Henry Melton as Running Back

As the Bears and Henry Melton's people discuss the possibility of a lucrative contract extension, we pause to remember that Melton was actually a bruising back for a time at the collegiate level.

Eat your heart out, Fridge.

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  • First to say no way!

  • sigh.... are we really this hurting? smh.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    NO Bear news is good news, MB.

    I'm sure the Patriots just want the spotlight off them.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Yup. It's that boring. At least we have PFT. Ha!

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    Yeah, no shit Trac. That's as close to man gossip as I engage in lol

    Also, Artoo, it is slooooow as molasses, so while I did write an article about how Emery has filled the roster with size/speed prospects except in one sorta critical position, I looked it over again, and it's meh at best.

    Man, trying to come up with football articles in the summer is brutal.

    I feel for Jeff, Artoo, Ender and all others having to fill that duty.

    If a writer has access to the beloved, then there could be a lot more stories there.

    Can apply for Biggy's job, por favor...

  • If a deal doesn't get done for Melton, or even if that deal is astronomical, passing on Sharrif Floyd (who Polian reportedly told Lovie, "this is the 3-tech of our dreams") will look worse.

    But look at how many teams passed on a "top 3" talent. So I did a little investigating on the interwebs, and supposedly, Floyd has short arms (31 3/4). But surely, that can't be enough?

    His college production sucked (only like 5 sacks), but Floyd was painted as an athletic "high upside" prospect like Ansah, and Ansah flew off the shelf.

    Rumors about "character concerns" floated about, but Floyd seemed like a likable guy, and Jarvis Jones had no problem getting drafted ahead of him.

    So, what's up with Floyd? What do the teams before the Vikes "know" that they didn't, or didn't care about? When so many teams pass on somone, it does raise an eyebrow. Then again, how many teams passed on Rodgers?

    Something to mull over next season if Melton plays on the Franchise, and we're left wondering who the all important 3-tech is going to be for our D.

    Or maybe we really are preparing for a 3-4.

  • Maybe the bed is thing is to see whether Floyd is worth a shit first?

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    How it became bed rather than best is beyond me....

  • Does anyone really think Melton is that good or did he just stand out because of scheme and the compliment of players around him?

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    I'd go with the latter, Trac. It doesn't hurt things to play alongside Julius Peppers in a one-gap scheme where you're just surrounded by studs who know what they're doing.

    It's good that Jefe posted this vid. I always wondered why Henry never got the ball a la William Perry. There have been many occasions when it was fourth and short and the call goes in, nobody really expecting Forte to get it in, and then he doesn't. You give Henry the ball and it's going in for six. I guess Ditka was just smarter and had more balls. He didn't look at Guy McIntire and go "bastards!" ... if you can't beat them .....

  • "eat your heart out, fridge"...Jeff, I think he would have already were it physically possible.

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  • I mean really? fucking really?



  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Consider which site you read that on, MB.

  • Well, if we're just killing time and filling space until camp, I've got a pretty good Mickey Mantle story. That is, if anyone is interested..,

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    Sure, why not?

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    Years ago, the parents of a good friend of one of my sisters had a condo in the Ft. Lauderdale area. Back then, the Yankees had their spring training camp there and a lot of old Yankees used to come down for that and hang out .

    Anyway, this girl was down with her parents while her high school was off for Easter break. They were out having dinner at a local restaurant when her father spotted Mickey Mantle and a couple other old Yankees a few tables over. He pestered his then sixteen year old daughter about getting an autograph (who could care less) until she finally agreed.

    So she walks up to the Mick's table and says "Excuse me Mr. Mantle but could I please have your autograph?" Mickey looks up at her a bit pie-eyed and says "Sure honey, what's your name?" She replies "Patty." So Mick grabs a cocktail napkin and writes on it: "Dear Patty, Fuck you, (signed) Mickey Mantle."

    She takes the napkin back to her table and her father went ballistic, stormed over and one of the other old Yankees (I think it might have been Whitey Ford but I can't remember) quickly took him aside, apologized profusely and picked up their dinner check.

    I asked her if she saved that napkin but no, her father had torn it up. I always wondered what that would have fetched at one of the baseball memorabilia shows...

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    Awesome story. Mantle must have either been at the farthest end of his patience with the fans and autographs . . . . . . or he was a colossal douche bag.

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    great yarn... gee, I wonder if he was at all drunk?

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Interesting story. Not saying it isn't possible. Considering when he checked in at Betty Ford at age 63 the doctors told him his liver looked like a doorstop we WAS, in all likelyhood, drunk. But for me, unless Whitey Ford is telling it, it's just a story.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    He was definitely under the influence at the time...

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    It could have been a Jimmy Mac story!

  • Jimmy Mac pulled a much milder version of that on one of my brothers, a story I think I've told here before...

  • Another big pussy with a gun for a dick goes free in America, who'd a thunk it.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    I guess you weren't one of THE 12 angry men who set him free.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    My wife and I recently completed
    our cconcealed/carry course. I don't know if we'll buy hand guns or not. I own a shotgun and a rifle for hunting and actually enjoy shooting. Hand guns just seem a little too handy and easy to get pointed the wrong direction. They make me a little nervous .
    One of the primary lessons we learned in the course was the responsibility that comes with carrying the gun. Self defense is one thing, carrying a gun on neighborhood watch and confronting somebody is something different. Not illegal, just stupid.

  • In reply to Johnnywad:

    My father was an Expert rifleman in the Army. He bought my first gun when I was 11. I've owned guns all my life, and I own a couple now (shotgun, rifle). I have no problem with guns. My problem is with Zimmerman.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    Same here. Just stupid.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    I have never owned a gun, let alone ever touched one. If I owned one or had access to one ... I'd be dead.

    {No loss there Irish!}

    Guns only look cool. They're designed to kill, not protect. Either everybody or nobody carries. Now, which is it?

  • spoken like a true britt. go to texas, where it's the everybody.

    blanket statements like this don't make sense to me.

  • Americans will never relinquish their constitutional right to "bear arms." But I don't see where it says we should be allowed to conceal them. Carry guns should be like hunting outfits - blaze orange. They should be carried externally, in bright reflective holsters.

    Or they could be left as is. The carriers could be forced to wear something, to indicate they're armed - a big yellow badge with a flashing 007. I don't care, just so it's unmistakeable.

    Otherwise, it's not fair to the rest of us, not with self-defense laws as they are. What about our right to be safe and secure? How can we be secure when there's camoflauged death traps all around?

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    This is my rifle, this is my gun. Ha!

  • In reply to Johnnywad:

    Agree with the last sentence.

    I have shot and hunted for most of my life. I own guns, including a handgun. I am and always have been ULTRA conservative with gun safety and in their use. They are all locked in separate cases, kept 8' above ground in closed cabinets in my garage (yes, please don't rob me doc)... and I haven't taken any them out in over a year.

    I enjoy shooting and hunting (haven’t hunted in many years). More hunting, but not for killing, but for being in nature camping and camaraderie. And I've never killed anything bigger than a pheasant (just don't believe in it).

    So, with that bg... what zimmerman did I agree was 100% dumb. But I also believe that the verdict, based on what the justice system and law requires, was totally and completely right based on the facts presented and the totally and utter failure of the prosecution’s efforts.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Well done, jurors.

    The local authorities said from the get-go, "We have no case".

    The witnesses for the prosecution bordered on the comical.

    The Judge was was an insult to the American justice system. Also an eyesore.

    Reghardless of the verdict, Zimmerman now has a bulls-eye on his back for the rest of his life.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    LOL. Did you read the jury instructions and understand them? Did you see the explanation given to the jury got when they asked for clarification of manslaughter? I'm not sure they got any explanation at all. Maybe we'll find out later.

    Regardless, the American Justice System is an insult all by itself. And as angry as you are at Judge Nelson for being mean to poor George and being ugly, she fucked the prosecution too. John Donnely's testimony should have been striken from the record. The animation should never have been allowed, even in closing.

    As for Mr. Softee, he'll write a book, sell the movie rights, buy a walled mansion somewhere and spend the rest of his life patrolling the grounds happy as a pig in shit.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    Crunch, the judge was ugly - that counts as an extra juror.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    A hung juror, I think that's what was needed.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    Well at least we agree that that Judge has no business anywhere near a courtroom.

  • In reply to Johnnywad:

    The thing is...stupid when it results in the death of another person? Kind of illegal. I think that escaped the jurors and quite possibly the judge.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    rabbit, that's just silly. I know how smart you are and you are letting your emotions rule with that statement.

    All of that said, you need a better picker. Do you want to funnel all of your info through me to make sure I filter out all the crazy?

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    After last night, I'm done for awhile. Completely ruined my night.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Forget that, ruined my whole week. I am just hoping it's finally over with.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    Remember: If you're going to riot, riot smart.


  • In reply to Shady:

    THAT was awesome.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Ha ha.

    Note: Fill giant attack parasols with chemical dust.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    SMH BS. That's below you.

    Listen to that cuntbag moron pierce morgan's interview of zimmerman's brother. What a fucking joke that limey douchebag is... and I am seriously impressed with zimmerman's brother's composure, intelligence, and poise under biased fire.

    You sound a lot like mr. morgan BS. You're a very smart guy and I like you a lot (as much as I can know you from a year or two on a blog), you're better than the above.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    btw, want to make clear I'm not calling you any of the names I called moran. I just meant you sound like you share views on the case.

    Sorry, that made it sound like I was calling you those name and that wasn't at all my intent.

    Just wanted to make sure that was clear.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    It was clear. Even if you meant it, I'm not thin skinned, nor unable to defend myself, so fire away whenever you feel like it.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    I don't feel those things about you at all. I might if I got to know you, but I can't stand Pierce morgan... guy is such a dbag. those comments were all about him even before I watched that interview with gz's bro.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Maybe I wasn't clear: No offense taken. At least, not initially. Now you're protesting too much. I'm starting to wonder.

    They're all douchbags. Step. Away. From. The. Tee. Vee.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    hahahahahaha... I did say I don't feel those things now... I'm not sure if I actually met you and we hung out for a bit.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    You'd be jealous of my full length coyote skin coat, which Tobi gave to me first.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Please tell me he's lying Tobi. I had dibs on the full length Coyote fur coat. It sounds so luxurious when you clearly state that its full length.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    ummmm, noooooooo... *I* have dibs. Don't you dare try to take it from me.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Why can't you boys just learn to share?

  • In reply to MB30SD:


    How tall are you? I think we might be able to rule out any short guys who might be in contention for the full length coyote skin coat. You wouldn't want it dragging the ground like a Cousin IT skin coat, would you? Someone could trip and sue.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:


  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Don't give a shit about Zimmerman's brother. Don't watch Tee-Vee news shows. Don't care. My information about this incident comes almost exclusively from the trial and defense and prosecution discovery. George is guilty and he got away with it.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    honestly, he's an impressive speaker. You should look it up online.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Here you go: http://www.cnn.com/video/?/video/bestoftv/2013/07/14/pmt-piers-robert-zimmerman-brother-reaction.cnn

    He's like a much skinnier, better looking GZ. kinda funny.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I've seen him on video. There's something about the tone of his voice I don't like. It has a whiney quality. He's picking on me mommy.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    Less obviously than OJ, for sure

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Hope it's clear I meant less obviously guilty than OJ

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    That was a revenge django for the Rodney King verdict, wasn't it? I'm not sure what happened in this case.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    Since two wrongs don't make a right, let's go for three!

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Zimmerman's bro sounded intelligent and well-versed. He had enough restraint not to take the bait which was offered up many times during the interview, as Piers was looking for an emptional 'Told ya so!' kind of response. Piers is the definition of a D-bag.

  • In reply to ben in norcal:

    I thought he let a little slip when don lemon asked him that question at the end Ben.

    He got in the part that martin wasn't an angel and that there were guns and drugs involved.

    I was thinking, "daaaaammmmnnnnn!"

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Guns and drugs involved in what? The killing? Zimmerman had the gun, and was on Adderall and Temazepam. Martin had trace amounts of marijuana in his system.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    btw, I totally agree the guy was a total vagina. Staypuff dbag.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    Yeah. Poor, sweet, innocent, Trayvon Martin.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    It's done - it went to a jury trial. He's still dead. Do you think maybe we can all let it go for a week?

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    I suppose he deserved to die. Tell me what he did that night to deserve that.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    Evidently, getting into a fist fight. I find it bonkers but that seems to be the consensus.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    I don't know that he did.

    Just like you don't know that he didn't.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Maybe Trac can tell us if he deserved to die.

  • Not guilty?

    Let the rioting begin!

  • T minus 12 days.

  • I'm going to watch "Snatch" and count the days until training camp.

  • Back to that Melton run...
    You could have put me in front of him with a taser and I would say, "Go for it, big fella - it ain't worth my life".

    I'd like to see us come to a reasonable extension. He's not the be-all, end-all of our line (I reserve that designation for Pep), but it will hurt if this drags out.

  • If the Zimmerman verdict had gone the other way, in the future, how would it be possible for a person to defend themselves using deadly force after being savagely attacked and not be charged with a crime? Also, the stand your ground law was in effect and you can't find a man guilty for doing what the law allows for. This had to be the verdict.

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    But think about the precedence this might set too.

    This case might mean that anyone who legally carries a concealed gun can kill whomever he gets in a fight with no matter what the gun owner did as long as he didn't start the brawl.

    So, if you have a concealed weapon, that means that you can just eye-fuck any dude's chick right in front of him (cuz checking out a girl in front of her man is not ILLEGAL, right?), and if he tells you to stop, and you say, "nah, It's a free country. I can check out whoever I want" and he swings at you, knocks you down, you can by precedent now take out your gun and kill the "attacker".

    Precedent, right?

    I think Swift said something about those.

  • That's a load of you know what 85. Intent and malice. There was neither in this case. Stupidity yes, malice no.

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    But someone DIED because of stupidity.

    Like I wrote below, I don't think the prosecutors proved their case.

    I think this is more like a drunk driving manslaughter case, and it should have been tried that way.

    However, in that scenario I gave you, there is no malice either. Checking out some dude's girl in front of him is not malicious, nor illegal, just stupid, but by precedent wouldn't the outcome have to be the same?

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    "Savagely attacked." LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Thavagely. He was thavagely attacked to within an inch of minor latherations that needed no thtitches and an unbroken nose.

  • http://video.foxnews.com/v/2543976702001/

    I think the Martin attorney team handled this tough verdict with class and dignity. I am extremely grateful for their comments in this video and I respect and am grateful for their efforts to handle the post verdict trajectory.

  • It's quite weird following the results of the trial from across the pond. In fact, once again referring to the BBC news website, this result is actually less read about than junkie Glee actor dying. I hate this nation sometimes.

    Oh and you guys can keep Piers Morgan, thank you very much. What a monumental cum stain on society he is.

  • In reply to DYLbear23:

    hahahha... exactly dy. He should have stayed a fucking (bad) reality show judge. cunt.

  • I was reading PFT (cuz it's DEAD everywhere besides rumor mill) and decided to relay some of the most interesting NFL player tweets from there.

    "Falcons receiver Roddy White, who rarely bites his tongue, sounded off loudly on Twitter. ”F–king Zimmerman got away with murder today wow what kind of world do we live in,” White said. ”All them jurors should go home tonight and kill themselves for letting a grown man get away with killing a kid.”

    Marcus Vick, the brother of Eagles quarterback Mike Vick, continued a theme he began during the prosecution’s closing argument. ”Like I said before, a dogs life mean more then a human of color,” Marcus Vick said. ”My people’s did 2 years over some bullshit when this dude took a human life. Y’all MF’s sick. . . . Zimmerman u peace of DOG shit if I ever seen u I would run up n let u beat my ass then I’ll pop u right between the eyes u cricket Bitch.”

    Even Giants receiver Victor Cruz, who isn’t known for saying or doing outlandish things, offered up a chilling prediction for George Zimmerman’s future, via Deadspin: ”Zimmerman doesn’t last a year before the hood catches up with him.”

    Bengals linebacker James Harrison made a very strong point that gets to the core of the case. ”Think I’ll go pick a fight and get my ass kicked then pull my gun and kill somebody and see if I can get away,” Harrison tweeted.

    Ravens receiver Torrey Smith, who lost a brother last year under far different but no less tragic circumstances, realizes that eye-for-an-eye revenge shouldn’t happen. ”Also as mad as a lot of people are over the verdict…trying to take out Zimmerman isn’t the answer neither,” Smith said.


  • http://www.memesay.com/m/MTI3Ng==

  • http://www.memesay.com/m/MTI3OQ==

  • Meanwhile, while everyone is bitching about a tragic accident trying to make a mexican into a white guy and calling it a hate crime a grandmother here in Chicago beat and choked her 8yr old granddaughter to death. Imagine what that was like.

    6month Jonylah Watkins killer was also just arrested. She was killed over a fucking video game....and it wasn't by a white mexican.

    a 14yr and 15yr couple of teens were killed this morning......at 4am....and i'm pretty sure a white mexican didn't do it. Where's the outrage? I'm confused now.

    Seems like we need to get our fucking priorities straight. This case went to trial and it was resolved so fucking get over it.

    I'm hearing some outlandish bullshit about race relations in our country from some people that have no fucking clue what happened that night. These same people in the media won't make a peep when the standard killings play out every fucking day of the week and 4 times on weekends.

    I'm fucking done with this subject and I hope the rest of you are too. If you ever need additional perspective, i'll be happy to provide a new murder or murder rape case for you every day or at the very least every other day just to keep you in the loop. Unfortunately I can't guarantee any salacious hate crimes or examples of whites killing blacks but i can give you plenty of sexy black on black, or latino on latino pieces and even some black on white hot interracial action.

    Where's the fucking outrage???? Where the fuck is it?

  • I think what happens Johhny is that certain issues are currently debated and at the forefront of national news, then, some crazy case hits the court, and the media runs with it.

    In this case, gun control/concealed weapons was/is a hotly debated issue. Profiling was/is a hotly debated issue.

    Then, Zimmerman profiles an af am kid, gets his ass whooped, then has to pull out his LEGALLY concealed gun and kill him.

    The media must have thought, "Man, we can't make this shit up" thanked Cronkite in the sky, and ran with it.

    And then it's national over saturated coverage.

    "black on black" "brown on brown" without the subtext of some political debate just doesn't rile up people, and the media if nothing else knows what does or doesn't push people's button.

  • You care about what you care about; I'll care about what I care about. The person I care about most in this world is a 16 year old white kid. She's already a 10 on the MB scale, but she happens to like a 17 year old black kid.

    It's odd, because we live in an area that's about as white as it gets. I have seen crosses burning at keg parties less than half a mile from my house. A cop shot a 12 year old black kid in the back in a nearby town and got away with it. I've gone into local government offices to ask if they'd be open on MLK day, and been told, "You mean James Earl Ray Day." I've been in places where the only dark-skinned thing was a baby in the arms of a white woman and everyone made their disgust very clear. As long as you're white, complete strangers don't hesitate to come up to you to make small-talk about the niggers. It's odd, because there are so few black people round here. But you know, they all watch the world news.

    Everyone has a gun. I've had them pulled on me several times. Once it was because the guy got scared when I knocked on his door to ask directions. Another guy called me out in a fit of road rage, then got scared when I accepted. They were just dumb rednecks, but if either of them had pulled the trigger, I'm sure they'd have had the sense to tell the cops they were in fear for their lives. A few minor self-inflicted wounds, and they'd have gotten away with it.

    So you go ahead and worry about people being mean to Jay Cutler while children are starving all over the globe. I'll worry about the things that matter to me, and if Jeff doesn't like it, he can ban me. Until then, just scroll by.

    But for the record, I never said Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin because of the color of his skin. I don't think he did.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    you kind of got a little off track there bringing in my pet peeves on Bears stuff and intermingled it with actual meaningful stuff from your life.

    My post was about this manufactured race faceoff that we now find ourselves in where an actual trial took place and the result was delivered by a jury. The fact that americans would possibly riot after due process was executed is inexcusable. I don't need to get your record of where you stand on why you think Zimmerman shot Martin because your opinion, my opinion and everyone else's opinion doesn't mean shit. No one knows what fucking happened which is why i'm so confused that everyone seems so convinced of what happened, why it happened and why the particular verdict was reached.

    Crunch, it's weird that you would bring up children starving around the globe as you would have no idea what steps I take as a son, a neighbor, a citizen, a dad, a sibling etc to do my part to help kids , my family and people i'll never meet in my area have meals when their parents, family/they themselves can't provide them. What you posted is valid and meaningful as it is your life experience but I'm confused because it has nothing to do with my post and though it was meant as some sort of slight at me I'll still post about the Bears because as you can probably agree, it has nothing to do with world peace, world hunger, race relations, relationships or anything else outside of the Bears.

  • In your original post, you basically said I should just shut the fuck up and quit obsessing about the Zimmerman case. You said the issue is resolved. Meanwhile, many worse things are happening in the world right now. I should get my priorities straight. If I want a new salacious murder or rape case, you would be happy to provide.

    No, you didn't address your remarks specifically to me. But you specifically addressed all posters on DBB that are discussing the Zimmerman case. Certainly I'm included in that group.

    My perspective is different from yours. If you think I shoud be worried about more imortant things, I could always say the same to you. There is nothing you can post that I couldn't attack from that position. You don't like deadly terrorist attacks? Get the fuck over it, there are children dying in deadly governmental attacks every day.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    Crunch, if you look at my first sentence you'll realize that you were the farthest thing from the target of my mini rant. My post was directed towards those attempting to make this a race killing and some sort of indictment of the court system as it pertains to minorities and hence the talk of fucking riots. It's bullshit.
    When I said "get over it" I was referring to the fact that the original anger was about Zimmerman not having his day in court, the Stand Your Ground law and profiling. Then he had his day in court and the evidence was presented....poorly. Then he got off because of the lack of evidence and the poor case presented with the little evidence that was available for MURDER 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So now he gets off and it becomes a racial issue instead of the trial of a crazy law and it's applications when it's not caught on video in the context of profiling, vigilantiism, etc. Now it becomes about possible rioting after a decision was made?

    I never told anyone not to care about the case. For god's sake, i still get misty eyed when I think of Casey Anthony killing that precious little girl or a 6month old being blow apart by a gangster or the autistic toddler just found buried or the little girls raped by family members. I was talking about people talking shit about race this and race that after a court case was presented and both sides had a chance to present whatever evidence they had. That is what people need to live with. They certainly don't have to like it or agree with it but our president said that we have to honor this decision at the very least. The day in court came and went and the resolution was delivered whether we agree with it or not.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    Crunch, not true. Look at the first sentence.

    I think we need to address these issues but I don't have to agree with those that wanted GZ put to trial and found guilty no matter what the law said.

    I agree that brutal shit is going on every day but I don't feel that this issue is not important. It is very important but I don't have to sit by and be pleased with how the media and the market makers shape the story and how the gen pop eats it up.

    My comment about other salacious cases was that I feel that the habitual race card pullers got to sing from the mountain tops instead of the case being about Stand Your Ground and profiling. It was made into a race killing which is bullshit. These same race card pullers will ignore the fuck out of black on black, latino on latino crime,etc. They invented a new ethnicity for god's sake. What would happen if we call Halle Berry a White African? It's mentioned in every fucking article man and people are still talking like this dude is pure whitebread. He identifies himself as Mexican....fuck you George, you'll be whoever the fuck we want you to be as long as it serves our purpose said the media and those with an agenda.

  • Another great post Johnny. When this story went viral in the MSM and the interwebs, the storyline was an innocent little black kid with skittles was walking home when he was stalked and killed by a big white guy with a german last name. The original photos plastered everywhere in the news were of a thuggish, brutish looking Zimmerman, and a picture of Trayvon when he was 12 years old (it's still the predominant picture shown of Trayvon). It was probably over a week after this went viral that I seen updated photos of Trayvon and realized how big he was compared to the other picture.

    Then the mainstream media's simplistic storyline started breaking down. The racist angle wasn't as effective because it turns out Zimmerman was half hispanic. Instead of changing the narrative, they came up with a new term: white hispanic. Then it trickles out that Zimmerman was the one who got beat up. Now the story has a lot more gray area.

    Then the circus begins. Our white African American President gets involved, along with the race hustlers Al Shapton and Jesse Jackson. At this point I went out of my way to be as ignorant about the case as possible. It turned into a political issue, and I lost all interest. It was obvious it was going to turn into another toxic front of the culture wars between left and right, which the media loves to exploit.

    On a side note, I went and seen Jesse Jackson speak while in college at Wisconsin around 1993. He had a packed house and probably made a shit load of money. I listened to him for over two hours, and when I left my head was foggy. I have no fucking clue what his speech was supposed to be about, other than "keep hope alive", which he probably said 50 times. The people cheering profusely and walking out praising the speech were either lying or stupid or both. I just shook my head at them.

    On a side side note, Jeanne Kirkpatrick was scheduled to speak at Wisconsin around the same time as Jesse. She was an important figure in the Reagan White House for those who didn't know. The socialists on campus shouted her down and wouldn't let her speak. It was disgraceful. The next day the school newspapers praised these demonstrators for stopping "hate" from being spoken on campus.

  • In reply to The Fifth:

    All of which says nothing about what happened between Martin and Zimmerman. Not that you claimed otherwise.

    By the way, the "thuggish, brutish" photo of Zimmerman you mentioned was a mug shot.

  • pathetic.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    lol, i thought i got my point across.

  • i can't tell if you thought my post was pathetic or the state of affairs in my fair city.

  • state of affairs in your lovely city. I still love you.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I love him too. Why does he hate on me?

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:


  • The comment's section was also very telling. I think this summed up the defense's case concisely.

    "There’s nothing illegal about carrying a firearm, there’s nothing illegal about following someone down a street, there’s nothing illegal about asking someone what they’re doing, there’s nothing illegal about continuing to follow someone even when the police tell you you should not do it because there’s no law against it, it was just advice. It is illegal to physically attack someone. It is not illegal to defend yourself. Simple as that. Justice prevailed."

    And there I see why so many ppl differ so widely on the subject.

    I think what's happening is conflation. Can of like when I had to clarify the question.

    1. Do I think Zimmerman SHOULD go to prison?
    2. Do I think Zimmerman WILL go to prison?

    Those are two totally different premises which lead to very different emotional responses.

    The guy who summarized the Zimmerman defense states that a lot of the actions he took are not ILLEGAL, but that doesn't mean they were right. It's not ILLEGAL to walk into the hood with an "I hate N-ggers" sign like John McClain in "Die Hard 3", but in the real world, certain actions provoke certain reactions.

    Just look at the story GP told us recently about some guy staring him down for checking out a chick.

    If a guy's following you around, giving you the stare down in the "hood", expect a confrontation. Now, it's easy for the rest of us to play armchair Ghandi and say, "Just walk away." But Trayvon was a kid, and how many of us have done worse shit than Trayvon in our macho youth? But, luckily, we didn't get shot for it.

    I think what makes me angry is that Zimmerman SHOULD have gone to jail, but I understand why he didn't. I'm as angry at the prosecutors incompetence to try for the murder 2 instead of the manslaughter as I am at Zimmerman's idiocy.

    But you see, to many Af Americans, esp in the South which Florida kinda is, this is just another "wink wink. You liberal media pansies are making such a storm about us not charging him, well, then, we'll charge him with something we know won't stick."

    Doesn't matter if it SOUNDS rational, but generations of irrational slavery and Jim Crow tend to make a community look out for the irrational.

    No matter. My mind understands the verdict, but I my heart feels like something's rotten in Denmark; a kid got killed for beating someone up who was profiling and stalking him.

    Even if it's not ILLEGAL, I still feel that it's UNJUST.

  • 4E, there are so many things that come out that really didnt happen and that made things worse. You say he was told by the police not to follow him, wrong, he was told by the dispatcher "you dont have to do that". Dispatchers are the farthest down the food chain. They have no authority whatsoever and offer suggestions to callers on things to do until the police arrive. The media showed old pictures of Martin when he was much younger, they referred to him as a "child", inferring he was younger than he was. It was an unfortunate tragedy that happened, but not a crime. I would venture a guess that if Zimmerman did not have the gun concealed, but was openly carrying it this would never have happened because Martin would have continued on to his Dad's house where possibly Dad or Trayvon would have dialed 911 and reported someone was following him..

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:

    But again, this points to the wider issue.

    So are you advocating AGAINST concealed weapons and FOR openly carrying arms, like Wyatt Earp?

    Would like to hear your take on that since it's a stand I don't come across everyday.

    Also, yeah, I know the dispatcher told Zimmerman that, and that dispatcher's can be wrong, but I think any cop would have advised Zimmerman the same.

    I agree that the prosecutor didn't meet their burden of proving beyond a reasonable doubt for murder 2, but as I already stated, that they went for that instead of manslaughter is part of the injustice.

    As someone else noted, and I quote:

    "Plaxico Burress shot HIMSELF in the leg and did time.

    Just sayin’."

  • For packing illegally. Big diff my man. Now you're getting into silly season territory.

  • In reply to TracDaddy:

    So you don't think Zimmerman shouldn't have gone to prison for ANYTHING? Not manslaughter, or reckless endangerment, or any other lower charge, Trac?

  • *should

  • I think he has learned his lesson. His life is wrecked for the rest of his life.

  • nope. but if martin had lived I do think he should have. yes, I am serious.

  • In reply to MB30SD:


  • Here in Indiana you have a permit to carry, whether open or concealed is up to the permit holder. I believe Florida law is it must be concealed. It was a bad decision on Zimmer to follow the guy because it could have turned that way for him too. If I have my gun on me, it doesn't encourage me to behave any differently that if I dont. I'm just sayin he didnt do anything illegal, and you cant put people in jail for doin "stupid" stuff or there wouldnt be many of us left out.

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:

    Exactly Murph! Exactly. I suggest that a person should never carry if it either emboldens or makes him uncomfortable.

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:

    Good, let's stick to the facts.

    The police dispatcher asked Z if he was following. Z said "Yeah." The dispatcher said, "We don't need you to do that." Z said "OK," yet the sounds that prompted the dispatcher to ask the question continued. The dispatcher remained silent for a while, listening. Then he said, "Alright sir. What is your name?" Z answered somewhat breathlessly, "George. He ran." The dispatcher asked for a last name and Z gave it - again, somewhat breathlessly. Next we hear a tapping noise that is Z trying to get his weaponized tactical flashlight to work. Under his breath he says irritably, "Shit. Come-on."

    Later, Z claimed that he never got the tactical flashlight working (it was found a couple feet from Martin's body, in working condition). Z also claimed he had stopped following Martin at that point - that he was "just going in the same direction" as Martin. He said he went that way to find a street address for the dispatcher because he didn't know the name of the street he was on (Twin Trees Lane - 1 of only 3 streets in the gated community; Georged walked his dog there every day; every time he entered or exited the gated community through the main entrance, he passed the street sign). He was parked right near a townhome with an address.

    So, to summarize: Z said Martin tried to get away from him. He said he followed Martin anyway. He said he stopped following, but admitted to continuing on in the same direction, looking for a street address he already knew, didn't need, and never gave to the dispatcher. You believe that load of shit?

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    I also would have followed the kid till the cops got there to make sure he wasn't doing anything bad.

    So BS, who do you think confronted and/or hit who first?

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    The question, MB, is why you would believe THAT part of Zimmerman's account when the rest of it is so full of holes? There's a reason his lawyers kept him off the stand - he would have convicted himself.

    But it's over until the civil trials start firing off, rule of law and all that. Glad people have generally taken the whole thing calmly instead of rioting.

    Football season here yet?

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    As Mantei said during the trial, only two people know for sure what happened that night: "One is dead, and the other is a liar."

    Everybody here keeps saying Zimmerman was attacked first, but that's just Zimmerman's story. There's no proof of it.

    If Zimmerman first grabbed Martin to keep him from getting away, that's an attack too. Since Zimmerman was clearly the one following, and Martin was clearly the one trying to get away, I'd say Zimmerman was most likely the aggressor.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Would you really have followed Martin in the dark in your car, MB? I don't believe that.

    Put yourself in Zimmerman's place. You're head of the Neighborhood Watch. You see a kid that you don't recognize walking in the rain near the shotcut entrance that is commonly used by the kids in the gated community. He's wearing a Gray hoodie with a big white photo button and pants that are nearly white in color. His shoes are glossy-white patent-leather Jordan's.

    You have a gun. Are you going to follow the kid slowly in your car like a fucking creep, or are you going to roll down your window, identify yourself, and ask him where he's going?

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    I don't know exactly BS, I do know that if i wasn't on the NW it would be much stranger to me... as it would be if there hadn't been break ins and home invasions by very similar looking ADULTS in the very recent past.

    Was BZ a fucking idiot pussy who actually thought he was a toughguy. 100%. Do I think his actions were totally strange and off-base given the two facts I gave above... not even close.

    He thought it was his responsibility to make sure the cops talked to the guy or at least found out what he was doing and that they got there before the guy (not kid, cause he had NO idea about the guy's age right) vanished.

    Now, does you opinion change if what gz said is true and he was just trying to find the guy and keep tabs on him from a distance until the cops came... and then TM came out of nowhere and punched him in the face knocking him to the ground, and then got on top of him and started beating the shit out of him and said something about killing him (keep in mind GZ still didn't know how old he was and whether he had a weapon... nor did he aim anything)?

    Does that change your pov at all?

    How can it possibly not?

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I meant gz didn't aim the gun, he shot in the midst of an outright struggle, it was just an unlucky shot.

    He could just as easily have winged him and the dude might not have had to even go to the hospital that night.

    Rabbit... my thought above was... if the scenario I just mentioned above happened, I would be calling for TM to be on trial for battery. What would have happened if GZ didn't pull his gun and TM kept punching him and GZ's head hitting the cement caused brain trauma and he died (happens all the time in fights)... what then?

    It's my assertion that is just as possible an outcome here.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    If that had happened, you think TM wouldn't have been on trial for Murder 1?

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Good question. Or how about: What if Martin had grabbed George's gun and shot the creepy ass-cracker in the left ventricle?

    The creep was following me in a car. I thought I had lost him. I thought I was safe. There were houses all around. I was 100 yards from home, talking to my friend on the phone.

    Then the creep came out of nowhere, knocked the phone out of my hand before I could call 9-1-1, and grabbed me. He put some kind of - I don't know - submission grappling hold on me. I screamed for help but no one came.

    I just kept screaming and trying to pull away from him. Then we slipped in the wet grass. His head bounced off the sidewalk and my head bounced off his nose. I tried to push up off of him. His head hit the concrete again and he became enraged. He said, "You're going to die tonight, homey," and went for his weapon. I managed to get it first. Then I just pulled it and shot him.


  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Actually, that headline is wrong. The killer doesn't get tested for drugs in a Florida shooting.


  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Now you're just being stubborn. Admit it MB, you are not a creepy ass-cracker. You are not the type to follow boys home in the dark.

    Trayvon Martin was three weeks past his 17th birthday. Zimmerman correctly identified him to the police dispatcher as being in his "late teens." Later in the call, Zimmerman said, "I don't know where this KID is." Zimmerman himself didn't think Martin was an adult.

    You can't say he was. Remember, we agreed previously that although 18 year old women are fair game for ogling purposes on da blog, 17 year old girls are off-limits.

    You asked, "Now, does your opinion change if what GZ said is true, and he was just trying to find the guy and keep tabs on him from a distance until the cops came--"

    Zimmerman didn't say that. He knew better than to say that. He said he had stopped 'keeping tabs' on Martin and decided to look for an address instead. It's a lie, but that's what he said.

    And for me to even consider the possibility that "...TM came out of nowhere and punched him in the face knocking him to the ground, and then got on top of him and started beating the shit out of him...", you're going to have to explain to me how that punch knocked Zimmerman backwards to the north, and dropped him to the ground 40 feet to the south.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    The misplacement of that hyphen, intentional or not, was hilarious.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    It was intentional, but I can't take credit. After Rachel Jeantel testified that Martin had referred to the guy following him by that phrase, someone on another board (who had never heard the word cracker used as an insult before) looked the phrase up in the Urban Dictionary.


  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    Heres the transcript of the call Crunch.

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:

    I'm not sure why you posted that transcript. I didn't misquote Zimmerman.

    Here's the call itself:

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    Posted it for any one interested in reading it. I didnt say you misquoted, but this was it in its totality.

  • some of the shit said in this story but some of the people quoted boggles my mind. They are either completely fucking ignorant, brainwashed, or both. Are they fucking kidding!?


  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I guess Sam is Dead forgot OJ?

  • and not but

  • http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/pouncey-bros-wear-free-hernandez-hats-club-article-1.1398466

    (I bet these two fucking geniuses also had some deep and thought-provoking tweets about the zimmerman trial. smmfh.)

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    What happened to the one on the right? Looks like he weighs about 175 with 9 inch biceps. Wonder what they scored on the Wonderlic.

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:


  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Allegedly, a 14 and a 20 respectively.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:


  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Literacy are awesome!

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Couple of idiots.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    "Dumb and Dumber" ?

  • Or you could just get a french bulldog.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    micro fucking pig?!?!

    Looks delicious.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    So that's where vienna sausages come from.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    quite possibly.

  • thanks gods you don't have a twitters accounts BS: http://tracking.si.com/2013/07/14/falcons-roddy-white-apology-zimmerman-verdict/?sct=hp_t2_a4&eref=sihp

    hee hee

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    As I stated before, if I owned a sports franchise the FIRST thing I would do is forbid ANYONE in my organization, especially players, to Tweet.

    It's tantamount to letting a 5 year old play with a loaded weapon.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I have a twitter account. Remember? It's under the name you stripped from me. But I never logon, and I only follow Da Blogfadder and Brandon Marshall.

    Still, I can search for tweets. Did you see the ones that your boy, Robert Zimmerman, is so sorry for posting?


  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    no, but while you're at it you should check out some of that little angel TM's tweets.

    Yikes... he sounded straight up gaaaaangstahhhhh to me.

    Sadly, I've found that little is as it seems in this world BS.

  • Oh GREAT!

    The Gestapo just won't let it be.


    That's ALL we need.

    Another "ZIMMERMAN TRIAL".

    Eric Holder makes John Mitchell look like a Hall-of-Fame Attorney General.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    You didn't really expect otherwise out of this administration, did you?

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Actually, no.

    I'm waiting for the Congressional outrage when it comes out that they've been spying on Senators and Congressmen.

    THAT ought to be pretty funny.

  • I love this blog. The debates are priceless and pretty educational.

  • You're lucky Artoo. When I was a your age, there was no internet. I had to insult people in person, or anonymously over the telephone. They'd just punch me in the face or hang up. It was so frustrating. I never learned anything.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:


  • I'm hoping this cat brings way more than potential.


  • http://usnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/07/14/19466847-marches-rallies-follow-zimmerman-acquittal?lite


    This will turn violent.

    ...and that dipshit holder any ANY 'official' support of continuing anything to do with this trial is just fueling the fire.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Have to agree, Holder is turrible.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I'm done with the whole thing. I refuse to give this circus any more attention. Like I said, Zimmermans life from here on our is pretty much caput, I'm actually starting to get angry at the idiocy I'm hearing people propagate.

    That is all.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Holder is an asshole.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Are you kidding?

    He would have to improve just to qualify for "Asshole"

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