Jordan Mills (5th Rd) Thinks He's the Starting Right Tackle

I credit Jordan Mills, the fifth-round left tackle out of Louisiana Tech, for his boldness. For his tenacity. For his self-confidence. He told the Chicago media the Bears offensive line is "Bushrod on one side, me on the other."

Does this spell the end for JWebb Nation?

Here is the full text from Adam Jahns of the Sun-Times:

"I know they've got Jay Cutler," Mills said on a conference call. "I know they've got Devin Hester, a beast of a wide receiver in Brandon Marshall. I know they just got the tackle from New Orleans, [Jermon] Bushrod. With him on the left side and me on the right side, that's going to be a line to reckon with.

"And me with [first-round pick] Kyle Long, seeing him at the combine and I got to talk to him also, this offensive line is going to be good."


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  • Who has two thumbs and predicted Mills would be drafted by the Bears in the 4rth or later weeks ago?

    THIS guy.

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    For real. That's amazing. What did you like about him?

  • In reply to Big Mike:

    I went back and reviewed what kind of Olinemen Kromer drafted, and him and Kuigibala fit the bill (the latter actually went first, which surprised me).

    Kromer prefered:

    RT (converted to OG)
    Raw (Footwork and such need work)

    Mills got interviewed, looked at some tape, and I just new the Bears were drafting him. I actually thought he was going to start at LG for us, but obviously I had no idea they were going Long in the 1st.

  • So far, every draft pick has been interviewed by Bears (even Long apparently), so, at the risk of sounding like a broken record...

    ----4rth rounders----

    [63.7] - Zach Line, RB/FB, SMU (EW)
    [60.1] - Brandon McGee, DB, Miami (PRI)
    [60.0] - Stefphon Jefferson, RB, Nevada (COM)
    [60.0] Nick Kasa, TE, Colorado (INT)
    [59.6] Melvin White-CB Lousiana-Lafayette (?)
    [56.7] - Robert Lester, DB, Alabama (SR#)
    [56.0] - Tyrone Goard, WR, Eastern Kentucky (EW)
    [54.8] - Bradley McDougald, S, Kansas (EW)
    [52.0] - Edmond Kugbila, OL, Valdosta State (PRI)


    [-] Alan Baxter, DL, Northern Illinois (PRO)
    [-] - Matt Evans, LB, New Hampshire (EW)
    [-] Jeremy Harris, DB, New Mexico (INT)
    [-] - Keavon Milton, TE, Louisiana-Monroe (PRI)
    [-] Sean Progar, DL, Northern Illinois (PRO)
    [-] - Eric Rogers, WR, Cal Lutheran (PRO)
    [-] Supo Sanni, DB, Illinois (PRO)
    [-] Don Unamba, DB, Southern Arkansas (PRI)
    [-] Rashaan Melvin, DB, Northern Illinois (PRO)
    [-] Keegan Wetzle, LB, Navy (PRI)

  • That was a very unflattering video of Jordan Mills. He seemed to give up on almost every play after his initial block. He could barely stop the outside move, and was obviously holding or reaching on several of the plays. He didn't look like an NFL tackle in that video.

  • In reply to The Fifth:

    Personally, I think he's going to be moved inside.

    Kromer did the same with his other PB OGs from the Saints. Converted RTs.

    Mills is raw, but so were they. Hope it turns out the same.

  • Moved inside ... like towards the middle of the bench?

    Bushrod >< Scott

    Do we need Bostic more than we needed a center/ We still would have had Greene to back up Briggs, Anderson ... and had one of the top two centers in the draft. Cockology I say.

    6th round ... and .... oh fuck my life we just drafted another linebacker.

    Yes, Emery IS taking the piss. This is some illuminati shit I kid you not. The Halas family have pissed off Evelyn De Rothschild and he has sent Angelo and now Emery to rub it in and teach them a lesson.

    You are kidding me.

  • Ah! I see what Phil's doing ... he's drafting people according to his draft board ... except you're supposed to stop drafting linebackers after ... y'know ... you've got nine of them on the roster .... you fuckin' turd !

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    How many tackles are we going to draft and convert to guards? Is it contagious, doesn't it seem like that rarely happened and now it keeps happening?

    Is this because glitchy screwed up so many drafts?

  • In reply to Big Mike:


  • All we need is Swope and a guy who can play Center, and this draft has taken care of business. Maybe some of the picks were reaches, but Emery certainly focused like a laser on the team's deficiencies.

  • Swope is gone.

  • ..and then kept on drafting the position as if he couldn't form any new memories. Literally a third of our roster is filled with O-linemen and linebackers ... and not one center worth a fuck.

  • Jerry Angelo? U there??

  • In reply to Scala:

    I'm starting to think there's something to the illuminati-ruled-by-lizard-people thing now /// Angelo is a shape-shifter ... he never left !!!

  • I think Emery was referring to the 9ers trading up...

    "Nothing doing: Emery did not name names, but he revealed that some teams had called the Bears to discuss possible trades for players currently on the Chicago roster.

    "We've gotten some calls from people wanting veteran players that maybe don't work for the new staff and they're ready to move on and they still have some value," Emery said.

    "They have [offered] some late-round picks, but we do our homework year-round on the current players in the NFL and we're able to tell them rather rapidly whether we have interest in that, and we haven't found anything that matches up value-wise."

    Lopsided trades: Speaking of matching up value-wise, Emery is puzzled that some of the trades in the first round Thursday night appeared to be one-sided, especially based on a universally-used chart that assigns point values for every pick in the draft.

    "There have been a number of trades where teams didn't get equal value," he said. "I don't have any explanation for that. I will tell you the Chicago Bears are probably not ever going to be one of those teams. If you're going to trade with us, you are going to come up with equal value, especially if you are coming up to get our pick."

    ---San Francisco 49ers give up: 31st and 74th picks

    Dallas Cowboys give up: 18th pick

    Old trade chart verdict: 49ers win. They received a pick worth 900 points for picks worth 820 points. Drake: "The team trading up (49ers) received excess value equal to .03 number one picks, 10 percent more value than they traded away."

    Harvard chart verdict: Cowboys win. They received picks worth 331.6 for a pick worth 249.5 points. Drake: "The team trading down (Cowboys) received excess value equal to .17 number one picks, 33 percent more value than they traded away."

    Sando comment: It's a little funny to me that the 49ers, a team fully versed in analytics, would fare much better by the old chart than by a new one. However, the 49ers use their own proprietary chart, one that might not line up with any charts used in this exercise. They needed a starting safety and got one in LSU's Eric Reid at No. 18. They also have 11 picks remaining, so they had capital to burn.

  • Holy shit. They're trading Briggs.

  • Another LB?


  • In reply to DYLbear23:

    He's a Dend DY... he looks like a okoye or the brian kid.

    And it says he's 265 Irish

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Yeah I've had a look into him and I like the pick. Just initial confusion.

  • That's it brethren ... they're going to deal Briggsy. That's why he was at the draft ... ostensibly he was hawking the new carbon fiber Reebok shoe (look at the Bears draft vid on NFL.COM) ... but no, he was interviewing. Fuck.

    "Hello Titans, Bears here ..... you know that guy you drafted in the third round? Well, you need a linebacker by any chance? You do?"

    Phil may be a genius and we just haven't seen him lay down his cards yet.

  • Mayock has just said he really liked what the Bears have done in this draft. Now they're calling Washington a pure pass rushing defensive end ... at two hundred and forty fucking pounds. Chicken Dinner? We just drafted salad dressing for the other end.

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    That's funny

  • Is there anybody in the draft Mayock DIDN'T like? He likes everybody. What a whore.

  • btw, our 6th rd guy is a fucking athletic animal... check out his combine stats and mayock's quote.

    He fucking got best in class at every single fucking event/skill

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    he looks slow and lazy when standing and when they play isn't coming to him.... but when he's down and the play is to him he looks decent

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    He was ranked as the #5 OLB (pretty sure that's a 3-4 OLB) on Scott Wright's board. Scott predicted him as a 2nd or 3rd rounder. And the guy's listed at 265, too.

    Could be the steal of the draft, though I have no clue why he would've lasted to the 6th.

  • from jeff's birdy account:

    dabearsblog Walter Football had Cornelius Washington, DE, Georgia going to the Falcons in the SECOND round.

  • he's a D End guys

    Cornelius Washington
    DE - Georgia
    6'4" - 265 lbs.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    This was the dude we said Doc named his hash pipe after, right? hehe

  • dude ran a 4 fucking 55 at 2.65... and benched 36... with an almost 40" vertical!!!!!

    Dude is a BEEEAAAST!

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    sorry a 4.55 40 @ 265 LBS

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    insane. I do like this pick.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    IF he mentally puts it together, yeah.
    His college stats are beyond mediocre...
    But his combine numbers are redonkulous.


  • In reply to Viva:

    good call

  • In reply to Viva:

    This game is fantastic. Refs have been pretty shoddy though.

  • Emery clearly had a vision of what to accomplish with this draft, addressing the teams biggest areas of NEED. O-Line help? Check. Linebacker depth? Check.

    A couple of things concern me:

    1. No secondary help is a bit surprising. Not only do they need to find a nickel, they need to come up with a contingency plan for Tillman and Jennings who are both FAs next season.

    2. No playmakers. No WRs, no TEs, no RBs no player who can make big plays with the ball in their hands.

    Time will tell how good this draft is, but I think it's safe to say Emery accompished what he set out to do.

  • Nazr you beautiful decrepit son of a bitch!

  • In reply to DYLbear23:

    No doubt.

  • Nate Robinson will be all over Sports Center tonight. 23 pts in the 4th quarter - Bulls went on a 16-2 run to tie it up. Love the way they are coached and love the way they play.

    Bulls Win.

  • In reply to Viva:

    He got properly fired up after Wallace cleaned him out. I'm going to miss the guy when the Bulls refuse to resign him.

  • In reply to DYLbear23:

    Hope you are wrong.

  • In reply to Viva:

    As do I but Reinsdorf is a cheap bastard and with Rose coming back Nate will be punted alongside Bellinelli, Rip, Vlad and Cook. Apparently they want to keep Nazr though.

  • In reply to DYLbear23:

    Do you make room for LJ in 2014, or do you build a team to take him down?

  • In reply to Viva:

    Well we all know what happened last time they made room for him. Unless they amnesty Boozer and trade Deng or Taj, I don't see how they could afford to. Plus he's probably gonna go back to Cleveland.

  • In reply to Viva:

    Coach Thibs should be coach of the year. Won't happen, but he should be.

  • In reply to Shady:

    I think he will get it.

  • Now time to draft Sheldon Price, and get us a CB.

  • In reply to Viva:

    or hope he is an UFA and we get get him tomorrow.

  • I bet the Bears will redshirt Cornelius Washington this year. He will get a sore toe or calf strain, unless his motor is absolute shit and they cut him.

  • hey DY, tell us your sotry of how a fucking scott came to be a bears fan. And a fucking bulls fan.


  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Short version: one of my buddies had Madden 06, I tried it, bought Madden 07, made a guy who then got drafted by the Bears. I then got intrigued enough to watch a game and the first game I watched was against St Louis when Hester had 2 returns for TDs. I was sold.

    Bulls, eh well I just decided to ride with Chicago teams. You get the good and the bad with that (bloody Cubs).

  • In reply to DYLbear23:


    Video games giving life not just death.

    btw, th scotts accent is one of my favorites. I do a decent one, and a decent irish accent too. In fact, last time I was in Chi on biz our CEO dared me to speak in it all night. I did and some dudes we met took a pic with me because, "My dad would be so proud I met an actual Irishman"

    Our CEO, who's a filthy aussie, was laughing his ass off.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    wait, that was redundant wasn't it... all aussies are philandering cunts aren't they

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Pump your brakes kid...

  • In reply to Shady:


    Awesome. LOVE that scene.

    that man's a national treasure.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    you know that's a true story... lady lost a kid

    Fucking.... brilliant.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Not really met a lot of Aussies. Most folk here tend to go in the other direction.

    The major benefit of a Scottish accent is that as long as you aren't a Weegie (i.e from Glasgow), the majority women outside of Scotland think it is sexy as fuck.

    This is Weegie, embarassingly:

  • In reply to DYLbear23:

    yes they do. I was kidding about aussies. they are actually usually great people and very friendly.

    Yep. as our CEO says, he might be a 6, but in america, his accent makes him an 8. It's true man... seen it in action many times. American chicks are so fucking dumb/shallow about that shit.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Well you should keep working on yours then! Roll your "r's" and some "t's" are silent. e.g It-aly rather than I-taly.

    Works in parts of Europe as well! Holland is particularly good because the majority of folk over there can speak English, so you don't have to worry about having a Scottish/Dutch accent.

  • In reply to DYLbear23:

    hahahaha... fuck it. I do a damn good South African accent too... and french, and russian.

    I do a spot on Indian one too (ask shady and rabbit and doc), but that doesn't get me anything but strange looks.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    "Hi Ebookers? Yeah, one-way ticket to Chi-town please .... begorrah begorrah .... oh jaysus where's me shillelagh..... do you do discounts for the Irish .... ye don't .... ah go on .... "

  • In reply to DYLbear23:

    I don't know what in thee fuck that thing was that you posted, but this was on the side pannel.

    Holy shit! Fucking welshmen

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Just some Weegie banter.

    That shit is crazy. I can't come up with words to describe that. I did stand up at the 1:50 mark because it just didn't feel right sitting on my ass while that image popped up.

  • In reply to DYLbear23:

    yeah, shocking. Can't even believe that dude lived with a skewer through his ass/junk area.

    I didn't even dare click on some of the side pannel vids on that page. fucking yikes.

  • In reply to DYLbear23:

    Same man, I'm amazed that stuff doesn't get flagged. It does beg the question how many of these things were caused by the injured party driving/behaving like an arse.

    Case in point, a guy that was running for student president in my 1st year at uni, he impaled his foot on a metal fence pole, because he tried to jump over it instead of taking the gate that was 30 seconds away. He then tried to milk that for votes: all his videos and flyers had him in his wheelchair on it, and he promised to promote campus safety. Whadda douche.

  • In reply to DYLbear23:

    Ahmerriken fitbah.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    MB, do you have an Afrikaans accent?

  • In reply to The Fifth:

    The South African accent is different depending on where you come from Corm. people from Joburg sound different from people in cape town and durban (which sounds a little more Australianish). but it's all a SA accent.

    No, sadly I lost mine cause I came here so young. I wish I still did, it’s an instant panty dropper.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    fookin prawns

  • In reply to The Fifth:

    He's strictly southern California, it's an odd accent! hahahahaha!!

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    True story: Aussie women--especially Tasmanians--go nuts for dudes with American accents.


    STRENGTHS Tall strider presenting a difficult ask down the sideline for shorter defensive backs. If able to escape the jam or come off the line untouched, he covers a lot of ground in a hurry. His height and vertical jump makes him a nightmare on jump balls anywhere on the field, and he can contort his body to adjust to passes in the air. Makes catches over either shoulder down the sideline and can stay in-bounds. Drops his hips, has quick enough feet and a solid head-fake to separate at the top of the route, as well as to pull off double-moves downfield and to the sideline. Tries to run through tackles by lowering his pads and churning his feet after the catch and has a bit of open-field elusiveness, though he will run backwards and dance too much instead of taking what he can get. Will find a soft spot in the zone if his quarterback is on the run. Flashes an effective use of his length, and a bit of attitude, to take smaller defenders out in the run game.

    WEAKNESSES Lanky receiver, especially thin in the lower body. Will struggle with the physicality of NFL defenders off the line, when trying to get into his route, and downfield in 50/50 situations. Does not consistently use his hands to win or hold onto the ball when being hit or even feeling the hit coming. Hands reliably is severely lacking, misses on all difficulty of catches due to a lack of concentration. Doesn’t adjust to low passes as well as he does high ones. Lateral quickness against press is only average, takes time to accelerate into his route if challenged at all. Lacks technique as a blocker, when he makes the effort to reach his target, tries to overwhelm corners but fails to move his feet or maintain the angle to prevent them from entering the play.

    NFL COMPARISON Jon Baldwin

    BOTTOM LINE Wilson’s exit from Washington State was not exactly ideal, as he was suspended for violating team rules and then ripped Mike Leach and his coaching staff on his way out the door. The 6-foot-4, 185-pound receiver certainly flashed playmaking ability during his two-plus seasons in Pullman, especially in a second-team all-conference sophomore year (83-1,388, 12 touchdowns) where he flashes downfield playmaking ability using his height and excellent leaping ability. If teams believe he can improve the consistency of his hands and mature physically and mentally at the next level, he could be picked in the middle rounds and contribute immedately, similarly to how Mike Williams did for Tampa Bay in 2010.

  • homie needs to put on some weight. I don't give any creedence to the mike leach situation, wasn't he that fucking asshole who locked a kid in a shed at texas tech.

    Fucking abusive coward.

  • Wow.

    WR Marquise Wilson in the 7th

    Not shabby at all.

  • Certainly makes a difference compared to the midgets Lovie and JA always ended up drafting. Not bad for 30th pick in the 7th round.

  • In reply to DYLbear23:

    dude needs to hit the muscle milk and the gym.

    Not now chief, I'm in the focken zone!

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    He can spot Chicken Dinner then.

  • In reply to DYLbear23:

    I doubt it... he put up 7 reps. I doubt he'd be able to pull the bar up if he needed to.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Pep'll save them, it's cool.

  • In reply to DYLbear23:

    hahahaha... or flatbread. He's still on the team isn't he?

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Yeah him with his incredulous 49 reps....Pep only managed 22 reps at his pro day. But Paea did have 10lbs on him.

  • In reply to MB30SD:


  • I'm with you on this pick, wow, just wow, great production in college as far as total catches, total yardage, and around 17 yds/catch. Looking at Wilson's tape, he's got great hands, size, a burst, excellent speed, jumping ability, and the ability close on the ball and run after the catch. I think he'll make the team and add another player who is excellent in the red zone. He's really smooth, reminds me of a Marques Colson-Dennis McKinnon clone.

  • In reply to shalin:

    Dennis McKinnon! (swoon)

  • Now sign the Central Valley State burner and the Northern Iowa burner in FA.

    And then, pray an undrafted legit NFL Center somehow falls into Emery's lap.

    If many of these guys pan out, this was a decent draft.

  • And that "if many of these guys pan out, this was a decent draft" line is not as stupid as it looks. Too many drafts--current ones by other teams, past ones by JA--are stocked with players that, even if they turned out to be Pro Bowlers, wouldn't do much for a team.

    With the exception of the 7th round pick, each one of these guys--if he pans out--will make an immediate impact and will solve a long-term issue.

    No QB, no RB, no Safety. None needed.

    Webb's days with the team are numbered.

  • At this point I'd probably stick with Webb over Carimi, but the upcoming season will decide a lot.

  • In reply to DYLbear23:

    Carimi's upside is so much higher than Webb's. Carimi had every indication he'd be a beast before he got injurid, and then the inept offensive coaching probably had something to do with him losing his shit mentally.

    I will bet cash money that Carimi ends up having 10 times the NFL career of Webb.

  • I completely agree, but Webb has proven versatility as a swing tackle and Carimi just has to stay healthy. If he goes down again this season I reckon he becomes Emerys Marc Columbo.

    However, given that Carimi is under contract still and Webb expires at the end of the season, that in itself might get Carimi the nod.

  • In reply to DYLbear23:

    If it's a choice between keeping a first rounder over a 7th rounder.

  • In reply to DYLbear23:

    J'Marcus, get theee hence to endless night .....

    Although he is useful on the line when you need to go short yardage. Give him a clipboard and a nice cap.

  • Wow.. I don't think it's funny how we use to complain about not having a big WR's and too many slot WR's.

    Now we have too many big WR's(If that's possible) and no slot receivers(Sorry, I don't trust Bennett.)

  • Don't trust Bennett? 'Sup with that? You don't like dudes that get first downs every time you throw the ball at him? Except for one bad drop against the Seahawks, Earl's a machine.

  • "don't trust Bennett" has to be one of the most absurd things I've read on this blog.

    All the guy does is catch. the. damn. ball. and. get. first. downs. He's clutch. Yes, he's had some injuries, and a couple critical drops, but that we can bring those drops so easily to mind is testament to how few drops he makes.

    And besides, with Black Unicorn, we have less need of 10,000 slot receivers. If a big WR is an actual downfield threat, then fine.

  • Plus we have Joe Anderson.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    Brittan Golden is the slot guy.

    Plus, I'm sure Zizzenpecker needs work.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Brittan Golden, slot guy. Hey Brittan, hey Chad.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    Brittan is an unlikely name for a black guy from Texas. I don't trust him, or Bennet.

  • Artoo!!!
    Earl is the man. We know this.

  • One storyline overlooked in the draft is Manti T'eo will now be close to his ex-girlfriend, Ronaiah Tuiasosopo.

  • In reply to The Fifth:


  • Trestman's big debut, only months away.

  • Ya think we wanted to address OL and LB? I guess so.

    We now have a gaggle of OL before we get near camp much less the waiver wire.

    Bushrod-Long-Slauson-Carmini-Scott that's just the favs to start

    Then Bears have:

    James Brown
    Ed Williams
    Taylor Boggs
    Derek Dennis
    Nick Pieschel
    Ebbon Britton
    Corey Brandon

    Again, this is PRIOR to pre-season's waiver wire.

    We've run out of numbers between 50-70.

  • I proclaim the 2013 Bears campaign to be the year of Joe Anderson.

    That motherfucker is gonna bust a cap in scrappy. He will be EVERYWHERE.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    sho you right

  • Ok, now that the 2013 draft is in the books, why don't we all take a stroll down memory lane:

  • I let my disappointment of losing out on Eifert cloud my feelings about Bostic. I'm not pissed about the Bostic pick even though I don't see him starting this year.

    Anyway, I was at a family party all day today and came home to see that we drafted some badass motherfuckers.

    Khaseem Green is a former safety and is now a linebacker and brings alot to the table.

    Jordan Mills is solid late round pickup for OL depth.

    The 7th round pick won't do shit because he's going to be trying to take a spot away from Joe Anderson who is a straight up killer on specials and is about to break the fuck out this year.

    Cornelius won't get a shot either because he and Ozugwu, who are both better than McClellin, are not 1st round picks and Emery knows he would look like a total tool if he let these guys jockey for a spot on the squad to compete with Chicken Dinner. They will re-sign Izzy instead and try to stash this guy on the practice squad.

    I hope Long learns fucking quick and we are going to fucking kill people this year. Someone please tell me how we are not going to the playoffs.

  • Oh, you know, first year coaches statistically never do well, Cutler's (x) OC in (y) years, The D lost it's heart and soul, blah blah blah. I never bet but if the Vegas has the Bears win total at anything less than 9.5, I'm putting a respectable amount down on the over...

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    As luck would have it, I will be at the Red Rock on Wednesday. I will let you know.

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    Tough schedule, though. Seven games vs 2012 playoff teams. Bears play every SB champ since the Bears last SB appearance.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    Got to beat the best to be the best. Personally, I wish we had the hardest schedule in the league every year.

    1. It's good practice, you don't learn anything from kicking the shit out of bad teams.

    2. If you suck, you suck. You get a crappier record but higher draft picks, which is what it's all about (if your scouts are any good).

    3. Nobody can bitch about your record at the end of the year. You are what your record says you are (generally).

  • We might have to get a bigger boat for the Joe Anderson support club on here. I'm printing T-shirts and steering the rudder.

  • Then we need to get line the Niners and Harbaugh. Meritocracy. The best players take the field. They were paying Hester a bunch so he got to play.

  • You want memory lane. I'll give you memory lane, fucker.

    In 1997 we traded a first round pick for Rick Mirer. In 1998, he asked to for a release. I would not be at all surprised if the term "panty waist" was first attributed to Mirer. Ohhhh the wanny years.

  • In reply to Viva:

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Wow. The holocaustic stuff going on there was (not surprisingly) lost on me as an 8 year old.

    Okay, Neeson's Schindler's List joke .... bear with me ... I know I know ..

  • In reply to Viva:

    (fingers in ears)

  • We dumped Glitchy and the Challenge Flag daydreamer such that the Chicago Bear organization could step UP to being an organization on par with the New York Giants.

    There are times when it feels decidedly like we're becoming instead the New York Jets.

    What I didn't like about this draft is that the crazy early run on lineman needed to be adjusted for on the fly. When the Bears came up at 20, everybody tweeting on the ESPN feed said the same thing: embarassment of riches.

    A top rated ILB, a shutdown isolation corner, a Jimmy Graham class TE, a couple good QBs even.

    Navy boy panicked. He went into the draft with a position need. And when the deck was devoid of face cards, he went ahead and drew a 10 instead of an ace.

    I get the regulars here don't have subscriptions to PFW. I get some people think there are axes to grind against Halas Hall in the media. But no national football people have the Chicago Bears draft graded out as anything but a phat steamer as far as value and intelligence goes. Find me one online football periodical that has the Bears draft graded an overall A. One.

    I'm going with the Irish conspiracy. Emery was sent to Ginny by the Templar Knights. They had her profiled knowing her high school crush was a nice navy boy before he got killed at Pearl Harbor or something, and she would greenlight such a clean cut nice man. Or something. Because this guy runs this club like a scout would. Like a guy who for years has his ideas overlooked by GMs everywhere, and now he's gonna show 'em! Show 'em all!

    Let's see how the season plays out. The NFL got blown the fuck up this year, a huge reshuffle year. We know some things, like the Browns will suck and the Pats will be in the postseason, they just traded for LaGarrette Blount for a ham sammy. So some things are known, but many things in the middle are not known. Should be an entertaining year.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Heh sues h christopher. Emery just finished his first draft with his boys as scouts, looking for traits he wants on the team. We have a whole new, revamped coaching staff. We have no idea what the coaching staff wants to do on offense or defense.

    Maybe the Bears want to have a more aggressive defense next year and blitz more. Maybe on offense they want a whole new line and run faster, quick hitting plays in the run and pass game.

    This is the first year of a new era in Bears history. Let's see what happens before getting all pessimistic.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    There were no takers to trade out of that spot. Mayock had KLO as the 3rd best G in the draft, and the first two were already gone. Hoping he would still be there @ 50 wasn't worth the risk.

    I get the commodity aspect..., but you have to value Cutler's health too. Seriously, how many more concussions can that kid handle? We know what happens to our team when he is not playing.

    Also, Papa Bear was a squid, could be a Fruedian thing with Ginny.

  • In reply to Viva:

    K-LO ! Mwah!

    And what the hell happened in the 7th? How did we drop in the 7th? What did we get, because I don't see any more picks?

    We seem to have a lot of linebackers and o-linemen now ... but a Tyler Wilson would have been good value .... and I'm going to let the S******* thing go now because we didn't draft him and that's that. He was the only player I really wanted out of this draft, and well ... fuck. Watch the tape on him, he's a brutalising Mangold, he looks like a doorman on peewee night when a fight breaks out.

    Which brings us back to the LB thing. We drafted three linebackers after just signing two. Why would you do that ... why do you stack your roster full of LBs knowing that two of your draftees have to sit? Unless Briggs is getting moved, that's why. He was AT THE DRAFT. Hawking for Reebok, yes, but what's going on? Weren't there smoke signals coming out of HH recently?

    And I hope GP is right and they already have their center not named Garza.

    Damn though, would have been sweet seeing Clay Matthews and S******* go hair to hair. Matthews would end up on his ass 9 times out of ten.

  • Irish, i was initially puzzled by the LB infatuation after signing Anderson and Williams in free agency but then i realized that if those dudes kill it this year we can only keep one. I'm hoping Williams kills it and we sign him to a 2 or 3 yr extension then bring back Briggs for at least another year or 2 and have Bostic and Greene working in the rotation.

    You have to remember that Bostic and Green are probably upgrades to the clearance bin of LB's we currently have behind the starters. I'll take a killer from Florida and an aggressive rush linebacker from Rutgers who can cover slots and TE's over nameless, faceless white LB's from Rutgers, 7th rounders from WVU, DOM DICICCO!!!!!!, etc.

  • In reply to Viva:

    In that case we should have drafted or Center in the second.It's good value if he locks up your line for three years. We still could have drafted the rest, nut not Bostic.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    And if Phil hit it outta the park? You never know. Gotta see when they pad up

  • Crap, that means Marshall's in on it too. Maybe Bushrod, Slauson, Martellus, Williams. Probably Trestman.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    Trestman's daughter's.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:



  • Wow, see Trestman post-draft?

    "Put the lotion in the basket!"

  • My sense of Emery's direction for the Bears is that he is being methodical at addressing the glaring needs. No GM likes to be on the playoff bubble at 10-6 and last years performance by the Bears was uninspiring at every level of the game. If Moses (Emery) leads our Bears to the promised land, it is my opinion that this years draft prospects will be a big part of that. I think what Phil is doing is assembling all the ingredients for a return to inspiring football in Chicago.

    Personally, I'm at a point in time in my life where I have no patience for anything that falls under the uninspiring category.

  • How about this one Trac?

  • any updates on UFA signings. I think Sheldon Price CB would be a good fit

  • In reply to Viva:

    Coy, who played in high school at Maine South, spent the last two seasons at St. Xavier. Previously, he played two seasons at El Camino Junior College in Torrance, Calif., and attended Valdosta State but did not play there.

    Coy, 6-foot, 210 pounds, was tops in NAIA in 2011 with 4,261 yards passing and 42 touchdowns. This past year, Coy passed for 3,427 yards and 35 touchdowns with 10 interceptions in helping lead the team to an 11-2 record.

    “Going into the draft it was more of a question, would we accumulate enough picks to go in that direction (drafting a quarterback)?” Emery said. “With five picks and the number of players that we wanted to add and the positions we wanted to add them in, I don’t know how practical that was. Again, it had to be the right value for the team. Things would have to line up perfect to take a quarterback with five picks. We accumulated more picks at the end. The run of quarterbacks had stopped at that point. But I’ll also tell you that given a player on the board, the value of that player on the board, where we were able to pick him relative to the current strength of our quarterback roster, we felt very good about where we were at.”

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