Five Players Worth Looking At If You Watch the 2nd Meaningless Game

Five Players Worth Looking At If You Watch the 2nd Meaningless Game

We all look for reasons to watch these meaningless preseason contests because like watching those Bears uniforms in competitive football games. Here are the players worth focusing your attention on should you decide to tune in Thursday night.

  • J'Marcus Webb has reached the crossroads of his Bears career. How he responds to his most significant demotion and the fan/media discarding of his potential will determine whether he fights for starting time at right tackle, earns the flex tackle position or ends up on another roster come September.
  • Joe Anderson is quickly becoming the new Mike Hass, a summer fan favorite with limited autumn significance. Earl Bennett's concussion has left an opportunity for someone deep on the receiving chart to make a contribution and impress coaches. Will it be Anderson?
  • Jordan Mills & Kyle Long. From the sound of Jay Cutler and Roberto Garza are both prepared and excited to enter the 2013 campaign with a pair of rookies along the right side of the line. Will there be growing pains? Sure. But allowing those growing pains to start the 15th of August as opposed to the 8th of September may turn out to be a coaching masterstroke.
  • Khaseem Greene may not have had the highlight reel pick six in the preseason opener but the Bears have been singing his praises just as loudly. Greene is not going to be starting at linebacker to begin the season but his speed and athleticism - especially when it comes to coverage packages - makes him a more interesting component than either Anderson or DJ Williams.

Remember, none of it matters. All that matters is the roster walking back into the locker room without crutches.

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  • Jamarcus needs to take his shoulder pads with him to a crossroad out near the Dockery Farm tonight. He will be met there by a large man in a car. He should give the pads to the man and allow him to re-lace them for him. Maybe even try them on. After he his done, he will hand the pads back to Jamarcus.

    And then all will be well.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Ralph Macchio?

    And can we throw in Slauson at Center and ...YEOWWWW! ....put the Godfather of Soul in at LG please. HUNNNH!

  • First of all, fuck J'Marcus Webb in his goofy ass face. I'm so done with that clown.

    Definitely agree on Long and Mills getting another 50 reps or so to help iron out as many wrinkles as possible during games that don't count.

    I'd also like to see Bushrod and Slauson improve from last week's below average performance. I also wouldn't mind giving Slauson some looks at center after Garza exits.

    Definitely agree on the rookie linebackers getting more reps. With DJ Williams still in a boot and James Anderson looking average, the rooks may get more PT than originally expected.

    Definitely looking forward to the bubble WR battles on offense but perhaps more importantly thier contributions on special teams.

    The D line depth will be interesting to keep an eye on as well. Nate Collins, Zach Minter and Cornelius Washington intrigue me the most.

    But as you said, coming out of this thing healthy is priority number 1.

  • In reply to Shady:


    and fuck yes on fucking jwebb right in his goofy ass face. Fuck that dude. HeGone!

    Shady my man, you and I are pretty much spot on with everything. I would LOVE to see that fucking animal of an athlete washington kill someone tomorrow.

    Bang! Bang!

  • Indeed... no injuries please

  • Love me some youth across the board! Particularly Bostic and Greene at LB. Both guys seem really hungry. Love that Greene can't stand wearing #60. He won't be for long. If Long and Mills can gel and anchor the right side, and Slauson can shore up LG, we might have an adequate line for the first time in 10 years. Collins, Paea, Melton and Pep would be dominant should they stay healthy. Again, it's the pre-season, so none of this matters.....

  • In reply to MattySouthside:

    All of it matters, none of it counts. Because if not for preseason games, J'marcus Webb would be your starting Tackle.

    The players and coaches NEED these preseason games to figure out how to "fix" this broke ass line. The games are critical sources of evaluation.

    I'm not saying player performance in preseason will translate to the regular season, but they do matter. Especially this year.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Agreed, Shady. How long, how FUCKING LONG have we regulars here cringed at the offensive line, BEGGED the "brain trust" to *do* something about it?

    Objectively, they tried. But Williams and Carimi were poor enough choices that a 7th round guy became our "great hope" at tackle?

    Oy vey!

    How awesome and different would it be were Long and Mills to actually *become* somebody in the league?

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    I think there is a much better chance of that happening now under Emery, Trestman and Kromer than there was under the previous regime.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    it's going to take time dave.

    We were all a little giddy thinking we could fix everything in one offseason.. then the first oline draft in 40 years happened.

    I think emery did a pretty good job with what he was left with... so far.

    I think oline needs to be a slow and constant draft and FA first, core focus for at least the next 3 years. It will take time, but I THINK emery has the right attitude and plan of attack.

    We have to be patient, and as rabbit and/or doc can tell you... I have about as much of that as my 2.5 year old in a candy store.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    ... not to mention Orlando Bloom and Frank Omelette. We've had the Colts' line from the Eighties for the last five years. Seriously, how is Garza going to stop Geno Atkins? Have you seen Giovanni Bernard? Dude is like mercury. He's an over-powered Madden sprite jinking right and left. It needs to be a managerial decision to send both guards at the NT - Lovie wouldn't have had the balls to do that, the way he'd leave whatever piece of crap we had at left tackle swinging his dick in the breeze. Throw a James Brown in at LT, Garza and Long .. .and send them all at Atkins every single down. Run around the pile. I fear the Bengals with the line we have. Hunt could cause us problems too. nasty LBs. They could punish us both ways if our line doesn't stand up.

    I'm not chugging the kool aid until we run over somebody and then reverse back over their head.

  • In reply to Shady:

    It's just plain wrong to say PS doesn't matter. Can you imagine teams taking the field in week one and usin the games as training camp?
    In the 2nd episode of Hard Knocks, Marvin is talking about some guy trying too hard ... "He's not going to make the team based on what he does in practice ..."

    The PS games are where it all works itself out. That's where guys show what they have.

    BTW - can we get John Conner and Margus Hunt from the Bengals please. 6'8? Conner could get Garret Wolfe into the endzone, and if somebody teaches Hunt how to play football he could be a Julius Peppers.



    "Philosophically, Kromer doesn't buy the idea that right guards don't matter. He came from the Saints, one of the few teams that have invested significantly more money in guards than tackles. Guards anchor the pass protection of Saints quarterback Drew Brees and Kromer wants to build the Bears protection from inside out too.

    'The most success a quarterback can have throwing is when he can step up, so if you have beasts at guard — powerful guys with some athleticism and some hand strength that can keep pass rushers on the line of scrimmage in front of the quarterback, you will have a lot more success,' Kromer said.

    That means if there are leaks in the interior or the pocket is pushed into collapse, there isn't going to be success.

    But you have to wonder, if it all starts with building that wall in the middle of the line, then why did the Bears pay big money for Bushrod?

    'We felt better about him than the candidates on the roster," Kromer said.'"

    Translation: J'Marcus Webb is hot garbage.

  • In reply to Shady:

    hot, stinky, putrid, disgusting gar---baaage.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

  • In reply to Shady:


  • Do you think Mills is like:

    right now, or more like

  • In reply to gpldan:


  • Joe Anderson is quickly becoming the new Mike Hass, a summer fan favorite with limited autumn significanceh.

    Jeff, the rest of your post was spot on. The part above is nonsense. Mike Hass became a fan favorite because the starting WR corps was so incredibly uninspiring that Hass, Rideau and DA were glimpses of what a real WR was/could have been.

    Anderson is not some physically inferior, journeyman practice squad member. He went undrafted last year but was on the Bears radar, picked the Bears over other squads that wanted him ontheir 53 and beat out countless other guys at the rookie camp. Then he PLAYED his way onto the field even through Lovie's stubbornness.

    He will produce because everytime he's gotten a chance to produce he's done it. Last year it was in special teams and he caused a fumble that resulted in a TD and almost decapitated Randall Cobb. So out of 5 plays he was involved in he had 2 huge plays. Just wait and see. He's not a camp favorite because he's some charity case. He's a camp favorite because he's a contributor and he came to the NFL in an unlikely route.

  • In reply to Rodgers Dead:

    Oh, +1 and then some. Best defense of Anderson I've read, and there have been a lot of very good ones here.

  • The 1's should play the 1st quarter. That should be interesting. Hopefully we can move the ball. Looking forward to seeing the rookies. Hopefully someone will lay a good lick on Rivers. Love seeing the look on his face when he gets smacked.

  • TE depth behind Martysaurus is still somethjng that needs to be sirted out. Personally, I'd like to see Fendi Onobun get another opportunity to make a play. Last week's TD drop was huge, but for some reason I'm still pulling for the guy.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Don't know much about Pope but it sounded like he should be a viable #2. FO has bounced around a lot and I keep hearing theyre waiting for "the light to come on". So I immediately associate that with JWebb.

  • In reply to Johnnywad:

    I know, I thought the same thing. Fool me once Yada Yada Yada. I think they'll end up jeeping 3 TEs. Pope and Maneri are primarily blocking TEs, Bennett and Onobun are more athletic receiving TEs, but also have the ability to be in-line blockers. I guess I just want Onobun to work out because of his awesome name and because I want people to stop bringing up fucking Tyler Eifert.

  • In reply to Shady:

    what does jeeping mean? Jungle tour?

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    You know what I meant. Creeping.

  • In reply to Shady:

  • Tonight's Webb Nation tune:

    So get your ideas, stack your ammo
    But don't come unless you come to battle, I'm mad now jump in the saddle
    This is it, it's what you eat, sleep, piss and shit
    Live, breathe, your whole existence just consists of this
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    I don't do this football shit, I lose my shit
    Ain't got shit to lose, it's the moment of truth
    It's all I know how to do, as soon as I get thrown in the booth, I spit
    But my respect is overdue, I'm showing you the flow no one do
    Cause I don't own no diploma for school, I quit!
    So there's nothing for me to fall back on, I know no other trades
    So you'd better trade your fucking helmets in for some tool-box-es
    Cause you'll never take my pride from me
    It'll have to be pried from me, so pull out your pliers and your screwdri-vers
    But I want you to doubt me, I don't want you to buh-lieve
    Cause this is something that I must use to suc-ceed

  • FF news, feel free to ignore.

    OK here you go fellas, an auction draft you can join by entering the URL and password below.

    If you decide to join, you MUST make your blog handle identifiable when you join so we can find out who to talk shit to week to week on the blog. If a troll is found to have joined, they will be summarily booted.

    Password: pathtothedraft

    League Name: Shady's Auction League of Glory
    League Motto: Be at the draft or die
    Teams in League: 12
    Draft Type: Auction

    Roster fun: You start 2 QBs each week.

    Scoring: Head to Head Points; Points are rewarded for pretty much everything, including receptions, big plays, butt fumbles and urinating on the sideline reporters, so pretty much everything gets you puntos.

    Draft Date: Thursday September 5, 2013 8:30 PM ET (The exact time the 2013 NFL season kicks off)

  • In reply to Shady:

    Whats the prize and or punishment? $$ Slap bet? Cosplay humiliation? A deep talk about religion with Track?

  • Yes, eternal glory and humiliation.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Also, on the FF note, I'm closing my Auction League so that we can hop on Shady's.

    We both have 5 members, so between my league and his, we should have a solid 10 with 2 extra for any stragglers.

    So, Artoo, Tobin, DYL, Michael hop on over to Shady's, and I'll see you guys over there.

  • Okie dokie..Gould Forte OZs are moving over

  • In reply to Shady:

    If the draft is the same time/day as the first game, I think most guys would want to watch the game than be consumed in a fantasy draft, maybe? Also, if the auction is going on, do the points scored as we are drafting count that week? Let's say some scrub dude gets a garbage TD and would otherwise never be drafted, but someone picks him up for $1 to get that TD for the week, is that legit?

  • In reply to 505 Bears!!:

    I guess we'll find out, won't we? It will certainly add to the intrigue.

  • I'm just happy to be able to see the game. But I'll be looking at what kind of offensive formations theyre lining up in and how well Cutty is spreading it around. Without Marshall out there i dont think it will be too hard to do but we'll see. Also who are they using at FB and what kind of job are they doing? They show Tony Fi as the only Fb but I cant imagine he'll be the only one getting reps at the position.

  • The narrative out in the media about "spreading the ball around" is amusing to if that was the reason why the Bears didn't go to the playoffs.

    Not the OL, dogshit playcalling/scheme, lack of consistent weapons besides Marshall, health problems of Alshon and Earl, no TE play, , dropped TD's and a dropped game ending INT, Tice ignoring Forte in the pass game, Bush being ridiculously hurt, other teams playing well beyond their paygrade....nope, it was Jay not spreading the ball around.

  • In reply to Rodgers Dead:

    Um yes in part not having a TE you can throw to, having one healthy NFL grade WR, and limiting swing passes to your uber stud RB makes you a pretty one dimensional team and thus fairly easy to stop. Lets hope this year brings many changes.

  • In reply to Rodgers Dead:

    The Seahawks, who came in here and punked us, stealing a key win that really began the slide - were not a bunch of guys playing above their pay grade.

    The narrative story-line for last season is the ambush of the Run-option QB. Wilson and Kap freaked the league the fuck out. Lovie and his dilapidated Cover 2 seemed especially prone to getting fucked by this twist in modern NFL Offenses.

    Now, what the Bears did - and I think most 4-3 teams have done, is go get strong safeties that can play OLB. We went and got Khalid Greene, who is EXACTLY that.

    The idea is, to have speed guys to punish the running QB. I can see Greene taking Wilson's head off if he pulls the ball down and tries to run.

    So I don't know who is advancing the spreading the ball narrative, unless maybe Arkush or the guys on the Score. Anybody who actually watched those games should remember what happened. In the October 29th Carolina game, Cutler threw to Marshall 5 times in a row - BECAUSE THEY COULDN"T STOP IT.

    It damn well near got Sean McDermott fired. Captain Munnerlyn (fuck I love that name) went apeshit, he could not stop BMarsh.

    So, if you hear Mully or some apeshit like Big Bird running that talk, remind them of that Carolina game winning drive. That should shut them the fuck up.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Mully has actually been pretty honest about everything. It's been Carmen DeFalco and all of the fuckheads filling in for Jurko while he's on vacation like Nick Friedel. I had to call in just to let him know that if he died tomorrow no one would care. They wouldn't let me through with that observation.

    I may have stepped over the line.

    I think we all remember the Seahawks game differently. The Bears were the better team but couldn't stop a 97 yd drive and the Seahawks got two blatant OPI non calls earlier in the game resulting in scoring drives that the league actually proactively apologized to the Bears in a fucking letter. Wright drops the game ending INT. UGGHHHHHHH, why am i getting re-mad? New season, new chance for greatness.

  • In reply to Rodgers Dead:

    please bring up the major penis drop. that was game right there. motherfucker.

  • In reply to MB30SD:


  • In reply to Rodgers Dead:

    I also think the Bears got caught off guard twice.

    ONE. Kap's first game. No one knew he could actually throw. His accuracy was impressive, and I'm sure the Bears were not counting on that.

    TWO. Wilson could run. The 'Hawks didn't run much read-option early on, but decided to run it on us. Again, I think this caught us by surprise a bit.

    Those two guys went on to tea-bag all other teams.

    I feel our D will actually be BETTER this year.

    I think we are really well suited to defend it.

    1. Pepp is a man-imal. He requires 2 blockers at all times, and even then he holds them up. This will allow the LBs to fly around.

    2. Shea can spy. Marinelli actually experimented with this already, and I expect a lot more spying with Shea against read-option. At least he's good for something.

    3. Our safeties might not be bruisers, but they're fast. The rest is just about technique, angles and decision making.

    4. Someone mentioned Greene as a former S now at LB. Much like with Shea, he can be a sub-package specialist . Having Greene and Shea patrolling the perimeters will severely limit the read-option stretch.

    5. We have two PB corners who can go man, thus allowing said Safeties to come down and provide that extra man in the box. The whole point of the pistol is to have an extra blocker and make the defenders choose between tackling the QB or HB.

    Well, when Pepp is gobbling up two blockers, and CBs going man with maybe one safety high, this will allow a LB to go for the QB, while the S shoots for the HB (or vice versa).

    They just gotta make the tackle.

  • In reply to Rodgers Dead:

    I don't listen to AM1000 much. It's on TuneIN, but I tend to go to the Score, unless Dan Bernstein is on. Then I listen to music.

    Hub is hosting "Fantasy Football Picks", a 3 hour Score special, this weekend.

    Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

    I heard the PFW bankruptcy left him close to $3M in debt. Not sure if that's the case, I do know he seems to suddenly be a Score shift regular with his own show, he opened his own website, he seems to be charlie hustle now. It's kinda sad, cause you know Wayne Larravee is getting ready to retire in style.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Agree on Hub, if he's hosting FF shows now he's really slummin it. Sad really. Now he has even more reason to be a disgruntled som of a bitch.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Prime example of someone who needed a business manager. How could you fuck up this concept?

  • In reply to gpldan:

    You always say "Fuck You" so well...

    I was just thinking about that Carolina game yesterday.

  • Thanks GP:

    I am such a whore.


  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Eminem is a perfect choice for that video, as it looks to take place on 6 Mile Road.


  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I have gotten back into Madden '13 to satisfy my football jones. I can beat the CPU no problem, but if I hop online for a rated game I normally get beat like a drum by some Madden wizard. Now I know what it must have felt like to be you when we used to go H2H in MW3.

  • In reply to Shady:

    save it. geek.

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