Bears Fall in Minnesota: Rapid Fire Thoughts

Bears Fall in Minnesota: Rapid Fire Thoughts

I didn't see it coming. I didn't see this Bears team playing the kind of game they played Sunday in Minneapolis. Now the last three weeks of the season will be a painful exercise in scoreboard watching. There will be a lot of big picture writing this week but today we'll focus on the game.

  • What is going on with dropping touchdowns? Seriously, when did this start? If the Bears simply catch their touchdowns they most likely win these last two games. Yesterday it was not only Jeffery and Hester dropping touchdowns that haunted the receiving corps. It was also Mashall dropping a key fourth down and Kellen Davis - ever so reliable - dropping a ball over the middle on a key drive. Its hard to criticize Mike Tice's play calling when Brandon Marshall is the only fella catching the ball.
  • There may not have been a bigger play in the game than J'Marcus Webb's holding call. Emotionally devastating to the drive and team.
  • Chris Conte will never tackle Adrian Peterson.
  • Kelvin Hayden did not make anyone forget Tim Jennings.
  • I don't think I've ever seen a team so content not to throw the ball as Minnesota was Sunday. They had no interest.
  • Gabe Carimi may not be a guard if he's asked to pull. Looked way to slow when whiffing outside.
  • One interception on Jeffery. One on Cutler. Cutler was a bit high on a lot of throws but he just received zero help.
  • The real shame of Kellen Davis is yesterday we saw how productive a tight end can be in this offense. They practically run 10 plays a game designed for the position.
  • Kyle Adams. Stay in bounds.
  • Has Eric Weems officially become the kickoff return man? Because if he has, that is idiotic. I don't care if Devin Hester is struggling. He's the return man.
  • James Brown is going to play before the season is out.
  • I wonder if it would have been different game if the Bears had a field goal kicker available.
  • Decent game from Matt Forte but yesterday you saw why I didn't think Forte was worth elite money this summer. Elite money goes to the back on the other sideline.
  • Jason Campbell was excellent. That was a positive.

There's more but I lack the passion to list them. This will be a bizarre Packers Week but one thing is certain: the Bears need Sunday's game about as much as any regular season game in recent memory.

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  • the only good thing about yesterday is that my emotions were dead before 5 minutes passed in the 1st quarter.

    sure, i smiled when alshon scored to make it 14-7. but when the bears didn't even look for the ball on the ground on the ensuing kick-off i just kind of felt like it was a sign that the day was not to be ours.

    is cutler injured? do we have a concussion redux? why take him out with 4+ minutes left in the game? campbell showed we were able to get to the onside kick. did lovie really think the game was completely out of reach, or did the helmet-to-helmet hit re-fry his brain eggs?


  • In reply to evantonio:

    I'm about at the same place you are, evan.

    I fell asleep about 1 minute into the second quarter, until the second pick. I also was in the washroom when Campbell threw the TD. So, I really can't comment on the points Jeff made, except the two interceptions.

    My other observation was that the real Adrian Peterson's average was hurt by the fact that after the run back of the first interception was put on the 5-1/2 yard line, his average was cut by the 3 runs to get it into the end zone from there. So, the Bears gaining 200 more yards didn't mean anything. Also, that some commentator said that the Bears D gave up 2 TDs was unfair, based again on the Vikes starting at the 5-1/2.

  • In reply to jack:

    yeah, i think the defense actually played a really good game. they didn't have the turnovers we want, but aside from the opening drive what did they give up?

  • In reply to evantonio:

    the effects of whiplash or cervical hyperextension were kicking in after getting speared in the face and he couldn't turn his head anymore.

  • In reply to Son of Waffle:

    psh. i once went to work with a cut on my chin where i pushed the razor too hard.

    where's my medal? where's my parade?

  • In reply to evantonio:

    It did appear that Cutler was sucking on a towel for no apparent reason.

  • In reply to jack:


    I'd be sucking a respirator after a hit like Cutler took:

  • I just posted a bunch of shit on the last thread, but I lack the wherwithall to post again. Whatever.

    Hey Jeff, you going to be in Chi this weekend? I guess not huh?

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I read it MB30SD. I've been yelling the same points for the last 3 years.

    Very sad and I'm sick at heart about the Bears...

    Same ole shit....


  • Doc I posted to you last night but got gnomed. I didn't have the patience to re-write it. Basically is said the only time we have a good season under Lovie is if the injuries are not an issue. Once we get into injury problems we are totally fucked. Part of that is on Lovie and the coaches and part of it is due to weak replacements due to a shitty GM.

  • let's engage in a little fantasy for a bit...

    anyone a you guys interested in this:

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Eh. For what price? A half eaten hot dog? Okay.

    MB, we both know we have much more glaring weaknesses that need to be addressed.

    Plus, when we get all-world talent Johnny Knox back in 2016...

  • can't argue with this cunt:

    Although the joy dripping from his words makes me sick to read it.

  • The season is lost. This team is not capable of beating good teams and playing for a championship. Making the playoffs is not important, making the playoffs with a legit shot is. The only thing that making the playoffs for this Bears team will accomplish is getting Lovie Smith for 2 more years as head coach. Fuck that!

  • In reply to ALinWI:

    heavens, let's hope not. why? because of this:

    "Smith has gone 49-15 vs. teams with losing records in his career (a .765 winning percentage) and 11-8 vs. teams with .500 records (.579). He has also posted a 19-38 mark against teams with winning records (.333)."

    see the full condemnation here:

  • In reply to evantonio:


    there's your science Johnny.

    Ok, now... who's with me... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

  • In reply to evantonio:

    These kind of statistics suddenly appeared in the past week. The favorite Sunday morning was that while Lovie had a good winning percentage in the first three quarters of the year, he was about .400 in the fourth. If nothing else, that would indicate that the Bears are subject to caving in the crunch.

    I have the feeling that even Fox fell for Lovie's "we won the first game of 2012," because, after the loss, the first playoff board had the Bears at 9-5.

  • Ya know Dikta on Mike & Mike in the Morning on ESPN Radio said it best this morning.

    "When you drink the Kool-aid and listen to everyone around you tell you you're great..."

    "Injuries are killing the Bears..."

    These two points are spot on...Can't argue with "Da Coach" either.

  • In reply to Bears-4-Ever:

    and how many times have injuries killed a seemingly positive looking season over the last 5 years B4?

    WAY too many. It's a terrible cocktail of horrible personnel management that leaves us with little to no depth anywhere, and bad conditioning/rehab/strength programs... (along with putrid coaching and player development, and just bad pick decisions) my mind.

    I know we debate this every year, but the 'just draft the best guy at your pick' “strategy” totally erodes a team’s roster over the years (especially when you have no fucking clue what a good player is).

    Because I’ll argue that without a very well thought through, long-term personnel plan to execute, you're just randomly picking up what you think are good players... and that leads to zero cohesion, zero depth anywhere, and zero hopes of stringing together a number of solid winning seasons.

    Gotta have a plan maings. Is Emery that guy? I don’t know… let’s give ted, lovie, and his entire fucking shitshow the heaveho this year and let Emery show us if he has what it takes to build this thing from scratch to a winner.

    Speaking to johnny’s previous point… personally, I’d MUCH rather start from scratch with the potential of success and a sheite load of hope, than go into the next 2-3 seasons KNOWING that we’re just going to continue getting the lovie smith special (a steaming pile of broken down, dismantled mess at the end of the season). My $.02.

    I’m tired of having my hopes smashed with easy and lucky wins only… I want off the lovie train(wreck) now please.

  • btw, what the fuck was I doing pinning my hopes of help on the fucking lions and that shitbird stafford last night.

    jesus that puffy faced man Muppet is pathetic. He single handedly lost that very winnable game for them. smh.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    The results were gay at the weekend. I mean Seattle winning 58-0. WTF?

  • Do you think Bears fans everywhere are frustrated?

    I do:

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    OMG...that made me laugh. Thanks MB...

    I FEEL your pain dude..believe me Bro!

    #1...I blame the all ends there. They have the power to make changes and they don't...or they make very small ones that make no difference in the LONG RUN...However Emery is still an improvement over least I think it is...

    We should be in the play-offs almost every year...see Pittsburgh Steelers over the last 15 years as an example.

    I know...we've all been through this every season...we hash and re-hash over the same points...

    Is anyone listening? This is just a small microcosm of bears fans EVERYWHERE...Do the Bears Ownership even give a shit?

    That's the BIG question...

  • In reply to Bears-4-Ever:

    Thi$ i$ all they care about B4, ju$t thi$

  • In reply to Bears-4-Ever:

    I truly believe they care. With Mikey running the show it was just major incompetence. Is George any better? At least he fired JA. Phillips has a job for life so no sense even going there. Is Emery better than JA? Who knows? Other than Marshall and Jeffery nothing jumps out at you

    Could Lovie win with a better roster? That's the issue. I'm not sure and I'm also not sure I want to wait another 3-4 years to find out. It's not in the McCaskey's DNA to fire people so Emery will really have to make a case to fire Lovie. If they do, I'd love to see Toub get the job. I wouldn't mind seeing Chuckie but I don't think he leaves ESPN for less than $10 mil/season. Roughly double Lovie's salary. Not a big fan of Cowher. Yes he won the Big One but after about a dozen years with having a formidable roster.

  • sigh

  • One last thing about Lovie and I'll let it go. People are saying how could Lovie's team come out flat yesterday? That's not on him. That's on the players. Yes a coach can fire up his players on occasion but that's really few and far between. It takes something really traumatic to fire up the pro's (see KC and The Cowgirls). People always bitch about Lovie being a statue. I don't get that. How many of you have worked for an asshole boss that yells and threatens all the time? I had one about 20 years ago and he's still the only person I truly hate. It didn't motivate me. It de-motivated me. Even if a screamer fires up a team at some point EVERYONE tunes them out (see Ditka).

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    I don't think it is an issue about "firing up the players." I think the issue was that the players were so ill prepared that they couldn't stop Peterson going 52 yards on the first play, even though it was predictable that the first play would be Peterson running.

    Apparently, the offense wasn't prepared enough to tackle a defender running back an interception, either. TWICE.

  • This loss, to a division rival, isn't really that bad on its own. But we all know, there are 16 games in the season and we've dropped 4 of the last 5. Two I can grudgingly accept. The Hawks and the Queens though? With Christine Ponderous throwing the ball?

    The Bears didn't feel like a team who practiced this week, at least offensively. There were a few exceptions (Forte, Marshall aside form his drop, and maybe Cutty), but largely the offense seems like it took the week off.

    Coaches and veterans are who make sure things get done during the week - I think Lovie was too busy navel gazing after the Seattle loss to realize the season wasn't over.

    I guess he *can* navel gaze now, because I can't see us beating GB. Not playing like we have down the latter half of the season.

    Hopefully we kick him to the curb and steal a coach from somewhere else. Or better yet, let Toub drive the thing around for a while. He might surprise ownership.

  • In reply to Scharfinator:

    If the Packers come in and run up the score on us, and we play out of an uninspired and weak playbook with James Brown at guard, because we lost Louis and Eddie Williams and Chico quit - then I have to imagine that the calls for Lovie to get shitcanned will come hot and heavy.

    For me, I want to beat the living shit out of the Packers - and it's hard to call yourself a Bears fan with a straight face unless you do, too. Beat the holy fucking shit out of them in a rout.

    I know it's not going to happen, and I know we will probably lose. But that's all I want, not just because all the DBB'ers will be there and all, but just because I fucking hate the Packers.

    After that, if Lovie wants to drop AZ and DET to get his ass kicked, fine. But do SOMETHING for the Packers. CATCH THE FUCKING BALL.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Don't get me wrong, I'd love to watch Rodgers eat a sack from Melton and get his helmet turned backwards. Then we concuss Matthews... on the field or otherwise. ;)

    I don't think we will beat them though.

  • Let's face it, if Hester and Jeffrey make 1 catch each we win the game, Cutler is 24/44 with 310 , 3TD's and 1 INT and the gritty Bears defense riddled with injuries holds the Vikings to 243 yds the whole game while the Bears are over 500 yds. I wonder what people would be talking about. I can only imagine.

  • In reply to Son of Waffle:

    Both were terrible, awful drops that hit them perfectly in the hands and neither have an ounce of excuse.

    That said, Jeffery got there on a busted play improv and was off his feet when he dropped the ball.

    Hester? Hester was running the route he probably practiced all motherfucking week, was hit in stride, hit both his hands right in the diamond and all he had to do was JOG to the endzone. And he dropped it.

    So Hester's is way worse.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    The thing about Hester's that really stung was the combo of the fact that Cutler did it at the end of an 80yd drive after getting speared in the face and still was about to triumph.....until Hester said "fuck that" i'm going to drop this perfectly thrown ball that a drunk possession receiver from any top 10 texas highschool would have caught 9 times out of 10.

  • hester... sadly... now sucks.

    He's done (at least he was this year)

  • In reply to Son of Waffle:

    and if bennett makes that TD catch last week we win. if wright holds onto that INT last week we win.

    then we'd be 10-3 and swinging our dicks like they were fred astaire's cane.

    but those plays didn't happen and we're 8-5.

    cue sad trombone.

  • In reply to evantonio:

    It just goes to show you that all of this man on a ledge talk is bullshit. Look how 3 plays THREEEEEEEEE plays are the difference between 10-3 and blowjobs for everyone and 8-5 and people talking about Kyle Orton and Brian Griese.

  • and by "people" I mean Dave and whoever the fuck Scala is.

  • Ah yes, SC Dave. During the off-season it was all about how anyone who didn't think Forte should get paid was a fucktard, and now anyone who likes Cutler is a fucktard.

    Well, Dave, let me ask you, where the hell has Forte been this year?

  • In reply to evantonio:

    ok, ok, ease up on dave you two.

    he's got a right to his thoughts and beliefs just like anyone else.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    never said he didn't. i'm just questioning those thoughts and beliefs. =]

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    when it's just blind frustration coming in the form of calling out one of the only guys keeping it together and performing with anything remotely resembling consistency or at least with passion that at least gives us a chance to win......and he does it without acknowledging the real reasons we lose those games, it makes me sick. From the perspective of a sports fan and someone that uses logic in my thought processes.

    Campbell as starting QB from day one of this team is laughable. I'll never not say that and I will call out anyone that attempts to pass off that BS as football intelligence.

    I almost want Campbell to play so I could watch the fucking carnage just to prove my point but that won't help us get to the playoffs. Cutler being the QB will so we'll just have to all agree to disagree and you'll just have to trust me that Jay is the best option with the ramshackle jalopy we call an offense and offensive gameplan. The first year in this jalopy mind you.

  • In reply to evantonio:

    Where has Forte been? Behind a shitshow offensive line that is so bad, he's been eliminated from the passing game due to the line's need for extra blocking help.

    Forte is not the problem. Why do people so blindly cling to their positions?

  • In reply to Son of Waffle:

    exactly, we can only imagine cause they didn't fucking catch the ball maings. How many times can that shit happen before saying, ok, wait a minute. It's not just that one or even two dudes dropped sure TDs, it's that we're not consistently being put in a position to win.

    Is that the player's fault? Lovie's? tice's?

    I don't know that answer, I just know that missing the playoffs and pissing away an easy opty to be #1 in the NFCN and waltz into the playoffs strong has once again elluded this org.

    So why does this keep happening? That is the answer/solution that has to be found.

    All I know is that it's same old same old, and here we are fighting for our lives once again. Brutal johnny, just brutal maings.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Here's what's bugging me about Lovie and says to me that coaching is the biggest problem here...

    In the last five years, how many games have the Bears won when they shouldn't have, against teams they shouldn't beat? I hear the clock on the wall ticking.

    Now how many have they lost that they should've won, against teams they should've beaten? I thought of 5 in about 10 seconds and can't get my brain to quit humming (ATL 08 squib kick, WAS 11 four picks to same guy, DEN 11 prevent D, SEA 12 QB containment, MIN 12 AP and 2 picks for TDs).

    How many times have the Bears been humiliated by good teams? GB on several occasions, NE last year (don't blame the snow), SF this year (Cutty wouldn't have helped the D much). Those were games where this coaching staff got pantsed. And it happens against lesser teams to a lesser extent all the time. Those teams just don't have the talent to run up the score on us.

    There's our answer. Good coaches work around problems, like injuries. Good coaches develop secondary talent while their stars are winning games. Good coaches adjust their schemes throughout games and/or seasons based on the talent available and the opponent's strengths and weaknesses. That doesn't happen in Chitown, and it won't with Lovie at the helm. Instead, we'll get the tired "we're still in position" refrains every December when we all know this team is finished.
    Sorry for the long response, but I'm fuming and just have to get it out.

  • In reply to Son of Waffle:

    I get it Johnny but that didn't happen. Every QB has WR's that drop TD's and fall down causing INT's. The problem is when it happens to the Bears it's always at a critical point. Cutler wasn't great yesterday but with some help he would have been good enough. Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda. FUCK!

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Canada, but i'd like to know how many times 3 dropped TD's have affected 2 games in a row.

    And for all of the awesome play by Brandon this year, Marshall dropped a perfectly thrown TD's that could have put us in position to beat the fucking Texans and GB. I'm not saying it would have happened but for gods sake. That's 5 TD's dropped right there that 4 games were riding on.

    That's why I don't buy the doom and gloom even though I understand the frustration. I certainly don't buy the negativity on Cutler.

  • for the record, I put NONE of our woes on cutty.

    They are ALL caused by little depth anywhere, ZERO focus on the oline over the last 5 years, and bad caching/personnel

  • that's right. i forgot about the marshall drop.

    so 4 plays go our way and we're 11-2. blech.

  • I missed Adrian Peterson's big run on the Vikes first play yesterday. Here's an animated gif:

    Watch Julius Peppers (90). Motherfucker goes from the right side hashmark at the Vikings 14 all the way to the opposide sideline at the Bears 25, passing Major Wright and several Queens along the way. I wonder if he can play MLB? Joking.

  • I'll give Jeffrey a break though because he is a rook.....that cost us a 14 point swing. Giving up 7 when he pulled a Knox and when he dropped a beautifully ad libbed play by him and Cutty. He will get better and will be a nice WR for the Bears for years to come. It just sucks that his growing pains come at a steep fucking price in this league.

    Packer Week.

  • so I'll say this since I will be at this week's packer game.

    Being at this game is literally one of my fucking lifetime bucket list items. Before seattle, it was shaping up to literally be perfect. Winning record, going against the surging packers for the NFCN title and bragging rights, the ability to vanquish our demons of 3 years of packers beat downs, snowing hopefully (yes, I'm terrified), ticket punched for 3rd seed and a 1st round bye in the playoffs.

    ...then, as usual, I (and we) get lovied. I'm just so sick of it maings. So fucking sick of it.

    I still have hope we'll shock everyone and win one for pride... and because my mojo is really just that fucking strong. Here’s to hope boys.

    (btw, if we do beat GB this weekend, we WILL beat the lions and the cards and get into the playoffs)

  • that's god news for the kid. He's awesome and I am pulling for him to have a lot of success... now stop fucking running so much dude.

  • The drops are killers but does every interception Cutler throws have to be so costly!

  • I'm done playing "what if" on these games but you get my point. This season can be boiled down to 3 fucking plays so far by the offense.

    I would not be surprised if we beat GB.

    That being said, I would also not be surprised if Webb gives up a game ending or changing sack fumble return TD to some loser like Erik Walden or Fred Zombo or number 76 that Stafford decided to make a star by fumbling and allowing a 50 yard return for TD.

  • I read before yesterday's game that the Kitties have 10 more dropped passes than us. They lead the league in that category. Not to mention they throw the ball a hell of a lot more than us.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    They have 10 more dropped passes on 592 attempts.
    By comparison, we have only attempted 407 passes!

    That is indicative of a _major_ problem with our receivers hands.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    7 of our drops this year were on TD's alone. 3 or 4 more were on plays that put us within the 20-25yd line. you do the math.

    Jay pretty much said on the radio today that if they Bears don't improve "certain" positions that he would consider leaving and that Emery knew what those positions were. He was asked a question designed to throw players under the bus and he wouldn't answer it.

  • #1 on my list, if I were Jay, would be tight end, followed by #1B - Left Tackle.

    One of the upper tier TEs (and I'm not talking a freak like Gronk) would utterly change the complexion of this offense.
    Davis is less a safety valve and more of a "alright, I'll fucking throw it to him but he's not gonna catch it" guy.
    That's absolutely -terrible-. At least you can chip guys that are hurting you off the left edge. What are you supposed to do when the D doesn't even have to cover your TE?
    I would take Scheffler in a heart beat.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    I have to admit that I thought Davis was going to do well this year. The guy was money in the red zone and now he just costs me money.

    He has to have some nagging back injury from earlier in the year. He can't be this bad.

    I would like to see a free agent signing at offensive line and a draft pick before round 3 as well.

    It really sucks that we have to address TE now when we should be focusing on other positions. I thought Davis was the answer.

    Also, fuck Martz. I loved some of the stuff he did but I have to admit I was baffled since you'd think that a guy that smart could modify some of his playbook to exploit a guy like Olsen. Split him off the line a bit, put him in the slot against a linebacker, don't make him block like a meathead tackle. We did ultimately get Marshall using the pick but that doesn't mean that Emery wouldn't have found another way to get Brandon if he wanted to.

  • I thought Davis would take the next step this year too. He has the physical tools but I think he has fluffmallow between the ears.

  • Our opponents have had drops, guys fall down, and made gaffes that swung games our way too, so this whole discussion is simply silly.

    You are what your record says you are. Right now, the Bears can still finish 11-5, which would surpass my expectation that I had at the beginning of the season.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    The math matters...we know what our record is. I think we'd all like to figure out -why-, so when you have a stat as glaring as the drops per attempt, it undermines the argument that it is the quarterback that is the problem.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    The math is the only thing that matters.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Unless, of course, the math supports a hypothesis that the Bears might be better off against Green Bay with Jason Campbell playing.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    your professor would not allow your paper to be submitted because in the section of your hypothesis on your proving up of the reasons why Campbell would increase the chances of the Bears winning there would be a coffee stain and a small blurb about him going 19 for 36 for 197yds a TD and and INT from in a John Madden 2005 video game simulation from a party he attended in college.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Please do tell.
    I watched Campbell do well against a soft prevent defense and zero pass rush.
    I'm glad he did, but the context was totally different than the first 56 minutes of the game.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Do you guys remember several years back when we were all begging the Green Bay to start Favre against Lovie's defense because they beat him like a drum every time?

    No doubt what Packers fans think about Cutler right now.

    Cutler's only win against Green Bay (as a Packer fan has to remind you) was one in which two 4th quarter Cutler interceptions were called back by 2 of the 18 penalties called against the Packers that day. As Cheese rightly termed it, a travesty.

    Somehow, the fact that Cutler has folded and played horribly against Green Bay does not affect you. It's true we don't know much about how Campbell might do, but it is absolutely reasonable to suspect that Cutler will shit the bed and keep us from beating the Packers.

    Believe me, it's not what I *want*, it is just what Jay has done. He cannot be our "franchise QB" until this growing-to-King-Kong-size monkey is off his back. And what better time to do it than when you guys are there watching?

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Dave, I get that but I'm talking about 3 TD drops that directly resulted in a Victory becoming a Defeat. From you thinking that Cutler is the problem to him putting up very Eli Manning type numbers in 2 much needed victories and being the head of the NFCN. 3 tough drops to watch happen now that we know what they truly mean.

    From guys 2 of those drops coming from guys that do not drop passes. The Cutler slant was not a barn burner which is why Devin slammed his helmet off of the ground so hard that every movable piece came out and flew like grenade shrapnel.

  • It was a big surprise that Earl dropped a pass.

    As far as the other guy that does not drop passes, I'm not sure to whom you refer. Brandon Marshall is as effective as any receiver in the NFL, but the book on him is that he does drop the ball (I don't remember where I found the stats; maybe I'll look it up later as his drops per target was far from stellar). But as has already been pointed out, BM way more than makes up for it by bringing down the jump balls.

    Its good Devin was pissed. Maybe, just *maybe*, he can turn that into something positive. Oh shit, there I go again...

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    alshon is the other guy. I am willing to accept drops from time to time from Marshall because he plays balls out.

  • Okay... it's perhaps a little early to see if Alshon is going to be as sure-handed at this level as he was in Carolina. But I do suspect you will be proven right.


  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Holy shit, I missed this. Can this be true: "They are now 0-6 in their past two Decembers"

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Just remember who was playing QB last year in December and it makes alot more sense.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    And Matty was out the entire month as well.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    yeah, I remembered after I posted. Still sucks.

    You getting ready?

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Trying, maing...and you know, it does speak to the point about depth and personnel judgement that we had Caleb as our #2 anyway.
    The guy snowed alot of us as well though after his NFC championship appearance the year before.

  • Well, we've finally arrived. The week that everyone's had circled on their calendars since March. Surely, this game would decide the division right?

    Well, unfortunately that's not entirely the case. The Packers could very likely lay an egg on Sunday and still win the division, because after further review.......

    The Bears Still Suck

  • In reply to thebigcheese:

    That's cute, I heard that it's like a little rallying cry up north to chant that at the game.

    Sorry, I can't get behind a fair weather fanbase that pulls BS moves like ignoring the fact that Favre kept 23% of their female population from being beaten and/or killed by pissed off unemployed papermill employees and small engine repairmen after Packers losses. Brett really helped keep it together up there and I think he deserves more credit.

  • Fair weather fan base? How can you call a fanbase "fair weather" when they sold out games coached by Forrest Gregg?

  • In reply to thebigcheese:

    regarding Favre. fair weather may be the wrong term. Help me out here, what would be the term for a fan base completely disregarding a player that had done so much for the city and team and all of the innocent albeit portly victims of potential domestic violence while making the lovely city of Green Bay, Wisconsin relevant again?

    Fair weather is definitely the wrong term.

  • maybe selective memory fan base? revisionist history fanbase?

    Rodgers is like the new puppy that replaced the old family pet that once saved the family from that fire in the middle of the night and now all they do is talk about how the dog used to shit on the floor when it got old. But the shiny new puppy is so shiny and new so motherfuck that old piece of shit dog they used to have, what a burden that old mutt was.

  • sorry, i meant that old family pet that saved the family from fires between 10-14 times a year from 1992-2007. Some people even said he was the best dog of all time. Those people also loved blowing this dog from time to time but i digress.

  • Dude I love me some Brett Favre and I always will, so you're barking up the wrong tree. I'm also not from wisconsin so all of those fat hillbillie jokes don't really mean much to me.

    I don't know what you expected to happen after all of that, but most fans will get over it in a few more years, and a lot already have.

    If Jim McMahon didn't ride the pine en route to a Championship in Green Bay, and he had been the starter, i'm sure most Bears fans would have a much different memory of him.

    Maybe a more appropriate analogy that you could understand is a fan base that still crucifies a General Manager who gave you one of your two measly super bowl appearances of all time, and FINALLY got you your "Franchise QB" (read: overrated and flawed talent who despite being unable to ever put together a string a solid performances over his Bears career, still receives the faith of many a Bears fan just based on the sheer fact that they've never EVER seen a great QB suit up for their team so they don't understand what one plays like) whom to this day, many on this blog, including yourself, adore as if he were your own kin.

  • In reply to thebigcheese:

    Serious question: Is it possible that no quarterback could be consistently successful in an everchanging rotation of OC's, OL, WR's, schemes, not even Aaron Rodgers?

    Cutler like Rodgers is a fucking football player and I respect that he is going to go do whatever he can to try to win no matter what happens. It just so happens that Rodgers has been blessed with a super smart playcaller and who sat and learned from Brett Favre and who has played in the offensive system for years on end with his WR weapons surrounding him only getting better and better every single year. Donald Driver, Greg Jennings, Jermichael Finley, Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb, James Jones, even those other 3 random TE's were fucking decent and could catch better than Kellen Davis.

    I always find it amusing when people say that if we just had Brees, Brady, Manning 1 or 2, Rodgers ,etc we'd be perfect.

    Ummm, no, they would all be dead, retired or run out of town except maybe Rodgers. Also, please remember that all of these all stars would have to play with the guys that we have on this team, with no continuity of scheme, with no weapons (until this year), no time to play for a couple of years with the same group, etc.

    The guys that believe in Cutler know that a guy like him gives us the best chance for success right now with the cards that have been dealt to us by years of management failings. You know this.

    Overrated? Please stop thinking that you can just plug in some QB from one team and assume he'd survive, thrive or fail in someone else's space. Why do you think Free Agency is such a crapshoot?

  • Anyone else wishing we still had Thor?? (Gregory Olsen for the newbies) Thor couldn't block (THOR, God of Thunder, can't block??) but he could catch. Greg Olsen catches at least half those throws. Oh well, you know what they say bout hindsight.

    I hear some folks say that its not on Lovie to "fire up" the players. they should be motivated to do what they are paid to do. I agree with that. Except for the fact that it seems since 2005 season(maybe even before then) that Lovie's casual ah schucks mediocre way of thinking and carrying himself has spread like a poison inside this organization. This entire team has this second rate confidence instilled in them. They are perfectly content with MAKING it to the playoffs. There is no desire or swagger. I have never been a fan of Brian hugging and high fiving a guy from the opposing side after a vicious hit. Be MEAN!!! But thats the difference between a Lovie Smith regime and say a Bill Cowher or a Chuckie. They let you know that the other team on that given Sunday is the enemy. Not your friend. The are only 2 men on this team who play with swagger and attitude. Two men who actually want nothing more than to carry this team to MULTIPLE SB titles. Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall. When Marshall said before the season the Bers are going to the SB...I felt it. It was genuine. Jay had that attitude like everyones the enemy. He is right. But Im starting to wonder if Jay still believes in this team. I wonder if he looks around and says...I tried, but it's not gonna change. SuberBowl or bust for Lovie. If not he must go before we lose the best pieces to a puzzle that CAN win one soon with the right direction and motivation. This 2 decade era of medicrity must stop. From top to bottom.

  • In reply to BAM46Blitz:

    Yeah those assholes Urlacher, Briggs, Peppers and Peanut just don't want to win. They just want to run around and shake people's hands. Never mind the fact that at least 3 of them have a chance for the HOF.

  • In reply to BAM46Blitz:

    Losing Girly Thor gave us the draft pick ammo to get Marshall, so...

    Do I miss having a TE that could catch? Sure!
    We have to have one of the worst groups at that position in the league right now.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Losing Olsen gave us the ammunition to draft Brandon Hardin in the third round.

    I'd definitely take Olsen instead.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    I highly doubt a first round GM would be willing to give up every 3rd rounder we had - had we only had two, I bet you we would not have been in play for Marshall.
    And yes, Hardin is a wasted pick right now. We'll see if he ever suits up.

  • Once again for the idiot that called me an idiot for wanting a championship for any professional team in Chicago.

    To all the nattering nabobs of negativity (remember Spiro Agnew - does he still work for Coors) ---

    Back up the truck at Halas Hall...

  • In reply to Jack Lacan:

    Read your post in case you forgot what you wrote Smithers. I didn't fault you for wanting a championship in Chicago. I faulted you for the dumbest fucking comment of all fucking time about the Bulls who dominated the 90's yet never gave you the feeling that a team could go out and dominate another team.....even though they did that for almost 7 years out of 10. That is what I was referring to Lacan.

  • but I could see how you could misinterpet what I wrote because I only pointed it out directly as exactly what the issue I had with your post was and didn't use some pop culture, political or literary reference from the 50's or 60's.

  • Also, I've watched a lot of the Bears over the last two weeks and they have had some pretty back-breaking drops, to be certain. Earl Bennett's in particular was spectacular.

    Marshall's 4th down drop was really disappointing too, and he's had a couple others this year as well, but how can you hold him responsible for a few drops when he gets 30 targets a game. He's turned far more incompletions into catches than he has the other way around.

    However, Jeffrey's drop yesterday would have been a tough catch to come down with, and he did a pretty good job of out physical-ing the DB to get in position in the first place (I thought he should have been flagged).

    And Hester? You're blaming Devin Hester for dropping balls? If Hester could catch, he'd be Randall Cobb and Percy Harvin. DEVIN HESTER SUCKS. That's Lovie's fault, or whatever knucklehead in the Bears' brass that thought it was a good idea to pay him more than Greg Jennings and Jordy Nelson COMBINED (think about that for a moment) and line him up on offense. Sam Shields is fast as balls too, but I'm not gonna blame bad luck or Sam himself if he drops a line drive slant from Aaron Rodgers. That shit would be on McCarthy.

  • In reply to thebigcheese:

    ok then, why dont you add more value than 'the bears still suck'.

    We know you're smart enough cause you've attempted to add value before regressing to the every-dipshit-packer-fan-credo you all love for some lame reason.

    WHY do the bears suck dude? Tell us, from an outsider's perspective... WHY.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    The Bears Still Suck just like Green Bay "Packs Fudge".

    Hating your rivals is part of loving your team (not for all fans, but for a lot of them). It makes watching professional sports that much more compelling. Chants and trash-talk are just a little something extra.

    "The Bears Still Suck" was spawned from a historic game in NFL history, and for the neutral fan, it was probably one of the greater regular season moments of the decade. It was especially funny because the Bears dominated the Packers in the 80's, but it was one game where Green Bay fans could say, it doesn't matter good you've been, you still still suck.

    And now, it's as relevant as it's ever been, with the Packers punishing the Bears over the last 5-6 years, winning a championship and topping the Bears for the conference title in the biggest game in not only the history of the rivalry, but one of the biggest games in the history of the league.

    The Bears Still Suck isn't going anyway, and while you obviously (as a bears fan) think it's stupid, it's really not that bad as far as those types of chants go. At least it's got history and staying power.

    Maybe the Bears can stop sucking and it will go away. Or, God forbid, they could win a championship before another 27 years go by.

  • In reply to thebigcheese:

    ok, so I put much emphasis on your dumb team slogan (that's about another team and not your own)... but I want to know your opinion.

    Why have the packers beat the bears so badly for the last 4-5 years running? Coaching? Personnel? What?

    Add value.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    This guy reads Da Blog everyday just to get a few kicks in when the Bears are down. He could be enjoying his teams success with other happy Packer fans but instead he comes here to feed off our misery. He's just a dick, doing the kind of thing dicks like to do, on the internet and in real life. Fuck him and his opinion

  • Jeff,

    Chris Conte had three solo tackles on Peterson in the open field. And two assists. Watch the film.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    On, and Peterson gained 51 yards on his first play from scrimmage. His next 30(!) carries, he gained a total of 103, less than 3.5 yards per carry. So yes, the defense actually did a very good job of stopping him.

  • In reply to SC Dave:


    Matt Forte had 13 carries for 85 yards and 6 catches for 34 more. Hardly a performance to complain about.

    So while you might talk about Forte not deserving "elite" money, yesterday's game is not really a good example of why IMO.

  • Bottom damn line, as it usually goes every shitting year, we just got to win. It is on us. Win and we are in...3 game season starts this week. That's it....Enough with the last few shitty weeks, and let's look forward...Bear Down!!!


  • In reply to MB30SD:

    And the Ravens are in first place, two games up on the Steelers. It's not too late to roll some heads Lovie!

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:

    we wouldn't even have to do anything that drastic. Just start letting Mstr. Bates call the plays.

    He can't do much worse than tice.

  • Nice... have a gander. Not something a Bears fan is used to seeing.

  • I have never seen a team lose two games in a row that they actually would have won if the players could catch--->Major, Earl, Alshon, and Hester.

  • Artoo, you're young, you live in CA, you've got your whole life to live. We're all mid to late 30's (some are older and closer to death) and bitter by the stinging disappointment of the mismanagement of a flagship franchise for the greater part of our lives.

    I recommend taking up surfing, steel drum music and weed. Live a life of tranquility and not one of frustration and angst.

  • good advice.

  • Where in the hell did that come from? lol

    I would take up surfing but everyone here, family member's near here, and on here have said do not surf in Monterey. Must be those doll eyes, eh?

    I have never tried weed. Seriously. I don't want to.

    I am thinking of buying a piano. It's on my Christmas list if the Bears don't win a Superbowl.

  • If you don't smoke weed by the time you are 18 you can't start smoking as an adult. It just means you now do drugs. It's a rule.

    It's the same rule that says that if you have never had a motorcycle or one of your close family members didn't either while you were growing up you can never ride one or else it is gay, poseur behavior.

    And the final tenet of this life rule is that if you didn't grow up with video games you can't start playing them as an adult or else it's just weird because you're just a grown man playing video games.

    I understand that you want a piano. That is nice. I would also suggest buying small amounts of dividend stock like Phillip Morris before you buy anything else during the month so you can look down after several years and realize that you are now ahead of 97% of the rest of society. It will actually now allow you freedom to help those in the 97%.

    Smoke that knowledge.

  • This is why I can't leave this blog. Seriously. You better not fucking leave.

  • It's never too late to start.

    And I don't mean the piano.

  • Super I took up piano in my 30's. I bought a house and the piano was kind of a throw in. I got in a pissing match with the cable company, started taking lessons and now I'm a very, very pedestrian pianist. There are a million old pianos around that you can get for next to nothing if you're willing to pick them up. If you have a friend that plays, take them with you and have them try out a few. If you're talking about an electronic keyboard, ask around. Most of them all play the same unless the keys have weighted action. Take lessons. Find a teacher that you connect with. If you don't like them, you'll never stick with it. Have fun!

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Don't sell yourself short, Canada. You're a tremendous penis.

  • Michael Wright brought up some crazy good points today...

    One- If the Bears do clean house, will the new head coach want Cutler? Before I read that no head coach would want to split up Cutler and Marshall, think back to how we got them in the first place.

    Two- Cutler might not want to stay here another two years if he has to learn another new offense and take more beatings than he needs too.

    Something to think about..

  • Are you sure you don't smoke weed?

  • In reply to Shady:

    are you?

    You around this weekend weiner dog man?

  • Every teams has big drops, even the great ones. But with the Bears, it's magnified because of the limited opportunities to make big plays because of the need to constantly help their garbage offensive line.

  • oh sweet blog, you have allowed me to squander my day going back and forth with a Favre loving Packer fan from California by way of Chicago, battling Dave from South Carolina who has become my new nemesis, reading the incoherent ramblings of my old nemesis Lacan and agreeing with my old, old nemesis GP and dispensing life advice to an energetic young kid that wears a superman suit in bed with his lady who may or may not be in special ops or was it basic training.

    It's definitely Packer Week.

  • They need to give Hester and Jeffery's and Davis some sticky gloves so they won't drop the fucking ball so much.

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