The Play That Wasn't There: First-and-Goal Interception

The Play That Wasn't There: First-and-Goal Interception

This is not an X's and O's site. Never has been and - unless I hear someone like Matt Bowen - never will be. There are plenty of places around the internet and sports world to turn for play breakdown. But this weekly feature will hopefully illuminate for both myself and the common fan why something didn't work on the field. Usually the answer is pretty simple.

4:36 remaining in the second quarter

1st and goal Bears at the Minnesota 1 yard line


photo 1

Thom Brennaman was beside himself and Twitter exploded with criticism of the play call. (Brennaman went so far as to call it "unbelievable" as if no one has ever throw on first down at the goalline before.)


That's exactly WHY  you throw the ball. Look at the defense Minnesota is in. There are playing 100% run. You know how I know that?



I. Tony Fiammetta runs the classic west coast offense, fullback-to-the flat route. Covered.

II. Matt Forte stays in to block Brian Robison and does well. Cutler was under very little pressure on the play.

III. Martellus Bennett is the decoy on the route, releasing into the end zone and drawing a double team.

IV. Steve Maneri isn't just open. He's WIDE open. There isn't a player within two yards of him - not easy to pull off with a first-and-goal from the one. There were people who actually said Cutler "forced" this throw. Forced? You force passes into coverage. If Cutler didn't throw this pass I'd question his vision.

V. Everson Griffen beats Jordan Mills and gets up in the air to bat the ball down. It was a remarkable display of athleticism and without that move the ball is easily completed for a touchdown.


I'm not big on using pop culture references but this strikes me as neither popular nor cultural anymore. It also was the only thing in my mind watching the tape.

Jay is a fastball pitcher. That is his go-to delivery. But a nicely delivered touch pass to the back of the end zone would have been a gimme touchdown for Maneri - the first of his career. Just because Cutler has one of the strongest arms in the league doesn't mean he has to display it on every play. Float it, Jay. Drop it over the top. Touchdown.


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  • In reply to MB30SD:

    No problems with Firefox. I just posted this on the last thread:

    I was talking to a Viking fan at my accountants office today about Hester losing a step.

    He mentioned that Josh Robinson stopped him on both long runs and ran a 4.31 forty at the combine last year. Maybe Hester didn't lose a step, but got ran down by one of the fastest players in the NFL.

    I rewatched the plays tonight. The 1st one Robinson ran Hester down. The second one Robinson was getting blocked way down field, causing Hester to slow up for the block. That allowed #25 enough time to have the angle on Hester.

  • In reply to Cormonster:

    still want to see it in better conditions on more than one weekend.

    Not that I don't believe... or want him to be back, just need to see it with my own eyes.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I hear you maing. Just passing on some information.

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    so a player's 40 time is info you believe in, but rising sea levels is info you shake your fist at?

    sorry. couldn't help it. =]

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    I am experiencing it for the first time and I changed computers two days ago. Firefox is fine. It's killing me on Safari. But good side: it's accelerated our design phase.

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    I don't get that in in either firefox or chrome, MB. Never did.

    Couldn't reply on the other thread - yeah, she flew the nest on two occasions mang. Crawled back. Such is life.

    But as long as my Bears keep winning .....

  • ok my maings. just hope it all works out the way you want it to brother.

    We're all pulling for you maings.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Cheers brah, and you too ... so how are the little ones doing? Are they very upset or just taking it in their stride ... is it cooler having two homes?

  • thanks.

    Yeah, it's good. My big thing was the constant conflict was terrible for everyone, especially them. And I didn't want my son thinking that taking the piss all the time was the right kind of relationship to be in... and didn't want my daughter thinking she should treat hers like that when the time comes.

    I love being a dad and that wasn't allowed in my marriage... it was an easy decision for me and the right timing. Early is better. They won't even remember what living all under one roof was like... shit, I barely do at this point.

    Anyway, wish it could have worked out fr all of us, but this is better.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Generally I only have to share space with her for five minutes as she goes out to work. She's asleep when I go out to work. But when something needs to be said, and she comes back with another threat, sometimes voices get raised. Seeing the look on the twin's little faces whenthat happens is just heart-rending. Their little heads just go down, and one of them will say "Don't." Then something gets stuck in my eye. It's hard to keep your tongue when you're tired and stressed out, but I hate seeing that more than anything.

    At least you have removed the atmosphere, we just can't afford to do that. A teacher's salary has not been raised in the ten years I've been here, and do prices stay the same? The cost of fuel has doubled in that time alone.

    At least we have jobs and the kids are healthy.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    MB, been ahile since I posted but sorry to hear about your sitch. Glad to hear everything is moving along though and you're going forward with your life.

    I've found myself in a similar situation to yours. Only thing with mine is my wife knows she can't make it without my income and continue her lifestyle. She's mid mid 30's so I think she's having her mid life crisis and is taking it out on her family. I've put my foot down on the not letting me be the leader of my family though as I have 3 sons who I want to grow into decent men and have told her that she will not disrespect me in front of them and needs to be the type of person she would want her sons to marry.

    That seems to have worked but now I find myself wondering if I should be with her and wouldn't be much better off alone. We've been married awhile and got married young and have been happy most of it but have hit a rough patch and i'm just not sure it's worth it. I know I'll never be able to deal with seeing my boys part time though and that is a huge struggle for me. How is it just seeing your kids part time? I do most of the work around the house and picking up, dropping off kids so I know my wife would still need me for that but I still know I would only be a part time dad and that kills me.

    I'm hoping your situation continues to go as well as it possibly can for you. Take care of those kids man, coming from divorced parents I can tell you to be as involved as you possibly can with all aspects of their life no matter what. Sorry for venting but man that felt good to get off my chest.

  • In reply to JAB1:

    Be strong brother. It's like Louis CK said [paraphrasing] "y'know what .. .after 7-8-10 years .. .fuckit ... no ... I'm not doing this anymore. I don't have to."

    You deserve happiness too, better for the kids to have happy parents apart than squabbling bitterness together IMHO.

    I know if I'm not around for the twins, that I can see a bleak future for them. The sex capital of planet Earth is about 5km away from me (Pattaya) - a city built around hookers. Every single poor, semi/attractive girl in Thailand works there at some point. My girls are halfy-halfy and halfy-halfies are always cute - doesn't matter what the parents look like. No social welfare here, I know what's ahead of those kids if I split or she bounces with them.

    To any young bloggers out there. Be careful with thy seed.

  • In reply to JAB1:


    Sorry to hear that my maings. I totally get it, but Irish has it right. MUCH better to have two separate happy homes than one miserable one. I also totally get your desire not to lose out on time with the boys if you chose to leave, but to be brutally honest, it's not about you... in the end it needs to be what's best for them. And in your heart and mind, if you know the right thing for all of you is to separate do it and do it now. The older they get the harder it will be for them.

    That all said, if you love her I would 10000% do your best to work through it. Go to counseling, talk things out, if that doesn't work, do a trial separation before doing the real thing. Because you can't really undo a divorce (I mean you can, but that rarely works out).

    I 100% wish we could have worked things out and been compatible, but sometimes it just can't work and while I'm sad for us and the kids, I'm still very glad I made the decision I did and I know for sure it's the best call for my kids.

    My $.02 maings. Hang in there and make sure you do everything you can to try and make it work so that you have no regrets if it doesn't work out.

  • Irish, you seemed to take kindly to Rachel Price and Lake Street Dive. They are the real deal live, and I don't normally listen to this kind of music. Here's their first album. Worth a listen. The whole band is tight.

  • In reply to Cormonster:

    Oh man, that cover of 'I want you back' is now my channel video on Youtube. My kids love it and run over to see the video if I'm playing the MP3. I love it and can't get it out of my head. Already downloaded their album and EP ! Haven't listened to the full album yet, but her voice is amazing, great phrasing. Great music tips on here, I love that Tedeschi trucks 'midnight in Harlem'. Derek is awesome. There's some SRV/Clapton/Satriani shit going on there. Beautiful.

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    do you have pop-ups disabled in chrome? i never get any pop-ups on this site - audio or otherwise...

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    Agreed with toph, download Adblock for Chrome and you don't need to worry about ads anywhere on the internet. I turn ads on for sites that do it right.

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    thanks gents.

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    You guys never heard of Adblock!?

    I've been toting it for about 3 years now, especially if *someone you know streams firstrow.

    Pirate streams are unwatchable without Adblock, so I've heard.

    I also suggest BetterPrivacy add which gets rid of a lot of cookies (this is especially nice if you have a snooping gal around).

    Ghostery is if you're hardcore and hear black helicopters overhead.

  • yes the lads up top recommended it, and I've already installed it.

    luckily or sadly, it was a bug, and the gnomes have already fixed it as it hasn't happened once since last yesterday.

  • Well diagnosed, Blogfather. but, once again, I must admonish you for clouding the issue wih facts.

  • Had to smile at the video. The only way the Cubs ever win anything is in hollywood fantasies.

  • I'm a bit confused by the title of this weekly feature. Are we saying the play WASN'T there? Or that it WAS there but the execution was lacking? It seems from your break downs the play was there to had, but for one reason or another it failed miserably.

    I'll admit my first reaction to the play call was similar to Brennan's. Why not just run Forte or Bush for the damn yard?! But afterwards, especially after seeing the replay, it was clear the play call was perfect and it was the execution that was lacking.

    Looking at the first screen shot you can tell the defense is going to sell out on the run, just look at the downhill lean on the linebackers. From that pre-snap look it appears the middle of the defense is going to be vulnerable to attack and that turned out to be the case. It was a perfect play call for what the defense was showing.

    The staggering of Cutler's feet at the line is interesting. I feel like when he has his left foot back before the snap, he tends to hand the ball off to the running back. Perhaps it was intentional, almost like a pitcher intentionally tipping his pitches. Who knows? But I do know I'd like to hear conversations Trestman has with Cutler in regards to breaking down that play.

    You have to credit Everson Griffen for getting his hands on the pass and deflecting it up in the air. And at one point while the football was bouncing around it appeared Maneri would actually come down with it. But as we know, the ball ended up bouncing into the waiting arms of the Vikings lineman. This wasn’t the first time Cutler has thrown an INT to a lineman on the goal line, is it?

    In the end I believe it was a smart play call. The right play call? Well hindsight is 20-20 but it certainly appeared the play was there to be had. A combination of athleticism by Griffen and a poor throwing angle led to big missed opportunity.

    Luckily Christian Ponder and Tim Jennings were there to make up for it shortly thereafter.

  • In reply to Shady:

    poor execution can be fixed with reps reps reps and more real game time my man... you can't fix fucking dumb and useless.

    I'm excited to see how things progress this year without the later running the team.

  • In reply to Shady:

    A number of points related to Jeff's chosen play - 1st and 1. Good idea by the way.


    1. For a start, you have nothing to lose except maybe a yard if you run it.

    2. It's not risky. Looking at the first screen shot - we have an extra man strong right - stacking a run off-tackle right is an easy TD for the back, with the opportunity to bump it outside.

    3. Saying you can't run it because that's what you did to get down there, is not an argument. You can only do two things : run or pass. You have four shots at the endzone and only a yard to go. It's the same reasoning they used on the green fields of France in WWI.
    "Well we've gone over the top 215 times ... they won't be expecting us to do the same thing again. PHWEEEP!"

    >> Exhibit B. Picture entitled "the throw" - Manieri is wide open?

    Uh-uh. He's standing 2 yards in. Between Cutty and Manieri are two defenders blocking any laser to the TE. This is the TE's fault, he should either be towards the back of the endzone to allow an arc of some sort, or be moving backwards creating space and holding off any defenders behind. What eventaully happened was that Cutty attempted to lob it into him - not a play you EVER try in the endzone. It's a rocket or an out pattern, or it's the X guy doing an in-pattern along the back of the endzone. Nothing else.

    >> Minnestoa are in 100% run formation.

    Are they? Six guys have their hand in the dirt. Wouldn't 100% run be full-on goal-line block? Like 8-9 guys in the three-pointer? Regardless, we are a man strong to the right, a big man at that. They are giving us the right side and daring us to run there. Guess what. That's where Long and Mills are. No pass pro to worry about, no assignments. You blast off the ball and bury people. Let Forte find the hole or bounce it outside.

    >> If you're going to pass it - nothing wrong with trying one - call a sensible play to begin with. Corner fade, Martellus on an out-pattern, shovel pass to Forte, Martellus or Beast tip-toeing along the back line. I don't recall ever seeing a QB lob one five yards that way. Cutty shouldn't have thrown it and Manieri should have been closer to the back of the endzone, he was hanging Cutty out to dry there and Cutty is never going to to launch that through the uprights which is what he should have done. It's the major chink in his armor - live to fight another play. Throw it away Jay. 2nd and 1. Goal-line. New play.

    What's wrong with trying to bang it in from the one three times in a row? Lots of things you can do running the ball. Ditka style. If you think you haven't got the tools to move a ball one fucking yard, then maybe use a Melton sized FB, have him block or carry it. Why do we have Michael Bush - isn't that his job? We'll call you three times a game Mike, be ready.

    It's not brain surgery. You set up your backfield pro-set with big men. You've still got the opportunity to play-action out of this, fake a run one way and then hit Martellus doing an out pattern on the opposite side ... or you just brutally move the ball into the endzone in the exact manner the defense is expecting. Your guys against our guys, let's go.

    This second-guessing bullshit by OCs is just insane - this play nearly cost us the game - Cutty redeemed himself, but a million things could have stalled that drive. You try to bang it in twice and see what happens. You score? Game over. You fail? Try an out to Martellus or a corner route/fade ... whatever. Incomplete? Kick the field goal. Instead of doing that, we called a crazy pass pattern into the FRONT of the endzone surrounded by hungry defenders, with the defender putting himself in poor position to do so and therefore asking his QB to do the impossible.

    Piss piss poor.

    Goal-line stupidity does my head in. Keep it simple. Football is simple.

  • It was an outstanding play call, improperly executed. Simple as that.

  • I'm pretty sure Jeff just drew two balls and a penis.

    You dirty, Jeff.


  • In reply to Shady:

    BAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA... fucking laugh every time I see that. So awesome.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Black anchor(ess?) called Siobhan Riley. To be sure to be sure begorrah where's me pot o' gold?

  • man I wish I was smart

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    To-your-cubicle food delivery! Fuckers never want you leaving your cell, and the 16-hour days will mean you'll NEED the massage.

    Hate quoting an asshole like Harry Truman, but the world is run by 'C' students.

    Actually it's the Rothschilds, Harry, but I catch your drift.

    Wait, there's someone at the door .....

  • it might have been a smart play call in terms of scheme but on the one you just have to punch it in and reduce risk or if you are going to throw it you spread the formation and throw it to the corners to your beasts. C'mon Trestman, don't get cute for cute's sake.

    It was a bullshit formation if they thought Vikes were going to sell out on the run.

  • In reply to Waffle:

    I have no clue why people second guess the play. Maneri was as open as one can be, right in front of the QB. The only thing missing was execution of the pass itself.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Could put a little of it on Mills too, I suppose. On the other hand, a holding call would have been a bad result.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Manieri could have drifted back more towards the backline and give his QB a chance - Cutty needed to throw that into the stands though. Regardless of the play call, he's pulling the trigger. Throw it away, go on to the next play. I love Cutty, but that was one for the bleachers

    If he starts throwing balls like that away and he will become ESPN elite.

  • ++

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    i know he was open but from the 1 you just punch it in right behind Long with no risk. Bunch formations when the defense is selling out is a recipe for disaster.

  • In reply to Waffle:

    Am I the only one who thinks it's insane to lob a ball into the front middle of the endzone with such a high arc?

    As you say, it's trestman getting cute, when sheer brute force and a little misdirection is in order. Anyhow, we'll get plenty of practice at it Sunday night.

  • it's crazy. If you're going pass to do it on edges. If in the middle you go to the back of the endzone or if you are going to go to the front you go to a guy that can outjump a guy 5 inches shorter than him. Maneri went up for that ball like he was in the special olympics.

  • In reply to Waffle:


    Agree with you and irish on this one.

    Stop being fucking cute on 1st and 1 at the gl. You try punching it in on 1st and second and if you can't do that there's something to fix with the o and then you get cute... but to the outside.

    Never do that shit on 1st and 1.... no matter how much you think it will catch them off guard... and bever to your no name fucking fullback . I might feel ddifferently if that was to matty

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    There should be 6 basic runs and six basic passes for the GL. The defense doesn't know where the ball is going, you do not need a playbook just for the endzone. Just execute. Had Cutty not won that game, can you imagine the atmosphere on the blog right now? I mean we're 2-0 and we're looking for stuff to smack around.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    right. if you're going to do anything with the fb, it's the Ron Turner Fullback Dive. 0% of the time it works every time!

  • In reply to evantonio:

    uhhhh, where did I say anything about a fullback dive?

    We have one of the best backs in the game don't we? What about bush? What about the 2nd or 3rd best 6'5" WR in the NFL on a fade?

    Don't fucking sass me evan!

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Dude, I now must incorporate "sass" into a conversation this week.
    That word is f-cking hilarious.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    I tell my wife to watch her sass daily.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    "Remember your place" is also a crowd pleaser. Or simply escort her by the back of the elbow when walking in public. Good shite.

    *WARNING* Do not try these things if your wife or girlfriend does not have a sense of humor.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    well done doc.

    Rabbit, you're welcome my brother.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    you said nothing about a fullback dive. you said never pass to the fullback.

    so i said what i said as an extension of what you said.

    "don't ever pass to the fb. if you're going to do anything with your fullback, do the ron turner fullback dive."

    i'm sorry you mistook my snark for sass. i blame your diet. eat more whole grains.

  • In reply to evantonio:

    I am on an almost exclusively paleo diet ev, not many grains allowed, but thanks for the suggestion.

    Aren't snark and sass pretty much the same thing?

    I would be ok throwing a pass to clutts, but only on 3rd down after more conventional plays hadn't worked. We're talking about on the 1 here, not the 10 you know.

  • In reply to evantonio:

    snark and sass are close, but not exactly the same. like peyton and eli.

    i'd like to see cutler pass to clutts. but first i guess we'd need to get him back on the team. =]

  • In reply to evantonio:

    glad you could decipher my grammar. Jesus.

    They both get the same point across from my standpoint.

    Yes, that was my point. let's not throw the precious to the fucking new guy blocker on 1st and goal shall we, unless we trusts him... with the preciiiiiooooussss.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Dude, 2nd or 3rd? I'll take Beast over Megatron any old day of the week. Andre Johnson is invisible these days. Beast caught 7 more TDs than CJ last year - both get the same treatment from DBs. CJ gets taken out of games, no one really takes Brandon out. That's why I was pulling so hard for Tolliver, it just feels nice to have a backup for your big guy.

    I can't figure out the Bush thing, is he hurt?

  • I can agree with everything until you get to toliver.

    Yeah, no idea. I would have tried him and/or ford at least once down there.

  • one thing that came from the play: the announcers said it was jay's first red zone int since 2010.


    that caught me by surprise.

  • In reply to evantonio:

    We haven't been near the endzone much since 2010 ! Martzfense - Wolfe up the middle. Christ.

  • In reply to evantonio:

    that didn't stop multiple outlets from saying that red zone turnovers are Cutlers downfall. I was laughing. it was his downfall in 2009.

  • In reply to Waffle:

    right. which is why i was shocked. i'm a cutler supporter, defend him against all the eli jerkoffs here in ny, but i always just kind of shut up and pouted when they pointed out his red zone tomfuckery.

    it's my own fault for believing the hype.

  • In reply to evantonio:

    oooooh... tomfuckery.

    I like that.

  • Not sure if it has been mentioned on da blog or if anyone cares but Cutler will be on the tv show 'the league tonight'!

  • In reply to JerseyBear:

    If you're not already watching "The League", something's wrong with you...amiright?

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    The show is hilarious. I watched the 1st 2 episodes of the new season last night.

  • another thing. cutler isn't even in the picture up there. so he's got to be on the 10-yard line, or farther back. is that how it's supposed to go? i know in madden people drop back 25 yards before passing the ball, but in real life? seems like a long way to go to get 1 yard.

  • Random number of the day: 99.99

    It's not the 99.99 you have to worry about, it's the 0.01 that will get ya.

  • In reply to Shady:


  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Hey Bismo, you know that Purell hand sanatizer you like to use? Sure it sounds great killing 99.99% of germs, but the 0.01% just so happens to include that new form of gonorrhea going around that'll make your dick fall off.

    99.99% don't sound so fucking great now, does it? Thanks Purell.

  • In reply to Shady:

  • Doc, tell us again about mah chances of winning the Powerbalz.

  • In reply to Shady:

    I bought a ticket too, so what I'm about to say only applies to you. You're more likely to die on the round trip to the store to purchase said ticket. Which is why I sent my wife.

  • That's hilarious and I'm not even married.

  • In reply to Shady:

  • In reply to Shady:

    Nothing will ever be hilarious after you get married. I don't know why men get married - there's absolutely no advantage to it for a man. Women get the big ticket. The house, the lifestyle, the kids and half your cash when she decides she's had enough. All for having a vagina?

  • yep.

  • LOL

  • Bronocs pro Bowl LT, Ryan Clady,.

    Lisfranc issue.

    Possibly done for the season.

    Heads up, Peyton.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    It's official. Broncos have put him on I.R.


    colbert is funny... he's a sharp dude.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I would totally bang, even if she were a terrorist.

    This is 'merica. We got a long tradition of banging our enemies!

  • I'm not entirely against passing it on first and goal on the one...maybe next time when in first and goal a team won't sell out as much knowing Trestman is more than willing to throw it.

    HOWEVER...we no longer must be cute. We got two MEN on the right side now who can run over their opponents, and Maneri is like 290 (or bring in Britton for the BIG set).

    Bush is 240. That's a lot of heft. Football is about imposing your will on the lines (What would the 9ers or Seahawks do?)

    POWER IT IN (that's what she said.)

  • Jeffrey, I'm of the same opinion as Irish. I don't buy the argument that the Bears had to pass because of the D's formations.

    #1 Good Oline's get that 1 yard and solid running backs(Bush) move the pile and score.

    #2 If the Bears had no choice but to call 3 pass plays in a row because of how the D lined up, then why didn't we score a TD.

    #3 First or second down should have been a run. Use trickery if you have to or do something because the Bears won't get away with not scoring against a good team in the playoffs if that happens again.


    damn. recognize the accent? Thaaaassss riiiight. Southaafrican bitch!

  • uh ooohhhh....

  • more uh oh:

  • here you go $:

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    hahaa...I can't believe they work!

    Next time at a bar, I might use the earthquake one.

  • yup. know what a buddy and I have found... doesn't matter what you open with (literally), we long as you open. After that it's just conversation and you're in.

    Seriously, try it... it honestly does not matter what you say when you first roll up.

    Last night that guy and me went to a local watering hole for taco tuesday. There was a girl sitting alone at a table but someone was obviously either there before or her guy... he didn't care. He turns to me and goes watch this...

    Rolls up and just takes the empty seat and says, "Hi! Sorry I'm late!"

    Hahahahahaha... so awesome.

  • Feel bad for Browns fans, Cleveland fans in general:

  • In reply to Shady:

    wow, they just said we're giving up the 2013 season and planning on starting over in 2014. Wow.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Hooooly shit. WOW.

    I got T-rich in 2/3 of my FF teams. This is nuts.

  • The problem is the Colts OC is none other than Pep Hamilton. YIKES!

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    I don't think I can even start T-rich this week. It's WEDS. No way T-rich knows squat of the Colt's O.

    Oh, and btw, he gets to travel to SF and go against an angry 9er team that just got tea-bagged by Skittles on national tv.

    NO thanks.

    I think T-rich might be better off in the long term in INDY, no doubt, but these next couple of weeks are gonna be rough.

    Pepp wanted to install a more power-run style with double TE, but now that their other TE went down, not sure how their O will look.

  • I see you've been making moves with Mr. Posse.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Posse needs a QB, or else he'll be at least 50 points in the hole every week.

    It's going to be funny when the byes kick in and teams are going to be wishing Gabbert was available lol

  • And on the FF note. Kudos to our forgotten brethren, GP.

    He started Vick over Brady last week. It paid off.

    See, in Fantasy, much like Reality, one cannot be risk averse, or more specifically, must objectively analyze each situation.

    You can't just start someone automatically because he was a high draft pick or you paid $30+ on him.

    If a $1 guy is outperforming him, start him, like a fearless pioneer astronaut.

    Tip o the hat to, GP.

  • Wow indeed. At least he's on a better on team ....
    Jeez, Brian Hoyer starting at QB against the Queens? No RB ?
    (runs away to pick up Willis McGahee)

    Vikings - 6 looks awesome (10/11)
    Bears - 2.5 looks better (5/6)

    That's a nice double.

  • In reply to Shady:

    What a kick in the nuts to Browns fans. It will be interesting to see what Michael Lombardi does as GM of the Browns.


    can I get 4 tickets to this weekend's gaawhaaaaaaa......t.

    Love that commercial.

  • Being a huge Rocky fan, I found this to be quite entertaining.

  • hey dad's I have something for you...

    ever notice how fucking long kiddie poo hangs thick in the air after you change them?

    What is that? Why is that stuff so damn potent? Literally 30 minutes after I changed my little guy on my bed, I go back into my room and smelt like I walked into a thick cloud. Damn.

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