Audibles From the Long Snapper: A Football Life, Trestman, CN

Audibles From the Long Snapper: A Football Life, Trestman, CN

Walter Payton: A Football Life

It is wonderful. Here it is.

Marc Trestman Introduces Coaching Staff

I sent a pair of Tweets in the lead-up to Trestman's formal introduction of his coaching staff to the media and fans Thursday. They were:

Marc Trestman introduces his coaching staff today. Couldn't have less interest. Wake me up when he introduces his offensive line at camp.


Lions stink. Vikings relied upon arguably the greatest rushing season ever. Trestman & coaches have one team to beat. If they do, playoffs.

I don't need to hear from Marc Trestman again until he's coaching the men he believes will be primarily involved in the 2013 campaign. Trestman will be given some wiggle room as the new Bears coach but this is not a rebuilding venture. This is a team built for success this coming season and there will be no time for learning on the job.

DaBearsBlog & ChicagoNow

This website's planner and delayed move away from ChicagoNow is being delayed a second time. I understand that for many of you this will be unwelcome news but my life at the moment - for entirely positive reasons - is not allowing me the time and energy required to launch the site independently. As we progress through the coming months there will be more updates but for now we'll be living here at CN. As always, direct all complaints to jeff@dabearsblog. I'll just keep writing the best material I can write.


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  • WP. Always FIRST in my book.

  • pshaw. dude couldn't even score a touchdown in the super bowl.

    but he was pretty unstoppable on that screen pass in tecmo bowl, so i see where you're coming from.

  • In reply to evantonio:

    Sarcasm or not, I'd now like to cancel my subscription to your newsletter.

  • I need to catch that video later today, before it disappears.

  • I hate that I'm too young to have seen Walter play.

  • In reply to DYLbear23:

    but you're old enough to have seen Jason Davis and Jason McKie doing the Ron Turner fullback dive.

    Count your blessings.

  • In reply to DYLbear23:

    Holy Crap! You are a young one! Enjoy the vid. Walter was awesome as long as he didn't sneak up on you. If he did, he'd pinch you so hard you'd scream. The article on the making of the SB Shuffle that I posted a couple of weeks ago was hilarious. Walter would get you right under the ass cheek where the hamstring connects and reduce you to tears. Makes me laugh just thinking about it. Funny as hell as long as you're not the target.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    I did enjoy it, thanks Canada. Imagine what his stats would be if he had a O-line like Emmitt. I really enjoyed Jeff Pearlman's book as well on Walter - as there wasn't the overblown reaction to it over here and I knew so little about Walter until a few years ago, it was great to get an insight as to what he was like. It really is sad that so many players claim he is their idol, but remain to be total douchebags.

  • In reply to DYLbear23:

    For all the shit I see from Bears fans about Emmitt Smith, give the man his due. He handled the ball 4,924 times. What the fuck do you want - good fucking god!

    Emmitt Smith played with some good lines, and some shitty ones. Just like Walter. And regardless of what any Bears fans might think of him, he is the *one man* that outrushed Walter Payton.

    And earned all his yards the same way Payton did.

  • I fucking HATE this website. HATE it.

    When are we moving Jeff? Jesus man. What a piece of shit.

    btw, I thought this was pretty funny:

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    oh, didn't read your last paragraph... damn it man. I have to reload this damn thing like 6-7 times before it gives me the comment box, even though I just logged in. Every time I post this happens.


  • Please say the move will be done before the draft!!! Take a few deep breaths MB, dont let this stress get ya! I hate this time of year, nothing of great importance concerning the Bears. You doing the draft party MB? Like if the stress of this site doesnt kill ya first.

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:

    Yes this time of year is quite dull. It's so borring I started reading the comments on ESPN and just about lost all hope for humanity.

  • Isn't that the truth? That's one of the reasons I always say the Bears have some of the dumbest fans on the planet. Their next original thought will be their first. Fortunately this site doesn't get many visits from those fans. Just the occasional troll.

  • +1

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:

    Ha! Murph... you have no idea my man. It's not the site, it's my divorce, my biz, everything is super stressful right now.

    It's ok, in my advanced age, I've come to learn that life is one big, long wavelength:

    (you're welcome Doc)

    Hey, at this point (if everything doesn't blow the fuck up), looks like I'll be in ChiTown weekend before April 15th. When's the draft party?

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Life is a sine curve indeed.

  • which button is that on my calculator?

  • sin curve... that's what I was looking for Doc.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Gawd, this blog is awesome. You're on a roll, MB. Seems there may be a draft party I have to attend.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    hell's yes Dave.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    This blog works a lot in Tangents

  • It's more like a slippery sine curve. The climb to the peaks are filled with slippery missteps and the slide to the valley's are quick and unforgiving. But I digress.

  • 100%.

    Life is a job maings, not a vacation I've found

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Chin up, brother.

  • thanks my man. doin my best to just power through.... waiting for the next peak, but this trough seems damn deep and damn long (wide?)

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Me thinks it's no coincidence that said trough falls right smack dab in the NFL offseason.

    A long wide trough indeed.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    MB I don't know if this will help or make it worse but here goes. When I got divorced it was stressful as hell until we reached a final settlement. After that, it was better. We were unable to sell the house. She would not move out until it was sold. I had to buy her out to get her out. She was still in the house for 3 months after our divorce. Once she was finally gone it was like the weight of the world was lifted off my shoulders. We didn't have kids so that made it much simpler. Just keep on keeping on and avoid pissing matches with the soon to be ex. Nothing good comes from that. Esp before the final settlement.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    thanks canada. appreciate it maings.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Run up that hill like Sweetness till your thighs burn and your eyes swell with tears, brother!

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I hear ya brah. I'm taking the bairns back to the auld sod to live the life of a single dad. The Asian adventure is over. Keep learning. Be better. That's all we can do bro. Life is suffering.

    And don't Bears fans know it ....

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    And then you have to pay for your sins. I liked the $.35 price tag on one of them though...

  • is it just me but is Britney Payton hot?

  • In reply to Fresno,Ca Bear Fan:

    Hey Fresno you got it.

  • In reply to Fresno,Ca Bear Fan:

    Great minds think alike. Or great libidos.

  • In reply to Fresno,Ca Bear Fan:

    It's not just you... that's a fine looking young woman

  • In reply to Fresno,Ca Bear Fan:

    It's kind of an understood but as yet unmentioned given on the blog methinks.

  • The immortal Walter Payton always the number one Bear. In my mind he will always be the greatest Beloved Bear. Go Bears.

  • In reply to Oscar:

    Greatest Football Player....of all Tiiiiiiiiiime!

  • Greatest defensive player of all time. Dick Butkus.
    Greatest offensive player of all time. Walter.
    Greatest pure runner of all time. Gale Sayers.
    Greatest return men of all time. Devin and Gale.

    Dick, Walter and Gale are my 3 all time faves in that order.

    Greatest RB of all time. Unfortunately Jim Brown.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Damn Canada, you know everything about Da Bears. Your ranking is spot on, dude.

    As great as Payton was, Butkus was better. Too bad the doctors were such butchers then - maybe he could have had another three or four years with decent knee surgeons.

    And yes, I must concur that Jim Brown was crazy awesome. Kinda like Bo Jackson was. But Brown play nine years.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Dr. Ted' "The Butcher" Fox.
    It's amazing that Sayers was able to return to lead the league in rushing in 1969 after Fox worked on his knee.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    I agree with most of your rankings Canada, but if I'm starting a fantasy franchise from scratch (like in Madden), I start it at HB with Sweetness.

    I can see Brown, but Sweetness was not just a great runner, but a great pass blocker, great catcher, great passer and could even kick in a pinch.

    Also, Sweetness was extremely durable. Brown retired early, so we really don't know if he would have been as durable or as effective as Walter in his later year.

    Sweetness is a proven commidity, not too mention the best locker room guy ever.

    Brown I'd pick 2nd, and 3rd, well, that's a subject for debate. O.J., Bo, Sanders, Gale, Emmitt are all in play.

    Bear down!

  • None of this makes any difference Butch but I'm guessing you never saw Brown play. He was head and shoulders above EVERYONE. In his 9 yr career these are his averages. 5.2 yds/carry, 9.5 yds/rec and 14 TD's/year. He averaged 262 carries/yr and 29 recs/yr. He had 0, yes that's zero fumbles in his career. He retired at his peak. His last year he had 289 carries for a 5.3 avg/carry, 34 recs for a 9.6 yds/rec with a total of 21 TD's. Brown played on fabulous teams with a great coach but he also made everyone around him better.

    Walter was a better blocker and could throw the ball. Not to mention Walter was a great guy and Brown was not. He was arrested more than once for hitting women. He threw one out of a second story window.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    The only season Jim Brown failed to rush for 1000+ was his rookie year in 1957. A TWELVE GAME season. Then Browns owner, Art Modell, "inspired" his early exit from the NFL.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Pro Football Reference begs to differ on the fumble numbers. I could not believe that, Canada, and it seems your source ain't quite right.

    57 is way more than zero, but people should go look at this shit. And don't forget to look at the G/GS numbers. Brown's *career average* was over 100 yards per game!

    1958 and 1963 are Ruthian (1920, 1921, and 1927 -

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    I was a little dubious about the 0 number but I got my stats from I've heard numerous times that he never had a carry for negative yards. Can't verify that so didn't include it. All the rest of the stats are probably correct and off the chart. Anyone that argues Jim isn't #1 never saw him play. He was a beast before anyone ever referred to someone as a beast. Too bad that beast stuff carried over into his private life. On one of his arrests for hitting a woman he was given community service. He had to pick up roadside litter. He was so proud he wouldn't do it and served his jail time. Personally I can't stand the guy but you've got to give him his due on the field. Same with Emmitt (not that he beat up women). Like Parcells always says, "You are what your record says you are." I always go back to that Giants game when Emmitt played the second half with a separated shoulder. All you can do is tip your hat to him (and wonder what they shot him up with at halftime).

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Now MB, don't you chime in and say 'Second window? Bitch prolly deserved it'

    Even though you might be right. And probably are.

    On the unwinnable argument of greatest runner ever, comparing Payton and Brown is comparing apples and oranges. They were completely different backs. Obviously Brown was better going straight ahead (although he couldn't leap like Walter). But at virtually most of the rest of the stuff you do when you play football, I'm sure Walter would compete favorably. As for comparing Sweetness and Butkus ...

  • I'm a lover not a fighter my man. I'm the type that 100% of the time will walk away rather than pull a pistorius... if you're in that type of altercation she's obviously not worth your time anyway, never mind going to jail for the rest of it.

    I just don't get dudes who do that shit... just fucking walk away and find someone who deserves what you give. Crazy people is CRAAAAAZY!

  • Taxes received? Check.

    Babysitter for the night? Check.

    Double date with my lady and I and a pair of good friends of ours in Seattle? Check.

    Mom making a surprise visit this weekend? Check.

    Everything's coming up Milhouse.

  • you mean tax refund?

  • In reply to MB30SD:


  • niiiiice!

  • yes, I know... it's BR. but it's a pretty pertinent topic for us:

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    i saw that Clady just got tagged. He gone.

    On another note, keep on plowing ahead man. It's about the kids. It's also about you though so take care of yourself.

  • thanks my maings. Appreciate it.

    It's really the only option I gots.

    If I ever get another disc I do have some.... interesting stories to tell you that are more on the happy side. In fact, I'm going to send you a text right now. (hee hee)


    Any takers?

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    How much do you think he will get?

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    i don't know if Charles and Jay would get along very well.

  • For the vet minimum, who cares if Cutler likes it? It would be different if they both played O. I'm sure there are a few people on the Bears that don't get along with Cutler. Not trying to diss Cutler, just the way it is. The old regime enabled Cutler to the max (they did the same thing with the Sex Cannon) and it didn't work out. No reason to keep going down that road. It's a business. I'm sure you've had co-workers that you'd rather kick in the ass than work with but you manage to make it work. It's a pisser but that's life.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    I think you just got played Canada. I don't think Woodson would play for under a few million. Not an option.

  • In reply to The Fifth:


  • In reply to The Fifth:

    All hypothetical Cor. I doubt he'll get a huge payday but that's more likely than the vet min. Who knows? He's an ass but he does play well when the stakes are the highest.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Oops, I should have clarified my response better. I think you got played by Joe. I thought he was baiting you into a comment. Could be wrong.

  • In reply to The Fifth:

    No baiting, it was just a nonsensical comment by Canada. Why would a punk like Woodson who knowingly rode up the back of Forte to fuck up his ankle and talked shit about the franchise quarterback of the bears, at 37, ever be considered by the Bears?


  • No more nonsense than you saying we won't sign him because he said some bad things about Cutler. That's total BS. The more you blow Cutler the more foolish you look.

  • Canada, i just gave you the reasons why they won't sign him. Here they are again.

    1. He's a fucking punk that hurt Forte on purpose
    2. He's broken his collar bone twice in the last 2 years
    3. He's 37 and wants millions
    4. He's a liability
    5. He's a fucking punk that talked shit about the franchise quarterback.

    Why would the Bears consider this guy? Why?

  • I think the larger point is that Woodson only wants to play for "a contender"

  • In reply to thebigcheese:

    nope, there is no reason to have sarcastic banter here. he's done, a liability, a main reason the pack were bounced out the of the playoffs yet again and the worst part? He's a cheap player. Old, liability, cheap, punk. done.

    He's got more control over his body than almost anyone in the league and he rides up Forte's leg like a fucking punk bitch. The only thing he's contending for now is a spot on some shitty espn broadcast team.

  • u mad bro?

  • In reply to thebigcheese:

    nope, he's just a punk that used to be fucking awesome and now is just an old punk.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    He's 37, that pretty well says it all.

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:

    I'd take him for vet minimum (I have no clue about his existing contract or deal) JUST to set him free on rodgers on safety blitzes.

    I know he's 37 but dude still had game last year when he wasn't injured... and it's not like his injury was a knee... he broke his clavicle.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    But what about Hardin?

  • In reply to Johnnywad:


  • April 25th is the draft!

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:

    I might need some heavy drinking after the IRS gets done with me.

  • Try to relax with the D thing MB. Just lube yourself up so it doesnt hurt so bad!

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:

    Ha! Thanks Murph.

    (it would be much funnier if it wasn't so true)

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    You know I speak from MUCH experience!

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:

    I do murph. Sly dog.

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:

    I've been divorced for about 15 years. I'm now able to laugh at that comment. When was your last divorce Murph?

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Mmmmm, like 12 years ago Canada

  • Gad Your mom is making a visit Doc, I know she makes her lil boy a happy camper.

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:

    Ha! yeah, this is a no strings attached surprise visit. She's making the trip because my uncle is. No worries though. My supply dwindleth not.

  • That would be GLAD Doc.

  • just watched the vid... I think I have something in my eye.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    No kidding. Not sure when that was filmed but that many years later, Gary Fencik couldn't keep it together thinking about his death..

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    The ticker-tape said Chris Harris and Merriweather were getting benched...

  • The only thing I can assume then is that this film appeared magically out of the ether. I can't recall a safety named Merriweather ever playing for the Bears.

  • I know it's a bit, but I think there are plenty of things to talk about, so I'll throw these out for Da Members to chime in on.

    1. Down for the Clowney?

    Clowney has threatened to sit out his junior season to avoid injury. He can't enter the NFL due to their age/eligibility requirements. Should Clowney sue the NFL to try to get into this year's draft? Is the NFL policy discriminatory? Is it in place to protect themselves, the player, or the NCAA?

    Every major scout has already gone on record stating that Clowney might be the #1 overall pick if he's allowed into this year's draft. Many think he's the next Julius Peppers, and it seems unfair to force him to play another year and risk millions like Barkley, or worse, health like Lattimore.

  • Clowney is a beast. I pointed that out a couple years back when I saw the films when the Gamecocks were trying to land him. I think he'd be smart to stop being a slave for television networks and the NCAA.

    Personally, I think Steve Spurrier is far more concerned with his legacy and rabid boosters than the health of his players. But maybe that's just me; I'm not close to the team.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    credit goes to $ I think

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    +10000 The South Park guys hit the nail on the head sooooo often

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    using parody to tell the truth. Brilliant indeed Dave!

    "My peaches what a wonderful office you have eeaaahhh!"

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    MB, do you have a couple daughters? UH Oh, you might have a problem on your hands in the future. You know how guys think.,31061/?ref=auto

  • In reply to The Fifth:

    I have one Corm... and women walk up to us on the street all the time and say I have to get her into modeling... she fucking FOUR!!! I usually just mace them and run. just kidding, but that's how I feel.

    So, yes... I'm already terrified. Please don't post stuff like this again.

  • 2. Speaking of clowns, what is up with Titus Young (SR)? He's already been cut by the Rams - in 4 DAYS! is that a world record or something? WTF did he do to get fired on his day off!?

    At this point, he might be out of the NFL all together, and even the Canadians might not want him. Are NFL teams finally burned out on primadonna WRs? Is this gonna be the new trend of low tolerance for the T.O.-effect?

  • I saw that. He must have shot off his big mouth to the wrong guy. Fisher perhaps? What an idiot.

  • From a previous conversation Butch.,31306/?ref=auto

  • In reply to The Fifth:

    hhaha...As the running joke is around here, "to protect and a King."

    One of the semi-fucked up cop stories I've experience happened not too long ago.

    I was out riding my bike at about 10ish and had my backpack with just random junk, and sure enough, a cop pulled me over for "going the wrong way" even though I was near the sidewalk and there was literally no one around.

    Cops pulled me over, started grilling me, "Where were you going at this time of night. Where you coming from? Why were you riding the wrong way? Do you have a record? You don't have any needles or drugs, right?" Just a bunch of bullcrap. Then the older one tell the younger one to run my license through the system. To frisk me. He asks if he can go through my backpack, and what else can I say? I say no, they haul me or ticket me for some bullshit charge. So they rummage through my backpack, and naturally find nothing.

    It's obvious what's going on here. The older cop is basically training his rookie partner and using me as a god damn human dummy. Fucking cops.

    They then tell me that they heard there was a lot of drug dealers around, and even admitted "Yeah, you don't look like a drug dealer, really" then ask me if I know of any drug activities going on in the neihborhood after putting me through all that crap. The balls on them!

    Anyways, they did let me go and warned me, "just don't ride your bike on the wrong side from now" which I don't during regular hours when there's traffic, but what the hell could I do?

    I was tempted to file a complaint, but then anytime I ride around I'd have to watch my back.

    And I don't even live in bad area either.

    Welcome to L.A.

  • Also, doesn't surprise me one bit that the San Berdo Sherrifs assissnated him - burned him to cinders. That's the way cops roll - they're basically a gang. "Kill one of ours, we'll kill you. No snitches, bitches"

    Also, as bad and incompetent as L.A. cops are, San Bernardino sherrifs might be worse. What happened in L.A. was that all the "ghetto" peeps from Compton and such who could no longer afford to live there, or who wanted a chance to live in a house, moved out to San Bernandino County and continued the thug life over there, which instantly made that county one of the highest murder capitals in the nation. As always happens, that meant the Cops also became "ghetto-ized" - much more aggressive and dirty.

    "Colors" and "Training Day" are probably the two most recent movies which most accurately portray L.A. cop culture.

  • End of watch

  • Boyz n the Hood was good too. Butch, I was gonna give you a few links to the Kelly Thomas murder by the Fullerton police and the response from spokesperson Cindy Bachman. The same Cindy Bachman who is currently the spokesperson for San Bernadino County on the Dorner case. I had two videos saved regarding the case and her public response, but both have vanished from you tube in the last three or four days. That woman is a complete scum of the earth. Here's a story on the Kelly Thomas murder. Funny how you tube removed past comments by Bachman pooh-poohing police brutality cases.

  • 3. While on numbers, who the heck is going to be the first QB drafted? In the last 12 drafts, a QB has been selected #1 overall 10 times. The exceptions occurred in 2006. That year Mario Wiliams went 1, Reggie Bush went 2, and Vince Young went 3. Matt Leinhart went 10, and Cutler went 11.

    The other exception occurred in 2008 when Jake Long went #1overall, Chris Long went #2 and Matty Ice #3.

    This year seems to mirror 2008; LT Joekel might go #1overal, and DE Demontre Moore/DT Star Latulei might go #2 with a bunch of mediocre QBs left over.

    There honestly seems to be no consensus - at all. Because of this all the QBs might be full go at the combine, which should make it more fun. Every scout seems to have a horse with Geno Smith leading the pack, but Ryan Nassib, Tyler Wilson, Barkley and Glennon are also in the mix.

    This ought to be an interesting draft because of so much QB uncertainty, and general draft uncertainty.

  • 4. Should the NFL field be bigger? This has been an on going topic in the competition committee, and I wonder if they have put any science into the research. Maybe another 5 yds on each sideline might give players more room to maneuver and reduce so closed-in combat. This also might help special teams which seems to be getting legislated out of the game. Then again, do we give players extra yards to build up momentum? And would more room give even more of an advantage to offense?

  • Welcome to Canada! How do you feel about hockey?

  • No way. Moving the goalposts made sense, but don't change the size of the field.

  • In reply to The Fifth:

    Actually, if they made it smaller, a lot smaller like maybe twenty by forty feet, there wouldn't be enough room for anybody to get up a full head of steam. And a lot more scoring which is what the NFL wants...

  • In reply to The Fifth:

    Or keep it the same size but fill it with a couple feet of water. Ever try running in a swimming pool? That will take the edge of of the impacts..

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    Then we can resign Jarron Gilbert!!!!!

  • In reply to DYLbear23:

    Fucking Hilarious!

  • 4 Alabama football players suspended indefinitely. Here's a local ABC affiliate describing the story.

    Here's an ESPN story from an Alabama sycophant reporter regarding the same story.

  • In reply to The Fifth:

    Fuck Saban and the Tide. No sympathy here.


    Please don't tell me we need to go find a true fullback. We fucking had an awesome one that could catch passes, block, play specials, etc. CLUTTSSSSSSS!!!!!!!

  • christ on a fucking bike. I hate you lovie... and tice.

  • In reply to MB30SD:


    I am glad however that Trestman and co really want a true FB. That means that they want to run a power O.

    Maybe we can steal Felton from the Vikes? That or we get an athletic angry 6'1 255 DE in UFA and convert him to FB, preferably one with some running back experience.

  • Here's a quick list of FA FBs.

  • On the draft tip, this is the only FB who actually got a scouting report. So here we go.

    6'1 245 Zach Boren, Ohio State.

    STRENGTHS - Thickly built with good playing strength, Boren can drive defenders out of the way to open holes for ball carrier. Able to bend knees and sink hips, he can drive up into linebacker to deliver a hard initial blow, stays over feet and blocks man out of the play. Even though most of his blocking is on lead blocks on inside runs, he can get outside to lead block effectively on outside runs. His ability to block with base also helped him be productive in pass protection from fullback and wing-back alignments. While not a major part of Ohio State's passing attack, Boren has shown good hands catching 20+ passes over the course of his career. As a senior he played linebacker in a number of games, which proved to me that he can be a productive member of special teams coverage units. .

    WEAKNESSES - A classic lead blocking fullback, Boren lacks the foot quickness, speed and athleticism to make big plays as a receiver or ball carrier. He lacks the quick burst and speed to get the corner on outside runs and cannot out-run angles to make big plays running with the ball.

    SUMMARY - As the NFL has become a pass first league, classic "hammer" style fullbacks are used by fewer teams than ever and therefore only have value to a handful of teams. While he is a strong runner with the ball, he lacks the quickness and athleticism to make a team as backup tailback. If Boren is going to make it in the NFL, it will be with a team that uses an old school fullback because Boren has the lead blocking skills to help a power rushing attack. Additionally, his linebacker play as a senior makes me confident he can become a hard core special teams player in the NFL. Overall, Boren is not likely to be drafted before the sixth or seventh round because true fullbacks have so little value to most teams. However, I believe he will make a team as their lead blocking fullback while contributing on special teams.

  • Dude, let's just pick up that empty vessle that is willis and make him a pass-catching fullback. What's he worth on the open market, a hammy sammy and a diet coke?

  • May be worthwhile keeping an eye on Vonta Leach, the bowling ball that cleared the way for Ray Rice this past season. He may be a cap casualty from the Ravens trying to sign mega bucks joe at QB, and I would love him on our team.

    I would love for us to run Bush and Forte out of the backfield...did we even do that once last season? Bush lined up at FB, PA fake to him* and swing it out to Forte up the line. Bam. 6pts.

    *hopefully Trestman has enough sense not to do this on the first play from scrimmage, unlike some other coaches we know....

  • Also, since it's as slow as molasses...I just came across perhaps the most badass name for a player ever (A TE prospect from Ohio ST):

    Jake Stoneburner

  • I might just take that as my new screen name....

  • late 80's ND linbebacker Michael Stonebreaker ... Stone...breaker .

    Bang! Bang!

  • In reply to MB30SD:


    was on the Bears shortly i believe

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Any convict can break stones, But how bad ass do you have to be to BURN stone? Plus, Jake is a cooler name than Michael. Jake the Snake, Jake from "Escape from L.A."...

    Bang! Bang!

  • agree on jake.

    meh, I burn stones every time I BBQ maings.

    Bang! Bang!

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    speaking of bad asses... how about Lee Van Cleef and

    Ahhh eeee ahhhh eeee ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

  • My favorite video in a while...

    And the pop-up one...

  • For anyone who thinks Bears will take OL in first round of draft, or pay for a FA, this from Bears team site, talking about Kromer in New Orleans:

    With the Saints, Kromer developed two fourth-round draft picks (tackle Jermon Bushrod and guard Jahri Evans) and two fifth-round selections (guard Carl Nicks and center Jonathan Goodwin) into Pro Bowlers.

    "We've had a good history of finding guys that were not first- and second-round draft picks that had a lot of success," Kromer said.

  • In reply to editorface:

    fuck. Here comes Tice 2.0

  • difference is that TIce inherited his guys I think and Kromer actually developed his. Bushrod, Evans, Nicks and Goodwin is a nice fucking list. I don't think that means he'll keep the fucking shit that we have and try to mold it. Tice helped piss away a season or 3. I don't think Kromer will be doing that.

  • great point.

  • I would just like to add reiterate what a great name Bushrod is. And for a football player? It's like he was named for his ability to hit the crease. And no one, and I mean no one, penetrates like Bushrod.

    Yeah, I'm bored.

  • the word "rod" and "rope" make me giggle every time I hear them or see them in print.

  • Alright bastards, I'm getting ready to go to my very first Star Trek convention. That's right, live long and prosper biatches!

    Which Star Trek Femme was hottest?

    Here are your nominees.

    7 of 9.

    Counselor Troi

    Vulcan T'pol

    Jadzia Dax

    Then of course, there are the Orion Sex Slaves and various alien gals Cap Kirk banged

    BTW, if you really want to check them out, look at their shoots outside of star fleet unis. Hot mamas.

  • you're a nerd? Never would have guessed it maings (NTTAWWT)

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I don't know if I qualify as a nerd, per se. I mean, I did play football, basketball and baseball back in the day, so some would say that qualified me as a jock - then again, I hung out with the "bad" crowd, but ended up getting a degree - so who the fuck knows. Ppl from the University were always surprised that I was into sports, and my old HS pals never figured me for an egghead, so I guess I'm a bit of both.

    As I get older I like trying out fun odd events, like Renaissance Faires (Pub Crawls!), Art Walks, Dog Parties (yes, yes), beach movies/fire pits, and conventions (was this close to going to the porn convention, but something came up).

    I've done the club/bar/party scene to death. Only so many ways one can get drunk (though I still do that too from time to time).

  • I was just messin maing. I'm kind of a closet nerd too... just not treckie convention-strength...

    That all said, I am still 100% down with checking out comicon

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Closet Nerd? Who needs closets?

  • Then again, some would say that I look more like a motorcycle racer. Am I right, MB? Am I.... Am I right?

  • yes doc, you are... or a trucker with your hat.

    Did she say motocycle racer?

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    She did. Can't remember the other guesses.

  • YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yvonne Craig, huh.

    Ever read Burt Ward's book on the making of Batman? Holy funtime, Batman. Craig, I guess, would do anything for anyone. Or to anyone. She was a total Hollywood bad girl, a step short of being a pro.

    Anyhow, she was also Batgirl

    A sandwich of Julie Newmar and Craig must have been fun in 67.

  • In reply to gpldan:


  • In reply to MB30SD:

    ...and that's after proper adjustment for the inflations.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Now Julie Newmar back in the day...

    that is a very very different proposition

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Wish the water was a bit clearer..

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Oh my!

    Those old movies crack me up. There were a couple shots where the water looked like watery cement.

  • Farrell, Blaylock or Ryan work for me. Actually, I'd die likely die with the trifecta.

    A good way to go, tho.

  • Dwight freeney anyone?

    Homie got released and he's looking for a 4-3 who want him.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    No. Too old. Need to get younger, not older.

  • In reply to The Fifth:

    Normally, I would agree with you, but we have a one or two year window with our current stars. If an old guy can get us over the top (for cheap), I'd be okay with it. Freeney opposite Pep? Old or not, that's a pass rush.

  • I don't think Freeney is signing anywhere for cheap. He made 14 million last year. I doubt he would sign anywhere for less than 4-5 million. Probably some up and coming team with cap space will pick him up.

  • In reply to The Fifth:

    The Raidah's used to be the team who would take a chance on aging stars and often overpay for them. But I have no insight into how the current leadership in Oakland has in any way altered 'the raiders way'.

    I think you're probably right. Plus, Lovie was the guy all these old vets were wanting to play for, I'm guessing our free agent attraction factor has somewhat taken a hit, post-Lovie.

    If we could get him without overpaying and pair him with Pep, I'm all for it. Pipe dream I'm sure.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    The Bears have a better chance of siging Woodson.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I'd sign him. i think he could help Chicken Dinner with his pas rush. Freeney is undersized but youd never know it. I think his knowledge would be priceless if he can put it to work in Shea. I'd sign him in a heartbeat if his price isnt off the charts.

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:

    I think the priority for Emery right now is trying to re-sign/franchise Henry Melton, re-sign Urlacher on the cheap and if that doesn't work out, I suppose Freeny could possibly be in the conversation. But the Bears have serious cap monies dedicated to Peppers, another aging but still talented DE and personally I think Emery needs to start allocating cap space to maximize da Cutler.

  • In reply to Shady:

    that'll be juuuust about enough outta you!

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Freeney's been less than durable lately, I believe.

  • Anyone here seen Invincible? About a 30 year old guy who makes the Eagles. Is it worth watching?

  • In reply to The Fifth:

    If that is the Disney movie staring Marky Mark, then yeah, it is pretty good.

  • In reply to EnderWiggin:

    Thanks ender, I'll record it and watch later.

  • In reply to The Fifth:

    My family and I enjoyed it too.

  • In reply to EnderWiggin:

    Another philly-related movie is Silver Linings playbook, which has no football in it whatsoever. Also it's a movie which uses a manic depressive as a comedy device, which is strange. Cooper is good in it though and De niro phones it in once more. Meh.

    North Dallas Forty, Mean Machine and AGS are still the benchmarks for me.

  • Stumbled across another pretty entertaining film last night with both Cooper and De Niro called Limitless. Catch it if you can. More a love story than a football movie but one I really enjoy watching again every couple years is Heaven Can Wait with Warren Beatty (a remake of Here Comes Mr. Jordan from the 30s).....

  • man cooper is everywhere... watched wedding crashers again last night. Classic.

    You motorboating son of a bitch you, you old sailor you

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Wedding Crashers is the last laugh out loud movie I've seen. Brilliant.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    That scene where Vince Vaughn gets a handy under the table had me in hysterics when I saw it. Could not stop laughing. Great movie.

  • Irish... Best of luck my man. I am still fucking shocked that you've had to go through that. What happened to the maternal fucking instinct!?!?!? Jesus, I can't even fathom that shit. My heard bleeds for you my man. So you can just take em back with you? Not worried about her trying to get them back?

    Let us know how it goes man. Hopefully you have tons of family to help you when you get back.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    She's promised to write/sign the letter of custody just to gt rid of us out of her hair ... without that .... tengo problemas hermano. So I'm trying to bite my tongue even though she's re-decorating the place with massive photos of herself before she's even moved back in. Don't get me started. I'll bitch about the weather when I get home. Nothing else.

    You don't lose it in alcohol and drugs now, gots to keep it together for the kiddiwinks. We daddies don't get to chill. Be cool. Get into Stevie Wonder 1970-80 if you haven't. I play my tank game, you've got your buddies on PS3 .. .wait out the storm. All things pass. Audi.

  • wow man, just fucking wow.

    I don;t know her and I doubt this will offend you, but what a piece of garbage. Fucking good riddance! You're all much better off without her. Just. fucking. wow.

    Best of luck to you my man. We'll all be thinking of you and pulling for you. When will it all be done and you'll be home?

  • By the bye, on the GOAT RB thing .... did nobody go for Barry S ? What was his Heisman year, 2600+, 39 TDs ... in 11 games ? It's college .... but damn ....

    Even his own dad said Jim Brown was better though. Could have said they were just different backs ... but no, Jim was better. Prick.

    Bo was special and nobody has a higher average YPC, right? But he never broke 1000 in a season, and that's only 60 yards a game. All round ... overall .. .durability ... talent ... special-ness ... .Sweetness is my vote. He was complete ... the complete back ... and more beautiful to watch than anyone I've seen. Never saw Sayers, can't comment, can't compare. But Sweetness is the reason I follow American football.

    Footnote: Neal Anderson was a pretty fucking good running back too. Stats schmats, he left people behind. OJ was great. Earl Campbell was awesome. Dickerson. Allen?

  • All great backs. The thing with Brown was he was almost as big offensive and defensive lineman back then (6'2", 235) and was usually as fast as anyone on the field. Like I said, I love Walter and all-round he was the greatest offensive player. Not to mention he was a fantastic teammate and a great guy (other than the cheating on Connie thing). When it comes to character issues there's no comparison. Jim Brown is not a nice guy. Bo Jackson's avg/carry was 5.4 yds vs Brown's 5.2. Jackson only had 515 career carries. Gale was my fave RB until Walter came along. He was poetry in motion. He would just glide around and make people miss. Once he was in the open it was C-Ya. Lots of Bears fans hate on Gale because he's a bit of a curmudgeon. Most of the stuff he says about the Bears is true but harsh. I have no problem with it. Barry Sanders could hold the record for most yds but he lost the fire. Understandable playing for the Kitties.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    To me, Sweetness vs Brown is a matter of taste. Like saying "I like the Beatles more than the Rolling Stones," or "Angelina Jolie in her prime was hotter than Marlyn Monroe" - both valid choices - just a matter of taste. Brown WAS the better pure runner - but he wasn't as good a pass blocker and pass catcher which in today's NFL is necessary. So I'd prefer Walter (the locker room influence is a plus to bout).

    It's not like the best WR argument. There's Rice, then there's everyone else. Not even close.

    92 recs, 1211 yds, 13.2yds/attempt, 75 yd TD long.

    That's at age FORTY.

    (BTW, Trestman was the OC for the Raiders that year).

    1b is Brown, hands down. 3rd like I said is a matter of debate.

    Gayers, Emmitt, OJ, BO, Dickerson, Sanders and a few others are in the mix.

    I prefer Sanders at 3rd because there's no doubt in my mind that he would have eclipsed Walter's record and still be comfortably ahead of Emmitt if he remained. I heard that part of the reason he retired was because he respected Sweetness so much, that he didn't want to break his record, which moves him up in my book.

  • I heard the same. Barry was actually getting better before he retired. I'm guessing he's more of a private person that didn't want all the attention on him being the record holder.

  • Is Jolie out of her prime? She gets hotter every time I see her.

  • In reply to EnderWiggin:

    Her body looks like Olive Oil now. She seriously looks very anorexic.

  • In reply to The Fifth:


  • Just watched Marcus Allen's 'A Football Life.'. He was scary how similar he was to Walter - the running style, the blocking, the passing, the leaping, the cutbacks. Tough. Tough. Tough. Al Davis must have cost him 4000+ yards which would have put him past Walter on the list. 144 TDs and he was demoted to FB for four years.

  • Here's a little non-mathematical TANGENT regarding Walter Payton and running the steep hill.

    The story involves Bo Ryan, the basketball coach for the Wisconsin Badgers. In 1984, Bo became the basketball coach of UW-Platteville. At the time the Bears had training camp in Platteville, WI. Inspired by Payton, Bo made all of his players run a steep hill over and over in what is essentially two-a-days for basketball training camp. If you can't run the hill, you didn't come into camp in good enough shape and you won't play. He makes sure all his players are in top condition to play for him. Work ethic is a top priority.

    He won 4 Division 3 basketball championships at UW-Platteville.

    When Bo Ryan became coach of the Badgers basketball team, he found a steep hill in Madison and requires all players to go through the same rigorous process at the start of camp every year.

    WI doesn't get many big name recruits. They have had one McDonald's All American since Bo became coach, and a few top 100 recruits. But every year at WI, they have made the tournament, 12 straight. Bo's probably the best coach in basketball at teaching fundamentals. His teams rarely foul, always have one of the best defenses in the country, and almost always lead the country in least amount of turnovers. Every year they are not given much of a chance, but in 12 years they have won the Big 10 4 times. Three times in the tournament they lost really close games to the eventual national champ. Bo has the highest winning % in Big 10 basketball history. Better than Bobby Knight and Tom Izzo, who get way better recruits.

    The reason Bo has been so successful is because he follows the ideals of Walter in his coaching: hard work, commitment, teamwork, and sound fundamentals in every aspect of the game. Different games, but the same ideals.

    This is why I love watching WI basketball. The symbolism of running the hill every year directly reflects to what you see on the basketball court. Walter almost never gave up on a play and ran out of bounds, and the WI basketball team has the same philosophy. The players he recruits lay it on the line every game.

  • Also, report back from my first Star Trek convention.

    It was pretty fun. Not a total blast, but fun.

    The partay was held at the Marriott in Burbank, but the place wasn't all that big. That was probably my biggest complaint. Also, they didn't serve drinks at the place! WTH. I was sorta looking forward to drinking some "Blood Wine" or "Romulian Ale" and get fucked up with some wild Klingons or loose Orion Slave Women.

    Didn't happen. As a matter of fact, there was only ONE Klingon, and ONE Orion Sex girl (who I took a pic with and was hot, though gigantic). That was a bit disappointing as I expected to see a lot more ppl dressed up, but the nerds actually dressed like...NERDS. (I was dressed up, but I'm cool lol).

    There were a few hotties though. Thing about the future is all the chicks wear tight ass spandex or short skirts or both, so there was some eye candy, though not much.

    Really, the whole thing seemed like one big capitalistic star trek yard sale, which is ironic given that in the Star Trek future money is supposed to be obsolete and barbaric. Every single "star" demanded at least $25 for an autograph, and the gran puba, Sir Patrick Stewart, demanded $80 for a pic autograph.

    I couldn't bring myself to do it. I can't pay another grown man to give me a signature no matter how cool I think they are (ONE exception would be MJ and maybe Da Coach).

    It was pretty cool just seeing them, and Sir Patrick Stewart (and some other speakers like Warf and Jordy) told some pretty cool stories.

    All in all, it was OK. I have a feeling it would have been a lot more fun to pay for the "gold" package which included a dinner and karaoke night with the cast of SNG and a few other stars from Buffy/Angel, Battle Star Gallactica, and the such, but I wasn't about to pay close to $400 for that.

    I'm not that fucking insane.

    I got some cool pics which maybe I'll post on here since it's so slow.

  • They do great stuff at the Cons as a group. Spiner is great. Wheaton has great stuff on Youtube.

  • One of my favorites:

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    There was a bit of that from Patrick Stewart under the skin. Someone asked him this question, "Sir Stewart, I travelled around to the Vegas conventions and have been wanting to ask you this for two years...but if you had to live another's life to tell a story like in (season this, episode that), who's life would it be?"

    Patrick Stewart was a bit flippant and replied, "Well, I don't know how to answer that as I quite like my life...but if I had to, David Beckham."

    He was pretty straight forward with a lot of things. Someone else asked him, "You said ten years ago that "Star Trek: Nemisis" was the best Star Trek movie ever - do you still believe that and why?" which Stewart replied, "Well, I can actually answer that quite simply. I lied. A reporter asked me about the movie I was promoting, and what I'm I supposed to reply? That I think it's only the 3rd best Star Trek movie? So, yes. I lied"

  • I wonder what they're paid for those appearances?

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    Don't know, quite a bit. They held an auction and shit was selling for $500-$1,000 bucks, so yeah, major mula.

    The auction part was a bit funny because there was this one quadraplegic women bidding, and other dudes around the room kept outbidding her for memorbalia. She was right next to me, so I kept seeing her get disappointed.

    I was like, "Really. REALLY? You fucks can't allow this quadroplegic woman the smallest amount of joy possible?"

  • nerds.... ever watch big bang theory? Sheldon.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Haha...I just watched the Star Trek episode of Big Bang Theory.

    Pretty funny. I love Big Bang Theory. Takes place in Pasadena where I lived for like 10 years. I've been to Cal Tech on more than one occassion. It always gets me a bit giddy when I visit the campus. I just think to myself, "There are fucking geniuses walking around here - like the movie "Real Geniuses" but for real. Einstein and Feynman walked around here." It's a bit surreal real. Most ppl don't realize that you can actually major in the humanities at Cal Tech. Kinda funny.

    Also, the "Cheesecake Factory" in the Big Bang Theory is real and the comic book store (which I used to frequent). However, the Cheesecake Factory on the series looks like a grandpa Dennys or something, while in real life it's actually a pretty chic looking place where you spend way too much on trying to get laid. The Comic shop in the series is a bit bigger than the one in real life, but obviously all that's for dramatic purposes.

  • meh, see... little to full-on nerd for me $. Comicon looks like a mix between nerds, geeks, and fucking hot-ass misc sci-fi chicks. So even if there's a heavy nerd factor, there is a counter-ballance of hotness.

    I'm pretty sure I'm checking it out this year at least for one day, just to experience it once.

    btw, what were you dressed as... a ferengie (sp?)?

    I could probably pull this off reasonably well, but I have no idea who this dude is:

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Nah, for a few reasons, I went as "The Outrages Okana" who only appeared once, so is little known. But I liked his character - he was a lady's man/space pirate/han solo type.

    I actually doubt anyone really knew who the fuck I was since my "costume" was sort of just thrown together, but ppl wanted to take pictures with me, which was the whole plan (esp hot the hot chicks!)

    Here's the guy.

  • The Traveler was cool too .... but for the sexy Star Trek Chicks, I've got:

    1. T'Pol. Episode 1 there it is. Jolene Blalock in the nufty. Let me eat from thy bowl and my cup shall floweth over (my pants). Grrrr.

    2. Seven of Nine of the tertiary unimatrix yada yada. Body alone. Good God, what a rack. Jeri Ryan please.

    3. B'Elanna Torres. Half-Klingon say no more.

    4. Worf's bird, K'Ehleyr. Half-Klingon say no more.

    5. Ensign Ro. Looks dirty.

    6. Jadzia Dax, but you'r not closing the door in her face at any point.

    If you like Taha Yar, you're gay. NTTAWWT.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Oh, and MB, for Comicon I think you have to create a Comicon "profile" in order to purchase tickets (I can only assume to combat scalping).

    I also think they already went on sale. Not sure though.

    Comicon once upon a time used to be as nerdy as Star Trek conventions, but now with all the comics being made into movies, and a lot more popularity with comics, graphic novels, anime and sci-fi/vampire/zombie/fantasy shit, it's gotten a lot more "mainstream".

    Hence, more hot chicks.

  • Who knows, Lance Briggs might even show up. I've heard he's really into that stuff...

  • yes. exactly. Hence my interest $.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    How can you not know "who this dude is: "?

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    whoops. try this.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    guess it's nero? Never heard of him?!

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I'm laughing at myself. I had to use google & wiki to identify the character as Nero from Star Trek 2009. Afterwards, I realized a) the character's name is right there in the url, and b) I saw Star Trek 2009.

  • Oh, and Jeff, this might be right up your alley.

    Patrick Stewart now lives in the Bronx part of the year, and is going to do "Waiting for Godot" and "No Man's Land" (I think), and he said that on some nights, they'll do both as a sort of surprise double header, so keep an ear out if you like those.

    He also said something funny about Hamlet, "Well, let me tell one actually becomes chummy with the actor playing Hamlet while he's in the a matter of fact, you usually want to stay as far away from Hamlet as you possible."

    Also, for all you X-men fans, he's working on a new one.

  • "as much as possible"


  • Thanks for posting the Payton video, Jeff. I can't comment on it without getting lost in my own rambling.

    Could someone check the following link and let me know if it works without annoying ads, etc? It's just a short clip from the Payton video. The site, "splicd dot com" allows you to easily link or embed short sections of longer youtube video's. It works by embedding the video, just like Jeff did here, but with additional parameters specifying start and stop time:

    It works great for me, but I use Linux/FireFox with ad & script blockers. If anyone knows how to easily create a link like the one above, but without relying on an external site like splicd, please let me know.

  • This looks so close to Splinter Cell, I'm kinda shocked the guy's name isn't Sam Fisher

    I'm shocked it took what's his face from 300 to latch onto an action franchise. Too many Batman retreads like Morgan Freeman and Aaron Eckhardt. The Judd chick just drops it another level.

    I really like the Killing Time dynamic of the new Splinter Cell. Visual system at 1:53. From 2:19 to 2:34 they demonstrate the tag and bag dynamic and even though it's preset animation, I can see where doing it makes you feel all James Bond like. See below:

    Lastly, if anybody wants some Jungle action, tag me on PS3 for Farcry3 multiplayer. It's pretty fun.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Need to buy a new PC for that game, looks sweet though.

  • 350 lb halfback

    I guess you could start calling it the Rib-Eye Formation. WIth baked potato. And sour cream.

  • Hey $, you wanna go together to comicon? Let's do this, chicks will LOVE it:

    Also for everyone. Saw two movies last night... Skyfall... fucking awesome. Although I miss the more edgy bond with more pussy than CGi bullshit, but it's still awesome. Can't wait for the next one.

    And Tarantino's The Man with Iron First... fucking classic over the top kung fu tarantino. Blood and heads flying everywhere, set in fuedal china but with a hip hop soundtrack... and they'll show the Chinese guys riding their horses along and western music will be playing. Fucking love tarantino. If you wanted Kung fu theater as a kid you WILL love this movie.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    well, it's RZA's really but tarantino basically helped him do it (and eli roth)

    now don't expect oscar acting here... just good old kung fu style entertainment and craziness.

  • Fifth.

    I watched the ReasonTV clip on Kelly Thomas that you linked above. Afterwards, I found the full audio/video of the murder. Wish I hadn't.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    Yeah, it's disturbing. Cindy Bachman's press conference regarding it was pathetic. Basically said the cops did the right thing.

  • In reply to The Fifth:

    I had to stop watching after about 10 seconds of his screaming. Horrific man. How can you do that to someone who's basically defenseless?

  • What. Tha. Fuck...


  • Jesus:

  • In reply to MB30SD:


  • I. Miss. Football.

  • Ogletree DUI.....


  • I don't know maings, it's tough not to understand.

    Can you imagine if we had been good enough to be going in the first round of the NFL draft? He's young and dumb and is FULL of testosterone and soon-to-be fame. Fuck I get it. Dumb, yes. totally understandable, no… but shocking and should it effect his draft status… god I hope so (hee hee!)

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    But that is the whole point. If you know that all you have to do is not fuck up for a month or so until the combine and you'll be assured that you will be the first or second linebacker taken why would you mess with it and risk dropping even a couple spots? That drop could cost a couple million bucks.

    With that being said, his stock probably won't even drop as DUI's for top picks aren't the kiss of death compared to things like being labelled as soft or lazy, bad attitude, selfish ,etc.

    When was he projected to go? We can't ignore O line. I'll go fucking crazy if I have to put up with a shit line again and have people question Cutler instead. JUST FIX THE FUCKING LINE, combine it with the weapons we already have and the defense already in place and we'll be in the fucking playoffs and people can shut the fuck up then.

  • oh, and get a fucking tight end.

  • 100% about the oline maings... you know that I'm ALL about that. I just meant it would move some other shit our way... or away from us I guess. Anyway...

  • If Oggletree runs a 4.5 in the combine his DUI won't matter one bit.

  • "Good for Bears. RT @davebirkett: Mayock said he wouldn't want a top 10 pick this year. Talent similar down to 25."

    Not at LT.

    After Lane Johnson who SD, MIA, STL, DAL will most assuredly draft ahead of us, there's a huge drop off.

    We can pick RT DJ Fluker, but that would mean yet another year of Webb at LT, not to mention Carimi on the bench or getting run over at G.

  • I should add however that at 20 we could get a great DT if we decide to let Melton walk (unless there's an unexpected run on them). We could also draft a great S, which would have been nice a few drafts ago.

    C/G/RT we could get a top 2 at 20 (Warmack, Cooper, Jones, Fluker)

    WR we could get a top 3, maybe even the 2nd best WR at 20 (Allen, Patterson, Patton)

    TE almost gauranteed top 2, Ertz or Eifert

    DE a fallen top 5, and if Anzah somehow falls to 20, that might be too tempting for Emery esp when he looks at Pepps $16M.

    ILB we could get the top 3, Oggletree, Te'o, Minter

    CB. Top 5.

    So I sorta agree with Mayock that at 20 we can still get a kick ass prospect, just not necessarily at a position of need, and definitely not at LT.

  • Speaking of Drafts, I'll give my pre-combine "Mock Draft".

    Yeah, everyone and their mother seems to have a screenplay or mock draft lying around, but fuck's either this or talk about Lebron vs Kobe vs MJ...

  • @BMarshall
    @AJJeffery1 bro you keep working like that they may ask me to take a pay cut

    What Marshall had to say about Jeffery.

  • That's good cause the knock on Jeffery was that he had questionable work habit (he did weigh 230) and wouldn't get much separation in the NFL.

    If he keeps up with Beast that means he's dedicated. Learning all the little intricacies of route running, pushing off without pushing off, which corners play what way, all that, Jefferey is gonna get a PhD in WR in no time.

  • I can't wait to see what Alshon turns into with Marshall training with him. That is truly exciting.

  • On the Lach tip, I have a feeling that they're gonna keep him. Look at all the vets who have been let go by other teams (Freeney, Woodson...)

    Teams usually let vets go early as sort of a common courtesy, so they can get a head start in FA.

    That Lach hasn't been released already leads me to believe we're keeping him.

    What I think is holding everything up is Melton's negotiations. I think they're trying to iron out Melton's contract first to figure out exactly how much cap space will be left over for Lach.

    Now, if we have to franchise Melton, then we might have to let Lach walk because we'll only have about $5M in cap space left over. But once Melton's deal gets done, I expect Lach to resign for 2 years with major escalators.

  • 4E85....last paragraph hits home...we get melt-melt done and Lach 1-2yr with incentives if he reaches that, say like Jennings then we have nothing to bitch about. HE EARNED IT!!!!

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