Thursday Night Picks Contest Bonus

Thursday Night Picks Contest Bonus

It is a tight race at the top of the standings and - to this point - the picks contest bonuses have been more elusive than a Super Bowl ring at Andy Reid's house.

Tonight's bonus:

  • Total passing yards for Matt Ryan & Drew Brees combined. That is all. You must be within 5 yards. So if your guess is 825 yards, you'd be correct from 820-830. This is the widest range of the season.
  • My guess: 626 yards.

Good luck.

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  • 645

  • Geaux Aints!

    I still hold out hope we can get that top two NFC spot.

  • 623
    I've missed these things by a single point twice...

  • 711

  • 645

  • The Jeff curse strikes again.



  • check it out... breakdancing jut hit the Czech Republic, and the results are tantalizing:

  • Have to admit, I am not AT ALL displeased that Drew Brees got his head handed to him tonight.

    0 TDs and 5 picks in the biggest game of your season. Nice work there, Breesy.

    It's just that he's been so darn MOUTHY about how "wronged" the Saints were by Bountygate". This, DESPITE the 100 pounds of paper trail the NFL found and the COMPLETE ADMISSION OF GUILT by the coach who engineered it. SHADDAP with the self-righteous indignation already, Drew.

    Oh, and as they say in the French Quarter, bid your lame TD pass streak, "Adieau", "Bon Voyage" and "Au Revoir". It's not HALF as impressive as Johnny Unitas' streak, anyhow, accomplished when defenses were allowed to MANHANDLE QBs and pound on receivers all over the field and when football was ALWAYS played OUTDOORS, rain or shine, cold or snow.

    In the long run, it MAY be better that the Saints got pushed farther behind the Bears tonight instead of the Falcons being pulled closer to them.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Al, I have to know... how many neighborhood kid's footballs/baseballs do you have in your "get the fuck off my lawn you little bastards" box?

    I keeeed I keeeeed

  • this one's for shady:

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Are you courting him MB? Not that there's anything wrong with that.

  • In reply to TheFifth:

    hahahahaha... don't know Corm. Never actually met Shady, he may not be my type. Guess we'll find out dec 15th.

    Thanks for that link btw. I asked my pop to describe the guy singing and he said black 45 year old guy. I was laughing.

  • I'm pretty sure I'm not your type either, unless you like white guys from WI with big beer guts.

    Glad you like the Feelin'. If you didn't see this from last week, then hear it is:

    Hope your enjoying the trip visiting family, but I got the impression a close loved one is not doing too well. If that's the case, then I wish your loved one, yourself, and your extended family the best. Those are the most difficult times in life that put things in perspective. In these situations I find solace in music. If this is the situation, I hope these songs help in some small way.

  • In reply to TheFifth:

    thnaks very much Corm. I really appreciate the thoughts.

    Fire up to finally meet you and the boys in a couple weeks.

  • Them Falcons look awful beatable, don't see how they changed from last year when we worked 'em in week one. Mr Brees had a tough one...

  • Like Brees alot, but watchin NFL net, he doesn't sounds like he doesn't own it. These commentators are so depressed. brees was awful.

  • Wow, I doesn't sound like I doesn't make sense, my bad(over-edited that one).
    Point is, I don't think Drew is owning up to soiling the sheets.

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