First Meaningless Game Thread: Trestman Debuts!

First Meaningless Game Thread: Trestman Debuts!

Players I'll be watching: the starters. I want to see them leave the field as quickly as possible.


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  • First to say, I respectfully disagree!

    Shameless plug! bwhaha

  • That certainly WAS shameless, wasn't it? However I enjoyed it very much, thanks for the good read.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Glad you enjoyed it, Shady. I found it particular informative and witty. Indeed, almost sublimely poetic (dusts off monocle).

    Oh, and for the FF Post below. To enter the league, you must email me, so I can invite thee.


  • Also, re-post.

    FF alert. All haters skip over

    OK, Jabrones.

    I created a 12-team Auction PPR League

    That’s right. Live a little.

    The draft date is set for the Sunday after the 3rd P.S. game.

    That’s Sunday, Aug 25, 3pm EST (if this needs to be changed, I can).

    Link (it should be public, but if not, let me know).

    If 12 blog members don’t join by then, I may just close it.

    Basic Info:


    Awarding .5 per reception (Points Per Reception/PPR).

    I did this for numerous reasons.

    1. I don’t think it’s fair that pass-catching HBs get penalized for not being goaline backs (ahem, Forte). Guys like Shady, Charles, Spiller, are every bit as good as more plodding HBs like Alf or Ridley, and in this format you can draft them without fear, thus insuring you can draft players you want to root for.

    2. Same applies to possession receivers. Nothing wrong with guys like Earl the Pearl catching a bunch of 3 yarders and moving the chains. This also should expand your options at WR.

    3. TE this year is abysmal. TEs don’t tend to rack up a lot of yardage, but they DO get a lot of targets. If they catch those short targets like they’re supposed to, they’ll get justly rewarded. This should make you feel better when starting a TE, as opposed to cringing every week with crossed fingers.

    4. It’s only .5, so it won’t be THAT much of a difference.

    Say Forte rushes for 80 yds, 6 receptions, 50 yds and no TD.

    That’s 8 points + 3 points +5 = 16 points.

    Those extra 3 points are not a HUGE advantage. TDs are still twice as much (6 points), but I do think catching the ball should be minutely rewarded.

    Plus, I’m rewarding for 100/200 yard markers (1 point/2 points), so pure rushers or big yard receivers can make up the difference there.

    If you happen to lose by .5 points, who cares!? How is it any worse than losing by 1 point?

    QB scoring

    Essentially standard with one little wrinkle.

    400 + games will be rewarded an extra 2 points.

    400 yd games are still hard to pull off, and I think rewarding it balances out the rushing yds/tds of option QBs, so that if you want to wait on Stafford or Ryan, etc. it’ll just as valid as waiting on Wilson or Kap.

    It might also make you seriously consider paying more for Rodgers, Brees, Brady, etc.

    Auction. Auction. Auction

    You have a chance to get ANY player you damn please, for a price. You can blow your wad in the first minute like a virgin in a strip club, or you can bargain shop for your sleepers later. It’s up to you, and it’s hella fun!

  • Artoo is going to blow his wad on Rodgers again. I just know it.

    Ride the handlebar! Ride it!

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Artoo should hang his head in shame!

    I wrote a convoluted rationale to PPR.

    It's really simple.

    Just join. It'll be a blast. Money-back guarantee.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    I didn't know what I was dooooooinnnng... Forgive me.. lol

  • Want me to send you an invite? You must join, or else I'll write an article on you spending $100 on Rodgers!

  • Of course.

  • sent you an invite.

    If Chet wants to redeem himself, give me his email so I can invite him.

  • How do you join? I followed the ESPN link to Join a League but the league name didn't show up using the search feature....

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    Really? This link

    Doesn't even take you to the page, Tobi?

    It does for me. Hmmm.

  • It takes me to the page but I couldn't find where/how to join...

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    Dang, I think you just might have to send me your email.

    Even though I set it up as "open to public view", it is still technically private and won't turn up on the ESPN directory.

    I guess that's good since it will prevent non-Bloggers from joining.

    So, all you guys I guess gotta send me your emails, so I can invite you.

    My email:

    I promise I won't hand your mail over to the NSA.

  • Email sent. I'm not worried about the NSA. With my birth certificate stating mother's country of origin as Iran, I'm sure I'm already in the database...

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    alright, Tobi. Got your email. You should now be able join. Thanks for Bear-ing with me. (see what I did).

    If you still can't get in. Dang. Hope it works.

    Now, just let me get my Cialis clientele list updated...

  • I'm in, thanks...

  • You're in! Phew. Thought I was doing something wrong.

    K, ladies.

    10 spots left in the league.

    Email me, and I'll invite you.

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    Me neither . Couldn't see any join league option anywhere.

  • Haters be hatin'.


    how many countries are in this country….

    Went to the Charger's opener last night. Fun but 100% pointless. The corn on the cob at our tailgate was tasty. sigh.

  • In reply to MB30SD:


    "We are going to settle for nothing less than wins"
    "There are ties"
    "Well, our goal will still be to make the playoffs"
    "There are no playoffs?"
    "What? No winning, no playoffs. Well, my job just got much easier."

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    So you think you can just go missing for days, show up out of nowhere and all of a sudden start posting links again with little to no explanation? Hmmm? And where's your little friend MBHaP these days? He's a bad influence on you, you know. smvhvv

  • In reply to Shady:

    Yo yo yo... just moved my maings.

    I'm pulling 'a shady'.

    Except my disappearance didn't have to do with my getting back together with an ex and then summarily getting dumped again.

    Bitches be cray cray!

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    So you just got kicked out of your ex wife's house then? Sucks man.

  • For those of us outside the Chicago broadcast area, here's a pirate link:

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    Who makes the plug-in?

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    I've read several posts on line saying the app you have to download is malware. So be careful.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Only way to watch those is by using ADBLOCK PLUS.

    If you haven't already downloaded that add-on tobi, do it.

  • Hee Hee. It begins.

    Rogers Dead
    Stafford Dead
    Ponder Dead
    AP Dead
    Bush Dead
    Green Bay running back by committee Dead
    Everyone Dead.

    Pro Bowl Cutler
    Pro Bowl Marshall
    Pro Bowl Briggs
    Pro Bowl Peppers
    Pro Bowl Melton
    Pro Bowl Jennings
    Pro Bowl Alshon Motherfucking Jeffrey

    13-3 Suck it all night long haters.

  • In reply to SEASON. OF. DESTINY:

    You forgot forte

  • Brandon Marshall out, no concern.
    Peppers out, no concern.
    DJ Williams out.
    Wooton out.
    Sam Rosen on the call tonight, folks. Get excited.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Great start for the o... smh

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    almost as bad a Sanchize lol

  • you did watch Jeffrey completely cut off his route right? That can be fixed. Even Jim Miller caught that.

  • Offense looks a bit, uh, rusty. Jeffrey sat down on a slant route and Cutler expected him to continue into the secondary. Clearly on different pages.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Yup. I expect a lot of that. Hopefully not until the 3rd regular season game like Miller predicts.

    That's why we just gotta hang on in the first 4 games.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Cutler comes right back to Jeffrey with the same slant, this time it goes for a first down.

  • The INT machine is back!! :/

  • In reply to Scala:

    go fuck yourself nerd and learn football.

  • Henry Melton hurt on first defensive play? Concussion?


  • Bostic pick 6?!? BEAUTIFUL.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Bostic out ran Paea, something Lach wouldn't be able to do anymore.

    Great read by Bostic. Looked like a vet on that play.

    Needs to whack the crossing WR though on the previous drive.

  • In reply to Shady:

    great play by Bostic. Read the QB, saw the WR coming in and drifted back into the passing lane. Perfect.

  • Defense scores before Offense.

    More things change...

  • Patrick Mannelly got lit up on kick coverage and injured his ribs. It begs the question: Why is Patrick Mannelly, a 14 year veteran, on kick coverage in the first game of preseason?

  • Yep it's confirmed. J'Marcus Webb still sucks. Please just get him off this team.

  • On a more positive side, this Victory Hop Devil IPA is fucking delicious.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Hop devil has been a fave of mine for some time. An excellent choice, shady

  • Joe as scrappy deux?

  • Well long snap ok there if it wasnt mannelly

  • McManis with his version of the Peanut Punch. The Sherrick Shiver.

  • In reply to Shady:

    The Sherrick Shank?

  • Long is in at RG and Mills in at RT. I like this rookie combination long term.

  • Did Kellen Davis return?

    Oh, no, that was just Ono-bum.

  • he's not a football player and that has just been verified. he gone. A fucking grade schooler catches that.

  • Aaaand that is why I don't want Allen as the 3rd HB.

  • agreed. How about that Ford kid?

  • In reply to gpldan:

    He's big (about 5'10 220).

    I like that he returns. Shows he's got explosion and acceleration, maybe vision, instincts?

    Keeping a close eye on him.

  • Long blew that assignment.

  • Long fucking blew that shit so hard

  • Biggest story lines from tonight so far? Melton suffers concussion injury and Trestman offense still a work in progress.

  • Bostic and Greene getting nice reps
    Hopefully Mannelly not out for long
    Hopefully Melton not out for long
    Hopefully Long learns what a stunt is
    Onobun gone
    Cue retarded comments from bloggers and lazy reporters about Cutlers pick and not about the WR cutting off the route and still being 6/8.
    No Marshall and that's not a bad thing
    Nate Collins looked strong

  • In reply to SEASON. OF. DESTINY:

    Shea had a nice pressure but was dominated on the run.

  • In reply to SEASON. OF. DESTINY:

    miscommunication. it'll happen. I'm not that worried about it (just like the 4 int practice).

    Just gotta work out the kinks. I like that Trestman left Cutler in to try to work through it.

    Also saw more 3 wide outs then expected.

    The D looks good. They gotta play the run a little better, but Melton, Pepp and Woot were all out.

    More press-man. Me likey.

  • how did Melton get hurt on the first play? We won't see Mannelly for a couple of weeks with a rib injury. Anderson almost booted that field goal snap.

    Forte is going to have a solid year with those kind of swing passes and dump offs.

  • In reply to SEASON. OF. DESTINY:

    That play where the DE looped around Bushrod and Jay stepped up and dumped it off (I think to Bush) is my highlight, as weird as that sounds.

    That's exactly what Kromer teaches. Let the DEs loop around. Clean inside for QB to step into and either launch it or dump it off.

    Eventually Cutler will feel better doing that (I don't blame him for hesitating to step-up with our past OGs), and he'll keep his eyes down field and bomb it.

    That play showed me he's buying into the system and applying it.

    Bebe steps.

  • I see Forte and Unicorn benefiting from that concept all year

  • In reply to SEASON. OF. DESTINY:

    We dont know what the route was.

    Agree that Nate Collins looked pretty good. But one half of this stuff is enough for me.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    yes we do Dave.

  • I like Bostic. I like Greene.

    Eben Britton is backup LT. As soon as Jon Scott is healthy, cut Webb.

    The guys backing up DT can't hang. I like me some Nate Collins, but we got some bums down the line.

    But I'm pleased so far with McMannis and even Bowman.

    Beyond the usual % of mental mistakes, the team looks better coached than last year.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Webb is a fucking pussy. Long fucks up mentally. When he gets his hands on a guy it's over but when guys stunt on him he's lost.

    Anderson makes the team. Onobun gone.

  • In reply to SEASON. OF. DESTINY:

    Can't you give love, I mean Long, a chance?

  • In reply to Shady:

    Long is a physical specimen but the mental shit is too much for guys that start 4 years in college much less 4 games.

    Imagine if he does that and Cutler is lost for the year.

  • In reply to SEASON. OF. DESTINY:

    He's clearly full of potential and figures to be a big part of the future for this line. The only way he's going to eliminate those kinds of mistakes is to work work through them in these kinds of games. I'm not sure what you were expecting.

  • In reply to Shady:

    I am excited for him to develop but that's a tough number 1 pick to be this raw. Tyler Eifert was the pick.

    Long will become a solid player. We just need him now. James Brown sucks balls and J'Marcus Webb has surpassed my expectations on how big of a pussy he is. They are going to light him up in the meetings.

    I like Long as he is a road grating OL.

  • In reply to SEASON. OF. DESTINY:

    First game of first year offense. Chill.

    The most disappointing play for me was Frey dropping that easy pick 6. Especially since he was in position for it.

    I want him as our new DJ Moore - just coming up with the balls that are flying off their intended course.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    i'm chill, i've got my rum and coke and just watching some Bears. I see alot of positives as long as we stay healthy. Bostic and Greene looked good.

    Now i want to see if Wilson can keep up the nice catches. Toliver with a nice catch too.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    You're right. We have absolutely no depth behind Melton at DT.

    Corvey Irving is listed as the #2 DT and he got blown up on the Carolina rushing TD. I'm escared.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Nice to see Bowman on the scene - although it was an easy pick.

    Michael Ford looks like a Bear running back.

    Kyle Long is a beast.

    Will we ever see DJ Williams? Bostic looks muy bueno.

    Cornelius Washington did a Lawrence Taylor impression (of Lawrence doing football, not crack with a minor in a hotel room).

  • Minter and Washington are in.

    Those guys got some off the charts combine numbers. Let's see if they translate to the field.

  • nice gutsy run by Ford just now

  • In reply to SEASON. OF. DESTINY:

    I think Ford pushes Allen for the 3rd spot at RB

  • I think we can all agree that Fendi Onobun is cut tomorrow.

  • In reply to SEASON. OF. DESTINY:

    Ono-bum be gone.

    I'm gonna see what TEs are still out there later. Slim pickings, I'm guessing.

  • We've got Pope. Wasn't he serviceable with the Chiefs once?

    I missed the first half - did they give Tolliver a few outings?

  • Dude, Unga is on the team still. I watched his college tape. Just throw him little dump offs and let him run.

    Kyle Long is freakishly strong by the way. Besides that mind fuck that he had on that stunt he is manhandling dudes straight up.

  • In reply to SEASON. OF. DESTINY:

    unga hurt

  • Marquess Wilson playing well.

  • @dabearsblog
    Rumors are @heyitsnoah - the official internet guru of DaBearsBlog - began the site's redesign in earnest today.

    Thank you geebus. Trying to comment on this site is more painful than a kick to the dick.

  • It's going to be a dogfight for the 4th and 5th WR spot. We have guys with no fear and size that will go over the middle and catch the slant. No way Bears keep 6 if Hester runs with that kind of aggressiveness. It was a little too deep to return but i liked how he attacked it.

    Wilson, Anderson, Toliver and even DA.

  • My guy Marquess. Can't let him hit the practice squad. He's a early 2nd rd talent that will get picked up in a hearbeat.

  • In reply to SEASON. OF. DESTINY:

    I was thinking the same thing...

  • In reply to SEASON. OF. DESTINY:

    He ran out of bounds instead of scoring a TD. Liking the chance to see all these guys though. Ford for #3.

  • i'm thinking he didn't mean to do that. he was prepping for the diving pylon move. Classic Madden 10.

  • lol, you're just mad that he's going to take your boy Toliver's spot. don't hate. haha!

  • In reply to SEASON. OF. DESTINY:

    It's a worrying thought, mang. He might be something someday, but he's a big skinny kid right now and he showed his green-ness by not scoring when he should have. Doing that during the regular season could mean a pick six going the other way on the first possession. If you've got a vet in there, he's not stepping out of bounds on the four. Jeffrey looked like a rookie today and may have been responsible for an interception.

    Wilson can't beat press coverage, he's just not strong enough. Practice-squad him, and if he survives there without being picked off, well and good. If he gets signed elsewhere, good luck, we have 6 better options.

    BM, AJ, EB, DA, TT, JA.

    No rookies on the roster for Lombardi season. There will be blood, and it should be hardened centurions spilling it in the name of the Bears of Chicago.

  • Wow. Who says ps games suck!

    Wilson and Ford looking good.

    It's like the 1920s.

  • Nice roaring 20's reference.

    Wilson making a play for that last WR spot. believe he has 5 catches tonight

  • nice block by Long on that long pass play

  • In reply to SEASON. OF. DESTINY:

    He also manhandled his guy on the Ford TD run. I think he's played the entire game, shows you how valuable these reps are for him.

  • In reply to Shady:


  • In reply to Shady:

    Not only learning, but the whole conditioning side of playing a full game at this level. It's not often OL are given their due for the condition they need to be in. They don't rotate out very much that I remember and do a lot of work on every play.

  • Cornelius Washington looking pretty decent. He looks like a video game character. jesus.

  • In reply to SEASON. OF. DESTINY:

    Damn, no shit...

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    isn't that fucking crazy? The genetics combined with the workout discipline equals that.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Jesus H .....

    He really closed out Clausen on that sideline run, didn't he? I'll bet he gets piss-tested after that.

  • Linebacker James Anderson is the backup long snapper by the way. Not bad.

  • In reply to Shady:

    not bad. I hope mannelly is ok though.

  • I think Ford is going to make this team...

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    i think you're right Tobi. He's playing with heart and he's producing too.

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    Ford was slightly reminiscent of another certain running back for a certain team in a certain city close to my heart. That first down he got by pulling a spin move as his was hit for a tackle and expected to just drop down, special. The trouncing and bouncing up the middle through the goal-line for four yards and a touchdown, just like Walter. He's a nice balance of Bush's boom and Forte's speed. He complete's our package. If the position is about running, solely running, then he may be our best one.

  • If Trestman is as smart as people say he is then he will see Marquess Wilson and find a way to get him running crossing routes and catching passes from Cutler. All that kid did in college was score TD's.

  • i 'm calling Wilson with a big play

  • Seven sacks allowed... hmmm

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    3 of those were Blanchard being a division 3 qb with practice squad blockers. The kid did decently but has no idea how to elude pressure or when to elude pressure.

  • In reply to SC Dave:


  • Cornelius Washington belongs on the damn Avengers. Call Hollywood, I just cast Luke Cage. Fuck Terry Crews.

    He has better edge speed and upper body moves than Dinner. Way better.

    Also, this is for MB: Hardin hit people and didn't shatter into glass fragments.

    If you could put McCown's brain into Blanchard's body, you'd have a backup QB. As it is, we either lack physical talent or mental talent out there. I thought Blanchard's late game decision making was terrible for a guy on a Trestman team.

    Throw the ball away. Stop taking sacks, make your read, look off if the dbs cheat then MAKE THE THROW. Or throw it away. But make the decision fast.

    Alshon in the slot and Marquess WIlson at the 2 is scary. Wilson can fly.

    We have a backup rookie Samoan DT from USC, a Toe Part 2. He didn't get in until the end, #64. He has chops. We picked up talent in the late rounds and URFA. Maybe that's where Phil shines.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    I can understand a kid trying to impress not wanting to throw it away.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    I cannot understand our veteran franchise QB doing the same however, Al.

    What has Cutty got to show off for on the first play? It's a pre-season game, he should be showing his coaches how far he could put the ball up in the bleachers when there was nothing on and the sack clock hit three seconds.

    It's only PS etc. so we'll see ... but the ability to throw it away also eluded Favre for his entire career. He'll likely become the top three paid QB in the NFL, but I still have yet to see that's he's matured as a quarterback. There have been no signs of it yet - other than not throwing his team under a bus in interviews.

    Throw the ball away four times a game, Jay. On principle. Just do it. See what happens..

    When I was watching/hating Joe Montana as a kid, I'd see him loft the ball away into the stands and think ... wow ...he just threw it away ...what a LOSER .....he didn't even try .... he had all fucking day in there - what did he do that for? Now as an older more clueless closer-to-death near-ruined father of two ... I know why. He was trying to win. He was only concerned with winning the war, not just the battle of the Down.Maybe it's time for the Blog to do a T-Shirt campaign for our leader, Jefe? Slogan's easy. Only way we'll win a superbowl.

    Throw it away, Jay ......

  • Curiously, Jay did throw one away on a rollout to his left, I believe on the last series he was in. I was pleasantly surprised; enough so to text my son about it.

    So maybe the new regime will help Jay figure it out.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    give him time

  • Fendi Onabus.
    Fendi Onto Waivers

    Have you driven a Ford lately? Get Armando a Ford to drive home. And have him stay there.

    Did Unga Bunga get hurt late game? I think Trestman looks at Harvey and sees Tom Rathman. Isn't that scary?

    Grades at OL

    Webb - F
    Brandon - C-
    Britton - D
    James Brown - C
    Bushrod - B+
    Garza - B
    Long - C- (pick up the stunt, kid. Your dad made millions doing it.)
    Jordan Mills - C-
    Ed Williams - B+, played center nicely, looked stout on a blitz pickup
    I didn't see enough Slauson.

    Joe Anderson is going to be a slant catching machine. Joe Anderson is going to the Pro Bowl catching slants this year.

    No sign of Kyle Adams, nor of Britton Golden. Adams has to be better than Onabus.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    You're too good for my auction league, GP!? Throw your hat in the ring!

    Email me (email above on the FF/Tobi post)

    Slauson played some center, I think.

    It's looking like Slauson is being groomed at center to replace Garza down the line. This should make Ed Williams very nervous, and perhaps might explain his urgency.

    There you go Irish.

    You wanted a center, Slauson might be your boy.

  • Oh, and same goes for you Irish, Shady, Murph, Sac, and NB...

    8 spots left in Da Auction League.

  • I couldn't watch the game last night but after catching up on all the posts, it sounds like PE had a
    good night. Bostic, Washington, Wilson, Ford. New guys showing the goods.

  • In reply to Johnnywad:

    Minter showed me some get off too. And Anderson looks like a Cruz clone, but meaner.

    Things are looking up for Emery and our future.

    Which is good because I caught some of the Packer PS game, and their rookie LT was looking like a god-damn vet. SMH.

  • Is there a Youtube clip of the blindside hit Richie Brockel laid on Patrick Mannelly? He dropped him. That could have been a career ender, I wonder if he broke his rib.

  • Trestman talked with Cutler after the INT on the sideline. THE HEAD COACH TALKED WITH CUTLER DURING THE GAME!!! This ain't your Lovie Smith Bears.

  • Hub Says: Bears look like shite

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Hub negative on the Bears? Noooo...

    Maybe the light didn't turn on for Webb. Maybe there is no light bulb in his noggin.

    Scott and Mills are going to have to step up.

    Ebon didn't really impress me.

    Hub is not all that concerned about that Cutler INT, which is a bit surprising because he always questions Jay's decision making.

  • I saw about a quatrer and a half. How did Edwin look at center?

  • Ed was Ed.

    Solid, but unspectacular.

    He's never going to maul anyone, but in this new zone scheme, maybe he doesn't.

    This new scheme might actually play to his strength.

    But if Slauson plays center, it might make Ed expendable.

    If Garza gets injured, Slauson can then slide over, and Brown and Long would be the starting OGs.

    It would also save the Bears a roster spot, which they can use for WR.

    Edwin might end up on the practice squad (does he still qualify for that?).

    I don't think anyone would poach him, but someone like the Cowboys might.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    The same Hub Arkush who picked the Cheifs to play in the Super Bowl last year? The dude is a clown.

  • OMFG.

    Watch the clip at the bottom. Tebow bootlegs out, but he's on his opposite shoulder. The back is sitting in the flat wide open waiting for the pass - but Tebow pulls it down because he can't make that throw and instead allows the pursuing end to catch him and sack him.

    That. Was. Pathetic.

    Speaking of Pathetic, Trib says that Mike Tice went to the horse track last night and put a $128 bet down on Pick 6 and won. He pursed $100k.

    Last horse's name was, yes you know what's coming, Tebowing.

  • Butch,

    this link doesn't work:

    I can see the league, see the other people that joined it. I'm logged in as GPLDAN77, but I can't join. It seems to be locked.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Yeah, I don't know why that is, so just email me, and I'll send you an invite (that goes for the rest of you guys).

    No gay porn, please (NTTAWT)

  • And, no, not letting this go...

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to gpldan:

    give it a rest.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    meh, we'd just spent a pretty penny on a dude who just closed out a great year, and we desperately needed a LT.

    I can't blame PE for not taking him... in fact, I would have been pissed. He made the right pick in every round this year. He took the position we needed most, and the highest rated guy at that position that was left.

    EXACTLY what I had been begging for... just sucks that this draft was a fucking oline bonanza for the first time in like 40 years or whatever it was.

    I really like our Bostic, Greene, Washington pics a lot. We'll see how long pans out this year.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I kind of agree. I've never seen a run on OL like that before. The league is an OL DL league when it comes down to it.

    Badass OL make good running backs look HOF (ask Emmitt)
    Badass DL make good LB's and DB's even better and make solid QB's look average.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Fellow teammates are always gushing about new early round picks or veteran FA's... Being team players and all that.

  • Little fact:

    On defense, Sherrick McManis led the Bears with 36 snaps, followed by Nate Collins (35) and Zack Bowman (34). Frey played 28, Bostic 26.


    this team is cursed... seriously.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Smith has a foot injury. Maybe Rex can check that out. Poor Smith, trying to dip his toes into the NFL waters and getting hurt.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Where thee fuck have you been?

    Did you miss Hardin dropping a soft-ball pitch right in his hands?

    I thought that would draw you out of your interwebs silence.

  • rocking it out like a fucking pornstar with a 9' dick... and moving...

    ok, mostly moving.

  • fb_avatar

    nobody will probably see this, because I'm late to the thread. I've been one of the guys thinking Webb could step up. He's got the tools physically, so I keep thinking as a right tackle, with proper coaching he'll beat out all challengers.

    Just watched the game on NFL Rewind... yeah, I spent the $70 bucks for the big package. (all 22 during the season is too tempting for this coach), out of the snaps he played his head was in the game about 1/2 the time. he got beat on a quarter of his reps. But was more physical on a number of those and played to a draw. (win for O-line). He's just a head case... he can't catch up to his ability. Very disappointing to me.

  • In reply to Big Mike:

    Always appreciate your insight, danke...

  • In reply to Big Mike:

    want my expert analysis mike?

    He sucks donkey balls.

    Dog........ shit.

  • In reply to Big Mike:

    Never liked him Mike. The rookie excuse is long out the window now. He's a 7th rounder and still plays like it. I don't care how PFF grades players. Webb has always sucked badly at what he does. You can't put a shine on shite.

  • fb_avatar

    What I see is a guy who every coach absolutely believes he can make better. It's like he'll execute his assignment fluidly and with power on one play, and then go to sleep. When he misfires it's always a big one. first step too big, leverage lost, hands in the wrong position. On the sack he gave up, he simply got out of his stance late. The DE got into him and whooped him. It's been happening for too long. SMH.

  • In reply to Big Mike:

    How can professionals not see what appears obvious to us mere mortals, Mike. The man has been beaten like a drum since he got here. Worst RT in the NFL. Moved to LT. Sucked on pass pro, consistently. He may not have given up a ton of sacks, but it seems like every time he drops back he loses the battle. We'll have to lean on Bushrod and Long on the left side and make stuff happen from there. I don't believe in Slauson or Scott until I've seen them in action. Webb's a scrub and then there's James Brown who's maybe start-able at a push.

    Bushrod Long Garza(slauson) Brown Scott

    Bring Webb on for obvious running downs and that's a mauling line. Cutty might be better advised to orchestrate plays based on what he has rather than what he'd like. Yes, the weapons are now in place, but the protection isn't. Clearly. There were no names on the Bears depth chart this week on their official website. It's all up for grabs in pre-season on that line, should make for some interesting battles.

  • In reply to Big Mike:

    You're not alone, Mike.

    I was thinking the weed incident woke Webb up. He even closed his twitter (for like four days).

    But maybe Webb just isn't all that into football. Not all guys who are 6'7 333 have to like football, and he seems like one of them.

    Unfortunately, Scott is hurt.

    Briton at RT might be intriguing, but what little I saw of him didn't wow me.

    He looks big, but slow.

    Mills will be the future, but starting him at RT?

    Heck, if the Pack are starting a 4rth rounder at LT, why not?

  • This is pretty cool

  • I like that...

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    I'm not a huge George Halas fan *dodges tomatoes* but I do respect the man and what he accomplished.

  • wtf!?!?!?!

  • That could be the weirdest thing a football fan, not just a Bear fan, has ever said.

  • In reply to EnderWiggin:

    I need to read his book. To be honest, it's my own fault.

    I dare any of you to ask a 15-25 year old about George Halas.

    A lot of NFL fans have no clue who the guy was.

  • Someone I was talking to asked me about the NFL because they knew I followed it. Prepping myself for a decent discussion for once, I started firing into Bears knowledge.....only to be gunned down with "yeah that's cool, so you don't follow the Cowboys? I wanted to know who Tony Romo was sleeping with now"

    It's infinitely worse over here.

  • It'll be a whole trophy case full more than Trestman will win, that's for sure.

  • fb_avatar

    Sacrilege... Blasphemy...

  • this is fucking awesome... not just because she's singing fat, heart attack banana and bacon sangwich elvis...

    ...but because she really really loves her daddy.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    this might help:


  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Are you decorating your new digs with stuff exclusively from Uncrate?

  • Rivera doesn't like the Bears. Lovie or no Lovie, I think his animosity is real. He stacked the box and blitzed heavily, despite it being PS game 1. In the Tom Landry era, that would have been considered un-gentlemanly.

    On the pick to Alshon, Cutler audibled out of a run. Alshon seems to have gotten the audible but not the route, or he quit on the route.

    Here's the most interesting quote from reports:

    Asked in his postgame news conference why he ran once and threw the ball eight times plus a ninth attempt that ended in a sack when Cutler was in the game, coach Marc Trestman replied, "I think what you don't see is there were a number of runs called where he had the option to throw it because they were in the box."

    So, my take there is Cutler is still the gunslinger. Crowd the box? Show blitz? Cheat blitz? We'll throw. Cutler now seems to have wide discretion to call audible out of run, something Tice and Martz did not allow him to do.

    And, guess what, he's going to use it. With Alshon at BMarsh on the outside and Smoking Joe in the slot, if they crowd or stack inwards, well - try and press cover BMarsh. Good luck with that, he will hand slap the corner away and boom, off to the races.

    Watching some plays again, the OL grades worse than first time. Bushrod and Long not withstanding, we need work.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    one of the cool parts of the audible process is that Forte has pass patterns built into those audibles as a dump off. Me likey.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Exactly, people shouldn't get so worked up about the seven sacks. Rivera loves blitzing pre-season and who can blame him? Once the starting lineup is in there (with Webb riding the pine) and firing on all cylinders we'll see what's what. Just love to see it with Schwenke in there instead of Robocrap but we got what we got.

    Watching Hard Knocks, Geno Atkins is going to embarrass Garza and make things hard for Cutler.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    On Cutty's audibles, as long as he's taking advantage of something he thinks the defense is giving them, then he'll take it. Whether or not he's right in his thinking about what the defense are doing is still not clear. McMahon was a gunslinger but he was also the smartest guy Ditka ever coached. Cutler hasn't exactly shown us his smarts, more the sulky demeanour and the rapid-chin-strap-unhitching. Yes, given three or four seconds he's better, but so is everybody. He needs to be good when there's someone in your face or you're only getting two seconds to throw.. We don't have The Hogs in there. There will be people in his face all season long. There will also be an array of juicy targets for a change. Forte will be lucky to get a look-in behind Brandon and Martellus, but he'll be there on third and whatever sitting in the flat waiting for the dump off. Or one of the Michaels ...

    As long as we avoid stuff that depends on Garza doing his job, we'll be okay. And Webb Nation is sitting down on a bench. That's also a pre-requisite to anything happening on that line.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    That int play weird. Cutler said that he was supposed to throw to Alshon's back shoulder, and honestly, the way he ran the route, it looks like that's what Alshon thought.

    Either way, Cutler and Jeffrey seemed a little "clumsy" on that play. Someone wrote on the game thread "not on the same page", and that is probably the best assessment of that play.

  • Nice Parcell's anitdote:

    "As the story goes, when New York Giants’ linebacker Lawrence Taylor reported for the start of preparations for the team’s divisional round game against the Los Angeles Rams in 1989, he found an airline ticket for New Orleans on the bench outside his locker room stall. When he queried Parcells about why the ticket was there, the coach told him he wanted him to fly to New Orleans and counsel with Saints’ linebacker Pat Swilling about how to play against Rams offensive left tackle Irv Pankey. Seems that Swilling typically dominated Pankey, while Taylor usually had problems with him. In terms of jacking up Taylor for the matchup with Pankey, the ploy worked. The Giants lost to the Rams, 19-13, in overtime, on Flipper Anderson’s 30-yard touchdown catch, but Taylor had 10 tackles and two sacks in the game, working mostly against Pankey."

    Maybe Trestman should try the same with Webb.

    Put a ticket to Arizona in Webb's locker.

    "Oh, I get it, you're trying the old Parcell's motivational trick," Webb laughs.

    "No. That's a ticket to Arizona. You've been traded to the Cards for that trashcan you see over there."


  • Doesn't Jimmy Mac have his pad in Arizona? Maybe Trestman should stick a ticket in Cutty's locker.
    "Jay we think Jim might be able to help you. He wasn't big and strong like you, but he was a winner and didn't know when he was beat. See what you can learn."

  • Webb is being paid over $1.3M this year and that's about his cap number as well. It's the last year of his contract, so one would think their might be a sense of urgency for him. It was only the first preseason game and he still has time to get with it but at this point, you'd think the light bulb regarding the importance of being consistent would have gone on. If some of the other O-line guys show up, I wonder if the Bears would consider cutting him? Or even with his consistent inconsistency, is he worth keeping around just in case of injuries? Hmm...

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    The question is - do we even feel comfortable about Webb as the swing tackle?

    That's a tough one to answer.

    On the one hand, Webb is young, experienced, durable and cheap.

    On the other hand, he's still Webb.

    I don't think we should cut him though. If Carimi can fetch a 6th rounder, I'm sure a starting LT/RT with "upside" can get about the same, especially once injuries take place (didn't the Falcons just lose their starting RT?)

    As Frey has shown us, those 6th rounders can come in handy.

  • I was really hoping to see better play from Eben Britton as the backup LT. I would still go to him first if Bushrod had something happen, but was not impressed at all the way he was manhandled.

    I am hoping for Scott to heal up. It seems prolonged now, his leg. I could go with Webb as backup RT, but would be very unhappy about that situation.

    Long is a natural RT, but he needs to start slow and master RG first, then move him outside next year.

    The West Coast is only 3 and 5 step drops, so we need a giant guard to keep the middle from collapsing. The West Coast goes to hell if you collapse the pocket up the middle. Which is why I wish we had a better center.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Yup. Britton didn't impress me. I was expecting more out of him, but it's still early.

    Some reports about Scott have emerged that worry me.

    "Jonathan Scott, who practiced Monday after sitting out the previous six days with a sore right knee, was out again. Scott was dealing with some swelling after participating in individual drills the day before.

    If the situation doesn’t improve, Scott could require arthropscopic surgery, which would sideline him a couple weeks but perhaps have him ready before the start of the regular season.

    While Scott has been out, Eben Britton has taken advantage of increased work."

    This might explain why Webb is taking all the first team reps.

    By default, that leaves us with Mills.

    I like Mills, a lot, and he had his positives and negatives in the P.S.

    The O-line is more in flux than I'd like.

    The starting 5 must have chemistry, and that'd be hard to gain when our RG is switching between Brown and Long, while our RT switches between Webb, Britton, and Mills.

    That's a lot of moving parts.

    I would say, "Let the Long-Mills era commence" But starting TWO rooks on the same side is playing with fire.

    If only Webb didn't blow!

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Last paragraph is the key to our season methinks.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Long was practicing with the first team today.

  • A 6th for Webb?

    Are you being facetious, 4ever?

    If you're not then feel free to get real.

    Webb's "upside" has been all talk to date and his performance on Friday should have sent any potential suitors running away in horror.

    J'Marcus "I play more like 'Spud' " Webb hasn't been able to find a home a BAD offensive line in over TWO years now.

    Case closed.

    As for Carimi, he still had that "Former 1st round pick who just needs a change of scenery" smell to him that made him somewhat attractive.

    Webb comes with a completely different and highly unpleasant odor.

    Stan Thomas, Marc Columbo, Chris Williams, Gabe Carimi: The Legacy Continues.

  • Webb was benched today.. Just sayin

  • +1 for Trestman.

    That sends the right message. I guess he reads Haugh,0,7708920.column?track=rss

  • I reckon Trestman is saying it like it is when he says not to draw any conclusions. They're just having an extended look at Mills, what with the #1 being injured and Webb having been well exposed. This is Mills' shot to piss or get off the pot though. The door is open for someone to walk through.

  • I'm not going to second guess Trestman but it's definitely hard to watch Joe Anderson get hurt on special teams when he's currently the #3 WR with Bennett out with the concussion.

    Trestman also admitted that Bennett's concussion after effects are lingering. Not cool.

    Webb sucks penis so our 5th round pick is now taking reps with the #1's.

    If Anderson's MRI shows damage then things will get interesting.

  • In reply to SEASON. OF. DESTINY:

    Shabba and Tolliver take one step forward please.


    "I know they've got Jay Cutler," Mills said on a conference call. "I know they've got Devin Hester, a beast of a wide receiver in Brandon Marshall. I know they just got the tackle from New Orleans, [Jermon] Bushrod. With him on the left side and me on the right side, that's going to be a line to reckon with.

    "And me with [first-round pick] Kyle Long, seeing him at the combine and I got to talk to him also, this offensive line is going to be good."

    Long and Mills will have steep learning curbs (thanks Trac), but I believe early lessons could pay dividends down the line. Next to Bushrod, these kids are probably the most talented players on the line. It will be interesting to see if Chrome and Trest decide to roll with the kids and let 'em learn on the fly, or if they go with the vets and let the kids watch from the bench. I think if Long and Mills continue to show promise and eliminate mistakes in preseason, Phil, Trest and Chrome won't be afraid to go with the talented rooks and let vets like Scott and Britton become insurance policies.

  • Fendi Onobun.

    I don't know what language that name is derived from but, apparently, it translates into English as

    "Hands of Stone".

  • In reply to Albertintucson:


  • Hayden's gone onto IR. Derrick Martin, Welcome to the Bears.

    Welcome also to Brandon Hartson, Long-snapper, who signed a three-year contract.

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