Bears 4th Round Selection: Khaseem Greene, LB, Rutgers

Bears 4th Round Selection: Khaseem Greene, LB, Rutgers

Phil Emery spent money in free agency to add veterans to the Bears linebacking corps. Lance Briggs will be joined in the 2013 starting lineup by James Anderson and DJ Williams. After drafting Jon Bostic on Day Two of the draft, Emery has now added Khaseem Greene and possibly solidified this corps for the foreseeable future.



Greene and Pittsburgh running back Ray Graham don’t share a last name and didn’t grow up in the same house, but the half-brothers (their father, Raymond Graham, played football at Purdue) are still close. Greene was born 17 months earlier than Graham, and scouts are sure to be highly interested in both.

The Elizabeth, N.J. product played one season at a prep school following his high school career, then sat out the 2008 season as a redshirt. Greene played all 13 games at safety the next season, starting one and making 33 tackles (including two sacks) and intercepting two passes. He earned the full-time starting free safety job as a sophomore, racking up 77 stops, 2.5 for loss, and picking off two more passes and forcing four fumbles. A move to linebacker during the spring of 2011 proved fruitful for Greene in 2011, as he was named the Big East’s Co-Defensive Player of the Year after leading the conference (ranking 12th nationally) with 141 tackles, 14.5 of which were for losses. He was having his typical productive contest in the team’s win over Iowa State in the Pinstripe Bowl (14 tackles, three for loss, pass breakup) before suffering a broken right ankle with less than five minutes to go. He did not participate in 2012 spring practices while rehabbing the injury. His 2012 season, however, showed no signs of him being slowed down. Greene totaled 136 tackles, 12 of which were for loss, with six sacks. He also managed to break up five passes, record 10 quarterback hurries, and force six fumbles



Chase linebacker who takes advantage of open lanes to track ballcarriers behind the line or from behind. Consistently goes for the strip or takes a strong punch at the ball if not wrapping up a leg. Maintains the movement skills of a safety in coverage, proving capable of lining up over tight ends and slot receivers and running deep down the middle third when asked. An aware zone defender, watching the quarterback to come off crossers and make a play on the ball. Smells out screens and quick throws when playing outside. His quickness and flexibility make him an effective blitzer, dipping under blockers’ shoulders to get into the backfield.


Must look healthy this season after recovering from a broken right ankle in the team’s 2011 bowl game. Has a safety build, possessing average height and thinner lower body. Not the strongest or most physical tackler, most likely to dive towards ballcarriers’ feet than bring real impact. Overruns plays and gets lost in trash inside and lacks strength to take on blocks between the tackles. Hustle is hot and cold, will watch plays to opposite sideline instead of trying to get the angle to prevent the big play. Hands for the interception are only adequate, as he does not always make the moderately difficult catch away from his frame.

NFL Comparison

Geno Hayes

Bottom Line

Greene appears to be a prototypical 4-3 weak-side linebacker. He has tremendous speed and athletic ability. One of the most intriguing aspects of Greene's game is how efficient he is as a blocker. He will struggle to work through traffic, and needs to be more physical at the line of scrimmage. While not as refined, Greene shares many similar traits with 2012 second-round pick Lavonte David, who was selected by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

You want something from the video department? I always provide:

But what do our friends over at Walter Football think about the Rutgers product?

  • "4/24/13: Despite a ton of production, Greene has gone under the radar. He could be a second-day steal.Greene was an animal for Rutgers in 2012. He amassed 136 tackles, six sacks, six forced fumbles, five passes batted, two interceptions and 12 tackles for a loss. The senior was tremendous at consistently producing impact plays and was the leader of his defense.

    Surprisingly, Greene didn't perform well at the Combine. His 40 time was slower than expected, and his bench press total of 17 reps was rather small."

A new era of Bears linebackers may have begun in the last 24 hours. The question is whether Mel Tucker and his coaching staff can extract greatness from these dynamic, athletic talents.


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  • When our 4rth rounder grades out ahead of our 2nd, is that a good or bad thing?


  • Both AND NFP have Greene graded higher than Bostic (though NFP seems kind of passive-aggressive with their evaluation here).

    Walterfootball has them about the same - though they mention that Green would be a "steal" in the 2nd-3rd. Didn't say the same about Bostic.

    Here's the NFP scouting report

    Greene (6'1 241, 4.71 40)

    STRENGTHS - Greene displays the speed needed to make plays boundary to boundary as well as dropping into coverage. He has the foot quickness and agility needed to avoid blockers in tight spaces without compromising gap integrity. On blitzes and pursuit plays he displays an impressive closing burst to the ball.

    WEAKNESSES -Greene does not play up to his actual speed in large part because he is consistently a beat or two late moving to the ball. On run plays he does not read his keys well and generally waits for the play to come to him, which allows blockers to get on top of him in a hurry. Once blockers are able to engage he struggles to shed because he does not use his hands aggressively to protect his frame. In pass coverage he struggles to identify receivers through his area and is consistently late reacting to the QB. Coming forward he misses too many tackles because he struggles to break down in space and tends to leave his feet.

    SUMMARY - I was highly disappointed evaluating Khaseem Greene on film because he clearly is not the explosive play-maker some have billed him to be. While he shows excellent speed and a solid closing burst, his poor instincts prevent him from consistently making plays, even when he is left free and in position to get involved. He is consistently one or two beats late reacting both on run fits and pass coverage. He is also a poor tackler, as he does not show the flexibility and agility needed to break down in space to adjust to moving targets. Greene will likely be drafted higher than I have him rated because of athletic potential and his experience on coverage units, but unless he becomes more aggressive to the LOS and significantly improves his read and react skills, he is unlikely to ever develop into more than a special teams player and backup.

  • I guess it makes no odds now. As much as Greene looks like a good pass rusher/LB ... surely trading picks to get into the 3rd round for a guy like Schwenke and solidify that line for ten years was more important? We have a shitload of linebackers now, and I like that, Monsters of the Midway and all that, but two of them are going to ride the bench. I don't even know who Garza's backup is right now, Edwin?

    In retrospect, I would swap Schwenke for either Long or Bostic. Straight up. There will be a hole in the middle of our line on every single snap moving backwards at the speed of Suh ... and Unicorn and Beast and Baby Beast are all useless at that point.

    Something miraculous must happen right now, cos there's jack shit available in FA.

  • Actually, we only needed to move up like 5 spots in the 4rth to get Barrett Jones. Might have cost us a 6th at most.

    You probably don't want to hear that though lol

  • (faints)

  • Also, good job Jeff at immediately putting up highlights and a new thread for our draft picks.


  • Totally agree! Thanks Jeff! You da man!

  • And when does DBB's post CN era begin? We don't have a 7th so maybe hopefully immediately after our 6th round pick?

  • it is BRUTAl waiting for the fucking 20th pick every round.

    God we suck at drafting... just in general. Why can't we find someone smart enough to start doing brilliant deals to get us more pick earlier in each round.

    I know he didn't get anything to work with, but I'm expecting greatness here for fuck sake.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    That's why I'm all for tanking when your season is blitzed and you know it. We had a terrible Oline and we went 10-6. Didn't even make the playoffs. What's the point? Our draft would have been so different if we went 8-8.

    Our last two draft picks won't even be on the field in September, right?

  • Irish, fucking stop it. Tanking the season? We started 7-1 man. You're talking fucking stupid. We lost out on the playoffs by a fucking pubic hair.

    FUCKING STOP. They addressed so many fucking needs in FA and the draft that it's not even funny. Take your meds.

  • How in the hell is Jesse Williams still on the board?!?! There must be something we aren't seeing.

  • In reply to BearDown85:

    OK, Mayock just said he had a lot of medical concerns.

  • In reply to BearDown85:

    ohhhhh, you are thoooooo right:


  • denard gone to jags

  • There he finally went....Sea Chickens continue to get better.

  • In reply to BearDown85:

    49ers took a medical concern in Lattimore, Seachickens, "Oh yeah, we can take a medical risk too!"

  • I have a huge football crush on Kam Chancellor...

    ...nay, on their entire Dbackfield

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    They are bad-ass. I liked Thomas coming out of the draft, and Berry.

    Too bad Marshall owns all them punks! How bad ass is Beast when he calls them out the week before, then teabags them!?



  • 1:06 on the first video. BOOM

  • By the way Jeff....Phil Emery hates your t-shirt contest lol

  • So who do we want with this pick? The speedy white receiver?

  • In reply to tobijohn:


    Pretty fly for a white guy...

  • If we get Swope, some, not all, will be forgiven for this draft.

  • So far, every draft pick has been interviewed by the

    ----4rth rounders----

    [63.7] - Zach Line, RB/FB, SMU (EW)
    [60.1] - Brandon McGee, DB, Miami (PRI)
    [60.0] - Stefphon Jefferson, RB, Nevada (COM)
    [60.0] Nick Kasa, TE, Colorado (INT)
    [59.6] Melvin White-CB Lousiana-Lafayette (?)
    [56.7] - Robert Lester, DB, Alabama (SR#)
    [56.0] - Tyrone Goard, WR, Eastern Kentucky (EW)
    [54.8] - Bradley McDougald, S, Kansas (EW)
    [52.0] - Edmond Kugbila, OL, Valdosta State (PRI)


    [-] Alan Baxter, DL, Northern Illinois (PRO)
    [-] - Matt Evans, LB, New Hampshire (EW)
    [-] Jeremy Harris, DB, New Mexico (INT)
    [-] - Keavon Milton, TE, Louisiana-Monroe (PRI)
    [-] Sean Progar, DL, Northern Illinois (PRO)
    [-] - Eric Rogers, WR, Cal Lutheran (PRO)
    [-] Supo Sanni, DB, Illinois (PRO)
    [-] Don Unamba, DB, Southern Arkansas (PRI)
    [-] Rashaan Melvin, DB, Northern Illinois (PRO)
    [-] Keegan Wetzle, LB, Navy (PRI)

    [-] Ungraded, most likely 5th-UFA
    ? - rumored, but not officially confirmed
    SR - Senior Bowl meeting.
    EW - East-West Shrine meeting.
    COM - Combine meeting.
    INT - Interested.
    VINT - Very Interested.
    PRO - Pro Day meeting.
    PRI - Private Workout.
    % - indicates more than one meeting.
    # - indicates meeting set up outside of the 2013 Senior Bowl or the 2013 East-West Shrine Game

  • Did we not interview Swope?

  • In reply to BearDown85:

    Yes, but he graded in the 3rd, and I accidentally cut that off.

    Swope definitely brought in.

  • Thanks for posting that info in each round Butch! I was searching a lot earlier this week to see what we did last year as far as how many players we met with and then drafted but its difficult to sift through archives that are a year old to find that info.

  • In reply to BearDown85:

    I posted the interviews from last year many threads ago, but suffice it to say that we interviewed Hardin, Alshon, but not Shea (off the top of my head).

    I can repost that for you later.

  • Not a big deal man...was just tryin to do some pre-draft research instead of working. haha

  • ----3rd rounders----

    [71.0] Brian Schwenke, OL, California (PRI)
    [70.5] Keith Pough, LB, Howard (INT)
    [70.0] Zaviar Gooden, LB, Missouri (PRI)
    [68.0] - Josh Evans, S, Florida (EW)
    [67.4] Ryan Swope, WR, Texas A&M (PRI)
    [67.1] Kiko Alonso, LB, Oregon (PRI)
    [67.0] - Jordan Mills, OT, Louisiana Tech (COM)
    [62.2] Jon Bostic, LB, Florida (PRI)

  • Damn. Stills might have been a good slot speed WR.

    Don't the Saints have enough WRs!?

  • On the plus side...some of these teams will have to cut some quality players/draft picks because they can't keep them all.

  • In reply to BearDown85:

    Just like I dont think the Eagles are gonna keep 6 QBs

  • Bradley McDougald, S, Kansas (EW) ?

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    No more late round safeties, por favor.

    We got Hardin!

    (also, got that FA Zibowkoski)

  • And honestly...Conte and Wright are really starting to step in as quality players.

  • In reply to BearDown85:


  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Dude, you're like my aunt with waiters.

    My aunt used to be a waitress, so she's deems all waiters who don't juggle fire and chainsaws while bringing your plate with a smile a horrible waiter!

  • exactly. They are ok.... just OfuckingK.

    i reality I'm ok with major penis... conte is NOT our franchise FS maingses.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    This was actually a great draft for Safeties.

    I liked that safety the Steelers got in the 4rth. Dude is madman like Sanders was.

    Scmarko something or other.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I don't even care right now. Is there a long snapper available? A really good waterboy?

    Maybe they are thinking of converting Slauson to center? They'd better be.

  • Dont know how many Illinois football fans are on here (they're hard to watch and even harder to root for....I know!) but Terry Hawthorne just got drafted by the Steelers.

  • Last impact 5th round pick for #Bears was Johnny Knox in 2009. Looking for traits in this round. Team also chose DE Mark Anderson in Rd 5.

    Biggsy tweet

  • Impact? IMPACT? The only impact Johnny Knox made was when he'd fall over witht he ball in the air!

    And with the 20th pick ... the Bears select .... um, nobody ... they flush it straight down the toilet.

    Jesus Christ on a bike.

    Good night.


  • (mops blood from head)

    Whoa Nelly ... hold up ... could we have traded out of the first ... STILL gotten the players we drafted ... AND gotten Schwenke ?

    (the sound of two cartridges slotting into a double-barrelled shotgun ....... CRACK!)

  • we just traded what?

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    for a 7th?

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Hey, where did our 5th pick disappear to?

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    Atlanta...we traded back 10 spots

  • Hahha...Emery finally got his trade down, in the 5th, even though Swope was on the board.

  • Apparently we traded out of our 5th...what did we get?

  • In reply to BearDown85:

    we traded down 10 spots in the 5th, and gained the 30th pick in the 7th, one pick from Mr. Irrelevant.

  • Oh come on! Is that not getting a bit too cute?

  • Not to get overly technical on you....but with all the compensatory selections, ours is 18 ahead of Mr. Irrelevant ;)

  • In reply to BearDown85:

    Oh yeah, forgot about those!

    But that also pushes back our pick because compensatory picks are given out at the end of the 6th too.


  • Other than, I think, Lance Louis and a DB named Green a number of years back, when is the last time anyone we picked in the 7th actually made the team?

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    Can't even recall Tobi.

    I'm sure Biggsy will let us know in the 7th.

    Wasn't Dent like a 7th or something?

    Maybe I'm going wacky...

  • 8th. Hilgenberg wasn't even drafted .

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    Nice pull Tobi! I think Lance was the last one.

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    And....sadly....J'Marcus "I can't block a rock" Webb

  • If we miss out on Swope I'm done

  • back to 30 and.......?

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    $... anything?

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    30th pick in the 7th MB.

    Oh Phil...

  • are we fucking serious? What does that trade get us?

    Emery is a fucking moron. Not impressed at all and don't like him much after his second lackluster draft.

    Sorry, I was trying to stay positive as long as I could, but he always tries to be the smart guy... unfortunately he hasn't been so far, and his brilliant trades are for the second from last pick in the draft. Mediocre with really smar heavy reaches that might pan out.

    Emery, you sir are a fucking douchebag tool that outsmarts yourself.

    Screw you sir, I'm going home. Late boys, I'm done with this.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Bear down, MB!

    IF we still get Swope, it'll be - less tarded. Not full tard, just partially.

  • You never go full retard...

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Is it possible to trade OUT of the draft? Like he trades his last two picks and then realizes there is no 33rd, 34th and 35th picks in the 7th round?

  • Haha...with only their 2nd pick outside the 1st round, the Queens just took a punter!

  • In reply to BearDown85:

    They still have Ponder at QB. Might be smart lol

  • In reply to BearDown85:

    Guess Kluwe is getting a bit too reactionary for them...

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    Wouldn't it be ironic if that P who replaces Kluwe announces he's gay?

  • Perfect!

  • Who wants to bet the fucking Packers take Swope?

  • In reply to BearDown85:

    Was thinking the same. THAT would be a slap to the face.

  • Well thank goodness that didn't happen....whew

  • Really wish they hadn't traded down. I was going to finish up my May invoicing and take a nap. Now I've got to stick around for the sixth and be grouchy and irritable the rest of the day...

  • ... and this just in .... an ex-patriot teacher living in Thailand has been found dead in the family home. Police officers at the scene suspect no foul play although a Remington shotgun was found near the body. He had apparently shot himself repeatedly. Although the teacher was not though to have spoken German, the word 'SCHWENKE' was daubed in blood all over the walls. He is survived by two small children and a bitch."

  • NINE!

  • brother is a Rams fan and they have absolutely killed it this draft. I will be watching every game they play that is not at the same time as Duh Bears next year.

  • In reply to BearDown85:

    OK, what happens if the Bears still don't take Swope?

  • Alright Phil, don't get cute!


  • OK....we're back on the clock and Swope is still out there. Gotta be the pick right!?!? Right!?!? RIGHT!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    *A la Samuel L Jackson in Jurrasic Park* PLEASE!!!!!!

  • WTF Emery

  • Jordan Mills, OT.

    Remember this is the guy I told you Kromer would love in the later rounds?

    I expect him to be converted to OG.

  • Is Kromer really some genius OL coach? All I can think of is how we were force fed that Mike Tice was the best OL coach in the league and we all know how that turned out.

  • In reply to BearDown85:

    Unlike Tice, Kromer has made 4rth rounder perennial PBs.

    Mills fits his template.

    Even though Kromer runs a zone scheme (which is easier for Olinemen), he likes big uglies in there (6'5 310 +) who are run and he can mold.

    Mills is there in case Carimi really is dog shit.

  • * who are raw.

  • Phil is taking the piss right?

  • In reply to DYLbear23:

    I think Swope's concussion history is scaring off a lot of teams.

    I actually like the pick because we NEED olinemen.

    I would have preferred Swope, but at least we didn't draft a FB.

  • In reply to DYLbear23:

    With 9 tackles and 17 linebackers .. who needs a fucking center, right?

  • agreed.

  • I'm down with this pick. Oline baby. Fuck it.

    Ok, really I'm out this time.

    Cherrio lads!

  • If you watch Jordan Mill's combine video... all his work outs are with Long.


  • In reply to Scharfinator:

    Mills is a BIG, MEAN olinemen who I think might even beat out Carimi to start.

  • Yeah...there's a trend working here. Long is an alley fighter too with no quit, and that's exactly what Mills is.

    I think out O-Line is going to be manned by hungry thugs this season. Won't predict the success/failure rate, but they'll draw blood.

  • From Mills could find himself as a top-100 selection

  • Phil's whole goal during the draft is to draft the most unpredictable picks as possible. It may easier winning the lottery than guessing who Emery will pick in a given round. The only thing I can predict from Emery is that he will pick dudes that are ranked way lower than many of the players still available on the board... I guess that's just how he rolls.

  • In reply to JR Cubbies:

    Mills actually ranks pretty closely to Swope (see interviews above).

    But unlike Swope, Mills doesn't have a concussion history.

    I think this is a solid pick. I seriously believe Mills might put Carimi/Webb out of a job.

  • Yeah, this seems to be a solid pick. Emery finally decided to pick somewhat normal on this one.

  • Maybe we use that extra 7th and trade up in the 6th round and nab Swope?

  • In reply to BearDown85:

    We now have the luxury of trading up before a team can draft Swope if Emery feels that's the way to go.

  • I liked our 4th round pick a helluva lot more than our 2nd rounder.

    I am going to wait to see what happens as cuts happen, additional free agency moves, etc, but this has got to be one of the most underwhelming drafts in recent memory. And after years of JA, that's saying something.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Last years draft was pretty damn underwhelming as well. I think it has something to do with the fact that Emery gets off on going against the general consensus..

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    I was not excited at all with our first two rounds (to say the least), but Emery seems to be doing better in the mid-late rounds.

    FUCK. Just got an Angelo shiver down my spine.

    I'll probably do a little write on what I think is Emery's flaw once everything settles down.

  • I can tell ya right now that Emery's flaw is that he tries to be too cute when picking guys. I have no doubt that Emery watches a shit load of film. But for whatever reason he wants to prove it to everyone by picking guys that other people aren't talking about. Just because other scouts like a guy doesn't make that player a bad pick...

  • Well, there goes Swope to the Cards...fuck.

  • And that concludes my giving a fuck about this draft. I'm out. Later all.

  • In reply to BearDown85:

    No wait, there's a really good punter from .....

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