush's 7.7 yard average is down to turnovers and special teams? Uh-uh. That's on the front 7, period. It's hard to win games when the opposing RB can run at will. The Defense AND Cutty had shitty games.

    Funny how nobody has mentioned Urlacher. Briggsy ain't up to the job as captain of the D. Something is missing. An X-factor. Bostic might be it.

  • Clamoring for Khaseem Greene? I just choked on my Guinness.

  • Special teams worry me the most. Barring injuries, the offense should only get better. This game should give us a better barometer where the team is at right now.

  • In reply to Cormonster:

    our specials are pretty atrocious. i'd be curious to see what sort of difference toub has made in KC. what was their unit like last year compared to this? and is he doing it with the same players, or did they overhaul to get him his guys?

    anyone want to do the leg work for me on this one? NAY. not for me. for US.

  • In reply to evantonio:

    Football Outsiders has a lot of stats but I didn't spend any time trying to make sense out of them. Only four games in, mind you, but it looks like the Bears and Chiefs have pretty much reversed positions as far as Special Teams ranking compared to last year. Link below:

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    that toub. he was a good one.

  • Blind Squirrel Weekend Pics!

    1.Cheese all over the Pussy Cats.
    2.Rams will roll the pathetic Jags.(Hint: Irish should bet against the Jags every game)
    3.Falcons over the lame Jets.

    Shakey Jake's upset special!

    The Lions over the Cheese.
    I hate to say it but the Lions are the better than the pukes. Our Boys can't afford to play like we did last week against the Saints. This weekends match ups very well could be an indicator of who wins the North.

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    I want the Cheese to win, hence, the conflict.

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    no conflict for me. fuck the lions right in their face.

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    Seeing a team like the Rams having to beat JAX by 12 .. .still couldn't do it. Atlanta have to beat the Jets by ten, but that's very possible.

    Denver -7 is the surely the bet of the week.

    If the GB O-line is bad then how do they contain the Kitties front 4? A-Rod is in for a rough day and GB are down their first 2 RBs.

  • Hey, Irish, do you use a specific site which updates gamelines? Just curious which one?

    It's odd typing "game lines" and ESPN pops up. Funny how they don't put that anywhere in their main page.

  • On that note, upset specials of week.

    Titans over Chiefs
    Colts over Seachickens
    And ddddaaa Raiders over Chargers at midnight.

    (Last week I picked the Browns over Bengals for main upset).

  • I was trying to remember who picked the Browns last week. Good call. The Browns always seem to play the Bengals tough.

  • In reply to Cormonster:

    That's what I saw too.

    Plus, I liked Hoyer. Dude was air attack. I don't know if Paul Brown pissed on an indian grave yard, but that franchise is cursed.

    Also, forget the Titans. Forgot Locker was out. They have a good D, but without Locker, foggetaboutit.

  • Rivers is currently the #2 rated QB in the league ... but the Raiders apparently do well at home to the Chargers historically. McFadden is out, but the Chargers are giving up 5.2 ypc.

    The Seahawks o-line is decimated and I think Michael Bennett will be out, so that's a possibility.

    As much as I like Fitzy and the Titans, KC have looked really strong in all three phases and they're sacking the shit out of people. KC only have to win by a FG

    If you like them all straight up then 3 doubles no spread is the way to go value-wise.

  • Just the NFL yahoo pickem league we're in. The betting site I use doesn't put spreads up until thursday.

    What games are you interested in?

  • Just those three underdog ones (now two).

    Eh, who's winning that league anyways? Doc again?


    I know you guys are going to be SHOCKED and awed, but we actually get to SEE don banks pick.... yep, you guessed it... against the bears this week.

    He looks older and weaker than in his pick. Going to make it a little less satisfying when I finally randomly run into him on the streets of Chitown and bitch slap him in the face with a quick, sharp downward motion of the back of my hand.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    turn your hand slightly inward, so it's partially a karate chop, such that you both jerk his head backwards AND give him a big red mark across his face.

    thank you.

  • I am going full retard on this, perhaps. Setting the blasphemy meter to 11.

    This team feels vaguely '93 Bears to me. First year of Wanny, last year of Harbaugh at QB. When we thought Brian Cox was an impact player on D. Richard Dent, like Pep, was still around but near the end. Shaun Gayle is today's Lance Briggs. We had Trace Armstrong instead of Chicken Dinner. Mark Carrier instead of Major Wright.

    That was a 7-9 team and Wanny got the green light to tear it apart and say goodbye to Harbaugh and bring in Kramer and try and go big on O.

    This feel like that time, again.

    I know, I know - here comes the rotten fruit. Just an observation.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    I just don't see it GP. The Bears have been on the cusp of playoffs every single year starting with 2010. This team has real talent, pro bowl talent at many positions.

    Unfortunately Angelo just pissed away 8yrs of a superbowl caliber defense and only in 2012 was the offense truly addressed. There is still enough firepower to get the job done. This is the year. Then they will add pieces next year to keep the revamping process going strong. We will be contenders consistently over the next few years.

  • In reply to Waffle:

    That cock-juggler Angelo is sitting down having boat drinks somewhere thinking how lucky he is that a tool like him got paid MILLIONS every year to suck chode and define incompetence. The world is not a fair place and he is living testament to that.

    It's as if he were on Green Bay's payroll.

  • Emery's 2012 draft was VERY Angeloesque. Chicken Dinner reminds me of Michael Haynes. Arguably Angelo's worst first rounder (there were so many!). Jeffery looks like a solid pick. Frey so far looks worse than DJ. Everyone else is gone.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    I assumed they'd turn Shea into a linebacker, being too small/light to be an end - you can't say he's a bad player because he's not a good end - he isn't a DE in my book. Chicken might turn out to be a good linebacker - it's not his fault he was played out of position. On a 3-4 team he'd be a linebacker. I honestly don't know why he is playing end. Greene, Washington even Bostic would be better at end than he is.

    Hardin hasn't had a chance - that was an unfortunate injury - and at 6'3 with 4.38 speed, he's the kind of guy you need at safety these days. I don't think we've really seen Hardin, so the jury's still out on him.

    Frey looks good, a potential ball-hawk on his PS performance - how are we writing Frey off already? Peanut's groin might call for his replacement. There was Alshon of course in that draft

    E-rod ? Well, we'll never know.

    2013 draft ? Knocked it out of the park. I didn't like the Wilson pick - too skinny and he cost us Tolliver who had good hands and is 6'5. Long and Mills are already starting and have done well. Bostic should be the mike right now IMHO. Greene we haven't seen but he's fast, a pass-rusher and that's what we need. Washington has speed, and should be getting more snaps than CD who shouldn't even be playing that position.

    If they would only bench DJ, and give Greene and Washington a few looks, it would be one of our best drafts ever. Can't wait to see what he does with next year's picks. If Cutty continues to shit the bed against good teams, then as much as I like him i don't want to see him paid Flacco money. Maybe we sign him and trade him for a first and a second. Build the OL and move on.

  • I don't think we've really seen Hardin, so the jury's still out on him.

    I believe the jury returned it's verdict. We let Hardin go before the season started.

  • In reply to gpldan:


    I keep thinking he's on the bench. We're really fucked at safety. I want to see Steltz out there. And even that's a reach.

  • You keep harping on DJ but he's taken out when we go to nickel. And we play nickel, A LOT. Bostic is a hitter for sure but he was out of position numerous times in preseason. Gotta trust the coaches decisions. They see them everyday and I'm reasonably certain they know more about football than you and me. If CD was a good LB I'm pretty sure he would be getting some looks there. I'm hoping they use him as a hybrid more often. Let him fall back in coverage and blitz a LB. I haven't seen anything from CD that makes me think he was even an OK pick. The only move he has is a spin move. GP answered the Hardin question. I didn't write off Frey, I said DJ Moore had more impact than him.

    I liked Emery's draft this year. No doubt Long and Mills were great picks. I'll need to see Bostic and Greene play full time before I'm willing to comment on them. Same with Washington. You always go with measurables and make the leap that it will turn into production. Measurables are nice but it hardly tells the whole story.

    If Cutler continues to be inconsistent, esp against good teams, there is no way he's getting Flacco money. Since we basically have no options at QB I'm pretty sure we re-sign him.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Bostic is a rookie and you can't rag on him about PS - he looked awesome running guys down.

    DJ had three solos last week, C'MON! He's the MIKE!

    CD has been getting looks at LB, and a spin move is an excellent move to have if you're a LB getting off blocks. He wasn't my idea of a first round pick though. Right position, wrong guy.

    DJ Moore had years to have impact. Give Frey a chance, he hasn't played corner for us yet. That might be real soon though, and if Peanut is out then our DBs look like dogshit, Brees will tear us apart.

    We have to re-sign Cutty no matter what happens - there are always teams that would over-pay us for him. I think there would be quite a bidding war - just look at the Browns right now with all their picks . They need a QB bad. Mmmmmmm.

    We get a Fitzy or Orton on the cheap, draft the next Joe Montana (think positive!) and build for the future. This is the Chicago Bears not the Cutler Bears. Players come and go. I want winners.

    QB is the most important position on the team. I don't want any question marks hanging over mine, and Cutty's not changing his tune. The line was there against the lions great D-line, the receivers were there. No more excuses. Results only.

  • I'm not ragging on the rookies. I trust the coaches to start the best players. DJ Williams is not on the field as much as you might think. Roach only played about half the snaps because he came off when we went into nickel. Williams is coming off this year. If the season starts to go off the rails I'm sure we'll see more of the rookies.

    I can't tell you how much the thought of Ftizpatrick being out QB depresses me. I could live with Orton. The real question is can we pick a good QB in the draft? Haven't a clue on that one. I'm not closing the book on Cutler. Trestman is holding him accountable. Not to mention, Cutler knows he's going to get a big payday next off season. If it isn't with the Bears it will be with a shitty team. He doesn't strike me as a guy that values a few more bucks over wins. If he truly is incapable of changing, who knows where that will take us next off season?

  • In reply to Waffle:

    I agree that this offense is better than 93's offense. Although Harbaugh had game left, he left to go to Indy and took them to the playoffs in 94 and 95. Wanny had a man-crush on Kramer, though.

    Neal Anderson was still good, Curtis Conway was that year's BMarsh and Waddle was this year's Earl.

    Keith Jennings was a solid TE - that team on paper was not a 7-9 team. But they never played cohesively, a product of switching to Wanny's system under (shudder) -- Wrong Turner.

    Would I take Jennings and Ryan Wetnight over Maneri and Unicorn? Neither had Unicorn's talent.

    But let's look at this - the last time the Bears put up 32 like they did last week and lost, it was in the 1990s. So, while I agree that this O is better than that O - this D is worse than that D. Donnell Woolford was supposed to be that era's Peanut - a 1st rounder from Clemson - but he never developed into the Revis like player they wanted.

    But with Spellman and Dent at the ends, they could generate rush - something this team cannot do. And that, I think, may be the rub.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    I think that was a great perspective. The rub? What the hell IS 'the rub' anyway? Where did that phrase come from? Always wondered.

    If our D is aging and mediocre, that makes every week a shootout. And that is not good. Not good at all. It's a rub with a rash.

  • Before you smoke a brisket, it's always best to apply a good spice "rub" to ensure a tasty meal and it's one of the three critical ingredients required to impress the guests. In football, it's the DC's responibilty to apply his secret sauce before the game, hence the term "old sauce". It's all in the sauce.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Gotta agree. Pep will probably be gone after this year due to his contract. With so many players not signed past this season Emery has a ton of options to take this team in any direction. Hopefully the first thing he does is fire Decamillis.

  • On the last thread there was a great photo of Walter doing his patented leap over the opponents and into the end zone. I would think this leap might have been a better choice:

    While not on this play, it was in this game that Walter broke Jim Brown's record. Sweetness ran for 154 yards that day.

  • Anyone else notice typing "" into the browser doesn't lead to chicagonow anymore?

    Change is near my friends. Change is near.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Repost from the end of the last thread, but Jefe is popping out new threads like .. .a guy that pops out threads a lot.

    Raised a point I'd been thinking about and meant to ask.

    Who did you like in the series and what does that say about you/us?

    Are we supposed to side with Skyler and Jesse? I liked neither. Skyler was never grateful for her man making gazillions of dollars. She fucked Ted. She never supported her man. She fucked Ted!

    Jesse? Why does he get off scot free? Jesse was the career cook with the skull tatooed on his back. Walt was faced with death and no security for his family. I would have done what he did maybe, had I got his skills. I'm faced with similar issues now. Jesse chose his path in life - although his parents turned their back on him. Walt originally chose to be a teacher. Like most women, Skyler bought the big ticket and is content to sit there and bitch, and nothing is ever good enough - same as her sister, the high-moral ground klepto. Hank is an over-achieving macho cartoon.

    Walt watched Jane, Jesse's girlfriend, choke to death. I would probably have dosed the bitch up for blackmailing me in the first place. Walt cried over it. But Jesse was plugging people a lot. He plugged a chemist in the face on his own doorstep etc. Then he goes and cries over some kid getting shot - an awesome moment in the series - gets up on his high horse ... after being a multiple-murderer himself?

    After all that Jesse tried to do against Walt, Walt risks his life trying to save Jesse. What does Jesse do with his new found freedom? He calls the cops on Walt in the last episode! The guy who has just saved his life - what a prick!

    I liked Saul - a realist, fucked over by various wives, Mike - a pragmatist, wanting to provide a future for his grand-daughter and Walt - faithful, loyal Walt who wants to provide for his family after he's gone. I guess I'm breaking bad.

    But who did you guys like ?

    P.S. Just re-watching season 3. Walt is explaining to Gale the Chemist (in Gus' lab) that he's letting him go. Walt describes himself as being more 'classical' whereas Gale is more 'jazz' .... then Pinkman bursts in, his face all beaten up, one eye swollen shut :
    "OH SHIT ! This is the BOMB - whats up pardner?!


  • My favorite line in the series is when Jessie says, when the ship gets deep you don't want a criminal lawyer. You want a CRIMINAL lawyer.

    Bob Odenkirk owned the role of Saul.

    AMC is producing "Better Call Saul" next year, which is a prequel and I think is going to be strictly black comedy.

    Jesse lives because he's Ishmael, I've been through that already.

    You will like this: Badfinger's lead singer committed suicide even though he had a new baby and wife, because his manager screwed him over and they were broke.

    Makes you wonder how many levels Gilligan likes to play on.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Didn't Badfinger do 'without you' ? Everyone who did it had something bad happen to them, except for Carey. I guess there's still time.

    Was Ishmael a flawed character? I don't remember him as one. Jesse looks like a catalog model so people seem to give him a pass as a good guy, which he's not. I think he was miscast. Meth-heads don't have white teeth and clear skin. They needed a scummier Jesse.

    I wanted to see where Saul ended up. And there should have been a flashback to whatever precluded Walt from being part of Gray Matter Inc. before he goes into Gretchen's house, so that you think he's going in to even the score or something.

    You're right about gilligan. Season two opens first and last episodes with the pink teddy Bear, burnt down one side and one-eyed. Even though it's related to the plane crash that Walt very indirectly causes, it also foretells the manner of Gus Fring's demise. Brilliant.

  • Walt sold his stake in Grey Matter for 5,000 because Skyler was pregnant and they needed a better place to live.

  • Better call Saul! Can't wait for that show to start up. Should be good for major laughs.

  • I'm not so sure Jesse called the cops. It's likely that neighbors heard the machine gun blasting and called the cops. Or that bitch Walt poisoned. I have a hard time believing it was Jesse. I always kind of thought of Jesse as the personification of Walts conscience. kind of like Fight Club.

  • The most likeable character for me was Mike. He was solid, no nonsense, fiercely loyal to his family and his guys. He was doing everything he could to make sure his granddaughter and his guys, and their families were taken care off. A stand up guy in every way.

    Jesse was a whiny ass bitch. He was contemptible the whole way through. The only loyalty he showed at all was to Mike after the shootout with the cartel.

    Walt got pretty bizarre there at the end and for a while lost sight of why he started this, but ultimately returned to his mission of doing whatever it took to take care of his family when he was gone. The way he took out the neo-nazi scum at the end was pure Heisenberg over the top awesome.

    Saul was hilarious and well played throughout.

    While not a fan of the DEA in their need to take down pot heads and medical marijuana dispensaries instead of real criminals, I found myself liking Hank as well. He was funny and smart and stuck to his guns right up to the end.

  • The kid from Northwestern returning kicks reminds me of Old Devin.

  • Irish, what the fuck dude!?!?! I can't take it any more....

    I'm starting to think you are a fucking loon man.

    Bostic better than DJ??!?!

    No, he's not. Here are what dave likes to call 'the facts'... read what's at the other end of the link below and then please never bring up DJ williams vs some rookie that we all feel might look/be good in the coming years, but has that never played a single down of real NFL football in his life.

    Here, let me help you see through the fog of crazy....

    838 Tackles, 22.5 sacks, 37 passes defended, 2 INTs, and 14 forced fumbles.

    Jesus christ, please don't ever bring this up again!

    Hardin... he's gotten severely injured every single one out of the last 5 years he's played football, AND he sucks at safety. He was a fucking corner for his enture football life and played for a team that was in the old PAC 10.. and again he never played a single down of safety in his LIFE. He got cut by the bears... CUT. The ONLY jury that's out on him was why in the holy fuck we ever even looked in his general direction?!?!?!

    Jesus christ, please don't ever bring this up again.

    The strongest play Craig "bayou scud" Steltz has ever made in the NFL, besides a couple here and there tackles on specials, is collapsing peanut's lung.

    Jesus christ, please don't ever bring this up again.

    Seriously dude, I can't take any of this shit any more, it's fucking insanity. Common maings.

    My god, I'm sorry... I couldn't keep it in any more. Spew all the bank/politics/alien stuff you want, but don't bring any of the shit above up again, it makes you sound crazy.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

  • In reply to Waffle:

  • In reply to MB30SD:

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    ^ Closet Hardin Lover

  • here you go shady:

  • mother nature is fucking amazing

  • I would remind the Rev that Rod Marinelli was INVITED TO STAY ON and instead CHOSE to go work for Jerry Jones, the heir apparent to Al (Still very seriously dead) Davis' crown as '"NFL Owner-who-thinks- he-is- a-wiz-as-ersatz -coach-and-GM-too." I believe Cowboys have just decided to bench former first round DB Claiborne this week.

    Also Adam Podlesh was Mr. Toub's punter, as well.

    What was the alternative, Rev?

    KEEEPING Lovie so they could keep Marinelli?


    And a POX on you for the use of "Chicago Alouettes".

    Totally uncalled for.

    Trestmen's NFL resume' far exceeds his exile to the Great White North.

    You sounded just like many of the 4-Letter dweebs who, when caught off guard by his hiring, belittled and /or ignored his solid NFL background.

    SHADDAP with that crap yerself, hosehead.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    The mob is easily entertained Al.

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