Lovie Smith by Jeff Hughes

Lovie Smith by Jeff Hughes

Lovie Smith has won far more games than he's lost as the head coach of the Chicago Bears. And he's won far more games that his two post-Ditka predecessors did on the Lakefront. Dave Wannstedt was 40-56 in the regular season, 1-1 in the postseason. Dick Jauron was 35-45 in the regular season, 0-1 in the postseason. Lovie is 79-62 in the regular season, 3-3 in the postseason. Irrefutable point: Lovie Smith has been a consistent, winning head coach in the NFL.

Many fans, and employees at both our brilliant (sarcasm) daily newspapers, want Lovie fired as a symbolic gesture to those clamoring for more than above-average success. They want an announcement from Halas Hall stating, "8-8, 9-7 and a division title every couple years is not enough! These are the Chicago Bears!" (This is a statement that makes no sense in the Super Bowl era as those records and the occasional division title has been exactly what the Chicago Bears are.)

Who do they want Smith replaced with? This is a far trickier predicament for the blood thirsty. Those dying for a Chicago Bears Super Bowl crown often point their attention to former Super Bowl champions like Bill Cowher and Jon Gruden, ignoring one of the more glaring and obvious facts in football history: no coach has ever won a Super Bowl with two different teams. The savvier will begin targeting successful college coaches (David Shaw) and hot coordinator candidates (Jay Gruden) from across the landscape of the NFL, even though success on either end can not be described as anything other than a crap shoot. Some just want a different human being on the sideline and they don't much care who. This was the prevailing sentiment surrounding the firing of GM Jerry Angelo.

What is the difference between a winning team and a championship team? Let's compare two of the banner franchises of the modern NFL.

The New England Patriots won three Super Bowl titles between 2001 and 2004. Since that year the Pats have been one of the most remarkable regular season teams in the history of pro sports. Records: 10-6, 12-4, 16-0, 11-5, 10-6, 14-2, 13-3 and currently 10-3.  In that period of time they have won 7 playoff games. They have not won a championship.

The New York Giants, since Tom Coughlin's arrival in 2004, are 82-59 in the regular season. Six games better than Lovie Smith's Chicago Bears over the same period of time. They have won 8 playoff games en route to two Super Bowl titles. Outside of those two Super Bowl campaigns the Giants have not won a single playoff game during the Coughlin era.

What Couglin's Giants have proven is you just have to make the tournament. Regardless of seed or regular season play, you just have to arrive at the dance to meet your potential mate. What Belichick's Patriots have proven is making the tournament every single season is no guarantee of glory. If Belichick had begun his coaching career in 2005, I wonder if the Boston media would not be calling for his ouster as a result of "failure to reach the Promised Land". And why haven't they reached the Promised Land? Because David Tyree caught one of the most ridiculous passes in NFL history and Wes Welker dropped a ball he'd catch 99 out of 100 times. That's what the NFL comes down to. A play or two.

Lovie Smith's defenses have had their down moments (cough, 2009, cough) but have never been the primary issue facing the Bears. One could easily argue that 75% of his Bears defenses were more than capable of winning the Super Bowl.

Lovie Smith's offenses have been something of a disaster for three reasons. (1) Until the arrival of Jay Cutler, Lovie never had a quarterback. And even the first year or so of Cutler was shaky. (2) Lovie's offensive coordinator choices have never been able to consistently balance the coach's expectations of a run-first approach with the league's clear favoring of a pass-first attack. (3) Outside of a free agent-based collection of veterans in 2005-2006, Jerry Angelo struggled mightily to find guys who can block.

So what's the point? The point is any fan or writer who calls - prematurely or otherwise - for the ousting of Lovie Smith should recognize a few things. (1) They would not be doing so if Major Wright intercepted Russell Wilson's errant pass late against the Seattle Seahawks. (2) They would not be doing so if Alshon Jeffery and Devin Hester caught their respective touchdown passes against the Minnesota Vikings. These are basic facts because these three plays would have resulted in victories, moved the Bears to 10-3, guaranteed thems a 2012 playoff position and changed the discourse from replacing Smith to extending him. That is the difference between winning and losing in the current NFL and this is the difference between a coach being heralded or berated by their respective fans.

Lovie Smith is a good head coach. You're not 17 games over .500 with a crop of Jerry Angelo players unless you're a good head coach. If the argument was Angelo could not find talent and Lovie won with the lack of talent found, doesn't that mean Lovie is a good head coach?

Can the Bears win a championship with Lovie Smith as their head coach? If Phil Emery believes the answer is "no" he will show Lovie the door should the Bears fail to make the 2012 postseason and bring in his own man. Personally, I don't see how a coach who has BEEN to the Super Bowl would be incapable of WINNING a Super Bowl. He got there by beating two Super Bowl winning coaches. He got there with Rex Grossman, currently third string behind two rookies in Washington, playing quarterback.

I'm pulling for the Bears to beat the Packers Sunday at Soldier Field Sunday not only because I have pulled for the Bears every Sunday of my entire life. I am pulling for the Bears Sunday because I'm pulling for Lovie Smith. The Bears will have a better chance to win a title over the next three seasons if he's the head coach.


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  • As pissed as I've been about this losing streak (and every losing streak in the past under Lovie), it's hard to argue against Smith's success. Instead, I honestly think the hostility toward him stems from his methods, his sideline demeanor, as many on this board have pointed out in the past. When there are losing streaks and mistakes and bad football being played/called, I think ALL of us want to see Lovie transform into Da Coach, throw someone's clip board at Tice's head, slam his fist into the back of Marinelli's neck......SOMETHING to aleviate OUR pain as fans. It's just not who he is, blah blah blah blah ad nauseum WHO CARES. Just win baby!

  • In reply to Bender McLugh:

    oh.... and also Smith's INSISTENCE on using basic Cover-2 to hold a lead. What the FFFFFffffffffff is with that?!??

  • In reply to Bender McLugh:

    Let's not forget, God gave Tebow the power to tie the Bears in the last seconds and beat them in OT. Or was it the prevent defense and the Lord making Marion Barber stupid?

  • In reply to Bender McLugh:

    Did you see that defense this year? More turnovers and interceptions than anyone in the league.

  • In reply to Bender McLugh:

    Exactly. People are calling for his head when we just got rid of the real culprit, Angelo. Had anyone paid attention to the line and ... I don't know ... realized Olin was old ... replaced him when he did go .... not been dumb enough to go through Orlando, Omelette and now fatboy nation .... we might have a decent line. Then Lovie might have a couple of rings and be annually touted as cach of the year.

    Re Jefe's point about no coach ever winning a Lombardi with two teams .... losers don't switch teams - they get moved on. Didn't Chuck Knoll win rings with four different teams? Bill Walsh? Belicheat? Each year is a different year and no two rosters the same.

  • fb_avatar

    Big Lovie Smith fan here. Agree with your article. My take on everything this week is Shut Up and beat the %$$ ^%#$#$ Packers.

    Now is the time for all the promise and all the hype about this offense, this defense, to do something and get this win. For any player of the Chicago Bears, you want to make a name for yourself, you want to avenge past errors and get a fresh start... Make a F... ng play that beats the Packers.

    Yeah even Kellen Davis can wipe out the memory of a miserable career, even Devin Hester can wipe out the memory of a miserable season, Forte can be the "Pay the Man" guy and so on

    Get this freaking win. That's all Kehoe out. See you on the other side Bear freaks.

  • In reply to Big Mike:

    RIght on, dude.

  • Jeff I have to agree completely. I still think Lovie gives the Bears the best chance at winning.

    We'll see if he's still around next year. I'm very scared of who may be around in his place.

  • "I'm pulling for Lovie Smith..."

    Yep, your pulling "something" for Lovie Smith that's for sure Jeff.

    Lovie's record doesn't make him a good coach...It makes him a lucky coach. He's not even close to "good". Comparing him to Dave Wannstedt and Dick Jauron is like comparing Curly to Moe & Larry...Hmmm in the end they are all Stooges...

    Lovie should have been GONE after 2009...but he's still here not because of his record but because the McCaskeys like him..he's a great yes man and he nods a lot when they speak to him...

    You defended Angelo as well and many of us didn't agree with that either.

    OMG give me a break! Lovie is not and never was the answer for the Bears to become the team they SHOULD be today. He'll be gone and when he is it will be the same answer the Bears Front office always gives us..."Too little, too late. Sorry..."

    Jeff, we will never agree on Lovie either..that's fine though..This Blog still rocks and that's what make the world go around...

    Packers Dead!

    Bears - 27
    Packers - 10


  • In reply to Bears-4-Ever:


    naked as the eyes of a clown.

  • In reply to Bears-4-Ever:

    You lost me at

    "Lovie's record doesn't make him a good coach...It makes him a lucky coach."

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Meaning simply that he's lucky that his record is what it is keeping in mind he's NOT a "good" coach. At best he's mediocre..hence he's lucky.

  • In reply to Bears-4-Ever:

    I do not find "he's lucky" a very compelling argument.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    And lucky how? Where's the Lombardi?

  • I get this pov... I really do. I just don't think lovie has what it takes to be a couglin... he just doesn't They're a different caliber.

    So if you're ok with touting winning overall records and going to the show to pull a one and done every 3-5 years, good on ya.

    Not me. I want a champeenship in Chicago. And the fact that we're the bears DOES 100% make a difference. We SHOULD be a winning franchise, why not demand it as a fan. If we were Cleveland fans I'd be on board with just giving up and being satisfied with 17 win over .500 across 10 years (or whatever it's been)

    We lose this game and lovie needs to be replaced with Toub or one of the college guys (kelly?)

    Oh, and merry xmas: http://www.thepoke.co.uk/2012/12/13/theres-a-problem-with-brightons-christmas-lights/

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    by the show I meant the playoffs not the SB

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I would say we were separated at birth, except you inexplicably hate Seinfeld and think Christian Bale is a bad actor. Oh, and you like blondes with big boobs, while I like brunettes with big boobs.

  • He likes John Candy and John Goodman. I think it's all about the hair color and boobs.

  • If you didn't see the link I posted to Thelma, it's a few threads back. She's worth it. Brunette and beautiful.

    Seinfeld is a tool.

  • I think you are missing several things from the past, and only putting Lovie's fate on last week's game, even though those past things reappear, including this week.

    (1) Lovie only talks in corporate speak, and doesn't really take responsibility for the team's lack of preparation or the like. I bet you could put Forrest Claypool into that job, and the result would be no different.

    (2) With Green Bay, we remember that the Bears could have kept Green Bay out of the playoffs a couple of years ago, but "that game didn't mean anything" and the Bears lost to Green Bay in the playoffs. Similarly, Lovie's "we're still 8 and 5 and in charge of our destiny" isn't going to mean much if the team is not prepared for Green Bay this weekend. But apparently everyone is too hurt to practice.

    (3) Lovie supposedly had input into Jerry's picks and signings, such as Manimanauseless.

    (4) When he first accepted the job, he talked about a speedy offense. Apparently the only thing he knows about offense is what he saw Martz do in St. Louis.

    My point is that Lovie hasn't shown anything that changes my conclusion 3 years ago that he should have been fired.

  • In reply to jack:

    1.) Lovie has specifically said "I didn't have the team ready to play in the last two weeks"
    2.) 2 years ago Lovie played all of his starters in an effort to knock the Packers out of the playoffs despite having no opportunity to improve their playoff seeding
    3.) Manu was Martz's guy
    4.) He said he wants a speedy offense? If you say so. Lovie was here 6 years before Martz.
    If you want to see Lovie gone I get it. But there's no need to make stuff up to back your position.

  • In reply to Johnnywad:

    I personally can't stand it when coaches take the blame by saying they didn't prepare their players. Yes they fucking did. They just can't come out and say. "Well if Hester does his fucking job and catches a perfect slant and that rookie Alshon doesn't fucking fall down and cause a pick six and then drop a fucking touchdown pass and Earl catches a fucking picture perfect bomb then we aren't sitting here talking now are we motherfuckers?"

    .....because that would erode the teams confidence.

  • In reply to Waffle:

    Agreed. Press conferences are nearly worthless in the NFL

  • In reply to Johnnywad:

    Which is why Ditka was great. Youtube-worthy.

  • Here's to Lovie!

    May we always have the pleasure of catching a glimpse of his clueless face after he wastes another timeout.

  • In reply to thebigcheese:

    this sums it up... packers fans are praying we keep lovie.

    They aren't afraid of lovie, like they aren't afraid of our players.

    We lose this game, while I'm there, and I will personally volunteer to lead the angry hoard of torch carriers to the front gate of Halas.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    The gameplan is simple. If you move the pocket, run quick hitting plays, keep up the tempo and run the ball you win. (what the Bears told us they were going to do this year)

    If you dropback predictably and let people tee off on Cutler and Jay feels he has to do everything we lose. (what the bears are actually doing)

    It's on Tice and it's simple. Not easy mind you, just simple.

  • In reply to thebigcheese:

    Here's to Cheesy!

    May we have the pleasure of his absence after da Bears kick the shit out of the Packers this Sunday.

  • I'm with you Jeff. Lovie's been consistently successful. I really think he can win the Super Bowl if a few things fall a certain way. Peyton Manning's Super Bowl win should forever have an asterisk next to it because he only beat Rex Grossman. Come on!

  • In reply to Perno:

    Grossman was the best guy we had. I don't understand why people still have some need to berate him.

    Let it go

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Brian Griese was better. Kyle was better.

  • In reply to Perno:

    ... and no Tommie Harris or MB .... the worst MVP performance of all-time.

  • Bold post Jeff; you had to know there'd be a lot of disagreement.

    He hasn't won FAR more games than he's lost. His winning percentage is 9-7 - as I call the Bears the absolute best mediocre team in the league, that qualifies him for the absolute best mediocre coach in the league.

    No trophies for that.

    EVERYONE on this board knows the Bears troubles start and end with the offense, and has been that way for his whole tenure. Why can't he see it - and why can't he fix it?

    I could on, but here is the REAL reason Lovie's supporters think he shoudl be stay. Because the Bears could (and probably would) do worse.

    Not a ringing endorsement.

  • In reply to BillW:

    You're right both that it is far from a ringing endorsement, but more right that it is probably the truth.

    The problem with the offense is that they don't have anyone that knows how to grade offensive linemen in the draft. Here's what they've tried to add:

    Year Round Pick Player
    2011 1 29 OL Gabe Carimi
    2010 7 218 T J'Marcus Webb
    2009 7 246 G Lance Louis
    2008 1 14 T Chris Williams
    2008 7 222 G Chester Adams
    2008 7 247 T Kirk Barton
    2007 4 130 C Josh Beekman
    2007 7 241 G Aaron Brant
    2006 6 200 G Tyler Reed

    Not pretty. The skill positions are not much better, although 2008 was an excellent year and seven of these guys are still in the NFL:

    2011 5 160 QB Nathan Enderle
    2009 3 99 WR Juaquin Iglesias
    2009 5 140 WR Johnny Knox
    2009 7 251 WR Derek Kinder
    2008 2 44 RB Matt Forte
    2008 3 70 WR Earl Bennett
    2008 5 158 TE Kellen Davis
    2008 7 248 WR Marcus Monk
    2007 1 31 TE Greg Olsen
    2007 3 93 RB Garrett Wolfe
    2006 6 195 RB J.D. Runnels
    2005 1 4 RB Cedric Benson
    2005 2 39 WR Mark Bradley
    2005 4 106 QB Kyle Orton
    2005 5 140 WR Airese Currie
    2004 3 78 WR Bernard Berrian
    2004 5 148 QB Craig Krenzel

  • In reply to BillW:

    His career winning percentage is 0.56. Hardly noteworthy, and all coaches face the same problems if they haven't inherited Turtlehead Manning.

  • Great article, Blogfather! It is nice to see someone in journalism post how they feel instead of rephrasing what every other nincompoop in the business is writing.
    Lovie will win a Super Bowl Ring. I just hope it is here instead of Dallas.

  • In reply to EnderWiggin:

    Jerry Jones is somewhat nuts, but that nuts?

  • In reply to EnderWiggin:

    In a similar vein, and based on the standard of comparison noted above, the Buffalo Bills did real well with Dick Jauron, didn't they?

  • In reply to EnderWiggin:

    Are bloggers 'journalists' now? There aren't even any journalists in actual newspapers anymore methinks.

  • http://nfl.si.com/2012/12/12/brandon-marshall-on-bears-packers-rematch-this-is-personal/?sct=hp_t11_a4&eref=sihp

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    If that don't pump us up, nothing will. Check out the whole interview (session) on da propaganda site MB, Marshall looks so pissed that he is shaking.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Love Brandon's bravado and passion. I hope he inspires the same personal vendetta in the rest of the team. If not, he might get his revenge by putting up big numbers in yet another loss.

  • In reply to bearsfanatic:

    I worry more that he is setting himself to let the Packers get into his head. Hopefully, I'm totally wrong.

  • Doug Collins was a consistent coach with the Bulls, but we werent getting over that hump. Phil Jackson with his first head coaching job comes in and got the job done year after year. Success is getting into the playoffs year after year. Success is improving as the season goes on. Success is developing and improving your players. In some of these respects he is a total failure.There is someone out there to get us over that hump. We deserve better, we are THE BEARS!

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:

    that's a very good and valid comparison in coaching styles between Collins & Jackson.

    But can you honestly compare basketball and football in this sense? I'm not sure.....

    And where is Lovie's Tex Winter? I'd have to say it's Taub at this point.....

  • In reply to Bender McLugh:

    On the Tex Winter point:

    That's been Lovie's problem--he hasn't had a consistent coaching staff.

    That all started out with the clown show about "We hope Chico gets a head coaching job--before we have to fire him." Then the whole business about having to take Martz, supposedly because no one would take the offensive coordinator's job with Lovie's job in the balance.

    So, instead, we've had the college of failed head coaches for at least the last 3 years.

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:

    Murph, love you love the show, but do you think the success of the Bulls may have had something to do with the emergence of an actual team including superstar Scottie Pippen around Jordan?

    The numbers suggest that the emergence of Pippen as a true allstar and the addition of some key backup talent resulted in reaching the next level. However, Phil Jackson was the coach when Pippen came into his own. So which was it? The chicken or the egg, the Phil or the Pip? Or a combo of the two.

    The Bulls were starting to rock and roll in the late 80's even with Pippen and Grant as rookies by the way as they went to the Eastern Finals 2 years in a row before Jackson came in.

  • In reply to Waffle:

    Very much so the emergence, but I give Jackson credit for taking them over the top. Ill go with a combo of the two, but would Collins have done it? Or would he have been Lovieesque? Good, but not able to get there. I think Lovie is lacking in certain areas, and those areas are key to taking us to the next level.

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:


  • In reply to Waffle:

    you ready for this?

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    when you are flying away from Chicago you'll look back at the city with a tear in your eye and you'll ask yourself, "Should I move to the windy city?" and then a tiny version of me will be sitting on your shoulder saying "are you fucking crazy, you live in the most beautiful city in the world, go get some fresh guac, catch a wave and get a blowjob from a junior at Pepperdine."

  • Bold. My response is long, but I've been mulling the Lovie thing over for a while now.
    I get some of the reasons people have for supporting Lovie, and I've gone back and forth on whether I want him to stay or not. He is consistent if nothing else. I've determined, though, that he is an overly paid defensive coordinator, not a SB winning head coach. Here's why:
    1. The 06 team got there when the NFC was WEAK. There's a reason no one gave them a chance to beat the Colts that year. They weren't that good. Fun, yes, but not SB champion good, because they weren't balanced enough to top the Colts, Patriots, etc.
    2. Being better than Wannstedt and Jauron is like being the tallest person at a midget convention. You feel pretty tall, but at some point you leave the building and get a wake-up call. Thank you, SF, for giving us that experience this season :(.
    3. The Pats and Giants are great examples, but they show what the Bears have LACKED with Lovie as coach. They both have top-flight head coaches who know how to evaluate talent and make the best use of it when they see it. They also both have had good QBs, WRs, linemen, etc. during the past decade or so. As for simply blaming Angelo for our relative lack of talent, I think Lovie has more say in the roster than people think. Belichick has earned the right to not win it all every time because he did it 3 times already, and it's not like his teams aren't still getting there. What Coughlin has shown is not that you just have to get in to win. It's that you have to get in and then be able to use the talent you have to beat good teams on the road. It's the latter part the Bears struggle with under Lovie. I have zero confidence the Bears can go on the road and beat SF, NY, or GB. I have 100% confidence that the Giants can beat a SF or GB on the road and win the SB because they've done it before (twice).
    4. As for Lovie being able to get a lot out of little talent, I have to admit he can do that to an extent. That's why he doesn't go 4-12 unless Cutler gets hit by a bus. It's true: Grossman should never have sniffed a Super Bowl, and Kyle Orton should never have won 11 games as a rookie (or any time). That's because Lovie has fielded some pretty good defenses. However, would a Belichick have done more with the same roster these past few years? YES. He has shown in the past two years he can revamp his offense to fit his most talented players (look at his 2-TE sets now). Rex wouldn't have stayed at QB for so long. Hester would never have seen the field as a receiver. E-Rod would be a pass-catching TE or nothing at all, not a FB. Kellen Davis would be flipping burgers. Guards would play guard and tackles would play tackle. We can go on and on. That's where Lovie falls short. He doesn't put players in the best position to succeed unless it's in his stubborn cover-2. He knows that well, which means he'd be a great defensive coordinator. As for head coach of a SB team, he's in over his head, and it's not even close. You can't beat a good, balanced team without being a good, balanced team, and the Bears have never been balanced because Lovie blatantly ignores the offensive side of the ball. Dungy's Colts owned us in 2006 because we couldn't score. Same reason SF and GB have owned us this year. We. Still. Can't. Score (unless it's in garbage time against a bad team).
    5. As for who else to get instead, that's why Emery sits in the big chair. But if the Bears want to be elite, they need to start with the head coach. The Patriots and Giants did.

  • In reply to bearsfanatic:

    I'm so on the fence with Lovie, I'm not sure I even want to post anything either way. The only thing I want to say about your 06' SB comments is that your analysis was tailored to fit your conclusion, rather than forming your conclusion based on your analysis. I saw that game and here is what I remember...

    Wrong Turner inexplicably switching to Benson immediately following a couple of drives in which it was clear Thomas Jones was in a groove against their weak run defense. You don't pull a player if he's in a groove, I don't care what the rotation says. Now that may fall on Lovie as he has final say in personnel. But I'm not sure ANY head coach would overrule his OC in that situation. That's a recipe for a coup.

    C Benson fumbling on his first carry, and getting injured on his second. Both drive killers. By the time TJ got back in, his groove was lost.

    Horrible weather conditions that was responsible for multiple turnovers on both sides of the ball.

    Danielle Manning killing momentum by giving up an early bomb to Wayne.

    Injuries to Harris and Brown before the SB. We would have been so much better with those two pro-bowlers back there.

    Now I'm not saying Lovie is free from blame. The team lost and so the whole team deserves blame. I just can't cite that SB as evidence as to why Lovie can't win it all.

    As for our continued offensive offensiveness, I do believe LDL bares the majority of the blame. Terry Shea, Wrong Turner, Mike Martz and Mike Tice. Eeesh. Although, Halas Hall's reputation and LDL's lame duck status were to blame for the last two choices.

  • It was his only trip to the show and he flunked badly at it. I mean we got a 7 pt start.

  • In reply to bearsfanatic:

    very cohesive and well thought through. And I agree 100% (Obviously)

  • Patriots & Giants also have two things Da Bears have not had:
    - serious OL talent
    - serious OC talent

  • In reply to Bender McLugh:

    But is that all on Angelo or does Lovie have a role in that? Lovie endorsed Kellen Davis like he was his son. He also has been supportive of Webb when the whole world knows better. They didn't seek a better QB after 06 because they thought they could win with what they had. Then Rex was Rex and we were mediocre for three years. I'm not so willing to give Lovie a pass on all that.

  • In reply to bearsfanatic:

    I agree Lovie has a role, but it's more of a father-figure-type that he portrays in the media and to the fans - he unquestionably supports his team, no matter what, especially when certain members of the team are playing like shit and everyone can see it. I can only think of this as a great quality if I were a player on the team, but to us fans and most media this is quite the annoyance.

  • In reply to Bender McLugh:

    Also, Belichick's won with several different OCs. Why? Cuz he's damn good, and he makes sure his assistants do their jobs.

  • In reply to bearsfanatic:

    True, I can't disagree. Maybe it's the role Belechick has on his team compared to Lovie, as in he's more involved in every aspect of the team. Lovie can't advise the OC or Taub....he doesn't have the mind for it. I wonder how true this really is.....

  • In reply to bearsfanatic:

    AND he knows how to cheat!

  • In reply to Bender McLugh:

    Don't hold your breath...

    Even if Lovie is gone after this season it takes a few years to really build a Oline that is going to jell and work well together. 2 Drafts from now we should be in good shape if it's done right and no one is a bust.

  • What has he done for me lately?


    Not the players.

  • from the holy shit did he just say that department:


    Apparently for some there is a litmus test that must be passed to be authentically black.

  • In reply to Waffle:

    Damn is he an asshole or what? Is he a brother or a "cornball" brother? Hes a fucking good guy, whos gonna be a great player. Isnt that enough? I wonder what that all means to Parker? I'd love to hear an explanation on what he thinks makes an athlete an authentic brother?

  • In reply to Waffle:

    Wow! That's all I've got. How is that idiot still employed?

  • Well we've beaten this topic to death already. Here's a vid of Cutler mic'd up last Sunday. Some funny stuff with Marshall.


  • LOL RIGHT! Hester holds on to the ball and Chi goes on to tie and win that game. Bit presumptuous. And maybe, just maybe, if Steve Smith doesn't slip up, and Jennings doesn't get that gift wrapped pick 6, then Rivera gets the win he deserved, the Bears are outa the hunt, and lovie's already clearing out his desk!

  • In reply to guinead1ck:

    Yep. Only the wins and losses count in the end not the "what ifs".

    If me auntie had bollocks she'd be my uncle.

  • In reply to Ufficio:


  • Lovie's trashed two consecutive seasons. And he's doing it against inferior competition (sweet Cheebus, take a look at the cavalcade of crap teams we lost to last year). Yeah, you can say we got Hanied, but that fucker didn't have to start a single game, let alone four of them.

    We've had a decent enough run with Lovie, but his shortcomings are bleedingly obvious, and he shows no signs of recognizing and overcoming them. It's time for a change.

  • He's obstinate, old fashioned, and totally apathetic to what's happening on the field. The city of Chicago needs a Cower type scowling on the sidelines firing everybody up. He shoulda been gone in '09, they were 5-9 before winning those last two MEANINGLESS games to save his job. Then he gets the 7-9 Seahawks and a free trip to the NFC title game where he still can't beat the Packers... at home! I thought that was his big thing "I'm here to beat the packers" lol What's his record against the packers btw LOL Whatever it is, it's about to get worse. Bye Bye lovie, it's gonna be so sweet to watch your press conference after you get canned. That's the only thing left to look forward to this season. That and watching the '85 playoffs on tape during the actual playoffs. AGAIN.

  • In reply to guinead1ck:

    "free trip to the NFC title game"

    I didn't know there was such a thing.

  • In reply to Waffle:

    Oh but there IS...When your head coach is named "Lovie Smith" and decides to let your arch rival have a free pass in a regular season game that if you played to win and actually won would have eliminated them from the playoffs...

    Maybe not a trip directly to the NFC Championship but a "free pass" for sure to come back and beat us in our own house...

    GOOD BYE LOVIE...don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. You mediocre head coach wannabe...

  • In reply to Bears-4-Ever:

    I get what you're saying but I recall he played regulars throughout the game. I don't recall a lack of effort to win, but maybe they did in fact go vanilla in case they met again in the playoffs. If so, then I agree that was foolish.

  • In reply to BillW:

    Yeah I remember Urlacher pacing the sidelines and looking pissed off he wasn't playing. The excuse was the Bears didn't want any of the starters to get hurt needlessly.

    NEEDLESSLY!?!?! Really??? You have a chance to knock GB out of the playoffs right there and then..

    Classic Lovie...

  • In reply to BillW:

    You mean they actually had a plan in the NFC Championship game when they got smacked in the mouth with a 14-0 early deficit before Cutler was injured? I don't think vanilla had anything to do with it. They can't beat the Packers at home or on the road because the offense can't keep up. Going "vanilla" was a convenient excuse for that loss to GB that let them in the playoffs.

  • In reply to Bears-4-Ever:

    please re-read the first 4 words of the first paragraph of your post and then the first 5 of the second paragraph.

  • In reply to Waffle:

    Waffle...really? It might as well HAVE been a ticket to the NFC championship..but if you want to argue exact grammar and contradicting sentences this is NOT the place..try the GrammarNaziBlog.com or something.

    You get the point or not...end of story.

  • In reply to Bears-4-Ever:

    I'll argue contradicting sentences when they make no fucking sense.

    they are 2 separate things:

    1. the inference was that we didn't earn a trip to the big game....which is bullshit.
    2. the inference was that we allowed an opening for a team to get into the playoffs and it ultimately bit us in the ass.....which is true.

    2 totally separate things. I don't know if it was Lovie's fault that we didn't get to the superbowl though. It sucked that the Pack got in but then they ran the fucking table....against EVERYONE.

  • In reply to Waffle:

    The "Free Ticket or Free Pass" whatever you want to call it I was referring was Greenbay not being eliminated by us in the regular season which would have taken them out of the playoffs. But as you say it doesn't matter at this point. Just another thing I still resent about Lovie's career here and that was Lovie's call not to play the starters.

  • In reply to Bears-4-Ever:

    He played the starters

  • In reply to Bears-4-Ever:

    no he didn't play the starters. I remember SCREAMING at the tv the whole second half. There was no urgency, no fire, no desire to win

    I think the game was a 7 or 3 point diff... we played totally uninspired fb. We easily could have won that game, but it wasn't decreed so from above. I'm with B4... that game pissed me off and it was ALL lovie. pathetic.

  • In reply to Bears-4-Ever:


  • In reply to SC Dave:

    OMG that was cool...not to mention I love Inglorious Bastards!

  • In reply to Waffle:

    Every other 11-5 team had to play on the road in the first round, lovie got a bye, 7-9 seattle at home, then 10-6 greenbay at home. Cake walk to the super bowl. The easiest "2 wins, your in" in the history of the NFL. How'd that turn out?

  • In reply to guinead1ck:

    We got a bye because we had the 2nd best record in the NFC that was earned during the season. We got a Seattle team that had just knocked off the Saints. Then GB at home who had just beaten, in this order:


    Then the Bears
    Then the Steelers

    how is there a cakewalk to the superbowl?

  • In reply to Waffle:

    Oh right, nobody wanted anything to do with Seattle at 7-9 away from Qwest, Atlanta should've gotten them, the Bears should've gotten green bay and been one and done like in '05, vintage lovie. A two seed, playing two teams at home with a combined record of 17-17 to get to the Super Bowl, that is unheard of in the history of the NFL. You're spinning it just like lovie did after choking in the big game. They had 2 shots at knocking the pack out, and that's what he vowed to do since day one

  • In reply to guinead1ck:

    not spinning it, just don't agree with your sentiment that somehow Lovie "just couldn't get the easiest task of all time done" which is getting to the superbowl.

    I don't even like the fucking guy enough as the coach to care about this, i just won't let it go that somehow that season was nothing and that lovie was the reason. it's bullshit.

  • In reply to Waffle:

    but i don't fucking care either way if he stays. i just know if we'd be talking at all if we're 10-3 after being 7-3 last year after being in the NFC Championship the year before.

  • In reply to Waffle:

    I'd still be worried at 10-3. So what if we had beaten Seattle and Minnesota? We still lost to the three good teams we played in GB, HOU, and SF, and only the HOU game was actually close. Even in that one I knew the whole second half we were going to lose. The offense couldn't score. So we'd be for sure in the playoffs, which would mean a for sure loss to GB, SF, or the Giants.

  • In reply to guinead1ck:

    You should use LOL more often. Really punches up your point.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    What a pussy fart, why don't you correct my grammar and punctuation while you're at it

  • In reply to guinead1ck:

    Technically, there should be a period instead of a comma after fart. Capitalize the "W" in why and end the sentence with a period. LOL

  • In reply to TheFifth:

    Another flatulent vagina. You want me to end a question with a period? Talk some football.


  • In reply to guinead1ck:

    I'm a little confused. The only people I know that use LOL all the time are Junior High girls. However, they usually don't use dick as part of their screen name. Although in your case it seems fitting.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    I'm sure confusion is a common occurrence with you. Talk some football, nobody want's to read aboooot jr high girls here

  • In reply to guinead1ck:

    you miserable piece of shit

  • In reply to guinead1ck:

    I think you're misunderstanding what Canada was trying to say. I think he was just saying you're kind of gay for using cute teen texting phrases really often. Maybe if you use the text phrase and then an emoticon it would break it up a bit and would look more normal.
    I don't even know if this site would let you use an emoticon though. Man this site blows.

  • In reply to Waffle:

    Can't wait for the new place. I'm like a convict in his cell, crossing off the days on a calender until his release date....

  • In reply to Waffle:

    I can't wait until I get to post gif's of Cutler throwing TD passes to Marshall from the win on saturday on all of Cheesy's posts.

    If we lose, i'll just post japanese tentacle porn gifs.

  • In reply to Waffle:

    Waffle, why even write that? Are you fucking retarded? You have foaming diarrhea of the mouth. What does any of this have to do with firing the most predictable, stubborn, one dimensional coach in football?

  • In reply to Waffle:

    Holy shit Guineadick, I can't even respond to you properly because this sites sucks cock.

    I don't even know what post you're referring to. I'll address them all.

    1. you attack Canada, I attack you
    2. you totally discount 2010,2011 and and 8-5 team that just as easily could be 10-3.....that pisses me off.
    3. japanese tentacle porn is a reference to an amusing exchange between myself and Tuanlane a couple days ago.

    For the record I don't care about this subject because it's fucking irrelevant until we see what happens this season.
    The references to gif's is a throwback to months ago when regulars on the blog were discussing the inability of the Chicago Now staff to write code that could support different fonts, animation, links, etc.

  • In reply to Waffle:

    and in 2009 we lost Urlacher and Pisa in the first fucking game dude and Angelo had us stocked with some of the fucking worst players in the history of the Bears at almost every backup and supporting role position.
    Look at what Lovie had to fucking work with. Jesus Christ man look at the fucking roster:


    Jesus Christ himself couldn't win with that roster.

  • In reply to Waffle:

    That little Italian prick is way behind the times. XD is the new LOL. By the way, I <3 your posts Johnny, you miserable piece of shit :) Queef out, dog.

  • In reply to Waffle:

    LOL. You can't even make a proper <3 heart here. This blog :-03

  • In reply to guinead1ck:

    It's German(e)


  • In reply to guinead1ck:

    Gracious, who *is* this pouty little boy that comes in here calling everyone bad, bad names?

    It smells kinda like a troll. Perhaps we should treat it as such?

  • As much as I think we need to move on from Lovie, the worst thing to do is let him coach out his contract. Either fire him, and clearly state it's the disappointing offense that is to blame -
    or extend him under the conditions that he hire a real OC.

    I wonder what Emery said to the team? I hope it was something like "I have important decisions to make and..."

  • In reply to BillW:

    Agree 100% on both! Keep him and stock the roster or get rid of him, but don't ride the fence. Personally, I say move on, but don't waffle on it either way. Would kill for a leaked recording of that talk.

  • A real OC
    Two decent (not necessarily great) O-linemen
    A decent pass catching TE

    That adds up to 21-28 points a game on regular drives. Add in an occasional short field from the D and/or ST and we're at 27 - 34 points a game.

    It can happen - even under Lovie - next year.

  • In reply to BillW:

    I still stick to my plan, though some don't like it.

    - Norv Turner to O.C.

    It's a similar system to the one we have now, so there's some consistency. The major difference being the use of TEs, and FBs for a power running game.

    - Dustin Keller in FA next year.

    He produced with Sanchize and no other WRs around him. 'Nuff said.

    - A developmental TE in the draft.

    Some sort of power-foward type who's still learning the game and will fall to us in the later rounds.

    - Albert/Long or trade up for Joeckel

    Cutler supposedly already had a little chat with Emery about his conditions to staying and not drooling in his 30s. WR was #1 on the checklist. LT #1-a.

    - Fire Lovie, fire Drake, fire whoever our TE coach is, demote Tice to Oline coach, keep Marinelli as DC, and Hoke as DB coach.

    All self-explanatory.

  • what the fuck... FUCK HOKE for christ sake!

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    oh yeah, and agree with the rest.

    hee hee

  • Doc, in response to your question to me on the last thread?

    I have that section on a stretcher so MB can slip it over his head and use it for an ear warmer at the game! hahahaha

  • If you want a team who will beat bad teams most of the time (Panthers, Lions, Jags, etc), beat mediocre teams often though not always (Colts, Cowboys) and lose to elite teams (Packers, Texans, 9ers) then Lovie is your man.

    “Smith has gone 49-15 vs. teams with losing records in his career (a .765 winning percentage) and 11-8 vs. teams with .500 records (.579). He has also posted a 19-38 mark against teams with winning records (.333).”

    How many times will fans scapegoat the O.C. before realizing that the problem has been Lovie all along?

    When was the last time you felt CONFIDENT that Lovie would win vs a good H.C./Team?

    I'm talking about confident, not "Jeez, if we get a FG block return for a TD, and if Peanut gets 4 stripped fumbles, and if they kick it away from Hester to set us up at the 50...we just MIGHT win"?

    I haven't called for Lovie's head in all our threads in all these years - I sat through all the horrible challenges, the wasted timeouts (I even remember one coming on the first play coming out of half time. WTF!?), the Lovie-prevent, the "Rex is our QB", "Benson is our HB," "Hester is our #1" - through all the Lovie-speak (BTW did you hear the chief today say that the Bears are "in great shape"? that should allay your doubts)...I've sat through it all year after year hoping our players somehow summoned the power within themselves to transcend Lovie...but you know what - it ain't gonna happen.

    Lovie is like that one girlfriend who never really does anything wrong, but for some reason, you dump her anyways. Something deep in you requires inspiration, passion - love, creativity, innovation and guts...

    The Bears are gonna need all those this Sunday, and if they lose to the Pack for the SIXTH STRAIGHT TIME (including an NFCN Championship AT Solider to win THE HALAS TROPHY on their way to the Lombardi)

    Then it's time to dump Lovie!!!

  • I think the bold text in this post is the counter to Jeff's incessant preaching about "just get to the tournament" over the last few years. Just-get-there-and-see-what-happens doesn't work when you can't beat good teams. This Bears team HAS to have a first round bye and home field advantage if they want to go to the Super Bowl. They haven't shown an ability to put together a string of 3 straight wins over quality opponents.

    What the Packers did and what the Giants did are misleading you, Jeff.

    The 2010 Packers were an excellent team. They surrendered the 2nd fewest points in the NFL, they were the first team in the Super Bowl era to never trail by more than 7 points at ANY point in the season, and they had one of the best quarterbacks in the game. 2 of their losses were in OT, 2 losses were last second FGs by the other team, and the 2 remaining losses ended with Matt Flynn failing on 4th down in the opponents red zone, down by 4 points.

    The Giants, I honestly don't think either of their championship teams were very good. I thought their 2008 team was very good. BUT, the 2007 Giants were 7-1 on the road in the regular season, and they beat some quality teams. That's a team that you can feel confident about "if they just get into the tournament"

    How many defensive touchdowns would it take to beat GB, SF, and NYG on the road in the playoffs? 8? 9?

  • In reply to thebigcheese:

    "How many defensive touchdowns would it take to beat GB, SF, and NYG on the road in the playoffs? 8? 9?"

    That's exactly it. Lovie preaches turnovers so much because he can't win without them. I mean, is that nuts? Turnovers are perhaps the most unpredictable part of the game, the oblong ball can literally bounce anyway, and a coach is basing his entire winning philosophy on that?

    That would also correlate to Lovie's winning record.

    Bad teams often turn the ball over. Mediocre teams sometimes turn the ball over. Good teams rarely.

    Lovie keeps preaching, "We don't rely on them turning it over, we take it away" - well, why couldn't the Bears "take it away" from GB, SF, the Texans?

  • Amen! You said it differently, but that's the gist of my earlier post. Lovie is great if you like not failing but are afraid to be downright great.

  • Excellent post.

  • I too, think the plusses outweigh the minuses on Lovie.

    And it's ALWAYS a question of

    "Who are the Bears going to hire that's better?"

    Big money for a big name coach is unexplored territory for this frnachise.

    And there is no denying the DIRECTcorrelation between Lovie's arrival and the Bear defense's rise to the top of the heap in creating turnovers during his tenure.

    Not that he'd necessarily be a fit for the Bears, but I would add Oregon's Chip Kelly to your list of hot college coaches. Rumor has him taking over in Buffalo.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Billichick actually visited Kelly to pick his brain for offensive ideas (I'm sure Lovid did the same). So Kelly vs Billichick would be great tv, esp if the Bills end up with Vick as is the other roomer.

    I can just imagine Vick with Spiller running that Chip Kelly pistol-option O. O my.

  • * rumor.

    wow. I should have my English degree voided.

  • Vick blows.

  • So as I said, the best reason to keep Lovie is that we'd probably get someone worse.

    Not that I disagree - but basically it means the Bears have no hope.

    We'll never have an 8 game losing streak with Lovie; we'll usually be in contention for a Wild Card. And we will need a lot of things to go our way before we get into the SB again.

    Sure - could happen. But there has to be a better plan than that.

    And yet the Bears brain trust probably can't figure one out.

    And thus we have people saying "keep Lovie". I say get rid of him and at least TRY to upgrade.

    Toub? Why not as long as we get a real OC and keep Rod / Hoke.

  • In reply to BillW:

    Yu want to keep fucing Hoke Bill!?!?!? Why in thee fuck would you want to keep that usefucklesshit?

    My god, him and drake can both step in front of a bus tonight (not really, but you catch my drift)

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I'm not so much against Hoke, but Drake *must* go.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Fkn A!

  • fb_avatar

    Assuming you aren't a meth head I'll just note that Lovie has a losing record against winning teams, sucks in the playoffs and has a 5 game LOSING streak against the Packers. He's a nice guy, kind to kittens and so on, but he needs to have a job at Taco Bell.

  • In reply to Bill McCormick:

    Not really that nice either, stuck up and aloof in person. Turns a little nice charm on for the cameras.

  • Whether ya love him or hate him, time is running out on Lovie Smith. If his team, which was once 7-1, fails to make the playoffs this year there is no logical reason to extend his contract with the Chicago Bears.

    His defense first philosophy works well until it doesn't. Lovie believes if a defense can decisively win the turnover battle and even score occasionally it won't matter what kind of offense you have on the other side of the ball. Unfortunately, the NFL isn't gearing the game towards low scoring defensive battles, it is rewarding offensive scoring in bunches. Unless Lovie coaches up an aging defense to play at an all time great level like he was at the beginning of the year or Mike Tice and the offense starts putting up 28+ points a game, Lovie's defense first philosophy isn't going to help this team get to the next level now or in the future.

  • This whole Lovie discussion reminds me of the Thomas Jefferson quote about slavery, something along the lines of it's like holding a wolf by the ears, you dare not hold on but you dare not let it go either....

  • Down here in the open for all to see. Lovie played his starters against the fucking Packers to try to knock them out of the playoffs two years ago. Cutler was 21of 39. Forte had 15 carries. If Lach was pacing the sidelines its because the O was on the field. Selective memory abounds tonight.

  • In reply to Johnnywad:

    Why use facts when you can just make stuff up?

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    I didn't make.anything up Al. Thats the stat line from the game.

  • In reply to Johnnywad:

    I know. I was be faceteous.

  • In reply to Johnnywad:

    it wasn't so much that he rested the starters, it was that there was ZERO urgency in the attitude and/or play calling. It was our game to win and we very easily could have.

    A good coach gets their team fired up for that game and to get that win no matter how meaningless (we thought) the win/loss.

    I vividly remember screaming at the tv the whole second half because it looked like we just didn't give a shit.... which I agree is really nothing out of the normal, but there in lies my biggest issue with Lsmith teams.

    Fuck that loss still pisses me the fuck off.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Pisses me off too. All I'm saying is you don't have your starting qb throw the ball that many times in a "meaningless" game unless you're trying to win it.

  • In reply to Johnnywad:

    I thought I remember him pulling key starters from the game including Urlacher. In fact I think Blog Father was on the radio and said he agreed with that call because of the possible injury.

    HOWEVER this article states differently:

    "The Bears had already clinched the No. 2 seed and had little to gain by playing their starters. Coach Lovie Smith played them, though, for the whole game. Chicago had a chance to eliminate Green Bay from playoff consideration, but failed."


    I'm not trying to make anything up just going by what I remember. The fact remains we should of and could of won that damn game...I still blame Lovie.

  • MB30SD - check your (gazelle)@yahoo.com email account...

  • Sigh.

    Dontchya just LOVE when newcomers come on board an immediately act like they owned the place?

  • In reply to Albertintucson:



  • In reply to Albertintucson:


  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    How long does a newcomer have to post before clearance to state opinion based in fact is given?

  • Can the Bears win a championship with Lovie Smith as their head coach? If Phil Emery believes the answer is "no" he will show Lovie the door should the Bears fail to make the 2012 postseason and bring in his own man.

    Jeff. C'mon. We want you to stop being known as a "blogger" and start being known as a "writer", and sentences like this are not helping.

    Everyone here knows Emery can't fire Lovie. That his balls are in a jar.

    Now, here's a video of Da Coach's Mustache visiting Ginny at Halas Hall


  • In reply to gpldan:

    Oh man, how cold is that? I think that was Richard Widmark's first big break. My father told me that scene was incredibly controversial at the time...

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    It's pretty damn violent for the era, for sure.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    But nonetheless, as a classic film afficionado, I LOVE the reference link, GP!

    I think the only Widmark in my DVD collection is PANIC IN THE STREETS, which co-stars early Jack Palance.

    HALLS OF MONTEZUMA and THE FROGMEN are also worthy selections that, for some reason, I do not yet own.

    Another one my favorites of his is DESTINATION GOBI, which is, as yet, unavailable on DVD.

    Thanks, GP, I LOVE taking off on a Classic Film Tangent.

    Helps rid the place of that "Rude, arrogant new guy with a BAD handle" odor.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Well, whaddya know? "Destination Gobi" IS now available on DVD !

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    True, true, Tobi.

    That role, as psycho tough guy, Tommy Udo, in the original KISS OF DEATH with Victor Mature, put Richard Widmark, on the map . A remake starred CSI MIAMI's David Caruso. Widmark (IMO an underrated star who made who made a LOT of very good movies),was also known as a really nice guy. He's also one of the stars Lucille Ball encounters during I LOVE LUCY's "Lucy goes to Hollywood" episodes.

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    Ah yes, my late Father told me to I should watch KISS OF DEATH, if only for THAT scene.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Putting 'sarcasm' in brackets after a sarcastic comment is not the done thing either.

    Tone police.

  • Just wanted to throw out a huge on-blog thank you to Tobi and Mike V for their more than generous round for Doc, GP, Johnny, Murph, MBP, and me.

    We will toast to them and their most humane gesture... buying us poor, thirsty blog dwellers something to whet our whistles on a cold blustery night... before we beat the living shit out of the unsuspecting packers, and shock the NFL in the process.

    Thanks again in a big way for your hospitality Tobi and Mike V… we only wish you could be there to enjoy it with us!

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Yes indeed.

    Much obliged, gentleman. Cheers.

  • Bode... dude.... really?


  • In reply to MB30SD:


    Men who do violence against women make me ashamed of my gender.

    Real men don't assault women.

    "Know it. Learn it. Live it."

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    And now, a QUICK word from our DISGUSTED sponsor:
    If you beat on a woman...
    ...to feel empowered...
    ..you're not a man...
    ..you're just a coward.
    Burma Shave

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    But if the bitch strikes first ...
    ..and your face she wants slitted ...
    ... then down she must go ....
    .... and my son, you're acquitted.

    Burma Shave

    .... for men with the dignity to defend themselves.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Oh, whew. It was an ACCIDENT. Mea Culpa, Bode.

    I bet she's really cute when her face isn't all swelled up like that.

    Now you know why I gave up golf 30 years ago.

  • Hey GP, Canada... this work for you guys?


    One of my bucket list goals this year is to go to a pboy mansion party.

    Bang! Bang!

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Hef is so senile, he lets his dogs shit in the house and the place smells of must and dog shit.

    It's a creepazoid palace, a Dorian Grey hideout.

    You'd do better a MAXIM party.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    that's on the list too GP. Hit em all bitches!

  • I think that Lovie's record against winning teams pretty sums it all up and closes this topic. Above average at times yes, but great or a good coach NO. It was a good argument but cmon man! you can truly be serious.

  • In reply to Fresno,Ca Bear Fan:


  • Tobi, MikeV, big thanks to you from us for the round. Wish you were there to toast with us. We raise our glass to you two gentlemen. Slainte!

  • Tobi and Mike , I thank you for your hospitality and you don't even know us. Hell, I don't even know the guys that I'll be meeting. I think it's pretty damn cool that this is actually happening.

    Can you also call my wife and tell her that I'll be staying out late on saturday with guys I met on the internet.........?

    God, I hope I don't end up on the web in a snuff video. I promise you that if I survive and am not part of some crazy sex game that a bunch of horny divorced guys and a math professor who bangs so potently that he purposely took the ammo out of the gun cooked up that I will make sure we get some Lou's sent to you and Mike.

  • In reply to Waffle:

    Just what I thought. Hey, that money is for booze, not bail....

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    My solemn promise to you is that I will name my whiskey Tobi and will give it a bears blessing to keep Jay's knee and neck safe before consuming the hell out of it.

  • In reply to Waffle:

    You are safe Waffle, I'm still married and in NO shape to bang anything. At the moment, I couldnt bust a grape!

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:

    No, Murph, but she could stick her finger up your bum and then go at your tumescent love member like she was a crackhead and her fix was inside your one-eyed Jap. There's always that one.

  • Sorry.

  • It's great being raised a Catholic, you just have to say you're sorry and it's all good with the CEO upstairs. The rest of ye are fucked though.

  • I don't think a few Our Fathers and Hail Marys are going to save you Irish, you're way past that point....

  • I am okay with letting Lovie go or keeping him. I am more on board with keeping him because I like how the defense is usually one the top ten units in the NFL. That's just me..

    Emery has a tough job ahead of him and I haven't researched it yet but I bet it's possible that the Bears could go 10-6 and miss the playoffs. If so, what does Emery do then?

    Decisions. Decisions.

    ohh how about this ... BREAKING from @BradBiggs: #Bears QB Jay Cutler has MCL sprain, but he'll play vs. #Packers.http://trib.in/WaoUtJ

  • Just WHEN did the the Bears piss off, TACKLESACKLUS, the God of Football?

  • In reply to Albertintucson:


  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    I just tweeted this earlier lol
    Santa.. who was so naughty this year that you had to make almost all of my favorite Bears players get hurt? I swear I was a good boy this yr

  • Yeah, Santa. I mean,
    Whatever happened to good old

  • Gotta run quick routes and shotgun, utilize the screen, run the rock, don't make Jay try to run around.

    Wanted to see Jay at 100%. We have to put Rodgers into the ground. You know those motherfuckers will go after Cutlers knee and head.

  • In reply to Waffle:

    Oh yeah.

    A LESS mobile Jay.

    JUST what we needed.

  • This is turning into the Black Knight bowl.

  • I say it's playoffs or bust, record be damned. Who cares about 10 wins if it doesn't get you in the playoffs?

  • "Sources say" the Bears will be without Bennett too.


  • Personally, I am a Lovie guy. I think that he is an above average head coach and can win a Super Bowl. Something that is very underrated are his half time adjustments, he does a really good job with this. Playing prevent kills me, but Cowher was known to do the same thing when in Pitt and people really want him. If we fire Lovie, like Jeff, I wonder who we hire. I do like Chip Kelly but I am not sure that he would be a for sure successful head coach.

  • In reply to do53:

    I don't get that Lovie is underrated in terms of halftime adjustments. I can think of a lot of games where we played the second half the same way we started. Where was the adjustment in the 05 Steve Smith nightmare? Gee, Peanut can't cover Smith. Let's just leave him one-on-one and see if they'll somehow throw the ball to us instead of Smith. We saw how that worked. Look at the 49ers game this year. If we start off badly, we tend to finish badly. Seldom have we started off terribly and made a noteworthy comeback under Smith, at least not against teams that matter. The NE blizzard game was the same way. Got outclassed early and finished the same way. When we do manage a comeback, it seems it's a bad opponent finding a way to lose it by turning the ball over (Carolina this year, Ariz in 06). Good teams don't turn it over against us because they know that's the only way we'll score enough to beat them.

  • In reply to bearsfanatic:

    I never got why we had to wait until halftime to make adjustments.

  • I'm trying to get pumped for this game. I really am. I want to believe Marshall's personal quest for vengeance is enough to put us over the top. I want to believe Cutler can overcome his history of sucking against the Packers. I want to believe when Marshall is double covered, another receiving option will win the battle. I want to believe a tired out, banged-up defense can muster up the strength to outclass Aaron Rodgers. My heart says believe. My head says "look how many times you've been burned before."

  • In reply to bearsfanatic:

    Believe! You have nothing to lose but two additional days of misery.

    Inspirational Video with Hot Blonde

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    Did you really post a link to one of the worst movies of all time? It's not even bad in a campy/ funny way.. its just terrible.

  • It was tongue-in-cheek.

    But Iron Sky was a great movie.

  • Anybody catch Little Tommy Thayer on the Score this morning? (Astute Chicagoans will note my Larry Lujack reference in there. +890 Chicago points if you can name the other DJ).

    He got a little emotional. Everybody in Chicago really WANTS this game. Bad. This one is personal.

    Cutler is reported with a sprained MCL, the one he injured in the NFC Championship game that got him negative tweets from MJD. But he's playing anyway, he told a reporter "don't worry about that, I'm playing."

    Think he wants this game?

    How about that the doc also gave him a formal whiplash diagnosis?

    He doesn't care. He's playing. He's not so good at turning his neck. But he's playing.

    The Trib has deemed this "Lovie's last stand", as if we needed more drama.

    This city has the feel of Private Ryan and Hanks character getting ready for the Germans to roll into the town. The Bears know they'll get beat, but there is a definate "die trying" thing going on right now. Hampton went ahead and was the first to cross the line: the organization's pride is riding on this one.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Little Tommie Edwards! Animal stories the highlight of many mornings.

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:


  • In reply to gpldan:

    Good stuff! Thanks!

  • In reply to gpldan:

    That's how they should view it. The problem is the organization's pride was also riding on the 2010 NFC Championship game. Hopefully we want this one more than GB does.

  • MB or Doc, email me your cell numbers and i'll call you tomorrow to hook up. The name is John, nice to meet you.


  • In reply to Waffle:

    Mysterious Ingenue: "I'm sorry, I didn't get your name."

    "the name is Waffle. Johnny Waffle."

    (cue theme)

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Mysterious Ingenue: "I'm sorry, I didn't get your name."

    "The name is Waffle. Johnny Waffle."

    (cue theme)

    Mysterious Ingenue: "Well, It looks like you spilled some of your drink on your shirt Mr. Waffle."

    "Rodgers is fucking dead, if that's what you mean my dear....."

  • In reply to Waffle:

    Gentlemen, I hope you guys have a great time on this trip watching the Bears maul the Peckers.

    Have fun. Stay outa jail. Cook County Jail is one of the famous landmarks in the city, but I've been there. Trust me. You don't want to go.

  • In reply to MikeV in OR:

    thanks Mike!!!

  • In reply to MikeV in OR:

    Another story to liven up the post season doldrums....

  • In reply to MikeV in OR:

    i'm a lover not a fighter. A lover of martinis.

  • As weird as it is to say, we missed Paea against the Vikes. His ability to push and fight in the trench, as well as be laterally mobile, is a key aspect of run stopping that Toe just isn't going to bring, nor is Nate Collins as quick in there.

    I saw nothing with Geno Hayes that wouldn't have me pull him in favor of JT Thomas, who is rangier and faster, but what do I know.

    Against the Vikes, Briggs was actually playing Mike, allowing Roach to move out to the weakside which is really the only place he is suited to play.

    The "big" package with Chicken Dinner is shot because Dinner can't stay healthy.

    If Conte or Pringles has to come off the field, we're looking at Walters out there and forget it, turn the tv off. Go hit the concession stand. Rodgers will light it up.

    I was really hoping for Jennings to be back. He looked like he rolled out of that hit that the Seahawks FB put on him, but that guy was a beast and must have popped Jennings shoulder out.

  • Also with Bennett being down (again), if Bush's ribs are bad, then fuck it, line up Allen back there. Forte needs to be in the slot, not Hester.

    I know I'm dreaming there.

    Also, why you draft a true H-back and line him up behind the guard as a true lead back is asinine. Everybody knows we either run off tackle, or not at all. The only way we run up the middle with Forte is from shotgun on the draw.

    So, get Erod outside the tackle and threaten him to the underneath zone on his side or crash him down on the OLB and swing pass it to Forte or Allen. RUnning between the tackles for this team is suicide against the Packers. Either sweep or off-tackle trap, or throw the damn ball.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Oh, and start Kyle Adams over Davis. Please.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    start my dick over that jizzstain

  • In reply to gpldan:

    + 100

    Forte over Hester. Even Joe Anderson over Hester. At least the guy is hungry.


  • In reply to gpldan:

    Blow those pussies off the line and ram the ball down their throats.

    That is all.

  • my god man... how many starters do we have fucking available, 7?

    Fuck man, talk about a slow motion implosion. I didn't think it could ever be as bad as '09, but this year was worse... it just accrued all year long.

    It's going to take a miracle, but there's something in the air this weekend...

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Just gotta believe that Marshall, Jeffery, Forte and Davis will step up.

    Kellen has to step up. Tice has to do what GP said. Have to exploit Forte for at least 30 touches on runs and passes.

    Marshall, Pep and Briggs are going to leave it all on the field. Everyone else better follow suit.

    Someone on D better suck it up and plant a fucking tattoo on Rodgers no matter what. You know the Pack are going after Cutlers knee and neck. We have to do the same. I want Peppers to put a Peppers 2007 hit on Rodgers. Make him know that it's a fight.

  • In reply to Waffle:

    Cutty just needs to be Cutty but to throw it away in a bad situation and live to fight another down.

  • In reply to Waffle:


    btw, sent you an email. I'm sure you check that email all the time and that you didn't just create it for this, but just in case. check it and plug me in.

    Looking forward to roofyin... I mean, meeting you.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    i got it. i did create it specially for this epic adventure. I've been rufee'd before. No biggie.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    ok, you now have enough info to vette me. I not escared.

  • In reply to Waffle:

    Agreed, but its not what he does, Johnny. I sure hope he can learn to do so, and fast.

  • DaBearsBlog ‏@dabearsblog
    Leaving my Lovie column up for second day. Worked too damn hard on it. http://www.chicagonow.com/da-bears-blog/2012/12/lovie-smith-by-jeff-hughes/ …
    Reply Retweet Favorite

    Ah, shit! Nice work on the post Jeff, but those of us who disagree with it and want to remain optimistic this Packer week are shut out of the conversation. Besides, this fucking blog is pretty fucking impossible after a couple hundred comments. I'm already having problems reloading.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    Sorry Jeff. I'll try to be on-topic...

    Caption for the Lovie photo: "Four."

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    + 1. That photo seems to be the curiously smug, aloof Lovie, where he's laughing at his own joke and thinking you're an idiot for questioning his strategy. At least Jeff didn't post one of the "Huh? They're winning?" facial expressions for a post about why he should stay.

  • I feel sorry for you Jefe, having to write a new piece so often. I can't really get into the Lovie thing. We've been watching it for a long time ... the in-game zero strategy adjustments ... don't throw your players under buses, rather have them get off the thing running ... poor real-time savvy clock management stuff .. challenges ... the sideline shots where his eyes have that far away look and he's dividing 162 by 16 in his head. He does good McCaskey-friendly pressers and believes in Jesus. Beat bad teams, lose to good ones ... pass over the strategy and leave it to the man upstairs.

    Lovie's part of the furniture at Halas H. Just a shame they couldn't have had it decorated better.

  • Ryan Lanza. Hoboken, NJ. 18 kiddie winks.
    I feel even worse for you writing that one.

    R.I.P. little cherubs.

  • my heart is hurting right now man. Really hurting.

  • In reply to Waffle:

    "Noble be man, merciful and good."

    - Goethe

  • and his fucking piece of shit brother. Killed the dad, then the mom at the school then started on the kids and other administrators.

  • In reply to Waffle:

    The hardest thing to guard against is the one fucking nutcase with a gun...

    He's got a special place in hell...but that does little for the parents and loved ones of the fallen.

    Sad day for sure...prayers for the families.

  • In reply to Bears-4-Ever:

    you just can't stop one guy with the will to do something if the guy doesn't care about consequences to himself. Fucking disgusting and scary thought.

    As a dad I'm numb . Why didn't he just kill his parents and himself? That would have been tragic in itself. Why did he have to kill a bunch of 7 and 8 year olds?

  • In reply to Waffle:

    Yeah you can't figure people like this out..there is no answers when your dealing with a psycho.

    Some schools, most in inner cities, have metal detectors and armed guards in the school...Taking these measures in all schools across the US would be very tough on many levels...but it may just come to that.

  • In reply to Bears-4-Ever:

    When you need metal detectors and armed guards at an elementary school, it's safe to say the society has failed and it's time to try something else.

  • Alright, I'll believe. They had me at Chicago and finished me off with Bears. What else can a third-generation, die-hard fan do but believe once again while dreading the inevitable?
    If it is to end in a dreadful loss that all but ends our playoff hopes, at least do the fans and yourselves the service of unloading on Rodgers a few times. And Finley, too, since he felt the need to dis Urlacher.

  • In reply to bearsfanatic:

    doesn't it feel better just to have a little hope, even just a glimmer?

    This is going to be a war and no one is getting out unscathed.

  • It's sick watching the peons at Fox almost urging the number of dead babies to go up and reassuring us that they'll have the numbers ASAP. They weren't long telling us how God is what you need to get through this as the parent of a victim. They might be right about that.

  • c'mon dude

  • Full disclosure, I am fan of Lovie Smith. With that said, its possible to understand the following:

    1) Lovie is a good coach

    2) Its time for a change

    Jeff Fisher wasnt a bad coach when he was fired by Tennessee, nor was Gruden when he was let go. Sometimes folks just overstay there welcome, or the message becomes stale in the locker room. Furthermore, the Lovie Smith philosphy on defense works only when you have a MLB with the speed to retreat 30 yards in coverage, then sprint back another 20 to make a tackle. Sadly, those days are over for the bears. Couple that with drafting a protoypical 3-4 backer as your #1 pick, and it seems like a philisophical difference may exist between Emery and Smith.

    Sometimes change is needed for the sake of change. It doesnt mean Smith is a bad coach.

  • Also, you dont pay someone based on thier past performance, so I could care less what Smith's record was. You pay them or extend them based on FUTURE performance, so his win/loss record is irrelevant to me at this point. He has already rec'd compensation for what he has done in the past, the question is, what is he worth in the future.

  • In reply to Dmband:

    Remember that when Urlacher gets a one year deal next camp.

  • Well have a good weekend gentlemen and for those of you meeting up in Chi town have fun, take lots of pics and post a link on the blog. May your charm find you women and may the women find you charming.

  • Just touched down in the land of rotten shark. Will keep updates happening. .. doc is a charismatic man.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Good to hear in case they only have a room with one King left! hahaha

  • I don't give a damn about all the defending of Smith's mediocrity. Four seasons ago they bring in an up and coming talent in Cutler. They haven't given him any talent to work with till this year,Marshall, and Cutler now is damaged goods and continues to get the crap beat out of him. They give Forte the big contract and for all intents and purposes he has disappeared this season. Those to things alone are enough to show Smith the door as far as I'm concerned.

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