Next Three Games What Make December Football Great

Next Three Games What Make December Football Great

Many fans have already made their decision on the 2012 Chicago Bears and their long-tenured head coach. Season? Over. Coach? Fired. No, Lovie Smith did not drop five touchdown passes this year. No, Lovie Smith did not attempt to arm tackle Adrian Peterson as an undersized safety. No, Lovie Smith did not injure the Bears QB, best interior offensive lineman, middle linebacker, Pro Bowl corner, kicker...etc. But Lovie Smith is the man in charge. And just as he perhaps received too much credit (accompanied by inane contract extension discussion) for the 7-1 Bears, now the coach is receiving abundant blame for four losses over the last five games.

Is it fair? Nobody cares. This is the NFL. Head coaches are judged by one thing only: wins and losses. At 7-1 the Bears were winning. At 1-4 they are losing. But just as their team does, Lovie Smith and this current crop of Bears coaches control their own destiny. If they win out they will make the postseason. (They may not need all three, of course.) And if they make the postseason as either a wild card or somewhat less probably as the NFC North champion it is unlikely Phil Emery will be looking to hire his first head coach come the dead of winter.

These are not games to dread for Bears fans. These are not games to watch hiding behind an oak tree, grasping your childhood blanky. Are the Bears a great team charging toward a Super Bowl crown? Absolutely not. But are they clearly in the discussion as one of the six best teams in the conference? Absolutely. And its the six best teams in the conference who make the tournament to decide who'll travel to New Orleans.

We constantly overrate regular season competition as "litmus test" games or "must-wins" or say things like, "We'll know a lot about this team after this one." There is no overrating the three-game stretch - beginning with the Green Bay Packers - facing the Chicago Bears. These are the definitive games of the 2012 regular season and may be remembered as the definitive games of Lovie Smith's tenure. If the Bears win them they'll play at least one meaningful game in January and Smith will coach in Chicago the next three seasons. If they lose enough of them to miss the postseason, the tenure will be over and we'll all remember Lovie for "Rex is our quarterback" and a Super Bowl failure.

It will not be determined in the backrooms of Halas Hall or on the pages of the two major dailies. It will be determined on the field. Starting at Soldier Field. Starting against the Green Bay Packers.


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  • First we just need this next game... once game at a time.

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    If we beat the packers, we will beat the lions and cards. Maybe if we get all our guys back we can do something in the playoffs. If we end up with the seahawks, we WILL beat them too.

    Whatever happens, the second thing that has to happen, is the lovie era needs to end.

  • what in THEE fuck:

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    why the fuck not just workout?!?!?!?!

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Because of that 4-Letter word contained in that phrase you used:

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    true Al. I think there are some deeper issues with this cat though. waaaaaaay deep.

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    Haven't watched it, and won't. Someone just desperate for attention.

  • fb_avatar

    While all those players listed should also be held accountable for fading down the stretch the fact is Lovie put a lot those players where they are and in the end he is the one who should be accountable.

    Emery did not do Lovie any favors by not drafting any top offensive linemen but in the end Lovie felt he had a SuperBowl team. His Words not mine.

  • Drop passes happen...the Bears do not have this happen to them exclusively...not by a long shot.

    "Best of the Worst Offensive Linemen" it should read Jeff...Our line sucks and it sucked for the last 2 seasons at least. Nothing has been done about it. Why?

    Why is Devin not returning ALL kicks and why is he still running routes vs CBs a Head taller than him?

    Why is Tice being allowed to call Run up the middle plays almost every 1st down or goal line stand over and over again?

    Why doesn't our team adapt to what a team is doing against us BEFORE the second Half?

    Why do we allow our arch rival survive to make the playoffs by playing half ass and sitting most of our starters just to have them come back to our house in the NFC Championship and kick our ass?

    I can go on and on Jeff and the answer is the same.

    COACHING and Lovie...

    I cannot understand why you keep defending this guy season after season...maybe because you know the truth...HE AIN'T GOIN ANYWHERE...he stuck with this brainless meat pie till someone dies or the team is sold....

    I hope we kick the shit out of Greenbay...But if we do it WON'T be because of ANYTHING Lovie does.

  • johnny, get your business done... and by that I mean get that meeting moved maings. I'll call Ditka's and add another to the reservation.

    This is going to be fucking awesome maings. Starting to get excited, can't fucking wait.

    (ps. We're going to pull the shocking upset this weekend, I can feel it in my bones)

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    So Ditka's has a dress code. Alright. I'll bust out my one and only suit.

    But 100 dollar dinners? Not hardly. I'll grab some Arby's on the way and drink 10 dollar beers whilst you guys eat lobster bisque or whatever the fuck.

    I believe we should do as you stated. Have pie for lunch and Ditka's for dinner.

    Anyway we could arrange for a tour of Halas Hall? Or go find Payton's hill?

    I'll be arriving in San Diego on Friday at 9:30 AM and leaving from San Diego on Tuesday at 2:10 PM. Maybe we get some surf in Tuesday morning.

    So fucking stoked.

  • Arby's at Ditka? Come on, maing.

    Let me know where you will be and I will come by and pick up Doc's tab. Damn.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    dude, fuck that. Join us!!!!

    None of you fuckers are offering to hang out, so I'm just planning our own thing. Would love to have you with us.

    You in? Ditka's 8:30 on Sat night. Let me know and I'll add to the reservation.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    sure, which one?

  • In reply to gpldan:


    The one downtown (not oakbrook).

    We're staying at the Hyatt on Wacker (hee hee). We'll (or at least I'll) grab drinks beforehand at the hotel bar or some other bar, so we can hook up earlier for some cocktails if you're into it... maybe 7-7:30ish.

    email address?

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    btw doc, I can't find mention of a dresscode anywhere on the ditkas or the tremont's sites.

    Just bring nice dark jeans and a club-buttondown (with a tight wifebeater underneath... chicks love that)

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Nice sweater vest and a tan blazer looks good

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Can you send me the price of a Ditka's starter by Western Union, GP? Moneygram is good, or I could just give you my bank details.

    This offer is also open to all blog-members, Athiest, Christian, Semitic, Islamic, Buddhist, Shinto, Hindi, whatever.

    Sharing is caring .... it is harder for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter heaven etc.

  • yes on halas... you set that up.

    Hells yes on the surf... if there is any or if it's not too big. I don't have an extra wetsui... well, actually I might. Anyway, we'll def go out if it's decent. Have you ever surfed before doc?

    Depending on how swated we are when we get back we can maybe go to a favorite watering hole for MNF too.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    No wetsuit. I'm about 6'0, 210. Bigger than you if I remember correctly. But cold water doesn't faze me. And I'm mostly just kidding. We'll play it by ear. I just want to try it once before I die (hopefully not right before I die) and I don't know if another oppty will present itself.

  • Hahahahaha... yes, we might be able to literally fulfill that request.

    yes, you're bigger than me. We can get it done. And trust me, this water will faze you. Not that it's colder than where you are from, but it's fucking COLD.

    Yeah, we'll play it by ear. And looks like GP is willing to pick up your salad for you.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    and throw it at him...


  • In reply to gpldan:

    Hey. Beggars can't be choosers.

  • Doc, they'll split the bill equally and you'll get royally screwed. I like the Asian way, where the richest person at the table gets screwed. Financially, first ....

  • Beer bust and then all run up Payton's hill together.

  • btw, what are all you guys doing for the appocalypse tomorrow? anything fun?

    I plan on doing this:

  • I'm almost to apathetic to be jaded at this point. Almost.

  • To all DBBers.

    MB has tried with a braveheart-like persistence to summon your presence for this weekend. Most of you have not even acknowledged his request, let alone answer him. What gives, fuckers?

    Murph, you da man. You're having surgery yet you plan on joining us. A true Dan Hampton like effort on your part. Don't think it's gone unnoticed.

    GP. Thanks man. You should def hang with us.

    Waffle. Fuck bidness. The boys are back in town.

    Shady. You sir, disappoint me the most. We've warred, we've laughed, and we've bled on the battlefield together (mostly me). And still you deny us. MB has asked you at least one hundred times to join us, but for some reason, you skip right past the question. What's the matter with you? Are you hideous? You joined the blogfader but you won't even come have a brew with us? What gives man. It's going to be epic. Plus, we won't have to listen to MB bitch and moan about getting killed the whole time, as we'll be sans video games.

    Seriously Shady. One beer? A slice for lunch? A chauffered tour of your fine city? A joint for the Nitty?

    All kidding aside, anybody who considers themselves even a semi-regular on this board should be moving mountains to make this meet up happen. I'm a broke father of three and I still found a way to do this thing. Everybody should be nutting up and drinking up with MB, MBP, Murph, GP and myself.

    Cor, you sir, need to meet up with us too. Not just hopefully for a few minutes before or after the game. But for dinner and drinks at Ditka's. C'mon man.

    Buttsteak, Tobi, Erik (just put on your cape and fly to Chi, mang!), Bueller?

    Cheesy? Don't even think of it cheesedick.

    Waffle, if you seriously can't make it, send a proxy.

  • A heartfelt plea doc… personally, I don’t like forcing or guilting people to hang out, their fucking loss in my mind.

    Big props to Murph and Corm for throwing it out there first. Thanks boys.

    GP, well done lad.

    Shady... you ARE fucking hideous aren't you? AREN'T YOU!!!!!

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Might explain why his PS3 avatar has warts on it's penis.

  • In reply to gpldan:


  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Jokey needs to get his ass out there too.
    But no shots of whiskey!
    Makers Mark on the rocks, yes.
    Shots of anything?
    Not until after the restaurant.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    jokey hasn't posted in a long time. he still around?

    I see you down there B4. too bad. next time lad.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    MB I would love to come up and meet the crew but I got the company Christmas Party Friday night and can't get up to Chi-town this weekend.

  • So wait is this meetup happening in SD? While I'm you'll all miss me and my role as amiable rogue (event though I wasnt included in this plea for accompanyment lol) I'm not quite sure I can make it. I do have a couple buddies that live down there though so who knows. Make sure you go to Filipes Pizza Grotto and Stone Brewing is worth the drive out to their middle of nowhere location.

  • No. I'm just taking the regular Seattle>San Diego> Chicago route.

  • Sac, where the hell have you been.... not San D... fucking chicago maings.

    We're going to Chicago for the Pack game!

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Ah I saw Docs post where he said he'd be in SD so it threw me off. Alas I fckn wish I was going to Chicago. I'll be skiing Saturday though after we get some fresh powder so that should be cool. Not as cool as going to the Packers Bears game Sunday though. Please bring a megaphone and heckle the living hell out of the Fudge and their fans.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    You guys are frickin hilarious. Have fun, post pictures.

  • The blueblockers are fucking fabulous:

    How fucking awesome would it be to roll into Ditka's in full blown Ditka regalia? Awesome.

  • Gould on IR.

    Fuck me.

  • Damn, Doc - you're turning into Artoo 2.0!
    Scooped again...

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    I'm on Christmas break. Thus, what better do I have to do? (See how I did that....Erik's gratuitous usage of the word "thus")

  • :)

    Being on the West coast sucks. I literally have to get up at 5 am to be like Adam. Thus, I sleep in on most days lol

  • ha ha. Nice.

  • ...and the hits just KEEP ON COMIN' !!!"

  • Wow...

  • @#$%!~

  • Saturday night downtown? I live in Aurora so assuming the wife is willing to watch the month old child, I will try to make it. It sounds like a blast and it would be neat to put a face with all of the names that I read everyday.

    Hopefully, it will bring some good karma to our Bears and they can finish out the season strong.

    On a different note, I am not for Lovie getting fired. Overall I think the guy is a pretty good head coach. Tice needs to be replaced and the answer for that is Bates. If we were to fire Lovie who do we hire? Unless we can get Cowher I think it is pointless.

  • In reply to do53:

    Ah, good old Aurora.
    We will be hard to miss, I imagine.

  • In reply to do53:

    sounds good do. Let us know.

  • Fuck - Robbie just went on IR.

  • Doc, you should be in sales.

    Waffle offical status: "Probable" for saturday night but no guarantee for the game.

    The sequence of events that led to this update is nothing short of a HalasMas miracle.

    Two seemingly inconsequential checks show up today in the mail from personal loans given out over 2 years ago. The amounts are small when viewed one by one but when added together miraculously come to the amount I would spend on a saturday night downtown AND on a possible visit to Ditkas AND possibly a last minute ticket to the game AND a small bag of weed for Doc and a large tranny hooker for MB.

    THEN, the Vegas trip is moved back almost 2 days through nothing that I did or that I suggested.

    THEN, my wife gives the blessing because she is having a friend over on saturday night after the kids are asleep (no not a dude) and her mom's bday is on sunday and will be going to her house for lunch with the kids so they can hang with Grandma.

    This is fate. Just like when we win out these fucking games.

    Holy Shit it is on. I'm going to get us all killed.

  • Now THAT is what I'm motherfucking talking about!

    It's on bitches!

  • I got a 2 for 1 coupon on tranny hookers.

    It's a ChicagoNow promotion.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    2 breasts for every 1 penis.

  • hahahahaha

  • In reply to gpldan:

    sweet.. and we may just see a texas cage match between you and Johnny right in the middle of Ditka's.

    Two man enter...

  • In reply to gpldan:

    No wonder Groupon is going broke.

  • speaking of being owwwwwn...

    Rabbit, Johnny and I were on last night.. I sent you like 10 invites.

    Get on maings.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I'll definitely be available tomorrow eve.


    Awesome maings... see the universe is aligning for us!

    Oh, one last thing... I'll find and procure my own tranny hooker at a bar… so can I transfer that money to buy myself a full-blown Ditka outfit instead?

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I may have to transfer that money to increase the volume of dirty martinis that i throw down at Ditka's. The money may also be transfered to the trust that i've created for Doc for the weekend. Mainly because i want to get him fucked up so he can talk about string theory and blow my mind.

  • fair enough

  • I pop in here every now and then to repeat what so many (or at least Jeff) don't want to hear. Lovie has to go. Should have been done a few years ago.

    Not doing it dooms the Bears to best the absolute best mediocre team in the league. Sort of like the Eagles with Andy Reid. Never quite good enough to be a serious contender - but no shortage of reasons (excuses) as to why it will be different next year.

    LOVIE was OK with Kellen Davis at tight end. LOVIE was ok with Webb at LT. LOVIE was OK with not getting any help for the line except a guy who perhaps has a serious personality issue (would anyone be surprised if Rachel ends up in a ditch or taking his own life? I certainly hope not, but really, woudl anyone be surprised?)

    LOVIE said "trust me" after the SB loss that he knew what he was doing. (And we haven't won a playoff game against a decent playoff team since.) LOVIE has gone through more (failed) OCs than anyone should have a right to. LOVIE has said after bad losses (twice now I think) that the team wasn't ready - clearly his responsibility.

    Finally, LOVIE has a horrible record against teams with winning records in the second half of the season (as compiled by the media - can't find the link offhand)

    Lovie RELIES on the turnover ratio going their way in order to win. Hey Lovie - it's not against the rules for the offense to score 21 ON THEIR OWN!

    Remember - this was supposed to be a transition to a real offensive team, and now it sounds like Lovie feels the reason they are losing is becasue the defense is getting enough turnovers. Now there is no doubt that with a couple more they probably WOULD win another couple games (certainly Seattle if Major Wright got the INT) but WHY is that necessary? Why can't the offense not score 28 on their own?

    Three reasons: no reliable tight end; I have to wonder if Jay ignores even looking for Kellen Davis open or not and throws to Marshall instead.

    Relying on Hester as a second or thrid WR (when did we last have Marshall, Jeffrey, and Bennent playing at the same time?

    Bad line play - I don't want to hear about the fact that they haven't given up many sacks; Jay NEVER has a clean pocket - always has to move or run out (ignoring designed rollouts) and that's when he's prone to throwing off the back foot or flat footed and the ball sails. Happened at least twice Sunday - one for a pick six and one was a dropped by the Vikings.

    Yes - Tice STUPIDLY called a pass (with an empty backfield?) on 3-1 that ended up a pick 6. But why is he there? Because Lovie is on the bubble, and we couldn't get anyone else to take over as OC for Martz, who was hired because Lovie was on the bubble and we couldn't get anyone else to take over for the failed Turner, who was hired to take the place of another failed OC.

    And there is actually talk of letting Lovie coach out the next year and see what happens?? WHY?? If they actually make the playoffs, does that make him a better coach than he is right now? It would make more sense to give him a 5 year extension and force him to hire a real OC than give him (another) lame duck year.

    The Bears have one more chance to beat a good team this year. If they do, then I will come on here and admit I'm wrong. I don't expect it to happen, but I'm too much a Bear fan to want them to lose to the Packers. But if they do, and then beat Dt and AR - does that make Lovie a good coach? No - they will be the best mediocre team in the league - and there are no trophies for that.

    But I'm not

  • In reply to BillW:

    Typed too fast - a lot of errors but I think you get my point. I'm 60 years old and I've seen this movie too many times. Extend a coach and just keep coming close. Under Lovie we will never have an 8 game losing streak, but we will never seriously contend for a SB either.

  • In reply to BillW:


    You have season tix, right? Will you be tailgaiting? Care to meet us at Ditka's on Saturday night? You don't post as much as you used to, but I've always enjoyed your perspective. Come join us.

    By the way, it seems to me that, inexplicably, Jay keeps throwing to Davis.

  • In reply to BillW:

    Bill, Kellen Davis has trouble getting separation as he is not a good route runner like Olsen was.

    If Jay had a tightend that was 6'5 260 and could catch and move the chains he'd be the fucking mayor by now.

  • Could not agree more.

  • Olindo Mare.

    Is that spanish for

    "Better than no kicker at all." ?

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    it actually directly translates to: "Vagina of the sea" Al

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Dude... you know that his name "Mare" means sea in Italian?

  • uh, yes erik... hence my play on his name.

    Way to fucking brutalize my joke... roethlesburger.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I thought you were trying to quote Anchorman.


  • that's a whale's vagina... and don't call Will Farrell a dbag, son.

  • And now, a word from our (beleguered) sponsor...
    Time to compose another verse..
    ...if I may be so bold.
    Things just went from "bad" to "worse"...

    ...with losing Robbie Gold.
    Bummer Shave

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Bummer shave... ha

  • In reply to gpldan:

    You saw how I did that. ;o)

  • I am working everyday after Wednesday till next Thursday. Do you really think I wouldn't show up? In my suit? I'm glad you all are getting together. Your timing couldn't be worse.

    I am saving and planning on going to Da Blog Draft party.

    You all should go because Jeff and the regs make it fun as Hell.

  • Steltz out?


    Stay healthy, Pringles.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    jesus christ! You can get injured just standing on the fucking sidelines if you're a bear.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    does he look like this:

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I'd call that a personal foul :)

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    I'd call it simple assault dave.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    How the fuck did Steltz get injured - did he fall off the bench?

  • Does it not feel great to read this and know that this is a Chicago Bears player?

    Brandon Marshall leads the NFL in receptions (101), is second in receiving yards (1342) and tied for third in receiving TDs (9).

    Holy Batman mobile!

  • Also about 20th in average yds per catch at about 13. A 100+ catch, 1500+ yard possession receiver.

    So Bears.

  • Gould, Steltz, and McMannis on IR. Special teams just went to shit.

    Lovie's chances to stick around go up with each new guy on IR.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Au contraire; his chances decline with every body on IR.

    Because every additional body means less chance of winning.

    I don't think he's gonna get a pass because guys get hurt--especially guys far down on the depth chart.

  • From the shill (Mayer) on Da Site:

    "It certainly has been much tougher for the Bears to win when their defense doesn't score a touchdown. Over the past two seasons, they're 8-1 in games in which their defense gets into the end zone and 8-12 when their defense doesn't score. That's a pretty amazing stat that shows how dependent the Bears have been on their defense not only stopping opponents but scoring TDs."

  • In reply to SC Dave:


  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Wow - even Mayer is making my point. Lovie RELIES on the defense to score! For anyone else that would a good team great. For us, it makes a bad team good.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    These stats are completely worthless unless compared to the rest of the league. I would bet most teams win, when their defense scores a touchdown. Its kind of like the one I keep hearing about Lovie's record against winning teams. What's the league average against winning teams?

  • In reply to Johnnywad:

    The league average against winning teams is irrelavant unless your team aspires to be average.

    It's the record of true contenders against winning teams that matters.

  • In reply to BillW:

    And it's not that they win when the D scores; it's that they lose far more than they win when they don't.

  • Shit..Per Briggs

    #Bears K Robbie Gould cannot return to active 53-man roster this year w/ new rule for injured reserve. Here is why:
    When a player is designated to return from the injured reserve during the season, he must spend at least eight weeks on the injured reserve list, according to a team spokesman. Therefore, at this late point in the season – with only three regular-season games remaining – it is too late to use that designation for Gould or the other players moved to IR today – S Craig Steltz and CB Sherrick McManis.

    So, Bears will roll with new K Olindo Mare for the remainder of the season.

  • Biggs not Briggs.


  • Apparently Halas Hall is even more locked down than the White House. I called there, which was awesome because the lady answered the phone with the greeting "Chicago Bears", and she said that the public is never allowed to tour the facilities. Not even allowed to drive on the facilities. Crazy.

    So if any of you locals know of any museums or other places that a die hard life long cast of Bear fans, making their first trip to the Holy Land, MUST see when in town this weekend, please please let us know. Walter Paytons hill for example. Where is it? Best place to buy Bear paraphernalia? And not just jerseys or what not, but things that one might like to purchase for their three young bear fans for christmas, for example. Seems to me that with a history as rich as the bears, there would have to be some sort of official museum or the like.

  • I think it's at soldier doc. We can get there early.

    Ps. You're running walter's hill on your own. my cleats won't fit into by bag.

  • Walter Payton's hill is in Arlington Heights - where Payton first lived before he built his home in Barrington - which at one point you could drive up to the front gate, see his outdoor basketball court and see the sign that said "The Paytons - Walter, Connie, Jarrett, Brittney". Connie sold it and it's been torn down and a new home built on it.

    The hill is on what's now a municipal par 3 nine hole golf course called Nickoll (sp?) Knoll. It's the hightest point on the course and it has a plaque in honor of Walter. Not sure if you can go on the course in the winter, but I know they will open for anything even close to decent weather all year. If not, you can probably drive up and walk the course anyway. On a clear you can easliy see the Sears Tower from there. (Now called the Whatchu talkin' 'bout Willis Tower).

  • Here ya go, Doc:

  • Yeah take the tour of soldier field. You can call them and find out when and where it is.. it was kinda hard to find. It's just some random small door on the south/east side of the stadium. I think it was $10 and worth every penny.

    I would also suggest going out to Wrigleyville, not really Bears related but the most fun part of the city that I could find.

  • If you have the time and the inclination, go to U of C and visit the Oriental Institute--it's a treasure.

    And then the Garfield Conservatory. If you visit on a cold, snowy day, it's like a slice of heaven.


  • well,now the offense is gonna have to really step's do or die time. It's sink or swim..already pissed away the NFC it could be real interesting to see what kinda balls these boys have.

  • I'm sorry - make that 46th in average yds per catch!!!

    Again -
    A 100+ catch, 1500+ yard possession receiver. So Bears.

  • In reply to BillW:

    So, Antonio Brown (11.6 YPC), Larry Fitzgerald (11.4), etc, etc, etc...
    They must REALLY be possession receivers...

    Come on, Bill.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    You know, Mike Wallace is going to be a FA?

  • In reply to BillW:

    Honestly, finding a way to complain about a 100+ catch, (likely) 1800+ yard THAT is so Bears.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Not complaining at all; just pointing out the weakness in the Bears offense is NOT Cutler or Marshall (duh) but the players / scheme as a whole that relegates such a prolific recevier to a YPC that is low compared to others in his class. He is getting catches that would normally go to a tight end or a possession receiver because he can, well, catch.

    Plus it's a lot of short passes since Cutler doesn't have the time for a called seven step. Never had the time to use it yet, but I subscribed to NFL rewind - and if I had the time I'd see how many 7 step drops he's had in the last 5 games. My guess is close to 0 - and that's the right tactic given our weak line.

    So my point NOT that Marshall is not unbeliveably great - he IS. It's that we unfortunately cannot translate that greatness into more yardage and therefore more points.

  • In reply to BillW:

    Bill, why shit all over our one bright spot. You giant douche.

  • coach you motherfucker. You coming to dinner on Sat maings?

  • I was called a douche. I finally feel like I belong here!

  • See my post above that coincided with yours. Not crapping on him at all - but I am crapping on the offensive scheme - due to a bad line and worse than worthless TEs.

    Without Cutler and Marshall, we aren't even debating keeping Lovie or how making the playoffs. We'd be debating who we shoudl pick with the top 5 draft choiced we'd have.

  • In reply to BillW:

    No Bill, your shitty post must be exploited for the Hater Post it was. Sorry if he doesn't just run down the field like a fucking spaz and try to get 20yards a catch. That would be a really intelligent use of a 6'5 235 lb guy that has the body control of a 6'0 200 lb ultra athlete like Percy Harvin.

  • There are 3 fucking games left. He may end up with almost 2000 yards you fucking idiot. That has never been done before in the history of the league if I am not mistaken. Please just apologize for being the epitome of a douchebag.

  • BillW said 1 hour, 5 minutes ago

    In reply to Artoo (Aka Big McLargeHuge ):Also about 20th in average yds per catch at about 13. A 100+ catch, 1500+ yard possession receiver.

    So Bears.

    I am putting this comment in for my nomination for the worst comment of the year. Voting begins today. We'll tally the votes, you can paraphrase a quote if you'd like. i'm going with BillW. His comment was truly special.

    Only a true asshole can call a 101 catch 1500 yard game dominating receiver a "possession" receiver.

    WITH 3 GAMES TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What an asshole.

    Don't talk about the 20yard in's, the 15yard comebacks, the 40 yards double moves, the underneath routes, the screens, the slants, the fades, the red zone, the jump balls, etc.

    BillW, do you realize that with 9 types of patterns, all of which Marshall dominates, that I've just described every single fucking route that any fucking player could ever run while playing any type of receving position????? DUMBEST FUCKING COMMENT OF ALL TIME.

  • oh jesus... I was wondering when this was going to come.

  • Thansk for all the love. I'll try one more time to make my point. If I fail I will humbly accept the disgrace of worst comment.

    I'm not dissing on Marshall at all. Please read what I've said after the post. The point is with all those catches there shoudl be more yards. OR more to the point, there should be more throws to a TE that instead go to Marshall becuase we don't have TEs that can catch.

    OBVIOUSLY he has these numbers because he's all he have. No receiver coudl put up these numbers without being great. But Petersen is the best back in league - may break the single season rushing record - and will be watching the playoffs from home. Number of carries / catches and total yards rushing / receiving ALMOST NEVER translate to a SB winner. If anything - they are a sign of weakness in other areas that prevent the team from competing with the best teams in he league.

    And the Bears performance lately indicates that quite well.

    The "so Bears" is that they know how very well to be have great players (Marshall = Payton) and fall short in big games anyway.

    But if you all want to call me names and intentionally miss the point I think I've made quite clearly a few times now, then have at it.

    By the way, as I've stated before - I'm 60 years old and have seen more Bears games than most of you. Been a fan my whole life - like my Dad, Uncle, Grandfather (may they rest in peace.) Gone to games since Wrigley days; season ticket holder in my own name for about 20 years and an iorginal PSL holder.

    You want to call a fan like that an asshole / douchbag / idiot and really mean it? You're not the kind of Bear fans I'd want to know.

  • Or let me say it more concisley -
    I't sjust like the Bears to go out and arguably the best receiver in football and STILL not be a lock for the playoffs. Just like the had the best running back ever and were hit and miss in the playoffs until Ditka.

    I look at it this way - the brain trust saying:
    "You mean we need a good QB? OK - here you go. Now win.

    Wait - you mean he needs someone reliable to throw to? OK - here you go.

    Wait - you mean they both need an O-Line and a TE so teams can't always double cover him? My God - will these demands nver end?"

    The stats point out two things -
    1. Marshall is the best receiver the Bears ever had and is clearly one of the best in the league if not THE best.

    2. But they also point out all the weaknesses we all know the offense has.

    Maybe it's my background in statistics that makes it easier for me to see relationships in numbers than to articulate what I'm seeing.

    But in all honesty the point was in fact obvious to me as soon as I heard those numbers on the Score this morning.

  • "BillW, do you realize that with 9 types of patterns, all of which Marshall dominates, that I've just described every single fucking route that any fucking player could ever run while playing any type of receving position????? DUMBEST FUCKING COMMENT OF ALL TIME."

    Of course - that's why he's the best receiver the Bears ever had and maybe the best in the league.

    But his off the charts number of catches with a relatively low YPC indicate that the Bears do not have a baalnced offense. Like the Payton days, only with a receiver instead of a running back.

    With a balanced offense - Marshall would have less catches (but still over 100). Less yards than he will end up with (but still over 1200). And the Bears would score more points and be able to beat good teams.

    Or I'll say it one more time even simpler -
    Despite having a great receiver, and very good QB, RB, and second receiver, the Bears O is still bad.

    Our top three receivers are set; our two RBs are a great duo, our QB is set. All we need is a good TE and two good linemen. VERY doable.

  • In reply to BillW:

    I just ignored all of your posts and will reiterate that your main point was that the Bears offense is not utilizing Marshall correctly. That was the jist and that was the part that was fucking dumb. I'm sure the other stuff that you just typed was good. I was referring to the fucking stupid part....which was unfortunately the main point you were trying to make. While you were backpedaling from the pass rush you started to make actual sense though. :)

  • my god you're on fire this week.


  • In reply to BillW:

    Well, maybe I'm a big dope but what you said Bill makes absolute sense to me...

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    ...oh god...

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    (Tobi, shhhhhhhhh ... let's just creep outside for a smoke and come back later .....)

  • So, just out of curiosity, how about a head count of who's going to be in Chicago for the Packers game and/or festivities before and after it? Are you guys definitely on for dinner at Ditka's?

  • why are you guys posting on a dead thread for christ sake?

    Tobi, so far I think its:
    * Doc
    * MBP
    * Johnny
    * GP
    * Me
    * And then maybe some others

    Bring it.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Because I'm an idiot, that's why. I'll repost on the current one...

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    Tobi, i'll continue this dead post.

    You simply cannot agree with BillW's initial posts. I'm sure he did a great job of bactracking but here are were the main breakdowns before the bactrack:

    1. That Brandon Marshall is somehow a possession receiver and the Bears have made him into that.....even though he is top 2 in 7 main statistical categories that are used to track the most dominant receivers in the game and also has one of the highest percentages of caught balls per target. FUCKING ERRONEOUS BILL.

    2. That Marshall's pedestrian 13.3 or whatever yards per catch is somehow the product of the Bears inability to run 7 step drops. Forgetting that his yards per play are extremely similar to fucking MEGATRON. As if Marshall would somehow use his above average speed to outrace guys that run 4.3's with safeties over the top and catch go routes every time to get his yards per catch up 1.5 yards.

    3. That his 13.3 yards per catch are somehow hampering the Bears from scoring more and that if his yards per catch were higher say similar to Vincent Jackson that he would have as many TD's as him.....oh wait, he has more than him. FUCKING ERRONEOUS.

    To even infer that Marshall is not being used in every way shape and form....EXACTLY THE WAY HE SHOULD BE USED AND HAS BEEN USED HIS ENTIRE CAREER is just nonsense. Check the stats yourself

    BillW decided to illustrate one of his shitty points by pointing out that Marshall seems to be 46th in average yds per reception and that somehow this is some sort of proof of the fault of the scheme. Don't get me wrong, the scheme is shitty and lacks consistency like most 1st year systems but please tell me that the guys 45 spots above him somehow make more of an impact and make Brandon more of a possession receiver even though some of those guys have 1 FUCKING TD, 3 tenths of a yard more per catch and 1/3 the amount of catches. Holy Shit.

    Receptions - 1st
    Targets - 2nd
    Percentage caught balls - 64% almost tops in the league!!!!
    Yards - 2nd
    Yards per game - 2nd
    1st downs - 2nd
    TD's - tied for 2nd

    I don't know how you could be less of a possession receiver.

    Fucking Brutal.

  • Call me "late to the party" but:

    Holy shit, Marshall is #1 in the league in receptions?!?!?!?

    fuck me, I never would've thought I'd see a Bears receiver leading the league in receptions. And he's within striking range of the most yards?


    I dunno how you could utilize him more/better. I just hope his hands don't fall off from all the balls he's catching.

    Shit, we should call him "Paris Hilton" because he's seen about as many balls flying at his face as she has. His hands aren't as sticky as hers, though.

  • And MUUUURPH!!!!!!!

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