Reverend's Rant: A Quarterback Behavioral Study

Reverend's Rant: A Quarterback Behavioral Study

I'm biased, sure, but find me someone who has analyzed the following in a more enjoyable manner.


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  • Brilliant.

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    Truer words have never been spoken...
    I love it.

  • Good- but you don't need to use the profanity to get your point across.

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    oh, and shut the fuck up you huge vagina.

    go away

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    This is like a critic telling Chekhov, "Maybe set a story outside Russia?" Or like saying, "Enough with the cubes, Picasso."

    Without cures words, no Rev masterpieces.


  • curse

  • Yeah, take away my profanity and I'm practically Marcel Marceau.

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    Fucking A.

  • HA! Have to get Jeff to add that next year's Rant logo

  • who are all you people?!?!?!

    (I know you uffi)

  • Hahahahaha

    so pointless, but funny.

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    Might as well sic Suh on him. The guy is a thug and pretty much immune from suspension so I can't think of a better use of his 'talents'.

  • Be nice, MB.

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    Yeah MB, what's wrong with you? Did you stay up late?

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    yes. hung over too.

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    I knew it.

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    people who come to a public website, make the personal choice to partake in 'adult' content... and then whine about the laguage?!


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    grumble grumble

  • Jeffrey, I gotta tell you, this site has gotten so ridiculously bad that I'm going to have to start logging on to the enemies websites during the games.

    These content notifications have ruined this site. Look at how little people comment now? Your inaction to rectify this problem is fast becoming akin to aiding and abetting the blood diamond trade.

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    Not really related, but any excuse to post this is enough for me:

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    Yup. Buy gold.

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    You've been saving that article since 1982 to pop it up in a Rev Rant thread? That's dedication.

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    Good read Dyl.

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    Unfortunately, I very reluctantly have to agree with Trac...

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    I'm already done with much interacting on this site for game days, Trac.

    MB, Shady, Artoo, Ender, NBIT, I think Canada, Murph and Doc too were on the other site for game day, and it was pretty fast and fun. No hassle. Bang Bang. No Gnomes.

    I'll still pop in to see what's up here on Gameday, but my wit and charm will have to be appreciated in real time over on the other side from here on out.

  • Link please.

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    The link is to ProFootballNetwork

    But the gameday live chat goes up on sunday, so either I or Artoo will post that specific link.


  • Rev's got it right. I'll even go one step further.

    The way Brady behaved on Thursday night is worse than ANYTHING Cutler has ever done. Walking away from Tice? Rivers fucking did it just a couple days ago. Bumping Webb? Yes, it took years of sucking but he was trying anything to get that guy pumped. Not playing nice with the media in 2010 and 2011? Why should he, they were writing hit pieces left and right so why should he pay them any mind.

    Those individual incidents PALE in comparison to the fucking whiny bitchfest that Brady displayed the other night. It was the worst display of emotion I've EVER seen on a football field...except for Jim Harbaugh and John Fox's treatment of referees.

    If Cutler had done exactly what Brady did the other night they would never stop writing about it and referencing it. Not for one fucking minute. The guy is still raked across the coals for not winning a superbowl with Hester, , Kellen Davis, Roy Williams and Rashied Davis at WR with an offense from 1997 with 7th rd tackles and practice squad vets on the line.

  • In reply to Waffle:

    Waffle, waffle, waffle. That was Brady's competitive spirit. He's God with Cleats. It's obviously very different. (Will somebody please help me pull this tongue out of my cheek?)

  • In reply to Waffle:

    Agreed, agreed, agreed. The double standard and hypocrisy is both blatant and maddening.

    That said, I understand why there is a double standard when it comes to Brady -- he's won Super Bowls, which buys him deference and latitude. Fair or not, that's how it is. Same goes for PManning and EManning, both of whom got their share of heavy criticism until they won the big one. This I get, even if when it comes to Cutler it seems to go over the top.

    What I don't get is why dbags like Rivers get (or at least for a long while used to get) a free pass. Anyway I'm tired of pointing out these things. Frankly, as a Bears fan I've seen far too many things misreported or misrepresented every single damn year -- all for the sake of playing to a lame narrative for lazy-ass media types.

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    where in theee hell have you been?

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    IN the end, it comes down to championships. And the Bears have sucked at that for 50+ years now.

    Emery keeps chanting the mantra. We have a GM now - we've waited forever now, what's a couple more years? I like what I'm seeing in the front office. Not since Finks has it been close to this good.

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    agree dave.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Don't forget the "Mike McCaskey era" recently ended. That guy fucked the organization for 25 of those years.

  • In reply to Cormonster:

    True enough.

  • Guys, fully aware of the comment shit and all I can tell you is we're close to remedying all of it. Just be patient.

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    The tragedy of history occurs when good men of sound mind fail to act against evil after having been compelled to so by thier inner chi.

  • In reply to Jeff Hughes:

    Color me skeptical, Jeff. I'll go Missouri and just say "show me".

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    Oh the irony... when I posted that comment above, I got the comment shit. It's almost funny.

  • Here's a shocker:

  • BRAVO!!! REV!!! If anything Thursday night's game showed us is that Brady is a douche, and even "great" quarterbacks with crappy talent around them are below average. Hell Matt Cassel, Flynn, Kolb, and the list goes on have parlayed backup performances with talented receivers and Oline into multi-million dollar contracts. I am also starting to believe that Cutler might have actually been holding his emotions in check as much as he could, because he never came close to the tantrum Brady was throwing Thursday night. Jay pouting on the sidelines was torched by the press, Jay yelling at team mates was torched by the press. I am not saying that sometimes Jay did not deserve it from the press because of his performance on the field, but if you compare his reactions on the sideline to Brady's thursday night Jay comes off as a saint.

  • The thing that chaps my hide is when idiots argue that Brady is only a "system" qb. WTF? Nearly every player in the HOF is a "system" player. Very few players are scheme-proof. You're going to tell me the Montana would've entered the HOF running the wild-cat? Pa-lease.

    And most great ppl in history ARE assholes. Picasso punched his pregnant wife then drowned her a little, then left her by the Seine river to go bang his mistress.

    Handel hung a prima-donna out of his 3rd story house and warned her that if she ever sang one of his masterpieces how it's not written, that he would throw her out next time and get away with it because he's fucking Handel.

    If you're great, you're "temperamental", if you're mediocre, you're an asshole.

  • I heard Liszt was a pretty nice guy...

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    Liszt was a saint. Then again, he wasn't as great as Beethoven, and he was a jerk; it's rare for a historic figure (outside social reformers like Ghandi, MLK) to not be an asshole.

    That's why the proverb "Nice guys finish last" still rings true for the most part.

  • you are right. QBs are system players and great QBs thrive in the systems they are in but they still need to have talent around them. So i have a hard time believing Montana would have been a HOFer passing to receivers like Hester, Kellen Davis, Roy Williams and Rashied Davis instead of Mike Wilson, John Taylor, Dwight Clark, and Jerry Rice.

  • In reply to bearfantillend:

    I've always believed in the race car, the keys and the driver. You need all three. Any one of those ingredients doesn't amount to a hill of beans by themselves.

    Cutty has been given the keys, Marshall is the race car, now all he has to do is drive like we all know he can.

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    Yes, the excuses are over now. So we see what he's got.

  • This is the explanation for my first post at the top of this thread.

    You're welcome 2dw2is

  • And on that note, is Nick Saban a "great coach"? Sure, he's awesome in COLLEGE, but he flamed out with the big boys.

    He's the Tebow of coaches.

  • He's a legend with the Alabammy illumni already 85. The guy brought the tide back from obscurity. Gotta say, bama has always been one of my fave ole timey programs. Never was a Big Ten, Caine, or Florida guy. I'm glad to see bama on top again.

  • "This is America, where all dicks are created equal".


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  • new ASU black unis look pretty awesome

  • funny:

  • its a..... queeenahhh

  • Get your mumble clients prepared kids.

    iPads, iPhones

    Mumble for Droid

    Mumble for PC

    Then login to with that client.

    This is somewhere between an NC17 and X Rated voice room for the game. Cyu there tomorrow.

  • Lets be thankful we all know my predictions are way more accurate that al goreleoni's.

    The Bears are gonna put a polar ice cap up the queens arse today.

    That is all!

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    I like when Americans use arse. Makes me feel more at home.

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