When the Bears Win, a DaBearsBlog Original Song

When the Bears Win, a DaBearsBlog Original Song

This is a DaBearsBlog original song. Haven't posted it in a long time. Let's bring it back!


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  • That reminds me of 2 former Bears coaches.

    At least this tune it is better than Abe Gibron and Melody Rogers singing "Buy now/It's bargain time/at your local Ford Dealer now," using the familiar tune.*

    The 8 inch part reminds me that the local hot dog stand is selling the 8" Ditka, but how does that stack up to the 10" Italian or Foot Long Polish?

    *I remembered that, but imdb provides the documentation.

  • In reply to jack:

    Regrettably, Jack, I remember that bullshit co-opting of the team song...

  • In reply to jack:

    Welcome back Jack.

  • nice on the pic, Blogfather.

    3-0 and it feels good. How about the Pack at 1-2? #BearDown

  • In reply to FQD1911:

    Hey, that's you at Jerry World on Monday Night Football last year, right?

  • My ears are bleeding.

  • In reply to Viva:

    I lasted 6 seconds. There can be only one.

    The Superbowl Shuffle.

    You've got balls when you release your song BEFORE you win it.

  • On Sunday the Bears take this division by the balls.

  • In reply to Shady:

    This week is huge. Pack have a bye, we play the Lions and then the next week the Pack play the Lions.

    When we beat the Lions and the Pack play the Lions after that we could solidify a stranglehold on the division, especially if the lions pull one out against the Pack.

  • The gnomes don't approve my comments, but they approve that song! Where's my adblock when I need it?!

    Just fucking. I liked the Polish skin turning into a Spanish tan...I'm assuming it's referring to non-spaniards because, ya know, Spaniards are pretty pale.

    I got that same exact shirt burning groggy drunk retinas at bars.

    Bear down. 3 and 0 feels OH so tres bien!

  • http://www.chicagonow.com/da-bears-blog/2010/05/if-i-were-living-in-chicago/

    I was googling Bill hicks/Polish dogs and it threw up DBB. Over three years ago. MB was complaining about the gnomes even back then. Jeez. Three years+.

  • any genetic biologists reading this?


    Why are white people white?

    I get the melanin thing, but there is zero genetic/biological advantage to being white. So ... why ?

  • There is only one race Irish. Original man was most likely a middle brown.

  • Human skin is normally never truly white, though some people have less melanin in their skin than others. Surprisingly, all humans, regardless of the shade (“color”) of their skin, have approximately the same number of melanocytes per square inch of skin.

  • At one time there may have been a cataclysmic event that caused the suns radiation to be more harmful than it is today for a time period. At one time, more melanin must have been needed and the human body has the miraculous ability to compensate. If our atmosphere had at one time offered more protection from UV light we would all have had similar pigmentation. What you see today is a result of a loss of genetic material amongst certain groups through generations.

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    Supposing that's true though .. .why ? Why the loss?

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    Not a short read (hence I only scanned it for now, but here you go...

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Thanks Dave. I see that's from 12 years ago. And they were just theories at that. Saying that one group has white skin to allow for more Vitamin D production doesn't sound logical. Surely dark skin can just as easily form vitamin D?

    And why the blue eyes? I heard somewhere it was to do with reflection of light off the snow ... but there again, it would be better to have brown eyes, no? Bright light is bright light, be it directly from the sun, or as reflected light from the snow. Doesn't make sense.

    Unless .....

  • i've done okay with white skin, blue eyes and perfect hair just sayin.

  • Your comments are never rejected, that's the terrible part. No comments are even sent to administration. It's just a glitch in this awful program.

  • I think that it why it referred to a term for Polish.

    Of course, the Conan O'Brien Irish are even more pasty.

    And I took it more like a Hispanic tan. Maybe I goofed, but there are Mediterranean beaches in Spain.

  • 3-0 mothafuckas

  • Vitamin D. Lighter skin allows people living at higher latitudes to make the vitamin D their bodies need.

    And humans do have, on average, the same amount of melanin, its the orientation of the molecules that results in different skin color/tone

  • Fucking gnome. That was supposed to be a reply to Irish.

  • And what changed the orientation ... or ... who ?

    {IRISH! NO!}


  • Random chance. It gets called "mutation," but the vast majority of genetic changes are from recombination--mistakes that happen when chromosomes fold & split for reproduction (strictly speaking, "mutation" is when a bit of radiation, or chemical, causes genetic change when a chromosome is just sitting there, minding its own business).

    So sometimes traits happen because of random changes in genetic makeup. Individuals born with these traits usually suffer for it. But sometimes--rarely--the traits offer a competitive advantage. When they do, individuals with these traits are "selected for"--in other words, will out-live/breed/survive/thrive individuals without the trait.

    Thus, individuals born in higher latitudes with lighter skin had stronger bones and more energy because they were better able to produce enough vitamin D in the weaker sunlight.

  • Spreads for this week. I thought these were misprints.

    Denver are OFF at home to Philadelphia? Really? Are there injuries there on Denver's side? Peyton has the passing TD record for 3 games.

    Seattle only -3 at Houston ?

    Anyone see any hiccups in a Denver+Seattle double?

    Staying away from the Detroit game. The #2 passing team in the league against the team that gave up 400+ yards to a struggling Steelers team does not bode well. Can Peanut do the usual on Megatron? With our safeties and no pass rush? Wouldn't bet money on it that's for sure.

  • Almost half of Ben's yards were when they were down by 14-17 or more. GARBAGE YARDS.

  • Bears had a significant pass rush Sunday night. Ben was hit 10+ times. He's just the hardest QB in the league to bring down.

    Problem with Seattle is they are a different team on the road than at home. The splits are ridiculous.

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