Five Rules For Turning in a Successful Draft

Five Rules For Turning in a Successful Draft

These are hard rules. Unbreakable and unflappable.

Rule #1

Don't draft crazy. If a player was acting crazy in college, that will not improve once he is given the economic ability to literally do anything he wants.

Rule #2

If a player was injured repeatedly in college he will not stop being injured repeatedly when colliding with bigger, stronger men.

Rule #3

Never be afraid to draft a guy named George. There's a bunch of them in the Hall of Fame.

Rule #4

The greatest defensive player in the history of the sport spent thousands of dollars a day - throughout his career - on cocaine. So don't worry too much about failed drug tests for marijuana use.

Rule #5

Even if you have a terrific starter, drafting a quarterback is never a poor decision. It is the only position wherein a solid performance in meaningless preseason games can provide your franchise with a bounty of draft picks in the future.

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  • My advice to Phil Emery:

    1) Don't outsmart yourself. Just because everyone else knows that a guy is the best player on the board doesn't mean you have to disagree.

    2) Don't be too hard on Lovie's guys. We need youth on the defense, but these guys have carried this team for the last nearly 10 years. They might be a little sore, but they will play for you if you respect them. Don't draft someone for "flexibility" unless you really believe this person can upgrade your roster.

    3) Fix the O-Line! Doesn't have to be round 1, doesn't have to be every round. But we need multiple young players to add to the mix all over the line.

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    .... and pick up the phone and say "Hi Bri ... how're ya doin ? Gee things got kinda mad there ...."

    Don't watch college ball so I'll leave the draft talk alone other than to say I hope we can get a center capable of playing this season.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to NewBearInTown:

    Bears only have 5 picks. 1,2,4,5,6. Not really a lot of room to simply add bodies.

  • Glennon in the late rounds?

  • In reply to gpldan:

    I read he's 6'-7". Is there such a thing as too tall to play qb? Seems a wing span like that would make for a pretty slow throwing motion.

  • In reply to Johnnywad:

    Maybe slower, but you would think more likely to be a cannon as well. Centripedal force and all that.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Late round? More like 2nd-3rd, which I'm sure will thrill Cutler!

    Glennon is seen as a poor man's Flacco, less arm strength and shrinks with pressure (not good with our Oline). About 2 years away from being a good starter according to what I've read.

  • I guess Trestman doesn't like Blanchard

  • Damn damn damn... after last years draft and the moves on o-line and TE in the off season I really have no idea what Phil is planning. My guess is he trades down a couple spots and gets another 3rd round pick. If not then yeah I figure he'll be taking a LB or DE in round one just due to the fact that it'll be best player available. It's perplexing because last year he used a little of both. We obviously needed more oline help but Phil got chicken dinner a WR (which we needed) and a bunch of randoms instead of loading up on linemen. If they do trade down I have a sneaking suspicion they will be taking a QB in one of the first two rounds but who knows.

    Now as to the format... a half hour per pick!?!? Seriously!? I mean I know Lovie needed all 1800 seconds just not to make a return phone call but do normal folks really need 30min to announce a move they’ve been planning for months. Whats the NBA draft? 5 minutes per pick? I'm kind of getting tired of the NFL milking maximum time out of every single event. 2 hour special to release the schedule!? Come on!

  • 10 minutes to make a first round selection. 7 minutes in round 2 and 5 minutes for the remaining rounds. Damn Sac, 30 minutes per pick would make for a 16 hr first round, not sure where you got that from.

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:

  • And if we do go QB high, then that Tyler Wilson(?) sounds like a solid pick.

  • Who was the coke head referenced in #4?

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    LT man. "Which reminds me kids. Dont do drugs" or hire underage girls.

  • Beat me to it sac.

    Let's go out there like a bunch a crazed dogs.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I prefer

  • And I forgot his warning was crack specific.

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    I believe if Lawrence Taylor had started his NFL career in the age of drug testing, social media and cell phone cameras everywhere that he would not have been on the field long enough to make it to the Hall Of Fame.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    He might not have made it onto the field for the first game Al.

  • Rule #4 would seem to be in direct conflict with rule #1.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    I thought that originally... but I think Jeff realizes crazy and pot problem are not one in the same.

    Then again, we HAVE a crazy dude and he was just fine last year.

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    you are a very insensitive man. it hurts.

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    Do not underestimate the destructive power of pot.

    Exhibit A: Rashaan Salaam.

    Since he's cleaned up his act (too late to save what could have been a fine career), he has admitted that back then, the weed was more important to him than his career.

    Of course in HIS case, would not have to be have to be (wait for it....)

    Exibit AAAAAA....?

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    "Do not underestimate the destructive power of pot."

    Or the constructive power.

    Exhibit B. Ricky Williams. Did he lose the plot ... or did his time out contemplating the universe and smoking copious amounts of weed make him realise what was important in his life?

    Weed has its positives ... it being a medicine - and that's now official.

    Alcohol remains a clinical poison ... and always will be.

  • Exhibit B? For Bull?

    Oh yeah, weed HELPED, Ricky. All that time sitting out during the the prime of his career while he realizied that getting high was the most imprtant thing in his life was such a boon to it. I can hear the Ravi Shankar sitar music droning in the background.

    Point given: Booze is no better choice for pissing way a career (See: Harlon Hill among others).

    "Weed has it's positives". The Ricky Williams situation was NOT one of them.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    I like his attitude though, Al. You have to. Walked away from it all at his peak with the world at his feet. Definitely looked like bipolar.

    Anyone heard of this guy? Marcus Dupree. ESPN film "the greatest that never was"

  • Point well taken on the Bi-Polar, Irish. I had forgotten that about Ricky.

    I know Bi-Polar Disorder too well. They don't call it "disorder" for nothin'. TOUGH to treat because often as soon as Bi-Polars feel better, they want to stop the meds,which ALL have palpable side effects.

    Men with depression tend to self-medicate with weed, booze etc.

    The Kings of "Walked away..." have to be Jim Brown and Barry Sanders.

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    On behalf of the bipolar brigade ... "All I wanted was a Pepsi."

  • Rule #6: Avoid offensive tackles who will wind up playing guard for you, if you're lucky.

  • GP:

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Insert your own Polish joke here.

    Do you recall the original?

  • In reply to gpldan:

    broken graphic tag

  • Reggie White was a coke head? I think not!

  • Butch's Post FA Mock Draft 2013

    1. Chiefs. OT Joeckel. Big school over small school Fisher. Besides, they're close to trading Albert.

    2. Jags. Jordan, DE/OLB. Jags were dead last in pass rush. The other names are just smokescreens.

    3. Raiders. Floyd, DT. Maybe I'm conditioned to link Raiders to great athletes, but Floyd also fits a huge need since the Raiders were 2nd to dead last in pass rush last year. Side Note. Floyd is compared to Tommie Harris.

    4. Eagles. Fisher, OT. Their Oline really struggled last year, and no guarantee Jason Peters returns the same. Fisher is raw but athletic, and in Chip's new O, those big men better be tip-top.

    5. Lions. Ansah, DE/OLB. Just too much of a freak. Lions let Avril walk, and their secondary is horrendous, so a pass rush will help everyone back there. CB Milliner might be tempting as well.

    6. TRADE ALERT (Browns trade down with Dolphins). Dolphins, OT Lane Johnson. Teams reach for 3 positions. QB, Pass rusher and LT, this is the latter.

    7. Cards, OG Warmack. Fins took their man and want to trade down, but if they stay put, Warmack grades out as BPA at a need position.

    8. Bills, Nassib, QB. The Ponder of this draft. Following the Fins formula, the Bills reunite college coach with college qb. They could gamble and trade down for him too.

    9. Jets, Star Lotulelei, NT/DE. He's an immovable objective, disruptive and versatile. Rex will salivate over him like a nicely pedicured foot.

    10. Titans, Milliner, CB. They're debating about Cooper, but CBs are typically more valued, and Milliner ceases his small fall.

    11. Chargers, Cooper, C/OG. They really need help up front if they don't want Rivers to become David Carr 2.0 (Might be too late already).

    12. Browns (trade down w/Fins), Austin, WR. The Brown's D actually was solid, but their O lacked explosion even with promising young WRs. Enter, the human highlight reel. Eifert might come into play as well.

    13. Jets, Rhodes, CB. In case you were in a cave, Revis is gone. Rex's D is predicated on CB play to hold up while his exotic blitzes hit QBs.

    14. TRADE ALERT. (Panther trade down w/ Vikes). Vikes, RIchardson, DT. Richardson has fallen a bit, and the Vikes jump on him esp since the "William's Wall" is almost as ancient as the one in China.

    15. Saints, S Vaccaro. Saints are really pondering a pass rusher like Mingo or Jarvis Jones for their new 3-4, but both come with risk (Lack of athleticism, Stenosis). Vaccaro seems a better fit for the shoot outs they're frequently in.

    16. Rams, LB Ogletree. They would have preferred Vaccaro, but the Saints beat them to it. Ogletree has character issues, but when has that stopped Coach Fisher? The NFC West has become FAST, and the Rams need someone who can keep up with Wilson and Kaepernick.

  • I didn't know I was about to be traded!

  • Butch's Post FA Mock Draft 2013, part 2

    17. Steelers, Jarvis Jones, DE/OLB. Stenosis or no, 4.9 or no, Steelers 'trust the tape' and may get their version of T-sizzle Suggs who also was a combine under-performer.

    18. Cowboys. Fluker, RT. They're really not happy with their current RT, and they've been connected to the remaining FA RTs, but they're all backup plans. Fluker falls to the Boys - they're on him.

    19. Giants. Eifert, TE. They lost Bennett, but gained Myers. Myers is a bad consolation prize. Eli loves his TEs, and Eifert would be extremely dangerous in that offense.

    20. TRADE ALERT (Bears trade down w/ Broncos). Broncos. Taylor, CB. This guy keeps climbing and climbing the draft boards, and there's a small bidding war between the Broncos and the Pats to draft him.

    21. Bengals. S Cyprien. They need a safety. They get the best on the board. Might seriously look at a WR to take some pressure off A.J. Green.

    22. Rams. Hunter, WR. No secret that their O needs an upgrade, and Hunter has been described as Moss-ish, which should make Ds not load up on Bradford and the run.

    23. Vikes. Patterson, WR. The rush on WRs commences. Patterson is raw, but explosive in YAC, and that's what noodle armed Ponder needs. Patterson's speed should also clear the lane for AP, which is scary. Oh, and he can KR/PR too, thus filling Harvin's shoes, somewhat.

    24. Colts. Mingo, OLB/DE. Wow, the Colts can't believe he's still on the board, so they jump on him to continue transitioning their D.

    25. (Trade Down w/Vikes) Panthers. Sylvester Williams, DT. They wanted someone to plug in the middle all along, and they get great value with Willliams.

    26. Pack. DE/OLB Werner. Rodgers needs protection, but their D has been EVISCERATED in the playoffs. Werner just seems like a Packer.

    27. Texans. Hopkins, WR. He's just a solid, pro-ready WR who can finally take over the oft inj Johnson and provide Schaub with a long over due 2nd option besides a check down.

    28. TRADE ALERT (Bears trade down with 9ers). 9ers. Elam, S. 9ers and Pats are eying a S, and Elam is the best left on the board.

    29. TRADE ALERT (Pats trade down with Eagles). Eagles, Geno Smith, QB. The run on meh QBs starts, and Geno Smith is the first domino. Don't be surprised if this turns out to be EJ Emmanuel, or pretty much any other QB in his baffling QB class.

    30. Falcons, DE Carradine. They wanted to move up, but the draft didn't break their way. Ertz beckons, but TE is not an immediate need this year with Gonzo returning, and they want to win NOW, not in two years.

    31. (Trade down w/9ers) Bears. OK, so here are the top guys most likely targeted by Emery: OG Warford. TE Ertz, LB Brown or Te'o, CB Trufant.

    Given these options, trends, and history - I think Brown fits the bill. He's got everything but size, and can start immediately at SAM while learning MIKE. Briggs' mercurial attitude to date might mean Brown might have to play WILL sooner rather than later too.

    The Bears can address those other needs with their extra 2nd and 3rd.

    32. Ravens, Te'o, LB. They wanted to trade down with a QB needy team wanting Barkley, E.J. Emmanuel, or whomever. But with Rolondo acting the fool, AGAIN, it forces their hand for a new era.

  • If Cooper, Warmack, Ogletree AND Eifert are all gone - then yeah, trade down. Trufant is not worth your 20th depending what Emery gets for it...

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Is Eifert really all that? Couldn't see the Bears drafting a TE after Martellus. They've given E-rod another chance.

  • Few footnotes. Players who can easily sneak into the 1st not mocked here:

    Lemonier OLB/DE (The Pack might like him)
    Dantone Jones, DE (Might intrigue 4-3 teams more)
    Jessie Williams, DT (He's more of a NT at 320, which tend to go later)
    Watson, OT/OG (Raw, but has the size)
    Trufant, CB. (It's just such a deep class at CB)
    Pugh, OT/OG (Short arms will make him an OG)
    Reid, FS (Some like him more than Cyprien)
    Ertz, TE (It'll be rare for two TEs to be drafted in the 1st, but possible).
    Allen, WR (Seems to have fallen off 1st, but still a solid route runner w/good hands)

    HBs...Bernard, Franklin, Lacey (Much like with the QBs, no consensus has emerged as to who the top HB is. This might be the first draft in a a looong time a HB is not drafted in the 1st).

  • I did not put the time into this year's draft that I did last year, and this year's group is much harder to predict, but I will say a few things.

    #8 - Nassib might go #8 overall, but not if the draft plays out the way you project. I think the Bills would take Lotulalei to help out Mario Williams, or Tavon Austin, or maybe even Cooper in this scenario. For the Bills to take Nassib at #8, they will have watched probably two other guys get picked first.

    #18 - Four OTs and two guards gone in the first 18 picks is a lot, but I think that it is very likely to happen. Still, I have to wonder if two teams will choose a guard over Fluker.

    #20 - In this draft, it might take us giving something back in return to get a third rounder from Denver. Maybe a 6th? Alternatively, this trade might only net us a 4th, or a 4th plus a 6th. But if we get a bidding war between New England and Denver, that might net us a third rounder all by itself. We would not get a second rounder for this trade.

    #28 - To go from 28 to 31 in this mock makes sense since there really isn't any player that we'd be heartbroken over losing at this point. This kind of move, this year, probably worth a 4th at most. I think you have it as a 3rd... that's a stretch even though it is a low third. We did almost give that much up a few years ago with the Ravens though, so you never know.

    #31 - In this mock, I'd personally go for Warford. Brown would be solid too. You don't mention Minter... who I would take over Brown. Most think that the Ravens would take him over Teo as well.

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    Last year the Pats moved up six spots to 21, and the Bengals got the 27th and 93rd (3rd) straight up.

    If we trade down, we're going to receive a late 3rd at minimum. If we then trade down again, we might be able to get another 3rd, and trade back up to the 2nd (though we won't have a 3rd), thus my two 2nd and one 3rd scenario.

    That's probably the one I'd prefer. The 2nd has a lot of starters - the 3rd is a bit more of a crap shoot.

    Minter is sometimes mocked for the Ravens, but more often than not he's put into the mid 2nd. Some even like Bostic and Riddick more, while Brown is rated to go even at 20.

    Warford would be solid, but like I wrote in a previous comment, I really feel that Kromer has his eye on some later round OGs.

    Bills have been pretty vocal about getting a new QB - it'd be a surprise if they didn't draft in the first, and Nassib seems the natural fit with his coach. Remember, everybody thought Ponder was at best a 2nd rounder, and he didn't even have his college coach on the Vikes. Who knows though? Ideally, they'd like to trade down and draft Nassib later, but what happens if another team falls in love with Nassib and beats them to him, esp towards the back end.

    I totally agree that many Olinemen before 20 is absurd, but this draft doesn't provide sure fire top 10 QBs, WRs, or LBs, which means Olinemen might get drafted at an unprecedented rate.

    At the beginning of the year I thought it was 50/50 that either Warmack and Cooper would fall to us at 20 - now it's more like 90% neither will.

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    Would you draft Fluker if he fell far enough as a situational player ?

  • That draft gives the Ravens two gay linebackers. NTTAWTT.

  • Nice job, Butch. I would be happy with Bears doing those trade-downs and still getting Brown or Ertz.

  • Rule #7: Take the Honey Badger.

  • He doesn't give a shit.

    Esp. after he hits the bong.

  • I'll pass. He's the Poster Boy for Rule #1.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    I'll take a flyer on him in the 5th.

    Could turn into another burfict... and we all predicted that guy would be dead or in jail by mini camp last year.

  • "Again, by my count, last time a QB wasn't taken in first round was 96 and a RB has been taken in every round since 1970 merger."

  • REAL Rule #7, or maybe Rule #1A:

    Keep Jerry Angelo out of your "War Room".

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    now THAT is a rule I would put above everything else.

    And every time I think of that human shitbag relaxing in his mansion with millions and millions for fucking up our roster, while I toil away every day. Makes me engry.. very very engry.

  • Do we seriously need to have the fucking discussion? LT over Dick Fuckin' Butkus? Holy shitburger?! Really?!

  • In reply to EnderWiggin:

    LT was an OLB end... VERY different (as you know).

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Yup, I never saw LT accept his responsibilities at linebacker. I saw a guy who threw the playbook out the fargan window and rushed the QB no matter what was going on. Butkus played the game.

    In fairness, LT was very very very good at rushing the passer.

  • In reply to EnderWiggin:

    No kidding! Guess who grew up watching all the G-Men games and never saw Butkus play?

  • In reply to EnderWiggin:

    NO fucking shit, Ender. Jeff must never have seen Butkus play - the only possible excuse for such a patently ridiculous statement as #4.

  • Ruh-roh, Johhny...

    Mike Glennon, QB, to visit Bears (per La Canfora)

    Glennon is predicted to go in the 2nd and beyond, and is typically graded outside the Top 5 QBs.

  • WalterFootball ranks Glennon as the 5th best QB.

    NFP as the 7th best QB as the 5th best QB

    Kiper apparently thought Glennon the best QB once upon a time. If the Bears agree, might even be choice at #20 or trade down option?

  • The Niners surprised everyone by taking Kaepernick at the top of the 2nd. If Emery really believes in a QB, that would be the spot to take him. Thing is, Glennon will probably still be around at our natural second round pick.

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    Cutler would probably demand a trade if we draft a QB in the 2nd. But it might be prudent. Look at what Washington did.

    We could then trade that project QB for a 1st, or two 2nds, etc in the future.

    Personally, I think EJ Manuel is going to turn out to be the best of this bunch.

  • Some guy had Tyler Wilson over Geno Smith too. Looks like a total bust though. Glennon, not Wilson. Wilson might putt he fire under Cutker in a good way. Jay's job has always been safe, not just because we sold the farm to get him, but because Todd Collins or Caleb Hanie were the other options. If only we could have kept Kyle ... but Kyle was the deal-clincher.

  • we simply do not need to draft a useless QB in the later rounds. We need OL, DT, LB goddamnit.

    if they pick qb they are fucking us out of a guy that could actually contribute.

    you pick QB's in the first or second round....if you don't already have a guy that can take you to the playoffs and beyond. we already have that guy. We need to fill other positions.

  • Said the Patriots when debating whether to waste a late round pick on tom Brady when Bledsoe already showed he could take them to the super bowl.

  • In reply to evantonio:

    Dude, you just named one guy that EVERYONE fuckiing whiffed on. I watched Brady in college in every game he played and the guy was fucking money. THERE. IS. NO. BRADY. IN. THIS. DRAFT.

  • There was no "Brady" when Brady got drafted!

    There are actually a few late round QB prospects this year which are intriguing.

    It's not just about the Bradys, Rogers - how about the Wilsons, Kaepernicks, Cousins and Foles of the world?

    What happens if Cutler gets another severe concussion this year? Or if Cutler and Trestman simply don't see eye-to-eye? Maybe Cutler just isn't a fit in the new O. There's still a lot of unknowns with Cutler and the new regime, and in this new rookie salary scale, QBs don't necessarily have to start. What good is a SAM gonna do if McCown has to start mid-season due to some inj to Cutler?

    I wouldn't draft a QB in the 2nd, but I'm not in Emery's head, and maybe Emery really doesn't like Cutler, at least not how Jerry Jones likes Romo.

    That's just my take. When I come to think of it, I don't know why Blanchard isn't given a chance.

  • Ehh regarding Oktoberfest MB, let's just say the serving ladies can carry around 8-12 steins at one go, then use that to guess how big they are.

    As for surrounding folk, well I spent 8 hours drinking litres of beer, talking football over cigars with some French folks, talking rugby with some Welsh, eating pretzels and trying to talk to some Americans about the NFL to no avail.

    Plus I went with my girlfriend, so scouting had to be toned down.

  • In reply to DYLbear23:

    did you tell her it's her fucking civic duty to support ou in such recon missions in order to bolster euro/american relations!?!?

    Egad man, has she no decency!?

    btw, your from belgum right dy? We had Leffe Bruin last night while watching Django (the D... is silent). Love that beer.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    To give her a break, she noticed plently of comely lasses in Amsterdam (she has a habit of oogling).

    Nope that's BXL if I recall correctly. I'm Scotland. Although I am a fan of Leffe Bruin. You should also try Duvel from Belgium. From Scotland, well Brewdog is the way to go. I'm a massive fan of their IPA.

    Speaking of Amsterdam, there is a pub there called In de Wildeman. Hands down the best pub I've ever been to (beats the Hofbrauhaus simply on variety). Have a look at their selection. I'm going back to Amsterdam in July for a few days and I plan on spending a few hours each night back at this pub sampling beers I didn't have room for last time.

  • In reply to DYLbear23:

    I had lots of Duvel in Amerterdam when I was there, and it's readily available here. I get it often.

    I can also get Leffe Blond here aplenty, but that was the first time I found the Bruin. Love it. Had it in a hostel in bruge. awesome beer.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Palm, bro. Palm. You're welcome.

  • In reply to DYLbear23:

    Great beer man. Great beer. No chemicals, no debt to pay. Good memories of a summer in Munich mang. Ham and cheese baguettes, sausages ... all washed down with lovely Lowenbrau. Those Belgian monks make the best stuff though. Nectar of the Gods.

  • Speaking of Lowenbrau, ASDA near me have started selling that so I can drink that instead of the usual swill that's on offer.

    Belgian beer is otherwordly, like you say though.

  • From Gil Brandt's latest mock, on picking Te'o for the Bears:

    "He's a natural fit for Chicago, which is one of the most forgiving cities in the United States"

    Funny stuff.

    Has us with Te'o over Eifert, who slides to the Pack at #26.

  • In reply to DYLbear23:

    These guys realize we signed DJ Williams, right? What if we did draft an Ogletree/T'eo ? Who starts?


    [Stoppit Irish]


  • I love how Jeff doesn't give two shits about the draft until the week of, now he's an expert who hasn't stopped tweeting about since last weekend.

    By the way, if the Bears draft Mike Glennon in the 2nd round I fucking quit.

  • In reply to Shady:

    with you 100%

    one word for you emery... fix the fucking gaps first.

    Two words for you shady McNuggest... get. online. now. punk. bitch.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    On vacation in FL baby!

  • In reply to Shady:

    oh yeah... bastard.

    How's the sun... and more importantly.... the boobies?!

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    shady, this one's for you maingses:

  • In reply to Shady:

    Whereabouts? Lovin' the humidity?

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    Sarasota, weather has been perfect, so nice to get the fuck out of chicago and its terrible weather patterns.

    mb its more of a retirement community, so the boobies have been extremely tan and extremely saggy, not to mention its a family vacay. but i stopped by whole foods for some shopping and saw some beautiful babies walking around. That place is a magnet for hawt chicks who care about the way they look. Not a bad place to troll for some action.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Glad the weather has been treating you well. After a decade in South Florida, I'm beginning to think that summer down here vs. winter in Chicago is a pick 'em. My three year plan has me here Thanksgiving though the end of April and somewhere up in the mountains in western NC the other part of the year...

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    Tobi, maybe hit Asheville, NC for a Warren Haynes xmas jam in early December some time. I go every 2-3 years. Great shows. This was a great song I heard and seen a few years ago. A bunch of top notch musicians.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Casey Key?? That's my jam.

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    Humidity? What's that?

  • In reply to Shady:


  • Read over at NBC's Rumor Mill (pretty good site for catching up on other stuff going on in the NFL) that five of the teams in the top twelve want to move down. If that's true, it kind of devalues our #20:

  • In reply to tobijohn:


    I thought of you yesterday whilst the wife and I watched Rock of Ages. It's pretty gawd-awful-cheesy, but due to my affinity for the music of the era, I enjoyed myself tremendously. Ah the age of the hair band....

  • Couldn't dig that movie. That Marky mark rocker movie was okay. Decline of the Western Civilization Pt II has to be my yardstick, even though it was a doco. Brings you right back to the carefree days of long hair, skinny jeans and the kind of music they don't make any more. I was trawling youtube today looking at vids of guys like Scott Ian, Kerry King and Kirk Hammet as older dudes now reminiscing about the drunken 80s when metal was king. Metal is dead, but it was good to be there when it was alive.

    "I saw your mommy..." is thirty years old now, can you believe that?

    Has the season started yet? I want to see these fuckers roll.

  • Suicidal Tendencies reference?

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    Or it devalues the top 5 picks. If they're all trying to trade down then it's a buyers market and I say we move on up. I can do without another 3rd round pick like Brandon Hardin.

  • Not to shit on anyone's parade but trading down will be tough with everyone trying to trade down.

    The best part of this draft isn't in the first round, it's the later rounds. Hell, one GM said that he would only draft 15 players in this draft in the first round.

  • Trading down is idiotic. Who fucking cares if we get another 4th rounder who won't make the team.

    Get a first rounder and second rounder who will make a difference and get ready for the fucking season.

    If Mike Glennon is our 2nd or 3rd round pick (if we end up with one) i'll fucking become a Packers fan.

    Sooner or later people will realize that if you have a solid OL and a playcaller worth a shit then good players play great.

    Not one fucking guy in the HOF from the modern game played this game in a vacuum.

  • Well, maybe Barry Sanders

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    i'll give you Barry Sanders.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Agreed. We're lucky they didn't have an Oline, not that it mattered to our Baz.

  • 3 teams last year traded down in the 20s, if I remember correctly.

    The Bears at 20 are actually in a better position to trade down than those in the Top 10 I think.

    Someone like the Falcons might trade up for a specific target while only giving up a late 1st and 3rd.

    Meanwhile, the "value" for the Bears would almost be negligible. Let's say we pass up on Eifert but still want a TE, well, Ertz would still be there at 30. Maybe to the Falcons, but not the Bears. Is there a huge difference between Brown, Minter Te'o?

    Probably not much, and like you say, the meat of the draft is in the 2nd-3rd.

    I'm not saying we're definitely trading down, but I feel we're in a tier where a player can definitely fall that another team wants and won't have to sell the farm for.

    Needless to say, we have to hit on our 1st and 2nd. Angelo left us with no wiggle room.

  • Who wants to trade down?
    Only ANYBODY near the top of THIS draft.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    No reason why teams can't trade at the top half AND bottom half of the draft like last year.

    And trading at the bottom half (around 20) doesn't' cost nearly as much.

    Certain teams in the late 20s/30s are definitely targeting certain players in our range. Emery has already stated he's talked to a few teams who want to trade up with them, but that it doesn't get serious until draft.

    Well, shit's gonna get real serious in the next 24 hrs!

  • That's the thing. Old cockface left us needing to hit on every single pick for the next three years thanks to his malingering scheisse-fest of the last decade. Methinks Emery will pull some intelligent strateegery out of his old felt fedora and give us some guys we're scratching our heads about the day after but that will prove to be money down the line. I like the cut of his jib. I like our HC's approach. I like our new TE and the guy who isn't J'Marcus Webb, and I still have a man-crush on Cutty and his beast-like buddy. Brandon's hair will look good in Superbowl week when a generation of new Bears fans is looking in.

    Emery is building a roster. An actual roster for depth. That turns into something starting with an 'L' and ending in 'ombardi'. If Joe Flacco can do it .....

  • This was from an actual (i.e., real) email.

    So unbelievably awesome:


    Rule #76: No excuses, play like a champion.

  • Ahhhhhh!!!

    Are we there yet?! Gonna freeze myself like Cartman waiting for the new Wii

  • my peaches, what a wonderful office you have yourself heaaahhhh


    this would be awesome for guys like $ and NB if it was free. You could basically use it as an auto-draft builder... never mind all the kipper garbage it comes with.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Only if it comes with Kiper hair gel.

  • it does. a 6 gallon tub of it.

  • My buddies went up to Tahoe last weekend and I had them check the SB future odds for me. 16/1 is all the beloved are getting. Why couldnt we have won a couple years ago when I got in at 32/1?? Oh well. I'll put down my money as I faithfuly do every year.

    Hey Canada- how does that Govt run sports betting up there work?

  • I'm still getting 33/1 on Da Bears with WilliamHill here in the UK.

  • In reply to DYLbear23:

    put down a hundo for me. i'm good for it.

  • unfortunately at the current moment in time i am not...

  • I don't play Sac. From the little I've seen, they have cards like you use for Lotto and you pick your games. A lot of people play, esp during hockey season. Sorry I'm not more help. Here in Alberta there is a ton of gambling at the Provincial level. Lots of money here and a lot of people who are risk takers (farmer/ranchers, oil and gas, etc).


    Oh this is brilliant peter you fucking waste of NFL space.

    Not only does he have EVERY SINGLE olineman drafted in rd one... but ALL IN THE FIRST 10 PICKS!

    You sir, are a moron.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Jesus Christ, that may the worst of the mocks.

    He has the Lions passing on Eric Fisher, despite the kid being from CMU and a local legend. For Dee Milliner.

    Even though the Lions are moving Reiff to RT and Fisher may be the best player in the draft.

    He goes against everyone and says the Jags want Ansah, even though they don't.

    He's the fat kid nobody likes. Doofus.

  • In reply to gpldan:


    He has Star Lotulelei falling to the Packers at 26. no no no no no no no no no no.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    To sum up:

    Peter Fucktard King has Manti Teo being taken 3 picks ahead of Star Lotulelei.

    yes. seriously.

  • In reply to gpldan:


    I have zero clue how that gasbag has the job he does. what a dooj.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Yeah, that's ridiculous. I felt guilty having Star fall to 9, but for him to fall like King predicts - wow.

    The Raiders in fact might prefer Star over Floyd for their system, but that's for another day.

    Most of the "writers" are horrible Mockers. I remember reading Kirwan's mock a few years back, and I was astonished at how a decent sports journalist can be such a horrendous mocker.

    That's why I essentially rely on 3-4 draft experts (and Kiper/McShay are last on that list), and that's about it.

  • You guys remember this shit:


  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Folk would get jailed if they made something like that these days.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I was freaked out as a kid when I saw this show..

    I went back to my Pokemon, Disney, Superman, and Ninja Turtles shows..

  • yup, it wasn't for littleuns like you were stimpy.

  • here you go erik

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    this is even better, this one won't freak you out at alllll

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    eh, I really never got into Ren and Stimpy. For a little bit it was OK, kinda like Beavis and Butthead, but it got played out real soon.

  • fb_avatar

    Hey Draft Nerds :)
    I stayed out of this because it can eat you alive. So what I see is that the OT's and best OGs are all projected to be gone at 20.

    Looks like 2 of the best TEs in a while are there. Maybe one or two of the top 5 LBs and maybe one of the Top Corners. Is that about right?

    Wish that super fast kid from WV was around Tavon Austin?

    Need to know what I'm pulling for to happen in the first 19 picks. What's the consensus?

  • In reply to Big Mike:

    pray for a run on shitty QB's so we are less likely to waste a pick taking a shitty QB that won't be in the league in 2 years.

    OL, DL, LB


  • In reply to MB30SD:

    We want an OL if the name is:

    Cooper, Warmack, Fluker, Fisher or Joeckel or Lane Johnson.

    If none of them are available, Emery COULD draft Kyle Long in 1. But that would be Chicken Dinner redux and make us all very angry - because he would be passing on Tyler Eifert, who is probably the best TE in the draft and one of the best TEs to come along in a very long time.

    If Trestman is going Bellichek style Hernandez-Gronk style, then Black Unicorn + Eifert is the closest thing you can get to making that happen in a single year.

    If Bears take Eifert, you then really want Menelik Watson or Kyle Long, but exceedingly unlikely to get them at 50. At 50, you have a decent shot at Barrett Jones and you want to pray he's there and the Bears take him there.

    If they take that 6'7" QB in 2 and leave Jones on the board I may physically vomit. a lot. If they leave Jones on the board for Arthur Brown I will be exceedingly pissed.

    So there ya go

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to gpldan:

    A disclaimer the 6'7" QB Mike Glennon is from my area. He played at a High School that won the big school Championship in VA. With that said, taking a QB in round 2 is a sure sign that the Bears are rebuilding.

    Not that Cutler is out, but they are trying to pull a Matt Flynn and get a guy hyped up and trade for picks. That's not what I would do, but like I said, seems like a clear sign if that happens.

    Barrett Jones at 50 would be one of the best things to happen for the Bears since JA left town.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to MB30SD:

    What's the floor on the OL? If the top 3 LTs and the top 2 OGs are off the board? Do you still go OL in round 1? Or is that when you start retreating? Or do you take that Minter kid? DB in round 4 might be a waste. I read about some fast 4.2 project type kid from Middle Tennessee or something like that. If it's the 5th or 6th best OL in round 1, do you reach? Not sure how I feel about that. Love beefing up the OL, always have. I might flip your 5 and go LB, OL. What if that Trufant DB is there? He's supposed to be pretty good. Now I see why the Bears could trade back 4-5 picks and not get hurt. Picking up a 3rd, would be fantastic if it only cost us a few slots.

  • In reply to Big Mike:

    Here's my gig BM... like GP says above, if all of those guys he listed are gone before #20 (is that really likely?!), then we have to look at our next biggest position of need, ILB... you take ogeltree, brown, or manti (I know, I know but the kid WILL be a good NFL fb player)... if none of those guys are there, it's on to the next position of most need... CB, TE (maybe), or if there's a guy at QB you almost know will be a long-term option at franchise, MAYBE you take a crack at him IFF there isn't another much better player at the spot to pick up for depth/insurance.

    I also agree that if B.jones is there for our 2nd pick, we'd me fucking morons not to pick him up. If we don't get a center then garza is going to be there anyway, why not take him and liz and give him the year to learn behind false-start garza.

    In 3 (not sure how, but I expect phill to do something to get us back into the 3rd),4 ,5+ you take guys like armestead and/or maybe some of these dudes: (yeah, I know… it’s BR, but here they are anyway)

  • In reply to Big Mike:

    Few things Bear fans need to pray to Pappa Bear in the sky for.

    1. Like Johhny said, teams make a Ponderish run at QBs. If even two are drafted b4 20, that brings us closer to a true blue chip player.

    2. A run at CBs and Safeties. Milliner is gone, but everyone else is iffy. If Xavier Rhodes, Jamar Taylor, and Hayden + Vaccarro all get drafted before us, that'll almost guarantee us an impact player at a need position.

    3. ONE team before 20 falls in love with Lacey, or any other HB. This is a long shot, but stranger things have happened.

    4. ONE team to elevate a player a full round or two (I call this the Bruce Irvin pick). Happens every year, just hope it happens before 20.

    5. A pass rusher like Jarvis Jones falls to us which a team like the Ravens would trade a lot for. Vaccaro, and Jamar Taylor are others who might fall to us which we can trade down for.

    Best case scenario, these guys fall:

    OG Warmack or Cooper. Guards tend to fall when the clock is on. Not likely this year, but maybe.

    LB Ogletree. Character issues makes this a very real possibility.

    TE Eifert. TEs typically don't go before 20 unless they were also combine monsters like Davis.

    WR Austin. He's small. Slot WRs typically don't go in the first, yet alone in the top 20. Austin however is not the run of the mill slot prospect.

    WR Patterson/Hopkins. Both would help our O out, but come with some questions. At 20 though, might be very good value.

    DT Sheldon Richardson was made for our 3-tech. Might not get by Dallas but it can happen.

  • Jarvis Jones would appeas to be a perfect fit for the Steelers so i doubt he gets past them.

  • fb_avatar

    I'd love for any of those things to happen. WR Austin, might be my stretch favorite. I just don't see any way Warmack and Cooper are there. I'd say those would be the biggest no brainers in the history of football (ok, slight exaggeration, but the chance to FIX the oline in one offseason whoa..)

  • Hey, Mike, and other Bear Bloggers, this is perhaps the most accurate cheat-sheet for tomorrow out there. It's amazing how the draft follows Mayock's Top 100 like a script (wit few exceptions. Surprise pass rushers, like Irvin, or QBs, creep up, while OGs, HBs, and S usually get pushed down).

    Mayock's Top 100 2013

    1. Eric Fisher, OT, Central Michigan
    2. Sharrif Floyd, DT, Florida
    3. Luke Joeckel, OT, Texas A&M
    4. Chance Warmack, OG, Alabama
    5. Dion Jordan, DE/OLB, Oregon
    6. Lane Johnson, OT, Oklahoma
    7. Sheldon Richardson, DT, Missouri
    8. Jonathan Cooper, OG, North Carolina
    9. Ziggy Ansah, DE, BYU
    10. Barkevious Mingo, DE, LSU

    11. Star Lotulelei, DT, Utah
    12. Tavon Austin, WR, West Virginia
    13. Tyler Eifert, TE, Notre Dame
    14. D.J. Hayden, CB, Houston
    15. D.J. Fluker, OT, Alabama
    16. Dee Milliner, CB, Alabama
    17. Kenny Vaccaro, S, Texas
    18. Eddie Lacy, RB, Alabama
    19. Jarvis Jones, OLB, Georgia
    20. Xavier Rhodes, CB, Florida State

    21. Geno Smith, QB, West Virginia
    22. Sylvester Williams, DT, North Carolina
    23. Manti Te'o, ILB, Notre Dame
    24. Justin Pugh, OT, Syracuse
    25. Matt Elam, FS, Florida
    26. Bjoern Werner, DE, Florida State
    27. Datone Jones, DE, UCLA
    28. Eric Reid,FS, LSU
    29. Kyle Long,OG, Oregon
    30. Cordarrelle Patterson, WR, Tennessee

    31. Menelik Watson, OT, Florida State
    32. Justin Hunter, WR, Tennessee
    33. Damontre Moore, DE, Texas A&M
    34. Kevin Minter,ILB, LSU
    35. Desmond Trufant, CB, Washington
    36. Arthur Brown, ILB, Kansas State
    37. Keenan Allen, WR, California
    38. Jonathan Cyprien, FS, Florida International
    39. Margus Hunt, DE, SMU
    40. Kawann Short, DT, Purdue

    41. EJ Manuel, QB, Florida State
    42. DeAndre Hopkins, WR, Clemson
    43. Matt Barkley, QB, USC
    44. Alec Ogletree, ILB, Georgia
    45. Robert Woods, WR, USC
    46. Zach Ertz, TE, Stanford
    47. Larry Warford,, OG, Kentucky
    48. Johnthan Banks, CB, Mississippi State
    49. Jamie Collins, OLB, Southern Mississippi
    50. Ryan Nassib, QB, Syracuse

    51. Jamar Taylor, CB, Boise State
    52. Montee Ball, RB, Wisconsin
    53. Terrance Williams,, WR, Baylor
    54. Cornelius Washington, OLB, Georgia
    55. Brian Schwenke, C, California
    56. Tank Carradine, DE, Florida State
    57. D.J. Swearinger, SS, South Carolina
    58. Jonathan Hankins, DT, Ohio State
    59. Darius Slay, CB, Mississippi State
    60. Aaron Dobson, WR, Marshall

    61. Terron Armstead, OT, Arkansas-Pine Bluff
    62. Bennie Logan, DT, LSU
    63. Giovani Bernard, RB, North Carolina
    64. Sio Moore, OLB, Connecticut
    65. Jon Bostic, OLB, Florida
    66. Blidi Wreh-Wilson, CB, Connecticut
    67. B.W. Webb, CB, William & Mary
    68. J.J. Wilcox, FS, Georgia Southern
    69. Khaseem Greene, OLB, Rutgers
    70. Brian Winters, OG, Kent

    71. John Jenkins, DT, Georgia
    72. Dwayne Gratz, CB, Connecticut
    73. Stedman Bailey, WR, West Virginia
    74. Robert Alford, CB, Southeastern Louisiana
    75. Andre Ellington, RB, Clemson
    76. Gavin Escobar, TE, San Diego State
    77. William Gholston, DE, Michigan State
    78. Quinton Patton, WR, Louisiana Tech
    79. Alex Okafor, DE, Texas
    80. Travis Kelce, TE, Cincinnati

    81. Mike Glennon, QB, North Carolina State
    82. David Bakhtiari, OT, Colorado
    83. Brandon Williams, DT, Missouri Southern State
    84. David Quessenberry, OT, San Jose State
    85. Jordan Poyer, CB, Oregon State
    86. Tyler Bray, QB, Tennessee
    87. Christine Michael, RB, Texas A&M
    88. Markus Wheaton, WR, Oregon State
    89. John Simon, DT, Ohio State
    90. Dallas Thomas, OT, Tennessee

    91. Barrett Jones, OG, Alabama
    92. Travis Frederick, C, Wisconsin
    93. Marquise Goodwin, WR, Texas
    94. Le'Veon Bell, RB, Michigan State
    95. Shamarko Thomas, SS, Syracuse
    96. Vance McDonald, TE, Rice
    97. Jesse Williams, DT, Alabama
    98. Tyrann Mathieu, CB, LSU
    99. David Amerson, CB, North Carolina State
    100. Johnathan Franklin, RB, UCLA

  • Bears' 2013 draft picks: 20 (1), 50 (2), 117(4), 153 (5), 188 (6)

    Needs: C/OG, LB, CB, Sp/slot WR, DL.

    Here's Mayock's Top 100 from last year for reference.

  • fb_avatar

    thanks. Won't go in that order, but this is an amazing cheat sheet.

    Out of curiosity, where were chicken dinner and baby beast on this list last year?

    Kyle Long sitting there for us on this list. If there are deviations from the list, I guess it would represent an opportunity to get > value out of the pick.

  • In reply to Big Mike:

    If you check out that 2nd link, it'll show how players ranked last year.

    Mayock was actually pretty high on Shea. He ranked him at #14, which was much higher than most everyone else, including NFP who ranked Shea at like #50.

    That's the good news. The bad news is that Mayock ranked Chandler Jones as the #9th best player overall.

    Shhh, don't remind MB.

  • god motherfucking damn it!!!!!!!

  • fb_avatar

    I agree with New Bear In Town. You don't excel in the league without an offensive line in the upper half of the league. Where the O-line stands right now is, at best, average. I also think Emery doomed the bears last year by not improving the O-line. I also thought he reached on McClellin, I would not have had a problem with him in the second round.

  • In reply to George Hotchkiss:

    Was it Emery though, or Tice who doomed the Oline?

    My bet is Tice believed that he could turn turds into diamonds and assured Emery that with enough protections, he could make it work.

    Emery probably just nodded silently and said, "OK Mike, but if you're wrong, you're all out of a job next year."

    It's no coincedence that once Tice and Lovie got terminated, Emery aggressively targeted an OT in FA.

    That being said, I think many Bear fans are going to get pissed when Emery doesn't draft a C/OG tomorrow until the 3rd/4rth round.

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