Thoughts on an Unlikely Victory Over the Carolina Panthers

Thoughts on an Unlikely Victory Over the Carolina Panthers

I don't think the Bears have won a game quite like this since the infamous "who we thought they were" game in Arizona, 2006. They were outplayed overwhelmingly from the line of scrimmage, out-coached dramatically and made the types of mistakes that should lead to a 41-10 loss. Yet here they are at 6-1 and I'm starting to get those 2006 "team of destiny" vibes. (That team was "destined" to give Peyton Manning his first ring, however.)

Many thoughts....

  • I thought Mike Tice was just awful. This should have been an afternoon the Bears wore out Matt Forte with 30-35 carries and treated him like the workhorse running back he's capable of being. Tice is a great personality but he's got a lot of work to do as a coordinator.
  • And it's not JUST the move away from running but the types of runs and passes he calls. The runs are predictable, trap-type runs that often seem designed to gain 3 yards. And are there any easy passes in the playbook? Why is Cutler constantly entrenched in the pocket for what seems like an hour?
  • Two drops from Brandon Marshall. One first down drop from Devin Hester. A horrendous, game changing drop from Matt Spaeth.
  • On a pivotal third down, Mike Tolbert jukes Lance Briggs and Brian Urlacher - two of the best tacklers in the history of the Chicago Bears. At that point I was willing to concede the ballgame.
  • And then there was Cutler. Many of us wanted to see Cutler, in the two-minute drill, lead the Bears to a victory. He was magnificent on that final drive and I don't think it's a coincidence the Bears offense started to find its rhythm when they started involving Earl Bennett.
  • A ho-hum 7 for 118 afternoon against the Bears for Steve Smith. What if he doesn't fall down? What if Cam Newton doesn't force him to attempt a circus catch in the end zone after he shredded the Bears secondary? We all have to accept that Lovie Smith's defenses can't stop Steve Smith and never will.
  • Nice to see Greg Olsen whiff on Shea McClellin. Just like old times.
  • I think it's time the Bears give McClellin double the snaps. I like Izzy and Woot as players but McClellin looks like a potential star.
  • Nice to see Julius Peppers manhandle Jordan Gross repeatedly.
  • Horrible mismanagement of the clock at the end of the first half by Lovie Smith.
  • Chris Conte had his first clunker of the 2012 season. He was nowhere to be found in the passing game. But I like his intensity at times. I like that he's not afraid to drop his should a pop a guy. And I think he got jobbed on the personal foul call.
  • So did Israel Idonije. What does a defensive end do in that position? He's being blocked to the ground and has access to the quarterback's legs. Is he not supposed to attempt the sack? Is that what this league has become?
  • Show me the game preview ANYWHERE predicting Greg Hardy would channel Warren Sapp and be unblockable Sunday. Seriously? Greg Hardy?
  • I'll have to watch the All-22 to know for sure but I don't think the offensive played as poorly as their numbers. I'd blame Tice, Cutler, the scheme and coverage down field equally. But I'll look later today.
  • I thought Adam Podlesh may have had his best game as a Bear.
  • Major Wright's hit on Cam Newton, forcing the fumble TD, was textbook. He put the shoulder pad on the ball.
  • Nick Roach did a very nice job covering Greg Olsen.
  • Great toss and even better catch by Kellen Davis in the end zone. Any chance we'll see that two weeks in a row?
  • Another false start from Roberto Garza! Anybody found out the record for false starts from a center yet? He's got to be on pace.

Here's the truth: In December, nobody is going to remember how the Bears beat the Panthers and nobody is going to care. They played horrendously Sunday and found a way to win. They are 6-1. And they've yet to play a great game offensively.

Note: I'm in NYC which may be impacted greatly by Hurricane Sandy. Let's wait and see but if I go powerless tomorrow I'll leave it to y'all to hold down the blog fort.

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  • "Here's the truth: In December, nobody is going to remember how the Bears beat the Panthers and nobody is going to care."

    There it is. Stay safe blogfader.

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  • Yeah man, keep your heard about the storm surge.

    You cannot doubt we'll hold down the fort here.

  • Yeah keep safe Jeff...

    "Matt Forte with 30-35 carries and treated him like the workhorse running back he's capable of being."

    I think this one point really hits home. This would have allowed us to control the game even if our line was getting beat.

    AGAIN it's a coaching weakness...but honestly it has been obvious that the Bears have weak coaching since the 2007 Super Bowl. Yet this being said, this season is looking bright...

    "Yet here they are at 6-1 and I'm starting to get those 2006 "team of destiny" vibes."

    Not yet Jeff...not yet...but soon..we win the next two and I'll personally help build that "Band-Wagon".

  • In the first half, yes, we should have ran the ball more but in the second half the run game was shut down..

    I want to know how much Cutler is changing plays before I go "New coordinator" like some are already saying. If the Bears continue to change offensive coordinators then expect the same results..

  • The run game was way stronger to the right side of the line. The run calls were uninspired and yielded no results on the left side.

    Cutler had 5 if not 6 dropped passes on 3rd down alone and all would have moved the chains. The Spaeth drop was particularly disgusting, the Hester drop inexplicable, the Marshall drop(s) brutal but forgiveable as he stuck the Bears weiner in the Panthers in the end, etc.

    Amobi Okoye was inactive and I want to know why. It may have been rest for the knee but Nate Collins had little impact on the game.

    The call on Izzy was total bullshit a game changer. That was on a 3rd and 10 incompletion i believe. he was being pulled to the ground after beating his guy off of the edge. The league is really starting to fuck up.

    I also can't believe they called a penalty on the Conte hit. I can't believe how ill conceived some of these rules are. Theoretically you can run a crossing route across the middle, purposely lead the receiever and get 15yards every time.

    Spaeth had two brutal drops and I don't know why he is out there in pass routes. KD needs to be in there in place of Spaeth.

  • I don't know why we didn't make a play for Cooley when he was being shopped. No cash left? Or steal a certain B. Myers off Oakland ... bitch has moves.

  • I didn't see the play that resulted in the roughing call on Idonije, but reading the description... didn't he get flagged on a similar play last year against Denver? Someone did. It was the same bullshit call and Tebow was the beneficiary. The refs dropped another pee-stained panty at Tebow's feet after Pep disrespectfully nudged him in the shoulder pads. Then Ryan Clady clotheslined Peppers and Tebow threw a touchdown, PTL.

    The Bears were victimized by more bad calls, bad bounces and bad luck last year than most teams see in a decade. So my addition to the thoughts on an unlikely victory over Carolina is we earned it. We earned it with bad luck, because you can only have so much of that before the universe has no choice but to throw you a bone, because otherwise we're not talking chance anymore but vendetta. According to my calculations, the universe owes us two more hard-earned victories of this type.

  • I would suspect Okoye was in-active because Okoye still isn't considered to be a good run defender. Facing the Panthers and the option, the Bears made a matchup decision.

  • In reply to scotter:

    hmmm, interesting.

  • It was always going to be a trappy, crappy game though, wasn't it? We do extremely well for a team with two good players on the OL. Not so fast Gabe.

    Greg Olsen had three catches, not two. He nearly averaged 8.0 yards per grab too. I'm tired of players leaving the Bears and then improving elsewhere. Mwah!

    My man Kellen belongs in the endzone. Just keep him in the endzone. he can do one thing and one thing only - make stationary circus catches .... and how Steve Smith almost had one. Ouch. We could have easily lost that game girls. Rivera knew how to go at us, chip away and move the ball - kick 5 field goals and you have a chance against the Bears.

    I don't think we can blame Tice for a whole lot. He can't block for us, can't run it for us, and he can't catch the damn thing. All plays are good if you execute them properly. He's half a season into his offense - who comes out in a brand new offense and fires all guns straight away? Have we ever seen that? J'Marcus Webb, Old-man Useless and Gabe Carimi please stand up.

    I'm so bad at making picks I changed PIT to NYJ after watching the 'experts' to go with ATL and NYG this week for about 600 yoyos. @#$% you Mark Sanchez. Never again. I said that weeks ago. FML.

    Jay. Oh Jay. Oh Jay. Oh Jay. Throw it away son. Four times a game. I dare you. Seriously - his team-mates should give his favorite charity $10,000 for every ball he throws away. Can we get this messaged to Halas Hall? Win games and help kids with problems at the same time.

    Peace and love. Except for Sanchize. @$%# F&^@er

  • Just curious - would anyone swap Cutty for Big Ben straight up? Toilet manners aside.

  • nope, the fact of the matter is you can't put his toilet manners aside, we aren't a scumbag team like the Eagles who can just take some degenerate like Vick and give him a large contract and cheer him on. Regardless of whether or not Ben did anything, our team just does not tolerate major off the field issues and never has under Lovie.

  • In reply to DYLbear23:

    +1, definitely one of Lovie's best qualities.

  • After the Bears got burned on a three players going to jail in the last few years, I was shocked when they traded for Marshall. Super glad they traded for him.

    I think Big Ben has straightened up (or at the very least gotten smarter about it) so you couldn't rule out trading for him. I think he's a better QB than Cutler but I'd be shocked if there was a trade. I'm amazed how the media and announcers throw Cutler under the bus but not Big Ben. Not sure if it's the SB wins, the fact that he's skated by legally or because it's so distasteful they are afraid to mention it.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    Oh it's not a trade that would ever happen, for sure. Two rings makes you kind of bullet-proof. I only really started reading about marshall after his reformation, which seemed genuine, so I liked him. Lovie and co must have seen he was a nice guy when they met up. Great to have him. Great. That last drive was exactly the kind of thing we were missing - the goto guy is finally on board.

  • You love you some Ben, dontcha?

    And, no. I wouldn't.

    Because only Jay controls the Beast.

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    Reply meant for zee Irish.

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    That's a good point. Jay controls the Beast.

  • Just picked up one of these babies...

    Most I've ever spent on a t-shirt, but damn if it ain't worth it.


  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    I love how it's the diabeetus jay... all fat and pudgy. Classic.

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    Wow. That is an expensive T-shirt. That's concert prices. Glad you like it.

  • TJ is the NFL interception leader with 6, Brandon has the fourth most yards in receiving.

  • Show me the game preview ANYWHERE predicting Greg Hardy would channel Warren Sapp and be unblockable Sunday. Seriously? Greg Hardy?

    First, stay safe this week. Second, no, our Oline makes greg hardy look like fucking warren sapp. Like I've been saying for 4 years, they suck to the end of suckiness.

    Next year....
    1. Manti T'eo (by any means necessary)
    2. Traded plus our #2 next year for MT (see #1)
    3. OL
    4. OL
    5. OL
    6. OL
    7. OL

    In free agency:
    1. OL
    2. OL

    The rest of the guys on the team we have now are ok for one more year.

    "Throw it away son. Four times a game"

    Said is all yesterday Irish. Not sure why he thinks he has 10 minutes in the pocket every play, but jay, guess what... you fucking don't. THROW IT AWAY!!!!

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I don't even want to think about next year. Jennings and Melton are playing in their contract year, and both may end up probowlers. Paying for a top DT/CB is gonna cost. Then there's how reasonable Lach is gonna be. If he gets all Olin on us, prepare your imagination to see him in another uniform. IF Lach learned from Olin's "Pride cometh before the fall" cautionary tale, then we might be able to fit Jennings and Melton, while resigning Cutler sometime during the season (perhaps).

    That's not to mention other guys like Wooten, Okoye, and isn't Webb in his last year of his contract?

    Anyhow, I agree, T'eo needs to be on our team, but I we'd have to pull some Falcon for Julio Jones trade up to get him, and I'm not sure Emery's gonna give up that much. Emery seems to pride himself in finding gems, and he's already given up some picks for Marshall. I hope he's bold cause how awesome would it be to see Manti in navy blue?

    I actually like our Oline except for two GIGANTIC holes: LT/C.

    LTs just don't grow on trees. Maybe we can get a good LT on a bad team (that injured dude for the Eagles?)...that's the only optimism I have there. Emery maybe finds one of those gems in the later rounds? He had a chance to draft some OTs in this past draft, and passed them up, so who knows what metrics he uses.

    C Garza obviously needs to be upgraded, but Spencer has now been in our system, and I think we should give him a shot. Now, if a top 3 center falls to us in the draft, by all means, go for it, but our other guys I'm ok with.

    I like Louis at RG. Carimi is still young and needs to be given time to evaluate. Our LG can be improved, but Chilo has some fire in him, and I like that. Don't forget, Chilo was drafted 39th overall by SF, and they do well with judging Olinemen. It was just a maturity issue, but the same can be said with Marshall. Chilo is shaping up - like when we saw Cutler talk him down. That was a HUGE sign for me that Chilo is growing.

    So, to stop from being long winded.

    MLB- Manti (Ghost of Halas magic)
    LT - (Jason Peters? Clady?)
    C - (top 3 guy falls to us in the 2nd)

  • I think it would be a huge mistake to re-sign Cutler during the season. If he takes us to a super bowl, then yeah re-sign him. If he doesn't, make him play out his last year. He's currently the 2nd lowest rated qb in the entire NFL.

  • +1

    Many are so (too?) excited about Cutler's potential that they fail to look at his performance. But, in his defense, the offensive line still completely sucks balls.

    I expect Emery to focus on a correction. He couldn't do everything in one season, but if he does not address the situation next season I will be very disappointed and Emery will become "Son of Glitchy".

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Too Jeckle and Hidey. He's great one game, and shit the next. Some games he makes the o line look better, some games he makes the o line look worse.

  • His contract needs to be addressed prior to starting training camp next year. Super Bowl or not he's in the driver's seat. The Bears
    really have no leverage. What are they going to do? Let him walk? What's your backup plan? Jay Cutler is good enough to win a Super Bowl. Even on a piss poor day like yesterday, he can get you down the field for a game winning field goal. Brady, Brees, Manning brothers have all played behind serviceable or better
    offensive lines. I really hope to see 6 in a Bears jersey behind a quality line in the next few years.

  • what rating system are we using here? A fantasy stats system?

  • My bad, he's all the way up to 23rd. My point is he needs to play better. 4/6 sacks on Sunday were on him. We pay him and treat him like a franchise qb, but he's not playing good enough. We're winning because of our defense.

  • You're just jealous of Jay's new mustache

    He's going to look like Snidely Whiplash. People are going to love him even more. They're going to forget all about the coach's hairlip.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    Here's a bag of blog points, take as many as you want. Happy Ditkaween.

  • In reply to Shady:

    I was just saying that to my friend here.

    Happy Halloween, Charles. If you were dreaming of a dynasty, the Pack massively choked since you last awoke. Here's a game summary.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    hahaha that shit never gets old.

  • Like most (all?) Bears' fans I was pumped to get Cutler, but in order for it to be worth the picks given up he needs to get us a trophy. Nothing's changed in that respect. Imagine this team with Orton and two top tackles/guards and another game-changer on board. Marshall could still have been had, perhaps three years ago - we may already have been to the show and won. Trent Dilfer comes to mind. It's not impossible.

    Do you get two first rounders for Cutty at the end of his contract? Or do we put it down to the line? We're the 26th rated offense in the NFL, but it would be nice to see what he looks like behind a good line - thing is, we'll never see that because we started off in the red.

  • I have a feeling Chilo will be good/great for us. Yeah Carimi maybe just needs a little time, but Webb ain't the guy and Garza's finished. For what ratings are worth, Spencer was either bottom or next to, as a center for the Hawks. This is where Angelo's spectre still haunts us. Olin and Brian's heirs should already be in the building.

  • Don't blow away... or, more accurately, don't float away, Blogfather.

    1) Greg Olsen was a non-factor Sunday. I like Greg as a player and as a guy, but he showed Sunday why the Bears are better off without him. The Bears defense is built to be beat by a TE, and the fact that the Panthers' OTHER TEs were making plays shows Greg's not getting the job done.

    2) Similarly, Matt Spaeth needs to be beaten with telephone books repeatedly for blowing that catch. Blogfather's right: taht was a potential game-changing play, if Spaeth just HOLDS ON TO THE DAMN BALL.

    3) Agreed that playcalling was awful. As soon as the O was up to 2-3 sacks, the long drops needed to be dropped from the scheme. What was the difference late in the game with Cutty? He. Had. Time. And though there's plenty of blame to go all over the O-line, there are a lot of simple adjustments an OC can make when the line is a revolving door for the pass rush. Tice made none of them. Then finally, in the 4th Q when the pass rush died out, Cutler dissected Carolina.

    4) I, too, amd sick of Steve Smith running all over this defense. I hate it even more the way he gets an attitude and runs his mouth. A guy with his experience should just shut up until his team has a winning record.

    5) Bugged the shit outta me how the play-by-play guys were beating up Cam Newton just because he went to the bench instead of running over and kissing the ass of the guy who recovered his endzone fumble. Give the guy a break: 1) he looked like he got a little banged up by the serious WHACK Pringles put on him; 2) if he fumblse in the endzone and then goes & celebrates with his team, he's gonna catch shit about being too cavalier and/or reckless. In the end, the media loves to grab a story, inflate the shit out of it, and then beat it into the ground. Now Cam Newton is a POS.

    5a) I can't remember who it was right before the game, but the douche on the screen was riding Cutler's jock about the Webb incident A MONTH AGO. Forget what's happened in the last 4 weeks; forget Jay quietly hosting the family of a murder victim; forget Jay showing his leadership in calming Rachal down last week; let's just keep riding that BS storyline of Jay being a dick to Webb.

    6) PF calls were BS to the nth degree. Izzy wasn't late nor did he explicitly attempt to take out Newton's knees. Chalk that up to Hochuli's exaggerated (and inconsistent) desire to protect players (remember, this is the guy who once penalized Lack for "flexing his arms" when hitting the QB). The call on Conte I can understand--at full speed, it looked potentially shady. But a second look showed that Conte was trying to avoid the head-to-head hit, and in fact, was diving--and you can't control yourself 100% when diving. That ssaid, the NFL is trying to discourage play like that, so it's gonna draw a penalty even if it was, upon further review, clean.

    6a) I still maintain that the idea of protecting "defenseless receivers" results in more crushing hits on those receivers. To wit: in the past, receivers knew that if they stretched out in traffic, they'd get plastered. Thus, they rarely did it, and rarely got creamed. Now, they do it, feeling protected by the rules, and defensive players have a hard time holding up when they're flying forward at full speed. It's like making a rule that sharks don't get to eat meat, and then throwing chum in the water.

    7) Style points aren't awarded in the NFL. I'd rather, in the grand scheme of things, have an ugly mofucking "W" than a game when everything clicked and the Bears ended up losing anyway. Moral victories don't get you into the playoffs--just ask the Packers.

  • Don't know what to tell you about the media but they still refer to the Sex Cannon as Good Rex/BadRex and he hasn't played for us for about 5 years. I'm guessing they will refer to Jay as pouty, moody, sour, etc for the rest of his career. I try to ignore it but it does get tiresome.

  • 5. Good for Cam - celebrate when there's something to celebrate. That's why I loved Wally. I scored a TD? So what? There's a game still on.

    5a. Cutty needs to be in Webb's face a LOT more. Not less.

    6a. I understand they have to protect receivers. Just watch Aussie football for two minutes and see the kind of brutality dished out. No more Dave Duersons please.

    7. I get that everybody is happy with a win, but that line is going to get us nowhere when it comes time to face the Falcons (here's hoping), Niners, or anyone with a pass rush. That was the 1-5 Panthers, and we have their pass rusher. Lombardi trophies don't get handed out to teams with crappy O-lines. Washington won one of the most memorable SBs for me by putting a nobody behind the Hogs, never to be heard from again.

  • Repost from last night, but complements other observations.

    Bears need a tune-up, or overhaul?

    Tune-up. Jesus H Mary Elizabeth Peter Christ! How can a center habitually be offsides? The announcer, "wow, I think the center was offsides. You don't see that often." That is, of course, unless you watch the Bears. Fix that shit Garza!

    Is it me, or does Carimi ALWAYS backpedal earlier than the snap? It seems like he's a split second early on every snap, and depending on the officiating crew, it leads to penalties (hence him leading the league in penalties for Olinemen). Fix that shit BearJew!

    Overhaul. The Offense.

    I mean, the entire game plan needs to be revised, as in, we need to create one. Are we a run oriented offense with occasional deep shots? Are we a quick rhythm west coast offense which relies on shorter routes? Are we a vertical deep shot offense with some runs sprinkled in? I have no fucking clue cause we've done all these, both successfully and unsuccessfully, and I'm as clueless now as I was in week 1 of the preseason.

    Some may see this as a plus "oh, that keeps Ds off balance" - which is sort of true in the same way stupidity is unpredictable. Don't believe me? Watch some Tosh.0 and prepare to be surprised!

    This offense is like Frankenstein...a patchwork of hacked off offensive philosophies clumsily wobbling down the field, if at all. Except sometimes at the end of quarters, it transforms into a smooth agile Werewolf. Or sometimes not. Who the hell knows? (Halloween analogies too cheezy?)

    I DO know that we can't just rely on our D to score every game. So far our best receivers have been Marshall, Peanut, and Jennings.

    Need a big play? Throw to our defense!

    I'm not gonna sit here like a disgruntled douche after a win, like a bum who you give a quarter to and looks all indignant at you. Ok, maybe a bit, but we got to get our O sorted out before we face the 9ers, Texans and Packers cause I guarantee you they know their offensive identities and aren't just gonna wait around for us to figure it out like the Panthers. Or offense, for once, needs to build momentum.

    That being said,

    Bear Down!

    6-1 This was our Colt's game, except we won. In my pre-game I predicted the Panthers would come out with a bang and end with a whimper, and that's exactly how it unfolded. Now, excuse me while I go meditate to calm my heart from that game...

  • I'm still trying to calm down from Mark @$#% Sanchez. i couldn't even watch the second half of the Panthers game I was so vexed. Somehow I knew we'd win by a point.

    But to stick to a gameplan you need some kind of offensive line that ranks at least in the top half. I don't think we can run it at will, if we could, we'd be doing it. If you can successfully run the ball you'd never need to pass it.

    Minny beat SF - but I think they have an O-line, just like HOU.

    Blame Mike Tice? Nope. Jerry Fkn Angelo.

  • I'm glad the Bears won, but the more I think about it, this offense still scares me to death just like it did when Rex was "our quarterback." I really hoped we would no longer see the graphic in the third quarter that shows the other team has 220 yards to our 57. Absurd. Ridiculous. Disgusting. But we won, right? Could've been worse. I now have little confidence in us beating Houston OR San Fran. I at least thought we might take one of those games earlier, but we would have lost by three TDs or more to either of those teams yesterday playing like that. Here's hoping that was a trap game and we just fell into it.

  • Two random things that got me extra aggrivated yesterday:

    1. Cutler running the length of the field after throwing the INT on the 2-pt convrsion. Flashbacks to the San Diego game last season.

    2. Marshall and Bennett getting held up while the clock was running at the end of the game. So many emotions, so little time.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Same here on 1. I was screaming at my TV. "Don't break your thumb Cutler." Can you imagine the fallout if he breaks his thumb again making a tackle on a meaningless play? Literally, a meaningless play.

  • In reply to Johnnywad:

    I was screaming DEAD BALL, DEAD BALL at the top of my lungs.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    He couldn't possibly have heard you Al. The television you were watching wouldn't have been fitted with a microphone or have the the necessary two-way radio link or Synchronous Transfer Mode network link to Cutty's helmet.

  • 1. We do not have a TE worth a shit (ask yourself where Manning/Brees/Manning/Brady/Rogers go when they are being blitzed).
    2. Our Offense is predictable. Jeff, I know you think I am wrong (and I don't have time for NFL 22 to prove otherwise (I wish I did, so please do not misinterpret). I can't put my finger on it, but we have a tell...Not sure what the tell is, but we have one. The league is on to us. (In baseball lingo, we are tipping our pitches.) This can actually be helpfull down the road if we figre it out...
    3. I miss Tyler Clutts.
    4. Jay Cutler is a stud and I would get the discount while we can. Although, I'm pretty sure he wants to be a Bear for life and has no desire to go the discount won't expire for some time.
    5. Good luck to those of you on the East Coast.

  • "50% of this game is 90% emotion" - Yogi Berra

    The Panthers came out emotionally CHARGED for a couple of reasons.

    A) Their long-tenured GM, the man who drafted /signed this current set of Panthers, was unceremoniously given his walking papers this week. A message from the owner that even Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles could see clearly that roughly translates as:

    "I'm FED UP. Play BETTER! You are ALL expendable!"

    B) It goes without saying that Ron Rivera would sell his soul to beat the Bears and had this game circled on the schedule since his visit to Soldier Field LAST year.

    So the Panthers come out firing on all cylinders, bam, bam, bam, bam , bam, bam!

    SIX first half sacks!


    But, then came halftime. That emotional charge will only take you so far and the 6-sack pass rush disappeared before your very eyes like a Siegfried and Roy elephant.

    And when things got tight late, the Panthers reverted to form and found a way to lose, again. Offensively AND defensively. A true TEAM effort.

    Water seeks it's own level.

    So do mediocre football teams.

    It's the NFL today, Boys & Girls.

    This stuff happens ALL OVER the league on a weekly basis.

    Item: The Packers had the JAGS, at home, MINUS MJD and with a banged up Blaine Gabbert (yes, THE Blaine Gabbert) playing QB.

    A "walkover", right?

    Not so fast, my friend!

    Jacksonville outgains the Packers by more than 100 yards and are within 6 with with 2:44 left in the game when they fail on a 4th and 4 at the Green Bay 44 to seal their fate. Don't tell me there weren't more than a few SOILED cheese heads watching intently.

    And the difference the game?

    Special teams. - A blocked punt..
    The signature screw-up of a mediocre football team.

    Item: The Cowboys turn it over SIX times against the Giants and fall into a TWENTY-FOUR to ZIP hole!

    "Put a fork in 'em", right?

    Not so fast, my friend!

    The Giants STILL manage to come within 3 fingertips on the backline of LOSING that game.

    I MAY have mentioned this before but it "Bears" repeating:

    It's the NFL. There. Are. No. GIMMES.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Why DID the Panthers' rush peter out? Was it Tice's scheming or did the D-line just get tired?

  • Watched the game at my local watering hole (bottomless mimosas $5) with my favorite gal on Sunday. At one point she said, "wow I've never seen your team lose" And I responded, "well you wont see them lose today." Even in the 4th qtr I wasnt scared. I knew Jay had it in him the lead a comeback and with this D a turnover is always just around the corner. Well that and I was so full of happy juice come the 3rd qtr I was immune to the stress. I'm with Jeff thinking this is a team of destiny.

  • Well, my friend, that took a leap of faith I didn't have in me. Honestly, after the 3rd quarter, I thought they were done for sure. I was just going to watch until the bitter end to prove to myself that you can't have faith in anybody. Also, the last time I gave up on them and checked out early was the Cardinals game in 05 so I had that in the back of my mind too....

  • In reply to tobijohn:

    Ditto to that, except I didn't abandon ship during the Cardinal game.

  • Bottomless Mimosa's? Does that come with a vagina growing kit?

  • lol Well unfortunately only SF and So Cal have places with bottomless Bloody Marrys and Tequila dranks. So if I'm gonna sit somewhere and watch a game for 2 + hours I would rather do it for $5 than $30+

  • So you save $25 and get a shiny new Vagina. Economic and Fun!

  • I need to look into this but either this year or next year, Rodgers, Raji, and Matthews contracts expire.. Talk about being in a hole and the rumors are the packers are trying to trade for Steven Jackson.

    The Bears and Packers have some big choices to make this year and next. Should be very interesting on who goes where and who is overpaid.

  • Trading deadline has been extended to Thursday due to Superstorm Sandy.

  • Brandon Marshall going deep, for the first time, apparently.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    haha nice.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    Hey Crunch,

    I was traveling yesterday, so I'm catching up with yesterday's posts.

    You and "I Bleed Navy + Orange" were discussing your lack of options for Sunday Ticket, or other streaming options. You because of your geography, and "I Bleed" due to a lack of PS3.

    First, for both of you guys: You DO NOT need a PS3 to get Sunday Ticket streaming. I have the streaming package, so I know it can be done. I use a PC that I built a few years ago to be a "Home Theater PC", but just about anything with a browser, can do it as long as you have a decent Internet connection. They even have apps for iThings and Android things if you feel like watching NFL football on a silly little screen.

    DirecTV wont offer the "streaming only" option until days before the start of the season, because they want to sell you a 2 year contract on satellite service. Their customer service people swore they did not have that option, but I knew they did, so kept looking until I found the web page to sign up.

    In your post you said your 100Mb DSL line wasn't fast enough to stream anything. That's not correct. I make a living as a network engineer, so I guarantee you I know what I'm talking about. 100Mb is more than enough to stream high quality (even HD) video. I only have a 30Mb cable service right now and it works great. My last place had only a 6Mbs DSL line and I could easily stream at 720P.

    Usually when folks have problems with a streaming service it's the provider of that service that having the issue, not the user. For example, DirecTV streaming service crashed and burned the first week of last season (ask MB) because they were too successful. The sold more streaming services than they had bandwidth to deliver it with. They had it fixed by week 2, but they lost lots of business because of it.

    So anyway. Both you guys, and anybody else who thought you needed a PS3 to stream Sunday Ticket, get signed up. And Bear Down.

    This has been a Public Service Announcement, on behalf of anyone who wants to watch every single Bears game, no matter what.

  • In reply to MikeV in OR:

    Good information. Thank you.

    But I made a mistake in my earlier comment. I said I had 100Mb service. It's 1Mb/s. The phone/DSL lines totally blow out here. There's noise. My internet service cuts-out several times a year due to rain (not lightning, not high winds, not falling trees, just rain - and also wire thieves. I lost phone & internet service for two weeks last year due to wire thievery). I think they've got the rain issue solved though (maybe thanks to the wire thieves, now that I think about it). Sandy's been hovering overhead for what seems like a week now and the internet hasn't skipped a beat.

    I should have switched to cable internet when it first became available out here, but I have a grudge against the cable company.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    That's too bad. I'm in a similar boat at my home in southern Oregon. We are too far out for DSL, or cable. The only thing available is Clearwire. A wireless service that sucks totally. When they go out of business we are screwed, we'll be back to dialup. I'll go completely insane.

    Yeah, I hate the cable company as well, but I had to submit or I could not watch the Bears, or get to the Interweb for that matter. I have to work in northern Oregon, so keep an apartment there for during the week. It's impossible to get DirecTV here, so I'm stuck with Comcast.

    Which cable company is it you have a grudge against? (they all suck)

  • In reply to MikeV in OR:

    All of them, ever since they lied about the commercials. The local cable monopoly especially, for reasons too complicated to get into. I hate the phone company too, so I don't know what the hell is stopping me from making the switch from DSL, really. Just inertia, I guess, and the idea of making the cable company richer to annoy me more, and the fact that they force digital subscribers to use their shitty proprietary hardware. They'll have to add new cable, and that will take forever. I anticipate issues with my connection. They cut MST3K.

    I don't know. I meant to do it before the season started but I got so busy I ended up missing all of preseason plus the first two games, then I just fell back into my old routine. I don't really have a good excuse, now that I'm thinking about it. I feel like I'm being negligent now.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    Used to work in a meat-rendering plant to earn money as a student. You do not ever want to eat pepperoni. Ever. I haven't in the 23 years since then.

  • I don't like pepperoni on pizza. In fact, I prefer my pizza meatless - no fish, no sausage, no ham.

    True story: One day a few years back, I was flipping through the channels and I saw that The Blob was on. It looked like The Blob, anyway. The Blob filled the screen; I couldn't see anything else.

    I love cheesy sci-fi/horror flicks, but this was a remake, apparently, because it wasn't cheesy. The special effects were impressive. The Blob resembled a sea of rotting meat, writhing at a slow rolling-boil. It was coated with a thick, sticky, pus-like substance that stretched like hot mozzarella between undulating boils of glistening red meat. It made a disgusting moist, smacking sound.

    The camera began to zoom out and I could see that the blob was in a giant metal vat. The vat was in a smoked-ham plant. I was watching the local access channel's factory tour series. The Blob was ham. The sticky pus-like substance was fat being re-integrated into the meat. Afterwards, the glued meat was extruded into ham-shaped bags and smoked. The finished product had a very convincing marbleized meat texture. It was meat, I guess. I didn't see the beginning of the tour. I think they just dump whole pigs into a grinder, separate-out the bones and shit in a centrifuge or something, then glue the good stuff back together and ship it to Pizza Hut.

  • Can we stop with the "Cutler is one of the lowest rated QB's" bullshit please?????

    This is not fantasy football. This is real football. It doesn't fucking matter if Cutler has a lower QBR rating 23 other quarterbacks. Let me show you how fucking stupid it all is:

    What do the following quarterbacks all have in common?:

    Alex Smith, Josh Freeman,Ryan Fitzpatrick, Kevin Kolb,Christian Ponder, Carson Palmer,Joe Flacco, Matt Hasselback,Sam Bradford and Russell Wilson

    I'll fucking tell you right now. They all have a higher QBR than Cutler, whatever the fuck that means. They all also are a bunch of QB's that wouldn't have made it 3 years on this team without someone fucking killing them at a bar for fucking up so bad or in fact dying on the field or crying like a bitch when we give them no blocking or weapons for years, while switching their OC's every fucking year, etc.

    Do you really think it fucking matters if Cutler is at 58% completion instead of 61.2%....only if you're a fucking stats pussy FF nerdball.

    I want a fucking badass that says fuck you to people that suck, fuck off to OC's that suck, fuck you to fans that boo a 5-1 first place in division team, go fuck yourself to beat reporters who desperately want you to provide a soundbite so they can keep their job in an oversaturated ADHD market of Kardashian loving whiny fucking marks ass bitches.

    He's no Brady, Manning, Brees, Rodgers,etc. Yeah, fuckheads, those dudes are ALL on the way to the hall of fame if you hadn't fucking noticed. They all have been in the same system for fucking years with weapons and OC guru's and support. They are all fucking awesome and ALL of them, except RODGERS would have their careers ended if they played for this Bears team.

    They would also never would have been in a position where they had no weapons or support or OL or drafting prowess because they would have fucking killed the GM themselves not to mention their agent's finding ways to get the GM AIDS or Ebola or some shit.

    Cutler is not a hall of fame QB. Cutler is not going to win you your FF football league you fucking pussy. He will however show the fuck up and do whatever he can, in his imperfect way, to do what he was brought in to do which is go to the post season and win playoff games and win the fucking superbowl.

    6-1 and 2nd best record in the league soon to be 7-1. Fucking enjoy it.


    Shut the fuck up

  • I was reading from the bottom up... read the last two lines and knew it was you. Was even better cause I know what your voice sounds like.

  • What "Flesh Cannon of Death" said, but without all the unpleasantness. Do we really need all that swearing? And the namecalling? I mean, I agree with you, but I must say, I'm beginning to wonder if Jay Cutler is the kind of role model we want for our children.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    that was funny.

  • A-fucking-men!

  • Johnny, did you know there are 23 QBs in the league that have better ratings than Jay Cutler?

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Yes, i did address that fact in the first paragraph of my rant.

  • Exactly.

  • We'd be 6-1 with Kyle Orton right now.... I want him to play well, I really do. I just haven't seen it yet.

  • Kyle went 8-8 with Marshall on his team.

  • and the town wanted to chop his brain in half by the end of his painful tenure there. Please, don't ever compare Neckbeard to Cutler ever again.

  • It's his line - has to be. Put Cutty behind Atlanta's line and see what happens. Is Meg Ryan an awesome QB? No. Put him behind Pittsburgh's line and he'd be out of a job long ago. Has Peyton Manning ever had a truly bad line? I don't know.

    Cutty is better than all of the QBs you mentioned though/

    Tennessee are 3.5 dogs this week. That should be at least 7. Get on. CJ is going nowhere this week. Hasselbeck doesn't suck against the Bears though.

  • is "flesh cannon of death" a euphemism for 'penis'?

  • Exciting win!

    BUT what's going to happen vs playoff caliber teams when
    1) the bears don't protect cutler
    2) the bears don't get 1-2tds on defense/special teams

    turnovers and returns are a crapshoot lovie, you can't rely on them, especially against the elite teams in the nfl. If they keep playing like this, it'll be an early exit. I don't see this team winning 3-4 straight games against winning teams in January

  • In reply to guinead1ck:

    Hate to sound like I'm bitching - I like 6-1. But I agree improvement will be necessary. My take:

    Special teams:
    - more games like the Carolina game out of Podlesh
    - continued excellence from Robbie*
    - return of Hester mojo (if it does, blocking *will* get better)

    - better line play (doh!)
    - better play calling (or maybe just better execution)
    - Matt, Brandon, Earl, and Alshon on the field at the same time
    - tight ends catching the football
    - a consistently solid, and occasionally great, Jay Cutler

    - stay healthy
    - continued improved mobility for BU
    - maintain intensity


    So much potential
    So many expectations
    So reach it - meet them

    * Okay, so he actually missed a short one, but succeeds in his chance at redemption from 41; I'm not about to panic

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    so basically for us to continue to play like we have....we have to continue to play like we have.

  • In reply to guinead1ck:

    Frankly I can't see us NOT getting 1-2 defensive TDs a week. That's what we do.

  • hee hee... hee heee

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    "Meanwhile, Roethlisberger dressed up like a retarded bumblebee."
    "Screw you assholes. Those were our throwback jerseys".

    Worth the price of admission right there.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Laughing out loud.

    And Cutty/Stafford have one too :

  • Manning calling Cutler a pussy should be in the dictionary under 'Irony'.

  • awesome.

    Love those.

  • this is.... perfect:

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    All it needs is a big spring-loaded iron bar that snaps shut.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    Hahahahaha. I like that even more.

  • Shit, the rain from Sandy has switched to wet snow and ice. Everything is already closed Tuesday - schools, businesses, government offices.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    All right up there in NJ, Jefe? That was some bad shit in Queens with the fire. I hope Mark Sanchez is okay. Not.

  • fb_avatar

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  • In reply to Princo Loyce:

    You just need to @#$% off.


  • In reply to Princo Loyce:

    that's a badass name though. wait, I thought it said Prince Loyce.

  • Was looking at standings - a quick summary. Overall records:

    AFC East: 15-15
    AFC North: 14-15
    AFC South: 14-15
    AFC West: 11-17

    NFC East: 15-15
    NFC North: 19-11
    NFC South: 13-15
    NFC West: 17-15

    Division opponents for NN this year are NW and AS. While pundits (and perhaps many of us pre-season) would have proclaim those "soft", the aggregate non-divisional record of the AS and NW *other than NN games* is 17-10 (.629).

    NN non-divisional records (overall 16-8, .667)
    vs NW: 6-3
    vs AS: 6-3
    vs rest of league: 4-2

  • For the uninitiated, Aussie football and the kinds of hits they take.

    Seeing all the fuss over Larry Fitz getting grass on his helmet Monday night shows that at least the NFL cares. Kind of. They just don't want to pay the guys that have suffered ... the guys that couldn't afford help when they played back in the day ... the guys that have to shoot themselves in the stomach so somebody can study their brains. Jesus.

  • Good lord you've got to be fucking sadist, masochist, or both for that shit.

    Aussies are fucking nuts.

  • I saw something around the corner yesterday. It was 7-1 bitches!


  • In reply to Viva:


  • In reply to Viva:

    Titans fucking dead

    The Redemption of Cutler continues!!!!!

  • Living in Columbia, this story hits a little close to home. Of course, I complained about a BCS playoff when it was announced. Just like that idiocy about an 18 game regular season for the NFL.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Maybe the season should be 14 games. See who beats OJ then.....

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