Marc Trestman Suggests Shea May Not Be Exclusively DE

Marc Trestman Suggests Shea May Not Be Exclusively DE

Marc Trestman delivered this morning the type of press conference that will come to define the Phil Emery era in Chicago. It was bland. It revealed nothing. It utilized a bunch of a buzz words and corporate-speak phraseology befitting a man known for his football intellect.

Most importantly was Trestman's answer when asked if Shea McClellin will remain a defensive end in 2013: uh...maybe?  (Side note: Phil Emery later said Shea will remain at defensive end.)

While many around Chicago would like to see Shea McClellin as heir apparent to the Urlacher throne I would prefer to see McClellin given an opportunity to thrive at 4-3 defensive end - a position he's truly only played for one season. Middle linebacker is a hallowed role in the city of Chicago but the ability to rush the passer is the key to success in the modern NFL. Having a B+ edge rusher outweighs an A- middle man. debate. Where do you want to see Shea McClellin in 2013?


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  • First to say I'd like to see Shea on top of Aaron Rodgers as he piles him into the ground.

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    you want to see Shea bang Aaron Rodgers using the piledriver technique?

  • eeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

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    Too pornographic? Maybe if Shae asked Aaron out for drinks at the Clay bar first...

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    yeah man... lead up to it... provide a bit of romance, a little bit of anticipation. This isn't penthouse forum. Sheesh!

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    fucking awesome.

    so we have all these possibilities before we STAMPEDE towards the clitoris, watson.

  • fb_avatar

    I think you continue to develop Shea at DE, but just like last year they can still disguise their defense and drop him back into coverage from time to time similar to a 3-4 outside backer. His biggest contribution to the team will come through rushing the passer though with his elite quickness, which means you will probably see a lot of him and Wooten on the outside and Melton and Peppers on the inside in passing situations.

  • In reply to Richard Madsen:

    The idea of Shea at DE showing rush together with a safety allows a cute variation on the cover 2 shell. Shea drops back to where the Sam backer would cover the flat. The safety drops back into the deep shell. Meanwhile the actual Sam backer shifts to MLB (possibly creating a less favorable matchup against the TE). The MLB shifts to where the Will backer would be covering the other flat, or else rushes the passer. If the Will backer gets replaced by the MLB, then he rushes sets the edge and gets the sack. The QB, running from the perceived blitzing DE and safety, will run right into the actually blitzing Will.

    At least that's how its suposed to go. If the QB sniffs it, he will hope his much faster WR can beat Shea in 1 on 1 and get some nice YAC.

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    Yo, comrade, Nice Yak!

    (Russian pilot saying in WWII)

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    +1 for Yakolev reference. Next thing, we'll be seeing one on Ilyushin, or, for heaven's sake, Tsiolkovsky!!

  • i want to see him as our FG placeholder. the picture above shows just how wide he can spread his fingers. can you imagine how much more confident robbie gould would be seeing that spread on the ball as his leg is moving forward?

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    actually, scratch that. having all of those fingers on the ball would probably have a negative effect on the distance and trajectory of robbie's kicks.

  • If he is indeed an A- middle man and a B+ edge rusher, I'd rather see him in the middle. You put your aces in their places. I have my doubts that that's the case, however. I like him as a wild card. Sometimes he rushes from the line, sometimes he lines up at LB and rushes from there. Other times he drops into coverage from the line or lines up at LB and plays LB. It would make him a tough guy to game plan against.

  • Seems to me that he wouldn't be a MLB anyway. His best position might be at OLB even in a 4-3, but that's not the same thing as MLB. Lach moved to the middle because he was having trouble getting around the outside to rush the passer - that move is precisely Shea's best skill right now. He might not have the brawn to bull rush inside as a DE, but playing WLB and rushing the passer isn't a terrible thing.

    Trouble is we have a pretty good Will linebacker right now.

  • Emery on Urlacher: "Where this ends up, we'll work through Brian and his agents with that and that'll be a private matter."

    Sounds positive for both sides but let's keep Shea at DE and see what he can do.

  • I'd like to see him spend the summer at the Matthew's family estate so he can learn how to be a badass from Clay Matthews Sr and Clay Matthews Jr.

    Then after his badass lessons from those two fucking badasses he can then go to the chemistry lab with Clay Matthews III and get fucking jacked on horse semen or whatever Thor takes these days so he plays like he's 275 instead of 245.

  • I will give the kid credit though, I did see him try to drive his shoulder into a guys head when he was about to hit the ground.

    I approve of that message. Play to the whistle and teach J'Marcus how to do it while you're at it. It's ok to get nasty.

  • Deer Antler Cum?

  • #innovation

  • @mikecwright
    Phil Emery more or less said the Bears would be looking to bring a WR into the mix. My guess is the draft. FA too expensive.

  • let's hope it's a burner who can stretch the field. a 5th round pick who runs a 4.25 would be a nice find.

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    I don't know about 4.25, but I think everything else you said is probably correct. A burner who can stress the safeties out of the slot position and occasionally line up on the outside. Will probably have some kick returning skills as well.

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    So you're looking for another Johnny Knox are ye?

    How about Cordarrell Patterson? Mmm yarrr, that'd be nice.

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    Yes, please.

    If a Top 2 WR prospect is just sitting there, it'll be hard for Emery and Trestman to pass him up.

    When Alshon went down, our O just stopped dead in the water.

    Don't even want to think about if Marshall goes down

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  • In reply to Shady:

  • In reply to Shady:


  • I said this for Emery as soon as the offseason began and quickly got rebutted with "We NEED Oline!"

    I should be Emery's unofficial spokesman on this blog.

    I see more a 2nd rounder in play for WR, much like last year.

    Keenan Allen may fall that far esp since he's not in the combine, and if he runs a pedestrian 40.

  • Totally agree with Doc. Also, hit the fucking gym.

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    Well, the Bears are adding 7000 sq ft to the weight room at Halas Hall this offseason...

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    Or some such shit... I could not watch that twice

  • just. don't. get. it.

  • Pre-amble Ramble

    It’s slooow, so I came up with a Mock Draft to fill my football malaise. Most mock drafts out there don’t include trades, which IMO make them obsolete (Given last year‘s trend, at least 4 trades should happen). Even the top draft gurus forecasts Kiper, McShay, Nawrocki were made useless by draft day trades. So, with that in mind, I mocked possible trades that might occur. Naturally, after the combine and FA all this will change, but what the hell…

  • Butch’s 2013 Pre-Combine Mock Draft

    1. Chiefs. QB Geno Smith. 10 out of the last 12 drafts a QB has gone #1 overall. In one of those exceptions, MIA went with Long over Matt Ryan - which do you think the ’Fins would now prefer? Is Smith worthy of #1? No. But when has that stopped teams from reaching for one? And as questionable as Smith is, would the Chiefs really prefer a Dalton-ish prospect in the 2nd? Last time Reid had a new start, he drafted McNabb #2 overall.

    2. Jags. DE Ansah. I think Ansah will tear up the combine and shoot up draftboards. He’s 6’6 270 and is really raw but has drawn frequent comparisons to JPP. Ansah should improve the league worst sacks total.

    3. Cards (Trade up with Raiders). OT Joeckel. Cards know the Eagles are eyeing Joeckel, so they move up and snatch him filling a huge need. They can worry about QB later.

    4. Eagles. CB Milliner. Well, Joeckel’s gone, and they could gamble with another OT in Fisher, but decide to fill another huge hole at CB. Besides, Peters is coming back, and if healthy, is more than capable.

    5. Jets (Trade up with Lions). DT Star Lotuelelei. Star is the best prospect, but the Lions already have Suh and Fairely, so they shop around and the Jets take perhaps the most dominant D-man in the draft.

    6. Browns. WR Patterson. They have a stable of young WRs, but do they really want to gamble on stone hands Greg Little or inconsistent Mossoquoi to help out an already inconsistent Weeden? The Browns look for a more explosive O, and the trio of Patterson, Josh “Flash” Gordon, and T-rich instantly becomes just that.

    7. Raiders (trade down with Cards). DE/OLB Moore. What do you know, the guy they wanted has fallen to them. Their 2nd lowest sacks total should make this a quick pick.

    8. Bills. QB Glennon. Given Nix was not coy about wanting a new franchise QB, Glennon seems to be their guy. This pick will draw the first grumblings through NY Music Hall.

    9. Lions (Trade down with Jets). DE/OLB Werner. Bosch and Avril need to be replaced. Werner grades higher than any CB at this point, and the Lions tend to go BPA.

    10. Bears (Trade up with Titans). OT Fisher. Bears can’t believe a franchise LT is still on the board at 10! They move in before the Oline starving Chargers, Dolphins, Rams and Cowboys get a chance to feast. Emery has shown that if he has a certain prospect within range, he’ll pull the trigger (Alshon), and if the draft falls this way I can easily envision a bold trade up.

    11. Chargers. OT Fisher. Well, the Bears for once selected a prospect the Chargers coveted. How you like them apples? Still, Fisher has huge potential and can help the Chargers determine if Rivers stinks or not.

    12. Dolphins. WR Allen. It’s no secret that they’re looking for a WR, and Allen would be a perfect WR for their young QB. The former Packer GM knows how important WRs are.

    13. Bucs. CB Banks. They’re tempted to take a DT, but their historically inept pass D persuades them other wise. Besides, it’s a pretty deep class at DT, not so much at CB.

    14. Panthers. DT Richardson. Chico lucks out as the Panther’s D-line was a sieve. With Richardson and Keuchly in the middle, it should improve.

    15. Saints. S Vaccaro. Their new 3-4 D means they’d like a stud safety - enter Vaccaro.

    16. Rams. DE/OLB Jordan. The top LTs are gone, and G or TE at this point might be a little too high. So, they go with BPA and get a fine prospect. Jordan should help to contain the suddenly dangerous Qbs in the West in Kap and Wilson.

  • at 11, I meant OT Lane Johnson.


  • 1 - It will be really hard to say no to a QB with the first overall pick, but the smart move is to look elsewhere. The Chiefs have a talented roster and no QB right now. If they start wasting picks by reaching for needs, they will have no QB and no talent on the roster by the time they are done. Draft the left tackle, or a monster pass rusher and take a QB in round 2. They can also grab someone like Alex Smith in FA. I'd trade 2nd round picks with San Fran in exchange for Smith. I'd probably trade 3rd round picks with Seattle (maybe even throw in a little extra) for Matt Flynn.

    3 - If Joekel is there, I could see this trade. Then again, there are a lot of tackles in the draft, so its hard to sell out for one. Is it worth probably a 2nd round pick to make that move up?

    5 - Maybe. But the Jets need so much offensive talent, I don't think they can sell out for a DT like this. The trade would have to be relatively cheap.

    8 - Agree on the grumblings. This would be a terrible move.

    10 - This move would cost us at least our second round pick. I just don't see it. We have too much need for quality depth.

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    1. I agree. I think the smart action for the Chiefs to take is to wait until the 2nd (or later) to address the QB position, but I'm going by the numbers. QBs are like hot shallow women - you convince yourself into going for them, and I think the Chiefs will delude themselves. If they show discipline, they'd buck the trend.

    3. Yeah, some have Joeckle and Fisher neck and neck, however, some other teams are a lot more comfortable with the more proven commodity in Joeckle. Moving up for Joe Thomas vs staying put for Joe Staley the way I see it, and it shouldn't cost too much.

    5. I can see how the Jets are targeting a WR at their original 9 spot, but Star is arguably the #1 prospect (Joeckle and Warmack are the others), and the Jets are having a firesale on the D side. Who knows - maybe they'll draft a QB to replace Sanchize next year when they can actually cut him.

    8. The most vocal team to proclaim they want a QB is the Bills. Their GM and coaches have practically run out Fitz in the media. It's crazy. The 2nd QB taken will be very interesting. Some are linking the Bills to Nassib which is even a greater reach.

    10. Yeah, it'll cost us, and I only see us moving up for Fisher (possibly Lane Johnson), esp if he's within 10 spots. I can see Emery and gang more than willing to ride with Roach in the middle and J.T. Thomas or Hayes on the WILL. Other than for Fisher, I think we stay put and draft either RT Fluker or G Warmack, if the Chargers, Titans, Dolphins, Rams, or Cowboys don't take them first. Possibly a WR if Patterson falls (WR always seems to be the most fluid risers and fallers).

  • Butch’s 2013 Pre-Combine Mock Draft (17-32)

    17. Steelers. DE/OLB Jones. Their D is still solid, but getting old. Only reason Jones falls this far is because of health concerns, but the Steelers can’t pass on him.

    18. Cowboys. OT Fluker. The Oline must be addressed, and OTs usually go before C/Gs, hence the mammoth Fluker.

    19. Giants. DT Floyd. Their secondary got exposed, but the G-men subscribe to the theory of a good pass rush covers the back end, so they stay true to their philosophy and invest in a disruptive push.

    20. Titans (Trade down with Bears). G Warmack. The trade down worked out for both parties. Getting a top 5 prospect, at a need, at 20, plus extra picks is highway robbery. Warmack should clear the lanes CJ2K desperately needs to flourish.

    21. Bengals. ILB Ogletree. Maualuga SUCKS. Needs to be replaced. Bengals have no issues with selecting “character” prospects - that’s how they got Burfict, and look how that turned out.

    22. Rams. TE Eifert. Well, what do you know, they have 2 picks in the first! Well, providing Bradford with a receiver not named fragile Amendola would be wise.

    23. Vikings. WR Hunter. Another “wow” moment in the hall, but those in the know aren’t all that surprised. Hunter is tall and fast, reminds some scouts of another WR with those talents who used to play for the Vikes. Whether Harvin is there or not, the Vikes will almost certainly draft a WR in the 1st.

    24. Colts. DT/NT Hankins. The Colt’s D is still transitioning to a 3-4, and a solid NT to anchor it is the route the Ravens and Steelers took, and what the copycat Colts will follow.

    25. Patriots (Trade up with Seahawks). CB Trufant. When don’t the Pats trade up/down? In this case, they’re trying to get the top CB left before their rivals in the AFC, especially the Broncos. The Pats may make a move for a top S here too, depending on their war room grades.

    26. Packers. C/OG Cooper. I have a feeling Finley will resign, which will make TE an afterthought. This means they’ll be focused on keeping Rodgers upright, and Cooper will help do just that as some draftniks rank Cooper above Warmack.

    27. Texans. ILB Te’o. Cushing suffered an ACL tear, Brady James might not be back and mediocre at best, while complementary WRs can usually be found in the 2nd, so Te’o makes a lot of sense here.

    28. Broncos. DT/NT Williams. They pretty much trust Manning to keep the O humming, so they seek to upgrade their D which got eviscerated in the playoffs.

    29. Seahawks (trade down with Pats). WR Hopkins. Seems like a small reach, but wouldn’t be the first time for the ‘Hawks. TE Ertz might be in play here too, but the late season heroics of Zach Miller might hold that off. Rice and Tate aren’t exactly go-to receivers, and only so many fail mary’s allotted per team.

    30. Falcons. HB Lacey. They are strongly debating whether they should go after a DE like Montgomery, Hunt, or Mingo, but side with weaponizing their O. If Gonzo retires, Ertz comes into play.

    31. 49ers. WR Austin. Remember when they had four #1 WRs? How’d that work out? They drafted WR Jenkins around here last year, but he seems like a bust, so they double down and try to seek some playmakers on O and SP teams.

    32. Ravens. S Cyprien. Reed is most certainly gone, and even if he isn’t, they still need to get younger on D. Cyprien has been climbing up draft boards, and might go sooner. If so, S Reid might be a possibility. I can also envision the Ravens with their cap-strapped situation trading down to get as many cheap picks as possible.

  • nice man, i like the effort.

  • Yo, thanks. I'm a little sick today, so I got plenty of time to blow-up Da Blog!

    It'll be in the Bears' best interest that a bunch of QBs, CBs, FS/SSs, DE's and DTs shoot up during the "underwear Olympics".

    It would be awesome if the Chiefs, Cards and Bills (plus maybe some other surprise team like the Jets) all reach for QBs, though I don't realistically see that happening.

    A lot of Safeties and CBs though are climbing the boards, and the combine usually pushes skills position up.

  • If Minter is still around in the 2nd, I will be very upset if we trade our 2nd rounder away. I would much prefer to see us once again trade our 5th to move up to the top of the 2nd round and grab a "shining light" at linebacker.

  • "Marc Trestman Suggests Shea May Not Be Exclusively DE"


    Who has two thumbs and isn't surprised one bit?

    THIS guy.

    They better decide fast though. He can't be running around at LB at 260+, and he can't be going up against Olineman at 240 and under.

  • The guy is a Mike or a Will.

    Say hello to our new MLB: Da Dinner.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    he'd better take some "mean juice: and put on 10lbs of muscle then because right now he's bouncing off guys like Golden Tate when he should be knocking them unconscious.

  • fb_avatar

    wes welker will be our new wr.

  • In reply to sassie cassie:

    Wouldn't that be something.

    Like a Polar Bear in Central Park.

  • In reply to sassie cassie:

    The price is wrong...

  • In reply to Shady:

    Plus, Welker has show he'll catch 100 + passes, but those one or two which he drops will cost you a SB.

    A much more cheaper option would be Amendola (Welker-lite), or even Avery.

  • More cheaper...


    On the WR angle, I wonder if we're gonna cut Hester b4 the draft...

  • How 'bout tell Devin to stop being a pussy, line him up in the slot and whisper in Cutler's ear to throw him the ball when Marshall's quadruple covered.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    no thanks.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Unless Jay can stuff it right in his fucking face mask so it doesn't hit the ground.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Coach Drake are you back?

    Just go to the page and press "play". Classic Drake.

    As they say in Seinfeld, "Hate the Drake. Can't stand the Drake."

  • +so much

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Could Jay be taught that?

  • In reply to Shady:


  • What the fuck happened to Gabe Carimi last year? 4 yr starter at LT in college, drafted by the Bears, BUST. God was he awful last season. Between Carimi and Williams I'm almost afraid to draft another 1st round LT. Almost.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Bear Jew, why hath thou forsaken me?!?

  • In reply to Shady:

    Man, are the Bears the worst evaluators of Oline talent? Seems like we can't pick a good one no matter what.

    At least Webb Nation was a 7th rounder. Williams is now a backup G for the Rams.

    "A caveat: A deep pool is useless if the organization picks the wrong guy. The 2008 draft was deep in first-round tackle talent. Jake Long (No. 1). Ryan Clady (12). Brandon Albert (15). Gosder Cherilus (17). Duane Brown (26). Jeff Otah (19). The Bears ended up with Chris Williams at No. 14." - Moon Mullin

  • Fuck all that. Hindsight is 20-20. EVERY team has missed on draft choices

  • In reply to Shady:

    i think his knee fell off and he was not at full strength. i'm giving him this year to prove that he needs to be on this team. I think he'll be fine but last year was scary.

  • Maybe try him at left tackle. You know, his natural position.

  • In reply to The Fifth:


    (SHOCK) Corm!!! How could you suggest such a thing!?!??! That's CRAZY talk!!!

  • Butch’s Mathematically Challenged Capology

    Like I said, it’s slow, so here’s a possible cap situation for the Bears in 2013.

    The Bears according to “Over the Cap” (
    have roughly $10,389,955 in cap space.

    This lands them almost smack in the middle of the league cap-wise, however, the Melton contract will shrink that significantly.

    If Melton indeed gets franchised, that would cost the Bears $8M, leaving the Bears with approx. $2M. Keep in mind the avg draft class costs about $5M, and we still have FAs to possibly re-sign: Louis, Hayes, Izzy, Okoye, D.J., Roach, Scott, Collins, Campbell, McCown, Hayden, Spencer, Bowman, and oh yeah, Lach.

    Having only $2M effectively removes us from any OT FA dreams we might be pondering. With that money, we might not even be able to sign a measly TE FA.

    So, some cap maneuvers need to be made.

    1. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Pepp, restructure! You da man, but $16M for this year is killing our cap!

    2. We need to release these players.

    - Hester. $2.34M.
    - Davis. $3.85M
    - Adams $555,668
    - Garza $2.12M
    - Ed Williams $715, 000
    - Toeaina $1.62
    - Walters $550,000

    I’m not exactly sure about how much cap hit they’ll all cost, but I assume not much. As such the Bears should save roughly $10M, which means we’ll have about $20M to play with.

    Let’s say worse case scenario, Melton get’s franchised.

    $20M-8= $12M

    With $12M we must re-sign a few of our guys.

    Lance Louis
    Okoye and/or Collins

    Let’s say that they collectively cost us $5M this year, that would then put us at approx $7M above the cap, which would leave us with about $2M for an FA (Keep in mind that the avg draft class cost $5M).

    If we really need it, we can probably restructure a few other contracts (B-Marsh, Cutler, maybe even Bush), but the way I see it, as it stands (With no Pepp restructure and Melton tag), we only have about $2M to play with in FA (though I‘m sure the Bears will cook the books somehow), and we’d have to say goodbye to some familiar faces, not least of which is Lach’s mug.

  • I normally never link BR articles, but this one actually does a pretty good job of covering who cost what.

    According to Biggs, a possible outcome of a Pepp restructure could free up about $6M, which by my calculations (after releasing and re-signing above FAs and setting $5M aside for the draft), would bump us to $8M of free money to get an FA.

    Peanut is costing us $8M this year too, and might be a restructure candidate.,0,6988743.story

  • Biggs article sets out the best examples of gaining breathing room. The Bears can restructure Tillman by extending his contract - that will help a lot. They can also do a deal with Melton that costs less than the full $8M in cap space for 2013.

    Restructuring Peppers is problematic because we'll just make the problem worse next year. And we can't stretch his contract by adding years to it because he'll be 37 or 38 when the current one expires. Pepp's contract is a tough sell unless we genuinely serious about cutting him if he doesn't take a pay cut. That's probably not an option at this point - our DE pool is decent, but nobody is ready to step in as a 3 down DE if Pepp leaves.

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    the more i think about it, to franchise Melton is lunacy.

    Imagine if they restructure a few contracts, let Melton walk if he needs to and have millions of dollars and the draft to fix the entire O line issue in one offseason, draft any need on the D line or in FA,, address WR and we're good to go.

  • meant address TE

  • I guess I gotta hold the fort today.

    "Transcript, Part 1- Chicago Bears head coach Marc Trestman at the 2013 NFL Combine, courtesy of Mark Potash, Chicago Sun-Times

    "Good morning.

    Let me just start by telling you I'm unbelievably excited about being the Chicago Bears head football coach. That's a great way to start the day.

    And a little bit about what we've been doing over the last five weeks: We started immediately on putting a staff together.

    I think we've done a fantastic job collectively and organizationally of putting together a group of men who are not only great teachers but guys with great people skills.

    We're just about complete with our staff. We'll finish up with a wide receiver coach over the next few days. And we're
    excited both about the fit that he will bring to our team and what he will do in our receiver situation in terms of handling the guys on a daily basis.

    We've also spent time evaluating our football team from inside out. Our coaches have spent a tremendous amount of time watching tape of our players and evaluating them as much as we can without having the opportunity to spend time with them on the practice field or in meetings.

    Secondly, we've also done a very diligent job, our staff and our personnel people, evaluating the free agents that are out there as well. The process for both is ongoing and certainly that information will be kept internally as we move on to the offseason and get closer to those dates.

    So those have been the two main aspects, or three main aspects, of what's gone over the last five weeks. It's been a terribly exciting process of getting to know the men and women in our organization operationally and internally on the football side as well. And watching our staff work together and their presentations and the information that we gathered over that period of time.

    I'm excited to be here. And I'll leave it to questions."

  • Transcript, Part 2- Chicago Bears general manager Phil Emery at the 2013 NFL Combine, courtesy of Sean Jensen, Chicago Sun-Times


    "Under the current CBA rules, it's really a matter of saying hello and introducing yourself and talking. And that was positive. They're off to a good start."


    "Right on and accelerated. Very detailed, very thorough, very intelligent. Great listener. So I would say we're right on."


    "I want them to get better as football players and be more productive. Grow in their knowledge of the game, and be better players overall. Very satisfied with where they were at as rookies. Obviously, they both had some dings. I want them to be healthier, but that's the nature of the game. I want them to be better and more productive so they can help us at a higher level and win football games."


    "He was an excellent interview. For those who know Joe D in the coaching community, and throughout the league, he's a very detailed, well-prepared individual. We sat down and he had an iPad ready for me, and an iPad ready for himself and he said, ‘I'm ready to go.' I had to slow him down a little bit. I wanted to revisit with him. We had worked together, but I wanted him to take me back through his career then we moved forward. He had an excellent interview."


    "I was extremely surprised and felt very good that we were able to get him on this staff. Obviously, we had lost Dave [Toub] - he had moved to the Chiefs - and we interviewed Joe D for the head coaching position so I felt very good about him as a coach and glad to have him."


    "Anytime you lose a player of that quality and that kind of speed, it does impact you. To say [not] would be silly. It does impact us. We'll look at all avenues in terms of finding someone who can add to that mix at receiver."


    "I would say more specifically to find the best player that can help us."


    "This is a very competitive league and or goal is to win it all. It always has been. I think the Chicago Bears want to be out in front. But we know it's a long road to get to that spot. As far as closing the gap, every game will determine that. As I said last summer, we're a team that's going to have to earn it and this won't be any different. You have to earn your way in this league and you have to stay in it through the end. A surprising number of teams have shown us that if you're there in the end, you've got a heck of a chance. Baltimore certainly showed [that]."


    "J.T. Thomas has to continue to improve in terms of the football end of it on regular downs. He's got to grow as a player in his knowledge and how he fits into our defense. We're expecting him to do that during OTAs and camp and see where he goes."


    "I look at every team as being a new team, whether there's a turnover or not, it would be a new team. So we've got to earn our way. Obviously, we have a new staff and I'm very enthused about that staff, and I'm enthused about our opportunities between the UFA market and street free agents and the draft and college free agents to add talent to our team. And along with this staff build something that's very good."


    "Right now he's a d-end and he'll remain a d-end. If there's something in him that sparks us in terms of he's got versatility. Like he did last year, he stood up in certain situations. But we're not going to put an umbrella around him. We're going to use his talents, his athleticism, his speed, his savvy, to the best we can, and whatever our coaches can concoct as far as a plan for him, we'll use every ounce of it. He is a d-end. That's his position. We're excited about him as a pass rusher. We want to get him on the field more on regular down situations. And where his versatility is, that's a plus for him. So if he ends being a linebacker in some situations, then good."


    "We look at every player as a unique player. The qualities he brings probably you say when you fill the roster, how many linebackers we have has an impact. But right now, where we're at in the process, we're here to look at really good players and see if they fit. That is part of what we do. Yes, we're going to look at college players and see how they fit against what we have on our roster and what we could potentially add. and that's same thing that's true with UFAs."


    "We're not at that point yet."


    "I don't think it's any different. What you want in an offensive lineman, No. 1, is production. You want guys that produce consistently and you call those guys starters. So consistently good as a pass protector, consistently good as run blockers. You're looking for guys that have the size, mass and strength and quickness to accomplish that at the NFL level. Those defensive linemen are, on average, more athletic than their counterparts on offense. You also have to have someone who has good football sense or smarts and has good toughness, because he's going to have to bounce back to reach that consistent level when he normally plays against someone who may have a little more speed and quickness than he does."


    "We're going to have to work through that. Lance has been very diligent in his rehab and we're pleased with his progress. So at some point, we'll sit down with his agents and work through that."

    -Phil Emery

  • Transcript, Part 3- Chicago Bears head coach Marc Trestman at the 2013 NFL Combine, courtesy of Mark Potash, Chicago Sun-Times

    Do the Bears plan to talk with Jay Cutler's representatives about a new contract here in Indianapolis or in the offseason?

    "I haven't discussed any of that with Jay or with Phil up to this point."

    How difficult was it for you being out of the league and then all of the sudden interviewing with the Bears one day, the Browns the next day and trying to tailor your interviews with those particular teams. Was that a tough task?

    "It was exciting as could possibly be. As our season finished, and during the five years I was in Montreal, I never focused on anything [but] being the Montreal head coach and loved every minute of it. Certainly once December rolled around and possibilities and openings came into play, I tried to focus as much as I can on even the slim possibility that there might be an opportunity. So it was not difficult at all. Certainly over the years I had always continued to put together a format for an interview process if that opportunity would come up. But the opportunity to interview there and in both places was not only a growing experience, but it was exciting and I felt totally prepared at the time."

    Outside of personnel, what was the change in the NFL from when you left?

    Probably nothing up to this point. I'm sure things have. The safety issues have become bigger than they've ever been. But the process that we've gone through over the first five weeks have not been any different than those that I've experienced as an assistant coach in the NFL. Just the timetable of what needs to be done going in. New staff, new coaches. New staff evaluating your team. New staff free agency and now the Combine flying into play here, almost in the blink of an eye since we started here the third week of January."

    One of the knocks on Jay Cutler is his body language. As a quarterback how much do you value how a
    guy carries himself on the sidelines, with the media ...

    "Everybody has an opinion on that. I'm excited to coach Jay. I've had a couple of opportunities to talk with him on multiple levels and excited to work with him in all facets of his game. I really am. He's an extremely bright guy. He loves football. He's got a great skill set. So we've got to work hard to provide him the resources he can to maximize his ability and that goes into everything we're doing in all three phases with personnel department and with our coaching staff."

    When you look at the offensive personnel, how different is it from what you want ideally?

    "The No. 1 thing is that we expect that we know we're going to get the best out of our personnel department. And in terms of what they'll provide for us and the opportunities they'll give us to coach whoever they bring to us and whoever we decide collectively to come our way. And then it's our job to develop these players to the best of our abilities. We think we've got the coaches to do that. Development is a big part of coaching in our league and we expect to do that. We also will put in systems of football to accommodate those abilities, so we're not working to put square pegs into round holes so to speak. We're putting good football players in the position to maximize their skillset. That's part of the coaching job as well. To define or pinpoint a specific way to go isn't what coaching is necessarily all about. It's developing and putting a system of football in place on all three phases, but also collectively and teamwise continuity to get that done. And that's the exciting part of coaching."

    Is Shea McClellin definitely a defensive end?

    "We've talked about that. He has flexibility. He's a tremendous athlete. As we put our football team together, Dan, we'll work on that. We've had discussions about Shea and all the strengths and his weaknesses. And he's got a lot of strengths and a lot of great things he can do. As Mel [Tucker, DC] and the guys continue to put the defense together, we'll decide collectively what the best place for him to play is."

    You have worked with Tim Tebow ... your thoughts on him.

    "It's been far too long removed for me to comment on what's taken placed. I've been focused on the CFL. I had a great opportunity to spend some time with Tim and work with him at the time just out of college. I've really been away from it from a standpoint of even commenting what he's been through and where he is at the present time."

    -Marc Trestman

  • way to hold it down today mang.

  • "so we're not working to put square pegs into round holes so to speak. We're putting good football players in the position to maximize their skillset. That's part of the coaching job as well. "

    If Trestman really means this it could fix the #1 problem of the Chicago Bears over the 45-odd years I've been watching them.

  • MB, thanks for the Jane's Addiction link from yesterday. Just jammed out the show. I love me some Janes. It seems like everybody I hung out with and partied with back in the early 90's was into the early grunge. Nothing Shocking and Ritual. Pearl Jam 10. Red Hots Blood Sugar Sex Magic. Smashing Pumpkins Gish. Soundgarden Badmotorfinger. I still love all those albums.

    I seen Jane's Addiction at the first Lollapalooza at the World Theatre south of Chicago. One of the greatest shows I've ever seen. It was a crazy scene. I'd been to many punk or scary parties (dress in all black, mohawks, faces painted white with black eye liner and makeup). But at this show I could see a cultural change. Lots of body piercings and tattoos in the crowd. It was like a circus freak show and all day concert wrapped into one.

    Some of the early bands that really stood out were The Butthole Surfers, Rollins Band, and Ice T with Body Count. The early band that stood out the most though was NIN (Pretty Hate Machine tour). Trent Reznor was a maniac. I had never heard them before the show, and it was a mind freak. I was very close to the stage for the performance.

    But Jane's Addiction just blew everyone else out of the water, and it wasn't close. It's a shame because they were just starting to peak with Ritual. I've seen Jane's a few times since, but always with 4-5 bands on the ticket, and they never played more than a little over an hour. The later shows were great, but I always left a little disappointment leaving and wanting to hear more. But they are still one of my favorite bands. Their first three albums are top notch.

  • In reply to The Fifth:

    awesome Corm. Most welcome sir.

    Love me some early pumpkins, their later shit was a little too radio pop for me. Alos, a little later, but you forgot STP's Core. Fucking awesome album... I seens them a couple times too. From SD... booyah!

    remember the meat puppets?

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    love early pumpkins and their acoustic stuff

  • Me too.

  • In reply to The Fifth:

    I am soooo jealous.

    I got to see NIN way later at the Hollywood Bowl when he was sobered up and into weightlefitng.

    The show sucked.

    I would have loved to have watched "Heroin Trent". His vids are the best around. Dude was crazy. He even said he had to stop doing tours because he feared he would just really go insane.

    Rollins Band and Ice T were intense too.

    I think I went to a Lallapalooza, some Wenie Roasts and of course Coachella's around here.

    Coachellas are crazy expensive now. It used to be about $100 bucks for two days plus $50 to camp, but it's closer to $400 now.

    They were fun though. You could always tell the rooks because they were taking tequila shots in 90 degree sun at 9am.

    Usually, I would just walk over their passed out bodies.

    Gotta treat those music festivals like Beer Marathons. Pace is the trick.

  • I don't do festivals anymore. Too many damn people. I would consider going to Wanee in Florida or Jazz Fest in NOLA, but they are both during my busy season for work. I rarely listen to NIN now, but that tour put them on the map. It was crazy good.

  • shady?

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    dude, what's up with all the Cubs shit today. Enjoy:

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Hot, but now imagine her with the prosthetic Cubs eyes.


  • In reply to MB30SD:

    i love Diane Lane. She will be gorgeous forever....and when she's not we can all watch Unfaithful.

  • So you're telling me there's a chance!

  • MB,

    On the last thread. I would say that Janes was responsible for turning people away from the glam party rock of the eighties. Rage is also in that mix. Grunge is also in that mix. But I would never classify Janes addiction as grunge. No way, no how. Not bitter or angry enough. Janes actually makes me feel good. The early grunge of the nineties made you aware and pissed off.

    As for Stone Temple Pilots, to me, they were never anything but grunge coat tail riders. Couldn't stand them.

    Grunge was: Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Mother Love Bone, Mudhoney, Green River, and of course, Nirvana. Nothing against Janes. I love Janes more than all of those bands save Pearl Jam. But to me, they weren't grunge. They were their own unique category, never to be duplicated. Like Rage Against the Machine who still makes my nads swell up to the size of Murph's every time I listen to them.



    never saw rage live, but the only band I did see live that could get me as pumped up as Rage gets me, is Pantera. We saw a skid row concert in the early nineties and this unknown band named Pantera opened up for them. After the show, none of us gave a fuck about skid row anymore.


  • Doc, I 100% agree with you. I probably misstated my point. My point is that Jane’s is/was one of those bands that changed the entire direction of music at that time (like the Beasties did to hip hop). My thesis is that they basically SPAWNED the entire grunge genre because of their new sound that was unlike anyone elses’ and that the young bands that were exposed to them were forever changed for it... Jane's and Perry himself (by creating lalapalooza) basically redirected the entire path of music at the time, and thus created entirely new spin off genres like grunge. I watched the documentary on Dave Grohl and I know he mentioned that early Jane’s was a huge influence. I’m sure they were to most ‘rock’ bands at the time… how could they not be, they were one of those rare apocalyptic bands.

    It's kinda hard for me to articulate the basic premise of my thesis, but maybe you get what I'm trying to say.

    Also, totally forgot Alice, good call my man.... I knew I was missing one. 100% alice belonged right beside nirvana, soundgarden, pumpkins, etc... and agree that STP were coattail riders (hence my 'late arrival' comment), but I still loved Core. great fucking album to rock out to. They were also pretty good live.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Don't get me started on the Beastie Boys.

    I fucking HATE the Beastie Boys, and would argue that they didn't do anything for hip hop that hadn't been done prior (Licensed to Ill) or would never be done again, thank God (Hello Nasty).

    They had the "we're white!" gimmick and that's about it.

    Rick Rubin is the man, but those beats should have been given to ANYONE else.

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    well, so much for hanging out at some point. Blasphemy!

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Hey, to each a zone, right?

    As a huge hip hop fan - who focuses entirely too much on rhyming intricacy - the whole mono-syllabic, scream the last word, approach of the Beastie Boys is like nails on a chalkboard to me.

    I like Sure Shot, I like No Sleep Til Brooklyn, I like Paul Revere, but for the beats only.

    My Beastie Boys rap take 1 -

    MB says that we can't HANG
    Because I think Ad Rock sucks WANG
    Astronauts like to drink TANG
    And I'd rather listen to k.d. LANG
    Oh DANG
    I think my phone just RANG
    It's Michael CHANG
    And he's formed a GANG
    Vampire FANG
    The song is SANG
    MB used to call me MAING


  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    Hahahahaha. Excellent!

    Ok, we're back together.

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    The Beastie Boys are universally respected in hip hop. They're the only white hip hop band that stood the test of time. Fat beats, creative, often funny rhymes that covered every topic from chicks, to drugs, to politics. Mix Master Mike is revered as a d.j., from white and black hip hop artists alike. I'm with MB on this one. Blasphemy.

    Anyone hear Pollywog Stew?

    It's the Beastie Boys before they went hip hop. Punk, bitches.

  • In Sounds from the Way Out is one of the better instrumental hip hop records that I've ever heard, while I admit to not being all that knowledgeable about hip hop. Was never my thing.

    My all time faves start and stop with Public Enemy.

  • Love that album and some of the later experimental instrumentals in SFWO and "The Mix Up"

    Loved PWS.

    Favorite beasties album.... Paul's Boutique. As much for the music as for the memories it invokes.

    Hey Laaaaadies:

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Yeah, that song.. the beat is awesome.

    The raps RUIN It.

    The voice. The style. Yuck.

  • People incorrectly respect all sorts of pioneers. Just because you were the first white rappers doesn't mean I have to like your rapping abilities. As a hip hop snob, they're the wine sommelier's equivalent to Franzia. As rappers, they're terrible. As music, hey... Remember - some people LIKE to be rick roll'd.

    Mix Master Mike is talented, but he's not part of the Beastie Boys. He's part of the Invisibl Skratch Piklz (are however you spell it) and joined them on Hello Nasty and the other crap since. Plus, Q-Bert puts him to shame. Either way, he's not who I'm focused on.

    Their beats used to be awesome, but that was Rick Rubin. When he left, they got even worse. That Hello Nasty album is garbage from top to bottom. Hey, man... I tried to get into it.

    Maybe those instrumental albums are good... I'll certainly give it a shot. Hopefully they excel at something hip hop related, because it sure ain't rhyming.

    In summation - they should have stuck to Punk Rock. And furthermore, usually it's people who like rock music more than rap music who enjoy Beastie Boys. In fact, when I think of the kids in my high school who liked Beastie Boys (post Ill Communication) it was kids who didn't like any other hip hop. When I think of the kids who liked hip hop, we certainly never thought about Beastie Boys.

    I appreciate your opinions and I will listen to the instrumental album. But I don't think anyone's changing anyone else's mind on this one.

  • "...The early grunge of the nineties made you aware and pissed off..."
    -- Doc Nitty

    Jar of Flies made me want to kill myself. Great album, but just the sound of it depressed me.

  • I'm watching "The Brady 6" about the quarterbacks that were selected before Tom Brady in that draft.

    What a story. It's seems crazy but it happened

    The balliest move? Walking up to Robert fucking Kraft at training camp as a 6th rd pick having not even made the team yet and telling Kraft that he was going to be the best decision the team ever made.

  • I also decided on a delicious Vodka Tonic since the wife is out with friends.

    There was no Tonic water to be found in the house but oh, what's this? The kid's Capri Sun "Pacific Cooler"???? Bang Bang.

  • Start that diet next week...

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    Tobi's Hypodermic Orange diet.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    You'll be fitting into that firehose before you know it.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    Twenty-five years later and it still fits with room to spare. How many of you can say that?

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    You're the only one, trust me.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    we are talking about rubbers here, right?

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    Actually, no MB, we're talking about fire hose bags. Like the one I ended up wearing many years ago when I locked myself out of my apartment naked on the 51st floor of a downtown Chicago high-rise ....

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    Here's a visual, MB:

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    Actually it was white canvas with FIRE HOSE in red block letters. But you get the idea...

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    I was kidding guys.

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    although I didn't know what the fuck you were talking about... I did know it wasn't rubbers.

    Thanks for totally fucking up my (bad) joke you two.

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    Chalk it up as just another incident from my Remy-Martin period...

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    Vodka period involved spiked oranges and underpants hats, iirc.

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    Spiked oranges was high school. I'm pretty sure the underpants hat was after a night of Sneaky Petes (Schlitz Malt Liquor mixed with Boones Farm) which was a year or two after...

  • perfect!

  • If you don't mind, who were the QBs picked before Brady?

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    Never mind, a little Internet research and here they are if anyone is interested:

    Chad Pennington 1/18
    Giovanni Carmazzi 3/65
    Chris Redman 3/75
    Tee Martin 5/163
    Marc Bulger 6/168
    Spergon Wynn 6/183

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    Beat me to it.

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    #18 Chad Pennington (NYJ - poor guys can't catch a break)
    #65 Giovanni Carmazzi (49rs)
    #75 Chris Redman (Baltimore)
    #163 Tee Martin (Steelers)
    #168 Marc Bulger (Saints)
    #183 Spergon Wynn (Browns)

    Pennington actually isn't a bad choice at 18 by today's standards, and outside of Brady he probably is best guy in the draft. But man, hard to make that mistake.

    Brady went at 199.

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    Pennington was definitely snake-bitten. For a while Bulger did pretty well too. Wasn't there some talk a few years back about getting him for our backup QB?

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    I wanted bulger 3 years ago (I think). He knew the system and while he was pretty mcuh old and done, he was a decent QB

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    Interesting. That draft also featured Sebastian Janikowski picked #17 overall by the Raiders. Bad pick?

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    I did a cursory scan and it looks like close to a dozen are still playing. Did you notice who was picked right before Brady? Dan Bowen

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    Er, Matt Bowen, I mean...

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    He jokes about it on the radio sometimes. One draft pick away from the hall of fame...

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    Worse than bad. Symtomatic of why the Raiders franchise became a laughing stock.

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    A hindsight draft by the Bears in 2000 could have probably looked like this:

    1/9 Brian Urlacher (MLB)
    2/39 Mike Brown (SS)
    3/78 Laveranues Coles (WR)
    3/87 John St. Clair (OT)
    4/125 Dante Hall (WR)
    6/170 Adalius Thomas (LB)
    6/174 Tom Brady (QB)
    7/223 Shayne Graham (K)
    Graham, along with Shaun O'Hara (C) Brian Waters (G) and Adewale Ogunleye (DE) all were undrafted and eventually made the probowl.

    Interesting to note that our first two picks were both solid.

  • I have to admit although I would be so fired up if we move up to get a real OT and the dude actually turns out to be, you know... good.

    Want to know my shameful secret desire? I would smile a wide grin (amongst the Bear nation outrage) if we too an 11 yr franchise FS with the early #2 we traded up for. Bang! Bang!

    I know, I also want OL, OL, N/A, OL, OL... but we still need a real FS (if anyone says Hardin, I will fly out and beat you).

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    jesus, that made no sense... you get the idea.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    OK, what are you swirling around in that glass?

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    unfortunately nothing my man. Tomorrow... hell yes.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Yeah but. . . . . . .

  • I went to Metro in '91 and saw Pumpkins just as Gish came out. Good show.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    awesome. Loved that album... prolly was my fav. of theirs:

    1. "I Am One"
    2. "Siva"
    3. "Rhinoceros"
    4. "Bury Me"
    5. "Crush"
    6. "Suffer"
    7. "Snail"
    8. "Tristessa"
    9. "Window Paine"
    10. "Daydream"
    "I'm Going Crazy" (hidden track)

    Good eye GP

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    ooohhhhh, look what I found:

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    And I do have to say that Siamese Dream did give gish a run for its money. Maybe they're even equal.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Pisces Iscariot is my favorite pumpkins record. My buddy had all of the B sides and acoustic and live stuff that was hard to find.


  • In reply to MB30SD:


    Iscariot is my to Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness. The most ass kicking double album ever. It's like saying Jordan is your favorite Bull. We all know he is, who is your next favorite.

    Mellon Collie is my Jordan and Iscariot is my Pippen.

  • see, i'm all about old pumpkins. The first two albums were fucking raw and harsh and beautiful... everything after that was too radio polished for me. I like the old stuff before they become mega radio stars.

    I'm such a hipster.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Totally agree. I think the Pumpkins ended up splitting, and Billy Corgan experimented with a bunch of instrumental wierd shit.

    Or maybe I'm thinking of Trent Reznor from NIN.

    Also, isn't Billy Corgan a huge Bears fan?

    Rumor had it that he and Cobain's gal Courtney Love had an affair (Trent supposedley was with her too).

    In L.A. they have "90s at noon" on KROQ, which makes me feel ancient.

    Also, almost all contemporary music on the radio SUCKS compared to the 90s.

    Now, if you don't mind, GET OFF MY LAWN, sonny!

  • FYI, if you try pirating any Pumpkins, you're in for a rude awakening. They're Metallica vigilant about that shit and you won't find much.

    I think this is one of my fav vids from them (Yes, I own them).

  • I HATE metalica for this reason. Fucking meathead douchebags. They just don't fucking get it. Morons.

  • Every music fan says that once they get out of their young, passionate period. They don't change but the music does. That's the nice part about being a fan of Blues. It hasn't changed all that much since the 40's-50's.

  • You ever hear of R.L. Burnside, Canada? I'm sure you have. But how bout the album he did with a D.J. in Portland, Oregon, called Burnside on Burnside? Now that, is a new take on Blues, and it's awesome. He passed in 2008 or so. That album must've been released in around 2000 or so. Can't find a link but damn, mixing blues with some scratchin? It's a nice twist.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Really? My friend saw them too, but he said they sucked live, so I never bothered to go see them live.

    Knowing him, he was too drunk to be any sort of critic anyway.

  • No, that was wrong. I was up in the balcony to the side. Billy had curly hair then, it was odd.

    They were raw but very close to Gish's sound. Iha was often late in, but they were ALWAYS on key and Chaimberlain kept the beat down.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    The Metro is a great venue. Only been there once, but the sound was incredible. I agree with you about the Pumpkins live in the Gish and Siamese Dream days. I seen Pumpkins at a small Milwaukee bar just before Siamese dream. No more than about 200-300 people at the Cavern. The sound was raw but they totally kicked ass. Seen them on their second show of the Siamese Dream tour a few months later at a bar in Madison. The sound was fantastic at that show. At the Milwaukee show they said they had a new song coming out for a movie soundtrack and wanted to know what the crowd thought. They played Drown, and we were all blown away. Some of the best organized distortion I ever heard.

  • Hahahahaha, this is SO shady:

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    It's funny 'cause it's true, I really am allregic to penicillin. OY!

  • In reply to Shady:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I am fucking dying right now. So awesome.

  • hey $, I just heard about this kid Izzy from BYU the ghanan track star who got poached by the football coach... started playing football 3 years ago (3!!!).

    Supposedly this kid is is a JPP clone. 6'5 or something, 275 LBs and was running the 200 at arounf the 20 second mark or something cray cray.

    What the WHAAATTT?!?!?!

    Ahhhh, found something on him:

    4.6 40 (low)

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Yeah, that's the guy I think is gonna tear it up at the combine. Some don't trust the "one year wonder", but guy is a monster. I think he originally got recruited from Africa to run track, and some football coach saw this 6'6 270 guy blazing down the field and said, "Someone, quick, get me a helmet and some pads!"

    If Lovie and Marinelli were still on board and Ansah fell to us, they'd draft him faster than Briggs in his Lambo.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    That's fucked. Do you know what it would look like to see a dude that big run a 20second 200? Imagine Usain Bolt finishing a 200 and right behind him, I mean right fucking behind him, is a guy an inch taller and 70 lbs heavier. That's scary shit.

  • He is so SO SOOO fucked...

    Pretoria Central Prison, perhaps the most likely destination for Pistorius if he doesn't get bail, "doesn't have a very good reputation,"

    "If Pistorius is denied bail, he must be moved to a proper prison facility with others accused of similar crimes," the statement said. "A strong message must be sent out that wealth and celebrity cannot give you an advantage over the law."

    i.e., homie ain't getting the paris hilton treatment. Uh oh:

  • While on Smashing Pumkins, a lot of ppl forget about this bad ass song that came out in the Watchmen Movie.

    BTW, Watchmen, best graphic novel/comic of all time. I liked that shit better than a lot of novels.

  • that was a great song and one hell of an entertaining movie.

  • EVen though you knew Moore was gonna piss on the film, that film REALLY reached to get the books right - minus the squid because that would have been stupid, but outside of that, the end even.

  • Waffle, I used to have almost all the imports, 45's, and B-sides that eventually became Pisces Iscariot. When it first came out, me and a few friends who had worked so hard to acquire all those rare songs were a little let down. In hindsight, I'm glad they released all those good songs to a mass audience. I loved the Pumpkins through The Aeroplane Flies High, but since then I haven't cared for the music.

  • ok song... wow, talk about a freaky video. Holy shnickies batman.

    Was he going for the Nosferatu look? Yikes!

  • I could really care less what Shea does as long as he is a playmaker and improves a LOT. The Bears young talent blows, and drafting Shea for a 4-3 end was stupid, but Trestman needs to figure out what he does best. Please God allow Emery to do a hell of a lot better for his 2nd draft.

  • In reply to JR Cubbies:

    Jeffery looks like a good pick. Pretty underwhelmed by the rest. Not writing off Chicken Dinner, E-Rod or Hardin just yet but if any of them turn into stars I'll be very surprised.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:


    (crying up to the sky with both arms raised)

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I have to see way more of him to give up so soon. I'm not exactly thrilled with the pick but it's way too early to pass judgment. GP did the same thing with Paea and I'm happy with that pick. We'll know more in the very near future. Unless, of course, he turns into the new Unga and hangs around forever without actually getting on the field.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    what the hell is unaga's issue though? It's not injury right? that whole situation is inane. Just cut the dude.

    As for hardin, I agree he looks like a physical specimen, but he couldn't stay on the field in college for more than 1 out of 4 years and he never played safety in his life... why on earth did we pick a guy with that history in the 3rd. Oh, lovie was our HC, never mind. (giving emery a pass simply because I’m really hoping he had nothing to do with any of the D picks last year… I was VERY happy with Ashlon and e-rod might actually work out for a 4th)

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I don't see Emery as anyone's lackey. I know you hate Lovie but Emery has to accept the blame for those picks. Lovie could strongly suggest but in the end it was Emery's butt on the line. Hell he sent Lovie packing after a 10-6 season. Emery is his own man.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    I called Paea the new Chris Zorich.

    Zorich had one good season. Let's see who's right in 2 more years.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    I'm good with that!

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Jeffery is the only ok pick from last yrs draft. It was a terrible first draft for Emery. And I really want to kick Phil Emery in the nuts for doing it. Shea was a stretch to say the least. And I don't care if there was talk of the Packers taking Chicken Dinner, the Bears should have picked the best dude. The Bears along with the Jets have the worst young talent in the NFL.

  • In reply to JR Cubbies:

    Way too early to say that. Give them a couple more years. I can't say you're wrong because I'm not convinced any of them other than Jeffery will turn into anything. However, they might.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:


    Emery's draft had to be the weirdest one in a while.

    Everyone knew the Bears were going DE in the 1st, but McClellin took nearly everyone by surprise esp with Chandler Jones and Mercilus (not to mention Reiff) still on board

    Then, in the 2nd, they move up and take Alshon which is great, but again, a bit shocking because I don't think Angelo ever moved up for a skill position player - ever.

    The 3rd I was certain we'd get an Olinemen or TE, but instead draft a CB converted to S. What?

    Then, in the 4rth, again, Olinemen TE, and instead we essentially draft a FB even though we had Clutts.

    We had no 5th due to our Alshon trade, then we get back to back CBs in the 6th and 7th even though me and Irish are screaming at the TV to a flyer on Burfict, or at least a scrub OT.

    Jesus. What an underwhelming draft.


    We'll see in two years if that gets any better.

  • Yeah last years draft sucked. Maybe a couple of guys other than Jeffery will give a nice contribution, but I am not expecting much from any of the others. To me the most frustrating part of that draft was that i was so pumped to have Angelo out and someone who was "suppose" to know what they were doing.... And we got the turds that Mr. Synergy picked. Emery has to hit it out of the park with this years draft, or the Bears are going to suck for years.

  • In reply to JR Cubbies:

    eeeeeeaaaaasy noob. Remember that lovie still ran the show last year (9 year vet) and emery was the new kid on the block.

    This year it's all emery's... if he goes rogue this year again and picks the same kind of red herrings/Non sequiturs, then you can go ballistic... god knows I will be.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Ha.... Sorry MB, it just gets me pissed to think about last years draft. If he can some how pull it together this year all will be forgotten.

  • so your real name is Chris?

  • The mere fact that the question of where Shea should play proves that Phil Emery screwed the pooch on his very first pick. When the Bears glaring weakness of offensive line was not addressed, and a defensive lineman was drafted who contributed almost nothing, and then injuries on the thin offensive line cost the Bears their postseason, I say you better draft better this year or you're gone next year.

  • In reply to bearcub1313:

    I'll take out the newbie hyperbole and agree. I didn't like this pick then, and I still don't fucking get it. Just. don't. get. it.

    I'm hoping that it was an old sauce/lovie ask and that emery felt like he had to give in on this one (as the FNG in the building). I would much rather have had chandler jones is we were hell bent on a de

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    We will never know what Emery's plans were. I still think Shea was/is a hopeful answer to read-option QBs.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    turrible. Lovie project 101. Just. Don't. Get. It.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Emery dodged a bullet with Dinner because Woot-Woot went from somebody who I was pretty sure was gonna be sent packing at Bourboun-Aisse to somebody who was taking snaps away from Peppers.

    Had that not happened, Dinner's inconsistency, his fragility with concussions - would have been a bigger story.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Totally agree!


    One of you guys needs to have Nick Offerman as your avatar. That commercial is so mo-nay.

    BTW, did you guys see this?

    I tried it last night for fun and went 2 fo 2. hee hee.

  • 4ever85 (AKA Butch Deadlift) is on the money on the cap situation but there's one problem with restructuring and extending contracts.

    You just kick the ball further down the road but eventually you will have to go pick it up.

    Eventually, the Bears will have to start cutting people or let good players walk. Example- New Orleans Saints.

  • I'm 6'3", 235 and I turn 44 years old on Sunday. I should not be able to walk up to the Bears #1 draft choice at camp and say to myself "I may be bigger and stronger than this guy." I'm a middle age fool - that should NOT happen.

    Dinner is 230-240 tops. TOPS. Around other Bears up close, it looks like somebody let the waterboy get pads on. So, I can completely see where Trestman sees this guy up close and thinks "LB" immediately. He has the foot speed.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Damn GP, you're a monster.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    happy bday btw.

  • In reply to MB30SD:


  • In reply to MB30SD:

    A cookie monster

  • In reply to gpldan:

    The first time I saw him next to #54 I was shocked. He's easily 20-30 lbs lighter than Lach. If he comes into camp at the same size, he's definitely going to be a situational pass rusher/LB hybrid. That might turn out well. Who knows? Definitely not a starting DE at that size.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    6'3 235 - dang, you're as big as ILB Oggletree.

    I think we found our new MLB.

    Rudy! Rudy!

  • BTW GP, Happy B-day. Hope you get your Cookies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    A little strawberry shortcake would be nice.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    dude, go grasshoppers or mint milanos at least. Yes, I love mint.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    I hope that isn't pedo talk!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Come on now, I'm a Wolverine not a Nittany Lion.

  • Any of you guys fans of older music? Otis Redding, Ray Charles, B.B. King? Every now and then I'll get a craving for some old school quality and binge on these guys for a couple of weeks.

  • In reply to Johnnywad:

  • In reply to Johnnywad:

    I like listening to the blues, jazz and even some Patsy Cline from time to time, but I have to be in a certain mood.

  • In reply to Johnnywad:

    You're talking about a large part of my music collection.

  • In reply to Johnnywad:

    My favorite modern artist, Warren Haynes, plays a lot of old blues and soul songs. Here's him kicking ass doing an old Otis Redding song.

    And another great Otis song by Warren and Ron Holloway on sax.

  • In reply to The Fifth:

    Not Otis or nuthin, but if you can, check out Robben Ford's track "Bad Luck Blues" from the North Sea Jazz Fest.

  • Piggy-backing on what others have said about franchising Melton.

    I think it would severely handicap our 2013 cap if we do so. This year the cap only rose like $1M, hence why everyone is slashing.

    Letting him walk, as crazy as that sounds, might actually be the best move financially, not just for this year, but next year. We'd have an extra $8M and we'd almost certainly get rewarded a 3rd round compensatory pick when some other team signs him.

    Keep in mind that next year, Jennings, Peanut and Cutler will all be looking for a new contract. PB CBs and QBs cost a lot.

    If we do let Melton walk, that would mean Paea would have to step up, along with maybe Izzy moving back in more.

    Draftwise, we'd be in supreme position to draft a very good DT since it's a very deep DT class.

    However, if we do decide to let Melton go because of money, I'd franchise him and trade him to the highest bidder. We'd almost certainly get a high 2nd, possibly even a low 1st for him (Dallas, anyone?). 3-tech DT in their prime don't hit the market everyday.

  • Yeah I agree with letting Melton go if we get a decent compensation pick, or another team trades for him. The Bears need to get as many draft picks as possible. Cheap, high upside, and young dudes is exactly what the bears need.

  • In reply to JR Cubbies:

    Other than the cheap part, you're describing Melton. You don't get better letting your good, young players walk. Everyone is always hoping for the next big thing when usually they are just another guy.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:


  • THere is a SHITLOAD of action going on this season. I don't know if this is because this is year 2 after the full bargaining agreement with the Union, or what - but alot of teams save the Ravens, Niners and a few others - are in major rebuild and restructure mode.

    Eagles just asked Ashomugha to restructure. If he holds out, he could be traded.

    I'd like to see Emery get real aggressive with Trestman and seriously change the character of this team. I hate the way the Jags play 4-3 but our constant Cover-2 system could go this year. What about a blockbuster, Melton for Asomugha?

    I don't think Melton has the upside like others do. I'd easily take a guy playing like Champ Bailey in his 20s for him.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    agree about changing the character of the team a LITTLE. I love the way we play D so I think most of the change needs to come on the O side.

    Not sure what we'll get with Specials, but I said this the season before this last one... Toub was done. He was ready to move on and wasn't his old self any more. Still great, just not super coach. It was time.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    I thought it was just me, but yeah, the league seems to have TONS of turmoil right now. It seems like one of those years where every player has underperfomed their contracts, and the cap is killing teams. Not a good year to be an FA. We're pretty tight, but not compared to some other teams.

    "The Jets are currently $5.7 million under the salary cap with only ten starters under contract for 2013.
    They have fired GM Mike Tannenbaum to thank. Despite the past week's releases, the Jets are mired in one of the league's worst salary cap situations while sitting on arguably the NFL's most talent-deficient roster. More cap cuts and restructures are likely forthcoming, but Mark Sanchez isn't going anywhere. "

    If you look at the Ravens, they're $10M above the cap, but when you factor in that Flacco will cost $20M per year, they're really at -$10M, and that's without FAs like Reed and Kruger.

    To make things more interesting, teams with a boatload of cap like the Bengals have already stated they're not gonna go bananas because they're looking at re-signing their own guys this season and next.

    It's gonna be very interesting. We just might be able to get a cheap Olinemen because it's a buyers market.

    I'd say not to Asomugha though - he was utter dog shit in Philly, and his strength is man not press or zone. Besides, our Cover-2 doesn't really require a stud CB. A great pass rush improves our secondary more than other systems. No coincidence that even though we had almost the same exact guys, our sack totals increased from 2011 and we sent two CBs to the PB.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but Assheadwa had a terrible last 2 years, hasn't he? Arrow's going the wrong way I think. Melton seemingly has taken a step forward each of the past few years. Peppers-Melty combiniation is going to dominate next year.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Fuck no.

  • GP..Happy B'day Brah...for you...."Winter Girls Song"

  • In reply to lobotobear:

    or maybe your'e a trekker:

  • In reply to lobotobear:

    Slide 21/32

    Mmmmm.... ham sammich

  • In reply to gpldan:


    A....Sammich you can sink your teeth into!!! hahahahaha

  • In reply to lobotobear:

    .....................or like your fingers after.

  • In reply to lobotobear:

    it's lick not like.......................moth!@@!@FU#!##@R fingers.....ugh

  • In reply to gpldan:

    oh MY!

    1, 2, 4, 5, 9, 23

    Well, ok, really 1-32, but...

  • In reply to MB30SD:


  • In reply to lobotobear: sup my dawg? Hows the paints going? How's the clan? Sup maings?

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    all the kids?

  • Regarding the draft, I've been watching a lot of NFL Network this past day since I'm under the weather, and I'm AMAZED at how much influence coaches have in the draft.

    A lot of times, it's the coaches who pretty much draft certain players, and not just HCs either, but OCs and DCs and even position coaches are responsible for draft picks.

    Example. It was actually the Pat's QB coach, not the "Genius" Billichick, who really wanted Brady.

    I think this year we're going to see a totally different draft because not only do we have a totally new coaching staff with unique backgrounds, but Emery also now had a year to implement his scouting program.


  • bingo!

  • +1

  • Good point.

    We picked up Alabama's wide receiver coach off Saban's squad.

    All I know: he couldn't be worse than Darryl Drake.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    my left ball sack couldn't be.... etc... etc...

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Yeah, can't be anything but an upgrade of Drake.

  • "Every music fan says that once they get out of their young, passionate period. They don't change but the music does. That's the nice part about being a fan of Blues. It hasn't changed all that much since the 40's-50's."

    I somewhat agree Canada. As Chris Rock says, "whatever music you were listening to when you first got laid, that's what you're gonna like whey you're in your rocking chair".

    HOWEVER...I prefer music from the 80s, and late 60s, well before my time, over a lot of the music on the radio now. (not to mention Mozart, Beethoven, Satie, Vivaldi, etc).

    I can listen to a classic rock station almost all day, while on the regular "hip" station, I'll listen to maybe one or two songs, then pop in a cd.

    In other words, contemporary music SUCKS!

    Who is the new Nirvana? Alice in Chains? Pearl Jam? Smashing Pumpkins? Tool? Primus? Morrissey? Depeche Mode?

    Hell, even rap I think peaked with Tupac and Biggie Smalls and Wu-tang Clan 16 chambers , but I stopped listening to rap on a regular basis sometime after DoggyStyle (Great album).

    I really have to dig deep and find contemporary bands I like.

    The Muse might be the only one that comes to mind, and even they sound like a more 70srock version of RadioHead.

    Oh, yeah, RADIOHEAD!

  • dude... K$sha. Common maings. Soooooo aaaaweeeesooooome! OMG!

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I had to google her. You owe me 30 seconds.

    I'd bang her. As long as I didn't have to listen to her.

    She's what I would call "Vegas music" - because at nearly every club in Vegas they play that type of shit.

    Unfortunately, hot chicks love it, so you just kinda have to pretend to sorta move on the dance floor, trying not to look to gay, for a few songs until you take the gal to the side, liquor her up, and bang her at her hotel before her friends burst into the room and find you ass naked pile driving her (or maybe that's just me).

  • I had a girlfriend for a few months that use to play this song whenever we hit the sheets. The shit you'll put up with to get trimmed!!!!!!!!!

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    I literally laughed out loud.

    WTH!? How can anyone get in any sort of groove with that playing! It would be like trying to bang someone with the Benny Hill song going.

    She must have been pretty hot for you to go through that!

  • She was a level or two above my station in life. Glad it made you laugh.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    God, I hated that song although she really nails it on "Lay Down":

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    Agree on both. Melanie had some talent but Brand New Key was beyond dreadful.

  • I hope that was a rhetorical question because I can't ID almost any bands by their songs. I might know the band's name but that's about it. Gotta give Chris Rock credit for such a great description.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:


    Trust me, they're good, or at least a lot better than "My Chemical Romance" and all that whiney emo crap. I still like the Doors and Pink Floyd more than nearly every contemporary band too. Good music is good music. I may not like "The chicken dance" but I gotta admit, it is catchy!

    Usually, I go with Kant's saying in matters of preferences, "Truth is disputable. Taste is not."


    (read the top comment)

  • Awesome!

  • Wow... I couldn't finish it.

  • I'm living in a time warp. I know very little about contemporary music after the early nineties. I could throw some names around from the late 60s to late 70s that were huge in their time but I'll bet only Canada, Albert and perhaps Murph would have actually heard of any of them....

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    I envision you lounging in your full length coyote fur coat, sipping that Malt Liquor concoction from a chalice, grooving to some CCR...

  • No sipping from a chalice baby, chug-a-lug that pitcher. And no CCR (although Fortunate Son ain't bad), more like the Stones and Humble Pie:

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    Ahhh CCR!

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    I probably heard them tobiJ, I liked all the 50's 60's 70's stuff.

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:

    Me too (possibly). Most of my favorite musicians are old or dead. Aside from Radiohead, there aren't many current bands that I listen to regularly (Stones etc. don't count).

    I kind of like Band of Skulls. They're pretty new (1st album 2009). This is from their second album (they have an EP also):

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    Not bad, not bad. I can't remember the last time I saw someone playing a Gretsch. Fantastic tone...

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    I hear you about contemporary musical knowledge Tobi. Loud and clear. My CD library has little after the 1980s and nothing from this Century.

    Hell, I still play (mixed) CDs and do not yet even own and iPod or anything of it's ilk.
    What a "fogy". Always DID warm to new technology cautiously. Proud to say I skipped 8-Tracks completely.

    Here's my idea of 75 minutes or so of good music;
    4. AFRICA – TOTO
    14. ROCK & ROLL IS KING – E.L.O.

  • As long as we're posting vids. Magic Slim passed away in the last 2 days. He was always fun live. All rough edges and never watered down. Nothing groundbreaking but that's the Blues.

  • MB - Imagine the box you could pull with this thing! Totally worth the $.

  • In reply to Shady:

    seens it. when I have my millions i'll spend some of it on pointless garbage like this. Oh, and I don't need a jetpack to pull wool my man.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    OoOoO Mr. too cool for school. Fine. No jetpack flyboard for you!

  • In reply to Shady:

    i want that personal little jetski/plane thing I posted a couple years ago. Giving the general public the abilty to kill themselves and others in the name of cheap thrills!

    Ahhhhh, America! ALALALAlalalalalala!

  • Doc I've never heard that album. We had R.L. and his family at the Miss. Valley Blues Fest back in the 80's. They just about ate us out of food. His type of Blues is the very repetitive Miss Hill Country stuff. If you're hammered and into it you end up in a trance. Great stuff.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    When he died, I was hosting a weekly volunteer radio show at the campus radio station at 8 PM on saturday nights. I opened the show with a few of his tracks, dedicated the show to him, and for the rest of the show, played all my favorite dead artists. Jim Morrison, Janis, Jerry Garcia, Alice 'n Chains tracks, Blind Melon, Sublime, Nirvana, Motherlove Bone, Bob Marley, Pantera,.... I can't even remember them all now. I tried to find the most obscure songs from the artists I could, or live versions. I called it My Fallen Heroes Show. It made for a damn good show if I do say so myself. I'd play like three tracks from each artist. I took requests and had some good listener-offerings. Two different people actually called into the show just to tell me how much they enjoyed it.

    I liked doing those themed shows. Another time I did a Bob Dylan show. Each Bob Dylan song was followed by a cover of the very same song. I tried to get lesser known covers. Like a Reggae version of Knockin' on Heaven's Door instead of the typical Guns or Clapton. Or a White Stripes cover of One More Cup of Coffee. It was a fun show to do.

    On my wife's birthday I searched for weeks for every song I could find named Sarah. I must have found at least half a dozen, including a real cool one from Thin Lizzy that I had never heard before.

    I think about doing a show at my current college's radio station, if for no other reason but to air some of mine and buddy's own songs that we've recorded. I got obsessed with making a perfect show. I spent way to much time putting set lists together. That's probably why I stopped. I started running out of time and ideas.

    Bob Dylan never runs out of ideas. Have you ever heard his theme time radio show? Every show is based on a single concept or lyric. But the songs he digs up are so obscure and eclectic. His musical knowledge is off the charts. I think it's on Syrius radio or XM or something like that.

    Anyway...R.L. Burnside. Good shit.

  • RL Burnside!~@!

    The only modern day blues guy I've liked (or heard, maybe).. Found out about him through his work with one of my favorite hip hop artists - Lyrics Born.

    Both tracks are off "A Bothered Mind"... Probably the "he sold out" type shit to you purists who know him from stuff other than what he did with rappers. Either way, I likes 'em. Check one, check two.

    Someday Baby
    Goin' Down South

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    Good music is good music and that shit right there, is damn good music. Purist or no.

    Maybe that's the album I'm thinking of. Burnside on Burnside might just be a live album he did.

  • Good songs. I still prefer Dylan's bootleg version of Someday Baby:

    Hope that works. Used to be on youtube but g00gle is cleaning house bigtime these days. Maybe it's still there somewhere. Youtube's search function is a complete joke.

  • Sounds like a great radio show, Doc. I'd listen to it. If you ever start it back up (and your college radio station is available on the internet) post the link.

  • Hey 4ever85, you said earlier that Bosch and Avril needed replaced. Is that accurate? I was under the impression that their line was good to go for the next few years....

  • In reply to EnderWiggin:

    Bosch is old, like 35. He's an FA and I doubt they bring him back.
    Avril will cost them too much. Lions in cap hell. I seriously doubt they keep him.

    They have a good interior with Suh and Fairley, but no DEs really, which exposes their secondary.

    Lions might go CB/S too, but typically pass rushers are valued a bit more unless some bad ass comes into the draft.

    Lions are in bad shape cap wise because they got all those #1s getting the tale end of their rookie contracts before the rook wage scale was implemented.

    And unlike in years past, their pics actually panned out, so they're not cutting them.

    They'll be looking to trade down, but almost every team in the top 10 will be.

  • Avril wants ridiculous money - good luck with that, Cliff.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Rappel yet?

  • hee hee

    Same old lions. Think that fucking dbag schwartz makes it outta this year.... I don't.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I can't believe he made it thru last year.

  • hee hee

    Same old lions. Think that fucking dbag schwartz makes it outta this year.... I don't.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I can't believe he made it thru last year

  • very funny. fucking gnome code.

  • Anyone ever play NBA2k12?

    You feel old when you sim a game from the "classics" that you were AT. Bulls-Charlotte 93. Gram-ma-ma LJ and Alonzo.

    Any game that you can play Stacy King is an interesting game.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    haha yes!

  • I bought my daughter a guitar for Christmas, and I was playing it on the couch strumming it showing her the basics, A C G and E major and I realized I was trying to strum the opening to Starla

    Since we were discussing Pisces Iscariot

  • In reply to gpldan:


  • Te'o said in his presser that he met up with two teams already:

    Texans and Packers.

    You know what that means...Emery will draft Te'o because he doesn't want the Packers tot get him.

  • Combine Watch

    OT Terron Armstead (6'5 306) ran an unoffical 4.65 40.

    Holy bat crap. That is fast for a big boy. Mayock also said he impressed on tape and in the East-West Shrine game.

    Might be worth looking at if we skip Oline in the first.

  • For comparison, Joeckel ran about 5.30.

    Lane Johnson ran a 4.72
    OG Warmack ran a 5.49
    OG Cooper 5.07 (seems more of a zone blocker)
    OG Warford 5.58 (Possible 2nd)

    Eifert 4.68
    Ertz 4.76
    McDonald 4.69 (a TE we might be able to get later)

  • dude, that's INSANE!!!!

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    It's a crazy fast Oline class. Unbelievably fast. Can't get over it.

    Armstead at 300 is FASTER than Eifert, Ertz or McDonald, the 3 fastest TEs. Wow.

    I think the "Official" 40 for Armstead was 4.71, not sure how that works, but needless to say he's fast - AND he's strong. Armstead benched 225lb 31 times.

    Fluker who was supposed to be the big bad ass only benched it 21 times (and he ran a 5.31).

    I'm really not all that impressed with Fluker. He seemed extremely slow and weak with bad shuffling feet. I think small edge rushers like Matthews will run right past him.

    Lane Johnson looks really good. His 10 yd split was as fast as Eifert. If he falls to the 14ish area, we gotta trade up for him.

    OG Warford seems like a solid 2nd round guy.

    TE McDonald also impressed me. Ertz, not so much. TE Toilolo looks like a big bad blocking TE we can draft in the 5th or later to replace Spaeth if he becomes a cap causality.


  • "In the last 30 years, only five guards have been chosen in the top 10 — Mike Munchak (eighth, Oilers, 1982), Bruce Matthews (ninth, Oilers, 1983), John Rienstra (ninth, Steelers, 1986), Chris Naeole (10th, Saints, 1997) and Leonard Davis (second, Cardinals, 2001).

    Over that period, there were 16 times guards were bypassed completely in the first 20.

    Two guards have been chosen in the top 20 only twice in 30 years — in 2001 (Davis and Steve Hutchinson, 17th, Seahawks) and in 1982 (Munchak and Sean Farrell, 17th, Bucs).

    Since the draft began in 1936, the Bears settled on a guard in the first round just once — when they picked the ultimately undistinguished Roger Davis in 1960.

    But if Cooper or Warmack fell, how could the Bears ignore them?

    This is a team that needs to protect the quarterback better. Guards are part of pass protection. Sacks come up the middle, too.

    Of the 44 sacks the Bears allowed last year, 37 percent were given up by guards, according to STATS."

    - Pompei,0,7004145.column

  • IMO, Warmack seems like the more natural OG.

    He lost some weight to get to 316, and can easily get bigger and become a moving stone wall.

    Cooper to me looks like a more natural center.

    He weighed in at 311 but he really put on some pounds. I think he played at 290 during the season, so 311 would be close to his max. He's a lot more athletic and savvy with C experience and could replace Garza at center immediately, or start off at G while he learns to be in the NFL.

    However, the question I have is how much better is either Warmack or Cooper than Barrett Jones who not only played center and guard, but OT? Jones can be drafted a little later, possibly even the 2nd.



  • Was on the combine site just now. Some interesting results. Should be a fun draft.

    And now on to something non-football related.

    whoever did this list needs to be summarily executed. Pathetic.

    In general order of baddassness, from top to bottom… all the movies SHOULD be ranked by actor in this order:

    • Sean Connery (no shit, right!?)
    • Roger Moore
    • Daniel Craig
    • George Lazenby
    • Then the other two clowns who never should have been allowed to deface my most beloved movie ‘series’. I call this ‘The dark period’ (timothy Dalton, are you fucking serious?!?!?)

    Anyway, here’s my top 10:
    1. Dr. No
    2. The Spy Who Loved Me (I know, but this was the first bond I actually ever saw as a boy with my pop. It holds a special place in my heart. My bro and I even had the toy lotus that went underwater and shot the little red missiles out of the back)
    3. Goldfinger
    4. From Russia with Love
    5. Thunderball
    6. You Only Live Twice
    7. For Your Eyes Only
    8. View to a Kill
    9. Moonraker or Octopussy
    10. Three-way tie: Live and Let Die, Diamonds are Forever, or Man with the Golden Gun

    And yooooouuuuu?

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