Bear Down, Chicago Bears at Bootleggers in Nashville [VIDEO]

Bear Down, Chicago Bears at Bootleggers in Nashville [VIDEO]

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  • First to say Peanut is a lock for Defensive Player of the Week.

  • And hopefully for the year.

  • PEANUT!!!

  • How many blue chip free agents will be crossing their fingers this offseason in the hope that Lovie makes a midnight visit?

    Watching this team play, you know they are commited to each other, and that is inspiring. This is a great TEAM! Well done, Lovie.

    FQ set the standard in Dallas, Jeffe followed it up with a not too shabby encore in Elvisville. When Cutler is quieting the fans down on the road you know you've done well...

  • In reply to Viva:

    Outside of Jake Long, I don't think there are any blue chip free agents that we would spend money on.

    1) We don't need any major changes other than on the O-line.
    2) We don't have the cap space.

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    2) Which is why some of us had the cheek to suggest drafting a certain RB and letting another RB go. The same people who were calling for Brandon Marshall the last three years and also wanted Olsen and Angelo the fuck out of Chicago.

    When's Ryan Clady's contract up? Bet Jay would like him back.

  • Unprecedented game yesterday. Never seen anything quite like that. Nate Colllins has been balling the last two weeks. Peanut would punch the sippy cup out of your baby's hands if you got too close. Can you imagine the falcon punch he could lay on a female who crossed him? Trick ass marks

  • In reply to Crown:

    dude... just, dude.

  • Well I couldn't have even dreamed of a game like yesterday. The Defense...what can you say...WOW.

    Our Offense looked like crap the first half to be honest but as we saw yesterday when it starts "clicking" Look out! The one question...Did the Offense start rolling after the pressure was off a bit? If so then we need to straighten that out ASAP...we can't come off flat against the next teams we're facing. Texas is going to be a BIG test on our Offense. Our Defense can easily do the job on them but I'm a bit worried about the O-crew.

  • In reply to Bears-4-Ever:

    Good points, 4ever. Hopefully we can figure out some way to keep Watt from killing Cutler.

    I would like to see us test their interior with the running game. It will be a big game for Garza and whichever guard is helping him on the nose tackle (and actually, since Chilo and particularly Lance are mean, I'm a little more confident of this than I might be).

    Games like this are where I miss Tyler Clutts. Can Kyle Adams can line up in the backfield and put help put some beatdown on the ILBs and/or DEs?

    Also, is Watt too beasty, or can we run right at him for the first half?

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    too beastly... run away... ruuuun away!

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    What's the deal with E-Rod?

    Have we seen any Bush/Forte backfields? Bush leading for Forte would be beautiful. The passing situations you could work out of that would be great too.

    Wasn't Henry Melton a FB in school? Time for some Refridgerator Mk II.

  • who needs Tyler Clutts when you have Evan Hernandez? oof.

  • In reply to evantonio:

    saw him whiff on at least 2 key blocks late in the game. Poor aaaaaaaarmando!

  • In reply to evantonio:

    McManis--who the Bears got in exchange for Clutts--has been a gem on ST so far.

  • I don't think the Bears need run or pass more. They need to stick with what works.

    ESPN Chicago talked about making Forte a 25 to 30 attempt kind of running back.... I am sure Forte could handle that load and the backup running back would help. However, I am not so sure that our o-line can even run block. A lot of the Bears runs have been shut down. When a team can't run block or pass block..

    The o-line seriously needs to be looked at because no one is really progressing. Lance Louis looks promising but he seems to be the only one.

    One last note.. Many seem to want to get rid of Tice or get a new play caller. Can we please give this off. coordinator time to do his job? The constant change will do nothing but set the offense back farther and farther.

  • I don't think we need to force Forte to run the ball 90% of the time just because we paid him the big bucks. Run him until he needs a breather. Send in Bush for a few plays and pound it. Bring back Forte. repeat.

    We will continue to have problems until we have an NFL caliber LT and C. We have neither and this is Angelo's legacy - as is the problem of Urlacher going down, which ends our season either way.

  • "One last note.. Many seem to want to get rid of Tice or get a new play caller. Can we please give this off. coordinator time to do his job? The constant change will do nothing but set the offense back farther and farther."

    I can respect you point Artoo BUT we have waited and waited and waited since the loss to Indie in the Super Bowl to get a GOOD Offensive Coordinator...After Martz was kicked out and rightfully so...we had big hopes on who the replacement would be...we all talked about possibilities on who was out there who was available to fill the hole...

    After all of that we get Tice...Tice! Really?? Are you $^%$&ing kidding me?

    AGAIN, the Bears Front Office puts a band-aid on an open artery. Same thing we did in the last draft...NOT ONE O-lineman drafted...REALLY?

    I an sick and tired of half measures by the Bears to try and fix REAL problems. So forgive me if I'm not sold on Tice...I see no big difference between him vs. Martz, vs Ron Turner...MEDIOCRE! Well, Turner wasn't even that!

    I've seen better suggestions in this blog than what is called on the field for the Bears. I say the time of half measures NEEDS to be over and right now...Write the fat check and get Sean Peyton in here and you'd see a change..a BIG change, not next year or the year after but IMMEDIATELY.

    Not coming down on you Artoo so plz don't take it that way. Just my opinion.

  • In reply to Bears-4-Ever:

    If you can talk Sean Payton to be a off Co and not a head coach . Then you have my vote..

    We all have opinions :-)

  • No that won't happen but I'm using him as an example of getting someone on a higher caliber than what we have now. We had a chance before Tice was named.

  • In reply to Bears-4-Ever:

    I don't think Bill Walsh could work around that line. Our offensive huse has no foundation.

  • Has anyone stopped watching the game from yesterday yet?

  • Hey Irish (in response to your comment last thread about '85 vs '12 "Match that and we talk").

    Here's something the '85 Bears did that the 2012 Bears can never do: Hold the SF 49'er's offense (Joe Montana, Jerry rice, Roger Craig, etc) to ZERO points. SF scored on a pic6 & a FG, that's all. Montana was sacked 7 times and limited to 116 net yards. Ditka unleashed the Fridge as a 'Fuck You' to Bill Walsh. After the game, Da Coach was pulled over for a DWI as McMahon drove by, laughing.

    Walter Payton, 132 yds rushing; 34 yds rec; 2 TD's:

    Not to forget the often forgotten Matt Suhey, also shown in the vid. Pat Summerall called him "Steve" in the Bears humiliating 1984 NFC Championship loss to SF (0-23; Fuller sacked 9 times; held to 37 yds passing). John Madden had to correct him: "I always like fullbacks like Matt Suhey. I think he has the right name, you know: Matt Suhey. Fullback. Chicago Bears. You know, playing on grass..." I'm pretty sure Soldier field had AstroTurf at the time, but Madden is a broadcasting legend so he must have been referring to Candlestick. Summerall added: "Suhey... he should have played for Arkansas." No respect.

    So yeah, when the '12 Bears heap vengeance on a certain blue-eyed, smirking QB, then we talk.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    what strikes you immediately when watching that is how fucking hard both walter and suey ran every single fucking play. Just crazy 150% effort every single snap.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Yeah, did you see the crushing pass block Payton delivered @ 00:20? Defenders paid when they played Payton/Suhey. I know, that punishing style of running is missing from Forte's game, but it doesn't bother me, except in short yardage situations (although Forte looked pretty good in the scrum yesterday, and there's Bush).

    I'm hoping Brody Eldridge turns out to be a blocking machine. Bears need that more than they need a tight end, imo.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    As I recall, the Fridge was a response to the genius that was Bill Walsh who used Guy McIntyre the previous year during the game that made me a Bears fan where we lost 24-0 I think.

    I don't believe there are any geniuses currently coaching. I've seen two in my lifetime. Bill Walsh and Tom Landry. Innovators not copiers.

    But yeah, that'll be the difference between the two Ds. This defense has not nearly as a ferocious a D-line as the 85 team, and they also haven't actually won anything yet. That will be up to the offense. If they don't show up, we can't do it.

    Obstacles? Not opponents. Alex Smith is Alex Smith and I never thought Eli was all that. Shut down Arian Foster and you shut down Houston. AJ hasn't done shit this year a la CJ of DET. We are capable of shutting down HOU, but can we score on them?

    (Yes, say Brian and Optimus - teehee!)

    The obstacles between us and another Lombardi are the fact that we don't have a Jay Hilgenberg and a Jimbo Covert.

    Then there's the Pittsburgh Steelers.

  • Glad to see your rapist friend get a victory yesterday, btw, although I despise the Steelers. I wanted the Giants to lose, but more importantly, I didn't want them to benefit from that so-called fumble by Ruthlessturgor. Replay officials blew it bigtime on that one, imo.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    Steelers for the SB. When you convert more than half your attempts on third down for the season you're going to beat people.

  • Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and everyone needs to calm down.

    I am glad the Bears are 7-1. I am glad the Bears resigned Forte. All I am doing and I assume Irish is doing, is speculating.

    IF..and it's a big IF... The Bears trade Forte to the Browns for the Browns first pick overall and maybe a second, I would have been okay with the trade.

    The Bears would have been able to draft Matt Kalil then with their original pick.. would they have drafted Martin or Shea? I don't know. And two second round picks? Jeffery and who else?

    At 7-1 it's all speculation. All of it is a forgone conclusion and all of it hinges on unproven rookies. We all do the what if game... what if Cutler stays healthy last year... what if the last year the Bears benched all their starters and lose their last game.. Stop killing us for just wondering or suggesting what could have happened or been.

  • Speculation. Discussion.

    In retrospect, at the price I'd have Martin - but we don't. We're good with Forte, happy to have him. Would be nice to see more Michael Bush though, and hopefully we will. If we could just establish the run then it would all be s much easier on Jay. I don't think I've seen one playaction rollout/bootleg.

  • As great as that win was yesterday, I don't feel the usual jubilation that usually accompanies such triumphant displays. I think it's because in the back of my mind, there's still a question mark. We need to beat some good teams. Sure, the Cowboy win was nice but I for one am ready to see how this team fairs against real competition. I think we'll do fine, but I'm ready to find out.

    Six days and the real tests begin....

  • gee, thanks for noticing peter... you fat clown:

    What the Bears are doing is extraordinary.

    Charles Tillman forced the 33rd, 34th, 35th and 36th fumbles of his illustrious 10-year NFL career Sunday in Nashville, where the Bears humbled the Titans 51-20. (It wasn't that close.) At 31, if this is possible for a cornerback, Tillman is an ascending player.

    Where I watch the games on Sundays, in the NBC viewing room, I sit next to Tony Dungy, who once had Bears head coach Lovie Smith and defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli with him for five seasons on his Buccaneers coaching staff. "We used to have a turnover period every day in practice,'' Dungy said. The Bears do the same thing now, which is a very good reason why they forced six fumbles Sunday, intercepted one pass (Brian Urlacher returned it for a touchdown) and blocked a punt for a touchdown. The five takeaways pushed the season total through eight games to a league-best 28. Chicago is plus-16 through eight games, a vital reason they're 7-1 and the defensive scourge of pro football right now.

    It was intriguing to listen to Tillman afterward discussing the turnover philosophy that runs through the defense, one that SI detailed in January. "This week,'' he said, "our whole motto was, 'Let's start fast. Defense, let's force a turnover on the first play of the game.' ''

    And he did, punching the ball out from wideout Kenny Britt's grasp -- on the first Tennessee offensive play. Tillman is expert at punching the ball when a ballcarrier seems to have it securely held. He did it later in the game with running back Chris Johnson and tight ends Craig Stevens and Jared Cook. The Bears recovered three of the fumbles, turning two into touchdowns. "I guess I have gotten good over the years at punching,'' Tillman said. "And if I don't get the punch or the forced fumble, the majority of the time I get the tackle."

    Urlacher told Tillman he wanted to score a touchdown Sunday. (Why not? Seemingly everyone else on defense has this crazy season.) Tillman said he told Urlacher, "Call it, man. The tongue has the power of life and death. Call it, say it, speak it, believe it. He did, and he got in the end zone.''

    Then Tillman channeled his inner Iverson. "Our whole motto on defense is 'score,' '' he said. "We practice it every single day. Practice.''

    He sounded like Allen Iverson just then, but no one in the media crowd got the message.

    "You like that reference?'' he said. "You're supposed to laugh!''

    I have a feeling the Bears laughed most of the flight home to Chicago.

    Read more:

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    And Burke jumps on the bandwaggon:

    By the time the Titans knew what had hit them, it was 28-2 — yes, the Bears’ offense was so non-essential in the first quarter that Tennessee’s lone points came off a safety. Along the way, Chicago became the first team in NFL history to record a passing TD, rushing TD, interception return for TD and blocked-punt TD in the same quarter in NFL history.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    btw, fatboy has us at #3 right now:

    3. Chicago (7-1). The two most impressive individual games in the league this year: 1. Giants 26, Niners 3 ... 2. Bears 51, Titans 20. How about this: Chicago ran for 160. Jay Cutler threw three touchdown passes. Chicago forced six fumbles. Brian Urlacher returned an interception for a touchdown. Chicago's a fearsome-looking team right now.

    Read more:

  • we're officially on the radar boys. Right at the most dificult point in our season.

    Time to see if this team is indeed a team of desitny, or we're just the big bully that's been held back a couple grades and has been picking on the little kids.

    We beat both of these next two and we will win the SB. BOOM!

  • I like how John, Mr. Mackey, Clayton threw Cutler under the bus in his article. Everything this jackstick says should end in...mmmmkaaayyyy

  • too much optimism...where's Irish?

  • In reply to FQD1911:

    Aaaah, reallly? I was all sweetness and light at the start. I'm not the worst on here by a long chalk.


  • I' not even gonna worry about the SB or the playoffs for now. We got to get there first, still got a lot of season left. We'll see how the 2nd half goes. If everyone can stay reasonably healthy, and the offense begins to gel more each week, we got a shot. But it's one week at a time: they take care of business for the next 8 weeks...the rest will take care of itself.

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