Return to Nashville Should Return Earl Bennett to Starting Lineup [With Great Video]

Return to Nashville Should Return Earl Bennett to Starting Lineup [With Great Video]

It took ‘til the very end of the third quarter and the Bears facing a 19-7 deficit that seemed a taller task than beating a hippie in a dirty hair contest. It was then the offensive coordinator (Mike Tice) and the quarterback (Jay Cutler) reached a conclusion they should have reached the second Alshon Jeffery was temporarily lost to a broken hand: Earl Bennett is a damn good receiver.

With under a minute to go in the quarter Cutler hit Bennett for 24 yards on second and twelve and followed the play by hitting Bennett for 11 yards on first and ten.  The Bears had done nothing offensively for three quarters. Suddenly Earl emerged and the Bears went 51 yards on the drive. (They missed a field goal.) On their next two offensive drives the offense, having looked as pathetic as we'd seen them in years, went 38 yards (after a six yard punt) for a touchdown to Kellen Davis and 55 yards for a game-winning field goal.

Why? There are probably fifteen X's and O's reasons the Bears suddenly blocked the Panthers up front and were able to move the ball through the air. But I think the answer is a simple one and it wears number 80. And unfortunately it's impossible to praise Bennett as a wide receiver without criticizing Devin Hester. Because everything Bennett does well, everything he brings to the field and to the position, all the obvious chemistry he shares with the quarterback, Hester lacks.

Hester is the greatest kick returner in the history of football and Panthers coach Ron Rivera showed him more respect than I've ever seen by giving the Bears the ball on the 35-40 to start drives in order to avoid having Mr. Ridiculous skunk his special teams units. And as a wide receiver he does bring two distinct skills: deep, field-stretching speed and elusiveness. He is a package player. Let him test the back end of the opposing secondary once or twice an afternoon. Throw him a few bubble screens on second-and-short and see if he can make a few defenders miss. Hester is the perfect pint of Guinness. He doesn’t need to be a $300 bottle of Merlot. The Merlot ain’t better than the Guinness. It’s an entirely different species of booze.

How long are the Bears going to wait for Hester become a great route runner? (It ain’t happening.) How long are they going to wait for Hester to grasp the offense mentally? (Nope, not happening.) How long are they going to wait for Hester to look and play like an accomplished wide receiver? (It seems forever.)

They don’t have to wait because of Earl Bennett’s presence. Sunday in Nashville, a few miles from the Vanderbilt campus where Earl and Cutler first met, Lovie and Tice must line Bennett up opposite Brandon Marshall. Then they must leave him there until Alshon Jeffery returns. According to Michael Wright, Hester played 44 of 56 offensive snaps Sunday while Bennett played 35. That number should be flipped. And then some. Now is not the time for stubbornness. Now is the time for prudence. And to save this offense from drifting out to sea, the Bears must play their best offensive players. That means Bennett. Not Hester.

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  • First!

  • Frez!

  • Bennett should always play more than Hester Period. I'm getting tired of the Hester WR experience.

  • Alshon bro. He's the key. When he gets back it's pick your poison, bitches.

  • We will only be as good as our offense. Defense can be great and keep us in games but now today in this NFL our offense has to win games for us. We will only go as far as our offense will allow us. They gotta get together. ASAP

  • I agree with Da Blogfather. As soon as Earl started lining up Sunday, I knew we had a chance. All the guy ever does is CATCH the ball. Always. For first downs. Every damn time. I don't know the numbers but I would be willing to bet that Earl has the least amount of drops per target than just about any other reciever.

    As badass and historic as this Defensive effort has ben so far, I feel with the schedule coming up, this offense will HAVE to put up 23+ points at some time. Tit for tat with the likes of Houston and Niners isnt going to work if the offense cant score. Yes I believe the D can shut them down. My fear is their D can shut us down if the offense cant get their shit together quickly. Earl Bennet starting will go along way to making it easier on Jay Cutler.

  • In reply to BAM46Blitz:

    Not sure right now, but before the season, Earl Bennett had The. Lowest. Drop Percentage. In. The. NFL.

    You guys know how I feel about Earl. Get him on the field, and *keep* him there.

  • I'd like to hear you interview an expert on this Jeff, but I think the Bears are starting Hester because he brings something the other WRs don't. Marshall, Jeffrey and Bennett are all possession receivers. Hester is the speed threat that can take the lid off a defense on any given play. He's good in and out of his breaks and creates more separation than Bennett and Jeffrey. Obviously catching the ball is a pre-req to being a dependable WR, something he has struggled with. The Bears also like to use him in motion to jeep defenses honest. Is he the 2nd best WR on the team? Probably not. But what he brings to table offensively in terms of pure speed. game breaking ability and someone the defense has to account for every time he's in the game is why the Bears continue to give him opportunities. Without talking to an expert on the subject, it's hard to determine what the Bears true motives are for giving the guy who's never been a WR at any point before reaching the NFL a starting role. My guess, like I said, is because his skill set makes is harder for defenses to key in on other playmakers like Forte and Marshall.

  • In reply to Shady:

    I agree with what you say about Hester Shady, but I think that putting those skils on the field isn't working. I don't see safeties playing 20 yards deep out of fear of the deep route. I don't see Hester getting catches once he creates the separation. I see Marshall getting double and triple teams and Cutler still throwing him the ball because Hester isn't able to capitalize on the extra space on the other side of the field.

    Hester can do all the things you wrote about 10-15 times a game. And the reduced work load will help him on returns as well. But doing it on more than half of our possessions, I just don't see it.

    Also, on the subject of team identity. Our offense has an elite running back that specializes in running outside the tackles. Those kind of routes need good blocking from WRs. Bennett is much stronger at blocking than Hester, so even on the running plays I see Earl putting us in a position to win.

    Our offensive identity is not big deep passes that stretch the defense. Our identity is big bodied recievers and a scary running attack. We need Hester's speed to keep'm honest here and there. But we can get a lot more out of Earl for most of the game.

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    A nice, balanced analysis.

    One thing that seems clear is that Jay does not have confidence in Hester. Personally, I would like to see Jay target his #2 guy a little more often instead of throwing into triple coverage.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Dave I've read all your posts on this thread and agree with every word of them.

  • In reply to NewBearInTown:

    Beast and Alshon on the outside. Earl in the slot. Hester on for spells. That gives us hands on the inside and size on the outside for rushing and jump balls. Bush and Forte in the backfield? How is this not working ? Oh, forgot, right ....

  • Since our TEs are shit, maybe we should keep them on the bench and offer the defense a dual pass-run threat on the field for every play.

  • In reply to Shady:

    All of that makes sense in theory. It is simply not on the tape. He doesn't draw any more attention and doesn't create anywhere near the separation you'd expect.

  • In reply to Jeff Hughes:

    You still planning on making it down to Nashville for the game?

  • In reply to Shady:

    One problem with this strategy: we can't pass block well enough for long enough for Hester to get deep. To run a go route, the line has to hold long enough for Cutty to take a deeper drop, plant, and step into his throw. The Bears can't guarantee that, so they rarely throw it deep, which makes Hester's greatest asset a moot point most of the time. Defenses also know that if on the slim chance our line holds up, Hester beats his man, and Cutler is accurate with the pass, there's maybe a 50/50 chance Hester will make the catch. Therefore the Hester receiver experiment is not creating the threat for defenses the Bears probably thought it would. Why they haven't realized it is beyond me. I'd take Bennett consistently moving the chains on 8-15 yard passes over the occasional bomb to Hester every single week. Use quick slants and move Marshall and Bennett around to keep teams guessing.

  • In reply to bearsfanatic:

    I promise you that other teams know the odds of Hester catching an accurate pass is WAY higher than 50%.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Cutty hasn't got the time to find him so he seeks out Beastmode instead. Those routes - that Marshall bigged him up on - need time. I don't think BM would blow smoke up his ass for no reason/

  • As disappointing as the o-line and tightends have been, Hester has been the biggest disappointment this year.

    Hester should have no problems getting open. Marshall is demanding double teams, Forte is stacking up the box, and you mean to tell me Hester still can't get open? Please..

    Hester will never be our Percy Harvin but if Hester would just be okay with keeping his legs fresh for KR and PR then he would just add on to his impressive legacy. A play here and there on offense is fine to me but the idea that he needs to be on the field that much is crazy.

  • It seems like Harvin and Cobb are used much differently than the Bears use Hester. The Bears seem intent on using Devin as a traditional wide out rather than trying to incorporate him in the running game or in the slot. I'd like to see more creative ways to get him involved rather than sticking him out wide and saying "go".

  • In reply to Shady:

    The Bears have a "Hester Package" but it's not working.

    I get what you are saying but I want think the Bears have used him that way and Hester doesn't like it.

  • In reply to Shady:

    I completely agree. When "Hester package" started getting thrown around, I got semi-excited. I thought, "Finally, the Bears will move Hester around, esp in the slot, maybe take a few runs, go in motion, etc..." but none of that has happened. The NFL sometimes boggles my mind. When you avg 6.4 yds/carry, why stop running? If the same play works, KEEP DOING IT (Tice finally figured that one out). It's obvious Hester isn't a traditional X/Z, and he's too scared to go over the middle like Welker to be an effective slot, yet the Bears stubbornly insist on trotting him out there like he is.

    When Marshall proclaimed that Hester would have a better year than him, I thought they need to change up his meds or something.

    Bennett works better from the slot, but I wouldn't mind seeing him line up on the outside till Alshon gets back. Or how about that WR who retired (Devin Thomas)? Maybe sign him for a few weeks till Alshon is fully recovered? Thomas knows our system, is big and fast, AND plays sp teams.

  • I wish Hester played special teams.


  • In reply to Shady:

    this is exactly the issue. he isn't used as he should be if they want a 'hester package'.

    just keep him on PR/KR

  • I have not viewed much tape, but is it really that Hester is not getting open, or is it that Cutler is going to throw it to Marshall, coverage be damned?!


  • That was always the story Artoo, for me at least. Play him at WR, or - preferably - have him return all kicks and punts. Not both.

  • I agree Jeff.

    After Bennett starting catching the ball...I thought to myself..."Where the heck has he been?" Hopefully the Coaching Staff utilize him the way he should be.

    Yeah I'll take Bennett over Hester any day when it comes to a pure WR. I love Devin as a player but yeah I must admit he has been a bit lack luster of late. Still, I wouldn't want to trade him...

  • In reply to Bears-4-Ever:

    I wonder if Emery would be bold enough to trade Hester.. I am not saying trade him either.

  • I think Emery would. He seems like one of those "don't talk but carry a big stick" sorta bosses, which means he'll seemingly make moves out of the blue (like that Marshal trade), but really he's been evaluating and thinking about it for a while.

    We gotta remember that none of these guys, except the draft picks and Marshall, are HIS guys. Emery really doesn't have any sentimental baggage clouding his judgment like good ole Jerry.

    Emery watches more tape than a quality control worker at a Scotch factory, so you know he's seeing the same things we are. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if Emery already has quietly walked down to the practice field and pulled Lovie to the side in one of those Emery sideline conferences and relayed his concerns over certain players.

    And Lovie is more than willingly to listen this year cause the coaches aren't Emery's guys either. If the O keeps struggling, Emery might just demote Tice back to Oline coach and bring someone else (even promote Bates). Who knows? I hope he has the stones for bold moves.

  • I'm not even sure all the draft picks were his guys... He didn't have his scouting team with him at that point.

    I mean, what about White Safety doesn't scream Angelo?

    My first Emery draft assessment will be following this year.

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    white, constantly injured, hasn't played in two years, and has never played safety in his life safety.

    Who in THEE fuck... picked that dude... in the motherfucking THIRD!?!?!?

    Willie... where's your bebe?

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    As I recall, there were at least a few on this blog that liked the pick because of a reputation as a big hitter. Screw that, I want safeties that can tackle, whatever their color.

    We have one that does for sure, and Wright looks like he's getting there.

    For some reason (versatility?) Steltz keeps sticking too.

  • Phil is the fucking man. End of.

  • In reply to Bears-4-Ever:

    What are we paying Earl at this point? I remember he got a nice extension... I think he's getting the kind of money that shouldn't be paid to a WR4 (when Alshon's healthy, that is...)

    Seriously, the guy is just good at catching, and Jay trusts him.

    Get Hester where he belongs. Calling fair catches and watching kick offs sail out of the end zone.

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    Cheap shot. #HGH

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    hee hee.

    (take that shady)

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    Earl's making decent dinero. Base contract of $15M for 5 years, with $9M guaranteed, including the $6M bonus he got for signing. There are escalators for the fifth year roster bonus that he won't hit with Marshall getting 15-20 targets a game (whether he's open or not) and Earl maybe 3-5. It's hard to make 80 catches when the ball is thrown your way 70 times all season.

  • I agree with everything you said, blogfather. But why did you have to throw out the hippy blast?

    I would have preferred..."that seems a taller order than trying to beat a New Jersey kid in a meatball contest"...

  • When you can't use pop-culture references, I think your options are limited.

    MORE LIMITED THAN A (insert pop-culture reference)!

    Possible "hip-" references -

    - Hipster reference? Too pop cultural.
    - Hippopotamus reference? Too biological.
    - Hippocrates reference? Too medicinal.
    - Hippocampus reference? Too psychological.

    Hippie reference? Historical. (therefore, classy)

    Now, a hypnotist reference is pure gold. Maybe next time, Jefe.

  • In reply to Who is Willie Gault:

    Well played, Willie. Well played.

  • When I had long hair it shone like diamonds you fuckers, smelled like apples. Long live hippies.Eh, man.

  • Try beating a Jersey girl in a dirty hoah contest.

  • Cutler to Bennett TD would be perfect in Nashville. Twice.

    I can't believe the Bears are prepared to waste yet another season of Hester returns by giving him extended snaps on offense. And for what? A few catches and one or two TDs? Didn't they learn from 08-09 when they ruined his returning ability and he had no TDs because he was playing offense (using that phrase loosely)?

    I see no good reason that an offense with Cutler's arm, Forte's diversity, Bush's power running, Marshall's beast presence, Bennett's hands, and Hester's speed can't produce consistently. Oh wait, yes I do. The reason is we have a really offensive line and no cohesive offensive game plan. The D succeeds more often than not because the players know the scheme and what they're trying to accomplish. The offense doesn't succeed often because there's no identity from drive to drive, let alone game to game. We're now nearly halfway through the season, so the excuses are getting old. You can at least try to develop an identity.

  • In reply to bearsfanatic:

    Agree big time on the identify thing. My vote would be to run the ball more and stop the damn play action on the first play of the game all the time.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    100%. They simply had NO answer for our run last week and we just didn't.

    Tice BLOWS man. He is honestly terrible. We have allll the weapons if used properly.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    It could be much, much worse, 30.
    It could be Martz in the booth. Just ponder what Jay would be lip-synching right now if that were the case.

    And I should be back online in four days.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Or (shudder) Ron Turner.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    how's it going down there maings? you hangin in?

    I am undecided as to whether I am coming back online. I have the TV set up, I just haven't hooked up the PS yet. Just don't know at this point. I miss playing with you guys, but it's a lot of time spent.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    I am ready to come home, that's for damn sure. I get home late Friday, get Direct TV installed Saturday, have movers get the rest of my shit into the new house Sunday, then leave again for a business trip on Monday.

  • In reply to bearsfanatic:

    Gameplan? Identity ?


    Can't make wine from piss.

  • I knew the Bears would experience a bit of a lull, but we're in mid-season now, and the hardest part of our schedule is coming up (Don't sleep on the Titans. If you though Smith tore up the Bears, remember what Hasselbeck has done to us).

    The kinks need to be worked out NOW. I accepted that our Offense wouldn't be as creative, and it isn't, but I didn't expect our O to be such inconsistent. Do we even run screens anymore? How about one of those fake draws reverse screens? Have we even run a draw from a 3 WR set? Seriously, have we? No huddle when we're not losing? How about 3 TE bootleg P/A pass? ONE flee flicker when we're up by 30. How about lining up Forte and Bush in the backfield at the same time? A reverse (with Weems, not Hester)? Yes, even a wild cat with Hester, E-rod and Forte...Fuck, something!

    I'm not saying to rely on these, but at least mix it up a bit, make future opponents game plan a little more. I know Tice is more of a meat and potato guy, which is fine, but shouldn't meat and potato offenses RUN it more? I think Bates needs to get a little more involved here perhaps.

  • I'd like to see Cutler run a bit more of the hurry up no huddle offense. When they catch a defense in a personnel or schematic matchup they have an advantage against, don't let them change. Keep attacking. And attacking. And attacking. It worked brilliantly on the final drive of Sundays game.

  • In reply to Shady:

    Here's my thinking why they don't run the no huddle more Shady, and it's good in theory. Tice realizes we have a killer D, and he learned from Martz' mistakes. "Don't fuck up" seems to be Tice's offensive motto (maybe someone can translate that into Latin). He knows Lovie HATES turnovers on O, so Tice is trying to play a ball control game, which gives our D a chance to rest while limiting opposing O opportunities.

    The problem is, Tice admitted essentially keeping like 80% of the Martz O for "continuity", but the Martz O isn't predicated on ball control. It's quite the opposite in fact, with long routes to get chunk yardage fast (Greatest Show on Turf).

    Hence, we get this scarecrow offense which looks great on one drive, then goes 3 and out in the next.

    But because our D is playing so well, I'm not sure Tice will want to go with the no huddle approach. Tice and Lovie are inherently conservative, and it would surprise the hell out of me if they ever did go no huddle through out a game.

    Also, the a coach must trust his QB to run a no huddle, and are we all really willingly to trust Cutler that much with decision making? W know Martz wasn't, and not sure Tice is.

  • Along these lines, I remember hearing Steve Young talk about why Peyton is so effective in the no-huddle, and why other teams don't use it more. What Young said was pretty funny and insightful (paraphrase):

    'Well, Peyton is a special guy. First of all, a team must have a QB who understand defenses, and not many QBs understand them like Peyton. You also got to be able to trust the QBs judgment. You see, QBs like throwing the ball, and if it were up to them, they'd always throw it. That's just the way we think. But Peyton will check down to a run if he sees a mismatch. Not many QBs are willing to do that.'

    Enter Gun-slinger Cutler and always-open Marshall...(at least, in their minds)

  • Wow... love that last sentence as your conclusion. It's exactly what I keep seeing. You could be Hester, or Bennett, with no one within five yards of you, but Jay looked at Brandon first and that's where it's going.

    Think how crazy awesome Marshall could be for us if he caught a pass that wasn't expected now and then?

  • Running a no huddle and protecting the ball aren't mutually exclusive. Brady runs a brilliant no huddle dinking and dunking down the field. I think Cutler is intelligent enough to recognize a favorable matchup and run a no huddle. It doesn't have to be for a majority of the game, but certain opportunities present themselves which the offense can take advantage.

  • People used to think the Ditka boys were a conservative offense. But Forte to Cutler in the endzone like Sweetness to Jimmy? The unblockable Fridge? Nobody has the balls for trick plays anymore on the Bears, or even anything remotely different. Lovie is way more conservative in all aspects. How about a few fake punts/FGs please? Get your first downs when they're not expecting it.

  • Does anyone else think they've been limiting the number of carries for Forte in anticipation of this tough stretch of schedule coming up? I'd be interested to see what the number of runs are in the Texans, SF, and Minni games.

  • Now that's a silver lining, Sac :-)

    It will depend on effectiveness, one would hope. But the Carolina game is evidence to the contrary. Maybe we'll only run a lot when it's NOT working.

  • Did you guys smell that?

  • It smells like 7-1.

  • In reply to Viva:

    I love the smell of first place in the morning!

  • In reply to Viva:

    Smelling it Viva.

    The Bears are 3.5 faves to beat TEN. BAL the same to beat CLE, and DEN the same to beat CIN.


    (Punches and kicks his Sanchez effigy. "LACES OUT!")

  • Its time retire the theory that Hester is struggling with returns because he is to tired from playing so many offensive snaps. It's bullshit. He sucks just as bad on the first return of the game as the last. He just simply isn't as fast as he used to be. Nor is he as elusive. Watch an old return and watch him today. It just isnt the same. The burst is gone. He used to be able to slip through very small gaps purely due to his ability to cut and accelerate. He. Can't. Do. It. Anymore.
    I love Devin Hester and what he has been, but there's a reason most returners are young and we're watching it.

  • In reply to Johnnywad:

    I see a more hesitant returner but not a slower one.

  • Yes. He's thinking about it these days, methinks. Before, he just felt the Force.

    By the way, George Lucas just sold Lucasfilm to Disney and they're going to make a bunch of new Star Wars movies. Thank you George and God Bless. Enjoy your 2.2% of Disney shares and enjoy a long life.

  • In reply to Johnnywad:

    Let me guess, trade him right? You know it's kind of hard to return a kick when they refuse to give you an opportunity. I need to create an uber handle like Waffle to defend the honor of #23 - something like "He who is patient shall inherit touchdowns that will flow like diaherrea from the bowels of the doubters of greatness." Or maybe not.

  • In reply to Shady:

    "Uber Handle"...!?
    PLEASE, don't go there!
    Trolls are bad enough.

  • In reply to Shady:

    No. Why trade him? He's still good. Just not what he used to be. He still may break one or two along the way. I didn't
    say he's useless. Hell, Rivera
    gave him like 150 yds. in returns without letting him touch the ball. I wouldn't mind getting a look at Weems back there on occasion either.

  • In reply to Johnnywad:

    He's not worth much in a trade, I'd imagine. The Superbowl was six years ago.

  • Agreed. What's his value? If somebody showed up offering a second rounder as was mentioned in an earlier thread, I would take it. Our first and second plus an additional second in next year's draft just might get you a shot at Manti. Doubt it cuz we'll be picking late, but who knows?

  • On a completely different topic, I've been seeing Tim Jenning's mug shot at the beginning of every game and keep wondering what's familiar about it. I keep thinking "who/what does he look like?". Figured it out. He's "Predator" from the 1987 Schwarzenegger classic. Not kidding. Complete with expansive forehead and dreads
    How perfect is that? Predator. Who knew.

  • In reply to Johnnywad:

    And Peanut looks like Omar from the Wire.

    Without the scar. Or the gayness.

    But just as much of a bad ass robbing mothafucka...

  • In reply to Johnnywad:

    jesus, just stop it.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Stop what? Dude reminds me
    of the Predator. Plays like it too. Apparent misunderstanding here. TJ's a killer.

  • In reply to Johnnywad:

    Finally. A nickname for the NFL interception leader - The Predator. Awesome.

  • Any idea what's bugging MB on this one? I thought it was perfect.

  • Prediction:

    1. A return to the quick passes and chain moving routes that Bennett became known for over the last 2 years. Why did we stop running them in favor of Hester? All Bennett does is make fucking plays and get first downs.

    2. More of a rythym in the passing game with more short routes to Marshall and Bennett on the same side. Hester on short routes dragging across the middle. More KD in the seam and on short routes to get him involved.

    Please Tice, please fucking move the pocket BUT letting Jay get rid of it quickly to Davis in the flat or Earl on a comeback. Everytime we do a playaction it's this long drawn out affair when we should be focusing on getting the fucking ball out of Jay's hands and into the hands of our weapons.

    7-1 in a matter of days.

  • get some johnny

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    it was cold as balls today. Also I was busy kicking ass and taking names at work...and by taking names I mean reading every article I could about anything written by anyone about the Bears.

  • hahahahaha. nice.

  • I'm with Johnny on the glass being 7/8 full. I'm always with you in spirit. What's the point in watching a game with a negative attitude? I just don't and won't think that way. If I want to be negative, I'll watch a Presidential debate or one of those shitty all politics all the time cable news shows.

  • In reply to TheFifth:

    Who 1/16th pissed in my glass? If it was that bug-eyed insurance salesman with the greenish-yellow pallor who keeps rubbing his sides like he's in pain, I'm not drinking till someone rips his kidneys out for a biopsy to prove there's no disease.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    The impact of this storm is almost incomprehensible. People were told to evacuate their homes along Lake Michigan today right down the road from where I grew up, about 45 miles north of Chicago. I live about 200 miles west of Lake Michigan on the MN border, and we had strong winds today from that storm.

  • In reply to TheFifth:

    I'm in Florida right now and we're still feeling the winds. Absolutely insane area in VA dodged a big bullet. Hurricane Irene may have cost $10 billion last year, but the fact that it prepped the NYC/Jersey coast for this is literally priceless. This same storm, had it hit last year, would have been vastly more tragic. Irene was nothing compared to this one.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Oooooh, wind. Is it a hot wind? I'll send you some Sandy iceballs to alleviate your suffering.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    Don't you have a couple of feet on the snow there, Crunch?

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Nah. We had some snow, but most of it fell in the mountains south-east of me. I would have preferred it to this unending rain of slush. Thank God it stopped icing-up.

    I actually did make a couple of Sandy snowballs. They turned to translucent gray spheres of ice immediately upon packing. They're in my freezer, for some reason.

    Maybe I'll make a drink after election day. Be careful down there in Fla.

  • That Saints bastard getting away with an obvious spear with intent to injure might have something to do with it.

    QBs need to know how to protect their receivers over the middle by putting the ball in a place where the intended target does not have to get maimed to catch it. Cutler is not great at it, but he could be a hell of a lot worse.

  • Jeez, Jefe - you live in QUEENS? Hope all is well with you and yours. That was some serious shit.

  • Hester has definitely lost it, somehow. I think with his bulking up as well as continued punishment as an offensive player have hurt him in terms of speed and explosiveness. He has nagging injuries that will more than likely never fade, watches offensive gametape rather than devoting all his time to special teams, and has packed on a considerable amount of muscle from 06-07. Weight on the frame, distractions, and rickity joints slow him.

    Then again, I could be off base and the blocking could be terrible (We do seem to lose all of our special teams studs - Bowman [welcome back Zach], Graham, and Ayanbadejo come to mind), or Hester just had his mojo stolen.

  • In reply to Scharfinator:

    Reminds me of 08-09 when he thought too much and danced when he got the ball. Too much side-to-side. Needs a Friday Night Lights "you wanna dance, Flash, you take a girl to the prom" pep talk from Toub. He used to look like he was shot from a cannon. Just catch and cut with ferocity. Now he's meek and mild.
    His catch on offense a couple of weeks ago when he broke past his defender and laid out for the ball showed some burst. I think he's still fast. He just needs to return to his catch and go mentality on returns. I also think the blocking isn't what it used to be. We've had a lot of turnover on specials lately.

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