Reverend's Rant & Blog Picks Contest (Featuring Daisy the Dog)

Reverend's Rant & Blog Picks Contest (Featuring Daisy the Dog)

Picks Contest

Only four weeks remain in the blog picks contest - a raging success in its inaugural year. Home team in CAPS.

CHICAGO vs. Minnesota is off the board. Jay Cutler won't be cleared till Saturday and, really, who has the time?

Pittsburgh -1.5 CLEVELAND



Denver -10.5 KANSAS CITY


Atlanta -1 TAMPA BAY

Seattle -2.5 MIAMI

NEW ORLEANS pk San Francisco

SAN DIEGO pk Baltimore

ARIZONA -2.5 St. Louis


My pick: Denver beats Kansas City 40-6 in a half empty stadium.


Updated Standings w/ Thanksgiving Bonuses. (Remember these are winning records only.)

I Bleed Navy + Orange 10-1

Viva 9-2

Crown 9-2

MikeV in Or 6-1

OsosFan 5-1

BobbyDouglass 4-1

ben in norcal 8-2

Enderwiggin 8-2

evantonio 8-2

Bearfanincb 7-2

MonkeyNuts 7-2

Artoo 8-3

Bears-4-Ever 7-3

Blogfader 7-3

jmcyclone 6-2

TheFifth 6-3

BearDown85 6-4

Reprisal 6-4

4EverBears85 (aka Butch Deadlift) 6-4

505Bears!!! 4-3

SirWiz 4-3

As always, tell me if I'm wrong by emailing


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  • No pick for me. I feel shame.

  • The only teams I like are ones I've already picked.

    Not that I'm going to coast my way to victory, but I think I'll take the foot off the gas pedal this week.

    Plus, my son will be born Saturday or Sunday, so I think I'll save my mojo for that.

  • I hope all goes well for all of you. Is this your first?

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    Second. Have a (nearly) 3-year-old daughter--who brought the Bears luck late in the 2009 season & helped them thump the Vikings, so I'm hoping my son will bring similar results.

    My girl is a raging Bears fan (she spins around, shouting "DA BEARS DA BEARS DA BEARS," a la the Superfans, whenever the Bears score), loves Van Halen, and has recently achieved daytime potty training--so she's out of diapers just in time for her little brother to start dirtying 'em.

    We were lucky enough on a trip to visit my parents last year to find some toddler-sized Hester & Forte jerseys on clearance, and when she puts on the Hester jersey I swear she runs like the wind.

    Her little brother will be a bruiser--estimated weight in utero 2 weeks ago was 8.5 lbs, so he's gonna be over 9 when he arrives. I figure she can be the WR and he can be the QB... though, if his birth weight means anything, maybe he'll be an OT.

    But my wife's contractions are about 30 minutes apart now, so odds are we'll be at the hospital tonight. Figures, one of the few games I'd get to watch in high def on my bigscreen at home, and I'm gonna be at the hospital. But, all in all, it'll be a good first day of life for my son.

  • Sounds like your daughter is doing nicely. Hope that her musical taste continues to advance and she leaves stuff like Van Halen behind, as its really not suitable for someone that's beyond birthday #4...

  • fb_avatar

    Congrats Bro

  • Congrats IBNO. The DBB clan sure is a virile bunch. What's that? Three new Bears fans in a ten game stretch? Or is it four? There's your growth plan right there Blogfader.

  • Any chance he'll play offensive line someday? We should be thinking ahead.

  • Congrats IBNO. Hope everything goes well. Keep us posted.

  • Congrats. Viva and Crown have been cut, like Drago in Rocky IV...I'm guessing Thanksgiving was kind to you as it was to me for Da Contest.

  • GreenBay +3

  • Baltimore

  • A few of you could take lessons from Daisy on how to be a true Bears fanatic. Look at the focus and determination in her eyes. Never looking away from the prize. Unless you have a treat. Then maybe. But until then, 100% Bears commitment.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Daisy is a true Bears optimist.

  • Pittsburgh -1.5

  • Cutty's starting boys. Cross your fingers and hope he doesn't get scrambled again.

  • In reply to Johnnywad:

    Luckily for us, the Vikes aren't a high-octane O, so Cutler won't have to drop back as much.

    Now, if Tice goes into shotgun on 3 and 2 again, I'm gonna donate some money to the Rev's bro to buy that plane ticket to Chi-town.

  • In reply to Johnnywad:

    A couple more concussions and we're looking for a new franchise, and that's no shit,

  • fb_avatar

    Seattle -2.5

  • Steelers -1.5

  • Buffalo -3.

  • I'm no Irish - does "PK" mean pick a team straight up, no spread?

    That's what I got from a quick google search into the underbelly of sports...

  • "Pick'em". Even.

  • Man, these are some ugly ugly lines...

    Too bad I gotta pick this week.

  • St. Louis

  • Seattle -2.5

  • I've read the posts, I understand what some of you guys are saying. Angelo is gone and unfortunately everything can't change overnight.

    I can promise you guys 2 things this year.

    1. We won't turn into the Partriots by the end of the season.
    2. We will go to the playoffs....and anything can happen in the fucking playoffs.

    We'll have chances to solidify some pieces in the offseason but right now Cutty's coming back and hell is coming with him.....the good kind of hell.....hell meaning we win....

  • In reply to Waffle 3.0:

    also, stop being pussies.

  • In reply to Waffle 3.0:

    Last year, the damn Patriots lost to the Cleveland Browns.

    You read that correctly. The Browns.


  • Denver

  • Cleveland?

  • hello from southern africa boys!

    Just spent 4 days with elephants, lions, and various other wildlife.

    Aaaaanyway. Had my heart crushed by an air hostess on a brutal fucking 16 hr flight when told the score of the game. Thank god I didn't actually see any of it, sounds depressing. Fuck me.

    Johnny, we lose today and you are the blog's official and most die-hard homer... but I still love you.... and we will win today. We HAVE to win today. Big game today. we lose this one and our playoff hopes are close to toast. If that does happen, I can only hope that tice and lovie go with them.

    From africa with love

    (ps. few more weeks till we're in town bitches! Shady, get that weenie dog off the couch and get it ready for rabbit.)

  • I wonder where the lions get their attitude from... great example asshat:

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    aaaaaand, here's the result:

  • here's one, you know, for old timeys sake:

  • Baltimore

  • Damn, MB, glad to hear from you. I seriously thought you had a heart attack after watching that ass-pounding the 9ers gave our Oline...

    If you thought you hated the oline b4 that game, your level of hatred would reach epic levels after watching that game - sort of like Khan in Star Trek 2

  • What is up my man. I might very well have, had I actually watched it.

    Wow, Khan-level hate huh... that sucks. Fuck Jerry Angelo, fuck him right in his smug pathetic little organization-crushing face.

    Vikings... dead!

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Focus on Peterson....Harvin is out...nothing else...Block for Cutler, else I'll be in a drukin stupor again!!!

  • My damn Cutler home jersey is in Phoenix....drying my Peppers away jersey..Got my friend (girl type) rocking the Butkus home. Once Pep is dry, going to breakfast, then coming back to do the deed then watch the Bears...Bear damn Down!!!!!!

  • Seatle -2.5

  • damn. tough lines this week.


  • Steelers

  • Tampa Bay

  • Indianapolis #chuckstrong

  • SF pk

    Jefe, am I right to understand I can cancel out a bad week with my bonus win? So I can cancel out my SF pick from week 2 and get them back as a choosable pick this week?

    If I got that right, go with SF. If I just lose the loss but don't get a pick back, then make my pick um... STL +2.5. Thanks!

  • I was out of town for Thanksgiving and failed to pick for Sunday's game.

    Does this eliminate my chances Jeff or can I still pick this coming week 12-02-12?

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