DaBearsBlog Has Moved!

DaBearsBlog Has Moved!

To all those loyal readers through Chicago now, our content is now available at DaBearsBlog.com

Thanks to ChicagoNow for their help over these last few years. We hope you'll join us at new location.

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  • typing dabearsblog.com in the URL, or googling, always redirects me to chicago now.

    clicking on one of the new links, sends me to the new site, but when there, and i click on the logo to go 'home', again, redirected to chicagonow...

    so, am i missing sth or...?

  • Nevermind. cleaning up my browsing history fixed the issue.


  • Last.

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    I beg to differ. Last.

  • In reply to Viva:

    (spits on the floor, slams the door)

  • It appears on ESPN that there was no Bears game last night - but Aaron Rodgers got an owwie on his shoulder.

    Pass the Pepper Jack.

  • The heroic low angle photos of Aaron Rodgers on ESPN rival Hitchcock (or is it Crotchkick) of Mt. Rushmore. Our thyroid-eyed wunderkind in Dairyland.

    My solution to the "Concussion Issue" - turn all football players into zombies. Oh, wait...

    I'm going back to reading Indie Comic Books for the rest of the season.

    Best regards - Jack

  • I just want to congratulate Bears fans overall. Yes, I am a Packers fan, but lived in IL for 6 yrs, and have a lot of Bears fans friends. First, thanks to the Bears fans and team for being a great organization. I love watching the Bears-Packers game no matter the results. I loathe watching any Vikings games. You can't call that a tradition. During Packers home games, many fans come to a bar called Fuzzy's. I have never met so many nice and knowledgeable Bears fans at this place. Thumbs up if you have ever been there Yes, it is a "Packers" place, but all are welcome, and Bears fans are awesome. You guys really rock. I am sorry you didn't win this game - it really could have gone either way, but in the end, you fans are classy. I have been to Detroit-Packers games and I wasn't sure I was getting out alive. You have much to look forward to - those huge receivers are going to eat up the NFC North very shortly. With Forte and that great off line, the Bears are lined up to be very good, very shortly. The Packers played well, but also ended up lucky. Support your great Bears team, Bears fans, as you will be NFC champs very shortly!!! And as my login indicates, I do like the Bears, only second to the Packers. The Lions and Vikings have no idea of what a real, respected, rivalry is like. Bears fans, keep coming to Green Bay. I love to talk to you and understand your viewpoint!! You guys are great!!

  • After another debacle in Detroit. Does anyone here think that Trestman will do anything other than continue to collect a paycheck. We all know that Virginia has never fired anyone that she would have to continue to pay. She got exactly what she payed for when she hired the cheapest available coach two years ago. Nothing can save this storied franchise short of new ownership. This is simply unBEARable.

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