NFL Sunday: Go Lions!

NFL Sunday: Go Lions!


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  • As much as I hate the Loins, and hate to see them achieve anything that self-justifies their bullshit antics and attitude... a (hopefully pyrrhic) victory over the Pack would be sweet, and keep the Bears firmly in first place -- critical for the division

  • Agree. I wrote a whole thing about them but it made me sick to my stomach so I went with wildlife videos instead.

  • 100% gents. fuck the lions and the packers.

  • Same here, hopefully the picking on Suh this week will inspire him and Fairley to get UGLY(er) and keep pressure on Rodgers.
    The next 5 games could make it or break it for us. We're pretty healthy, and the offense just needs to gel.

  • Fuck it, I'll be happy with a tie.

  • Have you guys seen this?

    L'Carpeteon Dookmarriot

  • In reply to Crown:


    D'Jinkalage Margoone

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Beezer Twelve Washingbeard and Jasmerius Tatheratrix are my faves

  • In reply to Crown:

    ok, so you going to make a trip out to Chi for the Pack game... riiiiight?!

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    J'D... anyway.

    Oh and Key&Peele are so incredibly not funny (usually)

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    This is the only funny bit I've seen from them

  • In reply to Crown:

    100%. Usually I just sit there and stare. Not one laugh. They're turrible.

  • just saw this on ESPN:


  • In reply to MB30SD:

    That is pretty funny..

  • Last time I checked... a tie is still possible in the NFL.

  • Not sure what to make of that comment, Artoo.



    Sarcastic? Not sure. If so, to whom was it directed?

    And why?

    Does Artoo realize that the NFL hasn't had a tie since way back on November 11, ought 12?

    A truly thought provoking entry from da blog's resident Adam Schefter.

  • hee hee

  • I am thankful my local affiliate is playing GB Detroit today. I am thankful that my wife made me a pre-thanksgiving Cherry Pi. I am thankful that Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday, is a mere 4 days away.

  • I second that.

  • Have I ever told you how much I love math jokes?

    (didn't think I caught that did you)

  • MB -

    1. long underwear or stretchy underarmor type tights under a pair of jeans will be fine. (unless you are gay and wear skinny hipster jeans)
    2. insulated boots with enough room for a pair of wool socks, a pair of paperthin liner socks and those little tiny foot warming packets.
    3. North face type coat with room to layer a hooded sweatshirt, turtle neck type shirt, loose fighting long sleeve shirt.
    4. Winter hat (preferably a 1980's bears one)
    5. scarf or balaclava with a skeleton on it like Ghost from MW2
    6. goretex gloves and extra little hand warmer packets.
    7. Powers Irish whiskey in a huge plastic travel flask ( i had so many layers of clothes on that they couldn't discover it in my crotch.)
    8. 3 polish sausages during the game eaten straight out of the wrapper with no ingredients 35 minutes apart to warm your internal organs.

    That combo got me through the Bears Patriots debacle in a fucking blizzard and i already had a 102 fever.

    It won't be nearly that cold so you'll be totally fine you big pussy.

  • In reply to Waffle 3.0:

    That patriots blizzard shit show was the only time I lost full sensation in my nads. My balls froze to the side of my thighs. No joke.

  • In reply to Crown:

    jesus. nad freeze is no joke.

    I was so pissed at Johnny Knox for fumbling that I pounded 4 frozen slushy beers in 10 minutes in front of the shocked/disgusted Patriots family that unfortunately sold me their 5th seat so their mom could go back to the hotel.

    by the end of the game I was inconsolable and most likely incontinent.

  • In reply to Waffle 3.0:

    true story... I am indeed a big pussy.

    I'll have to buy most of this $tuff new and will probably never u$e any of it again since I already have my ski/boarding outfit and I live in fucking san diego.

    Hey! That's a great idea... why don't I just wear my ski suit to the game?!?! Have you guys ever done that?!

    I think that's a GREAT idea.... Here's a pic of me wearing it a couple years ago:

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Oh yeah, that'll work. You wear that color combo well! It brings your eyes out!

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I guess it beats wearing nothin' at all... Nothin' at all... NOTHIN' AT ALL.

  • Ticket purchased.

    Section 350. Row 6.


  • Took my recommendation, good play Doc!

  • well done my man. Shit, by gametime we probably won't even recognize each other anyway.

    I for one plan on looking like this:

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Thats how I'm picturing you. hehehe

  • doc , how far away from us are you?

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Don't know the seat # yet, but you guys are the first four seats on the opposite side of the aisle from me, and one row above me. We may be fist bumpin close.

  • Detroit hanging in there. Big help for us taking out the Packers if they can.

  • In reply to MaddBearfan:

    Detroit always shits the bed late. Its their thing. Let's hope they overcome it today.

  • Is it possible the Falcons and Packers both go down to shit teams today? I'll give Thanks Thursday for that. Season of Destiny perhaps?

  • In reply to Johnnywad:

    no, no it's not.

    Hanging your hopes on the puffy-faced man-Muppet and jacksonville is a recipe for disaster.

  • god detroit sucks. and rodger's, while a great qb, licks balls

  • Nice going Detroit, you let fucking Rodgers do it again.

  • Detroit shit's the bed again. Oh well was a nice dream anyway.

  • I feel somewhat responsible for jinxing both. Fuck. Just couldn't
    keep my mouth shut

  • Half of GB's best players out and Detroit still can't beat them. Guess we'll just have to earn it ourselves.

  • I went out with carolina up 11 w 4 mins left. What the fuck. Lost two in a row

  • In reply to Crown:

    Welcome to the club, Crown

  • In reply to Crown:

    Crown, you are who we thought you were, but we'll probably let you off the hook.

  • Hey Doc, what time does your flight get in? What airport ?

  • In reply to #76 Mongo Murph:

    I'm coming in with MB. I think he said 9 CT on Friday at OHare. Not sure.

  • Yeah, I didn't know you guys pulled off being on the same flight.

  • You are correct sir.

  • The Johnsons (Andre & Calvin) racked-up a combined 416 yards today (Andre 273yds/ 14rec/ 1td; Calvin 143yds/ 5rec/ 1td).

    Charles Tillman & da Bears held them to 69 yds combined (Andre 35 yds/ 4 rec/ 0td; Calvin 34 yds/ 3 rec/ 0td).

    LOL. JJ Watt had one sack in nearly 5 quarters today. Houston had 2 sacks total.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    Bleh. I'm grasping at straws. Nothing very good happened in the NFL this week (so far).

  • Can't count on Detroit for anything. Hate to even think about it but if the Bears do not prevail tomorrow night, the Packers will be on top of the NFCN...

  • Detroit is worse than useless. Maybe the Queens can do something for us for a change.

  • The Pussies, I mean the Meows, I mean the Loins, deserve to get teabagged by a big fat sweaty trucker who finished an 18 hour shift and just took a dump in a humid restroom with no toilet paper.


  • Looking forward to the so-called "experts" eating crow when they see their bandwagon pick to compete with the Packers for NFC North champs instead locking up last place.

  • Watching Paul Kruger of the Ravens play the like #99 we wished we had.


  • So, Da Coach had what is desribed as a "minor stroke". As far as I'm converned a "minor" stroke is like "minor" surgery".

    Here's how I define "Minor Surgery":

    ANY surgery NOT being performed on ME.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Ditka punched that clot in the nards and made it cry.

    Busload of mini-Ditkas vs. a blood clot in the brain?

    Mini-Ditkas 223, Stroke 12

  • Screw the BCS. Alabama has NO business back at #2. The played WESTERN CAROLINA for pity sakes!!

    They should be DROPPED just for scheduling a 1AA team!

  • In reply to Albertintucson:


    The ND favoritism is annoying as hell, and the Alabama love makes no sense--they almost lost two other games this year, and then they get rewarded for losing early & padding their schedule with cupcakes.

    Oregon lost to a very good Stanford team, in OT.

    All things considered, if the NCAA had a 6-team playoff (top 2 teams get a bye, #3 plays #6 and #4 plays #5 in bowls Christmas week; then #1 plays lowest seed surviving & #2 plays highest seed surviving in bowls on New Year's Day; then winners play for national championship a week after New Year's), then there wouldn't be any bitching or moaning. The top 6 teams would play for the national championship.

    I'd prefer an 8-team playoff, but with all the bitching and moaning there is about two playoff games, having 8 teams seems like it'd be near-impossible.

    My point is, though, that the system is fucked up mainly because the only result that counts right now is being #1 or #2 at the end of the season, which means going undefeated, which means scheduling cupcakes, running up scores, and this bullshit favoritism by coaches & sportswriters in the polls.

  • I DID but no longer hhave an issue with ND at #1. They beat everybody they played, they seem to be IMPROVING and they play as TOUGH a schedule as anybody. Certainly touigher than most. Certainly tougher than any SEC team as the Good "ol boys load up on non-conference cupcakes. SEVERAL SEC team scheduled 1AA cupcakes yesterday. Piss on that. It's NOVEMBER, assholes! PLAY somebody!

    Screw FLORIDA ,too. NO BUSINESS that high.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    all I know is that we're getting our new, franchise, 15-year IMLB from that team next year, so I'm rooting for them.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Do the Bears have a shot at him, picking (likely) in the bottom 8 of the round?

  • can I be 100% honest with you guys?

    I kinda like the steeler's bumblebee unis.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Nuh uh.

  • In reply to MB30SD:


    Actually, if they did two things, I'd like the uniforms a lot: 1) do the numbers different somehow, because the white panel makes it look like some amateur was altering high school uniforms; 2) something other than beige pants--looks like they're all wearing pantyhose.

    The Bears throwbacks from 1994 were cool--though I still have nightmares about the night when they wore them on Halloween night when they stunk it up against the Peckers.

  • Two huge, ball-loosening, LEGAL hits (one by Corey Graham) to end week 11 and prove that you don't need to headhunt to have fun in the NFL.

    It is the end of week 11, isn't it? If not, someone tell ESPN/Chicago they've got a game tomorrow.

    Week 12 Nuts & Bolts: Bears at 49ers
    By Michael C. Wright |

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    I don't think Tim Dobbins got the memo.

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