Thursday Night Picks Contest Bonus & Standings

Thursday Night Picks Contest Bonus & Standings

Here's my idea for how the NFL could make tonight's awful Thursday night football game interesting. Losing team fires their coach on the spot. We all know Norv and Romeo are not coming back next season so why not create some brilliant television drama. Good idea, right?

A few notes on the Picks Contest:

  • Just because Crown has a dominant record does not mean this contest is over. Far from it. Remember there will be bonuses for the next seven weeks and you'll have 10+ chances to eliminate poor weeks.
  • If you do not see your name below it is because you have been ruled ineligible due to either: (a) only having made one selection until this point or (b) having chosen the same team twice.
  • If you have any questions or would like to dispute your standing (I do make mistakes) simply send me an email:

The Standings (with teams used):

Crown 8-0 (SF, Chi, Stl, NO, TB, Ind, Det)

MikeV in OR 4-0 (Chi, NO, GB, Dal)

Chris Odom 2-0 (NO, Min)

MonkeyNuts 6-1 (NE, Ind, Was, NYG, Cin, Dal, Den)

Viva 6-1 (Car, Pit, Buf, SD, Atl, Dal, Oak, Det)

Bearfanincb 5-1 (Phi, Cin, Buf, Den, NE, Atl, NO)

Sirwiz 4-1 (NYJ, Chi, Stl, GB, Den)

BobbyDouglass 4-1 (Atl, SD, Chi, Sea, Bal, Min)

OsosFan 3-1 (Jax, TB, Min, Stl)

505Bears! 3-1 (Atl, Cin, NO, NE)Perno 2-1 (TB, Mia, GB)

Artoo 6-2 (NE, Hou, Chi, Cin, GB, Atl, Ind, NYG)

I Bleed Navy + Orange 6-2 (Phi, Ind, Chi, Cin, SF, Atl, GB, NE)

Blogfader 5-2 (NE, Ind, Chi, SF, Cin, Dal, Was)

Ben in norcal 5-2 (Den, Cin, Hou, NE, Chi, NO, SD)

Enderwiggin 5-2 (TB, Bal, Ind, NYG, Chi, Hou, NYJ, Cle)

evantonio 4-2 (Jax, Buf, Cin, Bal, Hou, NYJ, Cle)

TheFifth 4-2 (Sea, SF, Chi, GB, Ind, SD)

jmcyclone 4-2 (NE, Buf, SF, Ari, Chi, Bal, Pit)

Bears-4-Ever 5-3 (NO, SF, Chi, Sea, Atl, Bal, GB, NYG)

#76 Mongo Murph 4-4 (Buf, Was, Det, Cin, Chi, Stl, NYJ, NO)

AlbertinTuscon 3-3 (NO, NE, Stl, GB, Min, Car)

Santa Claus Gave us a QB 2-2 (Min, Cin, Chi, NYG)

ChiRy 2-2 (Chi, Oak, TB, Atl)

PombeGeek 2-2 (GB, Min, Dal, Det)

Bearsssssssssssss 1-1 (SF, NYG)

Nagurski 1-1 (Buf, Sea)

Slsmth54 1-1 (Sea, Was)

Bigboar3 1-1 (ATL, Mia)

BearDown85 3-4 (Car, Bal, Ind, Chi, Ind, Stl, Sea)

FQD1911 3-4 (Ari, Car, Min, Oak, Chi, NO, Phi)

lindemrm 3-4 (Det, Ind, Min, SF, GB, NYG, SD)

DYLbear23 2-3 (Buf, Oak, Cin, NO, Ind)

JohnnyWad 3-5 (SF, Bal, NYJ, NYG, Ind, Oak, Chi)

MB30SD 3-5 (TB, NO, Chi, Atl, Was, Hou, Buf, Ind)

Shady 3-5 (Min, Ind, Stl, SD, Cin, Sea, Car, Dal)

Tobijohn 3-5 (Car, Oak, Ind, Atl, Chi, Ari, GB, Det)

Doc Nitty 34 3-5 (KC, Sea, Ind, Oak, Cin, Phi, Hou, NYG)

IrishSweetness 2-4 (Phi, Was, Cin, Chi, Min, Stl)

reprisal 2-4 (KC, Hou, Sea, Chi, Cin, Cle)

SC Dave 2-4 (Buf, Det, NE, TB, Stl, NO)

BigHurtNYC 2-5 (Car, Sea, NYJ, Den, Ari, Buf, Dal)

4ever85 (AKA Butch DeadLift) 2-5 (Det, Ind, Ari, Chi, Was, Oak, Ten)

CanadaBear 2-5 (KC, Hou, SF, Oak, GB, NYG, Atl)

NewBearinTown 1-2 (Cle, Dal, NYJ)

Michael L 1-4 (Hou, Jax, Den, SF, TB)

McFlipside 0-3 (Buf, Atl, Pit)

MikeBrownHadaPosse 0-4 (Det, Mia, Bal, Ind)

MattySouthside 0-4 (Det, Ind, Ari, Bal)



  • I would like Matt Cassel's completion percentage. You must be within a single (1) point. Meaning if you select 50.5 you will be awarded a correct week for everything from 49.5 to 51.5.

My guess is 58.5%.


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  • 43%

  • 0-4 but still right about Richardson v. Forte.

    I'll take that.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    I read what you posted but I still don't think Trent is playing that bad.. You basically gave Forte excuses for his numbers. Who does Richardson have to take the pressure off of him? Joshua Cribbs? Really?

    Someone one once told me that production is production and if you are ignoring the fact that the rookie is performing at a high level.. You're just being biased. The kid has been playing really well. I do not see what you or Jeff see.

    I never said to sell out for Trent. If the price was right I would. Time will tell but as long as he stays healthy, I still have no doubt that Richardson will be a great running back.

    However.. the reason Trent's numbers are close to Forte's is because the Browns don't have anyone and the Bears have a number 2 back and a number one receiver..? Give me a better reason than that because that's just garbage. Like you said.. production is production.

  • Btw, that's like saying Fitzgerald's numbers are really good because he is the only WR playing for the Cardinals..

    If Earl Bennett didn't have Marshall, Forte, or Bush..

    I'll stop there.

  • I don't have to make excuses for Forte because I'm not the one that was begging to trade him in the offseason.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Any number of backs could fit the RB role for us, I haven't seen anything amazing from Forte thus far, just a stop-stutter offense being saved by Brandon Marshall. Doug Martin is ripping it up now too.

    Matt is averaging a rushing TD every 3 games, and is on course for 1090 yards this season. That's pedestrian no matter which way you dice it.

  • I'm on board with Artoo. T-rich is foreal, and a few of you guys wanted me to trade him in FF...Hypocrites!

    I think the bigger question ANY HB in this pass happy league worth a Top 5 pick?

    Look at Forte, Rice, Foster...

    Heck, in this draft alone, Morris, Martin, and Ballard to a lesser extent.

    But certain organizations go for big name players at skill positions for reasons other than football. Browns and Jax really needed to get their fan base exicted again, so they drafted skill players that would sell in T-rich and Blackmon even though both could have easily drafted a less sexy pick like an Olinemen or LB.

  • And MBHP.. I still am very glad we kept Forte and I am very impressed with how he has been playing.

    Just sayin..

  • Impressed with what exactly, Artoo? The defense and Brandon Marshall are the reason we're 6-1. Had we dealt him and gotten say a Doug Martin, we would have had the cash for a lineman and traded up for a back with low mileage. I don't get all the love. Sweetness didn't need a line. Matt does. Averaging 70 YPG and a TD every 3? Fuck that. They're Matt Suhey numbers, not your workhorse numbers.

  • He can keep his job.... but 'Meh.'

  • 3.7 YPC is for real?
    My, how the bar hath been lowered.

  • Just posting some numbers. I'm not taking a position. I don't care anymore. Last draft (fwiw), I was against trading (Forte, picks, etc) for the chance to draft Richardson.

    These are the numbers for TR & Forte (via ESPN/Elias):



    T R .....127......470......3.7......58.8.........25......209....8.4.....31.1

    TR has played 8 games, Forte 6.
    Last year, Forte's numbers for the 1st 8 games were:

    1st 8

  • Goddam blog wrecked my columns. REPOST:

    These are the numbers for TR & 22 (via ESPN/Elias):



    T R ...127.....470....3.7....58.8.....25.....209....8.4.....31.1

    TR has 8 games, Forte 6. Last yr, Forte's stats for the 1st 8 games:

    1st 8

  • Whaaaaaat? His numbers are worse because he is the focus of their offense?

    C'mon, Artoo.

  • wow, i suck balls at this.

  • 56.6

  • 52%

  • 59%

  • 58.4

  • 57.1%

  • I second Jeff's notion of firing the losing coach on the spot. I would take it a step further and hire Trump with his Umpa-Lumpa orange tan and rat-hair to do the honors at midfield.

  • I like it.

  • 48.5

  • 52%

  • 47%

  • 60%

  • This league looks like a major pain in the ass. Thanks Blgfather for the time spent!

  • In reply to EnderWiggin:


  • In reply to Shady:


  • 62.1%

  • Just to chime in, Conte hit was blatent. LaFell didn't even have the ball. Cheap shot to the head is exactly what the league wants to get rid of. Don't get me wrong, I feel bad for Conte and 21 large is a lot of dough for him, but he HAS to know better.

  • In reply to Shady:

    21k is huge. Huge enough to make him think twice. Hopefully not huge enough to make him slow down a step.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Well, at least Conte was smart enough to just laugh at Smith as opposed to getting into a fighting match.

    I'm all for safety, but maybe the next time a WR crosses the middle, he'll be thinking about "the birdman" lol

  • 55.5

  • Between these picks and the Pick 'Em league, the nfl can go get to fuck with its shitty 'parity'.

  • In reply to DYLbear23:

    So, are you saying that the 'gap' between the top and bottom ranked teams is bigger than they put on?

  • In reply to EnderWiggin:

    and that some of these 'underdogs' aren't exactly so. It must be hell in Vegas when they have to come up with some of these lines.

  • In reply to DYLbear23:

    The Packers losing was an underdog moment.. kinda..

  • In reply to DYLbear23:

    I think the bookies are geniuses at spreads.

  • 62.5

  • In reply to Viva:

    Jeff -
    I'm 6-2 (not 6-1). I'll email you later.

  • Hey, Jeff,

    What do you think about the Pats-Talib trade?

  • check his twitter. He didn't think it was all that.

  • ah, I'm not in the twitterverse. What do you think about it Artoo?

    I got mixed feelings about it. The BIG question is whether this will be a Randy Moss or Haynesworth result...

  • His deal is only for this if he is horrible the Pats can just cut him but if he is really good then they can franchise or re-sign him.

    I like it.. low risk high reward. As long as the kid stays out of trouble, which Ocho did when he was a Patriot, he should do fine with BB.

  • The best part is it's only costing the Pats 1.8 million ..

    We could have traded for the guy and had 3 studly CB's, not that we needed anymore but that would have been crazy, but the Bears have a lot of big contracts to take care of after this season is over.

  • 57%

  • 65.7%

  • In reply to Michael L:


  • In reply to Michael L:

    I think you won. 65.5 (someone double check)

  • 61%

  • 56.3%

  • 52%

  • Just curious, how many people would actually be able to accept the prize if they won?

  • In reply to Shady:

    You Play.

    To Win.

    The Game.

  • HELLO?!?!?

  • I'm in SW Michigan. I could make it work. I'd throw myself down a flight of stairs for a Malnati's pizza. Sadly , I sit at 3-5 looking up at most of the DBB family.

  • So, if he threw 29 and completed 19 that would be 65.36 completion%?

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