Emery's Decision on Lovie Begins 2013 Offseason

Emery's Decision on Lovie Begins 2013 Offseason

The Chicago Bears beat every single team they were better than during the 2012 campaign. They lost to every team better than them. They split with the Minnesota Vikings. If you’re looking for a three sentence summary of this disappointing year, there it is.

I expect Phil Emery to retain Lovie Smith as his head coach for 2013, adding a cosmetic extension to avoid Smith having to coach on the lame duck final year of his contract. If Emery believes Smith is a good coach – and all direct quotes and sources close seem to support that – he will certainly want to give that coach an opportunity to coach a roster with more of his players and less of his predecessors. There will be immense pressure on Smith and his coaching staff to make the postseason in 2013. But then again, there is immense pressure on the Bears to make the postseason every year.

Lovie Smith’s defensive program works. One needs look no further than the defensive development of Henry Melton, Corey Wootton and Tim Jennings to understand the impact Smith and his coaches have. Smith’s issue? His offensive program is non-existent. There has been no consistency of vision through Terry Shea, Ron Turner, Mike Martz and now Mike Tice.

But you can’t only head coach one side of the ball. The Bears will enter 2013 with the greatest collection of skill position players in their franchise’s history. The question Emery has to ask is if Smith and his staff are capable of coaching those players to their potential. To this point in his tenure the answer has been no.


In the comments below, tell me how you'd handle the Bears head coaching position moving forward? I'll post some of the best up here tomorrow.


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  • 1st to sing, "We are the champions!"

    Oh, wait, what - I meant my FF team of course...I was down by about 25 coming into the week, with good ole rack up the score Brady, the terminator AP, Lynch, and the Bears D on the other side...

    I had to sit Julio Jones cause that's what the Falcons were gonna do with their starters.

    I replaced him Amendola who got me a whopping 2 points. Then, the Broncos who destroyed the Chiefs pulled Peyton and Moreno out in the 3rd. My heart sunk.

    But, then, the miraculous happened. The Titans, yes, those Titans, a below avg D/SP teams all year, ran amok and scored 4 times on D/SPs.

    I still needed about 30 POINTS! And had one player left going into the SNF game.

    ALFRED "Don't call me Alf" Morris.

    HOLY CRAP. He ran for 200 yds and 3 TDs and won me Da Bears FF Auction League, which makes that my 2nd FF crown in 2 years!

    Props to NBIT for being #1 the whole year.

    Now, on to your regular programming.

  • It was a great run on both sides. It really sucked to see my winning player (Mike Tolbert) sitting on the bunch. It really sucked to see Brady turn in two consecutive mediocre weeks to finish the season.

    But your brilliant insight to see the Titans defense for what they are (the greatest D since '85) was what won that league. Your vision to understand that the powerhouse Jaguars offense, so unstoppable all season long, would finally crumble before the mighty Titans. That was truly a stroke of genius. My hat goes off to you sir.

    In other news: Auction drafts are so much better than snake drafts. We totally should do that again.

  • And for those who sneer at FF stories, I too put up with a lot of "Tour De France" "I shot you 40 times with my golden AK" Crap, so shut it!! lol

    Besides, we got 8 months to figure out what the hell went wrong with this season, and those months after the SB and b4 the draft are brutal.

    It becomes the Kiper and Mayock show, with a side dash of geo-political McLauglin group - Bears edition...

  • The poll question...

    I stated this before, but this time I'll make it short.

    - Toub promoted to H.C. (Hire whomever he chooses at SP teams)
    - Keep Marinelli at D.C. (keep Hoke too, if he's not pried away by another team)
    - Demote Tice to o-line coach. If he doesn't like that, then he could take his "stellar" production elsewhere.
    - Hire Norv Turner at O.C.

    Norv has won SBs. He has turned offenses around. Martz and him came from the same system except Norv isn't bat shit crazy and actually believes in TEs, HBs, FBs and audibles. His system wouldn't be totally alien, thus insuring some "continuity" while putting a PROVEN offensive creative pragmatic mind behind our O - for once.

    Everyone else, including Bates, can go. I'd leave that up to Toub.

    According to Biggs, these are our 2013 non-divisional opponents.

    "10. The Bears’ schedule for the 2013 regular season has been determined. Along with the traditional home/away games against NFC North foes, the Bears will have home games at Soldier Field vs. the Cowboys, Giants, Ravens, Bengals and Saints. They will have road games at the Eagles, Redskins, Browns, Steelers and Rams."

    You guys trust Lovie can beat ANY of those teams, or the Pack twice?

  • I'd promote Mike Tice to head coach and then fire his stupid ass immediately. Then I'd hire Bates or any other warm body and instantly demote him to offensive coordinator. Then I'd re-hire Lovie because there is not enough LSD in the world to make me take this poll seriously. Lovie isn't going anywhere. Get used to it.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:


  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    Jeff, are you still going to post the best responses to the poll question? I think mine was best in the sense of being wrongest.

  • And now, a word from our "Disappointed but not at all surprised because that's exactly how he expected Sunday would go" sponsor...
    For the second season in a row...
    ...Da Bears will miss the playoffs.
    But I seriously doubt that in Chicago...
    ...there'll be any coaching layoffs.
    Burma Shave.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Sadly, I concur.

    Emery's WBBM pregame "vote of confidence" of Lovie was a grim foreshadowing.

    "Emery politely praised Smith as "a great team-first person." OK, but can he fix the offense?

    "He's done an outstanding job coaching the Bears," Emery said.

    The upper idiots have echoed the same, pointing out how consistent and stabilizing Lovie is (to their checkbooks, but they forget that part).

    Stranger things have happened...who the hell predicted Angelo would be fired last year?

  • Now Emery's "vote of confidence" looks like a total knife in the back.

    I love it.

  • Tice is an O-line guy, and he was the offensive coordinator with no O-line. He also called quite a few "explosive" plays throughout the season that were duds only because a WR or TE dropped the ball - and that includes Brandon Marshall. He needs to do more with Forte in the receiving game, he needs to realize that Evan Rodriguez is a great fullback and a lousy tight end, he needs to find a way to help Cutler replicate week 17 and move the ball around. He also needs to improve play-calling. That means being less obvious in certain situation, being less clever in others, and generally doing a better job of making a decision fast enough to avoid delay of game penalties and wasted timeouts.

    If we get him an improved O-line and he, for his part, improves his play calling skills. If our skill players have better hands next year. If we make some other relatively minor tweeks to the roster. We will see a lot more production next year.

    Why am I saying all of this?

    I think the Bears should keep Lovie, without an extension, for one final year. Because he is a lame duck, none of the OC stars will come here. So Tice stays as well. I say this because I believe in Lovie, and I think we can do a lot worse if we get cute.

    Next year, if Lovie makes the NFC championship, he gets an extension. Simple as that.

    If he misses it, we'll be looking at a tear down and rebuild situation. I think 2013 will bring a lot of good things. But I think another aging D guy (Briggs, Peanut, Peppers - most likely Peppers) goes the way of Brian Urlacher. Once we lose a second core player, it will be time to retool the D as well.

  • Also 4v85. Any suggestions for a fantasy playoffs type league for DBB? Or perhaps just a pick'em competition.

    If we do straight pick'em, I'd ask Jeff to get involved as well.

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    I was thinking the same. Believe it or not, I'm new to this FF team, but would be more than game to do a play-off FF thing.

    Does ESPN offer a play-off FF option? We'd have to get something going pretty quickly - esp to set up a draft.

    I'd be up for a pick-em one too, though Jeff may be burnt out on that

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    I'm in, whatever the format...

  • If Lovie stays, and I think he will, some changes still have to be made. I would give Lovie an incentive based one year extension to keep everybody focused on the coming season.
    Mike Tice needs to be demoted. He's just not cut out for the OC job. It's evident that he's a technique coach and not a big picture coach. I would give Jeremy Bates the OC job and see
    what he can do. Maybe he's the young, creative mind they need in there. Besides, nobody with credentials is taking the job if Lovie stays on a short deal. I can't remember how to spell "Darryl" Drake, but he needs to be fired. Whoever worked with Tim Jennings last off season needs to spend some time with the receivers and get them focused on completing the catch. I don't have a suggestion for a his replacement, but it would be hard to do any worse.
    Outside of those changes, what more can be done? If Emery doesn't blow up this offensive line and start over, none of this matters anyway. And defensively, there really isn't much to complain about, other than Major Wright dropping a sure ticket to the playoffs against the Seahawks. They're 11-5 if he hangs on to that ball. That's the one that's going to stick with me until.September.

  • I see the whole gang coming back next year with the exception of Drake. He will be the fall guy. I also see us falling further behind in the division and cleaning house next off season.

  • Schefter tweeted "Bears sent out consent forms to interview head coaches"

    Ian Rappaport said 'it does not look good for Lovie Smith'.

    Doesn't look good for Lovie, gang.


    It's official according to NFL Network.

  • HOLEEEEE FUCK. Holy fuckity fuck fuck.

  • Holy crap.

    Emery totally blew my mind. I was SURE Lovie was coming back.

    Good on ya, Phil.

  • It's official, btw: I got the news from the Blogfather's Twitter feed.

    Then had to get a Chicago radio station stream online to confirm--because the news was so fresh, the AP/Trib didn't even have it.

  • And Blogfather, you've gotta be high--high as Gruden.

    Anyone who has listened to Gruden on MNF has to know that the guy is either out of his gourd or coked out of his gourd. Either way, he's not a good fit.

    I'd rather have Cowher.

    Or, knowing Emery's MO, he's got his eye on a college coach that will be good.

  • Wow.

    Anyone else want to chime in with "they'll never fire Lovie"?
    Or vouch for the job security of any other Head Coaches while we're at it?

  • Or maybe Rivera gets canned in Carolina, and the Bears can get him. I think Chico wouldn't fuck around and would get an A+ O-coord.

  • No, we need an offense oriented coach.

    I like Chico, but that would be like getting back with an ex -

    Sometimes, better just to start anew.

  • I don't want ANYONE to cry for Lovie--especially the players. He'll get paid for sitting on his ass all next year.

  • Man, with Emery it's no quarter asked, no quarter given. It's a brutal business...

  • The man just parlayed combined 14-4 starts to consecutive seasons in to 0 playoff appearances. He had to go. If Emery didn't see that, he would have to go as well.

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