Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears Game Preview

Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears Game Preview

Simple game to evaluate.


  • I always like the Chicago Bears.
  • I think Jay Cutler is coming back.
  • I think the Bears defense is angry they looked so awful Monday night.
  • I think Percy Harvin will be limited due to a nagging ankle injury. Harvin is an excellent player but once he starts to be hobbled by injury it usually don't stop.
  • The Chicago Bears have to beat two players Sunday at Soldier Field. Let's talk about each.


Jared Allen is arguably the best pass rushing 4-3 defensive end in the sport. He can wreck a football game. And while he's entering Soldier Field with only seven sacks on the year one can logically assume he expects to exit with 10 or 11 in the stat column. That's what a premiere pass rusher sees when they look at tape of the two gentlemen playing offensive tackle for the Chicago Bears. (And the backups aren't exactly intimidating.) He sees a padded sheet. He sees glory.

The Allen Challenge does not belong to J'Marcus Webb. Webb isn't in Allen's class and he's not going to be anytime ever. The Allen Challenge belongs to Mike Tice. How will Tice prevent a wrecked game? There are a dozen options. He can chip Allen with backs. He can bring Evan Rodriguez and Matt Spaeth to Allen's side consistently. He can take James Brown or Gabe Carimi or whomever is not starting at right tackle and park him next to Webb, sticking with a "big" package for the entire afternoon.

If Tice can't find the right scheme or package of players to slow Allen down Sunday then he's simply unfit to lead this offense and should be dismissed as the primary play caller before the Bears and Seahawks kick off on December 2nd. The Bears have to simplify everything Sunday. Run it. Throw short. Block. Kick field goals. Win.


The Vikings don't have a complicated run scheme. They hand off to one of the greatest running backs to ever live, Adrian Peterson, and he runs the ball exceptionally hard. This season he's doing so after a miraculous comeback from tearing his knee apart at the end of the 2011 season.

Here's what he's done thus far:

The Bears were physically manhandled by the Niners Monday night. (Watch Frank Gore light up Lance Briggs again if you don't believe me.) If they allow themselves to punished at the point of attack again Peterson will unload on them for 200+ and a couple touchdowns. If they allow Peterson to run wild it will allow Christian Ponder operate a manageable, play action offense and avoid big errors. It all comes down to holding Peterson to the 12 carries for 30-something yards he had a year ago at Soldier Field.


A year ago the Bears went to Detroit on a Monday and were embarrassed in front of a national audience. Six days later they hosted the Minnesota Vikings and Jay Cutler threw them out of the building, winning 39-10. Now they're hosting the Vikings again, six days after another Monday Night Football disaster. Will the result be the same?

Chicago Bears 24, Minnesota Vikings 10


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  • First to say it's a must win?

    Funny the line did a good job containing Watt and the Texans, the damn offense just turned the ball over 4 times. Then the Bears decided they didn't want to play Monday Night.

    This game will come down to Peterson v. Forte and turnovers. If the Bears can commit to the run on offense and win the turnover battle they should win. If they don't, they'll be sitting in third place in the division and will have lost control of their own fate.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Must win? Yes, it's a must win.

  • 2nd the notion of essentially beating 2 players since Harvin is hobbled.

  • The 3rd player we must contain is Rudolph.

    He's everything Davis should've been. He's not nearly as athletic as Davis, but he is big with great hands and body control, esp dangerous off PA in the endzone.

  • +1

  • "First to say it's a must win?" I have to assume the question mark was just referencing whether you were "First" to say it, Shady, because I also believe that Sunday is DEFINITELY a must win. Another Conference loss would be bad enough, let alone another DIVISION game wrong into the wrong column.

    "...the line did a good job containing Watt and the Texans."

    It seems pretty apparent after Monday that the offensive line benefitted greatly from the sloppy conditions and the "Pretty crappy even when it's not soaked" Soldier Field turf.

    Harvin is currently listed as "Doubtful". Don't rush it, Percy. Take Sunday off.

  • What an absolutely, positively, incredibly STUPID rule that is regarding replays and challenges.

    You allow a BLATANTLY ignorant, incorrect call on a scoring play to automatically STAND because a coach threw an unauthorized challenge flag!?!?!?
    March off 15 for unsportsmanlike conduct?
    Meh, OK, I guess, but I would just take away the challenge.

    But cancel the review and let the call stand? I can't even wish that on the ever odious, Jim Schwartz, and the Lions.

    That's just IGNORANT!

    His knee was down. His forearm was down. How do you clowns miss BOTH of those?

    EQUALLY ignorant is the "Well, if we call a play a TD, we automatically review it but if we DON' T call it a TD we DON'T review it unless it's challenged" rule. THAT is absolute CRAP, not to mention patently unfair.

    It's the same freakin' play. I have to challenge it but he DOESN'T?

    The automatic review should NOT be predicated on how one of your (increasingly substandard) zebras calls the play.

    All scoring plays are reviewed. That SHOULD include all POTENTIAL scoring plays because if Mr. Zebra got it wrong, it WAS a "scoring play".

    And review every placekick while you're at it. You're going to a commercial break anyway so it wouldn't even slow the game.

    Feel free to GET IT RIGHT!

    As Butch said to Sundance:
    "Man, I got vision and the rest of the world needs glasses".

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Every player on the field knew Forsett was down. There were at least 5 Lions in the area who could have piled-on as Forsett was getting up, but they didn't, because it was obvious Forsett was down. Forsett's own teammates stopped blocking for him because they knew he was down. Forsett himself said he knew he was down. But the ref whose job it is to know? He got it wrong. What will happen to him? Nothing. It's impossible for a referee in the NFL to prove himself incompetent.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Good thing we got rid of those replacement refs, eh?

    Because only the replacement refs would blow a call that would change the outcome of a game.

    Peckers fans should just shut the hell up now.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Schwartz is such an ass-clown he deserves whatever he gets. Kicking a 47-yard field goal on third down in overtime? What a joke. It's hard to believe that there are two head coaches clearly worse than Lovie in a four-team division.

  • A gal can dream...

    "By Kevin Fishbain

    The Dolphins’ three-game losing streak took them from wild-card contender to a “they are who we thought they were” situation at 4-6, with a brutal schedule to finish the season. The change in the past month also affects the way the organization looks forward to the offseason, as it prepares for 2013 with several key free agents-to-be.

    No. 1 on the Dolphins’ decision-making list is OLT Jake Long. The former No. 1 pick seems to be a prime candidate for the franchise tag, and the Miami Herald reported in June that would be the Dolphins’ plan, but we hear it’s not so simple.

    One daily team observer would be surprised if the team gave Long the tag, considering how expensive that would be — approximately $15 million for the 2013 season. Among the other impending free-agent starters the Dolphins have to keep in mind include CB Sean Smith, RB Reggie Bush, DT Randy Starks, WR Brian Hartline, TE Anthony Fasano and SS Chris Clemons.

    Numbers-wise, Long is hardly having a season worthy of that kind of money. Stats LLC has credited him with allowing six sacks this season, already a career-high, but he's also not allowing many hurries for someone matched up one-on-one with the opponent's top pass rusher.

    Long hasn’t looked his best this season, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t generate plenty of interest on the free-agent market, considering the premium on his position and the teams in need of upgrades on the O-line. Ultimately, Miami will first and foremost try to sign Long to a long-term deal, and he is still the most talented player of the Dolphins’ free agents. How this season concludes for the team, Long and the other starters with expiring contracts will dictate plenty, but Long likely will be the first domino to fall, whether it’s getting a new deal, receiving the franchise tag or hitting the market."


  • Yeah, but let's assume the planets align: Bears need to re-sign Cutler, and they're carrying a lot of dead weight on the OLine (Spencer's contract especially).

    Cap-wise, can the Bears afford a top-flight FA OT?

  • We have Cutler, Lach, Melton, Jennings AND Wooten to resign. None of them are gonna be cheap, so I can understand the concern.

    However, if the Eagles have taught us anything, it's that one can manipulate the cap. The Bears can backload a lot of those contracts, and restructure some of the more heafty deadweight (letting Campbell walk will save us 3.5M alone). Marshall's contract is a prime candidate.

    I also seriously think that Cutler might give a little discount if Emery says, "We need some room to get Long to keep you alive."

    If we can't afford to get an elite LT monetarily, I propose an alternative under

    Part Deux.

  • Part Deux

    "By Nolan Nawrocki

    In one of the best trench matchups of the season, Texas A&M junior OLT Luke Joeckel had the opportunity to square off against an LSU squad that boasts the deepest and most talented defensive line in college football, featuring a front four that is better than a handful of NFL D-lines right now.

    With the Tigers able to bring pressure inside and outside and having an aggressive package of blitzes to challenge the Aggies, the odds were against Joeckel and junior ORT Jake Matthews to hold up to the challenge.

    In what will serve as a signature performance for NFL evaluators, Joeckel (pronounced JOKE-el) handled the edge like a seasoned veteran, showing outstanding technique keeping his shoulders squared, and anchoring very well against the bullstrong, power-rushing Sam Montgomery.

    “I think he is better than Joe Thomas and Matt Kalil,” one NFL GM said of Joeckel, comparing him to a pair of top-five picks who immediately started at left tackle in the NFL. “I have not seen all the tackles yet, but I would be shocked if there were a better tackle than (Joeckel). Just watch his bend, movement and athleticism ­— he’s fun to watch.”

    The truly great tackles make the game look easy, and Joeckel did just that against the best competition he will face this season, not allowing a sack, consistently winning leverage battles and only once seeing a flag called for a high-low block he helped deliver on FS Eric Reid. Starting with the Aggies’ opening scoring drive, Joeckel was very quick to get positioning in the run game, was effective cut-blocking and helped the Aggies jump out to a 12-0 lead."


  • "The Falcons really coveted a receiver in the first round because they were eager to move up from the 27th spot. It was a blockbuster deal. In exchange for getting the sixth pick, Atlanta gave the Browns five -- five! -- draft picks: their 1st- (27th overall), second- (59th) and fourth-round (124th) picks this year and their first- and fourth-round picks in 2012."

    Sporting News

  • I instantly stop reading any retard that ever spews garbage like "... featuring a front four that is better than a handful of NFL D-lines right now". Clearly, the fucknut knows nothing about football.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    haha, Nawrocki can be a little loose with the verbage, but that's all scouts.

    He did say this about Carimi though...

    Negatives: Needs to get stronger in the lower body and play with more consistent knee bend. Not does have enough lead in his pants or snarls. Not powerful and too often falls off blocks. Has a white-collar mentality at a blue-collar position and carries an inflated opinion of himself. Thinks he is better than he is and came off as arrogant and selfish in interviews at the Combine. Durability is concerning — was consistently slowed by injuries. Did not look comfortable on the inside at the Senior Bowl. Appeared very upright and slipped multiple times in positional drills at the Combine.


  • The Chicago Bears have to beat two players Sunday at Soldier Field.

    Advantage: Vikings. All they have to do is beat Jay Cutler.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    AP has a fumbly history. Peanut will be drooling.

    Ergo, the Vikings have to beat Cutler and Peanut.

    And, if Forte shows up, that'll be three players the Vikings have to beat.

  • Hard to leave Brandon Marshall out of this conversation.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    Don't let Monday night cloud your vision. The Bears defense and special teams terrify opponents.

  • In reply to Jeff Hughes:

    D? Maybe.

    ST? I don't think so.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    I'm not even sure about the D. They've been forcing turnovers and scoring, but the real disturbing trend is the lack of a pass rush. This has been a problem for a least a month now; it just happens that the 49ers were the first opponent to truly exploit it.

  • In reply to Jeff Hughes:

    Everyone talks about Monday night like it's the sole source of concern. I was worried long before Monday night. I am not overreacting to a single bad game.

    The recent history of the Bears shows, without Cutler, the wheels come off.

  • Cutty will be at 60% if that. He can't just bounce back from a concussion - and he'll be 75% next week if he makes it that far with no o-line. Not that I ever would, but it's easy to bet against the Bears right now. The line sucks and there's no getting around it. Our only hope is we have some brutes on the bench that can grab their chance.

    It's back to the old chestnut - is it better to miss the playoffs and get a nice pick next year, or scrape into the playoffs and go one and done?

  • Answer: get in the postseason. Bears have one true need and the top half of the draft does not have great offensive line prospects.

  • In reply to Jeff Hughes:

    Read "Part Deux" above.

  • That's seriously the most asinine thing heard from fans of teams every year.

    Fans of the '08 and 11 Giants said the very same thing, I'm sure. Probably days after they called for their head coach's head as many on here have done for the last three days.

    It's not about who looks the best in week eleven, Irish. It's about who looks the best in January and February.

    Seriously, this kind of talk every time we have a bad game really pisses me off. We're fans. We root for our team. It's okay to be dissapointed. It's not okay to give up on our team.

    "Never Die Easy", Walter used to say. So quit jumping off the goddamn cliff.

  • I don't think it's jumping off any fucking metaphorical cliff to say that the Bears problems stem deeper than a few players whenever they meet a team with a winning record in their own division who then proceeds to beat the living shit out of them so badly that we need the New York Jets to step up and take the laughing stock away from this team.

    It's a problem that goes to both the general management and the ability to assemble a football team, and the coaching staff to coach them.

    If Cookie ends up locking down a tackle spot for the Rams, what are you going to say? Oh, let's just be fans and root for the team?

    Fuck that. Dissent. That's what makes a free nation and a competent football fan.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    I'm 100% for dissent. Just not in the middle of a season. The bears have played great this season. They've played like shit too. It's okay to voice displeasure with recurring problems like our shitty O line. I get that. But giving up midway through a season so we can get another unproven possibly bust of a draft pick makes no sense.

    Get frustrated. Voice your displeasure. Stop buying the product if you're so inclined. But until we're out of it, why stop hoping for victories? Why stop hoping for a playoff run? For a draft pick? It's asinine.

    It's like watching your boy in a fight. You've been telling him to work on his jab. He's neglected to do so. He gets in a couple of big punches but starts losing in the middle of the fight. Should you stop rooting because, well, without his jab you know he won't win the fight? It's crazy. You hope he gets just enough uppercuts and right hooks to finish the job, no matter how improbable.

  • To keep on truckin with the family fight metaphor -

    If you had a family member (let's use brother, not son) in a boxing match, and you knew if they did manage to win this fight on points they advanced to fight Tyson (pre-dead D'Amato), when he routinely blew people up - wouldn't you kind of be hoping he dogged it and hit the ropes?

    I'd like to see the Bears finish strong, beat the Vikes twice and destroy the Pack at home. Sure, I would. I am a lifelong Bears fan, I have any bonafide you want to compare.

    But I also side with Ditka and pre-drool bucket McMahon. Once the McCaskeys started to weld their influence over their cash cow, and pushed Finks out (it's debatable if Finks just wanted to go to the Saints. If so, another crazy shrewd move in a career full of them, as it cemented his HOF induction.) - and once Ginny promoted Ted Phillips, it went to the shitter. That little Domer shitwad ushered in the Jauron and Lovie eras.

    Lovie represents the last vestiges of being over impressed with Chucky's Super Bowl Bucs. From the day the Bucs routed the Raiders, it's been one long bullshit ride as a Bear. The Tampa-2. The over-promotion of Glitchy. The sticking with Glitchy about 5 years too long, because Teddy Ballgame didn't want to appear wrong.

    Teddy Ballgame is a pencil pusher, a Kellogg MBA (those Northwestern shits are all stupid) type who has done less for this club than almost anyone else with a brain would have done.

    And, frankly, after having ten years of Wanny and Dick, and upcoming on 9 years of Lovie, it's getting old. The penchant to avoid change. To hold onto players too long, to win with defense and have nothing offensive to cheer about.

    Meanwhile, the New York football Giants have made us understand what NFC excellence has looked like over the last decade. And it was the Packer dominance that forced Ted to do something, because Ginny was pissed. So he threw Glitchy under the bus. And we got another scout to GM. Bleh.

    But I will pull for the Bears to beat the Vikes, because I hate the rest of the NFC-N. The team is really getting on my nerves, however, because of the mediocre people within ownership and the top that have lost so MANY opportunities.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    + 1000

    This is why, barring a SB ring, I propose doing something radical in the offseason to heal all the wounds that Angelo and gang have inflicted on our team for years. When the patient has a conventional disease, he goes to the family doc. When the patient has some mysterious yet fatal disease, he goes to HOUSE who then proceeds to creatively and ruthlessly devise strategies which might boggle and offend the laymen, but which frequently WORK.

    If the "Bear way" hasn't succeeded, time to take another approach.

  • You guys are entitled to your opinions. Personally I'm shaking my head. I really am dissapointed to hear that kind of talk. I know. That makes me sound like an asshole. A judgey mcjudgerton. A company man. I have a litany of responses that I would like to take the time to craft so I can be sure it's the best possible representation of what's in my head. Maybe I will, maybe I won't. For now, I'll just say this.

    I hate the 49ers. That loss hurt me bad. I've suffered right along side the rest of you for the last umpteen years.. I don't feel like we're anything close to a lock for the playoffs and certainly not SB favorites. But thankfully the NFL is a league in which you always have a punchers chance. And there is no Mike Tyson in today's NFL. If I give up on this season like I believe there really is no chance that we'll emerge as champions, then when we do win it, I won't be able to enjoy it as much as if I would have believed.

  • boom there it is

  • I still believe and will keep watching, but honestly after the Packer loss, I downgraded my assessement of this team, from being a top 2 NFC team, getting a bye and hosting the playoffs, to being a wild card team, at best.

    All the wins in between didn't fool me, because I always had my eyes on the Texans and 9er games, and we lost both.

    I'm still gonna watch. And unlike many, I watched EVERY snap of that debacle at SF because I'm a firm believer that crisis reveals character, and I wanted to see which players in that game mailed it in, and which kept fighting.

    It's the same gut check many fans have now, but no use in "putting lipstick on a pig". Our Oline sucks, and our OC is too stupid to compensate for it (thus far).

    We'll get into the playoffs, but will you be satisfied with antoher one and done?

    This game against the Vike will definitely determine our future. We can either get our shit together (better late than never), and go on a run and carry that momentum into the playoffs.

    Or, we can fold, and begin debating about what coaches and prospects would look nice in navy blue.

    The moment of truth is upon us.

  • I for one look forward to seeing what Emery does with the O-line.For starters, he can't be worse than Angelo at drafting tackles. Secondly, grabbing Brandon Marshall and drafting Alshon Jeffrey was huge. Despite Jeffery's pair of injuries this season, he will likely be very good. He also has the luxury of playing along side BM and learning the trade from him. So PE filled an obvious need immediately, something Angelo generally neglected to do. I can only assume he thought Carimi was the answer at RT and JWebb was on the upswing when he came to the job. Can't explain the McClellan pick otherwise. O-line is at the top of the shopping list for the offseason and I would be surprised if his moves there aren't significant.

  • Now that Carmini was benched, and possibly has mentally folded his tent, what's the plan out there? Chico was not the man. How about a Freddie Prince reference for a Friday, huh? Huh?

    This leaves us with:

    Webb - God help us
    Edwin Williams?

    Maybe given that Spaeth can't run routes and cannot catch the ball, we should give his jersey to Carmini and ask the sewing lady to swap the name.

    Carmini is a better run blocker than Spaeth and nobody was buying that Spaeth was actually going to catch the ball anyway.

    Or, since this appears to be housecleaning week anyway, we just let Spaeth go and play Kyle Adams all the way through. Ask Mike Bush to play some fullback for us. We paid the guy.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    They're gonna give Scott, a journeyman Vet, the start at RT.

    I would love to see Brown in the lineup somehow, but the Bears never trust rooks to start (Redshirt just about everyone, or limit them).

    I would like to see

    LT Webb (smh)
    LG Brown (LGs get help from Cs, so that could help his transition)
    C E. Williams (We can't ALWAYS run to the edges)
    RG Louis (thanks for not sucking buddy)
    RT Scott (might as well see what he's got).

    Spaeth woul have to pack on at least 50 pounds to even get consideration at LT (the lightest ones are about 290). It wouldn't be a bad idea. Drastic times call for drastic measures and all...

  • Deck chairs. Titanic.

  • LT? Izzy

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Kalil was a former TE.

    Might be too late for Spaeth, but sure, why not? We gotta do something.

  • Earth to Mr. Potato Head Tice:

    The Pats showed the Jets stuff they didn't scheme for. The Pats introduced new wrinkles in both sets, alignment and route trees.

    That's how you do it in the NFL.

    You don't use the very same plays every week in the regular season and then go Rocky southpaw only the playoffs. No. You do that in HIGH SCHOOL football.

    In PROFESSIONAL football, the opposition quickly homes in on your strengths and adjusts, You must adjust back.

    Ok, spud? Now go get 'em.

  • The BiQueens had 2 weeks to prepare for this game. We've had 4 days. When it comes to Tice I can't improve on this. Like my mother used to say about the Gov of Iowa, "That guy hasn't had an original thought in his life". If the game was in Minn I would say we're doomed. Since it's at Soldier Field, I'm holding out hope we pull out a win. The last time Devin went to the house was against these guys. Let's hope history repeats itself. Let's hope none of us see that ridiculously stupid sack dance from the drunken hillbilly.

  • If Tebow had two broken ribs from the Seahawks game, why did the Jets activate him and why suit him up?

    That. Makes. No. Sense.

    Is it time for Rex Ryan to mount the Chewbacca defense?

  • In reply to gpldan:

    I think Rex would prefer the original Johnnie Cochran defense:

    "If the glove doesn't fit, you must acquit."

    Of course, from what I understand, Rex might be more interested in a sock than a glove...

  • I think this article is a required read for all DBB'ers once per quarter:


  • We're going to DESTROY the Queens

    I could give a power point presentation as to why...how the D will play 8 men in the box and dare noodle arm Ponder to beat them over the top, leading to multiple ints...or how Forte, Marshall and Bennett will step up...

    But really, I just think the Bears are angry and ashamed, and are gonna take it out on the Vikes at home.

    That's what I like about football...sometimes emotion wills a team to victory, and that's what's gonna happen again on Sunday.

  • Ponder is way better than you think, and is likely to pull a Kaepernick on us if our pass rush sucks for the 4th week in a row.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Ponder passed for 58 yards against Ariz, and 63 yds vs Sea.

    Against good defenses, Ponder tends to struggle mightily. He started off efficiently, but once teams zeroed in on Harvin, Ponder sucked.

    Ironically, when Harvin went down, it forced him to spread the ball around more, and Ponder became a little more effective.

    But I still think an angry Bears D with good corners can shut him down.

    And if our pass rush doesn't hit home, we won't beat anyone, even whatever QB the Cards trot out there.

  • fb_avatar

    I have little hope for this Bears team at the moment. Not because of one game. But because it is as I have said several times this year, the "same old stuff". Why, Why, Why. I think I honestly had more fun this off season playing the "What if" game. Our first two draft picks this year show promise. One can't stay on the field, the other can't measure up to the OTs we could have drafted. Last year's number 1 draft choice looks like a bust after 11.5 games. The vision of him simply being bull rushed and pushed into the end zone haunts me. He was on skates.. To be rated lower than Webb.. Oh my. All the talk of "we'll get Carimi back, Tice will scheme and game plan better, Webb will improve, the TE's will be involved in the game, Marshall will make Bennet and Hester better... All Lies...

  • In reply to Big Mike:

    It does seem like a deeper issue. But Emery had little options this offseason. Our biggest needs were DE/OT/WR...we got a WR...and OT who was highly regarded in college in Carimi, so he went with DE in the draft (because our pass rush outside Pepp was nonexistent).

    Before ppl murder Emery for not choosing Reiff, Reiff is NOT a LT, and he's not exactly lighting it up at RT either (we'll see first hand though about that decision).

    Chandler Jones and Mercilus have been situational pass rushers, just like Chicken Dinner, and have had their own injuries to deal with (If it brings some comfort, the #1 pick of the Pack, Perry, is on IR).

    No one was saying to bench Carimi in the off-season. We all worried about his knees, and honestly, I still think that's the issue with him, but you know Halas won't divulge that info.

    Emery couldn't have brought in another OC for various reasons (new system, lame duck coach, etc).

    He figured, we were avg 30 points on the win streak with essentially the same personell, so Tice can't fuck it up too much.

    Well, Emery miss calculated, but what other options did he have? He did bring in Bates as a sort of contingency plan I think, but who knows?

    One thing I do know is that it's SB or Bust, and if no SB, then BUST it all up and start from scratch. If I wanted SB losses and NFCN losses, I would've wanted Angelo to stay on.

  • http://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nfl/2012/11/23/jay-cutler-looking-good-to-start-sunday-vs-vikings/1723017/

    2:37PM EST November 23. 2012 - Lake Forest, Ill. – Chicago Bears coach Lovie Smith said Friday it is "looking good" for quarterback Jay Cutler to play Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings.

    Cutler has one final test to pass in order to be cleared to play after suffering a concussion Nov. 11 against Houston. That test will come Saturday when Cutler is evaluated by an independent neurologist, Smith said.

    Cutler practiced again Friday, and was able to participate in more of the session than he did on Thursday. He will be listed as "questionable" on the Bears' final injury report.

    "He has progressed, which we wanted him to do," Smith said. "It's looking good."

  • In reply to Shady:


    Cutler was cleared earlier in the week to return to practice, and he took the field for the first time on Thursday when he was limited. He needs to remain asymptomatic to be cleared for a game.

    “I'll be back. I can't say (Sunday against Minnesota) for sure,” Cutler said Tuesday during his appearance on “The Waddle & Silvy Show” on WMVP-AM 1000. “There's still some things we have to get down and we're still going through the process. But I will play again this year, no doubt about that.”

  • In reply to Shady:


    Quarterback Jay Cutler has been cleared to practice on a limited basis Thursday when the Bears have their first full practice in preparation for Sunday's game against the Minnesota Vikings. He missed Monday's game at San Francisco because of concussion he a suffered in Week 10 against the Texans.

    Defensive end Shea McClellin, meanwhile, has been cleared for a full practice after suffering a concussion in the same game as Cutler. But McClellin is expected to play on Sunday unless he has further symptoms.

  • I don't get the OL shuffle at this point in the season. Especially, Chilo, who I thought has been one of the better o line players. Carimi had a horrible last week; and maybe a couple below par recent games. But, its like they're ready to write off the first round pick already. Too quick to the draw, especially when your 7-3 and fighting for playoff positioning. Chris Spencer was atrocious last time he got playing time and the other guy has been a career backup. Seems like a questionable shakeup at the most inopportune time of the season. If the line loses chemistry and gets worse, Tice and Lovie have shit the season away. Very questionable move in my opinion

  • In reply to Crown:

    What you say makes a lot of sense. So I wonder what the "real" story is behind all of this. In the past, I would see a move that made no sense to even the likes of me, a fan who has never played the sport in any organized fashion. However, I always gave the coaches the benefit of the doubt assuming because of their years of experience, they knew what they were doing. Lately, I don't think like that so much anymore....

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    What kind of professional football player leaves the team after being benched after a subpar game?

    And Lovie Smith is a "player's coach" who normally goes to the mat for his players--I mean, look at the indulgence shown Unga, who was a rookie who had done nothing, and when he pulled a similar flip-out, the team coddled him.

    So there's got to be more to the story. Chilo had more going on.

    They want to light a fire under Carimi, and maybe want to give his knee a week off at the same time. He'll be back in the starting line-up soon.

    But there's more than meets the eye with Chilo.

  • I read the '9ers got in his head. They knew how to fuck with him. I'm guessing Lovie doesn't want someone around that is too close to the edge (unless they are great players). Definitely strange.

  • In reply to Crown:

    The chemistry was already gone if it ever existed at all. Obviously something was wrong with Rachal. Carimi literally got driven backwards into Campbell on short drops. I don't see how the new look line could be any worse than what we saw Monday. Still can't help but think Chris Williams should be playing left guard right now. 

  • Before anyone gets too misty-eyed over the OL changes. Need I remind everyone that they got 3 sacks on 3-step drops Monday. How bad are you to pull that off 3 times?

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