Bears Beat Giants (Breathe...) & Move to First Place in NFC North

Bears Beat Giants (Breathe...) & Move to First Place in NFC North

These are my first ever (I think) rapid first game notes taken during the game. Not usually my approach but we're giving it ago...


  • The turnover-or-bust defense was in full effect. Nice plays on the ball by Bowman and Jennings (for a touchdown) but allowing Brandon Jacobs to gash the defensive line and linebackers was disconcerting.
  • Lance Briggs getting barreled on the Jacobs touchdown run was oddly sad.
  • No pass rush outside the opening drive.
  • Understand Marc Trestman's approach on fourth down but always want the zero off the board as soon as possible. Why take a turnover and allow it to be a momentum builder for your opponent?
  • Brilliant work by Cutler and Marshall on the second Bears drive. When these two are in sync they are arguably the most fun pair in football to watch work.
  • Bears have had substitution issues this season. I'll write it off to a new coaching staff until around November. Then I will yell about it.


  • How does Brandon Marshall get that wide open in the end zone? (Answer: Giants secondary.)
  • Major Wright out of position again on a Reuben Randle touchdown catch down the right sideline. Looked flat out easy for Eli Manning. Wright's season continues to be a horrible disappointment.
  • Pass rush still has not arrived.
  • Kyle Long is one impressive player. He gets outside faster than the tailback.
  • Jay Cutler made a brilliant read on the third-and-short slant to Marshall and the back shoulder pylon touchdown pass to the same man. I told ya. When they're in sync...
  • Did Joe D call that idiotic short kickoff from Robbie Gould? Take the damn touchback.
  • Devin Hester yelling on the sideline is exactly what the special team units need. They need leadership because they've been awful.
  • Cutler's throw over the middle to Martellus - with Jon Beason closing - was one of the best displays of his arm strength I've seen since he arrived.
  • I disagreed on the clock management at the end of the half. Bears only had one timeout. I don't use that timeout until I've gained the position I'm comfortable with for the field goal. Then I take my shots to the end zone. You DON'T want to burn the timeout and find yourself spiking balls, kicking from awkward angles. It's only halftime.
  • Adam Podlesh had a brilliant half. No punts.



  •  Jay Cutler's ability to extend drives with runs is so underrated.
  • Jordan Mills is the only liability on the Bears offensive line but I credit the organization for letting him make his mistakes on the field. Bushrod is good enough with protection to allow it.
  • Great kick, Robbie Gould. There was a time when fifty yard kicks were difficult for him. Now he's simply put the best field goal kicker in the game.
  • Great move by Shea McClellin to draw the tight end to a false start. Kid takes a beaten so I might as well praise him for the one or two nice moments of his game.
  • 3rd and 12, Giants reeling. Great call by Mel Tucker to send the linebackers at Eli. Clear departure from the Lovie Smith era.
  • Why does the end around work with Alshon Jeffery and not Devin Hester? Marc Trestman.
  • Kyle Long's high school footage was amazing.
  • Cutler missed a wide open Alshon Jeffery on a first-and-ten in Giants territory. Rushed a throw due to pressure from JPP.
  • No. Pass. Rush.
  • Reuben Randle was ruled to have given himself up? How does that work? How is slamming the ball to the ground giving yourself up?
  • Huge pass interference by Tim Jennings. Bears simply revealing themselves to be a poor defensive football team.


  • Cutler's touch throw to Forte on third and two might have been his best of the game.
  • Cutler's grounding of the football is as poor a football decision as possible. You can't take the team out of field goal range, out of a possible two possession lead. Terribly poor decision making.
  • Cutler identified protection, Long picked up the backer, Cutler put a perfect pass to Jeffery and the receiver just missed it.
  • I feel at 5:21 to go the Bears will lose.
  • Then things started happen.
  • If Eli Manning doesn't miss an absolutely wide open tight end, this game goes the Giants way. (Or at least forces the Bears to probably score in a minute.)
  • The penalty for defensive holding ruins the drama but wins the game.



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  • Really giving Hester admiration for his little temper-tantrum.

    Jeff I have not been down on Hester at all, but you have got to stop with the kiss-assedness toward him. He is about 10% the player for his team that Robbie is and it really pissed me off seeing him bitch Gould out.

  • In reply to A7Xthebest:

    You're nuts. Specials are a mess and Hester is NOT the issue. Hester is gaining 20 yards a return without blocking and he takes pride in specials. Gould made a mistake. Someone needs to call him out.

  • In reply to Jeff Hughes:

    agree with everything except that hester's any good now. HeDone Jeff.

    Time to accept and move on maings. You have to move past step 1 at some point... denial ain't just a river in egypt.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    20 per w/o Ayenbadejeo

  • In reply to Crown:

    And Hillenmeyer

  • In reply to Jeff Hughes:

    Even Hester needs a block or two and our return teams are getting whipped.

  • Watched every second of the game. Here are my quick thoughts macro to micro…

    1. Maybe the giants were totally desperate for a last ditch run at keeping their year alive, and thus gave a better than the last 4 games effort… or, we just aren’t a very good 4 phase football team.

    2. The O was good man. Much more rhythmic, much more dynamic. Jay was really good and I found myself cheering when he threw the ball away. The refs sucked, but we almost lost the game for ourselves, not them.

    3. Our D has been ravished by injuries and it is showing in a huge way. My god we are thin everywhere… anemic thin… like 2nd and 3rd stringers starting the whole game thin. It’s terrifying, but I’d rather have it at this point in our schedule than later I guess. Keep everyone out you have to (peanut, DJ, Paea, etc…) for the redskins (yeah, I said it you overly PC pussies!) game. Then let us come back after the bye ready to run the schedule (and the fucking packers)

    4. Our Dline, pressure, and run D are non-existent. So incredibly bad. No idea if we can fix it without good players to bring on. Pep is done.

    5. Our DBs are just not good. Even TimmyJ is very bad in 1:1 coverage. He’s a total ball-hawk in space, but in man he’s one 1st degree assault away from PI every play – or just getting used by guys 8 inches taller than him. I won’t even talk about our safeties, but please no one tell me they are good, never mind mediocre. Without dline pressure, they are just abysmal. Last year, our dline and having them line up 50 yards off the ball every freaking play make them look ok. This year… reality.

    6. Specials are not good either. Toub is the fucking MAN. DeCamillis is not a step down, he’s just not good. That unit is sloppy and every single effort I am holding my breath that something horrible doesn’t happen. I don’t expect the new guy to be toub, but I do expect him to be good…. he’s not.

    More micro:
    • Jay, the beast, and the black uni were awesome, as was the line. Long and mills are studs. Did you guys see the footage of Long playing QB and TE in high school. So awesome.
    • Not sure what happened to Jeffery(ies), but he forgot there was a game tonight. Two big drops. Common kid.
    • Matty did ok. Still nothing spectacular. Meh. Oh, and he can't block for shit. I'd like to see ford get some snaps this year if we're every fucking up by enough.
    • Who the hell is #91?!
    • Bowman!?!?
    • CUT. HESTER. (well, too late now, but you get the sentiment)

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    You missed the live chat, fucker!

    See you in January! lol

  • Everybody start moving over to if you don't mind. Set up accounts, start commenting. We're gone from here inside the next week.

  • In reply to Jeff Hughes:

    look at you!!!

    Congrats my man. Well done (finally)

    Adios Jimmy!

  • Hey man, we've worked our ass to make this transition. We'll stick around on CN to get people appropriately educated but it's about getting you guys there and finding the kinks now.

  • In reply to Jeff Hughes:

    I just went over and did some testing. So awesome.

    It's like we're in the 21st C finally. GP will weep tomorrow.

  • Cohen-the first black Jewish nose tackle to start a game for the Chicago Bears

  • In reply to Crown:


  • I admire Hester's spunky attitude and running hard for the Bears record (I'm guessing he passed Sayers). But never EVER get inside your kicker's head. EVER!

  • Wow. Gotta agree with Al's commentary. I saw at least 3 obvious holding calls where the DLmen was collared around the neck and no call. Jennings is lucky he didn't get a 15 yarder called on him. Totally agree about being down 3 DT's but Peppers got blanked on the stat sheet again. That has to be at least the 3rd time this year. When GP was talking about getting rid of him in PS I thought it was blasphemy. Now it seems like it was the right call. Also, Chicken Dinner is beyond bad. I saw a couple of plays where they didn't even bother putting a tackle on him. Just a TE, that completely blocked him out of the play. DeCamillis should be fired at the end of the season. I know Devin isn't what he used to be but at least give him a chance. Either the blocking is shit or they aren't working together. It's pathetic. Thank goodness Cutler was on. Unless a miracle happens and the DL becomes competent, we're an 8-8 team.

    Peppers looks like he's done, Chicken Dinner is hideous, the scrubs at DT are what you'd expect (no knock on them, they wouldn't be on the roster if we were healthy) and the only DLmen playing decently is playing out of position (Woot). Bowman is average at best. DJ Moore was better than Frey. Conte and Wright suck moose wang. YIKES! If we don't get healthier on that side of the ball we're in for a long 10 games (no playoffs for us). Glad we won but I have no illusions of grandeur with this team. Oh well.

  • We need to trade for a DT from the Browns. NOW. The Gmen DTs didn't look horrible. The Bucs? We need a DT.

    Our run d was horrendous. If we can't stop the run, it's over.

  • I concur with pretty much everything in your article Jeff. The Bears won but that's about it. It's kinda hard to gain a handle on last nights victory though because the gstrings were playing for their season. Trestman got careless going for it on fourth down early in the game and I just hope he learns to be more logical in those kind of situations. Luck for him it didn't cost us the game. I also agree 100 % about clock management at the end of the first half. Those things are correctable.

  • I agree with you guys. Bears are 4-2 but going nowhere without major improvements on defense and special teams. Even the offense, which is supposed to be A LOT better with all the new talent and offensive coaching, is under-performing. How do the Bears not put up 40 in that game and put the G-Men away? A good team would have done that easily. Bad teams let worse teams hang around. This team beat Minnesota, the only bad team in the North, by one point at home. They got pummeled by Detroit (forget the final score), who then got pummeled by GB. They got pummeled by NO at home (expected that one). They barely beat the dreadfully awful Giants AT HOME on a SHORT WEEK. If we're within 14 of GB in either game, I'll be shocked. Sounds blasphemous, but it's reality. We've lost to them for years with a stud defense. Now we've got no D-line to pressure Rodgers and keep things close. Yikes. The offensive improvements aren't going to be nearly enough to make up for the D falling off a cliff. The pundits who say the Bears can be a legitimate playoff contender are seeing something I'm not seeing I guess. I hope so, but man, it looks ugly when you're narrowly beating the Giants and Vikings at home. There's my rant. I'm done.

  • It's week 5. "How" they are playing really does not matter until mid-November. They need wins and to grow from the wins.

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    In reply to Jeff Hughes:

    If this comment were on the other site, I'd give it a thumbs up.

  • The Hester commentary has become comical at this point. Now it's the blocking. He just set the franchise record for return yards in a game 3-1/2 weeks ago with the same blockers. It was his "Brilliant Resurgence". Remember? Now he looks average to slightly above average again. Which is what he is at this point in his career. Thing is, I can't think of any other return men in the league that ONLY return kicks. They all have other jobs as well.
    This has become silly at this point. You either love him or don't at this point. Its like arguing with a bunch of old broads. Emery will decide this coming Spring whether we like it or not

  • Is it too early to start talking about getting Clowney?

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