The Cameron Worrell Show!

The Cameron Worrell Show!

I am really enjoying these. Hopefully you folks are as well.

On this week's show Cam discusses: how Dez Bryant got open down the field Monday night, the mechanics of playing the quarterback as a safety in the Lovie defense, the "learning curve" for a young player in this particular system, Henry Melton playing three-technique better than any player has under Lovie (including Tommie Harris), why Maurice Jones-Drew's Tweet will have little impact on the ballgame and why Jacksonville won't put the game on their young quarterback Sunday.

The best part of the discussion? Worrell had two sacks in his career, including one of Brett Favre in the infamous final game of the 2006 season. We have fun with it.

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  • Da Bearssss!!

  • In reply to ben in norcal:

    I think that was my first first!

  • Will have to listen to this show when I get hm, can't listen on my iphone.

  • Jeff, just curious if you'll be giving an official Da Bears Blog Presidential endorsement this year?

    Solid show, but I cringe every time I think of that New Year's Eve game.

    I definitely agree Melton has been outstanding, but he's going to have to remain consistent for a little while longer before I'd put him ahead of Tommie in his prime.

    While I don't believe the defense will use the "quitter" tweet as motivation, I DO believe Jay Cutler will. Jay may say that he doesn't care about it, but I think he cares. A lot. Remember, he had to sit through an entire offseason in which a majority of his peers and almost the entire media questioned his toughness. Sure it was 2010, but to Jay I bet it feels like yesterday. He'll be more than ready to go on Sunday.

    I also believe Matt Forte will do everything in his power to make the start. During his contentious contract negotiations this past offseason, both in and out of the public eye, there were many comparisons between the two running backs. Knowing the kind of competitor Double Deuce is, I'm sure he'll be fired up to go against Jones Drew to prove to himself and to his critics why he was worth every single penny of that new contract... and then some.

  • In reply to Shady:

    I thought Romney won the debate tonight. He "acted" more authoritative, and his red tie showed more command of the issues than Obama's blue tie. Romney also switched shampoo to Pert Plus, which gave his hair much more body. That sealed the deal for me.

  • In reply to TheFifth:

    And it's also rumored he stayed in a Holiday Inn Express last night so he's got that one too. Romney by far was the better speaker and had less stumbling and bumbling moments than Obama.

  • In reply to TheFifth:

    I can't believe he wasn't laughed off the stage when he said he'd pull 5 trillion dollars a year out of his ass.

  • In reply to Shady:

    I am not much for these blog things but I have to say that it has been a joy to watch Melton grow into the player he is starting to become against the cowboys he was fighting threw double teams chop blocks all nite i saw it i watch it, i think he got really pissed off and it was basically all him on the forced fumble on (Tony much over rated Romo) yea i said it over rated Hey if rod marinlli is not he best D' line coach then who is? oh major wright is starting to look like a strong safety right you know it, listen being here in the bronc ny it's tough with all these giant fans and im not even talking about my family. oh another thing with jay cutlers demeaner on the sidelines i do not see why everybody is making a big deal out of it Jimmmy Mac and Mike Ditka makes that look like they love each other and they gonna have steak diner lololol come on man i like the fire in a QB so as long a jay keeps playing and gets better each week hey so what go bears baby

    frank deleo
    bronx ny

  • In reply to frankie5134:

    Bada bing bada boom. Welcome to da blog Frankie.

  • In reply to frankie5134:

    Is that sentence over?

  • So Sexy Rexy wasn't the only one who took the final game of the 06 season lightly. Very interesting.

    Great stuff, Jefe.

    If you could somehow hook up an interview with Mike Brown, dude. You'd a be a god around here.

  • oh my goodness. yes please.

  • You mean I'm not a God around here NOW?

    I'm working on a bunch of folks. It's tricky but I'm working.

  • In reply to Jeff Hughes:

    Your not really a God, more of a demigod, like Gilgamesh. That was an epic interview. Really enjoyed it. Keep up the great work.

  • Chris Cunte will be fine. We need to remember that he has only had one training camp to work on his hip and foot work. Last year the safeties may have been the weak link, but the more these two guys play together the better they get. Both of them in my opinion.

  • As for a presidential I'll probably vote for Obama but more because Romney terrifies me a little bit.

  • In reply to Jeff Hughes:

    Glad you do not live in Florida/Ohio/Pennsylvania/Wisconsin/New Hampshire/Iowa/Colorado/Nevada.

  • In reply to Jeff Hughes:

    I enjoy the charade around election time. Everyone acting like it matters a damn who sits in the White House as PR man for the Fed, I mean President. Two choices. One, a Mormon corporatist. The other, the first 100% Wall street-backed President.

    Two sock puppets both being held up by Ben Bernanke as he gets a blowjob from everybody in Congress. One believes that a guy called Joseph Smith was given two golden tablets by God with the secrets of life engraved on them, for his eyes and his eyes only. The other believes the Jewish zombie carpenter son-of-God story. The winner has his finger on the doomsday button and can press it without anyone else's say-so.

    You couldn't make this shit up.

    Oh, and MJD called my boy a quitter ? Pot kettle black.

  • Worrell on Conte: "Watching the film, he actually played a pretty solid game."

  • I have a habit during the season of not shaving until we lose.

    I shaved last on the Friday after GB, but due to a conference, had to bic it down this morning.

    So, uh, I apologize for this possibly being a "trap game" now.

    Bears (hopefully) by 3.

    Sorry I let the team down.

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    fucking selfish... just selfish and inconsiderate.


  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    Thankfully, the beard is a renewable resource, so you can unfuck yourself in no time at all.

  • GP -

    The avatar is for you. You brought up Urlacher chasing down Vick the other day, and it was a thing of beauty.

  • In reply to Viva:

    There ya go

  • Crown -

    There is no substitute for talent, and Romney is a remarkably talented guy. The markets are shifting.

    I genuinely hope you heeded my advise the other day...

  • In reply to Viva:

    Historically, challengers who are within 5% of an incumbent at the time of the first debate are always deemed the winner of the first one by the media, purely to draw ratings. The elderly in those swing states don't want their Medicare fucked with for them and their kids. That will be the deciding factor.

  • In reply to Crown:

    you could say that again!

  • In reply to Crown:

    And ironically, it's Obama who is the greatest danger to the ability of the country to make good on payments.

  • In reply to Viva:

    Historically, a challenger within 5% of an incumbet going in to the first debate is always deemed the winner by the media, purely for rating purposes. The elderly in those swing states don't want their Medicare fucked with for them or their kids. That will be the deciding factor. Picking Ryan and his Medicare plan was his biggest mistake.

  • Unfortunately this sums up why the media in Chicago like guys at the Score and the national media behave and write the way they do about Cutler:

    dabearsblog We do less traffic w/content fans in reg season. But #s go thru roof after losses. RT @Perno: how much better are stats after a win?

    fucking Kardashian culture.

  • Those comment #'s may be skewed by folks like myself, Waffle. I'm the type who reads this blog quite religiously, and I mean comments and all. Not a big poster though, mostly on account of my night shift working.

    The reason I say those numbers are skewed is because after a bad loss I get on here, not so much to rag on our beloved, but more to rally the troops. I hate seeing such a great group of posters on here all happy and excited about postseason one day, then come on here talking 6-10 the next.

    It's also for my own reassurance, security, as well as the mourning of a loss.

    But you're mostly right about why the comment #'s go up after a loss- haters gonna hate.

  • In reply to ben in norcal:

    Losses, negativity, scandal, drama, etc

    Negative reporting and creating drama like we are a bunch of gossiping reality tv tramps and people feed off of it and it increases traffic and pageviews and readership and it's all bullshit.

    Imagine half of the coverage we see and try to imagine if you would have had to endure that 20 years ago.

    ESPN used to one channel. Now it's like 8 channels and each are on 24 hrs per day. There is an NFL Network, thousands of blogs all claiming to be experts, soundbites, video clips, rumors, apps, downloads, fantasy football pussy bullshit, gambling on fantasy football bullshit, everyone has a voice.....I could go on forever.

    One loss and bitches jump ship and start talking shit about the QB like he is a kitten rapist with a 3-24 record in Chicago.

    Do you know why Jay is contentious with the Chicago media? Because he knows and they know that they will stab him in the back at the first sign of trouble, first loss, first setback, in order to further secure their own employment.

    Listen to the questions he had to answer after a fucking WIN. I'd be a dick too if I knew you were asking a questions SPECIFICALLY to get a soundbite to exploit for your own personal fucking gain.

    It's out of fucking control. OUT OF CONTROL.

  • Precisely. How he gets through a PC without screaming "Fuck it, I'm out" is beyond me. "Hey Jay, I know you just posted a 140 on the road against a very highly regarded defense, but why didn't you sit next to Tice that one time when you were really pissed and hold his hand?" Unbelievable.

  • Waffle kings of comedy II tour: "Trick Ass Media Bithces, Full Pout On His Visage. Everyday I'm Hustling."

  • In reply to Crown:

    I'm tellin ya' the cover is Waffle in a wolf's mask, breaking through a brick wall with broken handcuffs on each wrist.

    A million sales on iTunes. Easy.

  • Alshon "don't call me Jeffries" Jeffrey will be out to prove he was the best WR in te draft. Not that ass clown Blackmon.

  • In reply to Shady:

    I am a HUGE jeffries fan man. HUGE.

    Dude is a stud and will be proven to be the best WR in the draft. Love that Jefferies kid.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Leads all rookies in yardage this year even with 3 huge drops. This kid will get better and better. I'm looking for a 4 catch 65 yd game out of him on Sunday.

    I think it's safe to say you can fire up the camcorder as Marshall will be getting alot of crossing routes and underneath stuff to let him YAC the fuck out of teams.

    KD will come into this game with confidence and will be good for some 3rd down conversions.

    Tice will call a balanced gameplan to build on the success he had in Dallas. No predictable 5or 7 step drops.

    Bears will put at least 30 on the board and will hold J-ville to 10.

    34-10 Bears victory and rolling into the bye at 4-1.

    Lions have BYE, Eagles, Bears, Seahawks coming up.
    Bears have J-Ville, BYE, Detroit, Carolina, Titans
    Vikes have a couple games coming up they can actually win.
    Pack have only 1 real test over the next couple of weeks in Houston.

    This is a crucial stretch and it begins Sunday with a victory and no injuries.

  • agree. all good stuff.

  • Leading receiver in the NFL? Brian Hartline.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I told you guys about him. Got to watch him play here for the Gamecocks.

    The best thing is that it seems he has his head screwed on straight and won't be messed up by the big money world of the NFL. Or so I hope anyway.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    you are absolutely spot on about Alshon being a gamer and completely ass wrong on Cutler being a loser.

  • Trust me, Johnny, I'd be more than happy to retract that.

    After he plays well enough to beat the Packers.

  • The Jags, which really seems like a fitting name (yeah I'm talking about you MJD), are terrible against the run. I'm guessing we run the shit out of the ball until there are 8-9 guys up on the LOS, then it will be bombs away. No way we lose this game.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    I heartily agree.

  • Funny hearing it from the scab refs point of view. I was wondering what Jay was yelling at that one ref when he didnt reset the game clock.

  • It's a bit disheartening that even among Da Best Blog in the universe, the axiom of "negativity sells" remains true.

    I think there's a few reasons for that.

    1) Fans just gotta vent. Better to do it on a blog than too take it out on your sister-wife like a Pack fan.

    2) Everyone has an a opinion as to what went wrong, and the debate spurs more interchange/hits.

    I for one am an even-keeled obsessed fan (take that Wittgenstein!)

    Speaking of fans, where the hell has everyone been? Mike, NBIT, Crown, Fres, Murph, Huntin...

  • MIke comes on once a week to remind people about his FF league. Huntin's gone because of an imagined slight. NBIT just had his third child. Crown and fres have been on every week. Murph's been on much less this season

    Murph, what's up man?

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    oh, and for me... it all boils down to venting and ignorance (for the masses). I think most of us here have very specific issues that when present, push buttons and cause anger/venting (i.e., oline issues for me)... but I would say that the vast majority of 'fans' are usually just casual fans who react and regurgitate what they see on ESPN. There's not a whole lot of in-depth analysis, which leads to knee-jerk reactions. We're all guilty of it to an extent, but I think that's what causes a lot of the noise.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Hey MB, I'm still hangin in. Whole lot goin on with the wifes health and a bunch of other stuff that just seems to consume so much time. I wanted to try and tie up for a cold one with you when you were here, but that didnt work out. I'm keeping up with reading the posts, but my comments are down. I will be flying out Saturday morning and headin to Jax for the game. I'll try to get some good pictures and Tweet them or send them to Jeff (email again Jeff? ) I do look forward to you guys comin in Dec. Unless I'm in the ICU or something equivalent, I wont miss a face to face with Da Boys.

  • Great interview! Lots of good football talk there. This Bears D indeed has a lot more flexibility this year.

    Conte can cover the TEs (he was a CB in college). He and Wright are fast enough to blitz. Shea can drop back into coverage, essentially putting 8 men in the secondary. We all know DJ can blitz off the corner. All this while Briggs/Lach are up on those A gaps threatening to blitz and the Dlinemen are stunting (With Pepp maybe rushing from the DT spot). More importantly, they can appear to do all this then simply drop back to a cover-3.

    This ain't your daddy's Tampa 2 anymore.

  • I also like that we have 3 different type of corners.

    Peanut can get those 6'4 WRs, while Jennings will get assigned the 6'1ish Austin/DeSean types (who would burn Peanut). DJ is good against the Welker/Amendola slot types (although when Austin did get in the slot, he burned DJ, but Austin is a very good WR).

    We got a good mixture of CBs playing at a very high level right now. MmmmBears....

  • I will admit to being worried about Peanut and his health after that Giants game where they lit him on fire, like a refugee in a Cambodian documentary.

    I greatly enjoyed hearing Chuckie compare Peanut to Tommie the Hit Man Hearns, and I feel better about him out on that island.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    lol, Peanut was on top of the pile punching downwards repeatedly. It is truly entertaining when he is in ballstrip mode.

  • That was awesome when he came in over the top and was punching like a mad man. Opponents must hate it when he's in the pile. You know he isn't always hitting the ball!!!!

  • Nice show this week Jeff. Cam seems like a nice guy. Love the football knowledge coming through.

    I think part of the reason things have been quiet this week is there isn't as much anxiety playing the Jags. All of us are pretty convinced it will be a W.

    Glad to see Jay have a great game. That walking away from Tice thing looked worse than it was. Still not ideal but hardly a big deal. Even on the NFL North blog on ESPN's site, Seiffert tried to make a big deal out of it and the posters told him to give it a rest. A lot of them were fans of the other 3 teams.

    Speaking of that site and the media, I don't think I've ever seen as much crying about a bad call as the Fudgies puked out. Jesus Fucking Christ what a bunch of whiners. Giving out the refs phone and cell # was really uncalled for. What a collective waste of skin. I thought the Kitties and BiQueens fans were bigger douchebags but the Fudgies take the cake.

    BTW those Kitties trolls seem pretty quiet.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    "BTW those Kitties trolls seem pretty quiet."

    Hee hee

  • Tim Jennings NFC Defensive Player of September

    "Bears CB Tim Jennings was named NFC defensive player of the month for September.
    It was well earned for a cornerback playing at a high level ever since he left Indy for Chicago. Jennings recorded a league-leading four interceptions to go with six pass breakups, including two that led to interceptions for teammates. According to Pro Football Focus, opposing QBs have a 15.9 passer rating on 33 throws in Jennings' direction this season."

  • 15.9 rating. holy shit. Jennings straight ballin.

  • BOOM!

  • Wow... can you say "shutdown corner"?

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