Rapid Fire Reactions to the Second Meaningless Game

Rapid Fire Reactions to the Second Meaningless Game

The second meaningless game is in the books. Here are some thoughts of varying importance. (The thoughts vary from completely unimportant to mildly unimportant.)

Note: This is a long piece and will hopefully sustain the end til middle of next week. Starting then, I return to daily writing here on da blog.

  • I have respect for all the things Chris Berman has done in the world of sports. He is a seminal figure in the emergence of ESPN as the most powerful entity in the world of sports. But I find him the most irritating thing in the universe and he makes me want to throw things at cats in my neighborhood.
  • I have written it a zillion times but I'll write it again. This offense will revolve around Matt Forte, not Cutler.
  • Cutler looked too reliant on Brandon Marshall but that's to be expected in their first "game" action of 2013. It's not just going to go away. Cutler won't start looking elsewhere until he's comfortable in the new offensive structure and that may take a few months.
  • This was a bad night to evaluate the skill players outside of Marshall and Forte but I thought Eric Weems looked more comfortable at wide receiver than he did a year ago.
  • Michael Ford is an interesting player. He looks fully capable of backing up Devin Hester in the return game and stepping into the third running back role. If he shows Joe D he can make a few tackles on specials I can't seem him being cut.
  • Kyle Long and Jordan Mills are going to be the starting right side of the offensive line come September.
  • J'Marcus Webb did not play particularly well but I can't foresee him not making this roster. His experience on both sides of the offensive line make him an asset as the flex tackle.
  • I know DJ Williams is off the field with an injury but the Bears are crazy if they don't put Jonathan Bostic in the middle to start the season. There is too much there to waste it on the bench.
  • Matt Blanchard is not very good. Might he be very good at some stage? No. Might he be serviceable? Yes. But the Bears aren't risking much by carrying two quarterbacks. (Blanchard's injury may have made it easy for the Bears to dump him onto IR and continue his development without utilizing a roster spot.)
  • I won't get goofy about Corey Wootton and Shea McClellin but they sure look like NFL pass rushers.
  • JT Thomas is one of those players who jumps off the preseason screen. But the numbers game does not work in his favor. Williams, Anderson, Briggs, Costanzo, Bostic and Greene are on this roster. Thomas is a long shot but if I'm the Bears I find him a role on specials and let him make plays.
  • Sure doesn't seem like Tom Zbikowski has much of a chance to make roster. He looked like he was running at half speed. I got that career wrong.
  • Has anybody seen Brandon Hardin?

Ultimately, the game was a wild success because no one of consequence left injured. Now begins the over-emphasis on....wait for it...THE THIRD PRESEASON GAME! IT'S SO IMPORTANT! IT'S A DRESS REHEARSAL! It is just as meaningless as the rest of em and should have the same goal: no injuries.


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  • Mr. BOOM BOSTIC - dude looks like a player. Hopefully he's a mainstay in the middle for many years.

  • In reply to JerseyBear: can coin it..."BOOMstic"

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    More like boombostic

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    That was a killer hit on the boy from Bostic. It's on the game highlights if anyone missed it. How can you bench that dude when DJ comes back?. Play a 4-4 is what's up. 2 corners and Conte. Swap Frey in when a LB comes out on definite to highly probable passing situations.

  • Irish, please look up DJ Williams highlights. You think you like Bostic? You'll love this guy. i think his calf is a lot worse than the Bears are letting on. I think he may miss the first 2 or 3 games. he's not even out of the boot.

  • In reply to Rodgers Dead:

    I saw them all when we drafted him, he looks good, but how do you bench Bostic the way he's playing?

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    So,, start him even though he has never takin a game snap with this D. What he has done shows nothing to what he will do!! Here in Chi town we dont hand starting jobs out because of what you used to do!! See Brian Urlacher !! the best there was, isnt always the best there is.. To sit Bostic after what he has shown would be FUCKING STUPIDITY !!!!

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    That may now be his nick-name. Comes with his own theme music.

  • I guess someone else knows 90's music. I can't believe that song came out almost 20 years ago!

  • Its already going around... Mr. Boom Bostic !! I like it !!!

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    Hell YEAH !!!

  • Repost!

    You guys want a laugh this morning? Check out some of the reactions from the night of the draft and the days immediately following:

    Now I'll say this, Long still hasn't played a single regular season game of NFL footbal but I think we can all agree from what we saw last night it looks like he has pro bowl potential.

    And I have to say this, watching Long and Mills dominate fools last night felt so good, so damn good. Watching him last night reminded me of watching Brandon Marshall make ridiculous plays when he first arrived in Chicago. I had to pinch myself and ask, is this real? Is he really ours? I mean, when was the last time we had a lineman with this kind of talent? '85? So fucking happy this Friday morning.

  • In reply to Shady:

    I know it's preseason but Long was impressive last night. You have to remember the defensive guys lining up over him are trying to prove themselves as well and look for or trying to keep a job.

    Long made them look like fools. He strong-armed them and stuffed them into submission and that one pancake in slow-mo made me drool!

    I was having flashbacks of Mark Bortz in his prime.

    Can it be true? Are we going to finally have a O-line that can do the job?

  • In reply to Shady:

    Awwwww... you are so cute today little guy. Awwwwwww... SMMFHVV

    Ok, that out of the way, please god don't let him get injured.

    Like I said in summa dem treads above.. LOVED the bostic pic... dude is a fucking pitbull. Long looks goooood.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Thanks for the links Shady. That was fun reading from the long long ago.

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    Irish's pre-season prayer to Our Lord

    Dear Lord, our heavenly father, and not very-good friend to the Bears' organization.

    As long as we're a 5 second play away from winning a game ... let us be in it with Cutty and Marshall. Always. They're like a crunky old set of gears, or an old phone switching network. Most of the time, they'll connect. Please make it so, particularly in any playoff games with the Fudg- .. .eh . ..the Packers of Green Bay (one of whom apparently bummed Liberace up the arse - which was strictly forbidden in your first novel, so you might want to look into that ... but you know everything already, so ... I'll get my coat .....)

    8lb baby Jebus, Lobo's favorite of all the Jebuses, please let Double-T make the Lombardi list and give us one more field-stretcher to make the journey with. If that so means another little knock on the head for a certain receiver then so be it. Bless me father for I wish ill will upon a member of the Bears (other than J'Marcus) ... and even if say The Marquess of Rookiedom were to tear the pelvis off himself I would not shed a tear, grind my bones for saying so, and keep our brother JoeA in your heavenly favor.

    With Marshall on the field, TT would never see double coverage - he'd always be open at 6'5. As your Highness can see, that's a money-matchup we could offer up as a celebration of your magnificence etc.

    Here endeth my fervent prayers for his ordaining. Over to you, fate, God, Quantum Electro Dynamics etc.

    God : hey Irish, got your Superbowl Checklist done yet?

    Irish: Jesus! Enough already! Fuck! I'll post ti down the end in a while if I can be arsed to do it.

    God : No biggie.

    Jesus: Hey !

    God: Hello Son.

    Jesus : Was someone taking my name in vain?

    God: Fill your heart with love and forgiveness, my son.

    Jesus : Fuck you.

    God: I love you, my son.

    Jesus: Whatever.


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  • blogfader...I get the whole thing..."it's meaningless" but I'll put this in simple terms,,,"DRESS REHEARSAL'S"...isn't this what the stage world uses to get the players in the correct spot and make sure all the lines are said in the timely fashion that the director wants? or am I missing something.

    I get it, at sometime you have to have these meaningless games to make sure the "MEANING FULL" get done correctly.

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    Yes,, thats what pre seasons for.. he is a fool, and why he is a blogger instead of a coach..

  • obviously "Black Unicorn" is a team player..I likey

    btw......... FUCK YOU MEDIA

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    Well said.

  • ooohhhh........ those pussies are at it again..even in the meaningless games:



    that is all.

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    or maybe this MB:

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    Bostic introduced himself nicely to a team where the position is hallowed. That is how we do tackling.

    They took down MB's vid. Here's another.

  • The Boss. Mark it.

  • Agree with everything, Jeff, except McClellin looking like an NFL pass rusher yet. He's still got a lot to prove. In regular season play, o-linemen will learn very quickly that he likes to spin and use his speed on the outside. Once o-linemen adjust to that, we'll see if 99 can do anything.

  • In reply to Crown:

    If he gets thrown around like a doll occasionally, its's still worrying. I still stay OLB. Washington on the other hand looks like he could be something at DE. with Khaseem Greene we've got some serious pass rushing talent on board. We could have a seriously good defense here once Henry's back.

  • In reply to Crown:

    Offenses still run, I think, and that's when a 240 DE becomes a liability.

    McClellin would zoom past the Flukers of the NFL, but on runs he's going to be blasted 5 yards back.

  • Your second sentence is, for me, the definition of an outside LB. A true end should :
    A) zoom past the Flukers of the NFL
    B) Have the strength NOT to ever be blasted back 5 yards e.g. Dent, Hampton, Peppers. Cornelius Washington deserves a shot.

  • Jeff, these games do mean something no matter how unimportant it may seem to you.

    I think these preseason games are very important. This is the chance to get the team on the same page. Fix what's broken. Improve what works. Throw out what doesn't work. See who deserves that roster spot. See who doesn't. Mix and match veterans with rookies. Who has the chemistry working with who? The intangibles that I want to see worked on that you cannot replicate in practices (before real season begins).

    If these preseason games are really that unimportant to you, then it seems that you would prefer that no starters or even rookies have any reps or snaps up until the 1st real game. I sure as in hell would not want that because imagine the shit product we would see on the field committed by even the starters if there were no preseason games.

    Your headlines and opinion about preseason games are becoming overtly redundant. And to make this statement " (The thoughts vary from completely unimportant to mildly unimportant) " makes no sense...You commented about this preseason game, it does matter to you then, haha. If we didn't see Long and Miller play the way they did last night, we all would still not be confident that they are starters come game 1.

  • In reply to burntorangenavyblue:

    Agreed. Preseason is vital this year. New coaches, new defensive play caller, predominantly new o-line, new scheme. This is a semi-start-over year and no one knows what we truly have as a collective unit.

  • In reply to burntorangenavyblue:

    Finally, someone who knows something about football!!

  • 2 random prediction - Forte will surpass 2,000 all purpose yards and The Skunk (a nickname I learned on the site) will take at least 2 to the house this year.

  • In reply to JerseyBear:

    I'd sure love to see both those.

    And for the record, I agree with Jeff that the offense will revolve around Forte, not Cutler.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    It's probably best that way. I obviously like Cutler and think he's talented but the success of this team should not solely be on him. He needs to let things happen and not try and force them to happen.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    But thee aren't any major question marks over either player. How Garza performs is anyone's guess, but I don't see why it should be good. I fear a lot of pockets collapsing directly in front of Cutty, and then doing what Cutty does - bouncing around until he fires a laser into coverage. All because of Garza. Mark it.

  • Garza is a liability on this line.. Looking into that with the draft..

  • Soo... any word on this seasons T-shirt ? Whats the design gonna be? I'm guessing a black unicorn or Kyle Long or ...?

    I really dont care what it is, I'm sure I'll buy one. But I make one request. Please make them out of the vintage T material. Last years T weighs like 4lbs.

  • Anyone else notice the play where Stephen Paea was manhandled by DJ Fluker back from the line of scrimmage literally about 20 yards? DJ Fluker will have his struggles in pass protection, but he is going to be a monster in the run game. Ryan Matthews and his FF owners should be very excite.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Ryan Matthews FF owners hold their breath every time the guy appears on the field. So far in his carerr, he's been the "Chris ChandlerH of running backs.

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  • In reply to Shady:

    DJ Fluker will be a beast, but when I saw his tape, I saw smaller faster pass rushers blow right past him, much like Wooten( who isn't small) did last night. That's not good for turnover Phillips.

    But yeah, in the run game. Beast.

  • For a "meaningless" game, you sure camne away with a lot of material.

    Sorry, Blogfather, but your "Meaningless" label is, well, meaningless.

  • I any tell you how nice it felt last night to see a Bears head coach calling plays and communicating with his QB on the sideline. Listening to his detailed post game remarks about the QB play while also critiquing himself was quite refreshing and in stark contrast to his predecessors.

  • In reply to Shady:

    **can't tell you, autocorrect smh.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Lovie Smith. "We did some things."

    Media, "Can you elaborate?"

    Lovie, "You would like that, wouldn't y'all?"

  • In reply to Shady:

    Totem pole no more.

  • Looking around the innerness today, it sure seems like Jay is catching a lot of shit for his performance last night. I get it to some degree, but much if it seems like a overreaction by the media. Nothing new I guess.

  • In reply to Shady:

    The new narrative is that last night was an extension of what people think happened last year. Focus on Marshall, force it to Marshall and it gets picked off.......except that never happened last year.

    Not one interception came from Cutler forcing the ball to Marshall in coverage. Watch the games. This is all comical.

  • In reply to Rodgers Dead:

    The dedication of the Chicago media to the belief that the primary goal of the Bears offense should be to keep the ball out of the hands of the team's best offensive player is rather astounding.

    Of course it also stems from the belief that the passing offensive inbalance last season rested soley with the media unfriendly QB even though the same QB had spread the ball around in previous years. And that it had nothing at all to do with the fact that the media friendly inventor of the Randy Ratio was calling the plays.

  • In reply to scotter:


    and that Bennett and Jeffrey were hurt and that Kellen Davis sucked cock at football and that Hester was a WR and that Dane fucking Sanzenbacher was the other backup behind that fucking bullshit OL.

    Let's talk about fucking spreading the fucking ball around. If Hester, Bennett and Jeffrey catch their respective perfectly throw TD passes and Major Wright catches an INT right fucking to him we are 12-4 and no one is saying shit about Cutler to Marshall.....fucking future Hall of Fame WR Brandon Marshall to be clear.

    If Bennett and Jeffrey don't miss and the games they did and they just catch their average number of balls per game they both end up with almost 40 catches. If Kellen Davis is not the worst fucking tightend i've ever seen in a Bears uniform he ends up with more than 19 catches including 8 fucking drops.

    I'm going to fucking blow my head off with this stupidity.

  • In reply to Rodgers Dead:

    Sanzy looks like Welker on the Bengals, as does Amendola now on the Patriots squad. No reason we can't use Forte to do the same role if Bennett can't stay on the field.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Shady...FUCK THE MB would type "right in the face"...I will tell you though I notice even Cutty is starting to "Own it" as one might say since Trestman is here. I think he can't hide any longer in the shadows of being elusive. I've heard Trestman's book talks alot about his character in his younger days and it sounds almost a mirror image like "Cutty" I think there is a stronger bond than is perceived by the FUCKING MEDIA...

  • In reply to Shady:

    Were you just goading to see how many more tantrums about poor Jay being treated unfairly by the media would pop up?

    Why does anyone actually care what the media says? The film tells you all you really need to know, good and bad.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    I honestly just wasn't expecting such a negative reaction to a preseason game. I really don't care about the media narrative, just not quite what I was expecting from PS game #2.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Whatever gets them their page views, right?

  • In reply to Shady:

    NFL.COM's headline included something about Cutty's game being shaky. I didn't see the game, but wasn't he 6/8 with a TD?

  • Been away on vacation so I haven't watched a snap of preseason bears yet but the news on Bostic, Long, Mills, and Greene makes me very excite. Very excite indeed.


  • Doc, temper your enthusiasm. Jay didn't try to force a pass to Eric Weems in the slot last night so this is all a moot point. 1-16 here we come.

  • In reply to Rodgers Dead:

    I'd rather go 1-16 than 10-6 and not make the playoffs. You trade down your top pick and you build a good roster in one draft. Then you're set for a superbowl run. Super Bowls. Lombardis. The joint-oldest team in football and we only have ONE. Unacceptable. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

    Admittedly, the record of the clusterfuck that is Detroit is obviously devastating to that argument.

    I'll get my coat.

  • Irish, 10-6 gets you in the playoffs almost every year. We're going 12-4 this year so don't worry.

    You don't build a roster in one draft. The Bears seem to be on the verge of patching all of the Angelo sores though since the D was pretty well taken care of even though Jerry blew draft after draft DL after DL after OL after OL, LB after LB.

    It looks like Emery may have nailed it with OL and LB in one draft and if Frey works out then he did it at DB as well.

    You are correct that we need more superbowls. That is why Lovie and Angelo were fired and Emery and Trestman/Kromer brought in.

    We are in a good position and it will be a fun year. believe me, recovering after a completely disasterous season would have far reaching consequences that we don't even need to consider. We're ready to contend right fucking now. RIGHT NOW.

  • I tell you what i guess i am not the only one who was impressed with long and Mills last night it looks like we found our o line Webb is gone they gave him so many chances. I liked what I seen in. Bostic McClellin they look like a real D lineman and heck melton did not play and Corey Wooten looks like real football player I am happy for Wooten cause predicted he will someday be a good player and I was right again Briggs was the last one I called. Truth be told as Matt Forte goes so goes this offense is it obvious that Forte is a beast and it is he who will open up the offense

    frank deleo
    bronx ny

  • Lest we get too wrapped up in what we saw - these are the Chargers. The Chargers gonna suck.

    Good news things: Woot Woot Wooten train is rolling again. He looks ready to pickup where he left off. His swim move over Fluker to stuff the frat boy was Football 404: Defensive Line Tips & Tricks. Made Fluker the fool.

    Hardin tackled people, talked smack and yet still didn't need to be carted off the field. Yay! Not sure he makes the club, though.

    Oh JT Thomas, what will we do with you. You want to stay but if you had the chops then Anderson wouldn't be starting SAM right now, would he? We so want to believe that you can contribute, but we need to see more. How about starting the next PS game and show us half of what Bostic and Greene have showed so far?

    The Dinner. Note to Soldier Field staff: we need to keep the grass dry and fast. Fast surfaces help the Dinner. Help him help us.

    Bad: The QBing overall sucked. I will chalk this up to Trestman's new playbook and the complications therein. But it looked bad.

    Michael Bush. He looks like little more than a goal line back anymore. His pass catching is suspect, if we need to spell Forte give the Ford kid a shot.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    I thought McCown looked decent enough. Mobile(in a panicked sort of way), accurate, and smart(throwing out of bounds).


  • Trestman said in the video on Da Site that the lack of a third QB was something they needed to address right away.

    This organization no longer fucks around.

  • I think I actually wrote a while back that I hoped .we didn't sign a Jordan Palmer-type as a backup. The Saints are like us. If they lose Brees then that's it, there's nothing else going on in NOLA. The Falcons have a serviceable backup. You know GB always has a Steve Young somewhere on the bench. The Giants could probably win without Eli - in fact he may be the reason they don't win more. The Niners have a first round pick in the #2 slot. The Redskins can win without RGIII.

    Who here wouldn't want Kyle Orton on the Bears for $2.5 Million and the head of Matt Blanchard?

  • Correction - Alex Smith is a Chief apparently. Wow.

  • I'm making you all a promise and I swear that i'll never go back on it no matter what i read here, listen to on the radio or watch on the TV. My promise is that I will never make another Cutler related comment ever.....except for this last one.

    Know this :

    If you find yourself calling Cutler a coach killer and citing the genius of Turner, Martz and Tice as the proof in your opinion please feel free to fucking kill yourself.

    If you find yourself criticizing a 98.3 qb rating in a 14-0 first quarter in the 2nd game of the pre-season because Eric Weems or Alshon Jeffrey didn't catch a pass but the greatest WR in the history of the Bears did. Please fucking kill yourself.

    If you ever feel the need to talk about Jay's "demeanor" or his "pouty face" instead of his record on the Bears with the biggest pile of dogshit collection of OL, WR and coaching then please fucking kill yourself.

    If you find yourself itching to label or not label Jay an "elite" quarterback while completely ignoring the aspects of the game of football that puts someone in the position of being considered elite and proceed to use 1 or 2 examples in the history of the league of someone who somehow was the exception to the rule please fucking kill yourself.

    If you think Matthew Fucking Blanchard is an NFL quarterback please fucking kill yourself.....especially if you have ever given a critique of the qb position of the Bears.

    If you refuse to look at the last 4 years of this team and the woefull inadequacies on the offensive side of the ball.....and you refuse to name at least 5 main reasons for this inadequate play but instead focus on the fact that Jay Cutler had a ton of picks in 2009 or got hurt in the game directly before the SUPER BOWL, or focuses on Brandon Marshall even though his catch percentage is almost 70% or the fact that up until last year hester was called our #1 WR, please fucking kill yourself.

    In short, don't be Telander, Haugh, Rosenbloom, Moon fucking Mullin, Michael C Wright, Jeff Dickerson, Matt Spiegel, Dan Pompei, Dan McNeill, Nick Friedel, Barry Rosner, any Yahoo message board poster, Tom Jackson, MJD, or any other waste of fucking space that should have been aborted.

    That is all.

    If you are included in this list, I apologize but feel free to fucking kill yourself.

  • In reply to Rodgers Dead:

    I said the exact same thing to my cousin, at breakfast this morning.

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:


  • In reply to Rodgers Dead:

    I give you until the 3rd game.

    Anyone want to take the over? lol

  • Is there such a thing as an under under? If so, I'm in...

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    lol... no shit

  • In reply to Rodgers Dead:

    Bears made the NFC Championship Game with Johnny Knox as the #1 receiver on the team.

  • In reply to Rodgers Dead:

    +1 and MB too. He counts for a lot

  • In reply to Rodgers Dead:

    LMFAO.... LOVED IT !!!

  • Shameless self-promotion once more!

    Here's an article I wrote about Cutler "over targeting" Beast.

    It's entitled, "Marhsall, Marshall, Marshall!" - Jan Brady.

    (Extra credit for being gray haired enough to get the reference!)

  • God damn it, I can't believe I misspelled the title. Shiite. Rest of article I assure you is good.

  • You know, I cannot read a book with such a shitty cover.

    I keed, 85. Off to have a look now.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Like the comment on Robbie. I posted something to the blog during the game about my happiness that he seems unaffected by whatever that shit was late last year.

    Disagree on the comment about Peyton - he gets that slack precisely *because* he is an obvious HoF QB.

    Overall, a fine and thought-provoking read. Like you, I'm really starting to like this Trestman guy. And with that, Emery even more.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Although Peyton is gaining a little bit of a rep of being a choker.

    He's still a HOFer.

    That Gould kick really make me feel better. It was a 48 yarder, I think, so he had to put everything into. Had to build his confidence.

    Maybe next time I'll put Marcia Brady's pic up!

  • Dang, we need grey hair to know about "The Bunch"? What a f'n crock.

  • Nice post Butch. Please self promote more often.

  • In reply to Rodgers Dead:

    Muchas Gracias, Senior Waffle.

  • I like the title. That was a great flick.

  • The media is just playing into every Bears fan's anxiety, which is that most of us are waiting for the Bears to surprise us, just as we do nearly every year.

    We want a 6-game sweep of our division rivals (even if the last game against GB is meaningless and could be lost without playoff penalty, you know - you KNOW - you want them to win it anyway), and we want a playoff run that takes us to the Superbowl. Nothing else will do. New coaches, new systems, yadda yadda - we want it all.

    So the media (and I use that term derisively) like CBS Sports (oxymoron) who picked us to go 7-6 this year, several are clanging warning bells that after 1 quarter of a PS game we can only hope for more of the same from Cutler, etc., etc., etc.

    That shit resonates because it pisses us off; our expectations are high regardless of who wears a coach hat, and how the draft picks are doing, or who the latest training camp hero is.

    We expect Cutler, Marshall, Jeffery & Forte to rack up stats and points that makes game announcers sputter and look in awe at the scoreboard. We expect our D to be the most feared group in the NFL, and we will be VERY disappointed if Devin Hester doesn't once again make teams wish they could just give us the ball at the 20 instead of kicking or punting to us.

    And about all this "preseason is meaningless" nonsense...bullshit. It matters to the players, the coaches, and the fans, for reasons already more eloquently stated here. So seriously, stop it.

  • Yup, all those things.

  • NICE POST !!

  • One thing i've been wondering about lately is the true status of DJ Williams. He was the starting middle linebacker of the Chicago Bears until about 13 days ago.

    Jermon Bushrod's calf injury was apparently much less serious but I believe that DJ is still in the walking boot which sucks ass since Bostic is a rook. I'm heading to twitter to ask some of the local beatoffs if they can do something worthwhile and fill us in on that.

    It's not that I don't think Bostic is a good player. It's just that I know that DJ was considered one of the best backers in the league for years and only recently ran into trouble with the PED's and the cat pee. The drunk driving was in 2010 so I don't count that. I mean, in 2010 I was heavy into German pee cam porn but have since gotten past that phase. People change.

  • In reply to Rodgers Dead:

    Glad you got a handle on that. Laughing my ass off at your stuff

  • In reply to Rodgers Dead:

    Is the physical problem a plausible side effect of using or getting off the PEDs?

    While I really don't care about DJ as to me he's not yet "a Bear", that situation and where Earl the Pearl is at have me concerned. I'm almost writing off Earl - and damn I hate that. You guys all know that I've been pretty big on his side all along.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    I was thinking the same, SC.

    And fans are wondering, "What's up with all these hamstings and torn yada yadas".

    Here's an excerpt from a great article on HGH.

    "It was then, he said, that he became aware of HGH use by fellow players.

    "I know guys who did it, and I remember saying, 'This guy is going to the Pro Bowl! He's shredded! Massive!'" he said. "Sure enough, they'd get hurt the next year. It had something to do with guys' muscles getting so big that their tendons couldn't hold them. They were pulling their hamstrings, tearing their muscles. It was a train wreck.

    "I was one of those guys who said, 'No way. Nobody's doing it.' And then I just remember playing against some guys who will remain nameless, and I remember going, 'This is a joke.' Because I remember working my tail off, harder than I ever did before. My energy wasn't as high. My strength — which I thought was high — wasn't. And I remember sitting there going, 'I am running uphill in a snowstorm with no shoes.' That's what I felt like.

    "I remember when certain guys got off of it — because they got nabbed, or the league started cracking down — they were a complete different person. One thousand percent. I remember being [ticked], like, this is baloney. Come the fourth quarter, they didn't have nearly the amount of energy, they weren't nearly as strong.",0,4163302.column#axzz2cBgo7L7M

  • It does stand to reason that the body would adapt to the infusion of excess hormones by decreasing natural production in order to match levels specified by one's DNA.

    Perhaps such adjustments, in both directions, take time. Though I merely speculate here...

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    All I know is that calf injuries are the worst because they seem straightforward enough but it honestly it will probably affect DJ for the rest of the year, he'll compensate for it and something else will go on him as a result.

    Brain injuries are not cool and since we're not hearing anything on it yet I feel that it may still be lingering which is not good. He will miss the next 2 games at least and i could see him missing the first game or 2 of the reg season. Another guy has to step up. i just can't see it being Weems.

  • In reply to Rodgers Dead:

    Not good news either way.

    I'm not sure it's Weems either, but I imagine he sticks because of specials. 'course, I've been wrong before.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Weems is a special teams animal and is actually a good blocker out at WR. He's got talent for sure but if Bennett is not in the slot you'll just see more plays for Forte, Unicorn, marshall and Jeffrey i would think. One of those 4 will be open every play.

  • In reply to Rodgers Dead:

    "Brauhaus Tinkle III" was out of this world


  • In reply to MB30SD:

    It looked like the receiver made a "football move" before the ball came out.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    After I watched the replay a few dozen times, I was really surprised the receiver just popped up and walked off. If that had happened to me, even at that age, I'd still be lying there two weeks later with friends wondering why I hadn't returned their calls in a while..

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    Watch it again Tobi, he didn't just pop up and walk off like it ain't no thang. He got his clock cleaned on that one. You can see him trying to remember who he is.

  • Trainer: "What day is it?"

    Receiver: "Um... Cleveland."

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    "Better to be the hammer than the anvil"

    Bostic is definitely a thumper.

    Now he just has to learn how to play those zones or teams will use his aggression against him with lots of play action.

    Oh, and how did you miss this, MB?

    "Chris, we have never met, but you got it, never forget what (OG[Gil Byrd] taught u), love watching u play!"

    Tweet Tweet, Mike Brown

    The Biiiiiird Man.

  • Some around the league PS musings.

    The Raiders are Gar-baaage (with an accent over the "a"). Good lord. Their Oline play was atrocious. I seriously believe they would trade for Webb. They'll draft #1 overall next year. Book it.

    The Pats went down the field and scored. Nothing new, right? Well, they also went for the two point conversion. This was the FIRST drive with Brady at the helm. Think they're trying to make a point?

    The Buc's D still looks like crap. Speaking of crap, Freeman. Some were saying he's the Bears contingency plan. Thanks, but no thanks.

    Chief's D looks good. Berry will become Ed Reed this year. Their O looked like an Alex Smith O.

    Aints on the other hand are clicking on O. They'll beat out the Falcons this year IF their D isn't historically awful, which is no guarantee.

    Didn't get a chance to watch the Vikes-Bills cause I'm only one person, but what's to say? Vikes are going as far as AP can carry them, and Bills are rebuilding.

    I am on record that EJ Manuel is the best QB in this draft class. I'm one of the few who liked that pick. I see some Kaep in him.

    Unfortunately, I don't think the Bills will have the patience like the 9ers to develop him, which might stunt his progression.

  • Berry is the best guy the Chiefs have seen in the secondary since Deron Cherry. Goo goo Ga Joob Reid is gonna take that team places. Maybe Hub can re-pick them to go all the way.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Ah, Deron Cherry. MB-esque. Okoye. Bill Kenney. Stephone Paige. Jack Del Rio. That was a good team. A no-name team that played well together. Kenney was like a Dan Fouts, very under-rated. Bill could get it done. There were so many good QBs in the Eighties.

  • The Raiders' lines are horrible, indeed.

    I just watched Brees stand/bounce there for 8+ seconds before he threw the ball. When he threw the ball all of the D-linemen were on the ground.

  • Where the fuck is Ryan Fitzpatrick? He was okay.

  • Goes to show smarts aren't everything for QBs.

    Fitz, Ivy League.

    Marino, Canton.

  • McNabb's wonderlic was about half of Marino's.

    Fitz is a Titan now? When the fuck did we get ice-cream?


    Apparently this counts as journalism now. Somebody needs to drive to the studio and punch Ofman in the dick.
    16 attempts behind two different Olines in a brand new offense.
    Bennett blows an assignment completely allowing Cutler to get lit up and the ball comes out. And this jackass is ready to sum up Cutler's upcoming season on August 17th. I can't believe this D bag collects a check for this.

  • In reply to Johnnywad:

    thanks for all the props lately jonny, but I think you just gave Yonny an aneurysm.

    Not cool maingses Not cool.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I was hoping for some entertainment

  • In reply to Johnnywad:

    AGREED !!

  • I just watched my replay of the game. I have a quick thought on the interception. I know the smart thing to do is to check down and Cutler said as much but if you look at the play closely you see that Cutler is clipped in the pocket when he throws it.

    Marshall was bracketed but not in the traditional sense since he was running on a 45 degree angle and he had the LB beat and the safety over the top was out of position and could have broken up that pass if it was 3 yards further....which is would have been if Cutler didn't get clipped in the pocket. It would have been out of reach of the LB and the Safety would've had to go through Marshall to get it or break it up.

    I think he will check down in the future but the look that he had had a good possibility of being a TD since it was Marshall.

    Where is Your Boy Roy when we need him?

  • In reply to Rodgers Dead:

    lol, and for the record, when I vowed never to make another Cutler related comment I meant a comment being critical of someone attacking Cutler.

    I will continue to provide game analysis


  • In reply to Rodgers Dead:

    I was gonna post an over/under up yesturday after your 'no more Cutler comments' comment on when you'd have another Cutler comment. I was gonna say It'd be this thread. But you go on with ya bad self, Waffle. Shits not the same when you're attempting restraint.

  • In reply to Rodgers Dead:

    I just watched it again in super slow mo, he got dick slapped.

    I mean, he literally got slapped in the junk. Could you make rational decisions while getting your frank and beans scambled? Neither could I.

    The check down to Forte would have made the most sense, but Forte was blanketed on the play and wasn't open either. There were really no good options on that play other than to just throw it away.

  • In reply to Shady:

  • In reply to Rodgers Dead:

    You're right, can't remember where but I read that Cutler said on the interception that a D lineman clipped him as he went flying by. So why is everyone attributing it to poor judgment?

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    lol, because it was kind of poor judgement. He could have checked down, kept the drive going and scored in a couple plays.

    If it was 3 yards further into the route people are blowing him and not hating but I understand why you go conservative there.

  • In reply to Rodgers Dead:

    I think I'm missing something here. Perhaps it would be more obvious to me if I studied the replay. But are you saying that even if he wasn't jostled by a defensive player as he passed the ball and it was a TD, because the D player had gotten too close before the route developed, it became a low percentage pass and he should have checked down?

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    I am not laughing at your comment. I am laughing because I view the situation like a football player and not like an armchair critic monday morning quarterback.

    The safe play is to go underneath and get a couple yards and live to fight another day. The logical play for the impotent naysayer hater is to say "go short" don't risk it.

    My preference, and the move that "feels" right in Cutler's mind is to go to Marshall in that situation. His reasoning is this:

    "If I lead brandon down by the goal line and he has a linebacker trying to keep up with him and a safety out of position behind him but kind of over the top then I have a great chance of marshall coming down with this or having the safety interfere on the goal line.

    The problem is that he took a nut shot and missed the throw by 3 yards which made the pass hang a bit, allowed the beaten LB to catch up and pick it off, hence the bitching and complaining that the year is over and that Cutler is the return of Moses Moreno.

  • In reply to Rodgers Dead:

    Cutty doesn't appear to care that the defense knows where the ball's going. Cutty sees checking down as some kind of failure and doesn't look like he'll ever change in that regard. When he does check down the touch/accuracy isn't there ... but we've been saying this over and over since he got here. It all becomes moot if he has 11 seconds like Brees did the other day. Brady and Manning are at the end of their careers. Has Cutler got the smarts to throw it away or check down and push himself up into the next level?

  • In reply to Rodgers Dead:

    Sorry, not enough time to think all that. It's more like "it's BM. Throw it"

  • Doc, if you're not already enjoying this event - I've got your weekend plans right here:

  • I'll just throw this into the air at random...

    After watching Long for 2 games, and he obviously got ringing endorsements from Dilfer and everyone else watching in the last, how will he do against:


    Is he going to be THAT kind of good, where lines will shift to avoid him?

    Is his ancestry a bigger trump card than anyone imagined?

    Also, in case no one else noticed, he was the first guy to the scrum when BMarsh was wrestling on the ground in the end zone after that TD...the first guy to get in and start getting his teammate up and out. I was impressed as hell by that.

  • Hard to say this early but the fact that he started 4 games in college after giving baseball and he's already this impressive says a lot

  • In reply to Johnnywad:

    Giving baseball a try

  • +1

    The only way I see Long getting beat is on D line stunts where he tries to do the right thing and look to help inside or outside and the guys comes from out of nowhere.

  • Wow. Hope it carries over to the season.

    "Bears rookie RG Kyle Long has the highest Pro Football Focus grade of all NFL offensive linemen at this point in the preseason.
    Long played well in Chicago's exhibition opener and legitimately dominated in Thursday night's preseason game against San Diego, earning a +5.7 grade from PFF, which is an outstanding mark in only 33 snaps worth of action. Rookie RT Jordan Mills also held his own versus the Chargers, possibly giving the Bears some hope"

    - Rotoworld

  • Hope so too. I'm really enjoying the prospect of these two being good. The food chain above them is Bushrod, Kromer, Trestman. Last year it would have been Webb, (because he has experience right? Shoot me.) Tice, Smith. What a difference a year makes. Long and Mills have a much greater chance of succeeding given the circumstances.

  • In reply to Johnnywad:


  • "But here’s the deal and why Long and Jordan Mills need to play very well in Oakland and also get some good work even beyond the other starters leaving vs. Cleveland in Game Four: Once the preseason ends, the Bears’ offense steps way up in class. The Chargers were 15th sacks-per-pass-play last season. The Raiders were 30th; the Browns, 19th.

    But the Bears open the season against the Cincinnati Bengals, 3rd in sack percentage, and All-Pro defensive tackle Geno Atkins, tops among DT’s with 12.5 sacks in 2012.

    Then the Minnesota Vikings (7th) come to Soldier Field with Kevin Williams inside, before the Bears go against one of the NFL’s perennial-best 3-4 schemes in the Pittsburgh Steelers, 8th in sack rate. Follow that with a road trip to Detroit and the defensive-tackle tandem of Ndamukong Suh (8 sacks) and Nick Fairley, and Long has the potential for seeing four of the most difficult assignment lists the NFL has to offer."

  • GP:

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Look at sitting in the real world. Were they trying to pay homage to oversized dubs? It looks like it was done by the cholos at Unique.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    I liked that sixteen cylinder monster from a decade ago, 1000HP, 1000 ft/lbs of torque:

  • Kalil Bell ran in two for the Jets. Nice one.

    Giovani Bernard looks good for the Bengals and might be a cute draft.

  • It's great to believe! Yes gents, it seems Emery may have given us a reprieve with some of his moves in the last two years.

    1. Kyle Long. This could be the most important move he has made so far. If Long becomes the dominant LT of the future we all hope he can be, the Bears will have a position solidified that few teams ever master. Kyle Long's value could be off the charts 2 or 3 years from now.

    2. I may be getting ahead of myself but I look for Emery to be placing an emphasis on drafting a QB of the future from here on out. I give Cutty 3 more years should the Bears offer him a new contract. Emery's going to do the same thing he did with Long. He'll find a diamond in the rough at the QB position. Cutty is good but he's 30 and I don't think he will ever be great. Imagine what the Bears can accomplish with a Great QB, a Beast LT and a solid Oline. Add a nasty center and, wa la, presto!

    3. The Bears are going to score a lot of points this year. They WILL win the division. It's time to start preparing to be part of a winning franchise fan base again boys. The days of doom and gloom are over.

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    The Bengals will be a good litmus test, Trac. If we want to pretend we're in the same league as the Seahawks then we need some Tiger meat. We'll find out when Gio Bernard dances through the A and B gaps or when Atkins ploughs through Garza on every play. Whatever OL we put out there has no history together, it will be surprising if that all got fixed somehow.

  • Irish, did you watch the Seahawks game last year? Same league? We let them snatch victory from the Jaws of defeat. It took Brian and Hayden playing like they were on the Seattle payroll and 2 dropped TD's AND a dropped interception AND 2 offensive pass interference calls that the refs didn't call on scoring drives that the league apologized for.....and yes, after that the Seahawks won.

  • In reply to Rodgers Dead:

    That's what good teams do though, they win. We looked for ways to lose. They're the best team in the NFC for me. And they'll be better this year.

  • Here you go Irish. Read this by yours truly and allay your doubts. Shhhh.

  • My perfect woman:

  • In reply to Rodgers Dead:

    She knows how to handle her meat.

  • In reply to Rodgers Dead:

    I need all the help I can get. My Man card was suspended because I can't grill...

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    you can't grill tobi?!!?!?!?!

    It's inherent man! Stop trying and just let your man genes take over!

    EVERY man can grill.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    It's not that MB. He can't get the "do" close to the flames. Hee hee.

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    That too. Maybe a flame retardant shower cap would help. Do they make those?

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    ha ha. Good sense of humor tobi.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I just can't. Everything comes out burnt on the outside and raw on the inside. Alas, my man genes must be lacking. I do recall an older woman I dated many years ago insisting, after a Scotch on the rocks or five, that I was a woman trapped in a man's body. Perhaps that's the explanation...

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    Cut down on the burning of the outside and you know how to grill the expensive stuff. Cook the outer layer, keep the rest nice and juicy.

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    A woman trapped in a man's body who likes other "women"? That's called a male lesbian. I learned that on NPR listening to some female professor talk about that subject after she wrote a book on the concept.

  • In reply to Cormonster:

    I think I'm a lesbian.

    The basic definition is, 'a person who likes vaginas.'

  • In reply to Cormonster:

    That's great. As soon as I can remember how this Gravatar thing works, I think I'll change my blog name to that. "Male Lesbian" is kind of catchy. Kind of reminds me of that Dana Carvey SNL skit:

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    a "males-bian"

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    Great skit. I enjoy your self-effacing humor Tobi.

  • In reply to Cormonster:

    Did you notice he was waving a Bears pennant in the opening theme song segment?

  • In reply to Cormonster:

    I didn't catch it. Had to go back and rewatch the start. Sweet!

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    no Tobi, you're not burning the meat. You've perfected a difficult style called St. Louis Black and Blue. Charred on the outside and rare/raw dark purple in the middle. Only a true badass can cook that way and not die.

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    Respect the cock, tame the you-know-what.

    Check it out Tobi.

    Take back your man badge.

  • In reply to Rodgers Dead:

    She's perky, but having a girl grill for you is slightly emasculating, even if she's easy on the eyes.

  • There's nothing emasculating about sitting in a lawn chair drinking booze and bears blogging while your woman cooks you dinner. it's the american way...well, at least it was in the 50's.

  • In reply to Rodgers Dead:

  • nice!

  • Yup! Another example of why flag football gets nearer every year.

  • The Bears just signed Trent Edward. How many QBs do they need? I wonder what that's all about?

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    It's just 4rth game fodder, Tobi.

    The Bears probably are going to roll with 2 QBs this season, and as such, they don't want to risk McCown getting injured in perhaps the least "meaningless" game of the PS.

    Expect to see McCown out their in the 4rth game for maybe a quarter, and the rest will be lead by Palmer, Edwards.

    The unfortunate side-effect of this is that it'll now be harder to evaluate those bubble WRs.

    Blanchard was working a lot with Toliver, Wilson, Anderson, etc and it'll be harder to evaluate them now with these QBs off the street.

  • I think the bubble WRs will more likely be graded on how they tackle and block on specials.
    It will be interesting to see how many WR and LB we keep on the roster this year... Will we keep Wilson over Thomas because he could be a deep threat next year? Or will we keep JT over Wilson because he is a sure tackler?
    These questions can be intertwined with a dozen names. Could get interesting.

  • In reply to EnderWiggin:

    oh sure... just stop by and throw out a random comment when you're not too busy with your own bears blog... traitor... or copy cat... or Ender...

  • In reply to EnderWiggin:

    If Wilson ends up on the practice squad, I seriously doubt he would be there long. Rough or underweight or not, some team will find a place for him on the 53...

  • A broken knuckle has got to be four weeks in a cast which means one of those two will have to take a roster spot until Blanchard is ready again for the practice squad. Is there anyone else we like who could be safely stashed on the PS without fear of losing him, at least until Blanchard is ready to be put back on there? I'm assuming that if he could be effective as the 3rd stringer going forward with his non throwing hand immobilized, the Bears wouldn't have signed two other QBs...

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    When the Bears held the QB workouts earlier this Summer, Edwards was who I figured they would sign if any. I imagine his price came down.

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    Trac, I guarantee you that the CBA does not allow their price to go any lower than it was when they first came in for a workout. These guys are hungry and just hoping someone keeps them for the season when the next injury happens.

    They won't even get the season paycheck - just game checks for two weeks of preseason.

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    Why do you think the Bears didn't sign him after the workout? They obviously were feeling the need for improving our backup situation. I think our back up qb situation is horrendous. If Cutty misses a game, we in trouble.

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    Because I guess they were, if not happy, at least reluctantly OK with the backup situation. Face it, and as it's been pointed out here countless times before, if just about any team with playoff potential loses their starting QB, the first round is, maybe, as far as they're going to go...

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    I don't buy your back up QB take. Orton kept us alive and Batch won 3 out of 4 for the steelers when Rothlesburger was accused of rape. No I say, we have to find a viable backup that can manage games enough for us to not lay down when Cuttys gets hurt.

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    But how far did those two teams eventually get those years? I'll bet if they had put McCown in from the get-go instead of Hanie, we would have at least made it to the first round of the playoffs. Doubt we would have won any post season games but we would have had one more contest to watch (and hope). Anyway, I would be interested in your opinion of who that is still available would feel would give us a better chance if Cutler went down...

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    My point is this Tobi, I'm afraid our current backups are hatchet jobs.

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    Kyle Orton please. Neckbeard backing up the Cutler.

  • Well, it looks like J'Marcus is the swing tackle...for fucking KMart prices. Free up a little cash to go after Okoye?

  • In reply to Rodgers Dead:

    link would help:

  • In reply to Rodgers Dead:

    hee hee

  • In reply to Rodgers Dead:

    Is that *our* waffle making such a wordy post on PFT? Doesn't he realize that you have to do 8 words or less, or the mouth breathers stop reading? Silly Waffle =P

  • In reply to Rodgers Dead:

    50% pay cut. Ouch. Bye bye.


    Looks like we are rolling with an all rookie right side. I don't give a fuck as long as they are going to go balls out when the shooting starts.

    I'd rather have an inexperienced pair of gangster pitbulls with the killer dead doll eyes of a great white instead of an experienced massive stay puft marshmellow man who is a big teddy bear.

  • Anyone else watching the Colts-Gmen halftime show by Fox?

    The table includes: Urlacher, Randy Moss, Glazer, Ronde Barber and Curt Menefee.

    It's kind of weird seeing Urlacher on there. He looks like he should be in the MMA.

    Glazer looks like Urlacher's genetic leftovers, kind of like the premise of "Twins".

  • heheh

  • How did Brian do?

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    Remember the "low talker" episode of Seinfeld? Well, Lach is a low-talker. It's a little hard to hear him, especially over the louder Moss or Glazer.

    They asked him a very interesting question about which position an option-qb stresses most.

    I thought, "Oh, now we'll get good inside info" but his response was, "it stresses the entire defense." He later elaborated a little more, "the defensive ends, those guys on the outside" but I knew that!

    Lach needs to speak louder and elaborate more, but not sure either are in him.

    I actually found Moss more informative and entertaining.

    Say what you will about Moss, but no one can ever claim he doesn't speak his mind clearly.

    Straight cash, Homie!

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    just watched it... urlacher is about as smart as a bad of very dumb claw hammers.

    He's not insightful, interesting, or entertaining. He's just a big fucking meathead who's played in the nfl for 15 years.

    Not trying to be a dick btw, just calling it like I see it. And agree with $ about moss.

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    Yeah. Links anyone?

  • fb_avatar

    Bears must beat the Packers this year, Cutler is very unconfident playing them he must relax maybe trestman can help I stutter and it reminds me of me ordering food just back ur self and don't be ashamed or afraid u can't help it. hoping for 12 wins this year.

  • In reply to Dabeast54:

    12-4, you've called your shot. It's going to be a beautiful thing.

  • In reply to Dabeast54:

    twice this year.

    Fuck the packers.

  • In reply to Dabeast54:

    If we can score more than three TDs we beat the Packers

  • I personally think this is total and complete hooey, but it's insanely interesting

    Love that show

  • I've heard nothing about Jonathan Franklin since being drafted by the Packers, so I looked him up and here's the first article I came across from Bob McGinn, a pretty good sports journalist.

    Here's a quote from the article that I thought would interest some of you:

    Against St. Louis, Mulumba did his best work against Chris Williams, the 14th overall pick as a tackle by the Chicago Bears in 2008. Williams, who was cut in October 2012, was playing left tackle with the backups Saturday night even though he is in a close battle to start at left guard.

    Mulumba bull-rushed Williams for a sack in 3.2 seconds. On the next snap, he beat him for a knockdown.

    I sure as hell don't miss that guy or Carimi.

  • In reply to Cormonster:

    No kidding Cor. To be honest, I kinda like Phil's approach to drafting crazy like a fox because it somehow lowers our expectation factor when he doesn't draft household names. I'm still nervous about CD though but if he doesn't pan out, oh well!

  • In reply to Cormonster:

    Good article.

    Lacy and James Jones are Fantasy gold.

  • A few Monday morning thoughts:

    1. Waffle, please change your name. I don't like to tempt irony when it comes to withing ill on an opponents QB even if it's just bravado or done in fun. If Cutty goes down early in the season with a major injury, could you live with that? Just sayin! I'm not superstitious but in this case, I would prefer caution. I get uneasy every time I see your handle.

    2. I miss your rants MB. Surely there's a position or coach on the Bears roster that deserves continually railing?

    3. Murph, I need more from you. You too Brownie.

    That is all.

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    I don't want Rodgers to be injured. I want him fully healthy when Marshall Newhouse or David Dackithari gets embarassed and Rodgers gets a face full of Peppers or Melton resulting in a Jennings or Conte pick. As he glares at them and gives his own version of the stink eye with berating comment all you hear in the distance is Joe Buck......"Rodgers, the consummate professional, the relentless warrior, is even more fired up now".

  • That will work my man!

  • We'll see!

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    Trac...sounds about right.

  • Mini Rant:

    Narratives and context are everything. In saturday's colts/giants contest Andrew Luck threw a pass in the red zone 7 yards off target into the hands of Giants corner Aaron Ross (who promptly found a miraculous way to knock it 8 yards in the air and 7 yards behind him to Reggie Wayne for a TD.

    The reporters couldn't blow him enough after his 9/13 108yd 2TD performance. Ignoring the brutal red zone pass and just focusing on the result allows them to continue the narrative that his 128 preseason passer rating is somehow an extension of his illustrious 2012 campaign where he PILED up over 4300yds......uh, after attempting the 5th highest amount of passes in the league a pedestrian 76rating, a 54% competion percentage, etc.

    Numbers that would get other QB's fucking ripped to shreds. However, they stumbled into the playoffs lost in a one and done game and as a result no one wants to talk about the 59 rating in the playoff game, the 50% completion percentage, 54+ attempts etc.

    What I love about the marketing of football is that marketing departments are so ingenious that you can shape someones perception of success and sell that package for a profit.

    I'm absolutely giddy to find out what happens this Bears season with a real playcaller, possibly a real line, a real set of weapons (if healthy) and a full 16 game reg season and not a handful of throws in preseason. I'm also giddy to see how the results are packaged by our Chicago media. How will they mold any possible successes into the narratives that they've started forming? It will be interesting to find out.

    That was a mini rant brought on by the viewing of the NFL network last evening.

  • A little more information on that completion percentage, from a story on Yahoo (

    "Last season Luck worked in Bruce Arians' vertical offense, and attempted more passes of 20 or more yards (101) than any other quarterback, according to Pro Football Focus. Joe Flacco was second with 92, and only five quarterbacks in all attempted more than 80. And Luck was good on those deep throws, completing 35 (his receivers had eight drops, too). But he had six interceptions (only Drew Brees had more on deep passes, with seven), and the heavy vertical attack also helps explain his 54.1 completion percentage. Not that he didn't do very well in that offense – he threw for 4,374 yards and led the Colts, who were 2-14 the year before, to a very surprising playoff berth."

    And he *was* a rookie, playing his first year in a new system.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    You just proved my point on narrative.

    would it be safe to say that the colts 2-14 season had something to do with Kerry Collins and Curtis fucking Painter as their qb after a franchised Manning had to sit out the entire year and the turnaround not just the arrival of one of the most highly touted QB's out of college since Peyton Manning?

    The colts had so many fucking playoff appearances in a row prior to that season that it was borderline comical. It's not like Luck took over some Bad News Bears type team and in mythological fashion drove them to success through sheer leadership and strength of character. Jesus.

  • Oh please... that team won four games for a decade they would not have won with jay cutler. With peyton manning, yes.

  • Well said.

    They've been blowing Peyton manning for years. He won one Superbowl against a clusterfuck of a Bears team. His 6 interception nightmare went un-noticed, swept under the carpet. His yearly playoff run followed by playoff choke. The media casts its darlings and villains early - a player gets put in a box and they don't get to escape it. Cutty could win a Lombardi this year and they'd call him the worst QB ever to win a superbowl. I have seen few winning superbowl QBs suck as much as Manning did winning against us.

  • Interesting to see Chris Williams shit the bed for the Rams like that. He's like a tempting buy on a used car. Looks like value and good transportation, will run good for a while - but fuck you when you need to count on it.

  • Don't know if anyone already posted this, but I found it rather interesting...

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Good post, SC.

    I stumbled on Grantland a few weeks back. It's a good site. Might have been one of your posts prev. that dropped me into it.

    The Cutler to Jeffery tape was great as a learning tool. Watching the o-line block for the run was informative as hell.

    I found this gem the most interesting:

    "...the Bills ran a four-in-one play that included a read-option concept for the quarterback to hand off to the runner or keep it himself, throw a bubble screen, and have the option of throwing a quick "pop" pass to the tight end if the linebackers to his side crashed for the run — yet another counter to the plans defenses have been creating all season to handle the read-option."

  • There was a lot of interest there. I are very curious what my father's reaction to that will be.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Interesting indeed. Sounds like this offense will suit Cutty.

  • Depends on whether he has the brains for it. We will see.

  • this is pretty much what I think of pam oliver

  • too lazy to look up and find the right post...

    Look at the caption. Fucking so dumb. Yeah, amazingly bad you moron.

    (does that count... or do you want a full rant trac?)

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Mb, what's your opinion of the cal high speed rail from la to san fran that won't be high speed and is projected to cost over 80 billion instead of the 20 or so billion taxpayers voted for?

  • In reply to Cormonster:

    haven't spent one second thinking about it corm, but sounds pretty fucking silly to me maings.

    Now, the hyperloop sounds interesting... and not just cause I'm a gadget whore.

  • So after last weeks return of "all Marshall all the time" is anyone worried yet? Predictions for what we'll see this Friday?

  • No. Frankly, I don't get all the hand-wringing/sky is falling on Cutler's personality AGAIN screams, either. Marshall is one of the best receivers in the NFL. He and Cutler have a chemistry that is undeniable. The result is a lot of passes to Marshall.

    When Montana and Rice did it, it was a thing of beauty, a work of art, etc. etc. ad nauseum. Cutler to Marshall? "Too one dimensional!"

    Of course they are going to connect on the majority of throws in a game. Yep, that's the way it works. Media dumbasses bringing up the 5 thrown his way during the preseason game? Idiots, all, with nothing to do.

  • Short answer: NO.

    Long answer: Click on my article! lol

    Hey, are you going to the Raider-Bears game up there?

  • I'm thinking about it. If I can get seats down low on the visitor side I'll probably go. But I'll be damned if I pay north of $100 for a preseason game or sit up in the 3rd deck with the wanabe thugs.


  • I think it's pretty safe to assume Jon Bostic will be the starting MLB week 1 against Cincinnati.

    I didn't like the sound of it before preseason, but his play has certainly been encouraging enough for me to feel a bit better about the idea.

    Like the rooks on the O-Line, Bostic will make his share of mistakes, but learning on the job might be the best and certainly the fastest way for him to reach his potential.

    With the Bears having so many youngsters learning on the fly this season, and a new head coach trying to implement a new offense, it would be realistic to expect the team to hover around .500 until the 2nd half or 4th quarter of the seaso. Then when the rooks are more like 2nd year players and the offense feels more comfortable in the new system, the Bears can make a push for the playoffs and beyond. Just make sure to buckle up and strap it down for the beginning of the season.

  • In reply to Shady:


    I almost feel like letting Bostic, Long, Mills, Greene, Frey play through the late 4rth in the remaining two PS games to soak up as much experience as possible.

    What they need to work on.

    Bostic - zone reads
    Long - stunt pick-ups
    Greene - block shedding
    Mills - blitz reads
    Frey - a little bit of everything (blitz, zone, man, tackling).

    The Packers don't exactly have an easy start either, and I'm not all that worried about the Vikes or Lions.

    We just gotta win those division games.

  • on the flipside, it would really suck to lose any of them though.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I actually like our first two games. The Bengals-Vikes are very much alike.

    game managing qbs with one high powered offensive weapon and decent Ds.

    The Bears tend to win those match-ups.

    Good tests to kickoff.

    Playoff teams, but not like the 9ers or Pats.

  • Speaking of kickoffs, no comments yet on hesters 45 yard return to open the sd game. Me likey

  • In reply to Shady:

    I think your last paragraph is spot on so I'm not going to panic if the first eight games aren't pretty. The Giants played pretty inconsistently during the regular season of their last two SB wins...

  • fb_avatar

    I heard Packers might cut Kuhn. We should sign him.

  • In reply to Dabeast54:

    as our fullback?

    what are we paying filamenta? I saw that cunt drop an easy pass in the chargers game.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Fiamatta impressed me as a blocker though.

    OH, if only we had a FB who could catch, block, and tackle like a maniac on specials (Thanks, TICE. Cluuutsss!)

  • It still pisses all of us off. What the fuck else did they want in a FB?

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Clutts also long snapped!

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    that's the point... they just fucking sucked man. terrible terrible coaches. all of those fuckers. not one is coaching right now. smmfhvv

  • Really not looking foward to the glut of annoying Raiders fans this Friday. The most ignorant fans in sports.

  • they are the worst maings.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    That's pretty smart. Record yourself the whole way into the stadium. EVIDENCE.

  • This is still my favorite

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Are you not entertained!!!?

    That was like a tag team WWF match. Am I wrong, or was that one tag team of 9er/Raider vs another 9er/Raider duo?

    I like how at the bottom right, a dad has his son up on his shoulders to get a better view.


  • lovely. supposedly the white guy who started it is a hells angel or bandit or whatever.

    Lovely people.


  • In reply to gpldan:

    Hey man, it gets ugly over there. I made the mistake of going to a Raiders / Bears game in the eighties in L.A when I was in the Marines and I never got intimated by another man when I was a young buck. Still, those Raider fans were down right nasty. Never seen so many thugs at an NFL game before.

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!!!!!

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Yup good clip but what I witnessed was nothing like that. All I saw was a bunch of punks that couldn't control themselves.

  • like this one right now:


  • i just want to say how fucking awesome it is to be ab;e to watch MNF tonight.

    God damn I love football.

    Hey murph... btw, first date went awesome. I think I actually might like this one. Sleeping with the enemy? Hahahahaha.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Good for you mb. Had a pretty good second date myself doing a tube float/campingt/hiking weekend with a gal. Only downside is we live in different cities.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Bang! Bang! Dave.

    Well done! Yeah, I know the feeling.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Yes, football jones almost quenched. What are you doing opening Thursday Night? You gonna be around?

  • In reply to Shady:

    there's actually a very small chance my maing maingses.

    If I am, wanna hook up so you can not buy me a beer?

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Haha no silly, I mean around da blog?

  • In reply to Shady:

    ahhhhhh.... es possible amigo. eeeeeescared.


  • In reply to MB30SD:

    So you can join my fucking auction league of glory. See if you can hang my maing. Draft night is opening night. 2 spots left. Sign up and talk sheite bietch.

  • In reply to Shady:

    So if I played ff do I need to follow those ff shows in order to win? I'm a novice.

  • In reply to Cormonster:

    Not really, Corm.

    Shady's league is so crazy that almost none of those shows would apply. You would need to go to some pirate feed from Bangladesh to figure out what's the best strategy for the Auction League.

    I would just type in "two qb league + fantasy" and sort of follow their advice, but in the end, it really just comes down to which players you predict will rush and catch the most, and which QBs you feel will throw for the most yards and TDs, with a little dash of defense.

  • In reply to Cormonster:

    how do I join? computer took a fan shit so I am stuck figuring out this smart phone. NOt enjoying the blog on the phone right now. HAVEN'T figured out how to scroll down fast yet. Samsung g4.

  • In reply to Cormonster:

    Corm, here's the link:

    Here's the password:


    That should get you in the league.

  • In reply to Cormonster:

    Matthew Berry can't save you, Butch is right...

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Yeah, MB. Too busy porking hot rich swimsuit models!?


    Cann't top my FF team name?

    Lachless Monsters

  • not bad

  • Indeed, not bad at all.

  • Brady makes a terrible, terrible pass.

  • Grossman unleashing the Sex Cannon Dragon on the Steelers D.

  • In reply to Shady:

    I like how "good rex" is now in the american vocabulary, usually shortly followed by "bad rex".

  • Who first coined that? Was it Lovie? No, his was "Rex is our QB." Maybe it was Jeff.

  • Can we have Caliendo do Madden for every MNF?

  • rex........ grossman.

  • i hate when a rule about not spearing defenseless receivers turns into "you have to let the guy going across the middle catch the fucking ball".

  • that was insane. the dude was falling fucking down and they ran into each other.

    This is getting fucking crazy.

  • This is why the new "up tempo" short crossing route O is becoming popular.

    If all these crossing short crossing routes and underneath dump offs can't be punished by the defenders, then just keep running them.

    Bellichik, Harbaugh, Carroll, Chip Kelly, Marrone and maybe even Trestman will all take advantage of this.

  • The irony, of course, is that the rule has resulted in an increase in serious lower leg injuries. You can't regulate football, Goodell.

  • In reply to Shady:

    yup, ask Dustin Keller if he'd rather get hit high or never play ever again.

    NFL and rule makers have to stop consulting with their attorneys about rules and acting like a big hit over the middle causes CTE and you then automatically kill yourself. I'm sorry, it just doesn't go down like that.

    Keller completely tore his ACL, MCL and PCL and dislocated his kneecap.

  • Yeah, that call was plain silly.


    Ruh Roh.

  • Our guy couldn't hack it and has been traded for a ham sandwich:

  • Wow.

    I thought Moffitt was going to be a stud, I really did.

    So Carimi and Moffitt from that Badger line sucked it. Wow. What an incredibly over-rated OL that was.

    Note to self: outside of maybe Michigan, Big 10 OL are generally an overrated lot.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    In college moffitt played like long in the last preseason game. I think he has done ok in the pros but hurt too much.

  • about to go to bed and accidentally turned on NFL Network in time to watch Forte score against the Chargers and realized that on that particular run, Unicorn, Mills and Long all manhandled their guys.
    So imagine lining up against the Bears and you see Unicorn on the right side next to Mills and Long and everyone is thinking run.

    But oh, i'm sorry, on the other side are Marshall and Jeffrey. Pick your poison opponents. You're going to take it all, it's just a matter of whether you'll take it on the ground or in the air.

  • I'll be impressed when they do that to Packers and Vikings. Until then, it's just the not-going-anywhere Chargers.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

  • As our line goes, so goes Forte. He's never had the skills to outplay his line - Ford looks faster and hungrier - and I can't remember Bears #1 backs that got brought down from behind like Weddle brought Forte down the other day - it looked like a Cheetah bringing down an impala. Neal Anderson would turn that corner and be gone. We've got three great backs for a change though, it's all good, they all complement each other very well. Bush the Bruiser, Forte the hands, Ford the pure runner.

    It's all on Garza whether we win or lose, everything else is set. If he holds up then we're good.

  • Again, I'll bet Ford hits the outside before Forte could, he's just got that burst. Either Bush/Ford up the middle looks the better option to Forte too. Matt just gives us depth and a passing game. Nice group

  • Irish what in THEEE hell are you talking about? "Matt just gives us depth.". You are crazy brother.
    Forte is one of the better backs in the league, Ford has carried a handful of times in the preseason, and Bush is nearly done. I couldn't disagree with you more on the Bears backs.

  • In reply to Johnnywad:

    This. Matt Forte is the best back the Bears have had since Walter. And I think Neal Anderson was quite good.

  • Irish, i swear that sometimes you post shit and sometimes your meth addicted twin brother does.

    No running backs that i've ever seen besides maybe a couple of hall of famers had the skills to outplay their line. What does that even mean?

    Ford averages 2 yards a carry so let's cool in on the faster/hungrier angle. Hungrier to run into a pile of dudes after 2 yards maybe.

    Also, Roberto Garza is not going to be some holy grail of success or failure this season. Oh my god.

  • To say nothing of the big run where Bushrod got the corner, Matt juked the safety to the ground, and we got 58 yards.

    Sure Matt does not have CJ speed, but he eats up the yards pretty quickly. With that long stride he looks slower than he is.

  • For all their success in the draft, the Steelers have spent the last several years trying to fix THEIR offense line issue and tonight it looked as porous as ever.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Six Lombardis, Al. Until battle-proven, our line is porous too and we've only got one Lombardi. They were led there on all six occasions by a strong defense and QBs not known for putting up video game numbers. That's the model for NFL success Otto Graham, Unitas, Montana, Elway, Kelly, Plunkett, Simms et al all had solid defenses. Had the McCaskeys kept the Eighties squad together and Charles Martin wasn't a thug then we became a dynasty. I like the Steelers. Injuries, crappy o-lines, all the excuses in the world to give up, yet Big Ben does it again and again. I don't like him, but he can play the game of football as well as any of them.

  • Steelers have had *much* better coaches in the SB era. Noll, Cowher, and Tomlin are all better the best the Bears have had.

  • Jeff noted "...hopefully sustain the end til middle of next week"

    With this crew? He could have posted "boo" and we'd have found a way.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    And as if by cue, new thread

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