Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears Game Thread

Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears Game Thread

Final points for an uncomplicated game:

  • Pressure Aaron Rodgers. If he's given a pocket of any duration, with any consistency, the game  is over. So how about Julius Peppers putting an injured defense on his back and sacking Rodgers three or four times? Peppers battles double teams with regularity but so do all the upper echelon pass rushers. It's time for Peppers to shine.
  • Limit or completely abolish turnovers. Cutler & Co. can't give the Packers short fields at any point in this game and expect to avoid trailing. If they trail with any significance, they'll lose.
  • Make a big play on special teams. Kick return. Block. Anything. It doesn't have to result in a touchdown but it has to result in a momentum shift.

A season can be saved but it requires an inspired effort at home. Bear down.

Side note: Go Browns, Steelers & Rams.

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  • Second! Hope the DBB regs at the game today bring their Bears Karma and can restore the natural order of the universe ....

  • I think it's on the offense, Jeff. We need 28+ points from them today.

  • GREAT TIME last night. gp, you were missed! It was great to meet some of the regs from here. I'd already met MBPosse, and he is just a great guy. Johnny Waffle is PURE Chicago! And man can he PAarrrrtttaayyyyyy! I dont know if I could keep up back in the day. Doc, a real laid back gentleman! No one can help but like him. MB? Great guy, funny, very Southern California! He put on a Chicago Bear Lucha Libre mask in Ditkas! Watch for him, if he has it on at the game he is sure to get some TV time! Our waiter at Ditkas procalimed he was NOT gay, but did seem to take a special interest in MBs physique and what he did for a living. I told the waiter not to worry about the gay thing because MB always proclaims "not like there's anything wrong with it" . I dont know about Jesse Ventura, as MB lacks his sheer size, but he is built like Bob Sanders of the Colts. If he comes to the draft party in April he is nominated as first one into the drunken scrums! Yours truly was definitely the Father figure! I needed Canada and Albert for balance! All being said, we have a great community here, if anyone can possibly make any of these get togethers, just try to do it. Sorry I missed you Shady! Next time for sure. NEW BEAR, you were missed too! There are pictures, keep an eye out for them!

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:

    haha yes quite the cast of characters on this blog

  • Bear the fuck down gentleman, I'm so amped for this game I've been up since five this morning.

    Bring it own!

  • FUUCKKK Im HYPED MAN!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I posted this at the end of the previous thread. Great article on Butkus.,0,4735422.story?page=1

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    SC Dave posted this from the last thread.

    Suppose 2:48 here may be that hit on Sanders to which the story refers? Looks like #88 to me...


    “When we love, we always strive to become better than we are. When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.”
    ― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

    This should be the motto for the Bears today. Every player must rise up and play their hardest...If they do this and still lose then so be it.

  • In reply to Bears-4-Ever:

    I forgot all about that book. Got to pick up a copy soon....

  • Go PACK

  • In reply to thebigcheese:

    You're going down, Cheese.

  • Melton out. Not good, man. Not good.

  • Well, the backups are gonna have to earn their money today. I don't think the Pack are in much better shape either.
    Could be fun to watch.

  • Hayes out and Costanzo in. Let's see what happens. How about giving JT Thomas some reps too. He has a lot to prove and its time he starts getting things done. I hope all you regulars have a great time at the game, no matter the outcome! SPACE MOUNTAIN!

  • Thought Lovie always deferred on on the opening kickoff?

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    Who won the toss?

  • two packer bartenders
    fracture a young childs
    fragile mind
    leaving it to twist
    in the wind
    tor two days every year
    for fifty years and counting
    at 12:12 on 12-12-12-
    the five 12's reminded me
    of the last five loses
    today we have an inside vibe
    implanted in the inner sanctum
    that represents the finest
    of bear fandom
    may the recent forces
    from the gemenid meteor
    be in cutlers heart
    and accuracy in his arm
    our warriors today will
    play with the intuitive passion
    that brings victory and joy
    to the faithfull on the lakefront
    ain't it sooooooo
    enjoy your day and scream your lungs out

  • In reply to The Void:


    Where you been, maings?

  • Boy, it's a shame things turned out the way they did. At least you didn't freeze your collective asses off. Good excuse to drink heavily as well...

  • Bears rocking the 1940 throwback unis. I like.

  • How can they make things look so easy ?

  • I can't stand Joe Buck, what a Packers homer.

  • Another promising drive killed by an idiotic penalty.

  • Great drive ends in a punt. Story of the season.

  • 2nd and 1 on the opponent's 30. You have to get points there.


  • What's a gimme for Mare? Gotta make it to the 20?

  • Nice commitment to the run, can't believe they didn't run a play action that entire drive.

  • penalties stall another drive
    we need to be focused
    it's the little things
    that continue to cause
    self destruction

  • What was Wooton thinking?

  • Wootten clowned by Rodgers.

  • a wooten wiff

  • No. Pass. Rush.

  • What the hell happened to special teams this year? WHAT THE FUCK TOUB!?!

  • Another bonehead play. Now watch them score...

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    Very Relieved I'm wrong...

  • that looks so confusing
    how can these players
    be so uncoordinated

  • 'Sup bitches?

    Clickety clack .... Pack ... SMACK!

  • Jack talk Thai. Jack talk Thai REAL good. What is it like 2am there?

  • In reply to Shady:

    Games start at 1 a.m. and this one isn't looking good for A-Rod!
    Forte split out wide ? Tice has opened u his Christmas box.

  • This is just a poorly coached team. I don't see how there can be any argument about that at this point.

  • joe anderson
    remember that name
    some special moments
    in bears history will come
    through him
    that was too close
    how did that punt
    escape him

  • Negative yardage on 1st and 2nd down continuing to kill drives. Thank you Angelo.

  • Any links for the game?

    Bear Down

  • In reply to Sirwiz:

  • In reply to Sirwiz:

  • Pass rush showed up today.

  • If one more ref goes to IMMEDIATELY fix Rogers shoulder pad....I will lose my fucking chili dip.

  • In reply to Stuck in MN:

    +1...Rodgers love is fucking disgusting...gosh i hate that guy

  • hayden has a strong start
    coverage seems tight
    and rogers remains contained
    he must go down
    go down many many
    many times
    i played the tune
    fatal impact by dead can dance
    all through the day yesterday
    and envisioned
    huge gamechanging hits

  • In reply to The Void:

    Bears Pack is Wagner all the way.

  • Love Wootten

  • My guess is Brandon Marshall gets the ball here. Out on a limb, I know.

  • In reply to Shady:

    We'll never know. Shit. James Brown getting destroyed up front.

  • In reply to Shady:

    His name is in the hat Shady ....

  • Sirwiz:

  • In reply to tobijohn:


  • This team can't score.

  • In reply to Stuck in MN:

    It would appear neither can they. Nice kick.

  • Why do these ST guys hold? The risk/reward just isn't there, as far as I can see....

  • Another way our utter lack of offense hurts us: opponents have no fear going for it on 4th down from the 40.

  • In reply to Ufficio:

    Way too much time for Fuckdouchers on that 4th down play, though.

  • These guys are WIDE open....fuck.

  • Hangin in there though...

  • What is Pigboy thinking sticking with Crosby?

  • In reply to Ufficio:

    Love the way he looked back for an imaginary piece of debris. It was as flat and pristine as a putting green.

  • GB drops looming large. Mason Crosby looks terrible.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Wow. He's missed FGs in 8 straight games.

  • Oh god, how do you miss that bad?


  • The offense needs to get their head out of their ASSES and start scoring some points. Sooner or later Rodgers will get in the groove.....

  • Gotta come up with better run calls...right?..

  • Hands to the face WALT throw the damn flag.

  • Good thing Marshal fought for that...

  • Guarantee the ref wouldn't have missed a hands to the face penalty against Fuckdouchers.

  • Double duece for a double deuce.

  • Forte sighting.

  • Raji purposely going to the head. Somebody cripple that fucker!

  • Forte could have run out of bounds instead turned back in to get a couple more yards. Impressive...

  • three more yards
    with a shoulder to
    the face
    no sideline for matt


  • In reply to Shady:

    That play was all Brandon Marshall, set up by Forte's hard running. THAT'S what it's supposed to look like.

  • What a TD Brandon. YAC MAN!

  • Hester would have hit the turf on that...

  • Fuck Yes.


  • I love Brandon Marshall. That stiff-arm was awesome. Nice catch, nice move, great stiff-arm for the TD. Friggin awesome!

  • In reply to MikeV in OR:

    I love him more.

  • Joe Anderson looks hawngry.

  • In reply to Shady:

    He's a ballsy little Tom Waddle, didn't know he was a stud on ST too ....

  • Nice call on Anderson,Void...

  • it is spectacular
    the boys from the blog
    exploding in ecstacy
    spilling drinks and
    returning to the days
    of youthfull
    unbridled joy
    what a good stiffarm
    won't do for exuberance

  • In reply to The Void:

    +100, Hunti

  • In reply to The Void:

    Mang, can you hook me up with some microdots on the back of postage stamps? Have you boys heard about The Silk Road?

  • In reply to The Void:

    I wouldn't mind exploding inside something youthful on ecstacy. Unbridled joy and stiffness indeed.

  • easy.....
    you'd be livin large
    some would say

  • Gotta keep contain damn it.

  • Fuck. Kelvin Hayden nice work buddy.

  • Aaron Rodgers' celebrations have to be the gayest in the league.

  • If Rogers had a half second less on both of those pass plays, neither would have been completions...

  • Here they go....the offense had better answer and not go three and out again.

  • You know, Rodgers is one of the most immature QB's out there, but nobody says anything about it. If he faced any real adversity in his career, he'd be a blithering idiot on the sidelines. And henhas THE GAYEST little celebrations after a random completion or a TD. Fag. (not that there's anything wrong with that....F-in douchebag

  • In reply to RenoBear:

    Real Adversity???? idiot, hes been sacked the most in the league....and you're talking facing real adversity????....Thats just a stupid post!!

  • In reply to stats3599:

    wow there captain, calm down...I'm talkin real adversity like having a moron for an OC and changing offensive systems every other year. You don't have to be a f-in dick about it. Asshole

  • In reply to stats3599:

    you know, real adversity, like only having one good WR to throw to, not 4...Dick

  • In reply to RenoBear:

    Well Fanook, you didnt say any of that....youre more concerned about his celebration dances and something about being gay and all and douching and obviously DICK......and Im the Dick????.....Yeah ok, as I said before, Fanook!!!

  • Rogers is unreal. I fucking hate him...but damn he's good.

  • Oh yeah and damn i hate joe buck

  • Carimi out at guard, Spencer in. Don't know why.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Back at tackle for Scott who went out .... i think.

  • well, the buck/aikman announcing team....

  • WR screen on 3rd and 12? Seriously?

  • Scary moment there...

  • Blockers falling on their asses on both 1st and 2nd down.

  • Well, here is boys..another fucking 3 and out and the defense gets no rest.

  • In reply to MaddBearfan:

    Yep. They get the ball to start the 2nd half, too. Don't think the defense is going to hold up much longer. We need to keep putting points on the board.

  • that was huge briggsy
    time for some turnover magic
    somebody step into eternal bear lore

  • In reply to The Void:

    We really need to concuss Fuckdouchers on one of these sacks.

  • Peppers gittin' 'er done today.

  • Putting some good pressure on Rodgers today.

  • Bears still have three timeouts left with 1:46 left in the first half. Holy shit!

  • In reply to Johnnywad:

    My thoughts exactly!

  • Jay. Jay. Jay. Jay. Jay. what the fuck bro?

  • WTF Cutler?

  • You've got to be fucking kidding me.

  • Looks like Hester wasn't were he was supposed to be by Cutler's reactions...

  • In reply to tobijohn:


  • In reply to tobijohn:

    Still, he was behind the DB and Cutler threw it right to they guy.

    Hard to see how that's not on Cutty.

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    Hester is never where he is supposed to be as a receiver...

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    And so it goes ....

  • Hold strong D. Hold strong.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Aw fuck DJ Moore getting abused.

  • hester is not into the flow
    he missjudges the flight of the punt
    can't think as one with jay
    somebody please take this ball away

  • Cutler is still steaming...

  • DJ isn't having the best of games today...

  • And so here comes more fellatio for rodgers from aikman and buck. Fuck me running

  • I don't care who's fault that pick was, I just want Hester out of the offensive scheme. He is a cancer.

  • In reply to bajeezes:

    I agree, but that was still a horrible throw by smoking Jay. He can't just chuck it right at the CB.

    That might have been the season.

  • So Carimi back to RT. What a cluster.

  • this first half
    has been alot like
    this season
    start off strong
    and then the shit starts to haunt us

  • Run the football, throw to Marshalll..... its not that hard to do....

  • We're a busted route away from 7-7.

  • ...and a dropped pass away from 21-7. And they get the ball to start the 2nd, so we could soon be there anyway.

  • Stop using Hester as a receiver. Just stop doing it. There is no doubt in my mind that Jay threw that pass to where Hester was supposed to be.

    It is not just Devin's inability to catch the ball that makes him a shit receiver. He has never learned how to run a route, and has no sense of what to do to get separation, make adjustments, or any of the other skills that make a successful receiver. I'm just friggin tired of it.

  • In reply to MikeV in OR:

    Jay Cutler said on ESPN 1000 Hester was the best route runner on the team last week. Just sayin'.

  • If the Bears don't get going, we're going to have to start figuring out tiebreakers with the Vikings...

  • I'll root for the Bears in the second half and over the next two weeks. I always do. And we may get lucky and make the playoffs. But we're deluding ourselves if we think that this team can win a playoff game.

    We're at home against a flawed team in a game that's a must-win for us, and not for them, and we're embarrassing ourselves yet again.

  • I am fully on the Fuck-Hester-as-WR wagon.....


  • Haden has been awful, it really shows now that he's the starter.

  • I told you assholes that once Rodgers gets warmed up it's over.

  • In reply to MaddBearfan:

    aint over yet son

  • I quick slant is such a novel idea.

  • Anderson should take Hester's offensive packages

  • Oh yeah, every team has WR that can catch the ball.All we got is Marshall.

  • Okay, how about some pressure on 3rd down here?

  • Aikman, Buck and Rogers should just get a hotel room...

  • I'm done.

  • Our D can't get off the field on 3rd or 4rth!

  • soft secondary.... we need a fumble. now

  • See they have WR's that can catch the ball, we don't.

  • In reply to MaddBearfan:

    Well, they have more than one who can catch the ball...

  • Defense had to step up and make a play there. Would've totally changed the complexion of the game.

  • This is the kill drive, 4th down conversion, now a touchdown, then they should go for 2, then an onside kick, lovie will be gone by the start of the 4th

  • you guys remember the look on lovie's face when they faked that field goal at lambeau?

  • What a buch of scared little bitches.

  • Fucking horseshit call on Conte.

  • SOOOOO the side judge that was RIGHT THERE didnt call it. The douche from the middle of the field

  • What fucking bullshit.

  • Delay of the inevitable is what this is.

  • In reply to Stuck in MN:

    I like that...

  • Well,again the Bears are fucking beating themselves.This is pointless.

  • In reply to MaddBearfan:

    Refs get a big assist.

  • I swear, sometimes, I think the refs are on the take.

    I wonder if this will be enough to fire Lovie...

  • Not unless they already have someone in mind to replace him...

  • No, but losing in Detroit might be.

  • But I'm stupid and will watch till the bitter end.....

  • In reply to MaddBearfan:

    Me too. Only 142 minutes of Bear football left until next September. Get it while you can...

  • this is where we find out
    who's in and who isn't
    god will you just
    show me some guts
    and courage
    take this game over

  • Bears haven't converted a third down yet...

  • fb_avatar

    Typical Bear fans, blaming the refs. Bear fans are getting more and more like Cub fans everyday. excuses,excuses! Face it your not going to make the playoffs

  • In reply to BEARSSTILLSUCK:

    Typical fair weather troll, Back under the bridge with you..

  • In reply to BEARSSTILLSUCK:

    Fuck you, you piece of shit. Hope your little wifey there chokes to death on another man's cock.

  • In reply to BEARSSTILLSUCK:

    Or is that your daughter, may she drown in cum.

  • fb_avatar

    Cutler is such a little Bit#@

  • In reply to BEARSSTILLSUCK:

    Hey, is your mom still alive? If she is, then after your done fucking her, why don't you go fuck yourself...

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to tobijohn:

    Cant tell by your pic if your a female or a homosexual male so Im not sure how to respond to that one. But Ill take a guess and respond like this...when ur boyfriend takes his co@# out of your ass u can go fuck yourself too. Not surprised that u would get angry and stick up for your gay buddy, Jay Cutler

  • In reply to BEARSSTILLSUCK:

    I'd get a haircut but your wife loves it...

  • where's the takeways lovie, TAKE IT AWAY! It looked so easy in jacksonville and tennessee

  • Need a takeaway. Anything here....

  • where are all the takeaways vs gb, sf, and hou. Remember what he said, "we take it away"

  • Take it away vs a good team lovie

  • the lovie deuce doesn't play so well vs playoff teams lol

  • This is a fucking embarrassment.

  • I didn't think it could get any was I wrong. Maybe Emery just needs to clean house and start over.

  • Jason Campbell warming up.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Cutler still in the game.

  • with some better play calling, I think chi can score 30 points per game next year, and no pressure on the defense to score either

    lovie you are fired

  • Ball punch.

  • Nothing but trolls and quitters on Da Blog today. Fuck you.

  • OK do something with the opportunity..

  • Tillman is a stud

  • They showed the list of offensive finishing positions of the Bears under Lovie. The highest position we finished was 15th when we went to the Superbowl. Every single year we're 25- 30th.

    Optimus makes his 37th career FF and 10th this year. Comeback on ... or Dandy Don ...?

  • there's the big takeaway, they finally made a mistake, just like lovie drew it up in practice, glad they finally cooperated

  • Wow... fuckin trolls are out in force today...little bitches

  • Good to see Ryan Grant back. That guy might actually be worse than Cedric.

  • Wow, actually got a decent call for a change.

  • There's that Lovie blown timeout.

    Big P.I. play. All the momentum.

    Blow a T.O. and let the GB D regroup.

  • Washington pulling away from the Browns...


  • In reply to underway:


  • In reply to Ufficio:


  • Jesus, I'm tired of seeing Forte dance on goal-lines.

  • Fucking horseshit.

  • Fuck that. That was the same fucking play where Finley got the call.

  • Unfuckingbelievable

  • The Eight million dollar man.
    Walter would just somersault over them. Neal Anderson or TJ would barrel somebody on their way in. That was pathetic.

  • We've known that's not Forte's game for a loooong time. No resason to put him in a position to fail there.

  • And that is why the Bears got Bush for short yardage.

    Forte has NO nose for the endzone.

    1st down on the 5 yd line, and the offensive futility kills them.

  • fb_avatar

    Should I even bother U CANT EVEN GET 1 YARD IN 4 TRYS,. DEFINETELY NOT A PLAYOFF TEAM . THIS IS LIKE TAKIN CANDY FROM A BABY(or having sex with your mother) It doesnt get much easier:)

  • In reply to BEARSSTILLSUCK:

    Having sex with your mother is something that is easy for you? Interesting.

  • I think that's him and his mom in the avatar pic. Not a bad looking mom, I'll give him that..

  • fb_avatar

    I was talkin to that little girl, tobijohn

  • In reply to BEARSSTILLSUCK:

    Good god, you're a fucking moron.

  • In reply to BEARSSTILLSUCK:

    As the Packera fans were saying, it does not make much sense to start plays by handing the bal off backwards when you're in goalline.

    What is wrong with a QB sneak?

  • 1st 2nd 3rd and goal runrunrun so predictable

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to guinead1ck:

    Normally ur running back can gain a quarter yard in 4 tries. Cutler would have thrown a pick anyway so be happy u got 3 points out of it!

  • let's get a coach that's no so predictable

  • In reply to guinead1ck:

    BTW, where's John Shoop these days?

  • I just hope MB & the boyz are plowed at the game and are numb from the sheite they are seeing live on the field.......just fooki mi on our O...why?????? just fucking why???????

  • if the lovie deuce gives up another td, fire him tonight

  • If our D is so stout, why can't they get off the field on 3rd down!?

  • Okoye is fucking worthless.

  • fuckdodgers all the time in the world...sheite!!!!!!!!!!!! where the fuck is our pass rush????

  • ENough holding on that 3rd down? Jesus.

  • open seam route vs the lovie deuce?? NO WAY!

  • no pass rush.....secondary looking like BURNT TOAST!!!!!!!!

  • Shouldn't we be stripping the ball on these 15yrd completions?

  • Someone get me more vodka...

  • Why aren't they stripping the ball? What are they waiting for?

  • Hey, where's KD been today?

  • Take rogers out, fuck the penalty

  • Well, he WAS a lot closer that time...

  • haha Mason Crosby you're so bad.

  • Bet lovie's celebrating that on the sideline

  • DAMN Mason Crosby needs to retire.... That was the last attempt of his career..... DAMN we needed that....

  • In reply to underway:

    we can only hope

  • Well, at least their kicker is doing his best to keep us in he game.

  • Bears don't do it here...they won't... feel bad for Crosby...but oh well.

  • What the hell was Pigboy thinking kicking the FG there? Dumber than anything the Bears have done today.


    No way your team is going anywhere with Mason Crosby. You know it's true.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    he is clearly a liability.

  • they should've gone for it, this is not a superbowl team, they just look like one compared to da bears

  • fb_avatar

    Marshall and Briggs talkin shit all week and this is how they play? Talkin loud sayin nothin just like their fans!!!! Lucky our kicker sucks or it would be even worse. I definetely think the Bears have the edge in the kicker dept LOL Does Jeffries ever catch the ball without pushing the db off?? Cutler is still a little Bit@#

  • In reply to BEARSSTILLSUCK:

    You can talk about fucking your mother, but you can't type "bitch"?

    What the fuck is wrong with you?

  • Holy shit, how much did they pay these fuckers?

  • Wow, the refs are really getting chickenshit on 17. Fuck!

  • Well, that's the game...

  • fb_avatar

    Im sure if Urlacher was in there it would be different LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tHAT SOME FUNNY SHIT RIGHT THERE

  • That trip to the red zone was vintage lovie, reminded me of their ONE TRIP to the red zone vs houson

  • Oopsie...

  • wow, just like smith drew it up in practice, let's see his reaction on the sideline

  • Trick play this bitch!

  • Any Packer fans on here today want to explain that one?

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    file that under "what is the fastest way to blow a lead"

  • Fucking Packers deserve that turnover after pulling that silly throwback shit. Fuck you Green Bay.

  • fb_avatar

    Heres your chance to talk shit, u got the ball on the Packer 10. Im not even a little worried. You know why? Two words Jay Cutler

  • In reply to BEARSSTILLSUCK:

    That's a name, dumbass.

  • In reply to BEARSSTILLSUCK:

    Jesus, you are a fucking idiot.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    Its a name and 2 words, Einstein. Great D by Sheilds dont u think? Gameover B I T C H Im outta here got 2 meet ur mom at the Motel 6, shes payin 4 the room We had a bet on the game AND I WON!! tell ur dad ill have her home in time 4 breakfast

  • In reply to BEARSSTILLSUCK:

    You got a dictionary, dumbass? A Jay is a bird, a cutler is a knife-maker, Jay cutler is a name, and you are a half-literate moron.

    Stick to your own mother. You only have to walk upstairs, and she's not dead, apparently, since by your own words, you're fucking her. You're not doing an old dead lady, are you?

  • gb tries that, but attempts a field goal on 4th and 1, they should be shopping for a new coach too

  • Cutler to Beastmode, let's go.

  • fb_avatar

    That is honestly the funniest comment made today. He doesnt have a Beastmode, Bitchmode maybe but not Beastmode. For the record I only resorted to name calling and talkin about fuc#@#@ moms because after making 1 clean comment, a couple Bear fans had to go there right away

  • nice RUN, play for 3 you pussy fart

  • tice and lovie look so miserably inept on the sideline

  • thank you gb special teams for the chicago's o

  • Wow. Falcons giving it to the G-men. 34-0.

  • If we get five turnovers on the two yard line we can score five FGs and win this thing.

  • irish....tee hee hee

  • a 1/2 a fucking yard that's all we did ....fooki mi!!!!!!!!

  • I think we just broke the NFL record for most FG attempts inside the five yard line. Congrats Linda.

  • This is truly pathetic....truly sad

  • Damn Tice is terrible...our offense just does not know what to do in the redzone...sad...

  • All the Pack has to do is chew up the clock and it's over.

  • We could actually bore the Green Bay defense to sleep. Hope breathes.

  • showing LDL his #1 goal to beat the fudgepeckers.....'i think i just threw up in my mouth.

  • In reply to lobotobear:


  • Denver are a very good football team.

  • time 2 steal 1

  • beat green bay twice in 4 years asshole

  • 6 points off of 2 turnovers. So only 3 more turnovers and we can win this thing. As long as the D can hold fuckdoger scoreless for 7 minutes.

  • You gotta be kidding me.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Is it any surprise? The officials have their favorites. Doucheboy is one of them.

  • nice fucking hit

  • OMG FUCK BITCHRODGERS>>>> Fuck you refs

  • Bullshit call on Julius

  • I wonder how much it costs to buy an NFL ref.

  • good lick on rogers
    he'll remember that
    oh how i hate
    the sympathetic reff
    he watches way too many
    state farm commercials

  • that hit by peppers is the most inspiring play by the bears in weeks

  • In reply to guinead1ck:

    I disagree. Forte burrowing that safety into the turf was better

  • Now Jay. piss or get off the pot. Who are you?

  • Nice run, Hester.

  • where is the sense
    of URGENCY

  • Hester just gets tackled down the field there. Fuck these asshole zebras.

  • Game Fixed.... I've seen enough...

  • what is this bullshit
    how is that
    not called on any pass play

  • Holy hell, what a fucking joke.

  • OMG what in theeeeeee fuck is up with these refs on Alshon's nuts? wtf!!!!!!
    then no call on Shields??? Holy crap

  • That's it for this year boys...cya next year....

  • In reply to MaddBearfan:

    Good fucking riddance.

  • In reply to MaddBearfan:

    I mean really, fuck off.

  • How much did Green Bay pay the officials to make SHIT CALLS all day long!?!?!?!

  • We had injuries, they had injuries.

    Looking at that game today, the difference between the two teams - other than they have good receivers - was coaching. Across the board on D and O. Piss poor coaching.

  • alshon jeffries
    has a target on his back
    he will get better
    after this lesson in
    unfortunate judgement
    he shows alot of fight
    and refuses to back down

  • We got totally BONED by these FUCKING refs. They ended our season today.

  • Giants drop a big donut ...led by the Elite Eli Manning.

  • Hester this is your moment son..... lets fucking go

  • If Hester is gonna get needs to be now.

  • fb_avatar


  • In reply to BEARSSTILLSUCK:

    Fuck you troll...go root for Fudgepackers somewhere else

  • In reply to BEARSSTILLSUCK:

    Aren't you supposed to be having sex with an old lady in a dirty, cheap hotel by now?

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Johnnywad:

    Good 1!!! lol

  • In reply to BEARSSTILLSUCK:

    Lot's of LOL's. Is that you and your lovely bride? If so,why do you want to fuck old ladies? And why do you
    use a picture of her on a blog? Don't you know the world is full of wierdos genius?

  • Nice GIVE UP play calling Mike TICE.....fucker

  • fb_avatar


  • Wtf was that last play? What was cutler doing??

  • way to give up cutler, reminds me of the nfc title game

  • On the bright side those packer fans still have to deal with living in that shit hole Green Bay.

  • Not much you can do about such an obviously fixed game. I can't even blame Lovie for this one.

  • In reply to Ufficio:

    fixed game? gb missed two field goals and gave chi a gift wrapped possession in the red zone. lovie got outcoached again, don't blame the refs

  • In reply to guinead1ck:

    And there were about ten ridiculous calls against the Bears. I'll blame the refs, thanks.

  • In reply to Ufficio:

    Congrats to you, You are todays STUPIDEST PERSON ON THE PLANET! with that comment!!!! Fanook!!!

  • I know cutler is the future, but that guy's a fucking quitter

  • In reply to guinead1ck:

    Dude, you quit at halftime.

  • In reply to guinead1ck:

    Huh? That makes no sense.

  • In reply to guinead1ck:

    A quitter, really? What the heck are you talking about? That's just ignorant.

  • In reply to guinead1ck:

    What the fuck are you talking about? He's getting his head knocked in week in and week out. Two significant injuries last week and he still plays. If he was a quitter would he stand in there trying to make a play until he gets sacked? You make no sense. Cutler makes his share of mistakes but he's no quitter.

  • In reply to Johnnywad:

    come on, he couldn't throw the ball away, or try for the sidelines? He just dumped it over the middle shrugged his shoulders and walked off the field

  • In reply to Johnnywad:

    TROLL ALERT: Please do not feed.

  • we are in need
    of a transfusion
    of new ways to generate
    an offensive force
    that keeps opponents
    in the dark
    the three runs over carimi
    were too bland

  • In reply to The Void:

    Most predictable coaching in the nfl on both sides of the ball

  • Pitchforks. Torches. Etc etc etc

  • "Ok, folks..move along please, move's all over..nothing to see here now..move along please folks..."

  • OK, I stuck it out. Now it's nap time...

  • In reply to tobijohn: gave me a headache and Crunch...pLLLLLLLLLL..hehe

  • A band of monkey flinging their feces around would be better than this coaching staff. At least they'd be unpredictable!

  • I really feel bad for our boys at the game, to have to shit through that.

    After a 7-1 start, this is just hard to take, even as a long suffering Bears fan. Best receiver in the NFL and we still have no offense.

  • a monkey with diarrhea could fling his shit at the chalkboard and come up with some better plays than tice, that BUM

  • let's celebrate! lovie's tenure is fucking over

  • In reply to guinead1ck:

    The Bears just lost to the Packers, and you want to celebrate. That makes you a troll, no matter how bad Lovie is for the Bears.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    get some champagne out, and stop being such a panty fart. believe it or not, the bears are going to get better, and we're going to be thanking the packers for this game some day. lovie's gone, there will be no wild card/first round exit/contract extension, he's cleaning out his desk, no more lovie
    woo hoo

  • In reply to guinead1ck:

    This is a bad day, any way you slice it, and you have no business being here if you feel otherwise.

    Next year, Da Bears Blog will be gone from this shithole, and Jeff will be able to ban parasites like you. I hope Lovie & Tice are gone next year, if there are better replacements available, but I know YOU won't be here. So enjoy yourself while you can still smear your shit all over the place. You haven't got much time.

  • that BUM

  • Apparently Marshall had quite the post game podium appearance.

  • In reply to Shady:

    let's hope he doesn't get shitfaced and try and run over his girlfriend or something, we need him next year

  • In reply to guinead1ck:

    Wow. I'm so fucking sorry I defended you. You are a cocksucking wop.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    hey cazzo, don't get personal, go wash the sand out of your vagina and get back to talking football

  • In reply to guinead1ck:

    You're talking football? Marshall getting shitfaced and running over his girlfriend is talking football?

    You're talking shit. You are shit. Go fling shit somewhere else.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    that's how he fucking unwinds after games! here's hoping he keeps his cool and doesn't go back to JAIL, we need him next year

  • In reply to guinead1ck:

    Who's "WE"? Don't include me in your little cheesy greaseball.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    the fuckin royal we, man

    why are you so anal, did you really think they were going to win?

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    I always WANT them to win. I always pull for them to win. Don't you? No, you don't. You don't belong here. Go somewhere you're wanted.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    why would anyone ban me! don't take all your petty disappointment out on me, and don't be such a fucking racist! you clearly have a sour pussy that's overflowing with SAND right now, you really wanted the bears to win this one, I know. You are what's wrong with bear fans everywhere, you hope for the best but demand nothing when they lose. Get mad, blame somebody! this team's been playing fundamentally wrong for years, they need to adapt to today's nfl. they were probably the worst 7-1 team in history, and I bet you were creaming your shorts, thinkin they'd go all the way. You hopeless retard fuck, keep your silly little blog, I'll share my thoughts and celebrate lovie's demise elsewhere

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:


    You stupid fucking monkey, I just said I wanted Tice and Lovie gone. I've said it before, I'll say it again. I said I WANTED the Bears to win. I always do.

    So yes, I want accountability, but I'm not dancing on anyone's grave, certainly not now, after a loss like this. Not even yours, as happy as I am to hear that you're leaving us.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    I bid you adieu then you miserable fuck, you must be disconsolate after this shocking loss. try not to shoot yourself in the face while your wallowing and wondering how lovie could've dropped his sixth straight to the pack. if you woke up today expecting anything different, you are definitely retarded, no further tests needed, you sir, are what mathematicians would call, ABSOLUTE ZERO

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    Here's Elvis, to play us out:

    Unless you have to get the last word. Go ahead, give it your best, then get the fuck gone already. I won't respond. You won.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Calling for accountability, peoples jobs etc. Said it was affecting him "way too much" got mad and stormed off. Looked like Charlie Murphy was about to choke a bitch.

  • In reply to Shady:

    I loved it. The only positive to really come out of that game was Marshall's post-game interview.

  • They've made the playoffs what, once in the last 6 years? And they won one playoff game vs 7-9 seattle, this team is a fucking joke, bear fans have been gettin restless since '09. Enough already! They're out spending the cash on big free agents, let's get a coaching staff that can WIN

  • 0-9 on 3rd downs for the Bears.
    Under 200 yd total offense
    1st and goal at the 5, FG.

    Tice should be demoted immediately.

  • He's gone 4. Probably won't happen til offseason but there is no way Tice is holding a clip board anywhere in the NFL next year. He's also pissed away any shot he had at getting another HC job. I got a feeling this was the nail in the coffin for Lovie too.
    The silver lining here is the Packers look like a one and done in the playoffs again. No way they beat a team with a healthy defensive front. I really hope the Bears hang on to the wild card spot. I would love to replay this game in a month with a healthy Tim Jennings and Henry Melton. I would also bet Jeffrey spends a little time this week working on the PI stuff. He's going to be the real deal a year from now.

  • In reply to Johnnywad:

    Didn't someone want to hire him as their OC a few years back and the Bears gave some paper promotion that allowed them to deny him the opportunity to interview for the job?

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    That sounds right. I'm betting he retires a position coach. Too bad the Bears didn't let him go then

  • The Ravens DID just send their OC, Cam Cameron packing. I'm ready to see if Bates can improve the play calling.

    Tired of seeing Jay having to wait for the plays to come in.

  • Long time reader, first time posting. Horrible game....mostly by the refs. I hate to blame a game on the refs, but it seemed like the Bears did not get one call.
    Doesn't change the fact that the Bears should have beat the Vikings and Seahawks, but losing to the Packers, a different story.
    Hester should not play another down on offense...if we don't have better receivers as that option, time to go shopping for some! Definitely not better than Marshall. And Jeffrey, stop with that nonsense, you are better than that. And until you stop you will not get a call like you should have today. 2 games to is do or die time!

  • In reply to FRUSTRATED BEAR FAN:

    Why, because Cutler tantrums on the bench after throwing a shit ball? Rodgers, Brady, or P Manning would have seen that Hester had a TD and lofted it over the top. And even we he wrong, it would just be a harmless incomplete pass.

    Jay Cutler is a mediocre QB, at best. *How many times* do Bears fans have to watch Rodgers own Cutler to understand what a real QB looks like?!!

  • Didn't see the game. At work. Stop with the refs beat us stuff. I'm sure we got the dirty end of the stick on a lot of calls but it just comes off as whining. Good teams get the calls and bad teams don't. It's always been that way. We didn't convert a third down all day. Not one. We didn't gain 200 yds on O. Our O sucks beyond belief. The D couldn't get off the field when they needed to. It's been second verse, same as the first the entire 2nd half of the season. If we win the last 2 games of the season, I'm not sure Lovie gets canned.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Didn't see the game. That says it all. Jefferey got taken out of this game by the refs, simple as that. All the Cheese had to do was control Marshall.

    Yeah, the Bears should be able to win despite that kind of shit. But the officiating in the NFL is a fucking joke. We see it week after week after week, and nothing is ever done. I can live with the Bears losing. I can't support a dirty sport.

    Goodell needs to go. There needs to be accountability.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    Come on Crunch, you don't really believe the refs are on the take. I saw 2 of Jeffery's penalties on highlights and his arm was straight out like he was stiff arming someone. I know they were weak calls but rookies get no leeway with the refs. Jeffery has to learn to push off without being so obvious. Marshall does it all the time and rarely gets called.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    I don't know if the refs are on the take, Canada. A dirty sport - to me - is one that can easily be dirtied, because as we have seen in baseball and basketball and boxing, if a contest can be fixed it will be.

    And you tell me, what safeguards are in place to stop it in football? Bad calls are simply swept under the rug. No one keeps tab. No one even recognizes that there is a problem. How can this sport be kept clean? Who's trying?

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    I don't have the answer to that Crunch but there is no reason for the refs to fix a Bears/Packers game. They've been beating us like a drum for the last 4 years. Maybe after this year the league will look at some of those replacement officials to come in and send some of the others packing.

    In baseball the superstars take close pitches and they are usually called balls. A rookie has it called a strike. In basketball Jordan travelled about 50 times a game and never got called. In football the chosen QB's get all the breaks. Is it right? Hell no. Is it going to change? Hell no? It just completely sucks for us because Rodgers clearly knobs the refs all game, every game and it pays off.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Jordan didn't travel, that was Iverson.

    He DID get tons of fouls called in his favor, though... But no traveling...

    It's the new breed that travels.

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    OK. I'm not a BB fan but I remember a lot of highlights where Jordan barely put the ball on the floor after crossing the half court line and taking it to the hoop.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    To say nothing of the hundreds of "steals" where he was allowed to grab the wrist of the dribbler.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    You do realize that that there are many ways of betting on a game, that there is huge money in it, and that baseball, basketball and boxing have been compromised by it in the past. It's a reality. Football is not immune.

    Thirty-two of the top fifty sports franchises in the world are US pro football teams. The NFL rakes in billions every year. There's shitloads of money to be had. You think organized crime doesn't want in on that?

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    What you say is true but there is no reason to fix this game. The Fudgies have been pounding us relentlessly for the last 4 years.

    One thing Rodgers did learn from Favre was sucking up to the refs. It makes you want to puke but it is effective.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Fine, this game wasn't fixed. Any other game, at any other time, can be, and if it can be, it will be. You OK with that?

    There is a problem. It's obvious to anyone who watches football. Maybe some refs are dirty, maybe they're simply incompetent, or maybe the game has gotten too fast and too complex in its rules to be properly officiated.

    Whatever. There is a problem. It's obvious. The NFL has the money, power, and technology available to fix it, and it does nothing.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    So long as the money keeps rolling in, Crunch, why should they care?

    "If it ain't broke, don't fix it", I can hear the owners say as the $billions pour into their bank accounts.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    They should care because fans care, and that's where thir money comes from. They should care because it's their duty to safeguard the integrity of the game. Goodell should care because he makes $20,000,000 a year, which he won't once the fans get pissed enough to quit buying tickets, gear, and television packages.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    I think that the Bears players and coaches got out-matched moreso than the referees bad calls. However, I agree that the refs need to be more consistent and be held accountable with the calls they make.

    That pass interference call on Conte in the end zone was bogus. Why in the world can the ref 15 or more yards away from Conte call pass interference 2 or 3 seconds after the play, but the sideline ref didn't call anything who was 1 foot away!?? Why don't the head ref talk to both refs and determine whether making that call or not is appropriate? That PI call to me screwed the Bears mentality for the rest of the game

  • In reply to burntorangenavyblue:

    Packers have a real QB and the Bears don't. Some things never change, even after waiting 47 years, there is still only Sid Luckman and while my dad was old enough to see him play, regrettably I am not.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Commented on wrong post. Mea culpa non-sequitur.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    You gotta see it to believe it Canada. 3 offensive penalties on Jeffery, one in the end zone(all bogus). And a terrible no call with Shields having a handfull of Jeffrey's jersey all the way down the sideline.

  • In reply to EnderWiggin:

    No doubt Ender but we've all seen how inconsistently PI is called. It's like the strike zone in baseball. Don't get me wrong, I'm totally pissed about it but bitching about the refs always sounds like sour grapes. The fudgies got fucked against Seattle and you would have thought the state of Wisconsin was going to launch a criminal investigation against the refs. Even when you're right it just sounds weak.

    The one I don't understand is how did that BiQueens player not get fined for the helmet to helmet on Cutler last week?

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    We did not lose cause of the refs, but getting no calls does not help.
    The offense needs to put points on the board. Period. Stop with the miscues. Enough is enough.

  • In reply to FRUSTRATED BEAR FAN:

    Rodgers >>>> Cutler.

    Hence, Packers win

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    I will take cutty any day of the week....he has good games and bad games but gives it all every time out....thats wut i like in a qb!

  • In reply to EnderWiggin:

    One was legit, and Alshon got away with an obvious face mask. So really, only a net of one against him on the offensive PI side. Although there was one also right at the end that the Packers fan I was sitting next to admitted could easily have been called a defensive PI when Jeffrey got mugged.

    But bottom line is that Alshon has to learn to make the play anyway. So today was a great learning opportunity for him. Hopefully that cocksucker Drake won't fuck Alshon up like he has everyone else that's gotten near him.

  • fb_avatar

    We just fell out of 6th Seed 2 wins I dont see but one which is next week, We Will not beat SUH and Co. week 17 you know how jacked they will be? Well Brothers and Sisters, With this Offense we need a Overhaul Bad! Bear Down!!

  • In case anyone was wondering, I did the research and Mike TIce is in John Shoop territory in terms of offensive production:

    2001 - Scored 338 points (21.1/g), 11th of 31 in the NFL. (13-3)
    2002 - Scored 281 points (17.6/g), 27th of 32 in the NFL. (4-12)
    2003 - Scored 283 points (17.7/g), 23rd of 32 in the NFL. (7-9)

    but if it's any consolation, he's still better than Gary Crowton...

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    Did you see the ranking of the Bears offense on Fox today since Lovie has been coach? Highest was 15th!!!

  • Checking the scores, nothing but blowouts today. Bears/Packers was one of the closest...

  • Too bad we don't have a real quarterback like Aaron Rodgers.

  • fb_avatar

    From Jeff, Redskins have found themselves leading division. That basically means Bears need Giants to recapture lead or they're done.

  • In reply to Shannon Pankster:

    Fuck it... 8-8 is quintessential Bears.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Still can end up 10-6 Dave. I'm not overwhelmed by Cutler but there is a lot more wrong with this O than Cutler. Tice is horrible as a play caller. Our O looks like it is from the early '80's. It doesn't help that Forte can't gain a yard when we need it most (and you know I'm a Forte fan). No doubt Rodgers is better than Cutler. Rodgers is better than all the other QB's. FUCK!

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    He is certainly orders of magnitude better than Cutler. Why is it that we can *never* get a QB like that? And the two closest franchises get Favre-Rodgers and Manning-Luck? What is with that shit, Canada?

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Just bad luck Dave. And incredibly good luck for the fudgies and dolts. It doesn't help that we took Cedrunk with Rodgers sitting there. Woulda, coulda, shoulda. I'm totally frustrated too Dave.

  • Tough sledding out here today
    Tobi. . . Crunch, way to hold down the fort while the DaBoys were at the game.
    Bears gotta sneak in now. I would love to see Jeremy Bates calling plays for the last two games. How can it hurt? What are the chances though?

  • In reply to Johnnywad:

    Knowing Lovie, not great.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    My approach would have been:

    "Jay, sit down. You;'re not playing today unless Jason gets hurt. Be ready for the Cardinals game next week."

    Cutler *cannot beat the Packers*. Even when they make the most colossally stupid special teams play since the Johnny Knox TD. And this time without the refs giving them a get out of jail free card.

    The Packers are just better than us. We get a truly Paytonesque finish on a nice Forte run and a soon-to-follow ass kicking Marshall play for a TD. And what happens?

    90-yard TD drive led by a real QB. Something our team NEVER does (yeah, "never say never", but you know what I mean)

    I'm about ready to give up on this pathetic franchise. But because I'm a loser like all Chicago fans, I'll suck it us to have hopes dashed yet again

  • In reply to Johnnywad:

    Yup, had to roll up our sleeves and get a little dirty with the riff-raff that showed up. As for Bates, why not, what's to lose? This offense is going nowhere except backwards. The Bears are still paying off Jerry A so I think it's unlikely that they'll get rid of Lovie but after the season, he's going to get called into the principal's office and told Mike Tice has to go. And then we're right back to where we were a few years ago with nobody wanting the OC job for a lame duck HC. Having Bates as the OC for 2013 is the logical (maybe only) solution. Him and a couple decent offensive lineman, a TE who can catch and Hester having WR removed from his job description would keep Jay happy for the last year of his contract...

  • In reply to Johnnywad:

    Sorry about the anti-Italian slurs. I have nothing against Italians (or any other race or nationality), I was just reacting to the anti-Italian slur in Mr. D1ck's screen name. I guess I assumed he wore it as a badge of pride. I don't know, I didn't really think it through. Sorry, Italians.

    Also, iirc, MaddBearFan isn't a troll. Sorry, MBF.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    I'm Dutch. No worries here. I didn't even notice.

  • Guys... on my tablet so will do a real update tomorrow night.

    I did want to say one thing that honestly made me stare in awe today... and it has nothing to do with the game. I'll give you guys those impressions later.

    I was honestly flabbergasted by the packer fans. They are the fatest , ugliest bunch of mouth-breathing yahoos I've ever seen.... and I've been to Oklahoma.

    Seriously I was kinda shocked that they were ALL that bad. 99.% of them had at least 1 piece of camouflage in their outfit, and at least 2 chins. Holy shit... the two reasonable looking packer chicks were obviously from Chicago and they had bears fan boyfriends.

    What a sad fucking group of 'humanity' they got up there. Holy shit.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    At least they know more about which football team to root for - you know, one that beats their rival.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    It's not too late for you to jump ship, Dave. Jesus Christ.

  • That post just struck me as jejune Doc - "their guys beat us like a fucking drum, but at least we're better looking"

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    You entirely missed the point of the post dave. You're letting your disappointment make you weak. Stop it.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    ...good word though. I likeew words.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I guess I must have.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Indeed. Let's just say I got what I was after

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    A Chicago Bear Lucha Libre mask of Mongoskin?

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Wha? Any jackoff can root for a winner. You could pick a new favorite team every year, and change mid-season, or at halftime during the Super Bowl. I can't believe anybody could be so desperate for vicarious wins, but there are an awful lot of losers out there. Maybe some do choose their team based on performance. I was stuck with the Bears the minute I got slapped at Edgewater.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    Exactly. You can pick your friends and religion but you're pretty much stuck with your family and hometown sports teams...

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    Not stuck. My family moved from Chicago to Pittsburgh when I was 11, the Bears were total shit, and the Pittsburgh Steelers were a dynasty in the making. I could have switched sides...

    It just never occurred to me to do that. But I wouldn't say I was "stuck." Quit putting words in my mouth.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    Crunch, you said stuck:

    "I was stuck with the Bears the minute I got slapped at Edgewater."

    I was stuck with the Bears the minute I got slapped at St. Francis in Evanston...

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    So I did. I meant "blessed."

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    I left Illinois in 1981, and I'm still a Bears fan. Likely that makes me morer stupider than you.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    These stats shouldn't come as a huge shock to you MB. Wisconsin leads the nation in per capita consumption of cognac, sausage and cheese. At least that's what my bike riding buddy from Wisconsin tells me and I have no reason to doubt him.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    At least the bears have that going for them....better looking women fans......Great!!!

  • In reply to stats3599:

    Now if we can just get a.... oh, never mind.

  • In reply to stats3599:

    It's almost like he's being sarcastic.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    Clarification: It's almost like stats3599 is being sarcastic. If so, I don't get it. Better looking women is a definite plus.

  • This is how I know the Bears suck. Now take into consideration that I am not a coach or work for the team in anyway. I am merely a fan but had the following knowledge going into the Seattle game. And if I had this knowledge you would firgure that paid staff would too. The Bears were 1 game up on the Packers and they already lost to them so they should be looking to stay1 game up at all costs. Now the Packers had Minnesota that weekend and just got their asses handed to them by the Giants so chances are they were gonna come out swinging and win. Not to mention the fact that the Packers were at home. Now the Bears play Seattle who are red hot coming in and hold the other wild card spot with the Packers. Once again everything points to beating Seattle at all costs because if the Bears lose the game then they lose the wild card tie breaker as well. Lets also take into consideration that the Bears are playing with some fly by night, pieced together offensive line. Guards playing center, tackles playing guard etc. So here comes the tragedy. We are winning the game by 7, moving the ball nicely in the 2nd quarter and its 4th down. We are in chip shot range for Gould. Now with everything I have mentioned what do you think the call should have been at that point of the game. Nooooooooo not the Bears, they go for it. I have never been more pissed off about a call in all of my 40 year history of watching that team. YOU TAKE THE 3 POINTS!!!!!!!! A PEE WEE COACH WOULD HAVE TAKEN THE 3 POINTS!!!!! After they failed I knew the game was lost and that was the exact moment this spiral started. Also consider that the rest of the game changes and chances are that Urlacher and Jennings dont get hurt. I dont understand why the Bears make calls like they are some Super Power Team because they are not. But they do have enough talent to win if they play their game and they never do that. The season ended on that play and If I owned the team, ALL the coaches would have 2 options. Lombardi Trophy on my desk by the end of the season or get your shit and go, you're fired.

    Just my 2 cents.

  • Football is a game of inches and momentum. Those calls the refs made today were all on big plays each of which stifled our momentum.

    First Jeffery PA. Touchdown. Big big play.

    Second Jeffery PA, big play down the left sideline.

    Conte PA, gave the Packers six. Complete bullshit call.

    Third Jeffery PA, another big gainer on the left sideline.

    Peppers roughing the passer, would have been our ball, instead the Pack got a fresh set of downs.

    The PA they called in Jeffery's favor, did give us great position, but if they had not interfered, it would have been six and a big chunk of yardage to add to the offensive statistics. Ditto the 5 yard illegal contact they called in Jeffery's favor. Both would have been big yardage for the bears.

    So no, maybe the refs didn't cost us the game. But you can't say they weren't a major factor. Canada cites the offensive ineptitude. I say if not for those penalties, we would have had momemtum field position, and a lot more yardage. And maybe we would have lost anyway. But sadly, we'll never know, because the refs only let one team play. Sour grapes or not, the refs (and Tice's failure's) cost us the fucking game that I traveled a long way to see and paid a pretty penny to do it.

    I mean, when was the last time one receiver got THREE offensive PA calls against him? I'm not sure it's ever happened, rookie or not. Such fucking bullshit.

    On the other hand, our D allowed them to convert on way to many third and longs, and two fourth downs. Unacceptable.

    Lovie will be fired if we don't make the playoffs which, after a 7-1 start, now looks very likely. But if he had any balls, he'd say goodbye to Tice now and see what Bates can do.

    A bullshit game. But....

    I did get to see the hallowed ground of Soldier Field. I did get to party with Murph, Shady, MB, MBP, Shady, and Johnny Waffle. I got to see the great city of Chicago. I got to eat good eats and drink good drinks. I missed GP and never did find Cor at the game. It was not a total loss, just a swift kick in the nuts after a very fun weekend.

    Much thanks to MB and Posse who shared this experience with me, to Murph, Shady and Waffle for the good times, to Tobi and Mike V for their unbelievable generosity, and to the warriors who've made Soldier Field the historic venue that it is.

    I love the bears and I love this blog. But goddamn I'm tired of the bears looking so good only to become the laughing stock they are to everybody else.

    Oh. And fuck you Packer trolls and to "bears fans" who seem to take joy in our suffering. Get bent. All of you.

  • Hopefully you guys took pics and post them on the next postmortem thread. Sounds like you guys had a blast, and will regale us with stories of awe, but the Bears losing at Soldier to the Pack had to be a buzz-kill, like boning the hottest girl on earth with herpes.

  • Well, the herpes think might be a *little* worse, 4ever.

  • Thanks for representin', guys. Too bad things did not work out better.

    When Forte smashed that DB into the turf and then Marshall scored, I thought we might be on to something.


  • Doc I can't disagree with anything you wrote. I just hate to hear people use the refs for an excuse. Remember when the Fudgies lost to Seattle this year and the Fudgie fans cried like little bitches for 2 months? We all laughed and took special delight. The more they whined, the more we liked it. Why give them the opportunity to laugh at us even more than they already are?

  • To those who are hating on Jay: What makes Jay Cutler less of a QB than any other QBs? That makes no sense. Jay Cutler gets pissed off when no one can follow their routes or help protect him when he throws. Yeah, he makes mistakes.....but so does everyone else. Are people fixated on him because Jay Cutler actually responds to adversity and challenges with emotions? I was only 1 years old when the Bears won in 85', but from watching all of the games from that year and all of those interviews and etc., Jim McMahon didn't give a damn what people thought of him and I doubt that any of you who watched him couldn't have cared less how he acted or treated others as long as the production by him on the field was adequate. Jimmy at least had the pieces to help him out, Jay does not. I would be pissed a lot if I was Jay too.

    This is all on the Bears ownership and coaches. They don't spend money on important positions that need to be filled, and the talent scouts (led by our coaches) look for players that get drafted into positions that they don't originally play for. This has been going on for decades, and if you have been around long enough as a Bears fan, you should know that this does not, whatsoever, completely fall on Cutler's shoulder that the cards he is dealt with makes him any less of a QB than any others in this league.

  • In reply to burntorangenavyblue:

    Very well-said, Burnt.

  • In reply to burntorangenavyblue:

    Jay Cutler makes stupid throws to receivers that are WIDE OPEN FOR A TD with a simple adjustment over the top. Something that QBs like Manning, Brady, Brees, and Rodgers do. And something you'll be seeing from Andrew Luck often I predict.

    I grow sooooo weary of the defense of a QB that can't get it done.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    So what you'd like, ideally, is that the Bears find the next HoF someone else doesn't have and pick them up?

    Yeah, that sounds great! Now we just have to find one.... got any ideas?

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    You never grow weary of whining about it though, do you Dave.

  • In reply to burntorangenavyblue:

    When Jay Cutler came to the Bears, I told people I knew at my local watering hole that I expected Kyle Orton to make the Pro-Bowl before Jay Cutler.

    So far, I'm still okay on that bet. My original reason was "Ron Turner"; my current reason is "Jay Cutler".

    Just face it, he's just the latest in a long line of Bears QB disappointments.

  • I'm a Packer fan. The refs clearly screwed up. I'll admit that. But, the Bears didn't play winning football and their coaching staff is a mess (except for Marinelli). I was surprised at the Packers' stupidity on that kick return with an 11 point lead. No time NOW for that kind of dumb gadget play. Also kicking the field goal from 41 instead of going for it on 4th and 1 after passing on a 44 yarder is incomprehensible. But, we did win and Mike McC makes many more good calls than bad. The Bears played a crappy game. They lost time of possession by 8 minutes (one of their hallmarks). They outrushed the Bears - truly incredible (Tice MUST go). They need an O-line. They have Cutler to Marshall and that's it, unless they get the running game going. This is not a playoff team. The refs suck, but the Packers are a far superior team with a far superior organization and coaching staff.

  • In reply to jalber9648:

    Two things for sure in your favor: a superior QB, and a coaching staff capable of developing wide receivers.


  • I stuck by Cutler for a long while, but the tantrum he threw after Hester broke his comeback route and tried to go downfield, and Cutler just let that ball go way late and right into the Packer defender, right between his numbers, I don't know.

    Cutler made some bad throws. He also moved his feet well and took off running a few times to try and get first downs. He is a mixed bag, but something just isn't working well in Chicago. Just football stuff, like getting the play in so you don't have to call timeout.

    With Peyton Manning doing well picking up a new system, with new personnel and a neck that could snap like the Christmas Goose wishbone on any play, it's kind of hard to tolerate Cutler and his sour puss outbursts much longer. It's not leadership, it's not good for a team. The whole O seems without morale. It's an exposed team with no confidence and no leadership.

    It will be an interesting next two games. We're not having a post-season, that I know. I predict Lovie goes 1-1 with a win against the Cards, and a final loss against the Lions should wrap up his career here at 9-7.

    Emery is a sackless twerp, a glorified scout. Ted is going to have to fix this.

    It sucks being a Bear fan in Chicago during the Ted Phillips and McCaskey era. At times it's just embarrassing. Chicken Dinner is embarrassing. The O line is embarrassing.

    It's even hard to say the city deserves better. We have the Sox and Bulls and Blackhawks, all champion teams in the last 15 years. The football team in this city will never win anything of note as long as the McCaskeys run the team this way.

    It's a shame.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    A smart QB, as I posted above, would have seen that Hester had TD over the top and thrown it there. Worst case was an incomplete pass.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Maybe we could have had Manning, and Lach, Pep, Peanut, Briggs, Garza, Mannelly, et al, could have had their rings this year.

    A shame indeed.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    A lot of critics give Cutler shit for his "body language", and I normally just shrugged it off. However, this time with Hester it seemed different. It seemed like Cutler just threw Hester under the bus, and later it was confirmed when Lovie stated that Hester ran the right route, but Cutler just made a bad throw.

    So the question is, what sort of a guy blames others for his own mistakes? I know Peyton pouts and rants a lot, but when the ints are clearly on him, he just grimaces and quietly goes to the sideline, immediately looking at the pictures and what went wrong.

    Cutler just shouts at the intended receiver or goes off by himself looking down and rattled.

    I was kinda hoping having a baby would change his demeanor a bit, but it hasn't.

    And unless we're ready to usher in the Blanchard era (or bring in Vick, Alex Smith), Cutler's gonna be our guy for the foreseeable future.

  • For what it's worth Cutler took full responsibility for that play and the performance of the offense in general after the game. The fact is we'll probably never know, but all we NEED to know is those two have rarely been on the same page.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Yep. Joe Anderson earned a shot today but there is nothing on this earth that will destroy Lovie's faith in Hester.

    Not blaming Hester for that particular int., btw. I don't know what happened there.

  • In reply to Shady:

    We DO know with that INT Shady. At first I also thought like everyone else, "God damn Hester running the wrong route," because of how bad the throw was and Cutler's reaction and pointing.

    Then later in the game, the sideline reporter asked Smith about that int, and Smith clarified that Hester did run the right route and it was just a bad throw.

    Unless the sideline reporter got it wrong, or Smith threw Cutler under the bus to save face for his baby Hester, then we do know it was Cutler's fault...but my oh my did he react like it was Hester's fault, pretty much escorting and scolding Hester all the way back to the sideline. That's what disturbs me more than anything.

  • I'm still inclined to doubt Hester more than Cutler. We know Hester is Forrest Gump on his best day. Sometimes Jay just makes a stupid throw, though, so who really knows?

  • personally
    this 2012 sh.t
    can't end quick enough
    since march everything has been
    a grind
    nothing has been flowing smooth
    why am I not suprised
    that this season has left me
    uninspired.....we seem to need
    i was hoping this group would gell is disfunctional...and that shows in our
    inability to complete short yardage 3rds
    and regain momentum...once a bad play sets us back
    i needed something positive....and recieved the usual
    lump of coal...2012 version
    in the words of the bard...
    everything stays down when it's wounded
    and comes to a permanent stop
    this series of losses
    is like a mean old twister
    that is bearing down on me
    and my legs are unable to function
    time to go underground
    forced there by a system of a down

  • The coaches and management are responsible with providing their players with the right types of support and right types of plays that complements their play style. If the coaches and management have been drafting for years players into their not original positions, then they have completely failed to do their jobs properly.

    Now, onto the is the coaches jobs to ensure that they provide their players with best tools and environment that promotes and encourages teamwork and cohesion. Lovie does not help with conflict resolution or support when something does go wrong, whether it'd be accidental, a good play by the opponents, or simply the players are ignorant at performing their jobs correctly.

    Who else but Jay and Brandon Marshall to show emotions before, during or after the game? Why is it wrong for them to be mad and fired up whenever someone doesn't do their job properly? Lovie is not holding anyone accountable during the game (he does so after the fact, but not during). If someone is sucking so badly, very rarely do they get pulled out. Sorry about my rant, but I am tired of this calling for Cutler's head by some of the starts from the top down, not the other way around....Lovie and Co. have to go

  • In reply to burntorangenavyblue:


  • Jay won in Denver - why is he deemed no longer a winner with the Bears? Clearly it's him right? The only significant changes I could imagine are 1) he's brain damaged from the upthteen concussions he's had or 2) he seriously broke his thumb when he broke his thumb.

    I don't think its him. There are plenty of games (Vikings) where he drops passes into our receivers hands and they act like it's a flaming piece of dog shit.

    I think, really, the Bears have found ways to lose this season. Whether it's Russell Wilson stringing together two 90+ yard drives or receivers dropping sure touchdowns, the Bears are lacking the ability to make the most important plays.

    Can you blame that on coaches or players? Is that poor practicing techniques, poor motivation. or what?

  • In reply to Scharfinator:

    Cutler was NOT deemed a winner at Denver. In fact, when he was at Den, they had a similar late season meltdown with him at the helm, which might have lead McDaniels to get someone else when he took over the job.

    Cutler did not win at Vandy either, but again he had a crappy team.

    In fact, one of the biggest criticisms of Cutler is that he is NOT a winner, no matter how physically talented he is.

    However, I brought this up before, but the Bears lead the league in dropped passes (the Lions are #2), and if Bennett, or Davis, or Hester, or Alshon make certain catches on critical downs, we'd have 10 wins by now.

    But Cutler also has a case of the Romos when he turns it over at the most inopportune time esp against the Pack.

  • What quality makes a winner? Non-"winner" QB's have made it to the SB (and some have won) with good teams around them. Bulger got a ring, Grossman started in one, Raperburger has quite a few, Favre, Brad Johnson.... etc.

    Now you could argue that most of the QB's didn't torpedo their teams in games like Cutler has... which is true, but how many of those QB's were put into positions of carrying the team? Cutler gets forced into rough situations most of the time where he is expected to win games. I'm not arguing he's a HOF or anything like that, clearly he's not that. He does screw up alot of the time. He is good though, and plenty good enough to win with if the rest of the offense can hold their own at relevant positions. Consistently, our line is beaten. Consistently, Tice makes trash calls.

    He's not a Manning or a Brees, who can carry a team on his back. But Cutler can win games if he has help. He hasn't this season (on the offensive side).

  • If Romo and Newton don't give up gift pick 6s we only have 6 wins right now.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Yeah and if I could drive the ball, hit my approach shots and putt I'd be a hell of a golfer.

  • True, but I blame Hester for this week's pick. What the hell route was he running? He looked loss, running around BEHIND the DB, then it appeared he cut the wrong way, leaving Jay high and dry. Jay's reaction said it all, throwing his hands up on the sideline like "What do you want me to do?" That play is a microcosm of the last three years, and it completely took the wind out of the Bears' sails.

  • In reply to bearsfanatic:

    I do blame Jay for throwing in Hester's direction. As ridiculous as it is, he needs to realize he has no slot receiver. Throw to Marshall or Forte, run like your life depends on it (cuz it often does), or pick out a fan and throw it to him.

  • In reply to Scharfinator:

    I think it's poor talent. Hester is not a receiver. Jeffery is a very raw receiver. Davis is a waste of space who should be in street clothes. Bennett is inconsistent at best and disappears for long stretches.
    The only real talent we have on offense is Marshall, Forte, and Cutler. With a legit line, that would go a lot further. With no line, teams can double Marshall and screw us.

  • Look, if there were so many people that were excited and happy to have Jay Cutler on board when he first got traded to the team several years ago, where in the world did that level of positive enthusiasm go? If most of you are in agreement that Jay Cutler was going to make an immediate impact on the team the moment he arrived, didn't anyone realize what kind of system Cutler was going to commit himself to? I doubt it because we never had that level of talent of a quarterback for the Bears and we were all giddy about the prospect of what Jay Cutler could do for us. Looking back, many of you guys should have thought to yourself, "Uhh, Jay, are you sure this is a good idea?" because looking at the coaching and management now, they are destroying Jay Cutler.

    Most of you guys knew that deep down Jay was going to be something special, not something terrible. If Jay Cutler had some insight to how this coaching staff and management would have made decisions for the team's future, he would have said "Fuck you" to his contract extension. Jay was putting his trust and hopes into the possibility of the coaches and management finding the right key players around him so that he could lead this team. Again, the coaches failed in that regard, but Emery with the clusterfuck that he inherited by Angelo, did all right for the most part with trying to help Jay.

    Just think a moment before this Jay-hating wagon goes out of control. Jay came into this coaching/management staff, he didn't create it. This is the same organization before he got here....this all starts from the top.

  • In reply to burntorangenavyblue:

    BONB...nice post...

  • In reply to burntorangenavyblue:

    I'm sooooo fucking tired of people making excuses for Cutler.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    You never tire of bitching about Cutler though, do you Dave. Why don't you tell us how great Campbell is instead, or who the Bears should draft to replace Cutler.

  • Refs can't even keep from embarrassing themselves in a Sunday night game with a huge national audience.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    Ed "Guns" Hochuli's explanations are longer than Obama speeches.

  • Hochuli needs to spend more time reading the NFL rules than curling, and proteining, and HGH.

    Seriously, that guy is old and JACKED. Roids.

  • O.K. everybody just step back from your keyboards and take a DEEP FUCKING BREATH!!!!!!

    Come on....think about this....break the games down by thinking is not the refs from this game that made this loss.

    1. Is it really on Cutty on the O?
    2. Is it that for years we kept saying that Skunk is a #1 WR.
    3. Is "Cover Who" as plain as Vanilla?
    4. Is it our mental challenges to do a Challenge
    5. Is it a way to gel an O-line by playing "Musical Chairs"?
    6. Is it a problem we have benn Mentally challenged when it comes down to the draft?
    7. Is it a problem when our coaching staff is playing connect four and the rest of the other coaches are playing chess?....(GP I think this is your question brah)
    8. Is it a problem when we are incapable understanding our talent if not even able to value it?
    9.Is it a problem when one keeps denying the monster that is staring at you in the mirror?
    10. Is it a problem when we draft players that we take and then experiment them into positions they should have never taken on and then let them go to succed on other teams?

    boyz....... I can go for hours but this failure of a season is not the first and wont be the last of this season or the past few seasons.............NO MATTER WHAT....this was a team from top to bottom failure...From the McCaskey's down to the sheite ass field we play on.


    many of the moving parts if you really want to go and blame one for the faliure of this team..might I remind you to look back.

  • In reply to lobotobear:

    Nice post back at you lobo...

  • In reply to lobotobear:

    #8 defines the Chicago Bears, top to bottom.

    At one time, it was different. But Halas hired Ditka without consulting his GM. Jim Finks resigned in protest, and the franchise went into a shit hole from whence it is yet to emerge.

  • being possessed with a cub perspective
    since the kenny hubs days
    i have seen mediocrity
    trotted onto many a playing field
    this team is
    at present mediocre
    these players wait for
    the game to provide the electricity
    not many are ready to admit
    they are the electric
    that is in the play
    some of our talent feels this
    but they let it fade for long periods
    they court the mediocre
    shifted into a gear called
    coast...coasting lacks force
    some of our greats play electric
    intuitively tapped into
    the flow of the moments
    that make up the game
    talent will come
    that is the hope
    until then as a fan
    always...even through
    lovie's dust bowl years
    i am happy for the travelling tribal members
    who took a chance
    and brought their own
    electrical charge to the temple
    sweet home chicago
    i hope she treated you finely
    getting to see the future
    greatest reciever
    of this franchise
    score a TD
    that was priceless
    and it had to feel good

  • Dave, how many bitchy little posts about Cutler can you fit into one thread? If you watch these games like you say you do and all you can come up with is that Cutler is not a good QB I have to call into question your ability to understand what is really happening on the field.

    Just for once I'd like you to sit back from the computer and realize that the QB's you are comparing Cutler to are all going to the Hall of Fame. Rodgers, Brees, Manning,etc. They have dedicated and innovative coaches and management that create a consistent idea for the offense, tailor fit the scheme to the players strengths and have great GM's that draft really well.

    If you look at the Bears issues and keep coming back with "it's all on Cutler" no one can tell you otherwise because you're too far gone.

  • In reply to Waffle:

    Johnny, You are a rockstar... and I have a picture of you cab-surfing while giving doc an air-blowjob

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    On second thought, maybe I DON'T want to see the pics lol

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    great times man, good to meet all of you. It got even crazier after I parted ways with you guys because I had to go to my old gradeschool/highschool christmas party.

    That is the reason why I was MIA the morning of the game. If I'm a rockstar then I'm an aging rockstar that can't recover like he used to.

  • In reply to Waffle:

    I have never once claimed "it's all on Cutler". But when you're losing game after game after game, don't you think it's time to change something?

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    So you want Campbell to start?

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    Why not?

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    His performance thus far? The fact that Cutler has better numbers, career? The fact that Cutler is better period, imo?

    Why do you think Campbell should start. I assume it's because you think he gives the Bears a better chance of winning. Why do you think that?

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Dave, look at your posts on this thread, you discuss Cutler like he killed your dog. You don't really talk about all of the deficiencies of the offense and it's strategy that would make success almost impossible for any QB. When you do you mention it in passing and as if it kind of matters.

    No talent on O line
    No consistency of scheme to make up for it
    No TE
    No viable red zone running game

    Then the refs put 3 P.I calls on Alshon? We lost over 110 yards and TD's because of that bullshit.

    No doubt Cutler threw a shitty INT but for gods fucking sake Dave, look at the last 3 games and what had to happen to lose HUNDREDS OF YARDS OF PASSING, AT LEAST 4 TD's and at least 2 wins.

    Stop it with you fucking Campbell bullshit. PLEASE.

  • In reply to Waffle:

    How can it all be on cutler till he has an O-line?

  • In reply to FRUSTRATED BEAR FAN:

    And receivers not named Marshall.

  • In reply to FRUSTRATED BEAR FAN:


  • You guys think that shitshow that beat a decimated and badly coached team is good...

    I hope you're watching this game right now to see good fucking football teams.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Heh, glad i didn't quit football after watching that shitshow. This game couldn't be any better.

  • In reply to Ufficio:

    Well, except for the anticlimax at the end.

  • I'm still with Cutler. If Cutler can't get it done, face it: we're royally fucked anyway. Not bad enough to get the kind of draft pick we would need for one of these young studs (and the last draft class was probably a huge outlier anyway). No ability to find good skill position gems in the late rounds or undrafted.

  • In reply to Ufficio:

    I saw Cutty AJ in the endzone. I saw Cutty hit AJ down the other sideline, both with minutes to go. Can't lay it all on Cutty, he only had one WR yesterday.

    Jerry. Angelo.

  • Worst onside kick ever.

  • Just watched joniacs interview with lovie... maddening. That fucking lump of wood needs to be fired right now. Fucking ridiculous listening to that tool.

  • I implore the regluars: Please stop engaging the trolls and the mindless primitives who think profanity-laced "criticisms" and personal insults are some sort of art form.

    Replying to them is tantamount to intentionally stepping into a pile of dung, which only results in creating a bigger mess.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    not a regular (yet) but die hard bears fan....screw the trolls...bears win out and lets see how the chips fall....last i looked...the fat lady did not sing

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Sorry Al. That guy needed a talking to.

  • In reply to Johnnywad:

    It only encourages and empowers them.

  • To get to the playoffs we need to win out and have one of the following scenarios take place:

    Seattle loses twice and at least one of Minn or NY lose once each. Minnesota has Houston and GB. NY has Baltimore and Phili, and Seattle has SF and Rams, both at home.

    If Seattle doesn't lose twice, we'll need both Minni and NY to lose once each.

    Next week we root hard for Houston, Baltimore, and Seattle.

  • Strike that. We root hard for Houston, Baltimore and SF.

  • What's the point? You guys really want the Bears to back into the playoffs, get utterly embarrassed on the road by a wild card team in the first round, then let Lovie keep repeating that we made the playoffs? I don't want Emery to have any justification for keeping Lovie. If Lovie stays, we'll be arguing the same points year after year. "We got screwed by the refs. If only the OC could call a game. Was that INT on Cutler or X receiver? Why do we keep fading at the end of the season? It'd be nice if we could score without help from the defense. How can one side of the ball always be this inept?"
    They'll finish 9-7 and out of the playoffs. I can only hope it leads to a pink slip for Lovie and the staff.

  • For those who sound tired of talking about Lovie, all I can say is nothing else matters right now except the future of Lovie Smith. That decision will define next year's season and possibly much more. It's time for someone, and his name starts with an E, ends in a Y, and in the middle has MER, to draw a line in the sand and say enough's enough. That's priority No. 1. If Lovie is allowed to once again fire the OC and hire another bumbling idiot who has nowhere else to go, we will know that Emery is Angelo 2.0. If he is not, he will fire Lovie, then do the following:
    1. Hire whoever he thinks will build a SB team in the next 3 years.
    2. Draft/sign offensive players who can actually play while rebuilding our aging defense.
    That won't happen in one offseason, but at least there will be hope.
    I know Jeff is really fond of pop culture references, so here's one from When Harry Met Sally: "When you know you (don't) want to spend the rest of your life with someone, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible." - Harry Burns.

  • Here's another thought, as long as I'm spewing stuff today. We know that the NFL is all about passing, which means the QB is No. 1. The thing is, it's really always been that way. One can easily argue one thing kept our beloved mid-80s Bears from winning multiple titles: Jim McMahon's health. I know there's more to it than that, but that's really it in a nutshell. Payton dominated, but when backups were in at QB, the team wasn't nearly as good.
    I think Cutler can win if surrounded with a good O-line and receivers who can catch. He needs a good offensive minded coach/coordinator and accountability, but he can get it done with his talents. That said, he doesn't appear to have the "it" factor that QBs who win multiple titles seem to have. Rodgers has it. Manning has it. Brady has it. I know these are HOF guys, but that's what most SB winning teams have: HOF guys, the best at their positions. Part of building a SB winner will be evaluating Cutler and holding him accountable for his own failures. Rodgers doesn't have an o-line right now either, but he threw 3 TDs to the team's 4th wide receiver to win the division in a rivalry road game. Our lack of success is not all on Cutler, but it can't all not be on Cutler either. Here's hoping we get a good offensive mind who can corral Jay and make him a winner, because I love his fire and toughness. I don't want to see him be a Jeff George.

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