Bears Fan's Guide to Sunday Afternoon Football (Without the Bears)

Bears Fan's Guide to Sunday Afternoon Football (Without the Bears)

Early Games:

  • Two of the four current NFC division leaders tee off at 12 PM CT and it sure would be nice to see them both drop games. Another Giants loss (at Cincinnati) would essentially relegate them to a battle for a three or four seed come playoff time. Atlanta travels to New Orleans to face a resurgent but unable-to-tackle New Orleans Saints side. Geaux Saints.
  • Who do you want contending down the stretch, Detroit or Minnesota? If you haven't decided, here's a simple primer. The Vikings are led by a former Bears defender, feature one of the most remarkable injury comeback stories in modern sports history (AP) and basically are no threat to anyone come playoff time. The Lions are a bunch of jackasses.
  • Pull for San Diego over Tampa. Why? Go take a look at the playoff standings in the AFC. We're getting awfully close to having the six teams sorted out by Thanksgiving due to the rise of the Andrew Luck Colts. I'm rooting for late drama and that can be achieved with Norv and the boys maintaining relevance. If they lose today the field in the AFC will more than likely be two-back with seven to play.

Late Afternoon Games:

  • Dallas vs. Philadelphia is a death match between two of the most heavily-publicized crap teams in recent memory. The loser of this game sees their season drift off to sea. The winner more than likely needs to put together a 6-1 streak to close out 2012 for a crack at the tournament.
  • Seahawks vs. Jets might seem innocuous enough but it may have some bearing on the Bears. The Cowboys and Eagles are scheduled for the prime time tilt on December 2nd but - ratings aside - NBC will more than likely flex out of the game should neither team be relevant. Slated for noon that day? Bears vs. Seahawks with both teams around the 8-9 win mark. (This game has particular relevance to me because I have a ticket.) So if you want that game to hold strong in the afternoon, root for the Jets.
  • Rams over Niners would be nice for the numbers but it would also create an angry Harbaugh squad next Monday night. As a Bears fan you'd almost rather the Niners beat the Rams by 40+.

Game thread goes LIVE middle of the day.


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  • First????

    BEAR DOWN!!!!!!!

  • Can't believe the regular season is half over. That sure went fast. It reminds my of how quickly summer vacation passed when I was a kid. It would be nice if they could relax a bit but the Bears can't afford to let up with GB footsteps loud behind us and Detroit moving up with a bullet

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    I'm guessing some of the Kitties carry bullets.

  • Here's an interesting story from ESPN about family moochers taking players down.

  • Hey Doc glad you had a great time with Neil. The reviews I've read said he was awesome on this tour. Not a huge fan of his folkie stuff but I love the acid-rock stuff with Crazy Horse.

    Hey Crunch good call on passing on The Who. If you saw them at the SB a few years ago that should tell you all you need to know. They were hideous. I have to admit I've never been a Who fan but that performance was cringe inducing. Hope The Beloved make you happy with your choice.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    I became a fan of Neil because of his folky stuff. Then I saw him live and everything changed. Dude rocks the fucking house. It's so cool to see the old guy up there scowling and just shredding his guitar. Seeing him is almost a religious experience.

    First time I saw him, I only knew of his folky stuff. We were going because Blind Melon and Pearl Jam were opening for him. I was into checking out his set but all my friends wanted to go drinking in a dorm room. This is circa 94 and we were all 18 at the time. So I let them talk me into leaving after PJ. Within a few years I became a big fan of his electric stuff. I've been kicking myself for leaving that show ever since.

  • Hey Jeff I just read your tweet about telling SI to fuck off. Well done Sir!!!!!!!!! I feel partly responsible for your dilemma since I'm one of the posters that swears a lot. Oh well. I have to admit I respect you even more for your stance (posted with a snappy salute).

  • Just don't see the Bungles being able to pull it off. They always just seem to be "good enough to stay close". being a cincy fan has to be hell.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    They shouldn't but isn't this the stretch of the season where Eli shits the bed for a while? They turn the ball over, can't run it and generally slack off on D. Here's hoping.

  • Well, hope the game plan is of wind out here are reaching over 50mph cording to my weather station at the house here. Storms will be getting here about 2 or 3 and will go till 9 or 10. Gonna be a sloppy game.

  • I don't think it would be such a bad thing if the Lions smack the Vikings down a .500 record. The Lions will very likely turn around and lose at Lamebeau next week anyway.

    Otherwise the Vikes might be feeling pretty good coming into Soldier Field after their bye. I guess it all depends on how fast Harvin can heal.

  • In reply to Ufficio:

    I think Jeff's point is that neither is a threat to us, but the Vikings are more respectable than the kitties.

  • Precisely Doc. The Vikings just aren't good enough. The Lions live and die by Calvin Johnson. He's Peanuts bitch now so no worries there either. As far as respectable goes, all you have to do is look at their respective head coaches.

  • Detroit is absolutely no threat. Minnesota scares me a little bit.

  • I'm really hoping the O-line can find the same mojo that shut down D Ware against the Cowboys. Apply liberally as needed to JJ Watt. Or maybe JWebb hits his signature move early ...... Falling awkwardly on the ankle of the opposing teams best past rusher thereby rendering him useless for a month. He did early to Dwight Freeney. Why not Watt? It's really his best stuff.

  • I think we'd rather have the Lions win, right? I mean, we own those guys especially with Optimus Prime in full ownership mode on Megatron, plus I'd rather not see All Day with confidence anytime this season. I think a sloppy field plays into our hands tonight, as it slows them down on both sides and makes the ball harder to handle, playing into our propensity for turnovers. Dome teams in weather are always a bit caught off-guard. While I hate that MIke Greenberg and Peter King picked us to win, viewing both as the kiss of death, I really feel better about our chances the closer we get to kickoff. As I have to spend next week in Houston, I really hope we pull this one out tonight. BEAR DOWN!

  • Da Bears Blog leaving Chicago Now?


  • Better late than never. Fuck you gnome code. Fuck you right in the face with a mustard prison dick.

  • Where did you see that Doc? Wouldn't exactly break my heart.

    Looking back that must have been a royal pisser missing Neil back in '94. The first time I went to see Muddy Waters I got super drunk and didn't remember much of it. Next time I saw him I didn't have a drink all night (and I was still drinking back then).

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Breaking News Only I Could Break: As of January 1st DaBearsBlog will be leaving the ChicagoNow family. Thanks to the crew for a fun 4 years.

    The new look of DaBearsBlog will be everything I've always wanted and we'll be adding some great new features. (More exciting news to come!)

  • I hope one of the improvements is actually being able to see our avatars without an MIT microscope.

    other nice features such as instant comments (ala ESPN) for game day threads would be nice.

    Does Jeff have a suggestion box like Cam?

  • That's the reason I never bothered to have an avatar.

  • +1! There's no way anyone can make out my exotic good looks with these 24x24 pixel avatar size limits...

  • Thanks Super! Great News!!!!!!!!!!

  • Can I assume regulars will get first crack at the IPO?

  • Damn loaded right now...Been preparing for the game since last night...Bear Down!!! MB, we throwing on Black Ops 2 this week?

  • And AP just drove a stake into the heart of the Lions season. Bye bye kitties. Lions fans, i guess we'll have to wait until next year for the bravado to continue.

  • In reply to Waffle 3.0:

    That's really a shame. I thought Biqueen fans were miserable. Last year when the Kitties had a decent year their fans went completely nuts (not unlike their coach and players).

  • Falclowns fall and the Rams are bringing it against the 49ers.

  • Alex Smith out with concussion like symptoms. And there's the asterisk when the Bears win next

  • Is it wrong to chuckle when Alex Smith goes out with a concussion?

  • Let's GO BEARS!!!!!

  • Very glad to see DBB is leaving ChicagoNow. I have to believe Jimmy is trying very hard to steer a 50 foot yacht with a paddle, so I can only put some of the blame on him. The fact is the Trib just doesn't have a grasp on how to be successful in the new age of internet media.

    Also very glad to hear about future partners. I have a few hunches on who might be teaming up, and I am very excited.

    A few requests:

    1) All the audio stuff should be archived in a way that we can get to it easily. For example, I'll listen to two or three weeks of Rev Rants at a time sometimes if I get behind. Current format = pain in the neck.

    2) Old posts (and comments) should be searchable without using google. This is especially important when debating who actually came up with the slogan "on a mission from God" for the team shirts.

    3) With all the new features, etc. Keep in mind that the comment section is fairly linear right now, and that helps the conversations. If you go too far away from that linear aspect, I do worry that it will be impossible to follow anything anymore.

    The nice thing is that you can actually do all of this pretty easily when not steering a 50 ft. yacht with a paddle. Maybe Jimmy wants a new job...

  • Aaand the Nick Foles' era commences...

    I think I'd prefer Alex Smith to play next week over Kapernick. That dude is fast.

  • Yea I'll take Keeyapernick over Smith.

  • My undefeated reign is over thanks to Donger putting the voodoo on me. I thought I was going to helicopter dick my way to victory. Now, Ill have to grind it out. I'll likley be unabe to attend anyways and will be giving it away through contest. I've already thought of game. Bear down gents. I'm getting pumped for this game., but want the one next week more.

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