Rapid Fire: Weirdest Blowout of My Life?

Rapid Fire: Weirdest Blowout of My Life?

It never felt like a blowout, even as Cutler erupted in the second half and the Reverend and I questioned with Chad Henne was actually the Jaguars backup quarterback. It never felt dominant, even as Armando Allen (really?) showed some of that early-camp flash. The second half of this 41-3 rout felt more like relief. Good relief but relief nevertheless. It allowed me to breathe at the North Haven, Connecticut Holiday Inn bar and acknowledge, "Yes, this is a very good football team. I'm not crazy."

Some thoughts...

  • I hated Matt Forte staying in the game to get a hundred yards. I understand it matters to these guys but Forte is an essential member of this offense, coming off a semi-serious injury, staring down fourteen days off. Were those 100 yards really worth a potential injury? And why was Cutler handing him the football at that point? I had no audio for the game so maybe this was explained?
  • Another solid effort from J'Marcus Webb at left tackle. As this season is progressing I could make a detailed argument that Webb has been a better tackle than Gabe Carimi. Carimi has to stop committing terrible penalties.
  • The Bears defensive line was inconsistent Sunday but once they get unleashed with a lead I don't think there's an offensive line in the NFL that will hold them back. I thought Corey Wootton's sack/fumble was the most significant play of the game Sunday.
  • There were a few moments Sunday where watching Brian Urlacher attempt to track Maurice Jones-Drew to the sideline made me sad. I thought the Jags would attack Urlacher and they did, over and over, throughout the first half. He simply lost his speed.
  • Lance Briggs found it.
  • I hope some Bears fans are now understanding what I love about Justin Blackmon. He is a special talent.
  • Nice to have a player as talented as Michael Bush coming off the bench, huh? I knew Bush was a big, bruising back but I didn't expect him to be a weapon in the passing game.
  • I think the Bears should retire the slant because I'd guess Jay Cutler throws 60% of his interceptions on poorly executed slants. Jay seems uncomfortable throwing them. The receivers seem uncomfortable running them. The whole thing looks like a circus. So just retire the play.
  • The Bears secondary STILL needs to clean-up the go route execution. It seems every week - Gibson, Bryant, Shorts - some receiver is running free over the top. The Bears better clear it up in the next two weeks because Stafford/Johnson will test them repeatedly in primetime at Soldier Field.
  • Nobody seemed to take more ridiculous criticism this summer than Peanut Tillman. Folks decided a meaningless game in the Meadowlands was reason enough to cut the guy. Tillman has been in the shadow of Tim Jennings for the early part of the year but now has essentially hit game-winning homers in back to back weeks. Good to see.
  • Hey, Muhsin Muhammad! I guess Chicago is not where receivers go to die. I guess it's just where a shitty receiver like you went to steal McCaskey money. Alshon Jeffery is going to be very good for a very long time.
  • I want Earl Bennett to come back because I just don't trust Kellen Davis to be able to catch the ball. Tight end has to be a focus for Phil Emery in April.
  • 12 catches. 144 yards. 1 touchdown. Wow, Brandon Marshall. You need to not get hurt.

4-1 into the bye is better than I expected and the teams, as a whole, looks better than I expected. We'll spend the next 48 hours wrapping up the first five games and find a fun way to pass time over the next long, boring week.

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  • FIRST time in NFL History for back to back tandem pick six's!

  • Way too early to write off the slant, Jeff. Garza rolled the ball to Jay in the gun, which obviously dropped his eye level, and Cutler never saw the DB...It will be a potent stick mover in the future.

    I wouldn't let Urlacher dress for another game on artifical turf (not that Jax Stadium was) unless it is a playoff game.. I didn't particualrly care for that decision in Dallas.

  • It appears one Matthew Hinton of Jacksonville, who LinkedIn says is an assistant to a private investigator with a B.A. in criminal justice, is now going to get to use that education to study the federal penitentiary system up close and personal, with Bubba and his cockmeat sandwich as a personal tour guide.

    Innocent until proven and all that, but it appears Matty did not like something that 42 year Chris Pettry of Illinois said to him at 2am on the patio of a bar in Jacksonville. So, he stabbed him in the heart with a blade and killed him.

    Pettry, a divorced father of three who did contracting, died before the paramedics could arrive.

    Every year I lived in Denver, some stupid Raidah fan went home either in stitches or, twice - a body bag. And that was on the Bronco side of the fence. People are stupid, and the NFL breeds some real knuckledragging fuckwagons who should stick to knifing people in MW3, but instead decide they are fucking Steven Seagal, giant fatasses who think they are going to go slo-mo Kung Fu on somebody despite, much like Seagal, being unable to lift their leg above their hip. Doesn't stop the meatheads from rolling up, does it?

    Stupid shit. One less Bears fan in the world. Jacksonville is a shit hole town with a shit hole team. Fuck them.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Yeah man, I read that article. Damn sad...Over a damn football game!! I understand we get heated, but I would never kill someone over a game....Sorry for Pettry's family...Poor guy flew in on Friday to watch the game...Sad story to hear and I feel for his family/friends

  • I feel the exact same way about Urlacher, Jeff. He's no longer able to go sideline to sideline, but he's still the heart and soul of the defense, and having him out there is important to the confidence and swagger we bring each week. He said it himself, he's the "High 5 Guy" now. As long as he puts us in the right coverage and continues to use his wisdom and experience to stay a step(or more) ahead, he's better on the field than off. I would like to see Phil do the equivalent of trading up for a starting defensive QB and get Manti T'eo in the draft. This is a great, balanced team that's coming together at the right time, and I am 100% confident we can be playing in the last game of the year. BEAR DOWN!

  • In reply to MattySouthside:

    Unfortunately, when we play a good team they will be able to exploit Urlacher's lack of movement. They need to draft linebackers but I don't think they move up to do it. Still need o lineman with the first pick I think. I still wonder if Urlacher would have had surgery if his speed would have recovered. His knee is obviously not right.

  • Oh, and watching Urlacher chase MJD around was like watching Rocky chase the chicken around the yard before Adrianne told him to "just win". Uninspired and slow as hell.

    Urlacher said in pre-game that his job on the field now is to give high-5s. Even he knows he can't get it done. All he does is force an OL from time to time to block him. He's not going to make a play.

    So far, it seems to have inspired Briggs and Tillman, the other old timers, to play the most inspired ball of their careers. After Wooten didn't even PLAY during a pre-season game, I was sure the guy was headed for the bus terminal. Now, at times, I want to swap a gassed Peppers out for Wooten. How fucked up is that?

    Chicken Sinner only has one move: the spin move. And everybody has seen it on film and knows it's coming. Outside of that, at 260 he can't do much of anything when he isn't stunting. Except his speed is a real detriment to QBs getting outside the pocket, so even though he's not collapsing himself, he's great at running down the flushed QB. So as long as he lines up with Melton, I guess he is ok.

    Marshall is a beast. That is all.

  • Game Changing Plays:

    Wootton - sack fumble killing a scoring drive

    Michael Bush got a key first down on a 3rd and 15 screen while jumping over 2 guys and diving past a 3rd for a first down. Then he ripped off an 11 yard run right after.

    Cutler to Hester who layed the fuck out for that key 3rd down conversion.

    Cutler to Marshall on countless 3rd downs and even a 4th and 1.

    Cutler audibling out of a run call after seeing Marshall one on one. I kept laughing and shaking my head as the safety kept walking up without hiding it from Cutty.

    Great job by Cutler when he tucked the ball on two occasions for key first downs.

    Jennings with a couple of solid tackles on 3rd down pass plays to force 3 and outs early in the game.

    On another note it is painfully obvious that the Tribune writers won't give any credit to Cutler as not one article out of the last 13 were about him, him being 9-1 out of his last 10, leading us to 4-1 this year, posting really solid numbers yesterday, etc. The only Cutler article on the Trib site is a Terry Bradshaw article telling Cutler to "grow up".

    I've been up for 3 hours with the kids today and on NFL Network out of 3 hours of programming the Bears game literally got 25 seconds of clips and it was just Peanuts return. This is crazy.

    It is unfortunate that one of the biggest media outlets in Chicago is chock full of frustrated and petty writers and hosts. It is kind of unfair to those that actually like to talk about football and the success we are having. I know that ESPN 1000 got the Cutler show over The Score but do they have to be so painfully jealous and pissed off over that fact?

    Am I totally off base here?

  • No, not off base at all. So just stick around here and keep writing about football.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    I'm concerned about Alshon's hand. That kid is special and lining up across the field from Marshall means his introduction to the league has been more productive. Perfect learning environment for a rookie. Cutler almost had him on a pretty backshoulder td pass. the pass was about a foot high and pulled Alshon's foot off the ground a little early. the fact that they feel comfortable going to him on those types of plays and on slants in the red zone makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

  • It sounds like it swelled. I thought most times breaks usually swell very little, could be wrong but I thought sprains swelled more than breaks. Hopefully it's ust a sprain, that kid is looking like he could be special, hate to lose him for more than a game or two.

  • Not off base on the papers but a little on the SCORE. The SCORE's main d bags are Boers and Bernstein but they hate everyone and are dicks to all. There is a happy medium somewhere though. ESPN kisses Cutler's butt since he is on the station and some on the score are overly critical since they hate everything. Personally I like the score a little better with their analysis. Part of that is hating everything the 4 letter network stands for.

  • fb_avatar

    No. The Chicago sports media is pretty much a one song chorus. Their job is to antagonize the fan base and provide ammunition to trolls, and malcontents.

  • I hear that!! Even when we destroyed the Cowpies, it was about how they lost and what's wrong with them...That's ok with me. We can fly under the radar all the way to the Superbowl...That's just fine with me!!!

  • So, if Wooten can continue to improve and Urlacher continues to decline do the Bears re-sign Urlacher? I wonder how Mcclellin would do as MLB. If Wooten keeps lookinglike he actually deserves to be there why not? Mcclellin is built more like a LB anyways and has the speed to track plays down and go into coverage. I know it's been brought up here before but Urlacher not coming back next year is looking very realistic and then what do the Bears do? Draft a rookie and depend on him or bring in a Free Agent or give Mcclellin a chance as he will know the defense.

  • In reply to JAB1:

    I don't know Jab, it's a heart wrenching call. If Urlacher doesn't come back there is an emotional dropoff component to the situation. Urlachers knee will be better by next year but he will be 35.

    Shea could put on 10lbs and be a monster Outside linebacker and line up opposite of Briggs but that would be better for a 3-4. He drops into coverage decently enough but better than a Nickel i just don't know yet. I just don't see him at MLB. I truly see Wootton taking full advantage of his opportunities and earning a permanent spot on the club at DE. He is enormous and plays aggressive.

    I know that Shea plays like a more talented Nick Reed at this point. He is also a rookie so let's give him and the coaches some more time to work it out. He's got one move at DE and that is the spin move. He'd be a bad ass strong side backer at 265 or 270 as I like my DE's to be gigantic 290lb+ killers like Pep, Woot and Izzy.

  • Woot had 2 sacks including a drive killing sack fumble, good pressure and is young. he was a bona fide first round talent before the late college knee injury. I don't want that kid on special teams either, he lost all of last year because of an injury on a kickoff. fuck that.

  • Is Wootton only 270? no way. he looks fucking enormous compared to Shea.

  • I thought he was 285. I hope he can keep it up. With Peppers having Plantars Fasciatas or however you spell it, they need to be able to get him some rest. Hopefully the bye week helps him out but that injury seems to haunt people most of the season.

  • In reply to JAB1:

    If Urlacher wants to play, I would bring him back.

    Our DE rotation is stellar...I wouldn't change a thing about it (it's taken more than a few years to put together). That rotation is the reason we have +17 takeaways. They make everyone better.

  • In reply to Viva:

    At what cost though Viva? I would think Urlacher knowing it's his last contract will be looking for as much money as possible. We will see where his loyalties lie as much as the Bears. If I'm Emery I don't break the bank for Urlacher. don't get me wrong, I love Urlacher but I'm a Bears fan first. I'm not paying for top dollar for a 35 year old MLB who appears to have lost his athletic advantage.

  • In reply to JAB1:

    I'm a big Lach fan, but 35, bum knee...Not sure how many teams will break the bank for him, not even the Bears. I also do not think Lach will be looking for massive money when he knows he wants to retire as a Bear and with the talent we have this year/talent we will get in the offseason. #54 will retire a Bear and be immortalized in Halas Hall!!!

  • In reply to JAB1:

    I don't think anyone else is going to pay top dollar for him either.
    Exhibit A: Olin Kreutz.

  • Agree about Bush; the guy is having a tremendous year, and it's not fair to call him a "back-up"; he's definitely the jab to Forte's roundhouse. Bush hurdling that guy was awesome. Guy can run you over, or jump over you.

    Disagree about TE being a priority in April. Oline, despite Webb's progress, is a bigger need. LB is a bigger need. Hell, anywhere on the aging is a bigger need than TE.

    And Urlacher needs to get some time in working that knee. It's weird to see him moving so slowly sideline-to-sideline--bad knees don't do that. Straight line speed doesn't go away so much as lateral speed and cutting ability. Urlacher is looking just plain slow.

    So I think he needs some big-time PT on the knee. Maybe two weeks will get him some major improvement.

  • where is Michael Jackson's hyperbaric chamber when you need it? I'm truly not kidding but I think Tommie Harris borrowed it a while back. Some call Tommie and ask if we can borrow it.

  • Didn't Forte borrow one last year?

    How about some stem cells for Urlacher? Michael Jackson could supply those..

  • Haha, look up Tommie in the clink somewhere in Chi...I read he got hitched somewhere by Wrigleyville like a week ago.

  • Some replies:

    - While you are right about the non-necessity of getting Matt 100 yards, you can't always coach/play in fear of injuries.
    - Carimi had a bad day, but overall he's been better than Webb most games. But J'Marcus has been looking like a pro, which pleases many of us no end.
    - Jags O-line was owning the D-line most of the first half until that play; Wooten's was a big play for sure, but not bigger than Peanut's
    - It is sad indeed to see Urlacher running like he's afraid his leg will fall off. Do you suppose it's fear? While I'm just an old white guy with no real financial interest in it, ever since I had my ACL reconstructed with it I've been a little tentative when sprinting (well, if my horrific imitation thereof could be called "sprinting").
    - Michael Bush's hurdle surprised us. Perhaps it shouldn't have; it was my favorite play of the game I think.
    - Maybe the slant should be retired if Jay can't feel it, although I think Earl and Devin could make it work.
    - Well, we're getting lucky so far on the go routes. The other guys keep missing the connection.
    - You never know Jeff, the embarrassment in the preseason may have been a motivator for Peanut.
    - On Muhammad? Right on, blogfader!
    - I want Earl Bennett to come back because... just because.
    - On Marshall... GP said "beast". Not much else to say about the on field stuff. His off-field demeanor is rather pleasing as well.

    On thing about the writers being all over Cutler is that they stay off other guys. A good thing, probably.

    And I'll write it again on this thread - I sure like that Chris Conte knows how to tackle. That one on MJD should be in a training film.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    I've yet to see Devin catch a slant-in. Has it happened?

    The only guys who are any good at it are Bennett and Marshall.

    Jeffery should learn Roy WIlliams out move. Roy fell the fuck apart like an old Dodge, but if that dude had one thing down, it was the out route and sideline catch. Jeffery needs to add that to his game.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to SC Dave:

    Matt Forte deserved to get a 100 yard game.
    The Jaguars o-line was not owning the Bears D-line. They had sold out on running the ball. Their splits were about 12 inches. Which for the NFL is like no split at all.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Dave, I would agree all except the "can't play in fear of injury." While I agree when it is relevant, when it isn't, we need to bench our guys. I reference Thibs keeping Rose in the game when he was not needed. We all know what happened, and the Bulls' championship hopes went to the trash with that decision.

  • According to Rotoworld, prelim X-rays' came back negative and it isn't serious. Alshon said that if he could've come back if needed.

    I will investigate further. Looks like it was dislocated though.

  • Dislocated what? Wrist or finger? A dislocated wrist is very serious, a finger not so much and he should be ready after the bye week.

  • In reply to JAB1:


  • when the showed the big-ass wrap on tv, all fingers protruded save for the pinky.

    I'm not a doc, nor do I play one on the blog, but it looked like a jammed in pinky, which hurts to high hell, I hit mine on a tree while riding a bike and jammed it inward toward the socket and broke the bone. Fuck that hurt.

  • For what it's worth, Cutty just passed Billy Wade for most TD passes in Bears History second only to Sid Luckman. Sid had an advantage though as he invented the forward pass so he had 70 TD passes in his first 4 games. The defensive players could be heard yelling , "what devil sorcery is this? The ball seems to be floating through the air!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!"

  • Sid Luckman's actual numbers:


  • In reply to SC Dave:

    Fun fact: Both Sid Luckman and Jay Cutler have false teeth.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    I found an old newspaper from 1943. Luckman was lambasted in the press for only throwing 27 TD passes in their 3rd game. The reporters felt he missed a chance on 6 other TD opportunities that game. Rosenblooms great grandfather was a beat reporter for the team at the time.

  • What a bitch she was.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    I think she also complained because Fat Man and Little Boy only killed 100,000 when she felt they easily should have killed more like 200,000. She called them "classic underachievers" I believe.

  • +1, classic.

  • She hated slants too.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    way to keep it going. +1

  • I have no idea how Wooten looked the shit in pre-season to the point of missing a game entirely to being the guy who gets to the corner better than Pep can on his gimpy feet. I thought Woot was getting cut.

    Just shows what a fucking shell game the pre-season is. For all we know, Lovie told Woot to dog it in the PS as a diversion for the waiver wire.

    Also, Okeye showed the fuck up yesterday.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    I'm slow to annoint Wooten yet. Show it to me for more than a couple games. He looked really good yesterday but I want to see more.

  • In reply to JAB1:

    He will. He's playing aggressive, inspired ball and knows this is his chance to make a mark.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Okoye back on the team was like fate. I couldn't believe we let him go for a couple hundred thousand. Now that we have him back I am pleased. fucking pleased.

  • "I think the Bears should retire the slant ..."

    Oh YEAH!

    THAT seems like a GREAT solution.

    Why don't they just stop passing altogether?

    That would ELIMINATE interceptions!

    Get real!

    Don't DUMP it.

    FIX IT !!!!

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    I agree. Teams like the Packers use this play as their running game since they can't run. Imagine getting the slant working along with the Bears running game. I think part of the problem is Cutler. He's not the quick reaction type of quarterback, he's shown he relies more on the strength of his arm than the ability to know where a receiver will be. Those slants require a quick decision to perform. He's got the arm for it but not sure about the quick reaction it takes.

  • So MB has been missing the past couple days which leads me to believe he's either dead, or spent yesterday recovering all of the bodily fluids he lost this weekend.

    Or both. In which case that's a hell of a way to go out. Bang! Bang!

  • In reply to Shady:

    I hope MB got some ass. Great substantive football conversations going on here today. Sounds like Alshon sprained or dislocated the finger, which can be very painful to play with, especially when your catching bullets from cutler, but can be overcome and shouldn't stop him from getting on the field. The bye comes at a perfect time for the kid. Also, not one word discussed about Rachal since he's been implimented into the starting line-up, which we all know is a good thing when your playing o-line. He seems to have some Lance Louis nastiness to him. I like it.

  • In reply to Crown:


    that is all.

  • In reply to Crown:

    lance louis nastiness without the lance louis getting beat for five sacks in one game trait? sign me up.

  • I would just like to reiterate this amazing stat. Since three of the TD's scored against the bears have been off a JC int, off a fake field goal, and against the scrubs late in Dallas....

    The bears starting D has had 3 touchdowns scored against them.
    The bears starting D has scored 5 touchdowns.

    Holy shit that is awesome.

  • They are litterally winning games on their own, '05/'06 style. Right now they do not need an explosive offense, they just need an offense to not turn the ball over. Eventually my guess is the Bears will need to win a shootout on the shoulders of their offense, but right now the defense is playing at a level where the offense just needs to protect the football.

  • +14

  • Fun game, but we need to temper our excitement and realize that Jacksonville flat out sucks donkey dick. I'm really looking forward to seeing us agains some top teams.

    Jeff, I still don't get your Blackmon love. Dude caught 3 balls for 40 yards. Marshall did that on 1 drive...

  • Point taken Coach, but let's enjoy these while we can. The last half of the season does not have a lot of easy games. Unless, of course, Minnesota comes down off that cloud they're on.

  • He did that with Blaine Gabbert throwing the ball - that should equal a Pro Bowl spot.

  • every team we beat people will cite the opponents skill level. It's not that we won the game. We fucking stomped on their fucking heads the ENTIRE game. We just didn't score more in the first half.

    It's what we did to win that was exciting. We got after the QB, we created turnovers, we adjusted at half, we ran the fucking rock, we utilized our new WR weapons correctly. Guys like Devin continued to step up.

    We fucking beat the shit out of Dallas and they got 180 passing yards in garbage time when we were up 3 scores. It was a fucking football raping.

    We didn't squeak out victories. The games that were supposed to be ass kickings were ass kickings with OUR FIRST YEAR OFFENSE. It is their first year together with a first year coordinator, 2 new WR's, etc. It's all good things that can translate against any team.

    When we destroy Detroit doing the same thing people will say that Detroit was overrated this year and wait until we prove it against a real team. Do you guys realized what we did to the Lions when we don't hand them the game like Martz did before? We fucking football raped them silly and embarassed them. it will happen in 2 weeks.

  • Its really nice to see Tice use Hester in a way that will allow him to succeed. I've never been high on Hester as a receiver, but the last two weeks loom more like it. One on one, outside, deep ball. No more end around, bubble screen, et al. The traits that made him singular as a returner, ability to read the field, anticipate a seam and change direction without changing speed did not translate to being an #1 or #2 receiver. It's easy to see with nan actual #1 and a future #1/#2 here on the roster. Thank you Mike Tice.

  • In reply to Johnnywad:

    agreed, it just sucks that it took 7 years for an OC to realize it. Hester will gain more and more confidence and fear boners will grow throughout the league. If Hester is on one side and the other side is doubling Marshall there may be more cover 1 (man) on Hester. RUH ROH.

    Who are you going to let go one on one? The guy that can burn your corner deep or the guy that can burn your corner deep or physically abuse him for a 40 yard jump ball almost every time? You choose Mr. Defensive coordinator with huge fear boner sticking out of your pants.

  • And when the Ds keep safeties over the top because they don't want to leave their corners 1on1, Forte and Bush can run wild.

  • Fuckin trick ass marks!

  • In reply to Crown:


    miss that guy

  • We all know that DJ comes in on passing downs. That being said: I have noticed the past few weeks that when Roach has to guard a WR or TE he has done an excellent job in coverage. Why not let Nick get a shot as our next MLB? He looked decent in the preseason, and even better week 1. I like Chicken Dinner as much as the next guy, but Roach seems to be a better fit at the moment.

  • In reply to EnderWiggin:

    Da blog hates the roach! We hates it! Hissss!

    Something to do with pansy ass watercolors, I think.

  • In reply to EnderWiggin:

    NOOOO! I agree, Roach has done a pretty good job in covering TEs and the such, but that's supposed to be one of the qualities of a Strong Side LB in a Cover-2. If Roach moves inside, I think he'll get gobbled up.

    I'd rather move McClellin to MLB, and have Briggs and Roach pretty much making all the adjustments until he gains more experience.

  • ahhhhhh! two weeks! My B-day is on the 21st, and I would love nothing better than for the Bears to Vag-punch the Lions on MNF the day after.

    Few notes from the Butch corner:

    - Alshon is for real. I don't know what Jeff sees in Blackmon. To me, he looked like another Crabtree (though he's now doing OK). I bet the Jags were wishing they got Alshon when he cradled that TD with one arm. That's right, ONE arm, because in the middle of that TD catch, Alshon's hand got injured, and instead of dropping it, he just switched it to the other hand and scored. BALLER. If you want to see the opposite, watch that Holme's injury when he basically flipped the ball up to the 49er D. Alshon is just a few inches away from big plays. Once he gets the timing, route running, and angles down, he's gonna be a force.

    - Bush is who I expected. I watched him closely last year when McFadden went down (one of the benefits to FF), and I was surprised how well-rounded he was. He doesn't have the acceleration or agility that Forte has though, and Bush did wear down towards the end of the season, which might be why many teams skipped on him in FA. Still, Bush is perfect in our system.

    - Agree with many on the Lach thoughts. He can no longer track players from sideline to sideline. This may come to hurt us later against certain HBs like McCoy or Foster who thrive on that stretch play (not so much Gore types). But I really don't fear for us in that position.

    A. Linebackers, even great ones, can be had for CHEAP in FA. HBs and LBs have been devalued so much in this league, that I have no fear that we can land a quality one in FA. I mean, who the hell wouldn't want to play MLB for the Bears?

    B. McClellin will be moved to MLB if necessary. The more the Bears deny this, the more I believe it will happen (esp if Wooten remains healhty). He's 6'3 260. McClellin grows an inch and loses 10 pounds, and he's a Lach clone, only he can shed a block and blitz, while he learns coverages.

    - Wooten has always impressed, he just has never remained healthy. I don't know why the Bears insist on injury prone athletes play SP teams (Wright, Wooten...), but perhaps they finally learned their lesson. Everyone keeps saying that our D is old, but it's not really. Wooten, Okoye, Wright, Conte, McCellin, Jennings, D.J. Moore, Melton, (Hardin)...all around 25ish, all under 28.

    - I know our O came out in the 2nd half with that long drive, but they have to get going faster. I'm not sure they've scored in the 1st quarter all season. The D can't always score 1st, can they?

  • That WAS a nice catch by Jeffery. Here it is again:


    Mathis was all over him, before and after the catch. In the final slo-mo, you can see Mathis attempt to rip Jeffery's right arm off the ball as Jeffery switches it to his left arm.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    Ashlin Martin?

  • There are some really nice items in Brad Biggs article this week: http://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/football/bears/chi-biggs-10-thoughts-after-bears-big-win-20121008,0,1744744,full.story

  • In reply to NY Bears Fan:

    Warm it up, la la la la la.

  • Anyone hear the Winston "We are not gladiator" rant? Anyone else think he sounds like Buffalo Bill?

  • Winston is 100% dead-on.

    I am officially a fan now because he had the balls to say what most guys are thinking, and he said it the right way: fans have the right to do whatever the fuck they want--they paid for their tickets--but as a guy who makes a living using his body for our entertainment, he's sickened by the fans cheering an injury (an injury to their home team's QB, no less).

    Good on ya, Winston.

  • +1

  • That Rusty Jones is one goofy sonova bitch!


  • super slo mo on that is classic.

  • Hello Boys! 4-1 feels so good now doesn't it? Did everyone else see Cutty doing the yuppy fist-punch thing with Tice and high fiving and smiling after the Allen TD run? Wonder if ESPN is going to run that as their headline like they did with the whole JWebb shove and the ignoring of Tice last week. I highly doubt it. Fuckers.
    I may be in the minority here but I dont see Webb playing much better. I have seen him getting more help on his side, which in turn helps HIM.His lack of blocking is appalling. It seems he lets the guy run wide around or MOST of the time doesn't touch the DE. I mean Omlet was a turnstile but this kid takes the cake. Now I know he isn't giving up the sack but most of the time he never TOUCHES his guy. Rewatch the Dallas game. But lucky for him he is somehow making the DE run so wide that they over pursue Cutler and the ball is gone before he gets hit.So I'm holding back any praise till I see him pancake Jared "Brokeback Mountain" Allen.
    As for the Legend that is 54. I hope for his sake that we gets his ring this year. All the old timers on this D. We will see how much child support he owes this off-season. But if he can be had for cheap as a sort of spiritual leader of the D while training his heir (TE'O!!!!) or McClellin for that matter, then we should keep him. I do think McClellin was drafted to be our next MLB. Halas Hall has a history of not telling their true intentions. I think we may have the next MLB for Da Bears, he's numbered 99 and playing DE while perfect his Dancing with the Stars move.

  • In reply to BAM46Blitz:

    I agree with a lot of what you're saying, but give Webb some credit. Pancaking isn't the only o-line blocking technique. J'Marc has been able to successfully push his guy outside so that cutty has a pocket and can step up. He's ensuring he doesn't get beat inside. Besides the 1 insignificant sack Ware had late last, he was able to contain the best pass rusher in the game. He has been very strong the last two weeks.

  • Hub and Hamp bitch slapped some caller for 10 minutes for suggesting that Chicken Sinner could play Mike for the Bears.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Remember when people called Lach a bust when they had him out of position at SSLB?

    maybe Shea just needs to be SSLB, bust there and then move to the middle.

  • World is supposed to end in 2012, right? Isn't that what they said?

    Tebow is starting tonight against the Texans, whose logo is El Diablo - and this is the 666th Monday Night Football game (no shit on that one).

    I better leave work early and pick up some Lou's for the game, it's the end of the world as we know it...
    it's the end of the world as we know it...

  • In reply to gpldan:

    I feel fine.

  • don't lie, he's fucking starting?!? Silvy asked Cutler if the Jets should ever start Tebow and it was the quickest NO answer i've ever heard.

    GP, i've got a new place by my house that tastes exactly like Lou's except one piece makes you feel like you got impregnated by Pringles.

  • Sounds like the worst pizza ever

  • In reply to Johnnywad:

    not if you've had 3 manhattans and are sitting in front of a bonfire outside.

  • I'm sure the pizza tastes great. I just never want to feel like I've just been impregnated by Pringles. No thank you sir. Not even with three Manhattans and a bonfire.

  • http://espn.go.com/chicago/nfl/story/_/id/8479835/chicago-bears-alshon-jeffery-fracture-right-hand

    Joe Anderson, time to put your big boy pants on.

  • Jeffrey is going to miss a few weeks.
    Finger is fractured.
    Bears will be bringing in a wide receiver or two...Mike Wright says - no, it's not Plax.

    Twitter is occasionally good for something...not much of something, but something.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Who was that guy we all really liked in pre-season but didn't make the cut?

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Otherwise, we get another helping of Scrappy Sheed. He's the Bear that just won't go away. He's just too damn scrappy.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Joe Adams is the 6'5 rook who did ok, but dropped one and fumbled one, but looked pretty solid otherwise. I think he's on a practice squad.

    Joe Adams is the the other UFA rook, but he's only like 6'1 or something.

    This might make Jonnhy Knox trade a little harder too.

    Here's an FA list.


  • Train, not trade.

  • Chris Summers, I meant (the 6'5 guy - I'm brain dead today).

  • Summers, yeah. Kid had some game.

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    It's good for good news:

    Michael C. Wright

    Not serious I'm told. They were worried at first though. RT @armyag3: @Mikecwright any word on Alshon Jeffery's hand yet?


    And bad news:

    Michael C. Wright

    Bad news on Alshon Jeffery. Just put in a cast and could miss some time. No surgery required though.


    But mostly bad news.

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    Screwed-up that first link. Should have been:


  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    I'm just glad you didn't kill the blog - how ya been, Crunch?

  • In reply to MikeBrownhadaPosse:

    Been looking for my Dad's wallet. He hid it from himself again. I spent three hours ransacking his house before finding it in his back pocket. Apparently he found it himself, while I was on the way over. Then he forgot he found it. Either that or he's just fucking with me.

    When I get Alzheimer's, I'm going to watch the Bears '85 season over and over again.

    What do you mean, kill the blog? You know I proved that statistically, I kill the blog less often.

  • Jeffery might miss 2-3 games, even with the bye.

    BUT, this might not be a bad stretch.

    The next games, Lions, Panthers and Titans will not be too difficult, relatively speaking. However, the next 3 games after that, the Texans, 9ers and Vikings will be much harder, so hopefully Alshon heals up in 3 weeks.

  • Yes... he has some time to get better. Actually, I wish the staff would consider giving BU some time to get right.

  • I didn't see the game but I don't doubt #54 wasn't at his best. However, let's see where he's at in the next few games before we start throwing dirt on him or sending him down the road. Maybe he won't get better, maybe he will. At this point it's anyone's guess. I do agree we have options on the roster but not great options right now.

  • Did anyone else see the pics of Mila Kunis aka the sexiest woman alive rocking a Bears t-shirt? That girl just get more and more awesome. I think I fell in love with her in Sarah Marshall.


  • Sorry... no way I'd consider her the sexiest woman alive. Not a chance. Hell, she was not even the best looking woman on the show.

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    hee hee

  • In reply to SC Dave:

    I agree she's not the sexiest woman alive (who is?) but if you like tiny good-looking women, you could do a lot worse.

  • Is she his girlfriend from That 70's Show? Looks just like her.

  • I'd pick Hot Dona, Dona's mom, or Eric's sister(second Lori) ahead of her.

  • my bitches. Thanks for the thoughts. Plans fell through on Sat night, but did my best to make up for it. No TDs, but got some stats (digits). Looking to turn those into TDs soon.

    Only saw pieces of the last quarter because i was busy... but what I did see I loved. Bang! Bang!

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Oh thank God. I thought you got eaten by a cougar.

  • I was trying my hardest to.

  • Jeez, Alshon broke his hand. I feel his pain--I broke my hand on a TE's bicep in my first season. I spent 4 weeks in a cast, working on my kicking. "Boxer's fracture" of my 4th metacarpal. After 4 weeks, the cast came off and the aching didn't stop for months, but I was good to go full-contact. And my fracture was bad enough (and displaced enough) that the doc considered surgery.

    He's a young kid; he'll be back in a few weeks. As long as Earl is gonna be back against the Lions, there's no need to activate a guy off the practice squad, or even bring in Sheed. Sheed can't catch, anyway.

  • This is kind of how I feel playing MW3 against Shady:

  • In reply to gpldan:


  • In reply to gpldan:

    Now THAT is funny.

  • Know who won't be seeing the field much? Sharrick McManus number 27, i just thought about this, he had 3 penalties on special teams. He cost us almost 45 yards of field position by himself.

    Toub, take care of it

  • I can remember one call was pretty blatant and the other was a phantom call. Don't remember a third one.

  • In reply to CanadaBear:

    the third one is me calling a penalty on him for being the guy we got rid of Clutts for.

  • There are any number of reasons why the Green Bay Packers are playing so inconsistently on offense, but one would be surprised to find trouble UNDER CENTER.

    On the surface, quarterback Aaron Rodgers had decent numbers in a 30-27 loss to the Indianapolis Colts, completing 21 of 33 passes for 243 yards and three touchdowns with one interception.

    But the numbers don't reflect the number of passes Rodgers MISSED, the UNNECESSARY SACKS he took and the drops his receivers had. The guy leading the offense Sunday is not playing at the level of the guy who won the MVP award a year ago.

    Now, before anybody nominates me for
    the Pulitzer Prize for Sports Journalism, or the Packer Trolls come in here screaming like banshees, I feel it only fair tp let you all know that the 3 paragraphs above were lifted from THE MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINAL.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    Al, a friend of mine who used to write about the Packers for a Madison paper has said similar things for well over a year. Discount Double Check would much rather take a sack or miss a receiver than hurt his QB rating with a chance for a pick, essentially saying he is not all about the team.

  • In reply to Albertintucson:

    I saw what you did there Al.

  • http://www.sportspickle.com/opinion/14131/honest-nflcom-headlines-week-5

  • hey toub: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=AKNlUnM0fAI#!

  • First off ..... rest Forte ? Huh? Didn't we just pay that guy 8M a year to share the backfield? Rest him? REST HIM? Ride that bitch into the ground. Who did Wally share the backfield with? A fullback who got paid two fitty an hour. Thirteen years, no rest. Just get the dress on already Matt. How many games has this guy missed?

    Armando Allen cost me a bunch in fantasy, that's all. Forte needs to do some shit before "he gets rested". Why wouldn't we rest Bush instead? He weighs more, he gets the hard yards, he's the workhorse.

    If J'Marcus Webb is looking better than Gabe Carimi then we're looking at two first round tackle busts and Gabe is now the worst tackle in the NFL. Not one person here would have kept him on the roster aftyer a couple of weeks ago, now he's got a future? Blind squirrels etc. We played the Cowgirls without their starting nose tackle, which in a 3-4 is a pretty big deal. We played the Jacksonville Jaguars and their weird fans.
    Think Green Bay, think about what that pissy team did to our line, that's a realistic reflection of where we're at.

    I have no opinions on the outcome of the Bears-Niners game. No clue. Just want to see Tice run the ball as a general theme, pass when they're trying to stop the run.

    Someone was mentioning the 85 Bears defense and this defense .. .we're not anywhere close to beating the Points Allowed or Total Sacks record. This defense is good, they were the best.

    When we shut out two teams on the way to hammering somebody in the Superbowl this year then maybe we can talk ..... well, is that even possible these days? The salary cap ensured the 85 defense will not be challenged again, certainly not with these old fogies - remember, this is it. This is their last year together. Either Pep or Izzy or Brian or Lance or Peanut is gonna get injured this year/next year/soon. Then they're done. The core of that defense will be gone and in two or three years you'll be looking at Conte or somebody as 'the vet'. And even then, Cutty will be looking a bit long in the tooth. Will he have learned to throw the ball away by then, or will we still be Lombardi-less?

    Then we'll find out whether or not we got hosed by Denver on the Cutler deal. Books not closed on that one. I love Jay, I do, but is he all that?

    Thus far :

    Studly arm. Mobile (or used to be). Cocky and confident. Team-mates respect him.

    NFC Championship final appearance - Cutler DNF. Creamed at home by the Packers.

    Lots of bad games when the lights are on.

    No clock in his head (or consideration of).

    Inaccurate passes (mostly) ..... all thrown with a similar trajectory. Never any touch or loft. Never seems to catch receivers in stride, always under or over-throwing the passes.

    We can still beat anyone in the NFC though.

    Come the SB in New Orleans though ... who would your money and your life be on to do it ... Brady or Cutler? Belicheat or Lovie? This isn't Tony Eason/Grogan and Ray Berry (to state the absolute fkn obvious) .....

  • Ced Benson out for 8 weeks. Mwah.

  • Really Irish? Really? It's all about your FF team, isn't it?

  • Irish you worry too much. Back in 06 everybody was talking about the window closing on the defense. Yet here they are. The window
    has closed on Lach and the D is still awesome. There is a lot of young talent there. If they continue to find d-lineman and groom them like the group they have now, Lovie's d will work. Nobody felt good about the corner or safety position 6 weeks ago. Look at it now. Now sit down, relax, and drink your Kool Aid.

  • bi polar post.

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