Nashville's LP: Soldier Field South

Nashville's LP: Soldier Field South

No editing tonight. Deal with it.

We'll go rapid fire because we don't have the energy.

  • Unbelievable
  • Performance by Bears fans in Nashville. I have never seen the road team ask the crowd to make noise but the Bears did Sunday and it was amazing.
  • I thought Mike Tice's play calling was horrendous early. But I will save criticism for games where it matters.
  • Matt Forte. Gold.
  • Jay Cutler's deep touchdown toss to Brandon Marshall was gold.
  • Charles Tillman had his best game against the Lions a few weeks ago. He had his most Peanutty game Sunday.
  • Urlacher had a few wonderful plays Sunday but I was most impressed with him playing solid man-coverage with Chris Johnson down the sideline. Excellent.
  • Where's the pass rush?
  • As good as Gabe Carimi is in the run, that's how bad he is in the pass game.
  • Brandon Marshall is the Bears MVP.
  • Adam Podlesh isn't very good.
  • Lance Briggs is.
  • Earl Bennett was clearly a starter. It showed.

Okay. More to come tomorrow. This was a Bears city today. And it showed.

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  • Momentum is building. We are adapting. Swagger is growing.

    Season of Destiny.

  • Without an offense? I know Brandon Snagged three TDs, but that was pretty much it offensively against a bad defense. It's going to be hard to get Brandon the ball against better teams. Yes, we can beat crap - but in the playoffs we're going to have to sustain drives at some point.

    Still, it's nice to kick the crap out teams now and again. Hats off to Rod Maranelli the sideline Yoda. He remains the man.

    So far so good .... the man said as he stepped off the cliff.

  • Did you forget 103 yards rushing on 12 carries by Forte? Or a 47 yard screen pass by him that made multiple defender look like tools? Oh yeah, I forgot... he's the guy whose performance is just mediocre or pedestrian, so we can safely ignore those plays as flukes. ;-p

    Heck even little shifty Allen looked pretty good ramming it home at the end there. But yeah, outside BM and Forte, the passing game didn't show much and clearly still needs work.

    However, to be fair... when you are only getting short fields repeatedly due to turnovers, offensive numbers will always tend to be a bit lower. That said, the RZ performance isn't there yet.

  • In reply to Michael L:

    People are missing the point as usual when talking about Forte's trade value. Doug Martin does as good or better behind the same line for 7M less, plus a pick. It didn't get done so we go with Forte and he's a good guy to have. Putting up numbers agaisnt the Titans means nothing. Martin ran for four TDs of over 45 yards each for a total of 251 yards. When Forte does that, we'll talk.

    We could have gotten a younger, cheaper back. Open the holes and anyone can run the ball. Ask the Pittsburgh Steelers. Doesn't matter who you use. Timmy Smith?

    Forte's TD was more to do with the entire o-line who pushed him into the endzone if you recall.

    Not hatin' on the guy at all, just saying we should have traded a depreciating asset while he was worth soemthing. The 8m could have gotten us an NFL caliber LT. Maybe, I can't remember who was up for sale.

  • Do not let MBHP see this! I agree Irish. I agree.

  • that one lng run in the open field was a thing of beauty.

    I've been kind of in your camp with this Irish, but he is a very smoth/pretty runner.

    I think he's lost some of his topend speed this year, but think he'll get it back in the second half if he doesn't get reinjured.

  • Irish you have a stinky festering pile of shit where your brains should be...

  • Yes, the Titans suck. But still, I'll take 19/26, 229, 3TD, 0 Int from Jay whenever we can get it.

    Cutler did look like he was sleep-walking early. I'm not sure, but do you suppose he took that hit going out of bounds on purpose to let himself know that the game had started?

  • Irish, somtimes I think you are bi-polar. Your posts swing wildly from optimism bordering on homerism to extreme pessimism.

    You can only beat the fucking teams that are put in front of you. The Bears, when Cutler starts, don't lose. However, since it's not a fucking video game and is actually real football, sometimes teams lose to other teams.

    Cutler had a near perfect game after a slow start. We dominated in all phases, our number 1 played like a monster number 1, our running back earned his money on the ground and in the air, our kick returner almost broke one and his confidence is back, our corners continue to play lights out. Our first team didn't give up the big play, etc. holy shit dude.

    the man said as he waved at the nerd stepping off the cliff.

  • "nerd" was harsh and I apologize. I still think you let the highs and lows of gambling take a foot hold in your outlook on the Bears much like Danny Mac of the score.

    Step back, relax, and stop pining about other teams rookie running backs. Mikel Leshoure and now Doug Martin?

  • No, nerd wasn't a million miles away, nor was bi-polar :o)

    I certainly wouldn't know what to do with the Bears v HOU or SF though. I know we can shutdown their offenses .. but how do we score against their defenses? For me, the important one is GB. We need to nail them. End of.

    Optimus and Brian need to be very special on those nights.

  • I thought Cutty had a good game apart from the red-zone screen thing. Three amazing TD passes that weren't so much about Beastmode as they were about crazy good throws.

    But that was the Titans.

    When we face the Texans and Niners defenses within two weeks we'll know if we can win the Lombardi. That's the true test of who we are, not beating opponents with a combined winning record of 15-23. Fair enough?

    The homers are the ones who think we have a solid offense. You CANNOT have a solid offense with J'Marcus Webb, a toasted guard playing center and Gabe Carimi pass protecting. Can't do it. At some point we're going to need to sustain drives if the defense has an average game/is unlucky. Who has won a superbowl with a piss-poor O-line?

    We're coasting on the back of an awesome defense. Hopefully Tice can pull his head out of his ass long enough to figure out we need to run the ball more. Forte carried it 12 times.

  • This offense has not yet found out what or who they are man each week it is something different. Tice does not know what he wants to do. Tice needs to realize that this football team is built for the RUN the RUN eveything we do starts from the ground game. By doing that it opens up the play action pass it slows down the pass rush but Tice as a play caller is failing to realize this. He does not know what he wants to do this is what the problem is. And another thing who max protects and sends just one receiver down field into a pass pattern makes no sense man .
    frank deleo
    bronx ny

  • What's the most you would pay for a stitched jersey? I really like this one and wanted some info..

    I do realize that some of you might bid on it but oh well..

  • That's the Nike one, pretty damn nice. I'd prob go up to $60 for it, but doubt it will go for less than about $75. I think those retail for about $100, given it is a "real" jersey. Good luck R2.

  • I got the Payton throwbacks on ebay for like $25 dollars, an XL and an L, which are tent-sized. You guys are BIG. They had the NFL holographs so were real, but probably stolen. Like it matters when you get a $275 jersey for $25. The biggest criminals run countries.

  • They are big because the jerseys are sized for pads, for authenticity reasons I guess.

    So unless you are planning to wear pads under your jersey (or you like the baggy) look, you should generally go like 2 sizes smaller...

    Also even some of the NFL holograms are fake... the Chinese have gotten real good at replicating shit, haha.

  • In reply to Michael L:

    Bought them to frame them (one day!). They are ridiculously big and yes, game-ready.

  • Damn, you know you kicked someones ass in epic proportions when shit gets realz after:

  • Being from TN... Bud Adams is the main reason that the Titans suck.

    He wanted Young. He wanted Locker. He is the reason Jeff Fisher left. He needs to point the finger at himself.

  • homie and me share a birfday. Sweet!

  • Read in an article that he left at the end of the 3rd quarter to head home...Ouch!!

  • “We were grossly outcoached and outplayed from start to finish today."

    In fairness to the Titans, it's hard to account for FOUR forced Fumbles by Optimus Prime. Teams generally don't have to deal with Transformers.

    Peanut - there's more than meets the eye. You made me mist up last night Peanut.

    Anyone do that CHI-DEN-PIT-ATL-BAL 5 timer?

    I doubled up my CHI/DEN bet on ATL/PIT. Thank you Michael Turner and Big Ben. Baby's got new shoes.

  • Nice one Irish... although seriously, 5-way bets are a bit wonky -- you won't hit them often! But if you can stomach all the losses, then more power to ya... congrats man!

  • Looking forward to watching that shit TV network ESPNumbnut in the morn and see if we get any love and how may of their hack talents jump on the bandwagon.

  • In reply to 505 Bears!!:

    They and all the other woodwork fans.

  • Offense still has a ways to go. Redzone stops are killing us. Pass protection was terrible! Defense and special teams, right on. And we're still winning games.
    With Huston we have home field advantage so I feel a little better about this one...SF...not so much..but who knows. Considering this is Tice's first year as OC..we've done fair, but it's the defense keeping us in the games.

  • In reply to MaddBearfan:

    Again, Tice' play-calling is one thing, but if the bitches up front don't block .... you can only blame him for so much .... and then figure in that you have a center(who's a guard!) that false starts when he's the only fkn guy in the country who knows when the ball is going to be snapped ..... it ain't all on the ex-Pro who has 30 years NFL experience.

    Cincy may easily have beaten DEN last night if they didn't have the white J'Marcus Webb at LT.

    You could see Cutty's frustration sitting on the sideline with his coach and Beastmode. We were hammering a team in their own house, the crowd behind us on the road ... and he looked deflated, dejected and despondent. I feel his frustration ... just without the 16 million a year in my pocket ....

    What would have been the score if we had an offensive line? 70-0 ?

  • He only makes $8M/year if memory serves me right... That will likely go up in the next deal though.

  • But let's not let the drink do the talking and say this dfense is better than the 85 team when we've only played a half season agaisnt a bunch of losers. And like Jefe said, where's the pass rush? It was an avalanche on every snap with PBers and HOF-quality linemen, and THREE excellent 'backers 94 if you include Al Harris).

    I'm still not sold on our starting safeties.

    Plus there's the small matter of winning a Lombardi to do first, whilst allowing a total of 10 points against in three games in the playoffs/SB.

    Match that, then we talk. Enjoy this weeks win, that's all. Long way to go and we can't afford any injuries. ANY.

  • 94?

    Me neither.

    And that chick on the left totally wants me.

  • fb_avatar

    I'll just leave this here....

    Best part of the season so far. And then he covers Chris "Im faster than Usain Bolt" Johnson in man coverage?

    Thous shalt no longer question the knee. So sayeth Saint Brian.

  • In reply to Chris Odom:

    One injury. Brian Urlacher. I don't think we'd make the playoffs .. and if we did, there'd be no point in being there anyway.

    NFL.COM's headline goes 'Titans commit five turnovers in loss...'

    No, dipshits. TAKEWAYS not turnovers.

  • This dude was drafted 31st. Had we dealt Forte and his MCLs and ACLs and his 8M a year, this is the guy that would have been drafted. So right now we'd have him plus a first/second rounder ? Not bad. Certainly not stupid/insane as was touted on this very board, as if Matt was the second coming. Glad he's on our side, but we always have to look to the future .....

    OAKLAND, Calif. -- Rookie Doug Martin rushed for a franchise-record 251 yards and four touchdowns, and Ahmad Black intercepted a Carson Palmer pass after Oakland had cut an 18-point deficit to three late in the fourth quarter as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers held on to beat the Raiders 42-32 on Sunday.

  • fb_avatar

    I live in Boise and have watched Doug Martin play alot. He is a solid player, not much of anything he can't do.

  • Give it a fucking rest Irish. You've become a complete asshat on the Forte thing.

    A. Complete. Asshat.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    I don't bring it up. Ever. Somebody had a go at Artoo for having the audacity to trade our running back a couple of threads back. It's the FORTE-IS-GOD guys that bring it up. He's an asset. Nothing more. This is a business where assets depreciate over time and the draft is a good place to get a new one that you don't have to pay 8M a year to straight away. Draft 'em and use 'em up. Next.

    Anyway, this all started when he was looking for a contract. It's pertinent to discuss the progress of the guys we could have had. Richardson was never on the cards. Martin went 31. His performance is germaine to discussion

    Lombardis, not love affairs. He's not Walter. He's just a very good running back.

    By the way, we're all entitled to our opinions on here as far as I recall.

  • Matt Forte is the most complete back in the NFL.. Doug Martin lolLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  • Irish, why would we trade Forte for a rookie running back from Boise State?

    I feel like you're doing this on purpose. Are you filming my incredulous reactions to your fucking insane posts to put together a compilation film for Youtube?

  • ???

    Are you serious? He was looking for 8M+ a year. We were looking for a LT. You trade Forte/lose his 8M tag, and you slot in a young guy that costs you nothing and hasn't had knee injuries. You capitilze on a depeciating asset. It's what smart businessmen do. Insane? If you buy a car for $10K and then 6 years later you sell that car for $10K plus get a free car you're a fucking genius in my book.

  • unless your car is the ferrari from Magnum P.I

    You need a veteran this year that can run and catch and consistently does it well. I'm glad he didn't get stupid money but i'm more glad when he's taking screens 50 yards making 4 guys miss and crossing the whole field.

  • While I have this thing to myself - where's GP ?? Hope you're okay man.

  • I was happy to see the Bears call a *draw play*. An honest-to-goodness, shotgun formation, delayed hand-off to Forte. 16 yards right up the middle.

    More please.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    .... and maybe figure out a way to get Michael Bush a little running room too?

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