Emery Contiues to Surprise in March

Emery Contiues to Surprise in March

Phil Emery landed the surprise of the 2012 off-season with his acquisition of Brandon Marshall from the Miami Dolphins for a pair of third-round picks. Marshall rewarded Emery by delivering one of the most impressive offensive seasons in the history of the Chicago Bears and in my opinion allowing Emery the grace period which led to the firing of Lovie Smith in the aftermath of the ten-win 2012 campaign.

The first day of Free Agency 2013 was nearly as surprising.

Within minutes of the official signing period opening, word leaked out of Chicago/New York that former Cowboys and Giants tight end Martellus Bennett had reached an agreement (in principal, of course) to join the Chicago Bears. Bennett, much like Marshall did a year earlier at wide receiver, immediately validated the tight end position. If he repeats his 55-626-5 from a year ago over the four-year duration of his contract, Kellen Davis will become no more than a trivia answer to questions asked by negativity-prone intoxication monkeys in Rossi's on North State.

Emery was not done.

As the clock moved from five to six in the middle of this country, Emery and the Bears inked a long-term deal with former Saints tackle, Drew Brees blindside protector and certifiably pornographic last name holder Jermon Bushrod. The deal is worth a bit more than $17 million guaranteed.

Around these parts much has been made about the Pro Football Focus grading of Bushrod as equivalent to J'Marcus Webb in 2012. A few points on this:

  • Emery acknowledged PFF in his post-season press conference. These were not numbers unknown to the Bears GM. These were numbers unimportant.
  • Aaron Kromer, the Bears current "offensive coordinator", was Bushrod's position coach in New Orleans. If Bushrod is a marginal player and marginal improvement, Kromer must simply not care or decided to stay quiet.
  • Bushrod is not only an improvement at left tackle for the Bears. He also drastically improves the right tackle position by allowing Gabe Carimi and J'Marcus Webb to battle for the spot in camp. Best case for Bears? Carimi beats Webb and becomes a swing tackle with a year plus experience on both sides of the line.

In one day the Bears upgraded their two most vulnerable positions: left tackle and tight end. Did they overpay? Perhaps. But during Cliff Stein's tenure in Chicago the Bears have rarely, very rarely, faced anything approaching cap trouble. They'll be just fine.

Now the club has the flexibility heading into the NFL draft. Now they can use their first round selection on a middle linebacker or guard or wide receiver or whomever they believe to be the best player available. Emery has used free agency to address the needs. Now he can use the draft to address the desires.


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  • fucking nboob got first. smh.

    So fired up about this. Canada, I told you it was the lovie shitshow running things last year. I have a feeling I'm going to be VERY impressed with Emery's draft this year.

    You guys know my wishlist
    1. Fluker or cooper
    2. Jones
    4. ILB

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    just fucking with you bfte

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    thats cool - not really a noob though i have been following the site since before chicago now fiasco.

  • In reply to bearfantillend:

    post more often maings.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I resemble that remark.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I think Fluker did the bench press 12 times at the combine. Fuck that. He'll be up against fucking MEN in the NFL not future area managers at Enterprise.

  • Probably right.

  • I don't like Fluker either, especially at 20.

    I'd prefer Cooper if both are available. Our cup runneth over at RT.

  • sheeeeit... I could do 12 when I was 7. Pussy.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Thats just because of those alligator arms! hahahaha

  • Don't want to be a buzz kill but where do these two deals leave us in terms of the cap? Do we still have enough to pay our free agents?

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    This is like a bachelor party, Tobi. Worry about the hangover tomorrow!

    (You might want to hit up ebay though and sell some of these jerseys:)


  • I don't see how we can afford to lose roach AND lach maings. Who we gonna put in, costanzo? Constanza (that was for you)?

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  • Izzy ain't goin nowhere no how. Scott is staying, Louis staying and Okoye will be signed for a sack of white castle's and some old vhs porn they find at the film room at halas hall. Roach is another story. I believe he will leave. We will then call Karlos Dansby and ask him if he wants to be on a real fucking team instead of the Dolphins and he will say yes.

    Lach will not pull a Kreutz but if he does Shea McClellin will immediately become a linebacker and we'll draft OL,LB,DL in draft.

  • You're going to have to throw in a VHS player to get Akoye, Johnny.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    If it came down to it I would step up and hand deliver it.

  • There's no way in HELL I'd sell my McCown jersey...

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    Follow-up question, if I may:

    What is the drop dead date for being at or under the cap?

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    good question. i'll research.

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    I'm guessing

    July 15 (4pm Eastern)

    Melton will have to be signed into a contract by then, or play on the franchise tag costing the Bears the full $8.5M of the cap. Remember how long it took for Forte to finally sign? Well, expect more of the same but without the bitching.

    Emery and Stein will work their magic in silent sub mode.

    This is from last year, but I think it's roughly the same.


  • I should also add that most teams make cuts and restructures right away, so we won't have to wait til July to know who's staying or going. We'll most likely find out by the end of the week if Lach is going to retire a Bear.

  • Lach will be back for a fair price after seeing these signings. Bears finally got a GM that can pull rabbits out of a hat instead of trying to pull crap out of his ass. Once cuts are made and Melton is signed to a deal, that will free up some cash...yes?

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  • Phil Emery is a god. He has brought us the change we so desperately needed.

  • In reply to Fresno,Ca Bear Fan:

    until we shore up the LB position let's just call him a "gawd". Almost there just a couple more moves.

  • In reply to Fresno,Ca Bear Fan:

    The biggest move by far is Trestman and the new stuff. Let's see where that goes.

  • So who do we draft? We got a TE and our LT.

  • In reply to Fresno,Ca Bear Fan:

    OL then start going with impact players at LB, WR, DL etc, or use those 4,5,6 draft picks to move up and make our 1st and 2nd round picks straight gangster moves.

  • Who you gonna trade up in 1 for?

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Top T or G on the board would be my move.

  • end this O Line debacle in one fucking season.

    Fuck you Jerry it was that easy!!!!!!

    Couldn't get a number 1 receiver???

    Fuck you Jerry it was that easy!!!!!!

  • Also, even though it's a little freaky when you look at our LB situation there are guys like Nick Barnett wiht talent that will be available and they won't break the bank.

  • Emery clearly had a plan going into the FA period and executed it without hesitation. Whether it was plan A or plan B we may never know, but it's obviously clear he had a plan.

    The question is, what's next?

    Urlacher? Roach? L. Lewis? Scott? Izzy? Rachal? (kidding)

  • Whatever else you might say or think of him, Phil knows how to make a shopping list when he goes to market.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    And fill the basket with "Prime Choice"

  • Lach

    Roach gone...:(

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    Reply to you shady..fucking CNgnomes!!!!!

    Blogfader when are we fuck out of here

  • Swap our 1st and 3rd in the draft to get Chance Warmack?

  • In reply to gpldan:

    You'd really have to think he was a full step up from Cooper, cause I think Cooper will be there.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Cooper reminds me if a LLouis type of athletic mobile G who can get to the 2nd level with ease, but I'm not sure how well he can hold up against NFL caliber bull rushers. Warmack is a monster. A complete monster who can start day 1. If the Bears move up to get this guy I wouldn't complain for a second.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Yes, but Cooper can play Center and kick Garza back out to OG, while Warmack is a pure OG.

    Just depends on what Emery plans to do with the interior Oline. As of now, lots of question marks.

  • I can't get over Warmack's National Championship game tape. It's silly how he dominated the ND in that game.

    If we end up drafting Cooper I think I'd rather have Garza playing center. I know it's not his natural position but I think leaving him at C will lighten the wear & tear and allow him to extend his career another year or two. Cutler feels comfortable with him and Cooper could take over the position when Garz retires.

    If the Bears sign L.L. or another FA to play G before the draft then brilliant, draft BPA at #20 or trade down. If they don't, I think they NEED to pick up a G in the first two rounds.

  • In reply to Shady:

    I'd take either, Cooper or Warmack, but I'd prefer Cooper because I really want to get rid of Garza like yesterday, but some are ok with him starting at C (I just get flash backs of no-push and offsides penalties).

    But Warmack and some late round C/G prospect like Schwenke would be fine by me.

    I think of all things, everyone on here has very different plans for the interior. Very curious what Emery envisions.

  • Thing is if you don't sign a G in FA, even if you draft Cooper, Garza is starting somewhere on the line. If that's the case, I'd rather see him at C than G. At the end of the day, Kromer will figure out the best combo. If he thinks Garz is done, I don't think he'll hesitate pulling the trigger like he did with Kruetz.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Shady:

    If Warmack is there, you take him. Line goes from worst to top 1/2 or better in one year. Not bad

    Bushrod, Warmack,Garza, Louis, Carimi/Webb

    What about that little fast dude from West Virginia? Trayvon Austin

  • In reply to Big Mike:

    I like. I like a lot.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    we don't have a 3rd but swap our 1st and 4th/5th to do it then use the money saved on the 4th/5th swap and bring in a vet linebacker and save some dough to keep McMannis or Bowman.

  • meant bring in vet linebacker in case we can't re-sign Roach/Lach. Collins will walk so we need Okoye for peanuts instead. Izzy is needed as well so we may have to take up a collection.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Warmack is a beast, but no. We need those mid-round picks to get some depth. Especially at LB.

    One nice thing about not 3rd rounder this year though? No third round safety.

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    I don't think we need to draft a 4th or 5th 5Rd lineebacker. We've got one or two of those in Thomas and Trahan and guys can be brought in off the street for almost nothing. A draft pick is even less of a known quantity at LB.

    If there is one thing available out there it is 6'1/6'2 235-240lb guys that will throw themselves through a wall on special teams for a couple hundred thousand.

  • I need to wish for World Peace next time.



  • lol

  • Are we done in the FA? Or do we get a guard like boothe from the giants?

  • This is surreal. Remember when they brought in Manu? "Hey guys, we go you a new tight end." But he was just a huge, fucking fat dude that looked like a slow, bad, tackle. Or how about a receiver? Roy Williams anybody. Tackle? Sure. Let's grab Omelet.
    So in summation. Jerry's guys: Manu, Roy, and Frank. Phil's guys: Bennett, Marshall, and Bushrod. Wow.

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    In reply to Johnnywad:

    Wow is right. Our GM is actually a strength instead of something we have to apologize for.

  • In reply to Johnnywad:

    "Phil Emery explained need for playmakers when he was introduced as #Bears GM & continues to drive point home. How?

    Here are the top eight moves, in no particular order:

    1. Sign LT Jermon Bushrod
    2. Sign TE Martellus Bennett
    3. Sign RB Matt Forte
    4. Sign RB Michael Bush (remember $14 million deal, $7 million guaranteed)
    5. Draft WR Alshon Jeffery in 2nd round
    6. Trade for WR Brandon Marshall
    7. Draft DE Shea McClellin in 1st round
    8. Place franchise tag on DT Henry Melton

    Now, the pressure falls on Cutler to make it all work.

    - Biggs


  • +100000000

  • I don't get to get on the Internet from work, so I've really been anticipating getting home to see what Phil got us from Christmas.

    After last year I had high hopes for free agency this year. With the two deals Phil did today he has exceeded those hopes, and made me very happy Bears fan. A LT and a TE, holy crap!

  • In other news, So.... Am I still the only one holding on to hope that finally....finally, JT Thomas will have a break-out year or at the very least, a good one??? Also, I predict Joe Anderson ( like his pops believes) will crush opposing defenses and be a legittreat for years to come.......

  • In reply to OsosFan:

    Osos, I don't think he'll be on the team.

  • I'll do some research on Trahan and Thomas

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    In reply to OsosFan:

    Is Joe Anderson a possible speed threat? I just remember how tough he was when he did get in. He put it all out there.

  • In reply to Big Mike:

    not a speed threat but a solid 6'1 210 receiver that is a tough kid, made some disgusting hits on specials and loves getting physcial on the field before, during and after the catch...

    I should know, I'm his dad.

  • Everything you need to know about Bennett..


  • Nice. I particuarly enjoyed the highlights of him destroying the Packers.

  • In reply to Shady:


  • There's a lot to like there.

    He sits in the zones in the redzone.
    He outruns LBs
    He can break tackles like against the Eagles
    He has nice body control and concentration
    And by all accounts, he can block.

    Very happy to have him as long as his head is on right. Speaking of which, between him and Marshall I expect interviews to be a lot more interesting.

    Also, it seems like his go-to move is the Rodeo Cowboy. I'd have gone with the Robot.

  • fb_avatar

    Was he a one year contract wonder? I hope he's just a guy who hit is stride on his way into his prime.

  • Hard to imagine that people think Eli cannot throw.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    +1. Eli made Bennett look good. We don't see Cutler throw those touch passes over linebackers, but it could be because our TEs never get open there. Is the Giant's offense considered to be a West Coast offense?

    Regardless, I hope Trestman runs Martellus (nickname anyone?) up the seam.

  • In reply to Jokey:

    Jokey, throwing touch passes over the linebackers in the seam was the "Dez Bryant" and "Olsen Special". How soon we forget. It will be this way again.

  • Soooo...here would be the rest of my plan.

    re-sign Roach
    re-sign Louis
    re-sign Scott
    re-sign McCown

    The rest, it's been, esp you Lach (I doubt we're going to be able to keep both Roach AND Lach).

    Get ONE more FA, OG Moore. He's as good or better than Levitre and will come much much cheaper because he's 32. He can also provide some insurance for Louis.

    In the draft get Cooper (Warmack will be drafted by the Titans, Rams, Giants or Cowboys). He's our new center (He's supposed to be once a decade prospect, if so, start him like Pouncey).

    Our new and improved Oline.


    In the 2nd, BPA with an eye on LB, WR, CB, DE and even TE (no reason why we can't use double TE sets if Ertz or Escobar falls).

    The rest, rinse wash and repeat while tracking where the Honey Badger falls to (hopefully to us in the 4rth).

    Done and done.

  • Agree on the FA list. Scott will compete with Carimi and Webb. One gets cut, one is the starting RT, one is the swing. Leaves a spot open for a new prospect in the draft.

    Agree on Lach OR Roach. Roach might be overpriced, but every day that goes by improves our chances.

    No problem with Cooper. If he's like Pouncey, I'm sold.

    Would not draft a TE in the 2nd. Spaeth is a solid second TE, cutting him would be like losing Clutz in my opinion. There is not one TE in the draft that makes me think otherwise. A pass rusher would be nice.

    Walterfootball has Cincy taking him after us in the fourt, but I think Honey Badger will not fall to the 4th. He's a classic third round pick - 1st round talent with character issues. Only way I see us grabbing him is if we trade back at some point. One possibility:

    1st - Cooper.
    2nd - Traded to San Fran for both of their 3rd rounders
    3rd (#74) - David Bakhtiari (G/OT)
    3rd (#93) - Honey Badger

    I also wouldn't rule out drafting a QB in the middle rounds. There are a lot of prospects this year, albeit no standouts. If Trestman gets a guy he can groom behind Cutler for a year, it puts pressure on Cutler in contract talks and gets us out of expensive backup QB insurance policies.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to NewBearInTown:

    Carimi can back up at Guard as well. That might make him harder to cut.

  • fb_avatar

    I think Carimi can play inside. Maybe he simply gets better with competition being behind Moore and Cooper. Certainly doesn't hurt to have that kind of depth. Guy who projected to be your RT as your 3rd guard.

    Do you have the Bears cutting Webb? I think they keep him, because he has a relatively small contract.

  • In reply to Big Mike:

    No, I think what's going to happen is like the Webb/Williams competition.

    Scott, Webb and Carimi will battle it out at RT.

    Scott will win.

    Webb will become the swing OT.

    Carimi will then, like Williams, move to OG and barring some sort of divine transfiguration, end much like Williams going from stud LT college, to RT in the pros, to OG, to back-up OG, to back-up OG on a crappy team somewhere.

    But hey, hope I'm wrong.

  • Since Phil Emery is an apparent football god, can he use the "Force" to get Fieldturf installed at Soldier Field now? It's only overdue by two decades. Fuckin Park District.

  • In reply to BAM46Blitz:

    Park district puts in what the Bears want. They would love to do the turf, the upkeep and expenses would go way down. Its the Bears Bam, not the park district.

  • cooper in rd 1, jones in rd 2.

    Bang! Bang!

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    From your keyboard to Emery's eyes...

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Would not complain about that draft one bit. Although I also think that we might do fine with one or the other if Lance Louis is healthy.

    Garza was a decent guard, just not a starting caliber center. I have to wonder what happens if we have him and Louis playing guard with Jones at center. Rookie centers might have the occassional false start penalty, but we've dealt with that before...

    Would love to see us trade back from #20, still get Minter in the 1st and Jones in the 2nd. A third or an extra in the fourth gets us a speed option at WR or depth at LB or OL.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Do you think that Jones would last far enough into the second? I'm thinking we'd have to trade up to get him, but maybe the surgery will scare some teams off?

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ekzHIouo8Q4#!

    damn you shady.

  • fb_avatar

    Big Stretch, yawn, is it time to pay attention? What a TE and a LT. I thought getting a TE, LT and #1 WR was a 5-10 year project. What's this? Not JA didn't it in 2 year? Ohhh I loathe you JA.

    Time to start paying attention. I guess Tyler Eifert the TE from ND is not our first draft choice. Now we can pick best available from multiple slots, even trade down and collect some later round big boys with an extra pick.

    Go Bears.

  • In reply to Big Mike:

    Why wouldnt our pick still be Eifert? Hasn't hurt the Pats having Gronkowski and Hernandez. I bet that combo would make the receivers we have a whole lot better.

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:

    I think Eifert would still be a great pick, regardless of the Bennet signing. He has a very high floor and ceiling. I don't think there is any chance that he's not at least decent in the NFL. Honestly, just as long as the first rounder is good I don't care which route Emery goes. I can't handle a first rounder like McClellin again though.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:

    I just think that emery won't double down at one position two years in a row. Last year he grabbed Marshall in FA. Then moved up to get Alshon. While the move worked, you can argue not taking OL in the 2nd round cost the team a shot at the Super Bowl.

    I hate comparison to the Patriots. They are always good I offense because of Brady and Bellichick. I think you go best available between OL, speedy WR, LB, CB

  • Concerns for discussion:

    - We have to sign Cutler, Peanut, and Jennings next year, and Pep's deal keeps growing. With Bushrod and Bennett both getting bigger deals, what will our cap look like next year?
    - Last year, Emery felt that O-line was a position he could avoid because scheme devalued the position somewhat. And he quoted PFF statistics to back up that incorrect position (he has now changed his mind it seems). Is MLB this year's O-line?

  • fb_avatar

    I did not know TE's were allowed to catch the ball and run with it after they caught it. Just watched 2012 highlights. Whoa... that guy Bennett is pretty good. Wish the clips showed him blocking.

    2nd thing I notices is that a lot of these were timing routes. Does Cutler have what it takes to get the ball to the spot and trust his guy?

  • In reply to Big Mike:

    Big Mike, i saw alot of seam routes and Bennett settling into space.....
    Cutler can make any throw you ask him to. He can throw timing routes....to guys that know how to run routes.

  • fb_avatar

    I believe it. Those seam routes can shred a defense and set up Brandon Marshall and makes the job of covering Forte almost impossible. (assuming w seconds to throw)

  • Excellent news for sure...BUT we still need to concentrate on O-Line in the Draft...PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! A new young Center or Guard or both.

  • In reply to Bears-4-Ever:


  • That being said does anyone know who the top center picks in the draft this year and do we have a shot at them?

  • In reply to Bears-4-Ever:

    Cooper. He's a C/G prospect. See discussion above re Cooper vs. Warmack.

    I don't think anyone here would be upset if we took Cooper at #20.

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    I think Barrett Jones is getting drafted in the 1st round before it's all said and done.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Not sure about that, but I think he's definitely gone before we're picking again in the second.

  • In reply to Shady:

    I'm inclined to agree. Guys that are All-American at three OL positions are not exactly common.

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    We'll only be upset if we pass him up.

  • What the hell do the Bears do about Cutler? Let me start by saying I have been in support for him since he has arrived in Chicago. I have made excuses for him time and again blaming it on the line, the receivers, and the coaching. But i think the bottom line is that maybe he's just a guy with a big arm who doesn't see or feel the game the right way. The Bears have had a TERRIBLE line for sure, but Cutler also has a TERRIBLE feel in the pocket. It's like he can't sense the pressure like the other top QB's can. Not to mention he has some big injury/concussion concerns. Could the Bears get a 1st rounder for him? If so I would seriously consider it why they can still get value for him. It would take some nuts to deal Cutty and I don't think Emery would, but I would be good with it for the right return.

  • In reply to JR Cubbies:

    Okay. Forget the Smith trade. The Kansas City Chiefs give us the first overall pick, a third rounder this year and next year's first rounder for Cutler. That's better than what we gave Denver because KC is drafting higher.

    Who's starting at QB for our team? You think we do better or worse than 10 wins this year with that plan?

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    If the Chiefs were to offer that deal I would jump all over it in a heartbeat. As far as who the Bears start at QB that would be a tough call. I would be interested in trading for Cousins, or something of that nature. I am just saying there are so many questions with Cutler. Hopefully a better line helps him a lot, but I still have my doubts about him and his concussion situation. I know pretty much no one will agree with me, but I think it's something the Bears need to look at.

  • In reply to JR Cubbies:


  • In reply to Shady:

    "Facepalm" Ok, let's go and extend Cutler to a huge extension. Or let's let him walk after this year and get nothing. Because at this point they would both be genius moves.............

  • In reply to JR Cubbies:

    I find it amusing when people say " I am done making excuses" for Cutler while at the same time citing actual valid reasons why a professional football offense is not excelling against professional football defense.

    Based on your comments and the views of others like you it is apparent that the Bears have done Jay a great disservice. It is appalling that the Bears couldn't bring in a number 1 receiver UNTIL 2012.

    It is appalling that the Offensive line has been ignored since Jay got here even though everyone knows we've never had a talent like him at QB. The coaches freely admit they have to alter the blocking schemes and regularly use running backs and tightends to chip the DE's of other teams because our line can't do it on their own.

    It is appalling that we install coaches to call plays that have never called plays before. This is the fucking NFL. When Jay did have a true playcaller, albeit with plays from 1996, we got to the NFC Championship game...with a running back, a TE and a number 3 possession receiver.

    So, we don't draft to help the offense, we don't scheme to help the offense, we don't have the proper personnel to help the offense.................and it's Jay Cutler's fault.

    Holy Shit.

  • and fucking despite all of that bullshit that Jay's had to put up with he leads us to the NFC Championship game in 2010, he's 7-3 and has the entire country talking about the Bears making a run before he gets hurt making up for Knox. That tackle may have saved the fucking game by the way. Then he goes 10-6 and misses 11-5 and 12-4 and the playoffs by the skin of my dick even though in one of those games he had a 119 fucking passer rating.

    I'm sorry, if you can't recognize that the keys to Bears success are in Jay's fucking hands but that just like every other team he needs to have the same complimentary tools of teams that are successful then I can't help you.

  • Chill Dad. I think the Bears were absolute idiots in a lot of ways. Bringing Martz in was moronic and desperate. Tyce might be the most over-rated o-line coach in football history. And for the front office to not address the O-line and receivers more over the years was ridiculous. But with that said Cutler has a SHIT feel in the pocket, and it's obvious he doesn't feel pressure well plus he is one serious concussion away from being done. I am just bringing it up to discuss, don't hyperventilate dude...

  • In reply to JR Cubbies:

    What pocket? He hasn't had a clean pocket since he left Denver.

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    A lot of qb's were under a ton of pressure with crap lines the last couple years. Cutler just handled the pressure really bad.

  • In reply to JR Cubbies:

    I'm instituting a drinking game:

    If you mention offensive lines giving up sacks and QB's under pressure you must also mention the fact that the only QB's who were under the same pressure in the pocket who did better than Cutler had disgustingly effective run games which opened up the play action OR had a quick hitting rythymic passing game OR a combo of the two.

    If you just mention pressure on the QB as a comparision you must take a shot of the shittiest plastic bottle scotch you can find. honor code.

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    The better pocket there was, the worse is seems Cutler did.

  • The difference between "excuses" and "reasons" is far too often ignored.

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    Just watch what happens with a PROFESSIONAL playcaller, a TE that doesn't suck cock and an improved OL.

    I'm excited about what is to come. Watch the Offense jump into the top half and the Bears find continuity.

  • As am I.... Unfortunately, another reason/excuse (depending how thick-headed you are) this year is that Jay is put ONCE again into a brand new system.

    A professional play caller is fantastic, but much more effective with time. I don't expect us to hit our stride until mid-season at best.

    Hell, if anyone has experience at learning brand new systems, I'd guess it'd be Jay.

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    Jay can thrive in a first year system. He did it with Martz. Martz's downfall was that even though he was supposedly a genius he couldn't find a way to modify his playbook to play away from the deficiences of the offense and toward's the positives as consistently as he should have.

    Teams caught on to the whole hot route thing and it became covered much tighter. He wouldn't stop with the 7step shit and it killed drives that were moving because of quick hitting routes, 3 step drops and the occasional playaction or 5 step.

    If Martz would have been flexible we would have had much more success and he would have made it past 2 years.

    Trestman will not make that mistake. He has already stated that his offense will play to the strengths of the team, seek to get the ball out of Cutlers hands quickly and to get the ball into Forte's hands more in the pass game.

    Everyone gets the first year excuse except we know Cutler won't. he won't need it. The city is so desperate for a winner that common sense won't placate the fans, only wins will. that is why people still talk about Jay being the issue when there were so many actual issues that needed fixing......and they are currently being fixed.

  • Hell of a Day 1 in FA. Leaves many options for the draft.
    I would like something like:
    1. Xavier Rhodes (CB)
    2. Kevin Reddick or Kiko Alonso (ILB)
    4. Brian Schwenke (C)
    5. Alvin Bailey (G/T)
    6. Damion Square (DT/DE)
    7. Brandan Bishop (S)

    We need youth at Corner and ILB. We need a couple of interior lineman, you always need Dline and we need depth at Safety.

  • In reply to Urlacher FTW:

    Nice draft. We don't have a 7th round pick though

  • In reply to FrankSchoenburg:

    Emery is going to trade Devin to Jacksonville for a 7th round pick and to free his cap space.
    He is magic.

  • I didn't think the Bears had the money to pull this off. I was wrong. Hope they aren't in cap trouble later.

  • In reply to FrankSchoenburg:

    you'll be too busy blowing Cutler later to worry about Cap Space in 2014.

  • Frank, you aren't accustomed to my humor so don't take the comment the wrong way. You will "all" in fact be blowing Cutler too much to worry about cap issues in the future. You won't be by yourself.

  • Matt Spaeth is still a solid tight end, he played well when used correctly

  • Ahhhhh, March: When it finally pays to be a Bears fan!

  • In reply to thebigcheese:

    I am fairly certain the pack went 1-2 their last 3 games and didn't make it to the NFC Champ game as the only time they can win in the playoffs is if the opposing team's starting QB is hurt.

  • In reply to thebigcheese:

    Hey, haven't seen ya much since the cheese got humiliated by the niners. I don't blame you, that was painful. The niners were just way too physical for your dainty little packers.

  • In reply to ben in norcal:

    Whatever to that shit. Ben and lachftw... their reign over the lovie and ja bears is fucking doooone. That was close to the #1 reason I hated those two (you know, besides the complete and total personnel and coaching ineptitude), they made us fucking packer bitches for 2-3 years.

    New era, new management, new outcomes bitches! They're now just shitting their pants that we got rid of that shitweasel lovie/JA.

  • I've been so busy lately, I didn't even realize we had made these two moves. Holy Emery!

    Keep 'em comin' Emery.

    BTW, has anyone (Willie) seen the documentary Ice T made called The Art of Rap? The wife and I watched it last night. Good shit.

  • I haven't seen it yet... I'll have to check it out.

  • Dave, you'll have to ask guys like NB and $ about jones probable draft spot. you know from guys who actually do their research before spouting off angrily at stuff (ahem)... but I would not be surprised if he went in the very early 2nd. Guy's a stud and I'd LOVE to have his adaptability/versatility on our team.

    Everyone talking about going CB, WR, ILB in rd one (and even 2) still haven’t learned from the last 5 years. We need to rebuild our oline completely this year. It needs to be a focus for us… and just adding JB ain’t cutting it. Cooper in 1 and move up to get jones in 2. Then pick up a high value WR if we have any picks left. Lastly as $ (maybe?) mentioned in the last thread… pick up one of the very good and somewhat cheap cap casualties (like the dude from buffalo) at ILB if we have the money. My $.02.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Absolutely agree on the offensive line.

  • From Walterfootball on the Bears signing Bushrod:
    "I can't take this signing seriously, so I'm not grading it seriously either. The fact that the Bears think they're actually upgrading J'Marcus Webb at left tackle by obtaining Jermon Bushrod is an absolute joke. In fact, I really don't think the front office has watched a second of Bushrod's tape."

    What jumps out at me is that Walter obviously does not realize who our current offensive coordinator is. Everything else after that is just sort of white noise.

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    PFF feels similarly. Worries me just a bit.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Nerds from a football blog site talking shit about a pro bowl tackle is funny to me.

    We're not plugging Bushrod into the 1999 Rams offense. We're plugging him into a fast paced, quick hitting, get the fucking ball into your WR and RB hands asap offense. You can't tell me that Bushrod won't be an upgrade.

  • lol, I am referring to PFF not you Shady....

    That previous post came off weird.

  • Although I consider myself a nerd from a football blog I still knew what you meant.

    I don't for one second regret Emery's decision to bring in Bushrod, I just need to calm the homer inside me screaming this guy will solve all the woes on the o-line.

  • In reply to Shady:

    you know the best part is that this key signing opens up the draft which opens up the chance to fix alot of our O line problems within 2 years of this new regime coming in which was the exact point of changing the guard. What Jerry gangbanged with misses and neglect over years and years has been made new and fresh again.

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    ruh roh

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    Yeah, I read that. That's why I posted this pre-FA "Boob Thread"...

    To further elaborate.

    "When a team needs to upgrade at a position, sometimes it feels like "anybody would be better." Oftentimes, though, teams are just trading one flawed player for another.

    The Chicago Bears have needed an upgrade at left tackle for several seasons running, and according to the Chicago Tribune, they're targeting New Orleans Saints left tackle Jermon Bushrod. Bushrod, though, has been wildly inconsistent over the past few seasons.

    In 2012, Bushrod's plus-1.5 overall Pro Football Focus grade ranked him 44th among all tackles. Incumbent Bears left tackle J'Marcus Webb's minus-0.4 grade ranked him 47th. In pass protection, the Bears' biggest worry, Webb (plus-1.5) significantly outperformed Bushrod (minus-3.5).

    If the Bears spend every last penny to bring in Bushrod, they might be unpleasantly surprised to find his play isn't any better than Webb's."


    (Yes, it's B/R, but they're one of the few who publish PFF grades, so that's what I have to go by).

  • Can we please draft a real Fullback

    frank deleo

  • i'll take that chance. Webb plays like a vageeen.

  • vageen: a vegetarian who also exhibits all the characteristics of vagina.

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    Have Faith my dear fan have Faith

  • Some interesting prospects here at guard. There is some talent to be had in the middle rounds of this draft.


  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    I like the Kyle Jusczczyk, Harvard FB.

    Mainly because I'd love to see that name on the back of a jersey while The Score tries to pronounce it.

    Also, a Harvard FB intrigues...something about the duality of man...

  • I thought the second cz was a typo at first. 7 consonants in a row... imagine the possibilities in a scrabble game.

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    Someone needs to make that name a verb.

    using two Zs, a "Y" a "K' and a "J" while on triple word score will make your scrabble opponent cry.

  • Is the last half pronounced like the Duke coach?

  • In reply to EnderWiggin:

    Have no idea.

    I used to work for a Dr. Stanczyk, and he was Canadian but from Polish decent. That FB however is taking it to another level.

  • Interesting mock draft with some trade options:

    1 (#20) - (Assume Cooper and Warmack both gone), trade our first to San Fran for picks #31 in the bottom of the first and #74 in the top half of the third.
    2 (#50) - (Assume our preferred linebacker is available), trade our second plus Devin Hester to Tennessee for #40 and a seventh.

    1 (#31) - Barrett Jones
    2 (#40) - Minter or Teo
    3 (#74) - Mathiu or a falling OL prospect (maybe Warford)
    4 - Mathiu if available, else a speed reciever like Josh Boyce or Ace Sanders
    5 - OL, LB, DT, DE, another speed receiver, or possibly a QB like Matt Scott
    6 - ""
    7 - ""

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    I like this... but would like to take OL in2 and a ILB in 3. Would love to get the honeybadger in 5+

  • Christ on a bike enough of the fuxking honey badger. Shady don't give a shit.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Please leave the lord out of this please

    frank deleo

  • In reply to frankie5134:

    If only we could Frank, if only we could.

    Go fuck yourself, Nebraska

  • In reply to Shady:

    A bit harsh. Sorry Frankie.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Harsh but really funny.

  • In reply to Shady:

    You live here, too???!?!

    Now we can share everything!

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:


  • Hey, anyone listen to Boomer on the Bears? I thought it was very insightful on a few topics.

    1. Says Bennett's personality could be good for O (esp with dour Cutty)
    2. Compares Cutler with Rodgers (in a bad way) i.e. not throwing the ball away, trying to look for the big play and racking up sacks at an alarming rate.
    3. Tice's uncreativity (and O-line coaches as OCs in general)
    4. Trestman maybe not wanting to inherit an aging franchise face from a previous regime (i.e. Lach)
    5. How huge QB $ can doom teams and why the 9ers, Seahawks and Fins are huge players in FA this year.

    Lots of good football discussion. Here's the link if you want to listen.


  • Martellus Bennett #83
    Bushrod #74

  • In reply to Jokey:

    If Henry Melton gave Jermon Bushrod #69 I would buy that jersey in a heartbeat.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Now playing at the Double Door: Bushrod Peppers.

    They use Marshall amps.

  • Well maybe there might be some reason for smiling this off season after all listen man this gives the bears so much help on the OL and now heading into the draft the bears have some leway with there pick. We still need guard help and we might want start to thinking about a center soon also but we all know good OL help comes in the latter rounds 3 and 4.

    Go Bears
    Frank Deleo
    Bronx Ny

  • In reply to frankie5134:

    Way to stay on track, and not be distracted by all the trace conversations plowing through this post like a tractor. I'm attracted to your traction and lack of abstraction.

    Steve Trachsel
    Wrong Side of the Tracks.

  • In reply to frankie5134:

    Frankie you gotta use periods cuz I get totally lost before I get to the end of your post trying to back up and figure out where a new thought started and then i just have to say fuck it and start over at the beginning then the same thing happens again and then i just move on because I feel so short of breath when i try to read your post. Period.

    Conjunction Junction

  • MB.....


  • On Bushrod being a MARGINAL improvement over Jweed...

    I'd be lying if I wasn't a smidgen worried. One of the reasons I proposed getting Long when Jeff asked us for our Oline plans is because I read PFF and other scouting reports, and they all pretty much concluded the same: Bushrod was a slightly above avg LT.

    Here's for cynics.

    He allowed 58 pressures which was one of the worst in the league. He didn't allow many sacks, but maybe that has more to do with Brees' quick release and great pocket awareness (two traits which Cutler struggles with). If he was so good, why were there talks about moving him to RT, or why wasn't he franchised like Clady and Albert? Bushrod, like Webb, was highly inconsistent with great games where he totally stoned the opposition, to "shove" games. Paying him $6M more than Webb who is basically the same player is rearranging decks on the Titanic.

    For the optimist.

    If Bushrod was so bad, why did the Saints still compete with the Bears for his services? They only let him walk because of their cap limitations (cough cough Brees, cough).
    While Bushrod DID allow a high amount of pressures overall, it is also true that he had to pass protect A LOT more than Webb. In fact, Bushrod pass protected approx 300 times more than Webb, so of course the "pressures" stats is going to be inflated.

    Bushrod is still young, and extremely durable (the latter of which Long was not), which means he still has room to grow. It also is a bonus that he will grow under the coach which groomed him to two PBs. Scheme is just as important as talent, and in the Kromer scheme Bushrod will flourish and also help teach the other Olinemen what is expected and add a PB caliber mentality. Also, by acquiring Bushrod, it essentially upgrades 3 spots. Webb moves to the RT or Swing which he seems more natural in, and this makes Carimi an OG which he showed flashes in and might excel in with more time (though IMO it's a bit of stretch).

    So, as you can see, there's some pros and cons like with most things in life, but overall I think we improved because we just COULD NOT go into the 2013 season with Webb at LT. NO HOW. NO WAY. And $7M/yr for a starting LT (who DID go to the PB - twice) doesn't break the bank. In fact, paying roughly $9M/yr for all OTs is pretty frugal. In addition, we no longer have to reach or trade up for an OT in the draft, and now can use that high draft pick to address other needs.

    Here's another take on it.


  • Yeah it seems like a lot of the "experts" hate the Bushrod signing for the Bears. But for fuck sake they needed to make some drastic changes, and I can't imagine them running Webb out there again at left tackle. Hopefully it works out.

  • In reply to JR Cubbies:

    Like Jeff tweeted, even though Emery has proclaimed he does respect PFF and Scouts Inc, he's obviously not dogmatic about it.

    Oline is perhaps the most difficult position to judge because no one outside the coaches really knows all the responsibilities on any given play. Then QB play also must be taken into consideration (not to mention scheme as some are much better in zone blocking). If you read the comments to that linked article, some interesting points are made.

    A lot of moving parts, but my personal theory...Emery analyzed both Webb and Bushrod and decided that the "ceiling" on Bushrod was much higher than Webb. I think Emery has little faith in Webb progressing any more, that he's missing that Kruetz' mentality which will lead to lack of focus and inconsistency at a position which can get your qb concussed.

    Bushrod is not Joe Thomas, but recent SB Winners have proven that a team doesn't need one. A SB team just needs a durable dedicated starter who gives their QB that extra second, and that's who Bushrod is.

  • To follow up...

    "PFF ranked Bushrod as the 44th best offensive tackle in the NFL, barely better than J’Marcus Webb, who ranked 47th. And they ranked Webb ahead of Bushrod in pass blocking efficiency.

    Asked about it Wednesday, Emery said, "It comes down to this. We’ll use statistical data to help us differentiate between players, but that isn’t the final evaluation. We invest in staffing and spend a lot of time evaluating players. We formulate our own thoughts."

    Emery said he and his staff rely on many evaluative tools, including game tape, college performance, behavioral and psychological studies and interviews.

    Emery doesn’t mind coming to a different conclusion than PFF.

    "We know there are going to be differences of opinion," he said. "It’s deciding which players are the best fits for you, which ones do you feel are going to be the most productive for you. It doesn’t bother me that someone else has a difference of opinion about a player that we brought in."



  • More on the "con" side with stats from PFF and Scouts Inc.

    "The Pro Football Focus' overall ratings favor Bushrod slightly, but Webb has graded out as a better pass-blocker.

    According to PFF, Webb has allowed one hurry every 19.8 snaps since moving to left tackle in 2011. Over that same period of time, Bushrod has allowed a hurry every 17.8 snaps. Going further back in his career, Bushrod has allowed one hurry every 17.65 snaps since he became a starter in 2009.

    While those are hurries and not sacks, in many ways that can be worse. Half of Cutler's interceptions came when he was under pressure last season, according to PFF.

    PFF did their own story on this topic, providing even more to the comparison between Bushrod and Webb.

    There is a lot that goes into those numbers.

    Those who support Bushrod note the difference in terms of help they got, and there is something to that. The Saints kept one or more blockers in on 35.1 percent of their dropbacks, while the Bears did so on 74.4 percent of theirs, according to PFF. Even if the Saints didn't give Bushrod a lot of help, the numbers clearly indicate they should have.

    The teams didn't have many common opponents, but both played Green Bay this season. In two games, the Bears kept in at least one extra blocker on 34 of their 68 passing attempts. In one game, the Saints had extra blockers in on 31 of their 58 attempts. Both Webb and Bushrod allowed a total of three hurries against the Packers last season (all numbers according to PFF).

    The perception that rushers had an advantage against the Saints simply because they threw more isn't necessarily true. Even without as good of a running game, the Saints' line was regularly in better position to succeed.

    Last season, New Orleans faced third-and-long on just 15.2 percent of Brees' snaps and gave up nine of their 26 sacks in those situations, according to ESPN. The Bears, meanwhile, faced third-and-long on 22 percent of their attempts with seven of their 44 sacks coming on those plays.

    Another thing to take into consideration is that the Bears threw deep on a higher percentage of their snaps, making blockers have to work for longer. Jay Cutler threw beyond 20 yards on 15.9 percent of his passes, while Drew Brees threw deep on just 11.9 percent of his throws, according to PFF."


    Yeah, I know, BR, but a few of their non-slide crap actually utilizes solid data. Then again, "lies, damn lies, and statistics..."

  • I really can't believe Webb allowed 1 hurry for every 19.8 snaps. That just doesn't jive with what I watched last season. There has to be way more data here to be mined. It just doesn't pass the eyeball test.

  • In reply to Johnnywad:

    The Webb-vs-Bushrod has spurred heated debates among the new "money-ball" experts and old schoolers alike. No one believes that Webb is anywhere close to Bushrod, yet there he is ranked like 3 spots behind him, and actually ranked AHEAD of him in pass protection. PFF is pretty thorough with its stats and their criteria for defining terms like "hurries", but obviously something's rotten in Denmark here.

    To me, THIS is the main reason Bushrod is better than Webb...

    "Those who support Bushrod note the difference in terms of help they got, and there is something to that. The Saints kept one or more blockers in on 35.1 percent of their dropbacks, while the Bears did so on 74.4 percent of theirs, according to PFF"

    That is a STAGGERING % of help Webb received, and people wonder why our TEs and Forte practically disappeared in 2012 - because a lot of the time one (or both) were helping out Webb! And even with a chip Webb didn't prove much better than Bushrod.

    I think this is the main premise for Emery moving on Bushrod.

    Some other theories about their similar stats are that Bushrod played at least 9 games every season on artificial turf, and that gives the DEs a decided advantage (there's some independent stats to back this up).

    The bottom line is that Bushrod isn't a theortical SB starting LT, but a REAL SB winning LT. He's already proved a team can win it all with him starting at LT, the rest is up to Kromer and Trestman.

    However, we can't forget that Loadholt (strictly a RT) was the first choice for Emery, which means that if he got his man, Loadholt would be the RT and Webb still at LT hypothetically.

    Something to think about...

  • More on the con side of this deal...

    Bushrod is so far the highest paid LT of free agency this year. He essentially got the deal I was pushing for Jake Long.

    Its hard to play the "what if" game with Long because our interest could have sparked a bidding war with a team like the Rams, but the fact remains that every day of FA that goes by increases the odds that Long does not get a big contract. I think that at this point, its a safe bet that whoever Long signs with will want to match Bushrod's contract, possibly with fewer years (meaning smaller guarantee).

    If that is the case, then we won't be asking what-ifs about Bushrod vs. Webb, we'll be asking what-ifs about Bushrod vs. Long.

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    I'm happier with Bushrod. Long is probably a better LT but the injury issues are huge. Bushrod appears to be very durable and for me, that tips the scales.

  • Butch, I'm thinking along the same lines as you and would love a Moore pickup on the cheap.

    I was against it at first, but what would you think about Austin in the 1st? If we don't take him I could easily see the Vikes snapping him up.

    Sidepoint: I am glad we aren't the Lions. Restructuring Suh's contract AGAIN? to bring in Reggie Bush? Bloody idiots.

  • In reply to DYLbear23:

    I love Austin in the 1st. He's a PLAYMAKER. On every single snap the D will HAVE to account for Austin. You can't just leave a guy with 4.3 speed with HB moves and WR hands unaccounted for.

    He's smart, savvy and fearless for his size, which will make him perfect for all those audibles and hot routes.

    Any time a D tries to blitz, they'll have to worry that will leave Austin one-on-one against a S or even LB. Cutler hits that slant - goodbye. Austin for 6. Eventually this will lead to less blitzes and less stress on our Oline and Cutler.

    His 4.3 speed will also force Safeties back, which will open everything up underneath for Marshall, Alshon, Bennetts 1 and 2, not to mention runlanes for Forte.

    Oh, and Austin is a stud in KR/PR, so we can finally trade/cut Hester and use that cap for someone else.

    Austin will INSTANTLY change the Bears.

    Some say WR, but how much would DeSean Jackson cost in FA? Think about how potent our O would be with DeSean Jackson (minus the douchiness) lining up with Marshall, Alson, Bennett and Forte.

    Well, if you like the idea of that, Austin is your man.

    If we get OG Moore to pair with Louis, we'd be set at OG, and could address C/OG later in the draft.

  • can we call Bennett 2 by his real name please?

    Black Unicorn!

  • OL with our first and second picks. The line has not markedly improved with Bushrod - there is still a great deal to do.

  • White smoke, new pope.

    My guess: Lovie Smith.

    He hates transparency, despises the mainstream press, lives for secrecy. Perfect.

  • So let's break this down for all of the kids that came in on the short bus.....

    The Bears bring in a talented quarterback the likes of which we've never seen.

    The Bears hire an offensive minded coach who is known as a creative and attacking playcaller. The theme of his offenses are to get the RB involved in the passing game and to get the ball out of the QB's hands quickly to reduce sacks.

    The Bears address the WR and OL issues that have plagued them for years.

    The Bears replace their horseshit TE's with a young talent that wants the ball and can make things happen.

    The Bears head into the draft with flexibility to address positions with the best player possible.

    Armed with a good quarterback, a pass catching phenom RB, the best WR in the league, his mini clone, a huge athletic pass catching TE that can also block, a pro bowl Left Tackle, a coach that can call plays that attack a defense in a fast paced and creative way, solid draft picks coming in, a top 12 defense and the shittiest turf in football, the Bears are setting the stage for success.

    Get ready to lick Cutler's balls you loosers. mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!!!!!!!!

  • Now we just need a RT named Jermaine Muffpipe. With a new center named Billy "Mays" Meatcurtain. And a LB named Johnny Bikinibiscuit and a free safety named LaRon Picklepouch.

    Then we'd be set.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH... just LOLing over here maings. Fuck me that was funny.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    There is a kid out of the University of Dusseldorf named
    Udo Twachtstoufer. I shit you not. He is new to the game but has huge upside.

  • I too have "HUGE UPSIDE".

    Bang! Bang!

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Truly hilarious. I needed that.

  • It's not like Cutler has zero blame in the failure of the Bears offense the last couple years. Cutler has really bad pocket awareness, and even with an improved o-line he needs to feel the pressure much better. Plus Cutler is not a west coast/throw the ball quickly QB. That's not his strength at all. I hope you're right, and he dominates this year. But, Cutler needs to pull some of his shit together too.

  • In reply to Justin:

    This is the type of shit you will see:


    y-Black Unicorn

    Real West Coast shit.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSAoIgsDStQ

    Here is a great alignment for Black Unicorn.

  • Its a nice play, but I don't think he describes it the way it would go against a cover 2.

    If the Mike squats on the Z, the Sam squats on the Y, you're going to throw to Forte and hope he beats a cornerback. But against a cover 2, you're best 1 on 1 matchups are Jeffery (X) against a middle linebacker or Unicorn against a Sam (both using height against relatively poor jump ball defenders).

    If the linebackers are each squatting on the inside routes and you let a cornerback use his speed to beat Forte (as opposed to size, where the matchup is favorable), particularly with the timing route that throws the ball all the way across the field, a cover 2 cornerback will be in perfect position to trail Forte to the sideline and turn to make a play on the ball, trusting one of the safeties to come down and help on the outside. Maybe Forte gets short yardage, maybe he beats the safety for a long gain, but on 1/5 times that play goes the other way for six.

    Against a man-free coverage, where there's no outside help and corner is playing outside leverage against the H, maybe the play works better.

    Full disclosure: I was in the marching band in high school. But if I've read enough Matt Bowen articles, that seems to be a high risk proposition.

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    Solid points NB. This was some highschool passing camp video from Youtube but it was a great representation of a quicker hitting type offensive plan that would fit in well with the combo of Marshall, Jeffrey, Bennett, Black Unicorn and Forte.

    I'm sure they would tweak some things to make it applicable to the NFL. It's exciting that we have a coach that is known as a playcaller that attacks defenses and understands that it doesn't need to be a 7 step drop to go for big gains.

    I love the GB offense. It puts less pressure on their shitty line and gets the balls into the hands of guys that can make plays after the catch. We have those types of guys as well and the addition of a mobile, athletic TE that can attack the middle of the field makes it harder for team to focus on Forte in the passing game so we can see more 2010 Forte and less 2012 Forte.

  • If these plays with the black unicorn help Cutler with reckognizing where the blitz is coming from I'm all for them.

  • In reply to Justin:

    That's what you think the problem is Justin? Blitz recognition?

    Jesus. I give up.

  • Yes, Cutler sucks balls at picking up the blitz. He holds on to the ball way to long, and has a really bad feel in the pocket. What are you Cutler's campaign manager? Sure, he wasn't put in an ideal situation, but he's made a lot of bonehead plays too. And if you can't see that than Jesus I give up.......

  • In reply to Justin:

    bad feel in the pocket????? what fucking pocket do you speak of Justin???? The one where he hits the 5th step of the drop and has to immediately slide to the left or right out of said pocket because the middle fucking collapsed? Have you ever played football? Have you ever watched a fucking game tape?? would you like me to help you break down plays and routes and what the fuck happens when you max fucking protect and run dumbass routes instead of quick hitting short routes combined with mid range crossing routes?

    Do you just want the guy to throw it away every 3rd down after we got 1.7yards running it on first down? That would be awesome, instead of trying to make something happen let's just go 3 and out every fucking time because our old TE's fucking sucked , our line couldn't hold the edge, the middle couldn't create any substantial pocket upfront and linebackers knew we we're going to Forte or Marshall because Bennett/Jeffrey were hurt and Hester is fucking terrible. Justin, the other teams admitted they knew exactly when Forte was going to get the ball in a short pass route because we refused to send him in motion into the slot or spread him wide to make the defense cover him with a linebacker.

    When Martz, who was way past his prime, was the OC at least there was a built in Hot Route so blitzing was almost useless. that's why we went to the NFC Championship game with bullshit offensive weapons and were 7-3 the next year with the same bullshit weapons. Come on man.

    You have to look at the circimstances before you run some bullshit comment out there like "Cutler holds onto the ball too long".

  • Dude, you are way to protective over Cutler and it's really pretty weird. So this is going to be my last comment because I am getting creeped out by the riciculous amount of love you are giving him. Have I watched and played football? Yes and yes. I have done a shit load of both. Thanks for asking "Cutler Flesh Cannon". And you were right when saying that there were many times where Cutler had no shot. The likes of Webb and Carimi failed him a lot. BUT there was also MANY times where he had enough time to decide there was nothing there and run or throw it away. But he continually held on to the ball and either threw a pick, fumbled it, or took a massive sack. The dude doesn't have a feel in the pocket. You obviously think Cutler is great in the pocket because you want to bang him. But YOU ARE WRONG.

  • The point, fellas, is that you cannot properly evaluate a QB in the system the Bears have been running. You can properly do it. Trestman and Emery are trying to fix things on offense so they can see if Jay can return to a Pro Bowl caliber QB or if he's damaged goods.

  • In reply to Justin:

    Dear Black Unicorn,

    Please give Jay Cutler compound eyes.

    Thanck you,

  • Well, if Cutler doesn't do it this season, I trust you'll be a little more circumspect in your praise.

    Cutler has a lot to prove. An giant fucking pile.

    You watched the Bennett2 video - much of that was Eli laying the ball right in his hands? Most of it. Can Jay do the same?

    I'm not from Missouri, but fucking "Show Me".

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    He's been winning games with shit his whole career with the Bears. I'm sure he'll "do it" this year, whatever that means.

    What's your litmus test of "doing it"? Playoffs? NFC Championship Game? Superbowl appearance? Super Bowl victory?

    If he "does it" this year and they lose because of injuries on defense does that count? If they go to the playorrs and lose are we just cutting him?

    I'd like to know what the expectations are.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    You want some highlights? why don't we start with this video of some passes when we had two pass catching TE's, a running back and fucking Knox.


  • we'll take it slow and in stages so you can see that he can make any throw you want him to Dave. There are other clips of the 2011 season, last year, etc. Now give him a fucking line like every other successfull team or at least give him a badass scheme like GB. One or the other but why not both?

  • fb_avatar

    You almost forget how good Cutler is. This clip, whoa. 20-30 huge plays to TEs (Clark and Olsen), even a few touch passes. But what strikes me is his release and how tough this guy is.

  • Speaking of Bushrod.

    Reggie Bush is now a Detroit Lion. 4 yr deal.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    detroit?!?! Holy sheite.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I'll quote a poster on the Bush signing...

    "On paper, this seems like a good signing by Detroit. On the field, Schwartz will find a way to screw it up."

  • In reply to gpldan:

    They had to deed him the title for the city though. He is also entitled to half of all money seized in any drug busts within the city limits. They had to give him Kwame Kilpatricks suit collection as well and in addition to all of that they have agreed to build a runway from the stadium to his new home in Grosse Pointe. The flight is 3 minutes long....bullet proof cockpit windows, tinted of course, tricked out.

  • And the blue-ray special edition to "RoboCop".

  • hahah...my only question is - HOW screwed? If we can get Amendola for cheap...

    "A source with "knowledge of the market" tells PFT slot receivers are "getting screwed," and could lead to free agent Danny Amendola re-signing with the Rams.
    Players like Amendola and Wes Welker aren't getting valued based on their raw numbers, but their perceived replaceability. Amendola has been the Rams' lone consistent playmaker during the Sam Bradford era, so we'd suspect they'd welcome him back at the right price even after signing Jared Cook. Amendola had reportedly lined up two visits on Tuesday, but the teams were never revealed. "


  • Johnny, I enjoy the new name... Of all my spelling nazi tendencies, "loose" vs. "lose" is the one that cracks me up the most, simply because the connotation it actually has.

    A buddy of mine married the girl he dated in high school. We found his yearbook back in college and she had written something to the effect of...

    "I never want to LOOSE you"

    For a guy who was such a bitch that 1) he married one of the first girls he banged (bung?), and 2) let her wear the pants and treat him like a little boy (e.g., getting "grounded" from sex with her or hanging out with us after being caught ripping a bong at 9am, being forced to sleep on the ground of his own house when he came home from the bars and she was in his bed, etc.) - the idea of her LOOSING him never ceases to bring me a good belly laugh.

    She loosened the shit out of him.

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:


  • per Chicago Tribune- Combined with the departures of Davis and Spaeth, the Bears created $5.25 million in cap room with the cuts.

    Emery said no other cuts are immediately planned but the team is constantly evaluating the roster.

  • Is this official?

    A little surprised Spaeth was let go, but maybe they're going to move A-rod to TE and give Kyle Adams a shot.

    They already mentioned they were looking for a true FB, and they're much cheaper.

  • That's not correct. Kellen's contract had about $1.25 million in dead cap space, unless they found a way to push that off to 2014. I think the actual number should be more like $3.4 million.

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    I think they're including Toe's release in there too, NB, but not sure.

  • Pretty sure it's correct. Everyone from Mike Wright to Sean Jensen has been using that number.

  • Probably all got it from the same source. But if you include Toe's deal, it might be accurate.

  • Wes Welker is now a bronco.

    Manning could have had Austin Collie back, he went with the upgrade.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    That's a good move for Welker. But I'm surprised at the contract. The Patriots wouldn't pay $12 million over two years?

  • In reply to gpldan:

    This looks like a good fit but I'm betting the Broncs bought a lemon here. Belichick seldom lets viable talent out the door. Welker's got high mileage for his age.

  • Emery is looking to trade down

    "The NFL draft still is more than one month away, but Chicago Bears general manager Phil Emery already is actively soliciting draft-day trade partners.

    Signing free agents Jermon Bushrod and Martellus Bennett gives him the flexibility to do that.

    "That’s why I’m so excited about the two players we were able to sign so far, it’s given us so much flexibility," he said. "To put it bluntly, we’re open for business. If teams want to talk to us about trading back, we’re all ears."


  • Good on you Phil, good on you.

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    I thought this would make your day NB.

    I swear, I think Emery reads this blog. I would love for him to trade down too depending on who's still available. I have about 7 guys graded about the same in that range who would make the Bears much better.

    What's more interesting is that those potential trade partners might be potential rivals (9ers and Vikes who own multiple picks).

  • I've already pegged the Texans (who might want to move up to grab their preferred linebacker) and the Niners (who might want to move up from 31st to shed some of their extra picks).

    The Vikings at 23 and 25 are probably not good partners. If they move, it will probably be into the teens (maybe they even work a deal with the Jets for both first rounders).

    Maybe Denver? They're in win now mode and could make a play for someone.

  • geez, all this football talk.

    This is for Doc, and I am so so so sorry: http://www.hollywoodtuna.com/?page_id=65069&id=danica_thrall_pink_lingerie_3&title=Danica Thrall Pictures&loc=3


  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Hot body, but the pouty look...not so much.

    Football talk is fine. Great in fact. Too much tittie talk makes bores after a while 'salls I'm sayin'.

  • Couldn't decide on 'makes me bored' or 'bores me'. Settled for a hybrid.

  • Doc, titties are never boring. Even subpar titties are still somehow intriguing.

  • In reply to ben in norcal:

    My 1 year old would agree. My 7 year old is starting to realize it. And I agree when it comes to touching them etc... but talking about them? Little boring.

  • In keeping with my tradition of downplaying the free agency maneuvering of other teams . . . . . Fuck Reggie Bush.

  • In reply to Johnnywad:

    nay, fuck the lions. enjoy police-state detroit reggie.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    No shit. He went from USC to New Orleans to Miami. Now he's
    going to Detroit. I wish I could see the look on his face when he starts to understand where he'll be working. I've held a pretty good grudge against him after the front flip into the end zone against the Bears in the 06 playoffs. Karma's a bitch Reggie.

  • Still want to see the Bears sign Peanut to a "retire as a Bear" contract. His cap number is pretty high this year, and I don't want to deal with him hitting the open market in 2014.

    Also want to see Tim Jennings signed to a 4 or 5 year deal. Also wouldn't hurt the cap to make it happen.

    Top 5 cornerback tandem in the league for the next 2-3 years.

  • On Melton. FA has so far produced the following for DTs.

    Desmond Bryant to Browns - 5 years, $34 million, 15 guaranteed
    Chris Canty to Ravens - 3 years $8 million, 2.8 guaranteed
    Cullen Jenkins to Jets - 3 years, $8 million, 3 guaranteed

    Bryant is 27 and plays nosetackle in a 3-4. Melton is 26 and only plays 55-60% of defensive snaps in a game (though that could change). The Bryant deal will inform Melton's contract quite a bit, and the lack of other big splash DT signings means the Bears have a good negotiating position.

  • Vikings talking Urlachers camp. Weird.

  • Maybe they're just pissed we drove up the price for Loadholt so they're getting us back with Urlacher. I don't know. Fucking Queens. Dabbling in Favre and now perhaps Urlacher? Filthy bastards.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Its just Lach's agent trying to drive up the price. Emery won't blink on this one. I remember what happened with Forte last year.

  • 'If teams want to talk to us about trading back, we're all ears.'

    Yes you are, Phil. All ears.

    Couldn't resist that one, guys. Love this new gm though. As someone said above, it's as if he reads this blog. I think that they're saying the same thing I heard on the score after today's presser regarding Emery. It's like he see's the same roster that some of us do hence the decisive action. With the last staff, we don't really know what the hell they were seeing.

    Emery's on point, can't wait for the draft.

  • Daaaaamn: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1524874-wes-welker-reportedly-reaches-agreement-with-denver-broncos?hpt=hp_t3

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    That's also crazy, MB, that Mr Welker has already been replaced by his brother-from-another-mother in Amendola. Seems like the same type of dude(cuz they're both scrappy and speedy little white guys?).

  • In reply to MB30SD:


    For linking B/R and being 7 hours late.

  • In reply to Shady:


  • avril to seahawks.

  • In reply to MB30SD:


  • fu maing, have the kids tonight... and was playing online wif you.

    Also say we lost geno hayes to who other than the jags... we got no LB corpse left maings.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    If we sign Urlacher we'll kinda have a LB corpse.

    I'm sorry.

  • In reply to Shady:

    stop it.

  • In reply to Shady:

    LOLing. BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • In reply to Shady:

    briggsy, old broken down lach, aaaaaaaannnnnnnd........


    Blake Costanzo? JT Thomas? Who else?

  • In reply to MB30SD:


  • In reply to Johnnywad:

    Why, Why Manti?

  • In reply to gpldan:

    "Cuz he's our guy." he sighed.

  • In reply to Shady:

    I heard this morning Lach's asking 11 mil for two years. Not going to happen. I'm going to miss 54.

  • It's pretty obvious that the Bears will be drafting a Guard or Linebacker.

    Here's to hoping that Emery can swindle one hell of a deal to get some extra draft picks

  • fb_avatar

    I've just taken a spin around the NFL sites and am convinced that the collectively they are all full of shit. News and analysis is filtered as if this were a flag football 7 on 7 league. Anything to do with a WR or a QB is blown out of proportion, because you can show a simple highlight.

    Case in point, analysis of Jay Cutler, "locked on to a receiver", "held on to the ball too long", "not evasive"... I say BS. Watch a few game films. Cutler probably saved 15-20 sacks last year. He holds on to the ball, because if Marshall was covered, because are TE/RB were both blocking. So we were sending 2 maybe 3 guys out on routes. One of whom was Devin (WTF is a pass route) Hester.

    So, yes adding a TE is a huge deal, not having to keep 7 guys in to block 5 or 6 is a big deal.

  • In reply to Big Mike:


  • In reply to Big Mike:

    +1 Big Mike

    This year is going to be exciting. We have a huge, fast, athletic, black unicorn to be that safety valve along with Earl the Pearl. Don't forget that Jeffrey is in South Florida training with Marshall. Forte will be used like Roger Craig and Marcus Allen.

    The LB corps will be fully stocked come the start of the season. The Bears won't let Urlacher AND Roach go. They will bring in a vet for a decent price. People sometimes get freaked out because we are missing some components but it is the 2nd or 3rd day of the season so i'm willing to give this whole situation more than 24-48hrs to play out....even in this internet age of right now, right fucking now!

  • Think Jimmy Harbaugh was fucking pissed he couldn't shut Boldin down when he needed to?

    He went and got Boldin, and today's he's interviewing Asomuhga.

  • At this point, the Bears know and we know that Lack is getting cut. And that he's unlikely to find work elsewhere.

    Now, it's just a PR game to not look coldhearted about it.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Bears or not, I guarantee you Lach will play somewhere next year. I think the most likely spot in Dallas if he won't come to Chicago.

    The question is not if, its how much he gets paid.

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    If the Saints took Kreutz, I guess there's room for anything - but I really don't think so. I think he's in worse shape than people think.

  • This just in: even in video games, John Paxson cannot dunk.

    That is all.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    NBA Jam, or NBA Live?

  • In reply to Shady:

    I don't think he made it into any NBA LIve games... I think the first ones were from 95, and that was all BJ Armstrong pulling up for unmissable three pointers... Maybe he got put in as a throwback in the later years?

    Come to think of it, it was BJ in NBA Jam, too. I don't think they made video games back when Paxson played. Other than Arch Rivals and Jordan vs. Bird, that is. Bill Laimbeer's Combat Basketball, maybe?

    I love me some Paxson. Especially the choking out Vinny part.

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    He's in this game:


    Also, he is unable to perform a cross over dribble.

    But he can make it rain.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    I enjoyed that game very much... Ran through the MyPlayer campaign as a shooting guard just to try and be picked up by the Bulls... When I demanded a trade and finally was on Chicago - they traded Derrick like 2 game-weeks later. I stopped playing.

  • Texans close to a deal with Ed Reed.

    Ed Reed and Daniael Manning as safeties. Interesting.

  • Oh I bet Johnny just LOVED this article. lol Morrisey must be reading da blog.


  • it should read:

    http://www.suntimes.com/sports/football/bears/18833218-606/bears-free-agent-moves-and-addition-of-competent-NFL playcaller-leave-Bears-Offense-with-no-more-real-reasons-why they-can't-crack-the-top-12-in-offensive-production-easily-and-once-again-be-in-a-position to-go-to-the-playoffs.html

    Dude, people on the radio were bitching about the Marshall deal today. THE FUCKING MARSHALL DEAL!!!

    These fucking people.

  • I'm in the camp that thinks the Bears should get a guard in the 1st round or second round at worst. My dream pick would be Warmack the mauler. The Bears have absolutely no push up the middle on run plays and the middle of the pocket collapses almost instantly on many pass plays.

    This is just anecdotal, but I was talking to a Packer friend last night who watches A LOT of football, including just about every Bears game. He said the Packers OL sucks, but it's not even close to as bad as the Bears last year. I have to agree.

    Like everyone else, I think the Bears still need to draft at least two OL this year, preferably both being guards or a center. With the middle of the line getting blown up all the time, it's hard to find passing lanes across the middle or be able to step up in the pocket. I hope the Bears start using the shot-gun more this year also to allow Cutler more time to evaluate the field.

  • In reply to The Fifth:


    Even though Emery just said that he would be very open to trading down I too hope that we don't stop with Bushrod on the line. At this point I'm going to trust the man to make the right moves.

    Although moving Webb to RT doesn't do alot for me because I watched him get worked over time and time again at that position. The thought of Barrett Jones who has played all 3 interior line positions is intriguing but I thought I heard something about him getting Lisfranc surgery. That's not cool.

    I think they are going to trade down out of the Warmack/top OL tier and focus on more picks in the later rounds.

    Only time will tell. We've started in the right direction that's for sure.

  • First to say new thread.

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